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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ yippee!! ♪ i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪ right now, outrage as the university of virginia after the violent arrest of a black student for being drunk in public. a mother breaks found at a vigil for her child killed crossing the street. thank you for joining us. we're going to get to those stories in a moment but first don't say so long to old man winter just yet. in fact, he has snow for us at the end of the workweek. >> topper is here more on friday's yellow alert. >> he does. he will go out with a more bang. yellow alert for friday for snow and some rain.
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but i think primarily snow. in the morning and the morning commute, i think heavy snow is possible, especially d.c. north and west. the good news surface temperatures will be will be above freezing. i think everybody even if they get hammered with snow will go to rain and snow. between 4:00 and noon is when the snow will fall. the blue, that's the snow moving into the metro area by dawn, by 6:00 a.m. on friday. the good news, temperatures are above. the surface temperature also determine how much will stick and where it will stick. by 9:00, freeze across the entire metro area. temps still above freezing. by noon, rain south of 66 and south of route 50 but still snow north and west. we'll come back and talk about how much can fall and more importantly where it will
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stick. now to the people of the university of virginia community who are protesting. they describe the alleged brutal beating of a student by police. >> who are those people there meant to protect? >> the police, on the other hand, tell a different story. they say the student was belligerent and resisted arrest. that student, martese johnson. here's more. >> reporter: the 20-year-old student was left bloody during that late lf night arrest on -- late-night arrest on st. patrick's day. we'll show you this. but we have to warn you, some of the images are graphic. the video begins mid arrest with mar teens johnson on the ground -- martese johnson on the ground being handcuffed. all while some witnesses
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recorded and stuck up for johnson. >> was that necessary? >> reporter: the third-year student was arrested after trying to enter a popular offcampus bar and charged with obstruction of justice, intoxication in public. the arresting officer said he was very agitate and belligerent but has no criminal history. a group claims he was brutalized by law enforcement. his face was bloodied. his body bruised. witnesses bore witness of brute handling, close quote. during the arrest, johnson accused them of racism. teresa miller expressed deep concern about the incident and said she's daked the governor's office requesting an -- contacted the governor's office requesting an independent investigation. the, the investigation into the arrest and what led to it is
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still ongoing. johnson's attorney is a double major and vice chair and holds several other leadership positions on campus. back to you. >> thank you. a tact with law enforcement and is closely monitoring the situation. a pedestrian is in the hospital after she was struck and injured bide a vehicle in maryland. the woman was hit around 7:45 near frederick road and shaunie lane. the driver remained on the scene. cries of anguish could be heard at a bowie intersection. >> the vigil was held and that's where our reporter is live with more on the emotional outpouring. >> reporter: good evening. good evening folks at home, the
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little girl died here. it's where they honored her short life tonight. they are sounds that need no description. >> why my baby? why my baby? >> reporter: on her knees in front of a makeshift memorial for her 2-year-old daughter, the mom couldn't make sense of what happened. >> we just cannot explain this. for this to be so close to home. >> reporter: dynasty was struck and killed at route 197 and old chapel road saturday. her grandmother, who was helping her to cross at the time, paid a visit to the scene for the first time since it happened. >> devastating. it's real devastating. i'm still speechless.
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i have chills in my body. i can't imagine, to lose a family member. >> reporter: the driver of the van that hit her remained at the accident scene. police continue to investigate. [singing] >> reporter: all her mother knows is her baby is gone. soon to be laid to rest. balloons in her memory discovered. the dissolve -- dissolved in the night as her family starts the process to say goodbye. it's unclear whether the driver who struck that little girl will face charges. we'll keep you posted. back to you. >> heartbreaking. thank you. the little girl's father said his daughter will be laid to rest next wednesday. an injured d.c. police officer waited so long for an am plans that another officer drove him to the hospital. it happened at 6:30 last ni.
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the officer suffered minor injuries while making an arrest. the d.c. fire department didn't have an blams together -- an an blans an -- an ambulance available at the moment. darryl best will be in court again. law enforcement sources say he was promoted to sergeant but then demote back down to officer because of earlier allegations of sexual misconduct, allegations serious enough to get him demoted but not serious enough to get him fired. neither d.c. police nor the union would comment on the earlier allegations. and the man accused of three murders in alexandria is due in court. a competency hearing for charles. he's the suspect in the murders of nancy, ron and ruth ann. last january, he was ordered to
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be hospitalized. 27-year-old mother of two was found buried in a shallow grave in maryland. >> she was bound with electrical car around her neck, around her hand and around her feet. >> only thing good from it, we have erica back. we got closure. we know where she is. >> police have charged her husband with the murder. they finally tracked down the body by following the trail left by the gps device in the husband's car. a massive manhunt for a gunman in mesa, arizona ended with the arrest of an ex- convict who the cops say left a bloody trail. he's 41-year-old ryan jaret and is accused of shooting six people in four different locations. the first shooting happened at a motel room, three people shot there. one of them was killed.
