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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ls hockey team tweets awesome news, welcome home, buddy. hey, look who's home. other responses are now pouring in since our first tweets. benston's uncle wrote i have pictures from under one month ago of b still using a feeding tube struggling to wave or definitely a thumbs up. here's video a few weeks ago of b man just starting to talk again. that was last month and this is benston in his hospital bed three days ago. >> i'm coming home! >> reporter: the boy's uncle says b man is walking, doing stairs, swinging a whiffle ball bat, playing basketball, feeding himself and talking about caps games, nothing short of a miracle. caps owner ted leonsis' blog, i am so proud of our caps community for rallying around this tough little boy. a sledding accident put the 6- year-old in a coma and when the
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caps blog russian machine never breaks found out this little boy was a big caps fan, prayers exploded on social media with #pray4bman. tweets from professional players rolled in. hey, benston, we're also thinking about you. >> reporter: the caps announcer and the team produced videos for the little boy. >> i'm coming home. >> he is home today. the boy's uncle says they are beyond excited for this next chapter of the recovery process at home. b man will require a controlled environment at home away from the hospital. he will continue regular therapy sessions on a weekly basis. the family can't thank the community enough. they say this is a beautiful day. >> it really is. thanks so much. caps player tom wilson tweeted out this afternoon way to go, buddy. you're as tough as they come. welcome home. >> welcome home. yet another scandal is rocking the agency in charge of
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protecting the president and first family. tonight the department of homeland security is again investigating the secret service. andrea mccarren is at the white house to tell us what is going on. >> reporter: three secret service employees are under investigation tonight, two high ranking agents, for allegedly drinking and driving and a supervisor for his role letting them go home without arrest. the agents have been identified as mark connolly, the second in command for president obama's security detail, and field office is every george ogilvy. their government car allegedly plowed through security tape and rammed into a barrier they're the white house the night of march 4th. the two had reportedly been drinking at a retirement party for outgoing secret service spokesman ed donovan. >> office parties involving alcohol often lead to bad experiences.
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>> definitely want the secret service sober when they're protecting our country, but very 100% faith in the organization. >> reporter: according to the washington post, officers on duty who witnessed the incident wanted to arrest the agents and conduct field sobriety tests, but they were overruled by a supervisor who sent the agents home. >> people make mistakes, but you have to treat -- their staff have to be treated like a regular citizen. so they should have been arrested. >> reporter: the secret service has become anything but secret in recent years. in september a fence jumper made it through an unlocked front door well into the executive mansion before being apprehended. later that month a report revealed that in 2011 it took the agency four days to realize the white house had been hit by gunfire. agents were disciplined for hiring prostitutes before a presidential trip to colombia in 2012.
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>> i think they're probably for the most part unbelievably professionally and qualified to do what they do. >> reporter: both agents have been assigned to desk jobs, no word on the fate of the supervisor. reporting live from the white house andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> and a report by an independent commission last december called for new leadership at the troubled agency and suggested hiring someone from the outside, but president obama selected clancy bringing the 27 year secret service veteran out of retirement. about 20 members of a college bowling team were hurt when their bus crashed in southern indiana this morning. authorities say the students from indiana tech were heading to a tournament in tennessee when the crash happened. it's believed the bus driver had a medical emergency and lost control of the bus sending it into a ditch. none of the students' injuries are believed to be serious. two police officers shot
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overnight in ferguson, missouri, have been released from the hospital. police are chasing down leads in connection with the shooting which a top police official call an ambush. craig boswell reports from ferguson. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. team members smashed through a roof of a home in ferguson, missouri, blocks from where two police officers were shot. >> they're going in the house searching the house yelling come out with your hands up. we know you're in there. >> reporter: police questioned several people budit d not make any arrests. cell phone video captured the shooting outside police headquarters just after midnight as a protest started to break up. >> we saw the muzzle fire from the gun on top of the street, so we kind of looked down. >> reporter: the chief calls it an ambush. sha we're lucky we didn't -- >> we're lucky we didn't lose two officers last night. >> reporter: one officer was shot in the shoulder, the other in the face. >> right here at the high point of your cheek right urge the right eye and the bullet lodges
