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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ing stone admitted that at jackie's request they did not contact the man who she claimed orchestrated the attack. police chief tim longo said they started their investigation right after that article broke and jackie did not cooperate. >> and through her lawyer she refuses to give a statement or answer any questions. >> lyn: longo estimates hundreds of police hours were dedicated to tracking down info and interviewing more than 70 witnesses, including the alleged mastermind of the december 28th, 2012 attack. >> we interviewed members of the aquatic staff hayden monahan or this person drew that's identified in the article and jackie were supposed to have worked together at the aquatic center. interviewed the supervisors. none of them were familiar with a drew or hayden monahan. >> reporter: the article states that sexual assault took place at the phi kappa sigh house.
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something they couldn't corroborate. >> there was no evidence a party that had taken place on september 28th as well. >> police say though they weren't able to speak to jackie, they did speak to writer sebrina ruben early. they said she cooperated but didn't give up all of her sources. for a fascinating look at the investigation, you'll want to go to our wusa 9 app and read the full station there. debra alfarone wusa 9. >> speaking of looking inside the investigation columbia university is reviewing rolling stone's article. they're expected to publish a review in early april. from fairfax to virginia beach, investigators are on the hunt for a missing 5-year-old virginia boy. law enforcement just released this picture of little noah thomas. the boy disappeared from his dublin home sometime yesterday morning. that's not too far from blacksburg when his mom woke up around 9:00, noah was watching cartoons so she went back to sleep. when she woke up an hour
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later, the 5-year-old was nowhere to be found. no foul play is expected but the boy is believed to be in danger and investigators are not ruling out anything. a wusa 9 crew is heading to dublin right now. you can watch the live report tonight at 11:00. crews plan to conduct another dig on a virginia mountain to look for the remains of two sisters from montgomery county who vanished back in 1975. sheila and katherine lyon went missing. police have named lloyd welch and richard welch as persons of interest in the case. the welch family has ties to bedford county, virginia. that's been the focus of attention in recent months. investigators say they'll launch another dig based on new leads gathered through interviews. republicans and democrats may be paralyzed on capitol hill but on the state of maryland today, the two sides said they are enthusiastic about working together on an issue that does unite them. bringing the fbi to the county.
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scott broom with more on what they might have to expect. >> this is really a big deal for the 11,000 fbi workers that live in the region here. some of whom may be coming to work in the future near the metro greenbelt station. it's a leading candidate here in maryland and prince george's county. the signal from maryland today is that partisan politics will not stand in the way of a push to bring the fbi here. >> a political kumbaya moment. larry hogan flagged by the state's most powerful democrats. >> we want to thank the governor for hosting this meeting. >> reporter: what brings them together is money. federal money. the intense competition to bring the fbi headquarters out of dc and in to the suburbs. even maryland or virginia. the fbi and the general services administration have not decided. maryland democrats continuing to press hard, hopeful a republican
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congress might put a smile on the state now that a republican governor is in charge. >> any objective analysis of what maryland has to offer in terms of cost, security, convenience and location and transportation options makes maryland the obvious choice for the new fbi headquarters. >> reporter: two sites in maryland in the running one a proposed greenbelt near the metro station, another by the landover mall. with 11,000 employees reporting to work at one headquarters, transportation is now a major theme. >> we already know that 43% of the people working at the hoover building already live in maryland. >> it's where the workforce currently is. it's where the major institutions are located. all that is satisfied in the two prince george's county sites. >> the agency has requested a site with 2.1 million square
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feet of office space. they think they might be able to build that here near greenbelt. county officials and state officials estimate if maryland wins the competition the development would pump $180 million in new tax revenues in to the state of maryland. you can see why they're anxious about it. scott broom, wusa 9. a girl scout leader is behind bars tonight facing felony child porn charges as well as other child sex-related charges. spotsylvania police have arrested chad miller who's also a person of interest in a similar investigation in fairfax. deputies say miller is a family friend of the 14-year-old victim. while searching in miller's home, investigators say they found evidence of child pornography on his computer and cell phone. lake braddick secondary school is expected to open tomorrow. it was closed after a school employee received a threatening e-mail that mentioned a bomb. police searched for several hours but
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no bomb was ever found. school officials say they made the decision to close the school out of an abundance of caution. it's still not clear who sent the threat or what exactly was in the e-mail. >> i woke up this morning and my mom told me there's a two-hour delay because there's a bomb threat. immediately i did what any student would do, i went on twitter and the entire school was completely shaken. everyone was freaking out. >> after school, evening activities will go on as scheduled. we're just two weeks out from the nationals home opener right here on wusa 9. today team staff were hard at work preparing for some new security changes at the ballpark this year. >> the players of course are still at spring training but staff have been working for the last two weeks to train up on these new security measures, mandated by major league baseball but now every fan will have to go through.
