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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 11, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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washington parkway and bruce leshan joins us. >> reporter: the traffic is bad for evening rush but nothing like this morning. >> see this rim is dented right here from a pothole. >> reporter: this man fruitlessly tried to rescue his wife's mazda after a 5:30 a.m. rescue call. >> she was just upset because here she is pitch black on the side of the road, cars flying past, very scary. >> reporter: thousands of motorists were jammed in the backup. 15 to 20 cars had their rims shattered or tires flattened by a field of potholes that opened in the southbound lanes of the gw. car were littered across the shoulder, others stuck in the muck in the median after trying to bail out. al ingram towed dozens of cars. this is bad. >> bad. >> reporter: a lot of unhappy people. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: it's still unclear if the park service will help people with the cost of damage to their cars, but it does say that you can contact
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the superintendent at gwmp underscore superintendent .gov. >> reporter: wh whodoesn'thaveapotholestoryt oday? -- >> reporter: who doesn't have a pothole story today (here a smooth roadway once stood. there were rolling road closures to try and fill the potholes today. >> they're very terrible. you find yourself dodging one to hit another. >> reporter: at benning and east capitol drivers were ready to wave the white flag. >> these potholes are horrible and they need to do something about it. >> reporter: ddot started today with 850 pothole complaints. the plan is to fill every crater by the end of the night shift. >> right over here we have some
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wheels that we've repaired for people. >> reporter: not everybody is cursing the potholes. >> this is a mercedes wheel that was a victim of a pothole. >> reporter: tiretown in langley park, maryland, has seen at least a 30% increase in business. >> it's been great, fantastic. we're on the good end of it. when i'm bouncing around on it, i don't like it as much. >> reporter: flat tires, bent rims, lost hub caps, mitch has seen it all this winter. it hasn't been this good for him since the record snow of 2009. mitch has one customer who owns a mercedes with those cute little thin tires. he's seen him three times already this season. bruce john reporting from northwest washington for wusa9. >> if you know of a pothole you'd like us to investigate, head over to unfortunately potholes not the only problems on the road today. check out this sinkhole. that's sky 9 over the scene this afternoon where it opened
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up on garden city drive not far from the new carrollton metro. police blocked the whole thing off. it will stay that way until they can figure out how to fix that thing. today wusa9 got action for people who live and park along the 1200 block of kenyon avenue and columbia heights in northwest. take a look at this parking sign. a more than a dozen people thought they parked there legally monday maybe because they thought street sweeping season had begun, but it had not. the area's commissioner is helping get those ticket thrown out. >> the city delayed the implementation of sweeting enforcement. tickets were -- sweeping enforcement. tickets were issued that shouldn't have been and we have a number of angry constituents. >> wusa9 called ddot and they say the green sign that says except mondays needs to be
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replaced. street sweeping begins march 16th in d.c. two dogs in montgomery county went out on an icy pond, only one coming back to shore late this morning on meadows way in gaithersburg. stephanie ramirez has our story. >> reporter: even though we're seeing the sun more, what winter left behind is still something to be concerned about. we saw that today when montgomery county firefighters tried to rescue a dog that fell through ice. >> it was very sad. you felt so helpless. you wanted to go on the ice but you just couldn't. >> reporter: the neighbors in gaithersburg that spotted two dogs on the ice in this pond tried to help, but all they could do was wait as rescuers combed through the water searching for one dog. susan hoffman says the smaller white dog eventually got off the ice, but the bigger dark colored one fell through at least twice before making it to this island. on its last try to get back -- >> he was just exhausted. it was only two minutes tops, tried to get out and then laid his head on the ice and then went under. >> reporter: it's a sad
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reminder of how dangerous these waterways still are even as we start to see warmer temperatures. >> absolutely. we don't want any people, any kids anywhere they're on the water right now. this ice is not strong enough to hold you. >> reporter: animal control was here today with the firefighters. they say the dogs' owners may face charges, especially if the owner has a history of negligence. stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. a warning for parents to know what's on their children's cell intos, fairfax county police say child predators -- cell phones, fairfax county police say child predators are reaching children through a popular app call the kik. a man was trying to solicit sex from a 14-year-old girl who was really a detective. the app allows users to take and send pictures not stored on the phone's camera roll. if the images are not stored, it's tough to document for law enforcement. friends and respects today for prince george's county police officer
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brennan rabain. the 26-year-old officer died last weekend after his cruiser crashed into a wooden fence in lanham while he was trying to stop a speeding car. funeral services are tomorrow morning 10 a.m. at victory christian ministries in temple hills. the tragedy that took the life of officer rabain is highlighting a policy some council members say they didn't even know about. the officer was well within the rules when he had his girl friend in his police car and decided to conduct the traffic stop. he died when the car crashed. his passenger survived. the public safety committee questioned the policy allowing citizens to ride in those take- home cop cars. iness comembers want to know who are from the police department and the policy that's for decades. >> i was not even aware this police officers could have civilians in patrol cars. i was surprised by that. >> and just to let you know, that is a policy now in the police department. i made it clear to the chief and i've said this to the fop. i have a concern about that
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policy. >> there's so much discretion and gray in what we do. >> that policy will be under review the next couple months. the man accused of shooting at various locations across maryland is linked to nine incidents. anne arundel police attributed two additional shootings to suspect hong young, one at the public library at russet green and laurel and a suspected link to a shooting at the maryland live! casino. young is held without bond tonight. there's a new scandal brewing at the secret service tonight. the washington post reports two senior agents are under investigation for allegedly driving a government car into white house security barricades. the crash reportedly followed some drinking at a late night party. when officers on duty wanted to arrest the agent, the supervisor on duty reportedly let them go. one of the agents is the second in command on president obama's detail. tell you what, it finally felt like spring today, warm temps, no rain. >> but nothing lasts forever,