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right behind his ear. >> reporter: the officers were called into ferguson from neighboring departments to help with demonstrations after the announcement that ferguson's police chief was stepping down. tom jackson's resignation comes a week after the justice department issued a scathing report on racial bias within ferguson's police department. the family of michael brown whose fatal shooting by a white ferguson police officer sparked months of unrest condemned the violence against the governor officers. craig boswell, cbs -- against the two officers. craig boswell, cbs news. >> both officers are not expected to have long term injuries. the hunt is on to find the suspect behind a late night murder in riverdale. prince george's county police found a man severely injured at carter's lane and ken worth --
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kenilworth avenue. police in alexandria are trying to figure out how a 17- year-old found in the 2800 block of park center drive died. they do not know what happened and they do not have a suspect or they don't suspect i should say foul play at this point. a prince george's county police officer who was killed early saturday trying to make a traffic stop was remembered today for living his dream. >> scott broom is live in suitland to report on the legacy of 26-year-old officer brennan rabain. >> reporter: we learned today brennan rabain wanted to be a police officer so badly that once he graduated the academy just last june he never really considered himself off duty which may explain why he died the way he did. solemn ceremony for 26-year-old brennan rabain. >> he was living his dream and
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most of us live a lot longer than him can't say that. >> reporter: rabain killed in an accident early sunday on greenbelt road in his take-home police cruiser off-duty with a companion but deciding to attempt a traffic stop on a vehicle his passenger told us rabain feared was driving so wildly someone could get killed. >> i worried about him, but i think he worried about me a whole lot more. >> reporter: rabain's father made others laugh recalling a son who never went off duty. >> brennan was so concerned about the other officers on his squad -- i shouldn't say this, but he took his radio in the bathroom with him. [ laughter ] >> just in case. he lived, dreamed and walked law enforcement. >> reporter: rabain was the father of 1 young daughter. his mother is isabella hogan.
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>> i just want to thank you, pg county police officers, and everyone for keeping your commitment to brennan because that's what he gave his life for. >> reporter: police here in prince george's county have not found the vehicle they believe rabain was trying to stop early saturday morning. in suitland, scott broom, wusa9. >> sounds like he was a model law enforcement officer. even though rabain was off the clock his death is recorded as an in the line of duty because he was in a take-home car and he was taking police action at the time of the accident. anthony brown is hoping to turn his experience as lieutenant governor into a run for congress. brown announced he's running for the congressional seat currently held by donna edwards who seeking the senate seat now held by barbara my cull ski and
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yesterday glenn ivey announced he's also seeking edward's seat. community a collective sigh of relief after a suspected kidnapper is caught, but who the suspect is leaving many asking why? >> coming up later. >> reporter: you might recognize mike milton, the one who hands out those huge financial awards to great teachers. he came to prince william county today to surprise one teacher. i'm peggy fox. i'm have this story coming up. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. a very nice evening. when you head out of the wizards game, chilly, nothing crazy, 47 downtown, back in the burbs low 40s. we'll come back. we have a yellow alert tomorrow and saturday, doesn't mean all the day is a disaster. we'll explain. >> reporter: a controversial program has communities taking sides. i'm paula reed in fairfax county, virginia,
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virginia is the latest state to take up a controversial proposal that is making animal lovers literally choose between birds and cats. >> as paula reed reports while the program does save feral cats from being put down, more vulnerable animals are now in danger. >> reporter: patches is a stray cat with a numb and thanks to a group call -- name and thanks to a group called alley cat allies, he's heading home a southern maryland neighborhood. >> his ear has been clipped and so we know that cat has been sterilized and vaccinated. >> reporter: grant sizemore is director of the invasive species program at american
