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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 23, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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simply couldn't corroborate claims about it. >> it took hundreds of hours and tracking down more than 70 witnesses. finally police say there's no evidence that was what written to have happened to that freshman known as jackie actually happened. >> i want to be clear about something. that doesn't mean that something terrible didn't happen to jackie on the evening of september 28th, 2012. we are just not able to gather sufficient facts to conclude what that something may have been. >> reporter: it was the november 2014 article that sparked an explosion of outrage backlash and doubt. rolling stone magazine published a jaw dropping account of an alleged frat party gang rape of a uva freshman known only as jackie and questioned theni uversity's response. other journalists poked holes and they admitted at jackie's request they did not contact the man who she claimed orchestrated the attack. police chief tim longo says they started their investigation
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right after that article broke and jackie did not cooperate. >> she refuses to answer any questions. >> they found no evidence that a frat party happened the night jackie says that rape happened. debra alfarone wusa 9. a columbia university is reviewing rolling stone's article and is expected to publish its review within the next couple of weeks. there's also new information on the marquis johnson case. the law firm representing the uva student says johnson will plead not guilty when he appears in court this thursday. johnson was arrested last week by agents with virginia's alcoholic beverage control on charges of public intoxication and obstruction of justice. he suffered a cut to the head that required stitches. state police are investigating circumstances around the arrest. searching for a missing 5-year-old boy. his name is noah thomas. last time anybody saw him it was in dublin
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virginia right near roanoke in the southwest part of the state. the sheriff says there's no amber alert because police don't have a vehicle or description of a stranger to give out. noah's mom told the cops she saw the little boy yesterday morning watching cartoons. she fell back to sleep and within 90 minutes he had vanished. police now believe noah walked out of his home. 150 law enforcement officers are looking for him and the effort could continue through the night. about 100 miles to the east crews have started digging in to a new site in hopes of finding at least the remains of the lyon sisters. sheila and katherine disappeared 40 years ago now. today the bedford county sheriff's office said interviews have developed new leads in the case which has led them to a new site on taylor's mountain and they're hoping to dig up additional evidence that will help them close the case. two men are persons of interest but neither has been charged. detectives are
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investigating a terrifying case of alleged drugging and sexual assault of two foreign students. the college students from mongolia say they went to a house on march 8th expecting to clean it and earn little money. instead they say they were given what they suspect was spiked wine and as they passed in and out of consciousness, they said they were beaten and sexually assaulted. >> people from other cultures can be more vulnerable to scams and certain crimes. these are sexual assaults and assaults and they're very serious and we want to do what all we can to make an arrest. >> investigators say when they saw the students at the hospital they had obvious signs of serious physical injury and they say a woman who may have lured them to the house admitted assaulting them. detectives are trying to determine if other immigrants have been lured to the house and abused or possibly even inplagued. the author of a wildly popular serial podcast is making his case known today. he filed a case with the court of special
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appeals which has agreed to take up his special murder case. prosecutors say he strangled his girlfriend after the two baltimore high school students broke up. he's serving a life sentence and maintains he didn't do it throughout the podcast series. the document claims siad's original lawyer did not look in to the possibility of a plea deal. seven years before a fair fax county police officer shot and killed john gear, sal culos irex -- sal culosi met the same fate. >> like john gear, sal sal culosihad been killed. when they went to make an arrest, a s.w.a.t. team arrived with guns drawn. >> just an apology. i want to see an i'm sorry in the office's eyes that killed my son. >> reporter: anita and sal
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culosi gave this statue to the church in memory of their son salvatore. he was shot by a fair fax county police officer during a s.w.a.t. team arrest. >> every day i have sal in my heart. we have his school ring. >> and you wear black. >> i wear black. >> reporter: they finally settled the case for $2 million. but anita believes if they had kept fighting it might lead to changes could have prevented the police shooting of john gear and another unarmed man. >> when a police officer gets up in the morning, i don't think he says i'm going to go on and shoot somebody. >> reporter: sal is pleased he was asked to be on the commission looking in to police practices. >> police officers are guided in their daily work by the policies that exist that determine their behavior. if we