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>> reporter: consider these the newest signs of spring. workers hanging placards today marking different lanes in what will be a new more time consuming process of getting in to the ballpark. the most conspicuous change all weather full body metal detectors install ed at every gate where they fit. it will require every fan at every park to pass through one. the nats began installing theirs in january and demonstrated them today. >> we started this project immediately after the winter classic ended and literally the concrete is probably still drying in some locations. >> reporter: the team is encouraging fans to leave early and leave everything they don't need at home to speed passes through what will be an airport security-like screening. >> we realize people in washington d.c. are probably familiar with metal detection. it's in a lot of the buildings cultural institutions in the nation's capitol and surrounding
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area but still until you get used to the process please come early, take your time. >> reporter: the nationals will also add dozens of staffers at entrances, many equipped with handheld wands for secondary screening. the team won't even ballpark how much they spent on these big offseason acquisitions but say they're not passing the costs on to fans. >> it's a substantial investment. i'll leave it at that. >> reporter: the team says they'd like to get fans out here about an hour before the first pitch to make sure they have time to get in and get to their seats. that amount of time should get shorter as staff gets in to midseason form. >> let's hope it does get shorter. that's a long time. wusa 9 is proud to once again bring you 20 national games all year. our coverage starts two weeks from today when you can watch opening day against the mets here on wusa 9. former baltimore ravens star darren sharper has been sentenced to nine years in
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prison after pleading for sex assault. he entered the guilty plea from los angeles and is part of a global plea agreement that could settle a total of nine counts against him. police say he would put sleeping pills in his victims' drinks and rape them when unconscious. a tacoma park police officer slammed in to a stopped vehicle, killing a father, a daughter and another man. it happened saturday on route 50 in anne arundel county. 63-year-old raymond batters was pronounced dead at the scene. he was in the back seat. his daughter also died in the crash. the officer identified as travis ala. the vehicle was stopped because of another accident further up the road. a prince george's county woman is behind bars tonight accused of killing her own mother. 60-year-old michelle davis is charged with first and second degree murder. police discovered margaret wells while
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performing a welfare check on the home on nolbrook drive. the two women lived together and got in to an argument which led to davis stabbing her mom to death. if you live in dc or parts of northern virginia you might notice a funny taste or smell with your tap water. crews are going to use chlorine instead of chloramine. it runs for customers in dc, arlington and northeaster fairfax county. they say if you don't like the taste, run the tap for 2 minutes. we're just getting start ond wusa 9news at 9:00. two international students were hoping to make a few bucks cleaning a home in fairfax. instead the women say they were sexually assaulted. bruce leshan brings us that story at 5:30. >> new speed cameras up in dc. where to find them and avoid them coming up. >> i should take notes about that. we're outside. we're looking at temperatures a little bit below average.
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check out what we're tracking. more rain and snow showers on the way. right now they're in ohio and headed to pennsylvania. we'll tell you what that means for your morning commute. >> the 2016 presidential race is on and ted cruz is the first to formally jump in. i'm craig
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tea party favorite ted cruz announced his bid for the white house, becoming the first candidate in the 2016 presidential race. the senator kicked off his campaign in virginia and craig boswell has more. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz says conservative christians should rise up and restore the promise of america. >> that is why today i am announcing that i'm running for president of the united states.