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bird conservancy. >> it purposefully systematically abandons cats back in the environment where they contribute to widespread ecological degradation including the degradation of wild leaf and -- wildlife and a number of health concerns. >> reporter: studies show feral cats are responsible for killing more than 1 billion birds in the u.s. each year. >> we need to remove these cats from our local neighborhoods and parks and returning them to a shelter where they have a chance of finding a forever home. >> reporter: while sizemore adopted a feral kitten, many stray cats are not suitable for adoption. >> really the only alternative is to bring them to the shelter where they're killed. >> reporter: the trap, neuter, return program helped patches and his friends escape a death sentence, but birds may be paying a price for their freedom. >> in addition to illing can
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birds -- to killing birds, scientists estimate stray cats kiorll mane th 12 billion animals a year. our pothole patrol team paid a visit to the intersection of surratts road. we've reported this location to the prince george's county of public works. they tried to patch potholes within three days of receiving a complaint. if you've got a pothole you want our pothole patrol team to help get fixed, go to or tweet us @wusa9 using the #potholepatrol9 and please include the city and cross street or block number for that location. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> better yet why don't you tweet fuss you find a street that does not -- tweet us if you find a street that does not
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have a pothole. >> good luck with that. >> that's impossible. i memorize where the potholes are, but now there are so many you can't do that. you're looking at me funny, aren't you? it's okay. >> no. >> she looks at me funny all the time. live look outside. it's a gorgeous evening, temperatures about average this time of year and sunshine, it was a little breezy, cooler and drier air moved in, but gorgeous now. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, it's still 59, the dew point 22, dew points in the burbs in the teens. i did open up the range a bit tonight. most of the burbs will go below freezing. a few of the northern and western suburbs could go back in the upper 20s tonight. weather headlines, burbs fall below freezing tonight. inside the beltway you're okay. bus stop temperatures 28 to about 44, oak? the morning commute is dry, clouds on the increase late
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morning and early afternoon. right now i think evening commute will be dry if you get home by 6:00 or 7:00. so the yellow alert is not for the entire day. most of the rain will fall friday night and it could become heavy at times friday night. you're going out on the town tomorrow night, take an umbrella and coat. it's going to be a miserable raw rain in the 40s. tonight 10:00, 40 in manassas, gaithersburg, 39 in frederick, mid-40s downtown. clear skies. by morning 5:30, 6:00 we're in the 30s and some of these areas like frederick and hagerstown could dip into the 28, 29- degree range. by 1:00 a few high clouds move in, but still pretty decent. upper 40s and we get into the evening hours clouds really rolled in, but notice all the rain is still back to the west of us. if you're home by 6:00 or 7:00, you're okay. by 9:00, 10:00, it's going to be raining to beat the band across the entire metro area and notice the darker green,
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that's actually heavy to occasionally moderate rainfall. that will be with us all night tomorrow. by 11:30 we're still looking at heavy rain continuing into saturday morning. so saturday is also a yellow alert day. tonight clear to partly cloudy, colder, 28 to 38. wind will calm down and switch direction, become easterly at 10. by morning partly cloudy, chilly, late clouds, but you still need your sunglasses, one of those weird days, sunglasses in the morning and an umbrella at night, 30s and 40s. by afternoon clouds roll in, chilly. the day planner, 30s to start downtown temps, 36 at 9:00, 49 at 1:00 with a few clouds but dry. yellow alert tomorrow for friday night, yellow alert saturday, morning rain, afternoon showers. the silver lining 64 on saturday, seasonable sunday,
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very nice day, mid- to upper 50s. now next season days look like this. even nicer on monday, low 60, near 60 tuesday, a few clouds. a little front goes through dry, mid-50s wednesday, back to 60 thursday, next thursday with rain developing late in the day or by evening. tonight a 15-year-old boy is in custody booked on suspicion of kidnapping a 22- month-old. >> surveillance video captured the kidnapping sunday in the town of sprague, washington. a family friend had left the toddler. his 10-year-old brother and an 8-year-old sister unattended on a playground. video shows that suspect running away with the toddler as the sister and brother try to race after them and neighbor dorothy giddings found the other children desperately looking for help. >> she was trying to tell somebody and she couldn't get it out and then we saw the little brother drop.