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right in the first alert meteorologist topper shutt tells us more. >>ly temperature 66 today despite the cloud cover, still 58 downtown, 50 in gaithersburg by 9:00, low 50s south and west of town, doesn't get that much colder tonight. 10:00 want to walk scrappy, you, can 47 gaithersburg, 49 manassas, mid-50 are downtown. we've got -- mid-50s downtown. we've got a pretty good day thursday, yellow alert friday more light rain, more rain and showers saturday. i would plan outdoor activities on sunday. we'll talk more about friday's rain coming up. big changes in store at the ferguson police department, what happened today when we come back. >> plus a five
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helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care. ferguson, missouri, is about to get a new police chief. chief thomas jackson will leave his post next week. the move comes one week after a scathing justice department report exposed problems in the
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ferguson police department. among the charges that police saw, residents as sources of revenues with african american disproportionately targeted. >> this was a mutual decision both by the chief of police and city administration. chief jackson will receive a severance payment with health insurance for one year. >> the ferguson city manager stepped down yesterday and the city will conduct a nationwide search for a new chief. the search ended for a virginia tech student who fell off a cruise ship. 21-year-old cameron smook was a passenger on the carnival glory near the bahamas when he fell overboard sunday morning. two days of searching have been unsuccessful. smook was a senior majoring majoring in miner engineering. glenn ivey is officially running for congress seeking donna edward's seat who is now running for the vacant senate
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seat of barbara mikulski. ivey is confident fund raising will not be a problem this time. >> there's no incumbent. so we'll have a level playing field and i think we'll be able to all start and have an equal beginning. i'm confident, though, my experience, my name recognition and the grassroots outreach effort will help us be successful in the end. >> while ivey is the first to announce his campaign, there will undoubtedly be plenty of others hoping to punch their ticket to congress in the open seat. a few of year fight to bring a -- a five year fight to bring a gas station to costco is done. it was denied. in 2010 costco said the station was needed to open the store, but the store opened before the gas station was approved. neighbors argued the gas station with so many pumps would endanger the health of folks living in that neighborhood.
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up next what we know about this morning's tragic chopper trash in florida. >> we got a pollen reading today. i put this on my facebook with a link to our website, moderate for tree pollen and mold
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if you're just getting home, here's a look at tonight's top national stories. 11 servicemen are missing and feared dead after a blackhawk helicopter crashed after a training exercise early this
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morning in foggy conditions off the florida panhandle. seven marines were from camp lejeune along with four soldiers from the louisiana national guard. protesters planning to gather outside the dallas home of a former university of oklahoma student seen singing a rush slur, the protest organizer says the goal is to send a -- racial slur, the protest organizer says the goal is to send a message we're not going to stand for that. apparently it was just a hoax and maybe the latest case of miami beach police responded to reports of four people shot at the waterfront home of rapper lil wayne but found nothing when they got there. it's unclear if the rap singer was home at the same. los angeles had several singer cases where reports of mass casualties at celebrity homes brought out the s.w.a.t. team hence the name always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> you wouldn't want the s.w.a.t. team showing up at your house unless you really needed them.
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>> thank you for explaining. 66 today despite the cloud cover. a little temperature correction tomorrow, but that means we're going back to seasonable temperatures. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam gorgeous evening, still 65 downtown, 50s in the burbs. the relative humidity in check, a little drier air has moved in, but still with light winds and dew points in the low 40s we'll hold above freezing about everywhere tonight. you think it's warmer than it was this time 24 hours ago? you are correct. 17 degrees warmer downtown, 18 degrees warmer in cumberland and in new york 12 degrees warmer. just a little cooler tonight, 30s and 40s. bus stop temperatures not bad, 34 to 46. the kids still need a light jacket, yes. grab your shades tomorrow, pretty much pure sun and grab your umbrella friday. you will need it on your way home and you'll need it if you
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have big plans friday night. futurecast 10:00 tonight walk scrappy, 47 gaithersburg, upper 40s in leesburg and clear skies, a few lingering clouds across the northern neck. by modern mid-30s, our temperature correction, 35 in gaithersburg, mid-30s leesburg, upper 30s in manassas down toward culpeper and 40 inside the beltway. by midmorning still upper 30s to low 40s, so not bad, chilly but pure sun. by 1:00 notice temps in the low 50s, 51 in frederick, 52 in culpeper, manassas. by 5:00 even warmer. so our daytime highs will occur around 4:00 or so. 56 downtown and low to mid-50s in gaithersburg and frederick into leesburg and manassas and la plata 57. by tomorrow evening 24 hours from now it will get colder top night, upper 40s in gaithersburg and frederick, still 50 in manassas and la plate arc but there will be
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cold -- la plata, but there will be colder air sneaking down from the north. tonight clear to partly cloudy, breezy, chilly, 34 to 44. thursday morning plenty of sunshine, chilly to start, 34 to 52, winds in check northwest at 10. by afternoon mostly sunny, cooler but seasonable, high temperatures around 55 and wind northeasterly at 10. we have sunshine from the mountains to the coast. oakland will make 50, 54 in cumberland, 57 in culpeper, 52 in hagerstown and 54 in manassas, 53 in leesburg, probably 54 in reston and mclean, 55 downtown, a little cooler by the water, 50 for annapolis. we'll break this down. to start sunshine, 40 at 7:00, 42 at 9:00, upper 40s by 11:00, low 50s with sunshine, pretty much pure sunshine at 1:00. next three days seasonable tomorrow, 55, yellow alert friday for the evening and afternoon commute, low 50s and we'll watch saturday.
