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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  March 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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rain and snow. we're tracking what you need to know this morning with live team coverage. good morning and welcome to wusa9, it's 6:00 a.m. we say happy friday. even though we're under a yellow alert. i'm andrea roane. >> happy first day of spring. if you live in frederick county, maryland chances are you are waking up to snow this morning. amazing, larry has traffic. >> a close eye on the situation on the bw parkway particularly because the situation could get serious and grow and cause significant delays. and so it's going to push more traffic on to 50. which is already having to be heavily populated. >> weather-wise the snowcaps coming down but not going to stick in too many places on the roads? especially the beltway and even on side streets in the beltway region just going to see melting snow flakes on the roadways even sidewalks for the most part will be interesting. absolutely. >> temperatures? >> they are, at north and west that's another story, where it's colder, it's an elevation storm for the most part and the snow is coming down heavily
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enough to overcome some of that melting even with the temperatures at 33, 34. where you see the white that snow and where you see the blue colors that's moderate to eave snow which this green and yellow, this could be rain and a little bit of wet flakes or sleet mixing in traces across prince william county right now. same story upper montgomery to woodbine and fulton and -- fulton and howard county and much of frederick county seeing snow and even reports of an inch, inch and a half in the west virginia panhandle the temperatures in the lower to mid 30s there. manassas at 37. even if you get the wet flakes there, the likelihood of that sticking is very low. on the roads anyway. three to six three to even as much as six inches could fall in the blue area north of winchester north of hagerstown. frederick, north toward emmitsburg and garrettsburg, one to possibly three. but it's the higher elevations that are going to see the most snow. the lower elevations will see
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more melts and mainly grassy surfaces and d.c. baltimore south and east perhaps a trace to a slushy coating but not much more than that. 30s to about 40. andrea, mike, back to you. thank you very much. the snow already falling in areas north and west of the district. >> delia goncalves joins us live from frederick and we saw it landing on what about the streets delia? >> reporter: the streets are looking pretty good. just wetness as we have been reporting. and as howard and erica have been telling us as well. roads obviously the road surfaces a little too warm for any accumulation. but we are seeing a whole lot of puddling and splashing. and so no doubt the roads are slick this morning. some major puddling especially when you -- approach some of the curbs and some of the -- the pauls into -- pulloffs into driveways and some of the side streets, a lot of puddling is there that you have to be aware of. but take a look we only have
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accumulation so far on the grassy surfaces, we know from state highway that crews have been out overnight pretreating the roads in advance of any of this precipitation that we were getting. and they're urging drivers to proceed there morning commute and head out on the roads with caution. but right now, things are looking good. just wetness on the roads. some accumulation on the grassy surfaces. back to you in the studio. all right delia goncalves on the road in frederick county, maryland this morning. >> we know that frederick schools are closed because of the impending weather. they had a teacher workday but the schools are closed. >> only going to be open a half day. >> traffic now and larry miller take it away. all right update on that situation that we've been talking about this morning. police investigation taking place on the bw parkway northbound between maryland 202 and 50 where we understand we had an overturned vehicle and also a vehicle fire. nikki burdine will give us more information on that shortly but you want to stay out of the area if at all possible.