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>> reporter: he made the formal announcement at liberty university an evangelical christian college. the 44-year-old republican laid out his vision for the next administration calling for a flat tax securing the borders and ending president obama's healthcare law. >> imagine in 2017 a new president signing legislation repealing every word of obama care. >> reporter: senator cruz gained national attention in 2013 leading a 16-day government shutdown as he urged congress to cut off money for the healthcare law. cruz, a tea party favorite and now the first major candidate in the 2016 race not only criticized president obama but took aim at likely gop challengers. >> imagine repealing every word of common core. >> reporter: jeb bush is a defender of the education initiative. the former florida governor along with kentucky senator rand paul, wisconsin
5:15 pm
governor scott walker, and several others are expected to join cruz in the coming months in a crowded field for the republican nomination. craig boswell, cbs news washington. >> senator cruz now begins one of his toughest tasks as a presidential candidate which of course is fundraising. he meets in new york with donors this week. now correct me if i'm wrong, but spring started two days ago. right? it's a little chill-ish. >> it is chill-ish. march can't make up its mind. it's going to be chilly and cold tomorrow and maybe 70 on thursday. and then cold again over the weekend. so it just can't -- it switches gears for a while. it's one of those things one step forward two steps back. let's take a live look outside. that looks nice enough doesn't it? it's actually clear out right now. 50. dew point 13. pretty dry cold air mass, what you would expect really in winter more so
5:16 pm
than early spring but you get what you get. clouds return late some flurries are possible by dawn, especially west of town. bus stop temperatures kind of cold too. 28 to 40, thankfully not much wind. if you're walking the kids to the bus stop, they're going to need a coat. milder on wednesday with a price. yes, more showers possible on wednesday as well. at least temperatures will be close to average. here's the futurecast. 10:00 tonight you're walking the dog no worries. some snow on the doorstep of oakland, davis west virginia. by 6:00 in the morning, snow and rain showers. a lot of clouds everywhere. that does not warrant a yellow alert. a cold start and then by 9:00 we'll get some snow
5:17 pm
showers. hagerstown. all the way down to culpeper. temps above freezing. not a huge deal. not going to last long. by 1:00 main ly just showers but notice not everybody is going to see a rain or snow shower. 41 at 1:00 in leesburg. 43 in manassas. 42 downtown and still 39 up in hagerstown. no doubt kind of a raw march day. by 5 p.m. maybe a couple sprinkles here and there. that's green. that's your rain but temperatures go back in to the 40s which is 15 degrees below average. we get in to the nighttime hours before tuesday. most of the rain down toward charlottesville and that will stay suppressed. clear skies early. increasing clouds late. cold. flur ries possible by dawn. lows 28 to 34. winds east north east at about 10. by morning, mostly cloudy and cold. rain or snow showers. temperatures 28, about 42, and winds easterly at 10. by afternoon, we'll say an early shower possible. otherwise just
5:18 pm
mostly cloudy and we'll say cold. our average high is now 60. high temperatures, 44 to 49. we've got snow in the mountains. only 42 in oakland. 46 in hagerstown. mid 40s for martinsburg and winchester. 46 in warrenton and manassas. 45 in leesburg. you could still have a rain or snow shower in the morning. it's possible. 46 in d c and rockville and gaithersburg only 42 for our friends in annapolis. day planner. couple of flurries possible. 36 at 7:00. 37 at 9:00. only 39 at 11:00. these are downtown temps too, by the way. and 41 by 1:00. next three day s, milder on wednesday but with showers. 54. warmer on thursday , near 70. but with rain and showers perhaps even the rumble of thunder. the next seven days, cooler on friday. pretty strong cold front rolls through here. mid 50s. look at this on saturday. sunshine low 40s with full sun.
5:19 pm
back in the low 50s on sunday. and ah, back to 60 with sunshine next monday. six brand new speed cameras up and running throughout washington d.c. here are the locations, all with a 25-mile-per-hour speed limit. eastern avenue in northeast ford lincoln drive in northeast branch avenue southeast. two cameras are operational on south capital street in northeast. there's another one up on old kennelworth avenue in northeast. violators will be getting warnings for the next 30 days. after that you'll have to pay up. our pothole patrol has a warning for anyone driving st. barnabus road. it's a pothole minefield out there right now. even a few hub caps have become victim of the menacing stretch. we have contacted prince george's public county works. if you have a pothole you want our pothole patrol team to get fixed, go to or tweet
5:20 pm
us using #potholepatrol9. an update on a major airbag recall. the push for self-driving cars passes another milemarker. details in tonight's consumer alert. >> it's national puppy day. your pictures coming up. >> and we want to know what's on your mind. tweet us any time.
