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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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former congressman fontroy arrives back in the u.s., he's subject to be arrested? >> that's correct. >> reporter: the arrest warrant dates back to sometime after barack obama was elected president. fontroy and others hired vendors to an elaborate inaugural affair in suburban maryland, only the event never happened and fontroy was accused of writing a $50,000 check to cover expenses. that check bounced. >> i have advised him that in the event he comes back into the country whenever he gets into customs, the bench warrant will pop up on the computer and he would be taken into custody. >> reporter: fontroy started going to africa, first to libya where he claimed to have a relationship with moammar gadhafi, then algeria, then dubai. friends and family are not sure where in after cat former congressman is today. -- the -- in africa the former congressman is today. they question his mental state and says he has no coffers income that they know of.
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-- no income that they know of. people started to raise questions and became quite suspicious when walter fontroy missed marion barry's funeral. they became really suspicious when he took part in none of the activities surrounding the 50th anniversary of selma. >> is there any indication he might be in hiding, that he might know about this? >> everything is relative. he knows about this. he's discussed this. whether or not he's in hiding we don't really know. they're very much concerned about his mental state because his behavior has not been that of a rational person. they can fix whatever is wrong, his family, friend and attorney, they can fix whatever is wrong with the justice system and raise the money. no judge want to put walter fontroy in jail says his attorney. >> what does it mean to have your passport revoked? could he get back into the country? >> that's something we're still checking out. we know you can't travel out of the country without a valid passport. what if you have a revoked passport and you're trying to get back in the country from let's say where he is.
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we don't even know which country in africa he is in. we'll have more at 6:00. a d.c. judge in the past hour ordered a d.c. cop held in jail on four counts of sexually abusing teenage girls. darrell best was armed when he sexually assaulted them and they tried desperately to get him to stop. bruce leshan is live at d.c. police headquarters with the latest. quite a story here. >> reporter: i'll tell you, what jan. this guy is not just a cop. he is a youth pastor and one of the alleged victim says he molested her in his office right here at d.c. police headquarters. the victims say darrell best used his authority as both a cop and their minister to repeatedly molest them. the 16-year-old says he attacked her at his storefront church in southeast, that three different times in december, january and march he took her into his office at the church and sexually assaulted her. the girl says best was wearing
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his gun, his badge and his baton and she was terrified unsure what he might do. a second woman who just turned 18 says best assaulted her, too, when she was 17 only he allegedly drove her to somewhere near police headquarters to attack her in his unmarked police cruiser. she, too says best was armed and she was unsure what he might do if she tried to fight him off. the girl's father says when he found out and confronted best, the cop and pastor did nothing to deny that he had molested the teen. investigators clearly wanted to confirm the story. so they say in some of the court documents here that they took his older alleged victim here to police headquarters. she led them up to his office on the fifth floor, took them inside, was looking at pictures of best with various police
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leaders and simply started weeping. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> those details are tough to digest. new information on a passenger who became violent on a plane heading from dulles to denver forcing the pilot to return to virginia. garrett hake joins us live from the newsroom. we're hearing from one of the passengers who restrained that traveler. >> yeah. it's a good thing for the other 30 passengers on that united airlines 737 flight to denver that an army veteran named scott maldonado was sitting near the front of the plane and took action when he saw that man charging forward. >> no! no! >> don't fight, don't fight. >> he flipped around and started coming towards me away
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from the cockpit and as he did that, i asked him to calm down. i said hey, relax for me and he wasn't going to relax. >> now tonight the fbi confirms they are aware of this incident but won't say whether or not they're investigating it as a serious threat to the flight. that passenger was taken into custody and taken to a hospital when they returned to dulles. he has not been charged with a crime. breaking news right now from virginia where two elementary schools that were on lockdown this afternoon are operating on a normal schedule. the lockdown at cougar elementary and manassas park elementary started after someone reported seeing someone with a gun. police investigated and located two students with a bb gun. prince william county police tell us the lockdown ended a short time ago and no one was injured. a developing story out of baltimore where three people have been stabbed at morgan state university. detectives say one of the victims is seriously hurt.