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also tell you that northbound on 295 if you're going to be traveling on that stretch of road that you're going to be diverted at 50. the alternate route would be to take 50 into town and that's going to get you around that mess. meantime let's show you how things are shaping up right now outside on 270 just south of where we saw delia. this is at clarksburg road and you can see volume starting to build up on the side side of i- -- southbound side of i-270 but the snow is certain lip coming down as well. -- certainly coming down as well. just take it easy. in virginia heading east on 66 to the beltway no major issues. free and clear as you head toward the beltway. andrea, mike, back to you. all right thank you larry. and we'll continue to track the snow and the traffic conditions this morning and keep a close eye on the school delays as well. you can see them at the bottom of the screen. if you have to leave home just get to up-to-date information from the wusa9 app. it's free on google play and apple itunes stores. and we continue to follow our breaking news from the bw parkway. one person is dead after a crash involving multiple vehicles. as you heard from larry this
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happened between route 50 and route 20 #. >> and the details are still coming in now. we're told that also involved a vehicle fire and it is indeed a crime scene. nikki burdine is live close by. nikki what do we know so far? >> reporter: we know that this is an active crime scene. in fact we were told we had to move immediately because police are still there investigating. however, photographer dion wiggins was able to get some video before we had to leave. so let's take a look at the scene right now you can see what was happening on the bw parkway just moments ago. we know that this all started with an accident. we're not sure what caused the car accident. we know though there were multiple vehicles involved in the accident. and a car parked on the shoulder of the northbound lanes of the bw parkway. that car caught fire and we can confirm that police tell us one person was killed in that vehicle car fire. we know there are several vehicles involved. we know k-9s were out here searching in the northbound
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lanes of the bw parkway. initially we were hearing the reports of a weapon. make shots -- maybe shots fired but police are still trying to confirm that. for you as a commuter if you're driving through were p wash pais -- bw parkway this morning, avoid the northbound lanes if at all possible because right now it's completely blocked. you will not be able to get through. southbound lanes however are open open but just be aware that could change. but just be caution because it's a mess out here this morning. it's going to be closed for quite some time because it's a crime scene. for now back to you in the studio. more this morning about a hit and run in prince george's county which left an officer injured and a person dead. officers pulled over a car around 9:00 last night near branch avenue and coal brook lane. that driver took off and struck one of the officers with his car and kept on driving. the driver was eventually captured and is in jail. one of the drivers he hit during the chase has died.
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the police officer will recover. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is changing his tune now. just days after declaring that he would never accept the palestinian state. >> the move is seen by many as the prime minister trying to mend fences with the white house. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: two days after a sweeping victory in the israeli election, prime minister benjamin netanyahu is backtracking on a major declaration he made days before the vote. when he asserted should he win, there will be no palestinian state. >> i haven't changed my policy. >> reporter: now in an interview with msnbc, netanyahu brushed off the comments. >> i don't want a one state solution. i want a sustainable peaceful two state solution but for that circumstances have to change. >> reporter: in a phone call thursday to netanyahu, president obama reaffirmed his commitment to a two state solution despite netanyahu's latest remarks. >> words matter. and it does prompt the administration and policymakers
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here to re-evaluate our thinking about our approach to these issues. >> reporter: another frustration for the white house has been the israeli prime minister's opposition to a nuclear deal with iran. on thursday, netanyahu softened his position on the deal saying he could live with iran holding some uranium centrifuges. president obama used a message marking the persian new year to urge iran to compromise. >> i believe that our countries should be able to resolve this issue peacefully with
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. plus how police say they plotted to murder another student it's the biggest trade violation in history. today middle east governments are shredding open skies agreements they signed pumping over $40 billion in prohibited subsidies into their state-owned airlines. protectionism at its worst. and their actions threaten thousands of u.s. aviation jobs. it's time for middle east countries to play by the rules. restore competition. restore open skies. fight for american jobs.
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. welcome back. what is making headlines right through. isis is claiming responsibility
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for wednesday's deadly terror attack in tune niche shah. mostly tourists were gunned down in the shooting of the national museum. >> they killed two gunmen and have arrested others believed to have been involved in the attack. meanwhile, the israeli nil tier is launching investigations into the war on gaza. this includes the death of some 20 people who had taken shelter at an un school. >> 72 israelis were killed. the fbi is now investigating the death of a black man fund in mississippi. he was found hanging from a tree with a bed sheet around his neck. >> it is too early to know if it is a murder or suicide. they believe he is 54-year-old otis byrd who is missing for more than two weeks. high school students are plotting to kill a classmate. police were tipped off and they
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were found to be carrying a knife on campus. >> 2-17-year-old girls could be charged as adults with conspiracy to commit murder. >> the secret will remain in the death of eric gardener. >> this is against the request heard by the grand jury which refused to indict a nypd officer on any charges in the case. aclu is calling for the evidence to be released. >> they argued. jurors and witnesses were assured their testimony would not be made public. >> new jersey's governor chris christie still in the middle of bridge gate. there is word this morning. federal prosecutors issued a new is in the case. they are trying to figure out whether four days of lane closing were politically motivated. he made history in 19 # three, first triple crown
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winner. today's secretariat made history again. it as a landmark. >> now, mike andrea. it as claim to fame. it as horse that will be landed to the register's. >> if it would talk, it would go. >> quote of the day, andrea. >> thank you, nick. >> okay. howard. save me. >> you need to do this. >> absolutely. >> we have snow on this last day of winter. first day of spring which we get at 6:45 tonight. packing in as much winter as we can. >> this is inwood, and it is 2 inches already there. and some areas are getting slick on some of the roads. closer into town. it is snowing in burke. and areas in fairfax and we
6:21 am
have wet roads. staying with wet roads. just too warm. we will see what is happening with the snow totals. >> some of those. well to the north will get three or 6-inches of snow. this is the shenendoah valley and parts here north of frederick. and in carol county and baltimore county. you dip into montgomery county. we are thinking a slushy one to three. and you can have a few but as you get closer to i-95. they become less and less. this is an elevation storm. when you see snowstorms. late in the season. the ground is warm and the sun angle is high. it is cloudy and snow. and we get that. and that is enough to get the roads in many areas just wet. >> white as snow. it is green and yellow and orange. and wet flakes mixing in. and when you see the blue. whether happens, when you get wet snow flame flakes.
