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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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breaking news, a person is dead after a shooting at a d.c. metro station and an officer was involved. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. we fine our mola lenghi -- find our mola lenghi who has got the latest. >> reporter: we know a man was shot and killed after being found in an area of the metro he was not supposed to be in. the officer who shot him, she is okay tonight. she was not hurt. metro received a call around 9:00 tonight about a man in a
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restricted area of the potomac avenue metro station. we're told that man was on the tracks about 400 feet down the tunnel off the metro platform basically toward the next station which is stadium armory. when the metro transit officer responded, she confronted the man and eventually shot him. it's those critical moments from when she responded to when she shot him that are still being investigated. it's unclear if the man was armed. that, too, is being investigated, also why he was down there and what he was doing in an area that is clearly unauthorized metro stresses. >> we don't know what he was doing in the tunnel, why he was in the tunnel between stadium armory and potomac avenue. all of that will be under investigation. >> reporter: obviously this is very early in the investigation. meanwhile potomac avenue station is closed tonight. trains are bypassing. if you are riding the blue, orange or silver lines, expect delays the rest of the night. live in the district i'm mola
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lenghi for wusa9. >> i know we don't know yet whether or not that suspect was armed, but any word what he might have done to provoke the fear that got the officer to shoot him? >> reporter: all we know is that he was in an area like we said that metro says clearly there was no accident. you don't accidentally stumble into the area that he was. that certainly at this point is the the reason why he was shot, but it's those -- not the reason yes of shot, but -- why he was shot, but it's those critical moments that are being investigated. >> because this is a homicide, the metropolitan police department will take over the investigation from the metro transit cops. you can get the latest breaking news developments on this story on our wusa9 app. demonstrators say they'll gather tonight in ferguson, missouri, to protest police brutality. two police officers were shot and seriously injured during a similar protest last night. craig boswell shows us the effort tonight to search for the shooter. >> reporter: demonstrators
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gathered for a prayer vigil and marched to ferguson police headquarters for a second night of protestersful investigators are still looking for the -- protesters. investigators are still looking for the gunman that opened fire after a demonstration yesterday. one was shot in the face, the other in the shoulder, both treated and released. >> this was not someone trying to bring healing to ferguson. this was a damn punk. >> reporter: the search for the shooter focused on this house in ferguson just blocks from the shooting. s.w.a.t. team members broke through the roof. several people were questioned, but no one was arrested. the flare-up violence here came hours after ferguson's police chief resigned. last week the justice department found that tom jackson's police force had a practice of racial bias against african americans. community activists say they can't understand violence in the wake of progress. >> action is being taken. now all of a sudden we want to
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shoot someone? that's absolutely absurd. >> reporter: the family of michael brown whose fatal shooting by a white ferguson police officer last summer sparked the unrest is condemning the violence, also. craig boswell, cbs news, ferguson, missouri. >> last night's shooting marks the first time in eight months that officers were shot during a protest in ferguson. a yellow alert tomorrow and it's not the drive to work that our chief meteorologist topper shutt is concerned about. right now top is tracking the timing when that rain will pour down on us. >> it's kind of a weird yellow alert. you'll need your sunglasses in the morning and your umbrella tomorrow night for sure. the morning commute no problem, sunshine, low 30s, 32 in gaithersburg and frederick at 6 a.m., mid-30s downtown. the 9:00 hour still in the 30s and still partly to mostly sunny. by lunchtime a few high clouds push through, still dry, chilly, 40s, 46 in gaithersburg and only 48 in manassas. then high clouds roll through and by 6:00 we are dry.
