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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now it is a race against time to find a little boy who vanished from his southwest virginia home early sunday morning. good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. a massive and frantic search is underway for noah thomas, the 5- year-old missing more than 36 hours and police believe he's in danger. we is not -- we sent our mola lenghi to dublin, just west of roanoke. >> reporter: deputies knocked
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on doors, passing out pictures asking if anyone has seen little noah thomas. the 5-year-old's mother said she woke up sunday morning and noah was gone. almost immediately authorities began searching combing through the many open fields in the area, following blood hounds through the wounds and launching eyes in the sky. this is currently a search and rescue for noah. as of now, nothing criminal is being investigated. >> every avenue we have available is being pursued and we're investigating every lead or rumor that we hear. we have no evidence that has come forward as to any foul play or any vehicles seen in the area. >> reporter: dublin is a small town. word spreads quickly. upon learning about his disappearance dozens of people have joined in the effort to help find noah. >> somebody needs help and when you need help, you just come. you don't ask why, when. >> if my children were missing, i would want someone out here helping me look for my kids. >> the search does resume
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tomorrow morning. wusa9 is committed to spreading the word about missing children in our area like 5-year-old noah thomas. we call it our bring them home campaign. log onto our website and click on the bring them home quick link to share digital flyers with the dozens of children now missing in d.c., maryland and virginia. our colleagues at usa today report security was beefed up at tonight's ncaa women's basketball game in college park between maryland and princeton, this after an anonymous caller left a disturbing voicemail with the maryland athletic department today. she said that a man with a gun was on campus and his presence was connected somehow to president obama's niece leslie robinson. she's on princeton's team. here's what the coach said after the game about the threat. >> incredibly disappointing it's the first question we get being 31-1 in the ncaa tournament is about a freak.
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no doubt, which is disappointing. what i'm going to say wherever we are, college park police have that under control. leslie is safe. she's in my locker room. no one loves her like i do and she's an important part of our team. so keep the freaks out of your gym. how about it? >> craig robinson, leslie's father, is the brother of michelle obama. it has been a dental in the size of the region's largest -- dent in the size of the region's largest police forces. >> now a special commission in fairfax has is looking at ways to fix that and it won't be easy. our hank silverberg is at a commission meeting that just broke up an hour ago. >> reporter: you know the names john geer and sacolosi. there have been a lot of information on how the police handled that and it's now all subject to public review.
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>> my son would be alive today but for 2006 fairfax county policies to routinely use s.w.a.t. and its aggressive tactic and procedures against people who were certified by fairfax county police to be low risk. >> reporter: that's socalosi sr. talking about his son who was shot dead by police in a gambling raid in 2006. he is now on the 37 member commission along with jeff stewart, a friend of john geer's. >> i'd like to see independent oversight at the very least, possibly independent investigation when complaints to the department rise to the level of criminal. i don't think it's out of hand for this commission to make some meaningful changes and i hope those come about in a timely manner. >> reporter: the commission was set up after a series of events that included more than
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a year without any information being released on the shooting of john geer. >> a lot of times these things spring up and it's just political cover. we'll wait and see. >> reporter: the commission says this will be out in the public now as they try to make such events more transparent. >> we want the end result here is to take a police department which has a very, very good reputation locally and nationally and make sure it is indeed a model for other police departments around this country and the world. >> reporter: several members of the commission have already indicated that they'd like to see some kind of a permanent review committee set up here in fairfax county. at government center hank silverberg, wusa9. >> we do need to mention wusa9 news reporter peggy fox is one of the media representatives on that 34 member commission. now to the latest in the martese johnson case. the law firm representing the uva student said johnson will
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plead not guilty in court thursday. johnson was arrested last week outside a pub in charlottesville by agents with the virginia alcoholic beverage control board on charges of public intoxication and obstruction of jucut to the head that required several stitches. state police are investigating the circumstances surrounding that arrest. three days inspring and we're tracking some rain and snow showers for the morning commute. >> our first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is all over this thing. so who will see them and who stays dry? >> if you're inside the beltway, i think you're dry, showers and wet roads possible to the west. we've not issued a yellow alert. just wanted to let you know you might see some snow showers tomorrow morning, especially along i-81. we have a little activity in the mountains back towards elkins but a lot of it not reaching the ground. over toward hagerstown you can see a flurry in the next couple hours. on the futurecast notice we have a lot of clouds but not many snow or rain showers.
