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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 18, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> well, this isn't about jump roping, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, gunmen stormed a popular museum in tuition. the efledgling democracy in north africa and at least 19 people killed, most european,
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about 50 wounded. there's no word of any americans hurt, the two terrorists were also killed. the prime minister called in a direct attack on the economy which is so dependent on tourism. the u.s. of course condemned it. secretary of state john kerry said america would continue to support tunisia' support democracy. allen pizzey is in tunis. >> hundreds of panicked tourists clung to loved ones and ran for their lives. gunmen wearing military fatigues and armed with assault rifles opened fire on two bulls in the bardo museum in the heart of the capital. eight were killed when they got off a bus, at least ten were taken hostage and later killed. as tunisia special forces flooded the area, visitors scrambled to find places to hide. many couldn't make it out of the building and hold up wherever they could. i came out of the museum, this eyewitness said, and there was this guy who was about ten meters away from me, then he
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started shooting the tourists. medical teams rushed to help dozens of wounded and transport them to a nearby hospital. tunisia president beji caid essebsi went on national tv to declare hat the country is in a war against terror. these savage minority groups will not frighten us, he said, and the fight against them will continue until they are exterminated. tunisia was the birthplace of the arab spring four years ago. and since then the government has struggled to keep islamic extremists at bay. 3,000 tunisians have left to fiegdfight in syria and iraq. the national anthem was sung as the museum attack was going on next door. the government said two attackers were tunisias but it's not clear what their motive was and so far no one claimed
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responsibility. last december, i.s.i.s. released video enconching attacks on tunisia and today's was widely celebrated on their media sites. >> pelley: the dead come from a wide variety of countries including japan, france spain, germany and poland. allen pizzey reporting at the scene in tunisia. from tunisia, we move down the mediterranean where prime minister benjamin netanyahu's reelection to a fourth term will likely bring new tension between israel and the united states. netanyahu opposes president obama's nuclear negotiations with iran and mr. obama's belief that only creation of a palestinian state on ireland's border will bring peace to the region. barry petersen is our man in tel aviv. >> as prime minister netanyahu gave thanks to jerusalem's wailing wall critics say his come-from-behind win was mostly about fear. this ad showed islamic militants
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headed for israel, citing it's netanyahu or them. in a divisive campaign netanyahu also reversed his support for a separate palestinian state which is central to u.s. efforts to relaunch peace talks. israeli columnist gideon levy. >> the moment of truth for israel is a moment of truth for the american administration. now let's see what is the alternative to the two-state solution which is apparently dead. >> reporter: netanyahu's about-face won't help already strained relations during obama's final two years years in awssments mr. obama mr. netanyahu, the next two years do, we just write it off? >> i think those would be a tough two years for mr. netanyahu because he went too far in his relations with mr. obama. i don't think mr. obama is going to forgive or to forget. >> stop threatening -- >> reporter: like netanyahu's speech this month to congress
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attacking u.s. negotiations over iran's nuclear program, a speech made without consulting obama. israel is not a party to the iran talks where the outline of a deal is expected next week. if that is achieved, it could prompt netanyahu to ramp up his criticism of president obama and, scott that's going to add to the already bad blood. >> pelley: barry petersen in tel aviv for us tonight. barry, thank you. palestinian leaders said netanyahu's campaign was based on racism and apartheid. no cheering at the obama white house either tonight where we find major garrett. major? >> reporter: the white house said netanyahu's victory will have no effects on nuclear talks with iran. top officials say they believe the israeli prime minister will not walk it back and the u.s. is stuck with a new and unwelcome reality in its pursuit of piec instructed top advisors to come up with if
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possible a two-state solution something netanyahu discussed with presidents clinton, bush and obama and which he formally endorsed ino niefnlt scott, top officials tell us the most likely outcome is the administration could allow the united nations security council to pass a resolution recognizing a palestinian state, that's something this white house has long opposed. >> pelley: major, thanks very much. tonight the secret service is investigating whether an envelope addressed to the white house contained cyanide. one test was negative, the second positive. white house mail is inspected at a processing center far away and that's where they found it. the associated press reports there is a suspect known to the secret service but there have been no arrests so far. there's also been a threat to the life of our ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy daughter of j.f.k. the threat came to light before first lady michelle obama arrived in tokyo and here is seth doane. >> good morning. >> reporter: the caller was an english-speaking man.