6:22 am
they -- snowflakes. and there are a lot of wet flakes. they are big and a lot of roads have been staying wet. >> south of 66. mainly rain. and some wet flakes mixing in here. towards manassas and our day planner. kind of soggy with the rain snow mix. and rain tapering off m dc and north of 70. you may stay all day long and look at the three must inches there. and 40. >> tonight four. 30 in the suburbs and watch out for slick spots early tomorrow. it ends up being a beautiful day. more sun in the afternoon. >> 60. and sunday. cooler. >> not bad. and little chilly. slight chance of a shower. back in the 60s by wednesday. >> larry miller. >> traffic is rough. >> we are on the same boat here. >> it is a rough friday. >> what can you do. >> let you know again.
6:23 am
>> the bw parkway. between 202. and u.s. 50. the southbound lanes are open. best advice for drivers is to take 50 into town. that will get you around the rest and keep you free of that. as you travel along 50. mitchellville and other parts of ann ar ren dull -- ar rendell county and they will be mindful of that. >> look at how things are shaping up. and at no problem. >> so far so good. if you are traveling on to 70 making your way to the beltway. just some snow starting to come down. be mindful of the slick conditions out there: heading eastbound through manassas and as well as flew fairfax. no problems there. looking at a 22 monday commute. >> back to you. >> thank you. general motors. back in the hot seat with more
6:24 am
controversy over the defect sieve of tich -- defective switches. >> w
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. here are some things you may have missed. a lawsuit we block a pipeline from west virginia to virginia.
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>> rest dents have tried to stop the faying for the mountain valley pipeline. it would stretch 300 miles from north western, virginia to pennsylvania counties. >> general motor. mary berra will face more questions over her defective switches. >> she will be deposed from families duing gm. they have been linked to 67 deaths and 130 injuries. >> gm admitted some knew about the problems for 10 years. changing gears, we will see fingers crossed if virginia can steer clear of the upset club. >> cavaliers are two seed in the east and they will play 15 seeded belmont. another team who has pulled huge tourney upsets in the past. we have a preview. >> good enough for a region.
6:28 am
we are in charlotte getting ready tore the cavaliers game against the belmont briewbs tip off just after 3:00. >> watching behl month in the past. they are a team that likes to get up a lot of 3s and they play a fast. sort of motion offense with a few sets. >> we want to prove to everyone out there. especially those guys who doubted it. and we are an al let team and we are here to take it all. >> they don't like the style of play and stuff like that. >> we know who we are. and that's how we will win games. and that's how. to play defense like we do do. >> we have to be there bothering as many shots as possible. then thank you get behind the play. i have never seen a team. they will get in the lane and throw skip passes and they are well schooled in that regard. >> we will have plenty of postgame reaction from here in charlotte.