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6:00 in the morning 36 downtown, low to mid-30s in the burbs. by 8:00 still in the 30s, most of the showers back to the west of us. by 10:00 it's still 37 downtown in manassas, 34 in gaithersburg and leesburg. we've got a big temperature roller coaster coming our way. a girl scout leader is out on bond after being charged in spotsylvania county with felony child porn and other child sex- related charges. his name is chad miller. police say he's also a person of interest in a similar investigation in fairfax. spotsylvania deputies say the 14-year-old victim in their case is a family friend of miller's. during their investigation detectives say a search of miller's cell phone and computer turned up hundreds of pornographic images involving children. now to fairfax county where detectives are investigating a terrifying case of alleged drugging and sexual assault of two foreign students from mongolia. the students went to a house on march eighth expecting to clean it and earn a little money.
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instead they said they were given what they suspect was spiced wine and as they passed in and out of consciousness they were beaten and sexually assaulted. detectives are trying to determine if there are other possible victims who have not come forward. charlottesville police say there was no evidence to support the claims in the rolling stone article about a gang rape at a uva fraternity house. it touched off a nationwide conversation about campus assault, but police say they found no sign that a frat party even took place on the night the alleged victim jackie said that gang rape happened. >> that doesn't mean that something terrible did not happen to jackie on the evening of september the 28th, 2012. we are just not able to gather sufficient facts to conclude what that something may have been. >> police say their investigation took four months, involved hundreds of police hours and interviews with 70
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people. former nfl star darren sharper is now a convicted rapist. >> sharper was sentenced to nine years in prison. the 39-year-old pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting one woman and attempting to rape another in tempe, arizona, and pleaded no contest to drugging and raping two women in los angeles. >> you should understand, mr. sharper, that a plea of no contest to these felony charges is exactly the same as a guilty plea. >> sharper faces similar charges in las vegas and new orleans. in all nine women have accused sharper of using sleeping pills to drug and rape them since he retire from football in 2011. a louisiana judge ordered millionaire robert durst be held without bond. the 71-year-old was arrested earlier this month in new orleans on weapons charges and a warrant accusing him of murdering a female friend in l.a. 15 years ago. his lawyers say the arrest was
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orchestrated to co unside with the hbo series about his links to three killings. the judge called durst a flight risk and a danger to others. a group calling itself the islamic state hacking division said it posted the information of 100 u.s. soldiers on the internet to encourage muslim soldiers in the u.s. to kill them. names of service members that were mentioned, cited or quoted in news articles about airstrikes on isis are listed. classes will resume tomorrow at lake braddock high school but with increased police presence. the fairfax county school shut down today after an employee got a threatening e-mail that mentioned a bomb, but searchers couldn't find anything. administrators say the decision to close the school was made out of what they call an abundance of caution. now to the race for president, we have the first
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official candidate from a major party. texas republican senator ted cruz kicked off his campaign today in lynchburg, virginia. cruz appeals to a new generation of courageous conservatives to help make america great again. the senator called for abolishing the irs, securing the nation's borders and putting an end to obamacare. on the democratic side no official candidate, but hillary clinton meant privately with president obama for about an hour at the white house. we're told they discussed a wide range of issues and moments after the meeting clinton posted a message on twitter praising obamacare. coming up the national cherry blossom festival pays a visit to our nation's veterans. >> also ahead new security measures will welcome fans as they enter nationals park this season. >> the story of a verizon customer whose triple play turned
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we're giving you that special word in a moment, a word a customer you're about to meet didn't have when her verizon triple play turned into a triple fail. >> i work six days a week and have about zero free time. >> reporter: but carol frye took time off to get a new table set-top box. as a gift for her mother's birthday. >> it did not show up. >> reporter: not even a call. she had to call them rescheduling again and again. >> the first time is an in convenience. the second time it's you're kidding me and the third time is just in excusable. no one could phone call and leave a message or reach out to us and let us know they weren't coming. >> reporter: they missed her mother's birthday and she didn't know about that fcc special phrase. that's 47 cfr 76.309. it's a rule requiring even if the cable company is just running late, the customer will be contacted and rescheduled at a time which is convenient for the customer.