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still if you're home by 7:00, both commutes will be dry with this system. most of the rain rolls in here friday night. some of it will be some kind of heavy. the heaviest rain will be between friday night and saturday morning. yellow alert friday, yes, but essentially just for the rain friday night. if you're going out, get ready for 40s and also heavy rain. saturday we'll come back and talk about milder air rolling in and rain tapering off to showers. speaking of bad weather, that's what's delaying the search for soldiers and marines killed in a helicopter crash. divers found the submerged chopper. officials say there are signs of a high impact crash. seven elite marines and four experienced soldiers were on the blackhawk when it went down during a mission. tonight the national institutes of health is preparing to treat an ebola patient in bethesda. not much has been said, only that a power the will arrive tomorrow and that it was an
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american healthcare -- that a patient will arrive tomorrow and that it was an american healthcare worker. the patient will most likely be treated in the same isolation unit where nina pham was taken, the nurse in dallas who contracted ebola while caring for a liberian man and survived. this will be the 10th person treated in the u.s. but only the second at nih. it's estimated the virus has killed more than 10,000 people mostly in guinea and sierra leone. president obama says he's completely confident in the secret service's new director. joseph clancy hasn't been on the job for a month and hasn't said much about the report of two agents crashing into the security barrier after a night of drinking. their supervisor let them go home without being arrested or a field sobriety test. now both agents have desk jobs. the fate of their supervisor is
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unclear. of course, the work of the secret service goes on and tonight there is a plan by the agency to fly drones over the skies of d.c. the next few weeks. the purpose? figure out how to stop them. this project shifted in high gear in january after a young drunk intel worker flew his friend's small drone out the window of his downtown apartment and crashed it on the white house lawn. here's former secret service agent dan bongino. >> from an airborne attack perspective we've always airplanes. there's always a warning time even if it's small with airplanes. >> here's the thing. with that tiny radar signature a drone could be mistaken for a harmless bird and be on top of you before you even know it. the secret service tests will likely try to determine if the agency can detect a drone's signal, maybe interrupt its communications. that test will go on in the overnight hours. moments ago nasa launched
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four spacecraft into orbit. all four sat one on top of the other on top of an atlas rocket that left the launch pad at florida's cape canaveral to study the process in which magnetic fields interact and tear each other apart and reform. it causes solar storms. the price tag for the science project? $1.1billion. if you've gotten out looking for an apartment, you know it is not cheap to live in this town. now we've got a report to show just how pricey it can be. >> our jim osman is in d.c. where he heard a report complaining about rent. we've heard this before. what did the report find? >> reporter: it found you better make a good check if you want to find a decent place to rent in d.c. they were just talking about what the cost of progress is as a renter in d.c. why were you just talking about that? >> because we are thinking of moving because our rent is expensive.
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my husband and i. >> reporter: the signs are everywhere as are the cranes. apartments are springing up in this neighborhood in northeast d.c. a once hardscrabble spot is filled now with tony apartment buildings. >> we found that there is virtually no affordable housing left that's low cost housing under $800 in the private market. that's really putting a crunch on family and household dg buets. >> reporter: a budget buster indeed. the d.c. fiscal policy institute found the median d.c. rent is $2,000 a month for a one bedroom. this neighborhood at first and capital northeast is a prime example. a public housing apartment building sits across the street from the clear signs of growth. >> you can't afford it, you have to go somewhere else. you know what i'm saying? d.c. is where we live at. of time we find something new they're -- every time we find something new they're squeezing us out. >> reporter: until a few years ago this neighborhood was
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filled with a vacant lot and a bus depot, a price for progress. jim osman, wusa9 news. >> here's a puctuation mark to jim's report. one in four renters in d.c. spend more than 50% of their income on rent and utilities. rent is not the only necessity that's got d.c. residents shelling out lots of dough. district drivers are overpaying for gas. the city ranked second in the nation to bakersfield, california. the website based its finding on widespread prices. we looked at gas buddy and found a significant difference of $1.60 a gallon between the cheapest gas in town and the most expensive. a prince george's county police officer killed in a caring was laid to rest today. [ bagpipes ] >> officer brennan rabain, only 26 years old, sent off by an honor guard of hundreds. rabain was off duty early saturday in a take-home patrol