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don't change the policies, we're not going to get a change in behavior. >> in fairfax peggy fox, wusa 9. >> the officer who shot culosi maintains it was an accident. no charges were filed. peggy fox is one of the media representatives on a 34-member commission. she'll be there tonight at 7:30 for a meeting. we'll have another reporter covering that meeting for our 11 p.m. news. we want to show you video from when the 22 members of the military medical unit were getting ready to leave aberdeen ground in october. during their four months in liberia the soldier scientists ran six labs and tested more than 4500 samples of suspected ebola. military officials say their hard work cut down wait times on results from days to just hours. they were among the 3,000 troops that deployed to west africa to fight ebola. all but 100 will return by the end of next month. the ebola patient getting treatment in n.i.h. remains in critical condition tonight. the
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american healthcare worker arrived at n.i.h. 10 days ago. the nationals' home opener now just two weeks away and the team is warning fans if you go to the game, expect some changes in the security for getting in to the ballpark. >> i'm at nationals park where the first big offseason acquisition fans will notice isn't a big name player. it's these new metal detectors. >> reporter: this afternoon team officials demonstrated the new equipment and procedures. >> we've been going through training over the last 10 days for all of our security staff so they've recently completed that. >> reporter: the procedure itself isn't complicated. a bag search passed through a full body metal detector then a secondary screen with a wand. but it will take time. the team is encouraging fans to get to the park early to make sure they can get through security before the first pitch. >> an hour or so before the
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first pitch that would be ideal. >> reporter: major league baseball is requiring all teams to install metal detectors this seasons. the team here is adding a few other additional security improvements but they're not discussing specifics. >> get to the game an hour early. that's like going to the airport. when the nats take the field for the first time this season you will be able to see it right here on wusa 9. we're excited to broadcast several of those nats games including the april 6th home opener against the mets. tap water might taste a little funny the next couple months because water companies in the area are starting their annual spring cleaning today which means disinfectant used in the water will quickly switch to chlorine. if the taste bothers you, officials recommend running the tap for 2 minutes refrigerating the water or using filter. it hit 51 today. that's still pretty much below average. rain and snow showers on the way
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overnight toward morning. we'll let you know what that means for the morning commute. >> and up next, an intense competition to bring the fbi headquarters out of the sea and in to the burbs. you're watching wusa 9.
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in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care.
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a strong signal out of the state of maryland today that partisan politics will not stand in the way of trying to move 11,000 fbi workers to a new headquarters somewhere in prince george's county. >> i'm scott broom at the greenbelt metro station near just one sight that's under consideration for a new fbi headquarters. a political kumbaya moment. a rare republican maryland governor, larry hogan flagged by the state's most powerful democrats. what brings them together is money. federal money. the intense competition to bring the fbi headquarters out of dc and in to the suburbs even maryland or virginia.
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the fbi and the general services administration have not decided. maryland democrats continuing to press hard, hopeful a republican congress might put a smile on the state now that a republican governor is in charge. >> any objective analysis of what maryland has to offer in terms of cost, security, convenience and location and transportation options makes maryland the obvious choice for the new fbi headquarters. >> we already know that 43% of the people working at the hoover building already live in maryland. >> it's where the workforce currently s. it's where the transit issues. all that is satisfied in the two prince george's county sites. >> scott broom wusa 9. >> the university of maryland and uber have announced a partnership to afford students innovation. the partnership will include grants made to student created companies over the next two years and
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investments made to student run projects on campus. the road of cars has hit the road. the self-driving car is traveling 3200 miles across the u.s. it's an audi using delfy self-driving technology. a person will sit behind the wheel but will not touch it unless something goes wrong. it started in san francisco. the final destination, new york city. it should arrive just in time for the auto show next month. >> audi is not the only auto car on the road. some tesla drivers will soon be able to put their cars on auto pilot. the electric carmakers adding software that would let the car partially drive themselves. it will be available over the next three months. if you've seen the video of the pope and the pizza drive-by delivery in naples, italy. >> there once was a pope who
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loved pizza with plenty of mushrooms and meatzza. and one day there came a man bearing no shame bearing a pizza with crust of whole wheatsza. three items ted cruz called for today while announcing the white house is where he'd like to have an address. >> and the cafe that's serving up something other than coffee and muffins. the spot where you can chill with some cats while sipping on that cup of joe.