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we don't know the conditions of the other two. the baltimore sun says all three victims are football players. police are questioning several people in connection with the incident, but they've made no arrests. the table were turned on a pair of burglars this morning. the man was shot before he could get inside the home off telegraph home in fairfax county. peggy fox joins us from the scene with more. >> reporter: the shooting happened at that home. i'll tell you what happened to the man who was shot in a home, but first the homeowner whose name is mr. king spoke on camera and explained why he had to fire. >> it was a little terrifying somebody breaking into your house, you don't know what to do. so i just ran and got my gun and evidently i told the guy to stop, but he didn't hear me. so that's when i returned fire at him and unfortunately i hurt the young man, you know. >> i heard somebody yelling. >> reporter: a report of a
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burglary at this home came into fairfax county police at 8:30 this morning. the homeowner apparently fired his hand gun at the alleged intruder. the wounded man ran leaving a trail of blood down the street and into the bestway parking lot. >> he was on the inside of the house. >> reporter: mr. willis, a neighbor across the street from the home where the shooting happened, saw the man running. he got in his car and followed him. he did so so he could help identify him in case he got away he said. >> i asked the young man what's wrong? and he said oh. and then i knew what it was. >> reporter: mr. willis says he heard glass breaking and saw the alleged intruder running from the side of the house. bullet holes can be seen in the glass french doors. >> the individual that was shot ran on foot towards telegraph road. that is where he tried to board
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a bus. that's when police arrived and took him into custody. >> reporter: police say the man who did the shooting was also taken into custody. his property is equipped with several surveillance cameras. it could have been another outcome. >> well, i'm glad he did because by the time the police would have gotten here he would have been gone. >> reporter: the homeowner returned this afternoon and told reporters the incident terrified him. now the homeowner, mr. king, has not been charged. he is back home tonight. as far as the wounded man, we understand he's at inova fairfax hospital and he has not been charged at this time. i'm peggy fox. back to you. fairfax police are trying to solve a murder mystery in annandale. a man had some sort of trauma
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on his upper body and now cops are trying to figure out who this guy is and who killed him. another greek organization is in serious trouble tonight. cap akappa delta row has been suspended while police look through a facebook with private pages of nude women. police got a tip back in january and that page also allegedly contains pictures of drug deals and hazing. a u.s. air force veteran fired from his job as an airplane mechanic recently is accused of plotting to travel to syria to join isis. he is 47-year-old terad pugh of neptune, new jersey. federal prosecutors say he was stopped at the turkish border. pugh had been indicted on charges of trying to provide support to a terrorist group. he's due in court tomorrow in new york city. illinois congressman aaron shock announced he's stepping
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down from office the end of this month. the office of congressional ethics recently launched a review of the way shock spent taxpayer money. last month he made headlines following a report he redecorated his office at a cost of 40,000-dollar to look like the tv show downtown abby. the royal couple is expected to be at the british embassy by 6:30. that's' tough trip, but a -- that's a tough trip, but a police escort should get them through the traffic just fine. the royal couple will take a visit to george washington's mount vernon estate. we're just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00, more turmoil for relisha rudd's family. debra alfarone brings us the next chapter in the story at 5:30. >> i'm meteorologist topper
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shutt. i hope the royals brought some heavy coats. right now it's still mild, 66 downtown, but now it's 55 in gaithersburg and 50 in hagerstown. we'll talk about how cold it will get tonight and we have two snowflakes on the seven- day. >> plus what happened after a pitbull viciously attacked two people including a young girl in d.c. >> reporter: frustrations and stunning admissions as
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the new secret service director goes before a congressional panel to ask for money, but unanswered questions about a recent incidentous the white house overshadowed those -- incident outside the white house overshadowed the white house talks. craig boswell is on capitol