5:20 pm
>> soon after the toddler was found unhurt in an empty lot, police used surveillance video to track down the teen and make an arrest. a routine traffic stop in greenfield, wisconsin, turned dangerous when the suspect tried to drive away with a cop in his car. officer matthew noah was questioning the driver through the open passenger side door. he some offed marijuana and called for backup -- smelled marijuana and called for backup and another officer arrived. as officer noah reached into the car, the suspect put that car in reverse, rammed into the patrol car and tried to drive off. officer noah struggled with the suspect, but he was able to stop the car. >> we've had people take off from us before, but this was a little bit different because the door was open. the officer could have easily been swept under. >> police tell us kevin taylor was arrested on several charges. officer noah suffered some scrapes and cuts, but is now back to work. coming up we'll tell you about a new campaign that encourages parents to never
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give up until their precious cargo is buckled up. >> also ahead. >> reporter: lumber liquidators tells worried
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in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care.
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in tonight's consumer alert stocks rose on wall street as the rally in the dollar weakened. the dow gained nearly 260 points. the nasdaq was up 43 points. lumber liquidators is defending the safety of its products after a 60 minutes investigation earlier this month. it found the company's laminate flooring made in china may contain up safe levels of -- unsafe levels of formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen. >> reporter: noah bennett is waiting to find out if the air in his home is safe. last week he hired an inspector to test it after seeing the 60 minutes story on lumber liquidators laminate flooring which he recently installed. the flooring was manufactured in china. >> it's in the back of your head for sure is the flooring causing us to get sick? >> reporter: 60 minutes bought 31 boxes of chinese made laminates from lumber liquidators stores around the country and all but one failed
5:25 pm
to meet california formaldehyde emission standards. on a conference call today the company defended its product. >> what matters for our customers and our brand is whether these products contribute any significant formaldehyde to the air in their homes. they do not. we are confident that our flooring is safe. >> reporter: the company says if customers are concerned, it will offer them free air quality testing carried out by a third party. one of the tests 60 minutes conducted which california regulators also use is called a deconstructive test. lumber liquidators disputes >> the tests on some deconstructive samples have had elevated levels, but we also believe the deconstructive tests have little or no bearing on the safety of the finished product. >> reporter: but 60 minutes also tested the finished product with a real world test that measures the concentration of formaldehyde coming off the floors into the air of a typical home.
5:26 pm
according to experts, those levels were unsafe. noah tells us he won't have peace of mind until he gets his own test results regardless of what lumber liquidators tells the public. >> usa today reports that senator bill nelson has asked the consumer product safety commission and other federal agencies to investigate whether lumber liquidators flooring poses a health risk. safety advocates say tweens often skip a seatbelt when they're shuttled to and from activities and that can be a really danger. today nhtsa launched a nationwide campaign to insure that parents and caregivers don't move until their children are strapped in safely. these psa's target parents of 8 to 14-year-olds and will air across the country. half the children who died in crashes in the past five years weren't buckled up. it's been a month since the
5:27 pm
tragic death of cbs correspondent bob simon and last night simon was honored with a lifetime achievement award. his daughter tanya, a producer for 60 minutes, accepted the award. the foundation also recognized two american journalists beheaded by isis, james foley and steven sotloff. it has the approval of lawmakers on capitol hill, so why are some lawmakers so reluctant to allow powdered alcohol drinks in their state. >> a lot of
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a teacher in prince william county schools where 26 languages are spoken received a nationwide honor today, nice chung of change as well. >> -- chung of change as well. -- chunk of change as well. >> peggy fox was in gainesville for the big surprise today. >> reporter: in gainesville the entire student body and all the teachers have gathered here for a big announcement, but most people have no idea what it is. >> i am here to tell you a secret. >> reporter: then philanthropist michael mill kin dropped a big hit. >> where is that fantastic award for the people that educate everybody? >> reporter: a 2nd grade teacher is about to be surprised with a milkin educator award.
