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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 16, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is taken back to the boat where his run from the law ended in a blaze of bullets. also tonight accused murderer robert durst may have tripped over his own loose tongue. new recommendations on cardiac stress tests why doctors say millions of people should not get them. and something new under the sun, a solar-powered spacecraft. >> that's exciting. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today dzhokhar tsarnaev, the admitted boston marathon bomber, took a field trip with the jurors who will decide whether he lives or dies. the destination: the boat in which he hid for hours until the police, acting on a tip from the
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owner, discovered him. there was also more dramatic testimony today and don dahler was at the courthouse. >> reporter: the day began with an up-close look at where dzhokhar tsarnaev's alleged crime spree ended in a bloody bullet-riddled boat. jury members and a heavily guarded defendant were allowed to view the boat where he was found four days after the bombings. back at the courthouse, they heard testimony about the violent gunfight between the tsarnaev brothers and police that led to the elder tsarnaev's death. [gunfire] watertown police officer joseph reynolds described spotting the tsarnaev's green honda followed by the carjacked black mercedes. when he began following them, he stopped. that's when tamerlan came out of his door and started shooting. >> shots fired, shots fired! >> reporter: reynolds said as he returned fire, sergeant john maclellan pulled up in his police cruiser. after a bullet pierced maclellan's windshield, he allowed his vehicle to roll forward toward the tsarnaev
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brothers. he used his car door as a shield until he and reynolds could take cover behind a tree. ed davis was boston's police commissioner. >> it's not something that we teach in the police academy but when you run into a life-and-death situation like that, anything is on the table. >> reporter: this photo taken by a neighborhood resident andrew kitzenberg, shows the brothers crouching behind the mercedes. kitzenberg told the court he saw dzhokhar tsarnaev throw a pressure cooker bomb that shook his house. [explosion] he said the brothers also threw smaller pipe bomb, some of which didn't explode. grainy foe shows show officers resting with tamerlan tsarnaev after he ran out of bullets. all of a sudden i could hear an engine rev reynolds testified, the black mercedes was aiming right at us, with the younger brother in the driver's seat. the officers were able to leap out of the way but the mercedes hit and dragged tamerlan tsarnaev 40 feet. when asked who was driving, reynolds pointed to dzhokhar tsarnaev and said, "him."
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even with ultimately fatal injuries as well as as being hit by the mercedes, tamerlan tsarnaev continued to fight with officers until they could get handcuffs on him. scott, his young brother eluded capture until he was found in that boat some 18 hours later. >> pelley: don dahler reporting for us from boston tonight. don, thank you very much. now to a very different crime story that has suddenly burst back into the headlines. at the center of it is an eccentric member of a prominent real estate family mark -- man linked to three murders. filmmakers may have accomplished what the police could not do, come up with the evidence to convict him. here's "48 hours" correspondent erin moriarty. >> reporter: it all began in 1982 when 29-year-old kathleen durst disappeared from her home in new york. 18 years later susan berman was found shot dead in her home in los angeles. the following year, the body of morris black was announced in the galveston bay, dismembered
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and in plastic bags. all three victims have one connection: man named robert durst, the son of a powerful new york real estate mogul. durst is the main suspect but has never been charged in either the disappearance of his wife kathleen or the execution-style murder of close friend susan berman. he was eventually charged with the murder and dismemberment of his neighbor, morris black. >> is it well-planned and calculated? you bet it was. >> reporter: he told the jury it was self-defense. they believed him. >> we the jury find the defendant, robert durst, not guilty. >> reporter: in early 2011, durst decided to tell his life story to fill maker andrew jarecki. jarecki's six-part documentary "the jinx" has been airing on hbo. the filmmaker confronted evidence that durst may have been susan berman's killer. a letter durst wrote to susan berman that seemed to match the hand writing on an anonymous
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letter telling police where to find her body. >> the writing looks similar and the spelling is the same so i can see the conclusion the cops would draw. >> reporter: when the interview was over a shaken durst went to the bathroom still wearing his microphone and could be heard muttering to himself about the interview. >> killed them all, of course. >> reporter: on saturday, the day before the country heard his admissions on television authorities arrested robert durst in new orleans and charged him with the murder of susan berman. today durst's attorney said he's innocent and vowed to fight the charges. >> been durst didn't kill susan berman. he's ready to end all the rumor and speculation and have a trial. >> pelley: so, erin if the tape is what the producers say that it is, would any of this be admissible in court? >> well defense attorneys told me if this goes to trial, they will fight to keep those statements out and, of course, they're going to do what you just said, they're lukely to