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hill with more. >> with all due respect, i'm just shocked by your testimony. >> reporter: lawmakers from both parties expressed surprise and frustration the new secret service director was not personally investigating an incident outside the white house involving two senior agents. >> you can't run an agency like this for god's sakes or any other agency unless you have discipline in the answering. >> reporter: joseph clancy says there will be accountability. >> i just don't want to act improperly too soon. >> reporter: march 4th two senior agents in a government suv allegedly bumped a white house barrier during a suspicious package investigation. they were not given sobriety tests. clancy learned of the incident days later. >> very frustrated we didn't know about this. i didn't know about this till monday. i'm frustrated i can't act until we get all the facts. >> reporter: president obama put clancy, a veteran of the agency, in a top job after a
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string of secret service misstep, the most high profile last september when a fence jumper made it into the white house. the new director wants $8 million to build a replica of the executive mansion. >> we'd like to have a good mockup of the white house where we can train i think more efficiently. >> reporter: the white house said tuesday the president still has complete confidence in clancy. lawmakers say they will watch and wait. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. >> the office of the inspector general is investigating the incident. there's no timeline when their investigation will conclude. a frightening pitbull attack injures two people including a young girl. this happened at 4:45 this morning they're the intersection of third street and -- near the intersection of third street and new hampshire avenue. police approached the dog in an attempt to stop the attack, but when the dog wouldn't relent, officers shot it. both victims were taken to the hospital and will be okay. nearly 400,000 people signed up to take part in today's statewide tornado drill including students at thomas jefferson elementary in falls
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church. the plan is to teach them how to survive one of these vicious storms. in 201412 tornadoes impacted virginia in one -- in 2014 12 tornadoes impacted virginia in one way or another. >> i remember those in school. you had to put a book over your head underneath your desk. >> they don't have a severe weather awareness week in virginia. there is a severe weather awareness week this whole week in maryland. >> everybody benefits from this. >> absolutely. no state is immune from tornadoes, none. what should you do? if we say there's a tornado warning, that means tack. it's either been -- take action. it's either been sighted or on doppler radar. stay away from windows to protect yourself from flying
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debris. little everyday objects like pencils, for example, once they're driven at a high ride of speed can be deadly. do not get in your car and try and outdrive the tornado or go in a different direction. that never ends well. no problems now, just a gorgeous evening. temps are starting to fall quickly, our michael and son weather cam. it's 66. we hit 70 or 71 today first time since december 1st last year. relative humidity 28%. the air is pretty dry, winds are cranking west, northwest at 21. they will subside tonight and that will allow temps to fall. winds diminish a bit. bus stop temperatures 28 to 40, sunny, breezy and brisk and dry and cool but chilly. i think when we go from 70 to 50, we could call it chilly
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both wednesday and thursday. futurecast, 10:00 tonight, you'll need a coat, 40 in the burbs, mid-40s downtown. by 6 a.m. there's going to be 20s around, 29 in gaithersburg and maybe 28 in clarkbsurg, 31 leesburg, 30 down in la plata. a whole different story. last night we were in the 40s and 50s. tonight we're talking 20s and 30s. by 9:00 we're still in the 30s even downtown only 36, pretty cold air mass coming in. by 1:00 we're in the low to mid- 40s with sunshine. we'll approach 50 downtown. a lot of the burbs north and west, gaithersburg, frederick, leesburg, probably not quite make 50 tomorrow. it's going to feel like a raw march day. by 7:00 we're falling again tomorrow night mid- to low 40s north and west. we're headed for the 20s and 30s again tomorrow night. tonight clear skies, breezy and colder, low temperatures 28 to 36, winds northwest at 10 to
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15. on the day planner lots of sunshine, yes, 33 at 7:00, 36 at 9:00, 40 at 11:00 and 45 with full sunshine at 1:00. we're okay tomorrow, just kind of breezy to cool to chilly, low 50s tomorrow and thursday. clouds come in late thursday. got a cold rain friday. we'll put a yellow alert out now, could affect the morning commute and the evening commute and yes, a wet snowflake is possible friday morning, 40s. spring arrives friday evening at 6:45 no matter what the weather. it will feel like spring saturday, low 60s, mid-50s on sunday, low 50s monday and a little chilly tuesday with a rain or snow shower coming our way. at 7:00 we'll talk about the geomagnetic storm and if we could see the northern lights in the metro area tonight. the wusa9 pothole patrol is in montgomery county, this time checking out a large swath of