5:31 pm
>> angie wytovich. >> reporter: she wins $25,000, a recognition of her outstanding work with students. >> you work to make sure that every child in your classroom succeeds. i love that fact. >> reporter: last year 75% of her students started the year below grade level, but within a year nearly all met grade level benchmarks. >> i'm very excited because i was hoping that she was going to win. >> we worked very hard. we separate them with different levels of instructions and just do what's best for children, giving them extra support where they need it. >> reporter: wyovich's specialty is teaching students whose first language is not english. >> it's a mixture ofasian americans, hispanic americans, african americans, americans of european ancestry and that is the future of our country and so if all the schools could be like this one in virginia today, america would be in
5:32 pm
great hands. >> reporter: why do you like teaching so much? >> i love working with students. i love seeing the growth in them and this is the 1 job you can see you truly make a difference. >> reporter: in gainesville peggy fox, wusa9. >> ywovich is credited with co- piloting a math standard to bring test scores up 14%. nine of the 11 people killed in yesterday's military helicopter crash have been identified and the search continues right now for the two who are still missing. divers also found the blackhawk helicopter that went down in heavy fog off the florida coast. four louisiana guardsmen and seven marines died in that crash. it appears the iraqi forces have purged islamic state militants from the city of tikrit and seized control of neighboring towns including a hospital once under control of militants. reports suggest the streets of tikrit are piled with the dead
5:33 pm
bodies of terrorists. a large number of those militants gave up and ran for their lives as the army entered the city. a controversial brand of alcohol is sparking debate across the states in the u.s. it is a powder known as palcohol. when mixed with water, it creates an instant cocktail. >> the federal government approved palcohol, but more than a dozen states have banned it or are considering a ban. >> reporter: just add water and shake. it's as simple as that. 30 seconds later the powdered alcohol is a cocktailto drink. >> there you go. you have liquid vodka. >> reporter: palcohol is the brainchild of mark phillips who often enjoyed an adult beverage after outdoor activities but found carrying bottles too burdensome. >> if they're an outdoor enthusiast and they're going hiking, kayaking, boating, anywhere where weight is an issue, powder is a lot lighter than liquid. >> reporter: so far four
5:34 pm
varieties have won government approval, rum, volunteered car, vodka, cosmo -- vodka, cosmopolitan and powderita. >> the company that makes this bad, bad product. >> reporter: new york senator chuck consumer is a palcohol prohibitionist and -- chuck schumer is a palcohol prohibitionist and wants to make til. >> when it's in powdered form -- it illegal. >> when it's in powdered form, you can ingest a whole lot and do real damage to yourself. >> reporter: critics worry it could be used to spike drinks or even snorted for a quicker buzz. >> it really burns to snort it, really uncomfortable because it's alcohol as you would if
5:35 pm
you sniffed liquid vodka. there's nothing pleasant about it. >> reporter: phillips adds each packet contains enough alcohol to fill only one shot glass. it would take an hour to snort it all. he thinks his opponents should just put a cork in it. >> why do we pot big government telling us what we -- want big government telling us what we can and can't drink. >> reporter: schumer thinks powdered alcohol is more dangerous than regular alcohol. >> some of the companies have advertised this directly to kid, advertised it in ways that don't -- kids, advertised it in ways that don't have any other intent that to ingest a whole bunch of alcohol quickly and that could be driver. >> phillips expects approval for a fifth flavor of palcohol next week, lemon drop, and hopes to have packets available on store shelves this summer. coming up why some cancer