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and it requires telephone answer time won't exceed 30 seconds. how many hours you think you were on the phone? >> well over six hours. who spends over six hours on the phone with customer service reps? that's insane. >> reporter: her next call to wusa9 call for action. >> i make one phone call to you guys and it takes place that afternoon. >> reporter: it came late, but now her mother has her birthday present. that cable is in the living room and it's working. >> i'm so grateful for you guys. it's amazing. >> here's that powerful phrase again. 47 cfr 76.309. to help you remember it and use it it's on our app and online along with how to contact your local cable authority so you can cite it and turn them in when they don't turn up. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> verizon refused our request for an interview and in a statement blamed the problem on human error saying an employee is now being retrained.
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you can reach russ on twitter or facebook for that special phrase or to file a complaint of your own. go to click on wusa9 call for action. the nationals are warning fans they may want to head to the ballpark earlier this season. the team installed metal detectors this offseason to meet a new mlb safety mandate. staff demonstrated new security procedures today which still involves a bag check followed by the new metal detectors and a secondary screening. >> we realize people in washington d.c. are probably familiar with metal detection. it's in a lot of the public buildings, government buildings, cultural institutions here in the nation's capital and the surrounding area. so still until you get used to the process please come early. take your time. >> the team is encouraging fans to try to be at the ballpark one hour before first pitch, especially for the first few games of the season. >> bring a beer man out if you're going to do that. a japanese orchestra left
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cherry blossom festivalgoers smiling tonight. about ♪ [ -- ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> wow. they performed tonight inside the atrium of the d.c. veterans affairs medical center. all the musicians played traditional japanese instruments and their up tempo songs really got the audience clapping. it was a very special treat for the many veterans there as well. >> i've been in okinawa for a tour and never had as nice of music as that. we didn't have this opportunity. >> we are so excited to be a part of the cherry blossom festival and anjay being here to celebrate with us. >> veterans will have their own float at this year's parade april 11th and once again andrea roane and mike hydek will be your hosts. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert
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weather. >> i'm going to be leading the parade? >> are you really and seriously? >> i've been invited april 11th. >> do you have to put on any kind of outfit? >> i asked. i think a sports shirt and a jacket. >> i was thinking like an outfit. >> i don't think we're going there, absolutely not. we're looking at a few snowflake tomorrow, don't freak out, most of which will be west of town. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, right now 42, air mass pretty dry. you get dew points in teens and relative humidity under 40%, that's a pretty dry air mass this time of night and winds are light, east, southeast at 3. here's radar the past hour. you can see a lot of activity from cumberland back to western maryland, but it's not reaching the ground. the air misis too dry, seeing a couple -- mass is too dry, seeing a couple clouds.
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some flakes possible early tuesday, the best time in the morning. bus stop temperatures cold, walking the kids to the bus stop temperatures you'll need a winter's coat. 28 to 40. good news, no wind chills, but that's still pretty cold. no umbrella needed in the afternoon, milder wednesday and downright warm thursday, near 70. 6 a.m. tomorrow, i think this model is a little underdone in terms of precipitation, certainly mostly cloudy skies, a couple sprinkles, couple snow flurries possible. inside the beltway i would expect dry roads for your commute. 33 in frederick at 6 a.m. and 36 downtown, 34 in manassas. by 9:00 still mostly cloudy skies. don't see much on the radar. again i think it's a little understated, temperatures low to mid-30s, upper 30s downtown, and by 1:00 a lot of clouds.