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japanese mead media is reporting. the threats to kennedy's life were allegedly similar to those targeting u.s. counsel general alfred magleby based on the southern japanese island of okinawa, where half of the 50,000 troops based in japan are stationed. (shouting) >> reporter: there are frequent, generally peaceful protests in okinawa where many locals oppose the presence of u.s. troops. >> an ambulance to the don't. >> reporter: the threats targeting ambassador kennedy come on the heels of a violent knife attack in south korea where an anti-american activist slashed u.s. ambassador lippert mark lippert's face and arm earlier this month. the u.s. department says it takes threats to diplomats seriously and is working with japanese authorities on this issue. scott, while the first lady is in tokyo, she is expected to meet with ambassador kennedy. >> pelley: seth doane
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reporting for us this evening thank you. at the boston marathon bombing trial today, gripping testimony about the homemade bombs the tsarnaev brothers allegedly threw at police during the shootout that left the older brother dead. don dahler is covering alt the courthouse. >> reporter: while the battle between the tsarnaev brothers and police was still doing on trooper robert mccarthy with the state police bomb squad arrived on the scene. at that time multiple radio calls of shots fired, he said they're throwing bombs at us. two of the bombs didn't explode. mccarthy described using a robot to place them in a bomb pod and then take ton a safer location to be diffused. the inside of the bombs were lined with bbs and filled with gunpowder. when asked about the unusual shape of one of the bombs, mccarr this explained, we don't see these types of pipe bombs. usually they're straight length. this is more of an imp swriezed
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grenade. when it's tossed, it will not roll away. the bullet riddled mercedes was found a few blocks away. in it mccarthy discovered a tupper ware container full of explosive powder and fuses. bloody white gloves were found in the tsarnaev's honda. a forensic scientist told the court that blood was from murdered m.i.t. officer sean collier. finger prints were found in both vehicles including the car jacked per said. scott, the jury was told some of the fingerprints were those of dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> pelley: don dahler in boston tonight, thanks. tonight police are investigating whether eccentric millionaire robert durst should be a suspect in five murders, not three. for decades, durst has been under suspicion. he was arrested this week after appearing to confess in a film about his life. a search warrant made public today shows he may have had an escape plan and omar villafranca is following this. >> reporter: in a search of
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his hotel room officers found a false i.d. with the name of everett ward, more than $42,000 in cash, a loaded .38 caliber revolver and a rubber mask. two experts linked durst last november to an incriminating letter sent to police about the murder of susan. the sheriff said he was a suicide risk. durst's lawyer says that's not true. at durst's houston home, officers seized more than 30 cds and boxes of email, financial papers and checks. it's unclear how long his extradition will take. l.a. police chief, charlie beck. >> we are glad we've come to a point to request to have mr. durst extradited to los angeles so he can face a jury of his peers. >> reporter: renewed interest in the cases of two california girls who will went missing when durst lived in california, 16-year-old karen mitchell and
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kristen vanished in 1997, joan a spokeswoman, says the family is hopeful. >> they think about her every day and they have been going on with their lives, of course, but they never forgot her. >> reporter: in a search of durst's condo police found copies of two books, without a trace and a deadly secret. scott, those books are about the 1982 disappearance of his first wife. >> pelley: omar villafranca reporting tonight from the los angeles newsroom. thanks. a series of racist and homophobic text messages between san francisco police officers has prompted prosecutors to review hundreds of convictions for possible bias. the officers are accused of calling minorities savages, using the "n." word and epithets for homosexuals. in one exchange, officers were asked do you celebrate quanza at your school -- misspelled -- the officer said yeah, we burn the
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cross on the field and then celebrate whiteness. virginia's governor wants an investigation into the use of force in the arrest of a university of virginia junior earlier today. it was captured on cell phone video. martaise johnson was charged with obstruction of johnson. johnson was shown with a bloody face, he needed ten stitches. today the president of penn state said the university is working with the police to determine how many fraternity members and victims are connected to a facebook page that got kappa delta rho suspend ford a year. >> reporter: the man of kappa delta rho had no interest in talking about the vulgar image on their facebook pairnlings photographs of naked women some passed out. >> i'm pretty disgusted by all this, to be honest. >> reporter: caroline dudley attended multiple parties at the frat house. did the parties ever get out of
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hand? >> drinking definitely got out of hand. they never really ran out of alcohol, so they were encouraging everyone to drink whether it seems like you could handle it or not. >> reporter: are you angry about it? >> you're jeopardizing these girls' reputations. also you're embarrassing them and their families. >> reporter: according to a police search warrant which included images photocop idea from the now deleted web site, 144 past and present fraternity members had access to these images. one fraternity member boasted the page had more than 370,000 views. others boasted about sexual exploits. the president of penn state university eric baron... >> i am very committed to due process. i am very committed to make sure that we know exactly who is responsible and then taking action on those that are responsible. >> reporter: in response to the post, the university is now offering extended counseling
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services. we're told representatives from each and every sorority on campus will meet with the university. >> pelley: thanks very much. next on the "cbs evening news." >> our generation will be working for a long time. >> reporter: women struggling to build a retirement nest egg. and later we'll take you into a rare journey into the world's largest cave. ...and the wolf was huffing and puffing... kind of like you sometimes, grandpa. well, when you have copd it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it
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>> pelley: that big gain in stock prices was in reaction to new signals today from the federal reserve that it is in no hurry to raise interest rates. wall street loves low rates but savers don't because they're getting record low returns. turns out women lag behind men in saving for retirement. anthony mason found out. >> reporter: when vadaire james was in her early 20s her mom sat her down to have "the talk "-- not about sex, about saving for retirement. >> did i listen to her advice? i did not. >> reporter: now 40 james wishes she had. after working a variety of jobs, she has a lot of experience but little savings. >> it is terrifying now. it's imagining 20 years down the road where i'm going to be what i'm going to be doing.