5:36 pm
patients can reduce the risk of heart disease by simply holding their breath. >> a beautiful day and with that breeze comes the pollen count, moderate for tree pollen and mold. we'll come back and talk about our yellow alert tomorrow, but it doesn't mean the whole day
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d in part by your local toyota dealers. taking a look at what's trending tonight, the latest issue of time magazine featuring potential 2016 democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton causing a stir on social media. >> if you look closely, it appears as if her silhouette under the m in the time has horns. you looking at this closely? >> i see it. >> it looks like her head is superimposed on the word time. time political reporter zeke miller says this is not the first time this has happened. he said everyone from popes to presidents have gotten their horns over the years. here's a reminder to keep your eyes on the game when sitting courtside. this happened earlier this week in charlotte. >> right in the nose. >> a pass gets tipped, flied out of the court, hits a woman right in the face with the ball, knocked off her glasses
5:40 pm
and gave her a bloody nose. the clip has gone viral, but it looks like she -- let's look at it 1 more in slow motion. >> she doesn't see it coming because she's looking at her phone. i guess that's the hazard of having really great seats. >> you got to pay attention if you're that close at courtside. this next one is creating a lot of buzz on our facebook page. >> we've seen hundreds of comments on this photo today. it's a baby wrapped in an american flag. the photographer who is a navy veteran posted it online and received serious back flash for using the flag as a prop. we asked our facebook fans to weigh in. hundreds of people agreed with sherry who said what a beautiful way of saying proud to be born an american, but there were some comments like this one from jerry. he said because you served does not give you right to use the
5:41 pm
flag as a cradle, very inappropriate. however, seems to be norm these days. jerry says he's from a military family. others cited the code. this issue does not come down to the beauty of the photograph and it is beautiful. it comes down to what the united states flag code dictates and according to that code which is federal law, this photo is inappropriate. but stacy said you know what? i think the flag code tends to be over the top. there are obvious symbols of disrespect. this is not one of them. this is beautiful. we want to know what you think. please chime in on our wusa9 facebook page. finally everyone on twitter or facebook today couldn't miss the announcement that disney is going to produce frozen 2. that's not a big surprise since its november 2013 debut frozen generated nearly $1.3 billion at the box office, not to mention all the must have
5:42 pm
merchandise for the little em sos out there. people on -- elsas out there. people on twitter are suggesting titles for the second installment, the -- of olwa, and do you want to build a franchise. >> kristen bell tweeted out with her head on some ice really excited about the sequel coming up. >> as long as we let it go, the song, for a while. >> thank you. limiting radiation during cancer treatment may be as simple as holding your breath coming up in our health alert. >> reporter: i'm kristen berset in new york city. the george washington colonials are getting pumped about their game tonight. i'm in a new york is he cab head over the
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hold your breath, that is what you are often told to do at a doctor's visit and now this is part of the treatment protocol for some cancer patients. >> our health alert andrea roane explains how this can be effective. >> reporter: radiation is 70%
5:46 pm