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by 5:00 still looking at temperatures only in the low to mid-40s. that's pretty cold this time of year, 45 maybe in manassas as you get in your car to go home and maybe 42 in gaithersburg. by 6:30, 7:00, clearing skies, by 9:00 temperatures in the 30s north and west of town and 40s south of town, some rain well to the south down towards fredericksburg and also charlottesville tomorrow night. overnight mostly cloudy and cold, maybe a flurry by dawn, low temperatures 28 to 34 and winds east, northeast at 10. day planner, cold no doubt, 36 to start, 37 at 9:00, 39 at 11:00, 41 at 1:00. notice we see clouds across the board. that will not change. good news, milder wednesday, near 55 but showers primarily in the morning. warmer but wet thursday. highs near 70, that's treat.
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next seven days temperature roller coaster, only in the mid- 50s on friday, low 40s saturday, back in the low 50s sunday, near 60 next monday, so a little chilly over the weekend. when you can't count on the men to get the job done, you count on the women. >> exactly. you just stole my thunder. the dmv turns its attention to the maryland thunder still dancing. the women took their home court against an we just had the best family vacation. really? there were fights breaking out in the street, angry mobs the whole place was like a war zone. it was fantastic! what about the kids? we shackled them to a post in the middle of town.
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i don't know what they loved more the shackling or the pool. my money's on the shackling. with so much to do stay where the action is. book one of our hotels at
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the maryland women look to extend a 25 game win streak tonight in the ncaa tournament. their opponent? an undefeated team, princeton, with the support of president obama who picked them over the terps, but head coach brenda frese, she ain't got time for that . >> everyone got the talk going on, president obama picked princeton. you let your play tonight do the talking. >> lauren mincy and lexie brown took the pregame speech to heart combining for 50 of the
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terrapins 85 points. brown was five of 11 from three. mincy a senior had 27 points and played in her final game at xfinity center tonight. she said it was very emotional. brianna jones added another double double to her resume with 10 points, 10 boards, maryland with the emphatic 85- 70 win to advance to the sweet 16. >> to play a team like princeton who had an incredible year, we were extremely excited to be able to bring them out here. they had unbelievable fans. we had unbelievable fans. it was a fun game. >> obviously being my last time playing on this floor, but i'm really excited, especially to play duke. >> they're a joy for this theme and everybody that's worked so hard -- team and everybody that's worked so hard, just really happy for everyone. wizards facing the warriors tonight. the last time the two teams met washington was on a losing streak and got pummeled.
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tonight paul pierce with the pump face for three, wizards up 10-3. later pierce misses a jumper. nene tips it. 15-10 golden state. the wizards are up three right now. the nfl owners meeting in phoenix this week, coaches there, too, redskins head coach jay gruden told a couple washington area reporters the quarterback job is robert griffin, iii for now, but it's not etched in stone. the redskins defense wasn't anything to write home about. last season they were 30th in points allowed and 24th against the pass. that's the free agents signings of five defensive guys to help bolster the beleaguered d. gruden shares his offseason wish list. >> we need to address our depth. it was a challenge last year with injuries. we got some big guys and two
11:27 pm
quality players in the secondary that will help us tremendously. our game of the week poll, you have a plethora of choices, lacrosse, baseball, softball. text your pick to 25543. tell your friends to do the same. we'll see you at the winning game friday. are you more excited about the maryland women or the wizards or -- >> i hate to say this, but i was riveted by jay gruden there. >> i tried to work around the redskins. >> you put the redskins in there and i have to be honest and say i did -- >> not etched in stone. >> but he did note the defense fully
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it's the biggest trade violation in history. today middle east governments are shredding open skies agreements they signed pumping over $40 billion in prohibited subsidies into their state-owned airlines. protectionism at its worst. and their actions threaten thousands of u.s. aviation jobs. it's time for middle east countries to play by the rules. restore competition. restore open skies. fight for american jobs.
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part by your local toyota dealers. don't forget you can tweet me or jan any time you like night or day, @janjeffcoat, @mcguintyman. you can talk about the horrible collapse of my bracket standing. i'm 400 something now. i was 58. this is a bad weekend. all the local teams lost and it just killed me. >> you had to pick those. >> that's our broadcast, people. >> have a
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