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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news in oklahoma where the first tornadoes of the season have turned deadly. the tulsa county sheriff's office says one person is dead and multiple others injured after a tornado nearly destroyed a mobile home park. the twister hit right during the evening rush hour. listen the one whom whose truck was overturned by the storm. >> i'm very fortunate. i mean, it took care of me.
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airbags went off. on star checked on me. i hung upside down until someone got me. i guess i will have to get something else to drive. >> wow. another tornado was reported near the fairgrounds in western oklahoma city and warning sirens went off in moore, oklahoma where an ef5 tornado destroyed it a couple of years ago. chief meteorologist has declared it a yellow alert day. thunderstorms on tap for us? >> yeah, i think we can see some thunderstorms southeast of town by morning and then the big area of thunderstorms develop late afternoon and early evening. those are the first tornadoes so far during the month of march. kind of late, kind of a severe season. that's a good thing. futurecast, 51 downtown. 40s in the suburbs. this is 8:00 now. so you folks in southern maryland coming up 301 and headed up to 50 could have a
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weather commute. temperatures are getting into the 50s pretty much everywhere. then we get a break. by 10:00, light showers. prince george's county. charles county, pretty dry north and west of town. temperatures in the 50s. breaks in the clouds will develop, and that will enable the atmosphere to deavailable. we'll come back and vac the second line of thunderstorms. give you a timetable on that. you might get surprised how cold it's going to get. >> a new mystery in the crash of the german airliner that went down in the alps. >> the two virginia women died in the crash. >> tonight the new york times is reporting that in the minutes before the crash, one of the pilots somehow became locked out of the cockpit. now, that's not independently verified, but one of the last sounds heard on the cockpit
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voice recorder is that pilot trying to crash through the door. >> french investigators say they had little -- >> we hope to have a first rough ideas in the matter of days. >> they described hearing only usable sounds and voices from the plane's cockpit voice recorder. the other flight box has yet to be recovered. there was no official response to the new york times report on wednesday night. meanwhile, the grim work of recovering and naming the dead began in earnest with victims from at least 18 country, including the united states. >> at the time we can confirm the deaths of -- today their family asked for privacy and did not speak to reporters, but other expressions of support poured in from those who knew
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them. a statement from the university saying the university was deeply saddened to hear about the recent loss of emily, a recent alumni. >> emily was a lifetime member of the girl scouts. the director of the national geo spatial intelligence agency where she worked as a contractor, deepest condolences to the family. >> and the family is not yet releasing a name. >> we're in touch with the family but we're not releasing the name out of respect for the family. and tomorrow we're hoping to learn more about who that third american was and what could have possibly occurred to leave the pilot locked out of the cockpit at the moment of impact. >> that was an alarming piece of information. agents are cross-checking the passenger list for possible connections to criminal activity. so far they have not found anything. and now to the middle east tonight, new trouble here in
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d.c. saudi arabia's ambassador broke the news tonight that the allies in the persian golf -- the president of yemen has been forced to get out. he's been a key ally to the said disand the u.s. in the fight against al-qaeda. the white house accuses the former president of working with the rebels. tomorrow martis johnson expected to plead not guilty. he was arrested with agents from virginia's alcohol control. state police are investigating his injuries. meanwhile, it was ordered the officers undergo retraining on the use of force and cultural diversity and community policing along with interaction with young people. and teresa sullivan said state regulators should direct their efforts at establishments, not the students.
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>> and tonight you see the police chief that was put on the spot and asked what police agencies could do differently to be more transparent with you. >> jim osmond is live with where the chief had to shut up or put up. >> reporter: hi, good evening. you know, chief lanier, she was as blunt and straightforward as always. >> the shooting and killing of mike brown in ferguson at the hands of police is a case we know quite a bit about. the recent apprehension of a uva student by officers is a case where we only know basic facts. >> how are your activities impacting the crime. >> at a forum, the former police chief of greenville, north carolina says both have raised questions about policing. >> there's an appetite for, you know, measures of -- some measures of reform within the
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profession. >> d.c. police chief headlined the the event and the first question out of the gate regarded ferguson and police transparency. the biggest mistake police departments make -- >> what we do is we say nothing. you know, we just run from the press and run from the community and say that's a personnel matter. that's an ongoing criminal investigation. what i realized not too long after maybe ago fool of myself a couple of times as a chief is that i might not be able to tell you everything, but i damn sure can tell you something. >> and it's the former police chief that says there are technologies out there such as body cameras that will help with that transparency. >> let everybody see what's going on. let us see the good, the bad, the ugly. we're not going to always get it right. videos are not the solution, but they're the beginning of a solution. >> now, one of the words we kept hearing over and other again is the word respect.