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>> we know there was some type of argument or they possibly knew each other. >> i couldn't get ahold of her. i thought something was wrong with her and she said her boyfriend got and now he's gone. >> police say the suspect then shot and wounded a student across the street at a restaurant before carjacking a teacher's vehicle. he then shot two more people at a separate apartment cop plengs before officers -- complex before officers found him inside a vacant condo. the survivors are in the hospital. the motive is still under investigation. the president of tunisia said his country is at war with terrorists. this after gunmen slaughtered 17 foreign tourists and two at a museum in tunis. no americans are reported among the dead. authorities are searching for three gunmen. tomorrow the white house will roll out the red carpet for a royal couple.
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president obama will hold and oval office meeting with prince charles and camilla. tonight, the royals were the toast of the down and then a black tie dinner. earlier, they toured the martin luther king, junior memorial with jesse jackson and john lewis. they also visited the lincoln memorial surrounded by school groups and other tourists and they also made stops at mount vernon, the shakespeare theater around the national arkif -- ash kiv -- archives. >> quite a day. we'll check in with all three teams as they get ready for the ncaa tournament. but first, a woman who spent thousands of dollars for photography at her son's wedding did not get
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we just had the best family vacation. really? there were fights breaking out in the street, angry mobs the whole place was like a war zone. it was fantastic! what about the kids? we shackled them to a post in the middle of town. i don't know what they loved more the shackling or the pool.
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my money's on the shackling. with so much to do stay where the action is. book one of our hotels at one springfield mom hoped for in her son's wedding. >> she's still waiting for the price les memories and -- priceless memories. >> reporter: she thought a
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rockville based photography company would deliver on the moment and the memories of a lifetime. but that's not what she got. >> very impressed with what she showed us. >> reporter: these images are what convinced her to hire the photography company to capture her son's wedding. when she got an early look of what was to come -- >> the quality is not there. like what you saw on the website. >> reporter: she asked the business to make changes. >> i waited until the fall. nothing came. i waited for the winter. nothing came. i was like wait a minute. this is getting ridiculous. >> reporter: she says she is still waiting for photos, a video, the hard drive and the wedding cake knife to be returned. she's not the only dissatisfied customer. an online search of the company turns up similar complaints. >> they don't answer my calls. they don't answer my e-mails and you know, i'm a working professional. i don't have time to go knocking on their door. >> reporter: so hour wusa9 call
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for action team did that for her. we caught up with the co-owner at his business address. you have a customer who paid $7500 for wedding items and she hasn't received them all. >> we haven't heard anything back. [inaudible] >> reporter: would you be willing to give her a refund? >> yes, we will. >> reporter: but weeks later, hour wusa9 call for action team has gone back and forth with the company to reach a resolution. initially, cvr agreed to refund her $22400 for the album and for part of the video services. to return her hard drive with high resolution photos, raw video, extra disks and the cake knife. anyone an e-mail, he changed the terms. he learned about a complaint she filed with the bbb and said she will have to take a complaint back she filed with the bbb in order to receive her
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refund. she did. but the only thing she receive was her hard drive with files she couldn't open or play and that knife. no extra disks. no $2400 refund check. cvr photography said she can open the files with special software but they also want her to sign this document that says she won't seek other funds or take them to court. she says she's not signing anything until she gets everything the company promised. >> i'm frustrated, and, you know, that's why i reached out to you. i don't want other people being in the situation because weddings for children are special moments for parents. >> reporter: to avoid these type of wedding day blues, do your homework. the bbb says research and compare vendors and get referrals. also try to structure your contract so you pay the bulk of the photography fees once those photos are delivered.
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lesli foster, wusa9. >> lesli is a nice woman with you but is a bull -- but is a bulldog when it comes to this type of thing. got a consumer problem? contact or call for action line or call 303-652-help. the montgomery county police would like you to look at your television screen. do you know this fellow? police say he cloned a woman's credit card and used it to shop up and down the aisles at a safeway in bethesda. if you can put a name to the face, the cops would love to hear from you and you don't have to give them your name. lesli foster served as a very performance of the circus. performance entertained children served by our local easter seals. tonight's bright stars night brought together many families of children with special needs. >> it was up close and personal
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experience at the circus which we never got to do. it was real cool. >> i'm so excited to be able to bring my children to something that i otherwise wouldn't have been able to do. >> this is what we all want to do with our families. >> wusa9 was one of the sponsors of tonight's performance. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> my dad used to take me every year. they had the uni cycle guy. [laughter] a yellow alert for friday. first snow, primarily snow, a little rain, too. but i'm getting more bullish on this. >> when you say bullish, you mean more snow. >> yes. >> we're worried about accumulation. >> i still say most will be on grassy surfaces and on the trees. i don't see any roads being a problem inside the beltway. north and west of town early
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could be slush on the side roads. let's start with a live look. it was 73 yesterday. only 53 today. we're down to 47. relative humidity is only 23%. that's so low for this time of night. i mean it's a very dry air mass. this is also something that we'll take into account when we start adding moisture to this cold calm of air. headline, a cold start and a chilliy fin -- chilly finish. try tomorrow. bus stop temperatures, 26 to 42. if you are walkingth kids to the bus stop, and you are outside of the car, you will need a coat. i think moderate to heavy snow is possible north and west of town between 6:00 a.m. and noon. looking at one model that's been pretty good. get ready. even though surface temps will be freezing. 6:00 a.m., low to mid-30s. a few high clouds move in and out during the day. you will need your sunglasses
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tomorrow. by 6:00 a.m., 50 downtown. but upper 40s in the suburbs. by 6:00 a.m. on friday, here comes the moisture. the blue is snow. this may be a little fampth south -- a little farther south. but it will be snow as you go into friday morning early. by noon, snow north of d.c. you looks in leesburg, frederick, pretty good band of snow will set up. we could see several inch ups there. everybody turns to rain briefly before ending. your evening commute will be wet with rain and temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40 well above freezing. snow potential. this model is going hog wild. i want to show it to you. i tweeted out maps. 38 downtown is probably a little beyond the pale. but you see the heavy band will be north and west of town. i think 1, 2, 3 will be possible in those area. mainly on grassy surfaces.