effective but can cause serious side effects. risa levine knew some of the risks but hadn't counted cardiovascular disease among them. because risa's breast cancer was on her left side, the same side as her heart, that put her at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. >> even small amounts of incidental radiation dose from left-sided breast radiation may increase the risk down the road for ischemic heart disease. >> reporter: to shield the heart from even incidental rays of radiation doctors at suburban hospital in bethesda are coaching patients how to hold their breasts. it's called abc or active breathing coordinator. with the abc device a patient takes a deep breath before the beam of radiation is delivered. this increases the distance between the breast tissue or chest wall getting radiation on the left side and the heart. >> tried doing that for a bit.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: it took risa one two hour session to get the hang of correctly holding her breath for up to 35 seconds. >> if you just went with the coaching and what the machines were doing for you, it's all very, very manageable. >> if we can decrease the incidental dose of radiation to the heart to a very safe level, the risk of ischemic heart disease later in life is virtually eliminated. >> researchers found patients able to hold their breath during treatment had a 90% disease free survival rate while limiting radiation exposure by 62%. keeping your family safe with weather call, a custom message sent to your phone when severe weather is in your neighborhood. wusa9 first alert weather. >> in a not have to make the call tomorrow, but you have an alert for tomorrow's weather. >> doesn't mean the whole day will be a disaster. you need your sunglasses to start and your umbrella tomorrow night. tomorrow night will be pretty
5:48 pm
tough out there. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, gorgeous evening, really is, temperatures still 59 at national, mid-50s in the burbs, dew points much lower, much drier air mass, relative humidity 24%. we'll see temperatures tonight in the 20s in the burbs, winds out of the north at 8, a little breezy and gusty today. they will settle down tonight. what does that mean? the burbs fall below freezing. if you're inside the beltway, you will hold above freezing tonight. bus stop temperatures chilly, 28 to 44. the kids need a sweat shirt or something. you do, too. the morning commute is dry, clouds on the increase late morning, early afternoon. yellow alert for essentially tomorrow night. most of the rainfall is tomorrow night. if you're home by 6:00, 7:00, maybe 8:00, you will have a dry commute home tomorrow. tonight 10:00 it's 42 in leesburg, about the time you're leaving the verizon center, 46
5:49 pm
downtown and clear skies. by morning there will be some 30s and a few 20s at 5:00, 6:00 in the morning, 37 downtown but 32 in gaithersburg and manassas, 34 in leesburg. now by lunchtime you can walk to lunch, temperatures in the 40s. you might need a light jacket. tomorrow evening at 6:00 it's 52 downtown, either side of 50 in the burbs, but notice all the rain on the west side of i- 81. they rolled in quickly. by 10:00 tomorrow night we're looking at rain, temperatures in the 40s, 45 in gaithersburg, 47 in leesburg, so kind of a raw night tomorrow night with rain and rain heavy at times. i'm going to jump ahead to midnight, heavy rain across most of the metro area, steady rain, with temperatures in the 40s. that rain will linger into saturday morning. saturday morning the rain tapers off to showers. tonight no worry, clear to
5:50 pm
partly cloudy, colder, 28 to 38, wind easterly at 10. tomorrow you'll need sunglasses early, 30s and 40s under partly cloudy skies. then the clouds rolled in by evening, rain developing at night, high temperatures around 50, so light jacket a good idea tomorrow, day planner, 30s to start, mid-at 9:00, mid-40s by 11:00 and almost 50 with clouds rolling in by 1:00 but dry. yellow alert tomorrow, tomorrow night primarily with the rain, yellow alert saturday, morning rain, afternoon showers but milder, 64. that's the day to make your plans, sunday sunshine, temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. we'll call it partly sunny. even nicer monday, sunshine, 63, they're 60 tuesday. weak cold front goes through, moves through dry, throw a few clouds our way in the afternoon, mid-50s wednesday, 60 next thursday, perhaps rain developing next thursday evening.