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craters at the intersection of old georgetown road and ryland drive. you'll want to slow down if you're driving they're the center lane in this spot because a huge pothole has formed in what appears to be a recent patch job. we reported this location to the county as well as maryland state officials. there are so many out there right now. go to if you have a pothole that needs fixtured or tweet us and include your city and cross street or block number for the pothole location. it is a day for the wearing of the green in the spirit of st. patrick's day. the fountain behind the white house is died green. president obama -- dyed green. president obama participated in another tradition. the president accepted a bowlful of shamrocks from the irish ambassador, love the green water. and today at st. patrick's catholic church in the district
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cardinal donald whorle had mass. st. patrick lived from 385 to 461. if you plan to drink this st. patrick's day make sure you have a safe right home. the regional alcohol program is offering a st. patty's day ride program. adults can get a free taxi ride up to $30 by calling 1-800-200- taxi. the rides are available till 4 a.m. a new way to watch tv without cable may soon be on the way. >> plus why a new line of lipstick has some customers seeing red, details in our consumer alert. >> and next taking a
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the volkswagen jetta is really fun-to-drive. go for it. okay. wow... woohoo! i'm dreaming... pinch me. no, not while you're driving. and, right now, you can get a one-thousand-dollar volkswagen credit bonus on jetta models.
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seriously, pinch me. it's not a dream. ow! it's the volkswagen stop dreaming, start driving event. stop dreaming, and test-drive one today. hurry in and you can get 0% apr plus a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 jetta and passat models. the leaders of d.c., montgomery and prince george's county sign an agreement to take a more regional approach to finding homes for the homeless. meeting today in silver spring were d.c. mayor muriel bowser, montgomery county executive ike leggett and prince george's county executive rushern baker. bowser said ending homelessness is something most, if not all,
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residents support. >> i haven't gone to a community meeting yet where people said those homeless, forget about them. i haven't gone to one neighborhood where people think it's okay for families to live in dilapidated facilities. what people want to know, however, is that their government is not wasting their money and that they have a plan to get people to self- sufficiency. >> bowser said she and her counterparts plan to work together to find new solutions to ending homelessness permanently. in tonight's consumer alert it was a mixed market day on wall street this st. patrick's day, everybody wearing the green there as oil prices continue to slide after hitting a six year low monday. the dow closed down 129 points. nasdaq trickled up by eight points. the wall street journal reports apple is in talks to launch an online tv service. it will offer 25 channels like cbs, abc and fox and the service will allow viewers to watch programming on their iphones, ipads and, of course,
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a fight is brewing between environmentalists and keurig. they charge that the pods are hard to recycle. they have said this since last year. the coffee machinemaker has put out enough plastic pods to circle the earth more than 10 times, but keurig says the plastic pods protect the quality of the coffee. support customers are fired up and took to twitter to express their outrage over reality star kat von d's new lipstick called underage red. the color has stopped being sold. coming up why you still may not see powdered alcohol in some area stores after it got the green light. >> reporter: more than a year after relisha rudd disappeared her mom said she desperately wants custody of her three young sons back. >> reporter: three young adults are fighting
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it was the headline grand canyon case that left all of us wondering where is relisha rudd? a year later we still don't have an answer and yesterday a judge told the little girl's parents they will not be getting custody back of her three brothers, at least not yet. debra alfarone spoke to mom shaneka young today. >> reporter: you may have an opinion on this case and you may have an opinion about
5:30 pm
relisha rudd's mom shaneka young who desperately wants custody back of her three sons taken from her not long after the little girl disappeared. the last time we did a story about shameka young, the comments were rough. >> i do care, but at the same time i still have three other children i have to provide for and i have to stay strong for. >> reporter: and it's those three sons ages 8, 6 and 5 who young is fighting to get custody back for more than a year. yesterday a judge told young she's still not getting them back. >> your analysis report, always reports back to me as negative -- urine also report always report back to me as effect. i go to a group every wednesday. i've been working extremely hard. >> to me there is no reason for them not to give the kids back. i don't want to hear the [ bleep ] about she had something