6:29 am
and follow along at >> in charlotte, frank hanrahan. >> wusa 9 sports. >> no snow on look outside the door. >> rain, snow and sleet is falling over the region. we are under a yellow alert. >> look at the friends here. i need more coffee, too. >> all tracking this weather and how it is going to affect your morning. >> and it will. >> yes, absolutely. and it is already north and west of the town. we are looking to delia to tell us what is going on. >> we will start here. >> yes. >> we still have that snowfall. >> nice guys, nice. howie, take it away. >> they are having problems now. up towards the virginia west
6:30 am
virginia panhandle. get a little snow stick on the road surfaces. and it is snowing as far south as warren ton. we just got a report on twitter. twoilt ter and facebook has been reaching out to me and here in town. we have snow mixing in. and look at the temperature. 41. 41 in gaithersbhurg and this is less traveled road and there is some snow on the road as well. >> watch this to the west. south of town, even if we see a little bit of snow. not likely to accumulate much more than a trace. >> let me show you real quickly. snowfall totals. anal three to as much as six. high her elevations. north and west. larry. >> okay. mike and andrea. >> all right. >> talking about those areas. north and west of the district. we go to delia.
6:31 am
>> she has seen this. what does it look like now? >> reporter: pretty remarkable. we are hours away from spring and here we are in the midst of a snow event here in frederick. and some significant snow. we are only seeing accumulation on the grassy surfaces and some parked cars we have seen and take a look at route 85, market street in fed rick. >> i got to -- frederick. and with the warmer road conditions, there is a lot of melting and that results in water. and slush. and a lot of puddling. we have seen in areas. and we have splashed through a lot of those puddles as we have been driving around this morning. >> that is the word of advice for drivers. to kind of take it slow. >> state highway crews, we know. were pretreating the roads. >> we have seen some plow
6:32 am
trucks. and plow trucks. >> just on stand by. >> driving through. and taking a look. >> the kids, by the way. >> has a snow day by default w. >> they had a two hour early dismissal any way and they scheduled teacher planning day and they couldn't delay. >> kids got extra snow day by quawlt and -- by default. and we are hoping this will all go away. >> right, howard and erica? >> the roads are just a mess and the traffic problems in the maryland area. >> larry in. >> i think we are hoping it will go away. >> there is a brighter side. and right now. we have to get through it. >> i will take you right now to a situation we are keeping a close eye on now. >> this is maryland 202.
6:33 am
and we will hear. this is boiling down to an overturned vehicle and vehicle fire. certainly a mess out there. the northbound side of the parkway is closed. southbound lanes are open. drivers in the areas are being diverted on to 50. especially if you northbound on 295. for my friends on 50. on the maryland side and one of my good friends hit me up on twitter. >> so, tom c and i had a conversation about this alternate route. i do listen and i do tweet back. >> this is 50. into town and get you around the mess and keep you out of trouble. >> we heard about delia with the look on to 70. >> showing you what it looks like. >> building up on the southbound side. we will send it back to you. >> we will continue to track the snow and the traffic conditions this morning. >> you can keep a close eye,
6:34 am
too. >> including school ideas. >> get the information on the you app. and we continue to follow breaking news from the bw parkway. run person is dead after a crash involving multiple vehicles. it happens between route 50 and 202. this also involved a vehicle fire. nick can i is on the scene. what have we learned so far. >> it is not clear what started this chain reaction. but it is much more than a car accident. this is an active crime scene and been that way for several hours thousand. >> my photographer. dion williams were out there. and he was able to get i had video before that. >> let me show you what this looves like. >> this is the lanes of the parkway and it is all closed with a multiple vehicle car accident. it is involved. and not clear what started the
6:35 am
car accident and released a chain reaction. then we had a car that flipped over on the shoulder of the northbound lanes of the gw parkway. that car caught fire and one person was killed in the car fire. >> it is not clear why. and this is considered a crime scene w. >> but police and park police are still there. and investigating, trying to fight out what caused this. >> this is throughout there. >> surging as well. >> we are not sure what they were searching for and there are reports of a possible weapon on the scene. we are still waiting on an update from investigators. and we get information on that. and we will pass it on to you. for the commuters out there. for the gw parkway. between 50 and 202. ovarian void the area -- avoid the area. if possible. and you might be asked to move so. they can move them off the northbound. >> we will keep you update fr
6:36 am