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car. a companion with him told investigators they saw another motorist driving so wildly that rabain said that drive had to be stopped before he or she killed someone. instead rabain died when his car went out of control and slammed into a fence. police still haven't found the car they believe he was pursuing. the keyboardist for the rock band three dog night has died. jimmy greenspoon lived in north potomac, maryland and passed away yesterday. he had cancer. he died peacefully with his family. he was with three dog night from the late '60s until last socket. the band is known for the it's -- last october. the band is known for the hits joy to the world and mama told me not to come. he was 67. tonight great news for b man including all those folks out there and the washington capitals who were pulling for him. >> back in january 6-year-old benston schone was hit by a car
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while sliding. initially it was not clear he would even survive. here's video taken last month as benston was just starting to talk again and you can compare that to video recorded just three days ago. benston's uncle says the boy is walking, feeding himself. >> i'm coming home! >> yeah, coming home, playing basketball and talking about his beloved washington capitals and he is home. welcome back! held hostage by the boston marathon bombing suspect, hear from the man who single handedly helped the cops track down those brothers. >> he is the no. 1 suspect in the no. 2 investigation, the stinky way
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testimony resumed monday in the boston marathon bombing trial. today jurors heard from the man who came face to face with the tsarnaev brothers three days after the deadly bombings. >> they asked me do you know the marathon bombings? >> i said yes. >> they ask you know who did this? no. they said i did that. >> they carjacked and held hostage don ming in his own car. prosecutors say the two had just killed an mit police officer and they were looking to get out of town but needed a car and cash. gas station surveillance
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cameras show dzhokhar shopping for snacks while tamerlan fiddled with the gps. ming realized that was his moment to run. the brothers took off in his car not realizing the car had a tracking system that would be used by police to track them down. tonight prince george's county police are trying to figure out who fatally shot a man and why. officers responded to an apartment complex in the 6500 block of pennsylvania avenue and forestville for the report of a shooting and found the man dead. police do not believe this was random. they haven't released information on the suspect or motive at this time, however. a home invasion in broad daylight in suitland, this happened in the 5000 block of civil hill court. the intruder broke -- silver hill court. the intruder broke in and escaped through a bedroom window and is still out there. a woman sleeping in the apartment woke up to the man tapping on the glass and got out before he got in. her dad told us this was not the first time the family experienced crime in this
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apartment complex, but this was a pretty close call. >> so by the time she went out of the apartment she heard the glass smash, he was already in there. she got the neighbors. he came down and yelled through the apartment and the guy kind of jumped out the bedroom window right through the window. >> police don't have the man in custody. however, they do have the dna he left behind because he cut himself when he jumped through that glass. akron police are trying to flush out a serial pooper. by serial we do not mean lucky charges. nothing magically delicious here and by pooper we mean that pooper. >> you mean just that, right? he's nicknamed the bowel movement bandit, the poopitrator. the past three years he's left his calling card at least 19 times on the parked cars of neighbors in akron. here's one poor victim, mildred
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crisp. >> human poop, you could tell and stink, oh, my god. it was terrible. >> it's important we find out who this is and either get him the help they need or incarcerate them. >> finally a break in the case popped right in the lap of investigators using a nighttime camera. >> oh, man. >> a neighbor saw him right in the act. now if only cops can identify him before -- well, you know what, it hits the fan again. this is just unbelievable. >> this is one of those stories you don't know whether to laugh or cry. >> it's deeply disturbing. i don't know. >> and murder on your paint job. >> heard that. we are looking at rain rolling in tomorrow, but not until tomorrow night. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, a nice day,
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still 47, dew point falling, humidity falling, a little colder air seeping down from new england. it's going to be colder tonight and cooler tomorrow but nothing crazy, no records. grab your shades for the morning sun. yes, we have a yellow alert tomorrow, primarily tomorrow night. we have some morning sun in your commute especially coming inbound on i-66. bus stop temperatures 28 to 44. you walk the kids to the bus stop, it will be cold, upper 20s, low 30s in the burbs. good news, both commutes remain dry, the second one cloudy. the heaviest rain will fall between 9 p.m. friday and noon saturday. then we think the rain tapers off to showers saturday. 6 a.m. tomorrow morning everyone is in the 30s. i think we could see a 28, 29 in frederick, gaithersburg and manassas and leesburg. advance it. by 9:00 still in the 30s and have plenty of sunshine across the metro area, a few high clouds by lunchtime, low to mid-