5:31 pm
to do with her daughter's disappearance. prove it and charge her. >> reporter: that's brenda brown, young's de facto surrogate mother who feels strongly the district is politicizing this case. do you think she's still out there? >> yes, i do. as her mother i'm going to always think like that. >> reporter: a source said d.c. child and family services said it's not uncommon for a case like this to take this long, but they can't tell us more because these type of cases are confidential. in southeast debra alfarone, wusa9. d.c. mayor muriel bowser wants to shut down d.c. general, the homeless shelter that relisha disappeared from as part of an ambitious five year plan to end hopelessness in the district. >> we don't believe that d.c. general is an appropriate place to raise families and it should be replaced with smaller emergency unit, but more importantly, our focus is on how we're creating housing for people and not focusing on
5:32 pm
building shelters. >> her new plan calls for that shelter to close as early as the fall of 2016. maryland state lawmakers are pushing for harsher punishment against hazing, but they aren't alone in that fight. stephanie ramirez spoke with three lawmakers leading the fight. >> reporter: this is what they say happened to them, three young adults fighting for stronger maryland hazing laws. >> this has been unnecessary action, hazing should not happen. >> reporter: one of the alleged hazing victims is kevin hayes, a bowie state university junior claiming this is part of the beating he received in the pledging in 2013 and he's not the only one. >> beer cans, paddles. >> reporter: outside a maryland house judiciary committee meeting johnny powell claims this happened to him in the same year pledging at stevenson university. the two joined by another victim who won her case from penn state testified today in hopes the state of maryland will pass a bill pushing to increase punishment for hazing
5:33 pm
from a misdemeanor and a $500 fine to a misdemeanor and a $5,000 fine. aja truewell said in her case three people were charged with misdemeanors. >> which is like a slam on the wrist, no real fines -- slap on the wrist, no real fines, no jail time and i have injuries today that i'll live with the rest of my life. >> change is on the huer reason. >> reporter: at bowie state today -- on the horizon. >> reporter: at bowie state today. >> i believe change is on the horizon because people are getting beat up. >> you shouldn't have the right to force somebody to do something they don't want to do. >> reporter: the co-sponsor of the bill. >> there's zero tolerance for this behavior. >> reporter: the bill increase the monetary punishment but not jail time for hazing. right now they're taking this one step at a time. at annapolis stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> maryland senator jamie raskin is behind the bill and recently introduced a cross- bill of this to the maryland senate.
5:34 pm
officials in israel are counting votes from the parliamentary election and it's too close to call. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is fighting to win a fourth term. the leaders urged israelis to keep him and his conservative party in power. his main opponent isaac herzog said he will work to restore relations with the palestinians, a approach he hopes -- an approach he hopes will register with voters hoping for peace. this is new video from vanuatu where 24 are dead and thousands of people now homeless, 90% of the buildings in the capital destroyed. cyclone pam may be the worst storm in pacific history. there is outrage in san francisco this evening where a woman recently learned that her rent is going up by nearly 400%, jan. >> this is crazy. when she received written notice of the steep hike, 46-
5:35 pm
year-old debra follingstat posted it on facebook. her rent was jumping from $2,045 to $8,900. it's been shared 3,000 time. >> this was not what i expected. >> reporter: are you angry? >> i'm really repulsed by the whole thing. >> a tenants rights lawyer said the landlord pulled a clever maneuver to exempt her property from rent control laws. she has no other options but to move. >> who could pay that much for rent? that's more than many houses. >> that's one of the most expensive places to live. at 6:00 find out why daniel rosen is now charged with stalking and why some fear there could be even more victims. >> flying cars, an unlikely boxing match and what might be the most epic stunt of all time
5:36 pm
trending after the break. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. you had warm temperatures, winds. mold spores are low. trees jumped into the high range for pollen. we'll talk about friday, a wet snowflake on