here. for now, back to the studio. thank you very much. >> pothole patrol is near national cathedral. >> between 34th. and 36th streets. >> this will rattle your car and your nerve ys. >> some are so deep. >> they are down to the gravel and cement beds. >> we reached out qung a patch job. >> if you would like to get a hot hole fixed, tweet us at wusa nine by using hashtag pothole patrol. >> include the city, cross street of the pothole. >> we want to thank kiana johns from hyattsville. >> i can't watch any other news station. it is not right. i was watching it when i was a kid. >> now, my son batches it, too. >> i would love to see kevin
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hart. >> that is coming up in august. >> they will win four particulars to six flags merck. and it is easy to become the next fan of the day. >> fill out the page and still out the entire entry forms. >> this is tracking the snow to the north. and knowing in places like burke and shrinkfieldfield. and this is towards the east and west. and parts of northern maryland. and northern virginia. >> we will have snow on and off. and into the afternoon. we will have the friday forecast in just
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. he have an update on the yellow alert day much we have rain falling in most of the immediate metro area and wet snowflakes mixing in and west of the beltway. we have wet snow starting to accumulate on grassy surfaces. it is holding steady and we will see the mix of rain and snow through noon and just plain rain and it is going to wash away any of the accumulations. far north and west. and three to 6-inches in
6:41 am
hagerstown and frederick. and much closer to the beltway. that's a quick look at the forecast for today. time for tim saver traffic. >> the trains are running on schedule. we have a couple of bus alerts to let you know about. and hooking at a zero minute delay this morning. make sure you plan accordingly. >> live look outside. >> it is shaping up on the toll road and no problems to report. >> slick roads out there. and commute to school and work. >> inside the district. >> live lack out now and this is third street. >> andrea. and mike, back to you. >> all right. retail giant is one step closer to using drones. >> next time you have a bottle of mcguinness. you will know how many col res you are -- calories you are consuming. >> we will start with a multimillion dollar settlement.
6:42 am
>> they are going to shell out. $117 million. the bank had a decade long practice of fraudulently representing rates for client's currency transactions and they resolved both proceedings. and it is on foreign exchange services. >> deliveries by groves are clear fd for take cough. >> -- takeoff. >> they gave the creeps to be conducted at 400 feet during daylight hours and stay in the pilot's line of sight. they have to provide monthly report to the faa. we know where it deposit. >> it is about to bring in the one hour delivery service to baltimore. >> it launched in december. and parts of new york city. >> it could would seem to be a success. >> one hour delivery cost $8 and that is carrying over to charm city now. it comes with the amazon prime
6:43 am
which cost $99 a year. >> and the era of calorie counting is translating to what is on tap. >> a london based company. >> red stripes. smirnoff and baileys will add content to the bottles. they have been approved by regulators in the u.s. they are moving forward. now, we will get to know how many sips it takes to get a beer belly. for some people. it is like bacon. so what. >> part of the territory. >> thank you, nick. >> i will take bacon. >> bacon sounds good. >> 6:43. we will bring you the story of two sisters who discovered each other after the death of their father. >> this is an attention getter. and tracking what is
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. it as yellow alert day and this is in the immediate metro
6:47 am
area. and they are seeing significance though. >> checking facebook. and twitter. >> you can watch the video of us live. but we have all the news, and weather and traffic. and i know you can't be by the tv, boonsboro, snow covered reports. inwood, two to 3 inches and half an inch to an inch. and in the panhandle. now into northern maryland. and we have got some snow on the imrowpped and started to get on the roads. those are the airtias, andrea we have to watch out for. >> this is carroll county and may have problems. and everything in white is snow. and blue would be heavier snow. and big white chunky snowflakes. warren ton. springfield reporting snow. this is where the line is now.
6:48 am
it is a little bit on the grass. >> 54 in frederick and leesburg. and with the snow coming down. enough of a rate heavy enough. it is going to stick. and sticking on the roads in a few spots. >> 36 in manassas and tough time getting it to stick. >> this is big, wet flakes coming down. and from fairfax county and loudon as well. and the snowiest areas as well. >> this is berkeley county. and martins burg. and west virginia. >> extending into frederick. >> mohr so northern frederick. >> you could see. three, four, maybe six. >> that is pushing it. and you get farther south and eastern loudon on chance of three. we will get less than an inch in washington. >> maybe half an inch on the grassy areas k south and east of town.