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34 at 7:00 tomorrow. no problems. 38 at 9:00. 43 at 11:00. and 47 with some clouds at 1:00. there is your yellow alert. morning snow. 44 for a high and then boom. first day of spring, 60 and sunshine. next seven days, sunday upper 50s. kind of chilly on tuesday, 50 and 56 on wednesday. but dry after our little event on friday. >> well, thank you. georgetown will be the first local team to take the court tomorrow in this year tea ncaa tournament -- this year's ncaa tournament when they take on eastern washington. >> and our reporter is in columbus where the terrapins arrived. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. is quiet here. but tomorrow, terp fans will start to flock to columbus. they showed up big in chicago. we didn't much different as the terps prepare for their second round game onfry -- on friday.
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the terps are excited. they arrived at the hotel around 6:00 this afternoon. tomorrow, it's all about practice and final preparations. we caught up with senior john graham son of terp ernie graham to find out what the mindset of the team is right now. >> excited. we're trying to stay focused and look into what we have to do. for the moment, you know, getting in and everything, everybody is excited. ready to go. >> reporter: games are spread out again this year over several networks. the terps and crusaders will be on tnt. still to come here, we check in with our two teams dancing beginning with georgetown. they are up first and then we head to charlotte and get one
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welcome back to columb ohio. the maryland terrapins don't play here until friday night. our local team that's up first
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is georgetown. dave owens caught up with him at practice. he has more. >> reporter: well, it's the buzz being heard around this building. eastern washington head coach guaranteeing victory on thursday. man, the games haven't even begun. if georgetown needed bullets material, they got it. >> it registers. no doubt it registers. we'll show up and play the game tomorrow. we'll see. >> reporter: eastern washington head coach sent a shout across georgetown on wednesday during a radio interview and then later in front of tv cameras didn't back down. >> i want them to know that their coach believes in them, is confident in them and is sending them out on the court to be fearless. >> reporter: the hoyas heard it and digested it. >> whatever it is that they want to discuss, hope flip they bring it to -- hopefully they bring it to play tomorrow. game on.
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>> reporter: this is fun, right? autographs, greeting young fans. >> it was awesome. >> reporter: cotton candy. georgetown about a seven-point favorite coming up on thursday but jonson knows he will be in moss till territory. we are treating this game as a road game. in portland, dave owens, wusa9 sports. >> reporter: so the georgetown eastern washington game is a late one. it tips at 9:57. you can watch it on true tv. and in north carolina, the cavaliers arrived today. they play on friday. our reporter is with the team and caught up with tony bennett. >> reporter: well, the cavaliers have made it here. >> it's about who is playing their best and who will advance. should be a great atmosphere. this is a great city, as i said. you know, we're looking forward to getting going. >> reporter: now, as far as
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your next opponent, belmont, what do you know about them? >> they dangerous. you know, whenever you have a coach who has been there that long and been that success full, he knows what he's doing. it's one of the best three- pointing shooting team you've seen. i have the utmost respect for them. >> reporter: they will practice at the arena tomorrow afternoon and the big game is on friday. that's the very latest from charlotte, back to you. >> reporter: thank you. you can watch the second-seeded cavaliers take on belmont at 3:5 on true tv. that will do it for us here tonight in columbus. the excitement is just beginning, guys. remember to the viewers, we'll have coverage for you all week long from all of the locations. that will do it for us. back to you. >> this is one of those weird weeks where the weekend starts on thursday. >> that's right.
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tell congress: don't cut hospital care. no snow friday but accumulations. >> 1 to 4 depending upon where you are. mainly on the grass. >> old man winter's final -- >> yeah. hopefully it's the last
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