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taking a look at some stories trending tonight, is this the future of travel for mankind? a slovakian company is going to start selling this flying car and many more like it in the next two years. according to forbes, the company unveiled the soaring ship last year. the stowable wings give it the ability to navigate city traffic on the ground. price tag? expected to be around $200,000. i'd drive that bad boy. >> does it get its own sideline since it doesn't have to actually drive on the road? >> i don't know. >> got its own lane. okay. one is a five time heavyweight champion, the other a former governor and presidential candidate with very little boxing experience. >> although i guess they both have to wear the gloves from time to time. that's not stopping mitt romney from jumping into the ring to
5:40 pm
square off against evander holyfield as part of an effort to raise money for a humanitarian organization called charity vision. romney says it will either be a very short fight or i'll be knocked unconscious. i don't that. the event will take place may 15th in salt lake city and feature other real fights as well. mario and luigi will soon be on smartphones and tablets. i know you're so excited about this, lesli, because you're such a big gamer. nintendo reached a deal with another company to create game apps based on the popular characters. you'll need a membership to play. nintendo plans to announce more details soon. i would like this. i'm a fan. >> i think you would. this is interesting trending on facebook. roman atwood's toilet paper prank. this prankster and a team of jokers trucked in more than 4,000 rolls of told paper to tp
5:41 pm
howie handle's mansion. atwood said -- toilet paper to tp howie mandel's mansion. atwood said he wasn't quite sure how to get inside after all the handiwork. >> the crazy thing is howie mandel is such a clean freak. >> he won't touch your hand, but he actually might touch the toilet paper maybe. >> that will be a big clean-up there, no doubt. march madness is in full swing. the hoyas departed for portland earlier today. in sports we'll hear from the team as they get ready for the ncaa tournament. >> plus some new gear designed to keep
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get a fios triple play online at an amazing price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v powdered alcohol is set to possibly hit store shelve in the u.s. this summer, but -- shelves in the u.s. this summer, but tonight a growing list of states are banning palcohol. so far virginia, delaware, alaska, louisiana, vermont, south carolina, and utah have bans in place. pennsylvania, new york and new jersey and a few other states are considering a ban as well. the white house is exempting itself from a federal regulation that subjects its office of administration to the freedom of information act.
5:45 pm
the white house says this is consistent with court rulings that hold the office is not subject to the transparency law. the office of administration handle record keeping duty lugar i coulding e-mails -- like archiving e-mails among other thing. you've probably heard about this. a georgia televangelist asking his congregation to dig deep. he needs $65 million for a new golf stream jet. his isn't working so well after an accident in london. so he's asking his 200,000 followers to chip in about $300 apiece. at just 24 years old nfl player chris borland is calling it a career. after suffering a concussion in training camp he said playing professional football is not worth the risk. more than 70 former nfl players have been diagnosed with neurological disease after their deaths. >> i think awareness of the health risks of repetitive head
5:46 pm
trauma has significantly increase over the past five to 10 years. athlete and families are considering sports that have less head trauma involved. >> borland led the 49ers in tackles during his rookie season. he's walking away from a $3 million contract. as the parents of young athletes have become more aware of the dangers associated with playing sports, there are new products on the market that promise to soften the blow during a collision, but do they protect from concussions? we take a look. >> reporter: high school junior rachel corrigan loves playing basketball, but in december she suffered a concussion and it wasn't her first. >> i just remember feeling dizzy and sick. >> reporter: rachel now wear an extra layer of protection, a headband from a company called second skull. the product was developed after
5:47 pm
this man had a biking accident. >> the bicycle helmet didn't protect him a lot. >> reporter: alvarez claims the bans and skull cap under -- bands and skull cap under the helmet provides much more protection. several companies are starting to use in helmets for football, baseball and hockey. he showed me the difference between regular foam and his product. dr. mickey collins from the upmc sports concussion program says when it comes to condition cushions -- >> there's no technology we're aware of that will mitigate that from happening if one gets hit hard enough. >> reporter: second skull makes no claim it can protect against concussion, but rachel plans to keep using it. >> it gave me the confidence back to play. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather.