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in tonight's consumer alert, the dow fell 11 points by closing bell. nasdaq off by 15. u.s. safety regulators are investigating a nissan recall that was supposed to fix a front passenger airbag problem in nearly a million 2013 and 2014 models. more than 100 drivers of the ultima, centra and path finders are still complaining. the computer software did not detect the person sitting all. tesla drivers will soon be
5:24 pm
able to zoom around on autopilot sometime the next three months. the electric carmaker says it will add software to current model s sedans that will drive the vehicles themselves. the self-drive feature will be allowed on highways and major roads. a passenger in an audi self-driving car started a road trip from san francisco to new york. the robo-cars are on the way. there is more fallout from a 60 minutes investigation on the lumber liquidators flooring made in china. new york senator chuck schumer is asking the u.s. consumer product safety commission whether it is safe and if not it should be perhaps recalled he says. the 60 minutes report found some flooring contained high levels of formaldehyde. they'll offer free testing kits for customers. when we asked for puppy photos dog lovers always
5:25 pm
deliver. here's a look at some of our favorites. i absolutely love this first one. this is a picture from woodbridge. it's mr. ferdinand winston waddles iii. that's a mouthful but he's very cute. here's another one from lisa of pinky. she said lisa brought love and happiness back in to her home after her other dog passed away. here's another one from wendy. it's mack and munson. they just had eithrsr fit vet appointment in this picture. she's from alexandria. we'll look at one more from lorena. this is boxer lola. she'll be 2 in july. thanks for sharing that one from gaithersburg. you can send us your puppy photos by tweeting with hashtag #petpics9. you can see them in our gallery by downloading the wusa 9 app. they're very cute. >> adorable. after the break cats. they got to get equal time. we'll do it
5:26 pm
. >> a university of maryland graduate is trying to open a new cafe here in dc and the main attraction will have four legs. >> plus what investigators are doing for u.s. military service members whose maims appeared on
5:27 pm
5:28 pm
a horrifying case of
5:29 pm
alleged sexual assault. detectives say two college students from mongolia are telling investigators they were drugged, beaten, and raped in a home in burke earlier this month. bruce leshan is live in burke with the story. >> forcible oral sotomy, rape, assault. this details what seems to be some very, very strong evidence against a couple who may be abusing drugging, and abusing young immigrant women. but detectives here say they're still waiting for more details before filing charges. >> reporter: the two college students from mongolia say they went to bolston common mall looking for part-time work and met another woman from mongolia and a man who told them they could clean their house in burke. it's a big beautiful house in a nice neighborhood. the women say when they arrived they were given large glasses of wine and ended up blacking out
5:30 pm
as though the drink had been spiked. as they passed in and out of consciousness during the night, they remember waking up to a sexual assault. the next morning they were allowed to leave and someone else said, is that the girl that was screaming last night? the woman who allegedly lured them there said sshhh, they don't know what happened. the allege victims went to a hospital where authorities found obvious signs of serious physical injury. it was only then that one of the alleged victims remembered a warning from another mongolian pretend about a couple at the bolston common mall who lured girls in to sexual and physical assaults and possible enslavement. >> the allegations are extremely serious. while we've not placed charges yet the detectives are still working very hard on this case.
5:31 pm
>> this search warrant says detectives seized samples of several red stains from inside the house. the detectives say that the couple was extraordinarily nervous. there were other guys in the house that may or may not have been involved. they say that the woman actually admitted physically assaulting these college students and they say that the man declined to provide a dna sample but again so far no arrests. reporting live in burke, bruce leshan, wusa fline. -- 9. >> what a horrendous story. canives believe there -- detectives believe there are more victims and urge them to call. an isis hit list was posted on youtube. islamic state agents posted those names addresses. the feds are asking local law enforcement to step up patrols in those service
5:32 pm
members' neighborhoods. youtube has since taken it down. 8500 isis fighters have been killed so far. tonight the supreme court listened to arguments on the controversial specialty license plate in texas. this all stems from a ruling down in texas when the state squashed a specialty plate that commemorated confederate soldiers. the lone star state sided with residents. the question is who does that license plate speak for the driver or government? the supreme court refused to hear an argument for the voter id law. civil rights groups say the voter i.d. law keeps legitimate voters who don't have proper i.d. from the polls. so many of us love animals but having a pet is a huge commitment. sometimes you want to play with your animal and let somebody else do the hard work. >> one local entrepreneur has an idea where you can do just
5:33 pm
that. >> this is great news for cat lovers because by this summer there may be a place in georgetown where you can have your coffee while hanging out with about 20 cats. >> reporter: in less than 24 hours, this blue building on o street northwest could officially become the location of crumbs and whiskers, a location that specializes in cats. the first cat cafe began in japan. they started to pop up in the u.s. about a year ago. people line the streets to have their coffee with cats. >> i want to give people what was missing in my life. >> reporter: the washington humane society is already onboard and will provide the cats. >> we'd put them in there and give them an adjustment period of maybe 24 to 48 hours. >> reporter: first there's paperwork and a few hearings to get through. >> zoning determines whether we can have cats and department of health determines whether we can have food. >> reporter: it's okay to have food on the property but serving it and selling it is a different
5:34 pm
question. they're still working that out with the health department. tomorrow morning's zoning hearing is what decides tomorrow's fate. >> if i didn't feel good about it i wouldn't have done so mucho. much -- done so much and quit my job. >> reporter: the kickstarter has raised over $26,000. it looks like there will be an abundance of people fans. >> i think having animals around sort of makes you feel a little bit better. >> crumbs and whiskers hopes to get these cats out of the shelter and eventually get them adopted. they take in over 1,000 animals every year and the majority of those are cats. the cafe will always be able to find cats in need of a home. if you guys are looking for any cats, they tell me you can come by and get these now. i'm just saying if you have any. >> they're excited. >> at least we know for sure that the restaurant will have no mice. [ laughter ] >> that will be good for us.