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raise questions about the recording itself is it what producers say it is? and microphone or not, did robert durst have an expectation of privacy when he went to the restroom? >> pelley: erin moriarty, "48 hours." thank you so much, erin. in ferguson, missouri, the man arrested over the weekend in the shooting of two police officers was in court today to hear the charges against him. they include assault and firing a weapon from a vehicle. 20-year-old jeffrey williams admits firing the shots that wounded the cops last week but he claims the bullets were meant for someone else. in israel, voting begins in just a few hours. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is locked in a tough reelection battle and today he made a last-minute bid for hard-line votes. barry petersen reports from tel aviv. >> reporter: embattled israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu pledged monday that a palestinian state will not be established if he is reelected. a reversal of his position six
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years ago. "we will continue to build and fortify jerusalem," he said, so its division would become impossible. as indicated -- netanyahu's popularity has dropped in recent days, he's appeared to some as increasingly desperate. netanyahu called this snap election three months ago, expecting a break, no-sweat cruise to reelection. instead his main opponent has gained steam and poll numbers for netanyahu are faulterring. ari shavit. >> i would say there is a quiet rebellion against the rule of benjamin netanyahu. >> reporter: critics say netanyahu ignored pocket book issues -- high taxes and real estate prices that tripled in the last decade. shirin and tal vardi are giving up their dream of ever buying an apartment. >> we can't buy a house.
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>> reporter: why? >> because we don't... because we need to save so much money for the government and for the country and the taxes are very high. >> i don't want to see bibi anymore. if he will stay, we will go. we can't live here anymore. >> reporter: you'll go? -yes. we'll find somewhere else. >> reporter: with the polls set to open at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning scott the best guess that prime minister netanyahu's election is, as one observer put it so helpfully, a toss-up. >> pelley: barry petersen reporting for us tonight from israel. barry, thank you. also unclear is whether a deal can be struck to limit iran's nuclear program. today secretary of state john kerry met with his iranian counterpart. sources tell our state department correspondent margaret brennan that the talks were "a roller coaster." the iranians confronted kerry about the letter that american senate republicans sent to iran last week, warning that any deal
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would require congressional approval. margaret asked kerry about that on saturday. >> reporter: so how do you clear the air? are you going to apologize for this let center >> not on your life. i'm not going to apologize for an unconstitutional and un thought-out action for someone in the united states senate for 160 some days. that's just inappropriate. >> pelley: kerry also told correspondent brennan he would be willing to negotiate with syria's dictator, bashar al-assad to remove him from power and end syria's civil war. today assad told iranian tv only syrians can decide his future. the civil war began four years ago in syria as a popular uprising against assad. more than 215,000 have been killed. nearly four million have fled the country. children. yet in the face of unrelenting brutality, heroes have emerged. and clarissa ward went to syria
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to meet them. >> reporter: when the bombs rain down on syria, these are the brave volunteers who run in. nicknamed "the white helmet," they claw and saw their way through the rubble to save those buried beneath. here a two-week-old baby trapped under a flattened house for 16 hours is pulled out alive. at a training session in a neighboring country, the volunteers learned how to break through concrete and put out fires. 26-year-old alla from aleppo is one of more than 2,000 syrians who have joined. "everyone loves us in syria," he said. "we deal with all the different groups." do you feel proud of your work? "of course," he said "very." it is dangerous work. the regime has dropped roughly 1,000 bombs on aleppo in the last year alone. most of them were crudely made
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barrel bombs packed with explosives and shrapnel. often they'll circle back to drop a second bomb targeting rescue workers. alla told us his friend was killed this way. "he was just 200 yards ahead of us. then suddenly a second barrel bomb landed on his car." what was your feeling in that moment? "i felt desperate," he said. "world leaders are watching the syrian people dying and they do nothing." helfímets are undeterred. even in the most hopeless of situation, lives can be saved. to give you an illustration of just how devastating the impact has been of syria's civil war a new report released says that the country's life expectancy has gone down by 20 years scott, from 76 to just 56 since the uprising began. >> pelley: clarissa ward reporting for us on the border of syria and turkey tonight.
