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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 30, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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us tonight. new details have a pair of cross-dresser believed to be car thieves tangling with police after exiting the gw parkway at the entrance. it's shaping up as a bizarre incident. shot broom is live to put the pieces together for us. >> reporter: bruce, one of these alleged thieves ended up dead with police gunfire, the second wounded and an nsa officer injured in a car collision that happened here as these men dressed as women refused to stop as they approached the gates of the nsa national security agency. the aftermath showed the suspects' black suv with a covered body next to it and a crashed nsa police vehicle. the shooting came after the cars collided. the nsa officer was injured in the collision. according to howard county police, this started at a motel near here in jessup, maryland, on route 1 early this morning when a 60-year-old howard county man had his car stolen
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after picking up a pair of men dressed as women in baltimore bringing them to the motel. police found cocaine and a gun in the crashed car once it ended up here. the thieves apparently exited the parkway on connector road, drove past one check point and could go no farther when they got to the main nsa employee gate. that is when they refused to stop and paid the price for it. the fbi is investigating and the fbi is saying this bizarre incident is not terrorism related. scott broom, wusa9. >> according to cbs news, one of the suspects is 21 years old and is from baltimore. three men are in jail accuse of sexually abusing a child over a -- accused of sexually abusing a child over a five year period. the men all lived in the child's home in manassas at various time since 2010. the girl recently told family members about the encounters and said it all started when
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she was 5. she's 9 now. the men are held without bond. charges include rape and indecent liberties with a child. a troubled d.c. mom is facing a recommended nine years in prison after admitting she and her boyfriend tortured her disabled 9-year-old son. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan at d.c. superior court. it is hard to believe this 9- year-old child with cerebral palsy even survived this three long months of torture, imprisonment and starvation. his mom, betty threatt, wiped away tears today here at d.c. superior court as she pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated assault, child cruelty and child cruelty while armed. what happened inside this southeast d.c. apartment is almost incomprehensible. betty threatt today admitted she and her boyfriend poured scalding hot water on her 9- year-old disabled son, that they taped his arms and legs
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with duct tape and left him locked in the bathroom for days on end, that they gave him no food for months. the boy's far finally found his son and rushed him -- father finally found his son and rushed him to children hospital where doctors diagnosed the boy with extreme malnutrition and some 60 separate injuries. in d.c. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> it certainly doesn't excuse it, but betty threatt said she was abused born to a craig addicted mom raped at 13 when she gave birth to her first child and at age 9 put a cat in the microwave and turned it on. funeral plans have been announced for a dublin, virginia boy found dead last week in a septic tank they're the family home. the life of -- near the family home. the life of 5-year-old noah thomas will be remembered on wednesday. the church established a memorial fund for funeral expenses. the man with hiv who had unprotected sex with at least
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two women will spend a year and a half behind bars. a judge sent five years probation today in. court he gave a passionate and seemingly frustrated plea to the judge saying, "i am not the guy giving people hiv like the media says i am." cleaves pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment. his lawyer describes him as having an addictive personality. >> dan is also bipolar. he is also an alcoholic. so there were periods as you heard where he physical off the wagon. >> the two women involved -- where he fell off the wagon. >> the two women involved found out about his health status by chance. montgomery county investigators ask anybody who had contact with cleaves to get tested and give police a call. a $25,000 reward is on the line tonight for whoever can help d.c. police solve a recent homicide. at 2:30 this morning officers responded to a robbery shooting
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call at 13th and van buren streets in northwest. they arrived to find antonio ayala with a gunshot wound. the 34-year-old died at the hospital. anybody with information should call d.c. police. we're learning more about a teenage pilot killed in a crash near the orange county airport sun. he was 16-year-old ryan mc-- sunday. he was 16-year-old ryan mccall from spotsylvania county. the plane banked for the left after takeoff and -- to the left after takeoff and crashed. mccall was a sophomore at river bend high school. his family asked for privacy. mccall hoped to get his permanent pilot's license next year. >> it is somber as you can expect and several of our students have reached out to our counseling staff to ask for assistance and support. >> it could take the ntsb investigators as long as a year before figuring out what caused that crash. investigators have identified the two people