6:49 am
you might see flakes and it won't stick to anything. >> temperatures are not moving much. >> upper 30s to 40. >> 10 miles an hour. and we will see this stuff taper off late in the afternoon. >> tonight, cloudy and cold night with temperatures, 30 to 35. >> slick spots redeveloping. and watch out early saturday. it turns out nice. and after today's yellow alert. and this is in the few spots. and then the strong angle, you recovered quickly. >> little cooler monday. >> with a chance of a shower. >> only near 50. and back to the 60s by wednesday. >> larry miller. it is a lot of fun. >> can we blame you. >> yes. >> okay. >> 36 and apparently heard of a crash on dc 295. working on getting more information about the that. and be mindful to head out in the area. >> 295. on the northbound side.
6:50 am
there is a crash there. and we will have more information in a second. >> traveling northbound. and west montgomery avenue. and you are looking at a 11 minute commute. this is eastbound from l street northwest. >> looking at 31 minute. >> traveling know rtd to second street northwest. 13 minute commute there. and on the reese bound side. outer loop. to barnabas road to annapolis road. >> live look outside. shows you how things are shaping up. and we are talking about the snowflakes. coming down. and what does that mean for you. >> take it easy and give you plenty of time to get back to the destination. >> thank you, larry. >> imagine finding out your dad has passed away and learning you have a sister on the other side of the world's. >> he caught up with two business women. >> he joins us now from the fresh fm studio. >> good morning, tommy.
6:51 am
>> morning. that is what happened to andrea. and robin mcbride. they found out about each other later in life and now they have a growing win business together. i caught up with them on 14th street to talk about their family and growing business. >> i was walking down the jetway. and thinking, okay. i am about to see my sister for the first time and i saw what i thought was my reflection at the ends of the jetway. i am working towards it, that the reflection is not moving. and that that was actually the first time i was laying my eyes object my sister who is waiting for me at the airport. >> despite being from new zealand and california and not knowing each other later in life. they came from the land of vino and we incubated the idea that we wanted to make wine. when we met, we found we were invincible. and found no one can stop us. let's do it. >> before you jump into
6:52 am
business with your sibling. they have a disclaimer. >> she didn't steal any of my doll. we don't have those things to overcome. that being said. because we didn't know each other and we don't take each other for granted. the mcbride sisters were the first african-american females to produce and do their own wine business. the price point is about $15 a bottle. you can grab some for the next get together and get through the snow and rain today. >> in the 94.7. tommy mcbride. wusa 9. >> what an incredible story and having the same interests. worlds apart. >> thanks, tommy. the largest credit union in the world announces plan to move to northern virginia. >> they introduce james corden and you are watching 9 news
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od fit. a single serving for myself. it's pretty special. it is like having a dunkin' store in my home which is what i've always dreamed of. get two boxes of dunkin' k-cup packs for $16.99. your coffee, your dunkin'. . they are ordering police to arrest a virginia honor student which led him with 10 stitches. it shows him being pinned to the ground by alcohol control agents. the blood has streamed down his face. this led to protests around campuses. navy federal credit union plans to bring six hub new jobs to fairfax, virginia. >> the navy federal credit
6:56 am
union announces the expansion yesterday. >> maryland is back in the big dance for the first time in five years and their fans have shown up in columbus, ohio. where the fourth seeded terps show up. >> they play champs. valparaiso, and a team historically for pulling upsets. >> howard. >> got a report out of dam miss cuss, maryland maryland -- damascus, maryland and the main roads are fine. >> three and six and we won't see much here in d.c. and that that transition zone. we have the storm tapering off. and much nicer tomorrow. chance of a shower later monday. larksry. >> we have a crash on dc 295. this is east capital street. and remember, we have the closure on the bw parkway between maryland 202 and route
6:57 am
50. take 50 west bounds in order to get passed the mess. >> this is ahead. talk about the weaknesses in a case. we have a sleep specialist to tell you what it does for your pension actuality. >> we will have problems with that. >> larry and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> use the mobile app. 24 hours a day. >> happy friday. >> that's the way it
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good morning. it is march 20th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the fbi rushes to investigate the death of a black man found hanging from a tree in mississippi. robert durst's lead lawyer sells "48 hours" that they used questionable tactics against his client. and this. the british are coming. the british are coming to late night. we'll introduce you to the new host of ""the late late show."" but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 skojds. >> well spring may start today, but it doesn't mean it can't


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