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clarissa, thank you. rumors were flying when russian president vladimir putin disappeared for ten days. was he ill? did he leave the country? today piewtden reemerged looking fit for a meeting with kyrgyzstan's president. putin seemed to enjoy all the fusss saying "it would be boring without the gossip." now for the race to the white house, before hillary clinton is even officially in it, another controversy is bubbling up. while she was secretary of state, the clinton charitable foundation stopped for the most part taking donations from foreign governments, and it says it will likely do the same again if she runs for president but what about donations from foreign companies linked to their governments? julianna goldman is looking boo this. >> i'm very proud of the work the foundation does. i'm very proud of the hundreds of thousands of people who support the work of the foundation. >> reporter: since its founding, the clinton foundation has raised at least $42 million
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from foreign governments and according to an analysis by cbs news, at least $170 million from foreign individuals, organizations and companies covering a range of industries such as banking energy and shipping. >> we're now up to more than $3100 commitments. >> like rilin enterprizes a chinese construction and trade conglomerate that pledged $2 million to the clinton foundation in 2013. it's run by billionaire wang wenliang, a delegate to the chinese parliament and the firm is one of the contractors that built the chinese embassy. >> you want to have the closest security and intelligence connections with the company that's going to build your embassy. >> reporter: jim mann has written several books on china's relationship with the u.s. >> reporter: if the point is that you're not going to take money from foreign governments then his construction company is as close to not just the government, but its ministry of
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state security as they could possibly be. >> >> reporter: in a statement, a rilin spokesperson says wang has a long history of generous philanthropic giving and the clinton's organization is one of the many organizations he has donated to. still, there are a long history of complaints about construction workers at various building sites. wenliang was cited twice in new jersey for housing work centers crowded conditions. the company says the charges from 2011 are settled and the 2013 charges were dismissed. campaign finance law pros hint foreign interests from investing in u.s. elections, and scott, the concern is a donor today could be looking for something in return from a future president. >> pelley: thanks, julianna. today the president of vanuatu pleaded for international help. the south pacific island chain was pummeled by a category five cyclone on saturday. at least 24 were killed. 90% of the buildings in the capital were damaged or destroyed. it could take weeks to restore water and power.
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cholesterol drug. >> well, the new drug is given by injection once or twice a month. everybody in the trial got standard dles roll-lowering drugs, but those who had this drug had a further lowering 60%, of the ldl cholesterol. >> pelley: what does that mean? >> in one year there was a 60% lower incident of cardiovascular events. there was a slight increased risk of cognitive problems like infusion. so it's promising but we need further studies. >> what about the screening news today? the american college of physicians say we could be doing too much screening. >> that affects me as an internist. a person comes into the office. they're fine they're at low risk. i say should i do screening with an electrocardiogram, with stress testing and cardiac imaging. the recommendation is no, the benefits do not outweigh the risks. what are the risks? well, false positives, that's when the person is fine, but the test is incorrectly abnormal. that leads to a cascade of events unnecessary radiation.