5:48 pm
>> topper, what a gorgeous day. >> spectacular, a little windy, but 70. we cannot get used to it, of course. >> this will be a distant memory soon. >> probably by about 10:00 tonight. it's going to be much colder or cooler tomorrow and the rest of the week. we'll lose about 20 degrees. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, see the flags there. it's still whistling. the wind die down a bit but not completely. it's still 66, wind west, northwest at 21, gusting more than that. humidity is only 28%, very dry air mass. so when the winds die down, we're looking at a cold night. st. patrick's day geomagnetic storm, it's possible we could see just a little glimpse here in the metro area. i'm sort of doubtful. the category g4 which is severe out of a scale of 1 to 5, it's always something you got to watch with the gps satellites
5:49 pm
and it could knock them out or interfere. storm likely to continue tonight. this is from alaska, this picture, and the aurora might be visible in the metro area. again, i emphasize might be visible. this is just an awesome picture. check that out. that is just cool. can you imagine looking at the sky and seeing that? that's way up in alaska. if we're lucky, we'll see a little glimpse tonight. the winds still gusting to 36 in gaithersburg and a 35 mile- per-hour wind gust downtown just the last hour, about a 26 mile-per-hour wind gust in fredericksburg. a little less wind the farther south you go. we'll go from windy to breezy overnight. bus stop temperatures 28 to 40. the kids will need a winter coat tomorrow. you will, too, if you're standing at the bus stop. sunny, breezy and brisk, need sunglasses and then dry, cool and chilly depending on your mindset, favoring chilly at this point wednesday and
5:50 pm
thursday. the day planner, futurecast is like this, tonight 10:00 low to mid-40s and by morning upper 20s to low 30s, 36 downtown. everybody outside the beltway will be at or below freezing by tomorrow morning at 6:00 or 7:00. by 9:00 on futurecast still looking at 32, 33 in place like gaithersburg, clarkbsurg and frederick, 34 leesburg and 33 in manassas. temps don't exactly soar tomorrow. 1:00 walking to lunch, wear a light jacket, 45 downtown. we still have that breeze tomorrow. it will have a little bite to it, pretty typical march day really. by 5:00 we're closing in on 50 downtown and then by 7:30 or so tomorrow night looking at temperatures falling back in the low 40s, another cold night ahead tomorrow night. tonight clear skies, breezy, colder, lows 28 to 36, winds northwest 10 to 15.
5:51 pm
day planner, low 30s to start downtown temps, 36 at 9:00, 40 at 11:00, mid-40s with full sunshine at 1 p.m. next three days we're in good shape tomorrow, cool and chilly, same thursday, a few clouds late thursday. we stay dry. here's our friday. yellow alert, cold rain, only 46. spring officially arrives at 6:45 friday evening. that's going to happen no matter what the weather is, not a great end to week or winter. good news about march. it can't stay cold long, 63 saturday, mid-50s sunday, low 50s monday. next chance for rain or snow showers is tuesday with highs in the mid-40s. get to double-a tournament, georgetown eager to put the recent past failure in the big dance behind them. thursday night at 10:00 it starts versus eastern washington in portland, oregon. hoyas, the fourth seed, leaving
5:52 pm
the hilltop and getting a sendoff earlier toe. georgetown says they are in no hurry to get back to d.c. >> the method has been pretty consistent since the pairings came out. stay focused on eastern washington and nothing else. >> it's business time. this time it's win or go home. we don't play again if we don't win. it's all business, no fun at this point. >> i like that, all business. so has gw. the women have had one heck of a season, 29-3, atlantic champs getting a workout today as they get ready to head west to corvallis, oregon, to play gonzaga, colonials the sixth seed in the spokane region. >> a sign of a good team is you're playing your best basketball this time of year. we had a great regular team, went through the a-10
5:53 pm
tournament, played great basketball. i think the team should be full of confidence because i think we're ready for this moment. >> gw/gonzaga friday night at 7:30 and at 6:00 our dave owen joins us live from the benson hotel in portland where he awaits the arrival of georgetown. >> i can't wait to see your bracket, by the way. >>, check it out. at 6:00 what did a metro station manager post on .f neighbor that has him under investigation? wait until you see who -- on facebook that has him under investigation? wait until you see who he threatened. >> reporter: testimony in the trial of the suspected boston marathon bomber focused on evidence including a gun the prosecution said was used to kill an cer. the latest is coming up. >> we want to know what's on your mind. tweet us any time @leslifoster and