5:51 pm
now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: we are live atop new york city on the roof of the cbs broadcast center up the road a little bit at madison square garden, the hoyas preparing to take the court for their first game of this year's big east tournament. they play creighton at 7:00. they swept creighton this season, but the hoyas are no stranger to early postseason exits including in the first round here last year which kept them out of the big dance. i spoke with some of the players this week about why this year's team is so different. they said not only is the makeup different, that they have a lot more depth coming off the bench, but their mentality is as well. >> just how we stay together through the tough time even when we're losing games and we're able to get right back on the horse. >> i think over time we've built a great chemistry. i think guys are more than ready. >> the guys are playing for each other and when you get a
5:52 pm
group of guys that play for each other and care about each other and check your personal agendas at the door, you have a chance for a successful season. >> reporter: the hoyas hope that confidence will lead them to the first conference title in eight years. our diane roberts is with the cavaliers in greensboro as they begin the acc tournament. hey, diane. >> reporter: hi, kristen. they made it past their first opponent, but the florida say the seminoles really did give the cavs a run for their money. it was a tale of two halfful the top seeded cavs -- halves. the top seeded cavs jumped out to a 17 point halftime lead. after the break the seminoles shrunk the lead to single digits, but the cavaliers bounced back for the win. >> we really imposed our will in the 1st half and got what we wanted. in the 2nd half we kind of got
5:53 pm
away from it and let the referees kind of control the outcome of the game a bit, but i think we weathered the storm and fought through it and it was good to get the win no matter how we got it. >> reporter: justin anderson came back today. he had an injury scare, more on that in the next hour. virginia will play fifth seeded unc tomorrow at 7:00 at the acc tournament in greensboro. i'm diane roberts, wusa9 sports. it was a busy day in college hoops. west virginia lost to baylor and just over in the bring in brooklyn vcu took care of florida and george washington and the colonials play tonight. i caught up with head coach mike lon -- lonergan earlier
5:54 pm
today. >> plus protecting the president, the secret service
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
at least 20 people were hurt today in a crash of a tour bus in indiana. that been was carrying members of a college bowling team tie tournament when it ran off the road and -- to a tournament when it ran off the road and overturned 70 miles from louisville, kentucky. six medical helicopters were dispatched to the scene.
5:57 pm
no one died in that scene and it's not clear what caused the crash. it is day six of the the marathon bombing trial in boston. kris van cleave has more. >> reporter: prosecutors say after killing an mit police officer the tsarnaev brothers carjacked a mercedes suv in an attempt to flee boston. the driver had pull over to send a text message. he says tamerlan tsarnaev got in and flashed a gun. the driver told cbs chip reid what happened next. >> he asked me do you know the marathon bombing? >> i said yes. he said do you know who did that? i said no. he said i did that. >> reporter: the brothers took him on about a 90 minute ride. >> i thought i cannot die
5:58 pm
tonight. >> reporter: ming testified the brothers wanted to go to new york and loaded homemade bombs into the back of the mercedes, but first they needed gas and cash. prosecutors say these pictures show ming at an atm. tamerlan put down his gun and picked up a gps when they got inside. ming told jurors he made the most difficult decision of his life and ran for it saying he could feel tamerlan reaching for him. the brother drove off. the police would use the car's gps to track them down. kris van cleave, cbs news, boston. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev is on trial of 30 charges, 17 of which carry the possibility of the death penalty. i'm bruce leshan in d.c., reaction now to news that the u.s. secret service plans to fly drones over the city. >> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren at the white house. there are three secret service employees under scrutiny, two for allegedly drinking and driving and a third for
5:59 pm
allegedly trying to help cover it up. >> reporter: the young police officer who never ever really considered himself to be off duty, i'm scott broom in suitland, coming up remembrances at the funeral for a prince george's county police officer who died in the line of duty. >> reporter: i'm allison barber in prince george's county. pothole season is not about to end, but one county is taking steps to make sure these holes get filled up, more coming up. >> good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. and a health alert tops our news this evening. the national institutes of health says it is preparing for the arrival of american healthcare worker who tested positive for ebola. nih says this health worker will be in isolation in a chartered aircraft as they make the journey from sierra leone to the nih campus in bethesda. now the victim was volunteering ebola services in africa. this will be the second person
6:00 pm
with the disease admitted to nih. heads up late night walkers if you happen to see a drone flying over that restricted airspace around d.c. there may not be reason to alert the authorities. >> the authorities may actually be doing the flying. the secret service is flying those drones over the area in the next few weeks in hopes of figuring out how to counter them. bruce leshan is live in the newsroom with more on the story. >> the secret service declines to say how many drones, how large of drones or when or where they'll be flying. the secret service and homeland security have been working on drone countermeasures for a while and now they are field testing their plans in areas where they might have to


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