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serious to critical. he's being treated at the national institutes hoaflt near washington, has not been identified. ten other health care workers who had contact with him have been flown to the u.s., and they are being monitored. dolce and gabbana started a firestorm over the weekend. if fashion designers who were once romantically involved with each other told an italian magazine that same-sex couples should not raise kids, and in vitro fertilization leads to synthetic children. singer elton john called for a boycott of dolce and gabbana. john and his husband have two children conceived through ivf. stefano gabbana shot back calling john a fascist. a windstorm blew through chicago. the scaffolding fell off a building. the car outside the building bore the brunt of it. no one was injured.
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bet you didn't know eagles can take pretty good pictures. on saturday an eagle was launched from the top of a world's tallest building in dubai on the persian gulf. a video camera strapped to its back captured the trip as the bird soared over the city and then circled down 2700 feet and back into the arms of its trainer. in a moment we'll take you sailing in space. where the sun, not the wind, will provide the push. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored by cbs health, because health is everything.e, nn the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a new promise... to help all those wishes come true. cvs health. because
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live the regular life. >> pelley: more and more of the news about advances in space comes from private companies. we'll end tonight with a look at an ambitious new project that's about the take off, or perhaps we should say set sail. here's john blackstone. >> reporter: in a laboratory time-lapse video shows a tiny satellite opening a huge sail that could carry it deep into space. >> t-minus ten... >> reporter: launched on a conventional rocket, the satellite will eventually be powered only by sunlight, hitting a mylar sail.
6:57 pm
it was not developed by nasa jennifer vaughn is the chief operating officer. >> our mission is to do things in pace. >> reporter: the planetary society raised $4.5 billion to build lightsail, everything contained in this small box. >> although solar sailing isn't necessarily fast we can get started. it's constant. it never stops. you can actually build up the speed you need to escape our solar system. >> reporter: lightsail's mission is made possible by a new generation of small relatively inexpensive spacecraft called cube sats about the size of a loaf of bread. they're making space exploration affordable to universities and businesses. >> reporter: last year about 150 spacecraft this size were launched. >> reporter: rex rex ridenoure's company ehelp tick
6:58 pm
enterprises built this spacecraft for the company. >> it has never been done in a package this big, so it will be a first. >> we hope to kick start a process whether others take the technology and make it better and really start pushing the boundaries. >> reporter: the test flight scheduled for early may will last just a few weeks but eventually lightsail could do what sailing ships once did on earth, enable explore ration of distant and mysterious places. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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he's already facing sex charges in virginia. now hear what d.c. police say a state department employee did with his cell phone that may have you closing your blinds a little bit tighter. >> a love triangle murder case, the verdict is in for the man accused of killing a georgetown law student. >> blind travelers left stranded by d.c. cabbies are taking action after our undercover investigation. >> we're tracking a cold front tuesday and strong winds. we'll tell you how strong they could be and how much colder it will be behind the front. >> reporter: we're here at mount vernon where plenty of famous people have visited. this week there will be two more. new video just into the wusa9 newsroom of a state department worker charged now with voyeurism. >> daniel rosen tried to dodge our camera outside his home after spending the afternoon in
7:00 pm
court. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm derek mcginty. other charges are rosen tried to hook up with a minor for sex. >> reporter: i'm debra alfarone at d.c. superior court where prosecutors are painting a picture of a man who despite being a top counterterrorism expert allegedly peeped on women with his iphone. daniel rosen gets in a car with his wife to leave d.c. superior court today. his lawyer. >> entered a plea of not guilty. we have another court date. >> specifically the video showed what appeared to be adult women in the privacy of their homes in various stages of undress. >> reporter: this is not the first brush with the law for 44- year-old state department employee daniel rosen. three weeks ago the counterterrorism director was charged with trying to arrange a meet-up for sex with a 14- year-old he met online. that teen was


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