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it's the key to effective policing. >> thank you, jim. despite some high profile crimes of lake lanier, some crimes in other towns have gone down dramatically in years. >> an oklahoma university -- has had a very apologetic attitude. he said he's deeply sorry for what he did and deeply saddened and embarrassed he didn't do anything to stop it. >> the bottom line is the words said in the chant were mean, hateful, and racist. i will will deeply sorry and deeply ashamed for what i've done for the rest of my life. >> petit and one other fraternity member were expelled from ou for leading the chant that referenced lynching and used a slur that black students would never be admitted to their fraternity. no further students will be
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expelled. prince george's -- he's confident executives are living up to their agreement to hire minorities in national harbor. >> more on the celebration marking a milestone this that project. >> mgm says the billion dollars casino in prince george's county,ed to we spoke to some of them. >> jamie roll refer is a marylander. -- oliver is a marylander. tom misson bryant say they've lived in prince george's county for years. construction carried on as they began to flood the site to celebrate hiring 1,000 construction workers. governor larry hogan praised the project for creating jobs. >> it's one of the most exciting jobs in maryland. >> not everybody is convinced the project is off to a good
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start. this group says mgm is not hiring as many as they promised. last year it was found that martin o'mally's administration failed to monitor and really report on minority participation in four other projects. but the governor says he's doing things differently. >> we've got a new secretary of minority affairs. we're going to revamp the entire procurement process. >> i'm allison barber. >> they carried out 19% of the construction so far and they say 2,000 construction workers will be hired before this project is complete next year. >> tonight we hear from a widow asking for your help in finding her husband's killer. the victim, 30-year-old david -- he was found stabbed to death last month inside room 400 of the donovan hotel in northwest d.c. so far police have made no arrests. >> in one day i lost the most important person in my life and
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a man i loved so much. i have no answers. >> police have circulated surveillance video of a woman they label a person of interest. if they know anything about her or anything else that can help solve this case, detectives and he he iser schmidt video -- >> a boy is missing from his home and there's so sign of him. he was last seen watching cartoons in his living room. nearby fields have been searched and roadsides, but still nothing. the search will resume tomorrow. >> former u.s. congressmen jesse jackson, jr. is expected to arrive as a halfway house. according to his colleague, jackson will report there after being released from a federal prison in montgomery, alabama. jackson has been serving a 2.5 year sentence for spending campaign cash on personal items. the u.s. army is charging
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sergeant beau bowe bergdahl. members of his june said he deliberately walked away from his post in afghanistan back in 2009. he's being charged with december certification. >> he endangered the safety of a command or place. carries a maximum penalty. dishonorable discharge. reduction to e1. forfeiture of payment allowances and possible confinement for life. >> a military equivalent to a grand jury hearing will take place in texas to determine if there's sufficient evidence to court-martial bergdahl. the shocking number of virginia teachers arrested on child sex charges, and some of their crimes
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only on 9 tonight, they are crimes that literally stun our communities. teachers in the ultimate hack of betrayal arrested arrested for child sexes -- sex offenses. >> the numbers are shocking.
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in just the last five years we found 62 teachers in our viewing area in virginia who lost their licenses or had to surrender them. most due to felony charges of child sex abuse or pornography. >> it's not just somebody next door. it's somebody that you're putting the trust of your child in. >> across virginia we discovered multiple felony cases involving teachers having sexual relationships with their underage students. >> it's unspeakable that people do things like that. >> she was one of the best language arts teachers i've ever had. >> she's disappeared one -- she disappeared one day. >> she disappeared in 2011 because she had been arrested by prince william county police for having sex with a student. she was later convicted. >> she was a great teacher on my behalf. it was the best language arts teacher on my behalf. would have never known.
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>> scott christopher hao was convicted after videotaping some of his sex crimes with a student. other teachers were convicted of child pornography, including lauden county teacher ralph watts conrad. jonathan kara za and joshua paul meyers. he even received child pornography on a school computer. >> let's wake up and do something for our children. >> we also uncovered multiple cases in which teachers lost their licenses in another state and filed to disclose that when applying for a new license in virginia. >> that's crazy. i feel like there should be a way that we should know that. why is it that easy. >> one teacher had his license revoked in florida 1999 based on a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. he lied on his virginia application and got a license to teach in 2001. that was revoked 12 years
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later, in 2013 when the state discovered his personal history. >> then i think we need to be doing more adequate background checks that go from state to state nationwide. >> that's ridiculous. >> we found some teachers convicted of sex crimes involving children, yet they do not appear on sex offender registry. that's because some are still in jail. others have moved out of state. wusa9. >> we posted the database of all the teachers disciplined since the year 2001 on our website. we've asked for the same records from d.c. and we'll post them as soon as they're available. bizarre new details in the case of a southern california woman who claims she was kidnapped while visiting her boyfriend near san francisco. her name is denise huskins. she said she was grabbed when kidnappers entered her home. today she popped back up in
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southern california saying she had not been harmed but she had been bound and gagged before driving her back to southern cally and let her go. there was an audio file that she said she was forced to make . [audio difficulties] it's just weird. now police plan to interview huskins. for now they're treating this as a kidnapping case. this is a yellow alert day. now, here's wusa9's first alert weather. >> you had a busy night. >> i did. i had the honor of mc'ing the national parks association. it's a great organization. it's a champion for the national parks. remember, think can't lobby by themselves. this is a federal agency. it's a great agency. it was established in 1919.