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we may have to issue a yellow alert saturday, light rain and showers. so not much goes on and milder, low to mid-60s by then. next seven days sunday probably the better day to plan your outdoor activities, perhaps a bike ride or walk on the canal, mid- to upper 50s. monday in the upper 50s, tuesday and wednesday sunny, mid-50s. >> i'll be curious to see if all the snow has finally melted off my lawn because as of this morning there were still patches everywhere. >> i have a little patch of snow that's been there since january 6th. >> they pile it up when they plow, so it takes a long time to melt away. >> then there's the landmines only topper and i have to worry about. folks, march madness underway as the conference tournament dominate the landscape and our sports team will be covering the big 10, acc and the big east. >> kristen berset is in new york tonight where georgetown is gearing up for its first big
7:22 pm
east tournament game tomorrow. >> reporter: i'm outside madison square garden, the most famous arena, where the big east takes center stage tonight. the hoyas got in final prep this afternoon across the street from the garden. now they're expected back in the ncaa tournament this year, but a strong showing at this tournament could really help their case on selection sunday. >> i think this group understands, has done a pretty good job this year not look doing far in advance and worrying about the opponent in front of us. we'll worry about the ncaa next week. this week we'll try to be playing in new york on saturday night. >> we just want to come in and play georgetown basketball and play hard whoever we play against. >> reporter: the hoyas snagged the two seed in the big east tournament and get a bye. they play 7:00 thursday night and face the win are of creighton or depaul. in new york, kristen berset, wusa9. when we come back, llama
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drama part two. >> o
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if you are still talking about those run-away llamas, this is a story for you.
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>> this llama drama was in nebraska. kay lynn baez tried to corral her llama. she got the llama sunday. it took off the next day. she got it to be a friend to her other llama. now she doesn't know if she wants to keep it, but she doesn't know if anyone else actually wants that llama, but the llama is running away from her. >> it gives you the sense maybe llamas are more trouble than you might suspect. if they get loose, it could be an all day adventure. >> they're not too affectionate. they like to run. >> that was a pretty one, though. ready for the seven-day? very nice. we go downhill a bit with temperatures. back in the mid-50s tomorrow, pure sunshine, low 50s friday. rain develops late and at night and warmer saturday is the good news, light rain and showers also, low to mid-60s and a pretty good stretch sunday through wednesday. i see some bike rides in your
7:27 pm
future. >> finally we get outside. thank you, sir. >> you've been on your stationary bike, right? >> it's not as much fun. that's our broadcast, be back your way at 11:00. >> have a great night, everybody!
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♪♪ ♪♪ first blurred lines is ruled a ripoff and now what about pharrell's other big hit? >> i talked to marvin gaye's family. do they have a problem with his song "happy," too? ♪♪ ♪♪ >> do you think that it has similarities? >> is the family mad enough to take aim at "happy"? >> what they told me after winning millions in court. >> then we have just-released video of the fatal "midnight rider" train accident. see how kurt russell's son narrowly escaped death. and a woman accusing "7th heaven" stephenol clins. >> and jim parsons, this is your life. we flashback with his mom. >> reality tv's "neighbors with benefits". >> we are swingers. >> help yourself to everything
7:30 pm
in the house. >> we weren't ready to settle down specifically with one person. >> and bieber's new old look. >> justin a buddy floyd mayweather, jr. is here promoting his big fight with manny pacquiao. manny a fighter, but also a singer. >> yoet ♪ i want to hold you until i die ♪ >> let's get ready for "entertainment tonight". >> a judge agreed that robin thicke and pharrell ripped off marvin gaye's song. michelle turner is here with me tonight in front of the "blurred lines" verdict. gaye family and they were award awarded $7 million in damages and it goes beyond the music. i sat down with the family to talk about the decision that has the entire music industry taking noteis. >> when robin thicke got on the stand he said that he was high on vicodin and drunk when he was recording the song a


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