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>> reporter: a recent survey found only about half of women have put money aside to retire compared to 65% of men. and while the average savings for women is $35,000 for men it's more than twice that. >> a lot of people think, well, i'll just work longer, and i think that's great but it's not a plan, really, because you don't know what the future is going to bring and maybe you won't be able to work as long as you expect. >> reporter: cindy hounsell, president of the women's institute for a secure retirement, says it's never too late to start planning ahead. >> you just have to get in the habit of saving because there's never going to be the perfect blue' sky day where tad's the day, i can start saving, you know. that never comes along. >> reporter: james started focusing on her future last year even taking a roommate to save on expense also. >> you have to take more control of your earnings and how you spend it. i wish i had figured that out a lot earlier and i didn't.
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>> reporter: women also tend to be more conservative savers. more than two-thirds 68%, keep their money in cash, which means that savings doesn't grow or earn dividends. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. implete well there's -- >> pelley: well, there's a lot of interest in the president's college basketball picks. we'll share them, the first bracket after this time out. tonight's eye on moy segment is sponsored by voya financial changing the way you think of retirement.
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>> pelley: today, we got a fascinating look inside a cave in vietnam believed to be the world's largest american photographer ryan debot put a camera on a drone and revealed this hidden world three miles long and more than 600 feet tall. parts of the ceiling collapsed long ago which let in sunlight and helped create an underground jungle. there's a major shakeup at one of college basketball's top programs, syracuse university said today that coach jim boeheim will retire in three years. this month the ncaa imposed severe sanctions against syracuse mostly for helping athletes cheat on course work. boeheim has been the coach for 39 years and won a national championship in 2003. millions of us are agonizing over our ncaa basketball
6:53 pm
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>> pelley: college basketball players are getting all the attention this month but wait till you see what's going on at some of the half-time shows. a group of young athletes is putting on an incredible performance, and they showed adriana diaz the ropes. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: if you think of jumping rope as an art form these girls are masters. they're called "the fire crackers." ♪ an extraordinary group of fourth through eighth graders in south lebanon, ohio. jaylin little has been a fire cracker for five years. how on earth do you learn to do the tricks that you do? >> well, we practice five days a week, two hours a day and you just need to work into it to get
6:57 pm
really good. >> reporter: now the firecrackers are igniting the small ohio town and the whole country. they perform at parades on david letterman and they're bringing down the house at college and professional half-time shows. >> the one and only firecrackers! >> reporter: we recently caught up with them at an army-navy game. you guys feel famous? >> i do. >> reporter: are people surprised when they see you jumping rope. >> that's the biggest crowd pleaser. >> reporter: the team was started 20 years ago by former phys ed teacher lyn kelley. what was it like when you first started the team? >> south lebanon was a sleepy little appalachian village, a lot of my teams were from this trailer park. >> reporter: at the time, south lebanon had a 15% poverty
6:58 pm
rate, 11% more than the national average. >> some of the kids didn't have the benefit of music and dance lessons. the school didn't offer extracurricular activity or school programs to foster the kids' talents. one, two three, ready go. >> reporter: kelley found a simple solution. in addition to practicing ten hours a week the girls are required to take public speaking and etiquette classes. >> this isn't about jump roping really. it's about developing kids to be great future citizens. ♪ >> reporter: with just a few feet of rope, these girls are reaching new heights. adriana diaz, cbs news, south lebanon, ohio. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world goodnight.
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another raven cut from the squad. the charge against bernard pierce today. last day of winter. we are tracking rain and snow. we'll tell you what that means to both commutes. these a disabled veteran who fought for our country. now he is fighting over a $500 hot lane speed for one trip. i'm peggy fox coming up with optimism why this case might be dismissed. one of the sights of the ncaa tournament, terps, cavs all going dancing. that decision has energized some drivers hit with the huge fines. as peggy fox tells us, one is a
7:00 pm
disabled veteran. >> reporter: bob cowen is a disabled veteran. he had not heard of the express lanes when he got on them one time a year and a half ago. >> it was a large postcard. >> reporter: he said whenty called the number on the postcard the person told him to disregard the notice. so think did. this past december he received two summons from trans urban. >> i was there one time. i never took it again. it is crazy. >> that was an expensive ride. >> was. $503. yes. >> reporter: the second summons added a $250 civil penalty for a second violation just four minutes after the first one. >> a year and a half later when he is in frail health he receives summons asking for outrageous penalties. >> they are


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