5:35 pm
there are new developments tonight in the disappearance of civil rights leader walter fontroy. >> and trending now why taylor swift bought some internet porn domain names. and from despair to celebration. a teen with asperger's gets a birthday celebration to remember.
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5:38 pm
taking a look at some trending stories tonight. taylor swift has purchased herself some porn site domain names. >> the singer is not looking to diversify her port -- portfolio. she's trying to swoop up names the agency that regulates internet
5:39 pm
names is expanding suffixes like .com and .net to .porn. a picture of an exhausted runner and a cop getting a lot of clicks tonight after reaching nearly 500 towns. asia ford needed to lose weight. she was running a 10-k. she was struggling to get to the finish line, but then a police officer came to her rescue to make sure she didn't quit. >> not going to let her quit. so i got out, walked over. she immediately grabbed my hand. >> he asked me if i wanted to stop and i was like no, we've got two more to go. >> the officer and ford crossed the line together. she finished dead last but ford says this is one of the biggest with wins of her life. a southern california bakery has combined two childhood breakfast favorites. >> it's called the big
5:40 pm
papatart. it's a donut with a pop-tart baked in the middle. it weighs one pound. it comes in strawberry and s'mores and costs about $4. the donut bar makes 100 each day and sell out in about two hours. >> what could be better? it's like going back to your childhood. donuts poptarts. >> it's a weird sounding combination but it's actually really good. >> looks good to me. >> it is weird sounding. >> the donut bar's big papa tart is only available in southern california. the store does not ship them out. a 13-year-old boy with asperger's had the birthday of a lifetime thanks to his mom's facebook post. >> it started when nobody rsvp'ed to his hangout. it turns out he gets bullied a lot at school. on facebook the mom asked for suggestions on how to make a small party great. then an online miracle.
5:41 pm
5,000 people rsvp'ed to the party. looks like they had quite a blast. molly ringwald tweeted birthday wishes. march madness is over for our local teams but maryland women's team going strong. we'll tell you about their match-up versus princeton coming up. >> we'll show you how this video game is helping thousands of kids who are dealing with the i already feel like we're the most connected but i think this solo date
5:42 pm
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thousands of people lining up in one of england's oldest cities to get a glimpse of king richard iii's coffin. three years ago his remains were discovered lying unceremoniously in a grave covered by a parking lot. richard's coffin will be on display till thursday when it will be lowered in to a more fitting tomb. take note, dc pizza prevaiers. a restaurant owner running up to the popemobile carrying a pizza. pope francis gladlycc aepted the pie. he said the one thing that bugged
5:45 pm
him about being the pontiff is not being able to go out for food without a big fanfare. >> that's quite the fanfare right there. in today's health alert thousands of young men live with duetschen muscular dystrophy but many are not allowed to participate in research to find a cure. andrea roane shows us a new technology that may become a game changer for many of those patients. >> reporter: cole battled mushenmuscular dystrophy for many years. for patients like cole to qualify for cutting edge medical studies it's not about how far he's willing to travel but how long he's able to walk. >> there are a lot of neat clinical trials that have the potential to change this disease, but people are not allowed in them who can't walk for six minutes. >> reporter: that's the standard set by the fda. >> the problem with that is that excludes a lot of kids, kids who are no longer ambulatory kids that are
5:46 pm
ambulatory but can't complete the 6-minute walk. maybe kids that are younger and don't have the attention span. >> reporter: which is why researchers developed this. it's a video game that tracks a patient's upper body function like their reach arm strength, and stamina. it allows more kids over the age of 12 who may not be able to walk well to medical research. a new study shows the technology works. it consistently and accurate ly charted patients' upper body functions. experts hope this information will convince the fda to allow more patients with duchenne in to clinical trials even if they can't walk very well. andrea roane wusa 9. >> even though it's now used for muscular dystrophy game designers hope the program will eventually help patients with other conditions. today is the kick-off for the battle of the badges in fairfax county. blood donor services is organizing the friendly blood collection competition between the fire,
5:47 pm