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here's a quick check of today's headlines. ted cruz is the first major candidate to officially enter the 2016 presidential race. the senator from texas who's a tea party favorite kicked off his campaign in lynchburg virginia. cruz called for a flat tax, securing the borders and ending the president's health care law. the pentagon is notifying 100 members of the military, they've been targeted by a group calling itself the islamic state hacking division. the group is calling on muslims to kill all 100 military members whose names and addresses have been posted on the internet. the pentagon said there's no sign that info was obtained through a government data breach. people lining up in one of the oldest cities to catch a glimpse of king richard iii's
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coffin. his remains were discovered in a long lost grave covered by a parking lot. they have till thursday to pay their respects. then richard will be re-buried in a tomb near the spot where they found him in the first place. this weather is going to give us some kind of ride this week. >> stay healthy. tomorrow will be a raw march day. we'll be near 70 on thursday. we can't keep the warmth right now. let's start with a live look outside. it was 51 today which was okay but our average high is now 59, almost 60 degrees. it's still 49 downtown. dew points are low. relative humidity only 27%. it's a pretty dry air mass. thankfully clouds are actually rolling in or we would be much, much colder tonight. the calm winds and low humidity. here's the radar over the past hour. you can see the rain and snow moving right through columbus and headed toward charleston. just to the mountains on west side of the divide though this is not
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reaching the ground yet. it does appear we'll see some flakes fly tomorrow morning. clouds return late tonight. flurries by dawn. and then bus stop temperatures will be cold no matter what. 28 to 40. that's pretty cold if you're standing with the kids about 10 more minutes you're going to be kind of chilly. milder on wednesday. more showers but good news primarily in the morning on wednesday. 10:00 we're still clear downtown. high clouds coming in north and west ahead of the system. it's a very weak system too. 38 in leesburg 10:00. 36 in frederick. by morning we see some snow breaking. culpeper luray, temperatures in the mid 30s. still dry inside the beltway from frederick southward from manassas eastward to town. clouds will hang tough all day. by 9:00, snow again back to the south and west. culpeper
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winchester and back in to hagerstown. notice the green reappears. that's just rain showers. looking at rain showers, temperatures low 40s maybe a snow shower still up in the frederick area but the good news is if you're east of i-95, you're not going to see much at all tomorrow. if you're pretty far west you'll see some snow showers. it's possible we'll see a coating very early in the morning. tonight looks like this. increase in cloudiness late and cold. 28 to 34. flurries possible by dawn. winds east north easterly at about 10. on the day planner we're looking at 30s to start. downtown temps 36 at 7:00. snow flurries possible. 39 at 11:00 and 41 at 1:00. it's dry at lunchtime but also dry and chilly. thursday warmer. we're trading that in for rain showers, maybe a thunderstorm. we've already issued a yellow alert for thursday. temperatures near 70. next
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seven days. cooler on friday. low to mid 50s. down right cold on saturday. low 40s for sunshine. back to the low 50s on sunday. back to 60 with sunshine next monday. dc is close to joining a growing list of cities that have places that will serve you coffee with the company of a furry friend. >> the effort to bring a cat cafe to the district. >> this building is empty today but by tomorrow it could be on its way to becoming a spot where you can hang out with some whiskered friends. >> reporter: in less than 24 hours this blue building on o street northwest could officially become the location of crumbs and whiskers, a cafe that specializes in cats. they started to pop up in the u.s. about a year ago. now across the united states, people line the streets to have their coffee with cats. >> i want to give people what was missing in my life. >> reporter: the washington humane society is already
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onboard and will provide the cats. >> we would put them in there and give them an adjustment period of maybe 24 to 48 hours. >> reporter: but first there's paperwork and a few hearings to get through. >> zoning determines whether we can have cats and department of health determines whether we can have food. >> reporter: it's okay to eat food on the property but actually serving and selling it is a different question. and they're still working that out with the health department. but tomorrow morning's zoning hearing is what really decides the cafe's fate. >> if i didn't feel good about the case i wouldn't have launched the kickstarter already and done so much of the work and quick my job. >> if tomorrow's hearing goes well the cafe should open in the summer but if you really can't wait for it to open, all those cats are currently available for adoption at the washington humane society. >> you can have your coffee with your cat at home. let us not forget about man's best friend. that's what i'm talking about. today is national puppy day. we'd love to see your puppy pics. tweet them to us
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using hashtag #petpics9. they could end up on our website. just watching wusa 9.
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that does it for our news at 7:00. we'll be back at 11:00. >> make it a great night everybody.
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bradley cooper, single again, out with j. la and telling us about his guy's only party in vegas. >> that was the other night. >> wow. >> plus, more couples dish. are miley and patrick over after his trip to cabo? and what does john legend think about those leak naked pics of his wife? >> we just feel like there's no problem with being natural and nude. >> also rihanna with her niece. j. lo and her twin. >> i'm wearing. >> this is not just fun day sunday. this is like mama's for real today. >> then, pretty woman turns and "e.t." was on the set way back when. >> is she a prostitute? >> it's a disney movie. >> our new interviews with the cast. can you imagine anybody but julia and richard? >> opportunity to read diane lane we were considered. >> we also have the "mad men" final season secrets. and head to head kwithevin hart and will ferrell, game on.
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♪ entertainment tonight ♪ ♪ ba, ba, ba ♪ ♪ with kevin frazier ♪ >> now, "e.t.," the sweet sound of will singing our theme. hi, everybody, nancy o'dell is off tonight. brooke anderson here. with me to kick off this week. >> let's get right to tonight's top story. >> bradley cooper after his reported break-up. >> he does make me laugh. >> jennifer lawrence sparkled saturday night in a cutout stripe dress by dior. she and her handsome co-star, boy, they sure looked like a real couple. >> i think most things i do annoy her. >> and nothing i do annoys him. >> well, what do you think of my wife? >> j. la and brad star in "serena" out friday. and jennifer reportedly said after three movies together, they are now a work husband and


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