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5:56 pm
one of the witnesses in the boston marathon bombing trial today may be the only friend dzhokhar tsarnaev has seen in months. >> the witness testified he gave tsarnaev the gun he used to kill the police officers after the bombings. that witness is facing some serious legal problems. >> reporter: witness stefan silva told jurors that he loaned a gun to one of his best friends, boston marathon bombing defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev. silva testified as part of a plea deal with prosecutors who say that the gun is the same
5:57 pm
one dzhokhar used to kill mit police officer sean collier. >> having been as good of friend of jihad as he was, this i'm sure was very difficult for him, but i think he knew it was right. >> reporter: bordertown resident david hennenberry testified he saw blood on the deck of his boat before he spotted the defendant in his backyard. he told jurors, "i just let my eye look at the other side of the boat. then i saw a body in the boat." he said dzhokhar had a hooded sweatshirt pulled up over his head lying only side and there was no movement -- on his side and there was no movement at all. he quickly went inside and called 911. fbi agents called to the scene after tsarnaev's arrest took the stand and told jurors how they processed the crime scene and the evidence found there. prosecutors showed jurors the wooden slats from the boat that
5:58 pm
bore a carved message from the defendant. it read stop killing our innocent people and we will stop. prosecutors could finish presenting their case sometime next week. marley hall, cbs news, boston. >> witness steven silva is currently in prison on gun possession and drug charges and hopes to get a reduced sentence in exchange for his testimony. the defense claims it was tamerlan tsarnaev who shot the officer. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: a metro station manager is under investigation for posting a disturbing message on facebook. i'm andrea mccarren outside metro headquarters in northwest washington. i'll have a live report straight ahead. >> reporter: i'm ellison barber in northwest d.c. daniel rosen was in court yesterday answering the charges that he secretly filmed dozens of women in their homes. police may have found even more. >> reporter: the sign says it all, the great northwest
5:59 pm
providing a great challenge for georgetown. portland is where the hoyas begin their tourney journey. i'm dave owens here in portland. i'll have a full report coming up. but first wusa9 has learned a veteran metro transit authority is under investigation now for a disturbing facebook post. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. that post threat buildings family members of police officers. -- threatens family members of police officers. andrea mccarren is live to explain. >> reporter: metro confirms gerald mcrae is an employee and an metro transit police and mpd have both been notified of this investigation. >> no. he didn't do all that, no. >> reporter: that's a neighbor of metro station manager gerald mccray. after seeing his facebook comments about the recent shootings of two police
6:00 pm
officers in ferguson, missouri, mccray wrote, "the best way to solve this problem is for people to randomly pick police officers' family member and kill them." >> that's strange because i've never seen him or heard him talk like that and seem like a nice guy, very nice guy. >> reporter: metro responded to our inquiry by saying, "we find the comments of this employee repulsive and they in no way reflect the position of the authority." >> to me that's 100% wrong. you don't threaten nobody's family in no way, shape or form, right? >> reporter: leo norman retired from metro after 39 years. >> the uniform that you wear, you are representing the company. the way you act in that uniform, you're giving light to the company whether it be good or bad. >> reporter: mccray's linkedin page indicates the station manager has been with the transit agency for 18 years. >> that's not good, is it? >> reporter:


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