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40s. by evening the clouds roll in, but there's no green blobs, so still precipitation free as of 6 p.m. kind of chilly, 52 maybe downtown, 49 in gaithersburg, 51 in manassas, either side of 50. by 9:00, 10:00 the rain starts rolling in from southwest to northeast moving right up 95, become pretty heavy overnight. by morning saturday, that's the kind of day you want to wake up, roll over and go right back to bed, moderate to heavy rain across most of the metro, temperatures upper 40s to around 50. that lifts out by noon and we're left with showers. saturday afternoon will not be a washout. that said plan your outdoor activities for sunday. overnight clear to partly cloudy, colder, 28 to 38 for temperatures. tomorrow morning you'll need your sunglasses, 28 to 48 for temps, partly cloudy and chilly. by afternoon clouds roll in, but the rain holds off until
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night, temperatures around 50. break this down, downtown temps. 35 at 7:00, sun, 36 at 9:00, 44 at 11:00, a few high clouds, 49 at 1:00, clouds on the increase. yellow alert tomorrow at night primarily, yellow alert saturday for primarily morning rain, but 64 on saturday and upper 50s sunday, a little bit cooler, partly sunny as a cold front rolls through. next seven days check monday out. monday is gorgeous, sunshine, low 60s. tuesday a few clouds, but dry, upper 50s to they're 60 and then mid-50s on wednesday and the next system could roll in here thursday afternoon or evening. the highs are still about 60. >> it's crazy. we still have some patches of snow in our yard. >> i saw a tweet today that says the forsythia is blooming somewhere downtown. >> i think that is sure evidence we are in the month of march which means segway to march madness. georgetown is trying to make a run in the big east
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>> so one hoyas team was going to show up tonight in new york city for the big east tournament. when georgetown is on their game, they can beat anyone. when they're not, they can lose to anyone. hoyas taking on creighton, quarterfinals and this was not the best hoyas, six to go, four- point game shot clock winding down, no problem. austin chapman, creighton up six. all hoyas after this. two minutes to go. the big fellow shows patience, easy layin, georgetown up one. rivera, circus shot hitting it. kristen berset has more from madison square garden. >> reporter: the georgetown hoyas swept creighton in the regular season winning both games by more than 20 points, but here at madison square garden they had a hard fight, but it wasn't unexpected. >> i told the team they've been getting better and i told them this is a different team than we saw the last time we played
11:25 pm
them. they play hard. they execute at both ends of the court extremely well. >> last year at this time we were going home. that first one wanted to get it out of the way. >> we beat them pretty bad already. it's hard to beat a team three times by 20 plus points. this was their last go round, too. they were playing for something as well. they came out and gave it their all. >> reporter: the hoyas move on to the semifinals building their big dance resume along the way. >> virginia is a national title contender right now trying to win the acc tournament, so far so good for the team. our diane roberts is with the cavaliers. >> reporter: the cavaliers back in the acc semifinals for the second year in a road beating the florida state seminoles today 58-44. virginia is known for its
11:26 pm
defense while adding enough offense to break over fsu. mike toby and evan nolte accounted for 11 each. >> in the 2nd half there was enough plays that were made for us to be successful, but we labored. we labeled offensively at times -- labored offensively at times and had some breakdown defensively. we had just enough. >> i think we weathered the storm and fought through it. it was good to get the win. we won. >> i think we did a great job as a team. it felt good getting a w. >> reporter: the team plays north carolina friday night. join us before the game as we talk to fans about the new look the university of maryland. in greensboro diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> gw taking on duquesne, brooklyn, all cone corneals in
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the 1st -- all colonials in the 1st half. colonials win 73-55 and face rhode island tomorrow night. nba john wall and the wiz hosting the griz who rested most of their starters, good opportunity for the wizards and about wide open, why not? 21-7-6 for the wall star. marcin gortat played 40 minutes and was very good, 22 points, 10 of 16 shooting, nine rebounds. wizards win 107-87. >> it's bad when two in a row is a winning streak. things have not been going well. >> hopefully this is the start of something good. o to
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potomac avenue metro stop in d.c. where a man was shot and killed a couple hours ago. an officer shot the man on the tracks in a restricted area. the station does remain closed and our morning crew will have an update starting at 4:30. you can get info all night on the wusa9 app. it's free to download. >> that's our broadcast for tonight. so thanks for staying up with us. >> letterman is next. make it a great night, everybody! >> bye bye.
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