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and it was an awards dinner. there's the president and ceo of the national parks conservation agency. gave out a lot of awards. i found that people had been liking parks since they were 8 or 9 years old, much like i liked weather since i was 8 or 9 years old. you find of find your niche. high temperature is 54 today. right now still 50. still pretty warm. dew points up a little bit from last night. the winds are turning and turning south. they will turn southwesterly and increase actually as we go through the day tomorrow. that will drive up perhaps the warmest air of the season. okay. where is everything right now. there's all the severe weather we've talked about. it's hammering southeast sections of missouri, western tennessee. so we have time for this system. however, i want to point out this activity right here, you see these showers. doesn't look like much right now, but i think that's going to develop into some showers and thunderstorms south of town
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for you. yellow alert for thunderstorms that has not changed. bus stop temperatures, 44 and 56. heavy showers for the entire metro area. i think we'll see a line of showers about 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. the tail end of the rush hour. and it could be warmest day so far. if question get past 73, it will be the warmest day of the year. you forget we're 73 on st. paddy's day. here are the showers to the south. see the reds and yellows, pretty good activity into southern maryland. prince george county, st. mary's county. you folks southeast of town will have a wet commute. west of town, coming down 70 or 66, just a lot of clouds. by lunchtime, breaks in the action. in fact, breaks in the clouds. we'll see a a little bit of sun tomorrow. that will stabilize the atmosphere. 73 by 4:00. here's the showers and thunderstorms now. almost like summertime with this line of showers and storms rolling through between 6 and
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10:00. that's possible until 9 or 10:00. the showers linger into saturday morning. a mild start. 54 at 9:00. 60 at 11:00. 64 by 1:00 p.m. yellow alert tomorrow. morning showers on friday. temps fall all day, 55. that's a loss of almost 20 degrees and colder on saturday. yeah, that's a flake. a flurry or sprinkle possible. low 40s. that's it. temperatures rebound a lit bit on sunday. low 50s, but that's still cold for this time of year really. back to 60 on monday. we dip a little on tuesday. then we're back in the low 60s for what i believe will be april fool's day. >> that's next weekend. >> yeah, it is. >> so since when did bradley biele become mr. injury prone. >> poor guy. get him back, he's doing well. did you see that? it was nasty injury. >> washington wizards struggling. they get to sleep in their own beds for
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in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care.
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so far spring has failed to put pep in the wizards step
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after a disastrous game ended in a loss. they're back for a five-game stretch in hopes of getting a little mojo back. tonight they're hosting the pacers. biele attacks the back and stumbles and falls. check out the replay. he twists his ankle. did not return. he did walk out of the locker room on his own. late 4th quarter, john wall, big three to tie the game. just over ten seconds left in regulation. just enough time for george hill to drive the lane on contested ant get the lay-up. no defense there. pacers win 103-101. not too pleased with that. one of the big issues fans had with maryland was losing the long time heated rivalries. well, saturday the women get a chance to face a familiar foe. the terps had one final practice at the xfinity center
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this afternoon. it was described as awesome. maryland takes on the duke blue devils in the sweet 16. the only other time these two have met in the ncaa tournament was 2006 when maryland beat duke to win the program's only national title. >> i think it's extra motivation just to show that even though we left the big ten, we can still compete with the acc. duke is still a rival team. i think it's more exciting to play against them in the sweet 16. >> come in and play duke, the maryland and duke rivalry is something exciting. >> the washington capitals spent their off day visiting one of their biggest fans. benston was hurt in a sledding accident. big caps fans. they just wanted the see how he's doing. they played street hockey with him. devin still posted a photo on instagram tonight with a little
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fist pump sharing good news. the cancer is officially in remission. it's been 10 months since the 4- year-old was diagnosed with a rare form of pediatric cancer. we've been provided with great moments off the court during the ncaa tournament. first there was all the fun they were having with the stenographer at the press conference, making her type very long complicated words. then there's this today. enjoy. >> all right. so we'll open it up to questions. >> what are you talking about? >> he was talking to one of the reporters. they're asking questions and he's whispering to his teammates, gosh, she's beautiful. remember, the mics are always hot. >> were they doing that on purpose. >> no. he was just saying she's pretty. who was it? >> do we know. >> just a random reporter. then he was embarrassed by it.
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>> so he's a college kid. he got embarrassed. he was excited to see a
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