rescue police and sheriff's departments. the competition runs from may 1st to june 26th. >> whether it's your own life or the life of a friend or family member, blood donation is vital to an area as large as the metropolitan washington, northern virginia region. >> that competition is part of the 2015 world police and fire games in fairfax. the goal is to raise 4,000 units of blood. so you're saying a roller coaster right now for the spring. >> pretty much. let's try to stay healthy this weekend. temperatures almost 15 degrees below average. 1010 above thursday and 20 below saturday. let's start with a live look outside. very nice outside. a little bit chill y but clear. kind of a cold, crisp 50. good news is winds were not a factor so it was relatively comfortable
5:48 pm
if you were able to stay in the sun today which is the key in march. here's the radar for the past hour. here's our rain and snow in ohio. not a very big system. kind of an upper level system. it's going to race southeastward through the night and in to tomorrow morning. what does that mean? clouds return late. flurries possible by dawn, especially west of town. bus stop temperatures, 28 to 40. kind of cold in the morning. you'll need a winter's coat. rain or snow showers possible. a little better chance south and west of town actually. milder on wednesday. we pay the price. more showers on wednesday as well. here's the futurecast. 10:00 tonight clear. dc south of i-66, clouds, just high clouds in to leesburg gaithersburg and snow on the doorstep of garrett county and also back down in to mineral, west virginia. by 6 a.m. we'll stop it. a lot of clouds in the immediate metro area. still dry though. some showers and snow showers back in to culpeper. this is the snow, this is the mix.
5:49 pm
and the green is the rain. basically we're talking rain or snow showers. 35 in culpeper. good chance for a little coating of snow out in the mountains. potomac highlands early tomorrow morning. by 8:30, 9:00, still quiet around the beltway. snow showers in hagerstown down i-81 and lingering around culpeper and in to fredericksburg. by 12:30, 1:00, you still could probably walk to lunch if you're in town. now temps around 40 and rain showers primarily. for had most part we get in to the early afternoon hours and it will be just rain showers and they'll be few and far between. by 5:00 though temps still in the mid 40s. cold. clouds hang tough. just a couple rain showers here and there. by night fall we're looking at temperatures in the upper 30s low 40s and all the substantial rain down in to charlottesville. we start out clear but clouds roll in. cold. flurries possible by dawn. lows 28 to
5:50 pm
34. by morning again mostly cloudy and cold. rain or snow showers. 28 to 42. winds easterly at about 10. we'll break this down for you. temperatures in the mid 30s. these are downtown temps. couple snow flur ries possible. still cloudy but only 39 at 11 and 41 with clouds by 1 p.m. most of the activity is west of town. wednesday we're milder. good news. showers. 54. we're just down right warm on thursday. highs near 70. but rain and showers are possible perhaps even the rumble of thunder on thursday. next seven days pretty strong cold front comes through thursday. only 54 on friday. look what happens on saturday. sunshine. only low 40s. that's 20 degrees below average. temps start inching their way back up. low 50s on sunday. around 60, milder with sunshine next monday. with the men out of the
5:51 pm
ncaa tournament, the maryland women have to carry the mantle for college park. the team that's won 25 straight games is focused on continuing that winning trend. >> maryland about to move on to round 2. >> reporter: winning is just what the maryland women do. and it's not always pretty. saturday brenda freeze's group turned the ball over 20 times yet still won. >> most definitely. you can't have 20 turnovers against princeton. you've got to be able to value possessions. the team that has great leadership, they obviously really high iq. >> the tigers are next on the terps' road to tampa after saturday's 75-57 victory over new mexico state. >> they've had an amazing season and we're really excited to play them. >> they're on a roll right now. they're a phenomenal team. their office is really spread out. they have so many weapons. we've got to key in our defense
5:52 pm
and do what we've got to do. >> reporter: coach freeze and her players say they have to stick to their high energy, high intensity style of play all under the big lights of the ncaa tournament. >> it's incredible, coming in, just the environment is awesome. but once you start playing basketball is basketball and i think you have to lock in to that and that nothing changes and we've got to keep doing what we've been doing all season. >> reporter: as the fourth ranked and top seed in the spokane region, the terps have a target on their back and there's pressure to at least repeat last year's final four appearance or maybe even make it in to the finals. >> reporter: sometimes when you want something so badly it's not going to work for you. you have to get back your balance and play how you know how to play. >> tip-off just 35 minutes away. i'm going to be there right after the news. maryland women are highly favored to make it back to the final four. >> princeton is more formidable than their ivy league. >> they're undefeated.
5:53 pm
they're 30-0 and they've actually felt a little snubbed because they're only an 8th seed. >> we'll be back in a minute. >> the maryland men are still licking their wounds. they also suffered loss to one of their best players. >> also coming up next, missing for months and wanted by police. new details regarding the whereabouts of dc icon and civil rights leader walter fauntroy. >> first though -- >> jurors got a look at text messages the suspected marathon bomber sent days after the deadly
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev entered day 11 today in federal court. >> prosecutors focused on digital evidence from the confident's cell phone they say proves a key role he played in the bombing in 2013. marlie hall has the latest from boston. >> reporter: jurors were shown some of the text messages dzhokhar tsarnaev sent and received three days before the deadly bombings. -- three days after the deadly bombings. he texted his friend you can go to my room and take what you juan. he last year for obstruction of justice for removing evidence from tsarnaev's college dorm room. lawyers spent hours cross
5:57 pm
examining forensic expert consecutive swinson about his testimony last week. in that testimony he told jurorscopies of al qaeda's magazine were on tsarnaev's cooker. two pressure cooker bombs exploded at the finish line of the boston marathon killing three and injuring 264. besides describing text messages, swinden's new testimony was about islamic chants found on tsarnaev's computer and mobile devices. but his lawyers argued those were just a small sample of hundreds of digital files that also included homework assignments and pop songs. lawyers argued other family members used the computer. swinden also testified tsarnaev's older brother tamerlan had encryption software on his computer. but dzhokhar's didn't. the prosecution may wrap up its case this week. marlie hall, cbs news boston. >> tamerlan tsarnaev was killed
5:58 pm
in a gun fight by police days after the marathon bombings. if convicted his brother does face the death penalty. thanks for watching wusa 9news at 5:00. wusa 9news at 6:00 starts right now. >> the father of an optometrist who was shot and killed by a fair fax county police officer is on a new commission and he's hoping to make changes in police practices. i'm peggy fox. the story coming up. >> the shocking uva rolling stones gang rape article. the unraveling of the story. now the results of their month long investigation. we begin tonight with news that former dc congressman walter fauntroy appears to be in dubai. thanks for joipg us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. lesli foster has the night off. it's not been seen in this neighborhood in about three years now. families and friends are worried about his mental and
5:59 pm
physical health. he is 82 years old after all. bruce broke the story. >> keep in mind, nobody has put their eyes on walter fauntroy. an associate who doesn't want to be identified tells me that today he's been communicating with walter fauntroy by e-mail and cell phone. he's convinced fauntroy is in dubai and not wanting to return from the middle east. at one point a ticket with fauntroy's name on it went uncollected airport. he didn't show up as he promised to do so. >> i met martin luther king jr. in 1951. >> reporter: an associate questioned fauntroy's mental state and said no one has seen the 82-year-old fauntroy in three years. walter fauntroy has left to wander a wife, politicians who served with him in office, and there are the
6:00 pm
mairbz. -- the neighbors. >> i think he made a huge contribution to the city. >> he stood up to civil rights men when martin luther king was around and he marched with them. >> i have a great respect for walter. i think he made tremendous contributions. >> reporter: that same close associate says fauntroy claims to be in dubai working toward peace and helping hunger. overnight my shoulder back there is the fauntroy house in upper west washington. the exact address isn't all that important but back in 2006 the family owned that house free and clear, no mortgage. then walter fauntroy took out a $650,000 loan with the bank of new york. associates say they have no clue as to


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