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inthe deadly atv crash early this morning. 25-year-old deandra jones remains in critical condition tonight. 23-year-old brandon barnes died at the scene. the crash happened on a trail just off racetrack road in bowie, maryland. a neighbor heard it about 2 a.m., called 911, then went out to try and help. he pulled jones out of a marsh. police believe the pair were driving fast and lost control of the atv and crashed. neither was wearing a helmet. >> this is really a cautionary tale. if you're going to ride atvs at nighttime on trails not designed for atvs, disaster can strike and this is an unfortunate case that proves it. >> u.s. park police still asking for information in this deadly crash. atvs are banned on the trail the couple was riding on and the park was closed at the time of that crash. man's best friend a hero tonight for one loudoun county
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family. >> our stephanie ramirez talked with them today about how a four-legged fixture in their family saved their lives. >> reporter: i'm stephanie ramirez in loudoun county where a family tells me their 14-year- old dog saved them from tragedy after a fire broke out in their home before 6 a.m. yesterday morning. >> he's the best dog. >> reporter: with white hairs on his face, 14-year-old mico a lab shepherd mix may move a little slower now, but nothing gets in the way of mico and his family, saving them from a quick moving fire. 6 a.m. sunday morning a fire started on the right side of the home. it traveled through the living and dining room areas. >> this is the closest smoke alarm here to where the fire actually started. >> reporter: meyers tells me mico sleeps down here and began making a commotion, which is physically hard for him to do. he woke up the family at least five minutes before their smoke detectors went off. >> he ultimately saved our live.
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we'll be forever grateful. >> reporter: it will be a couple months before the family can return home. at this point they're just happy everybody is alive and staff. stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> meyers' 3-year-old daughter was treated for smoke inhalation but is out of the hospital and expected to be okay. loudoun county fire is investigating the cause. and then there were eight, the terps less than two hours from taking on tennessee. kristen berset will tell you what kind of mindset the team is in before the big match tonight. >> high temperature 66 today, a day above average, winds gusting up to 26 miles per hour downtown and 25 mile-per-hour wind gust in leesburg and frederick. we'll come back, talk about another front going through tomorrow. >> after the break, a call to ban travel to indiana? you're watching wusa9 and your only local news
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down load sunday at 8:30 on wusa9 sponsored by sodexo. two former special agents are in trouble charged with stealing money during an online investigations. shawn bridges is from laurel and works for the secret service. baltimore resident karl force was with the dea. the men were investigating silk road, the online marketplace, which lets users buy and sell drugs and other illegal items. the men stole digital currency during the investigation. facing a backlash and threat of boy cats, indiana republicans state lawmakers say they're working on adding language to a new state law to make it clear it does not allow discrimination against gays and lesbians. indiana governor mike pence signed the measure last week. it prohibits any state law that substantially burdens a person's ability to follow his or her religious beliefs. the mayor of los angeles wants
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that law repealed. d.c. council member at large david grosso released a statement reading in part tonight, "the blatant bigotry on display by governor pence and the legislature leads me to believe that indiana is not a safe place for our public employees to travel. our government should not support any jurisdiction that displays such bigotry." the american getting treatment for ebola at nih has improved. officials said doctors upgraded the patient from serious to fair condition, much improved from two weeks ago. the nih has not released his name or age but say he worked with the boston based nonprofit organization called partners in health. he contracted ebola while volunteering in sierra leone. maryland terrapin enjoying the dance. theaey bt duke saturday night to advance to the elite eight. >> tonight they have a chance to punch their ticket to the
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final four in tampa, florida. kristen berset is here with more on the game. >> undefeated regular season in the conference. now they keep on going, beat duke. now it's terps and vols, two titans of women's college basketball, maryland's 14th trip to the elite eight, 27th for tennessee. what's great about this time of year is these games present us with some tales as well. one of the terps main stays really shoulders a lot of the offensive load now for the terps. missy is the only player who has to deal with the finality of her career. there's only so many games left for her to play. >> you just enjoy the moments like this, being able to be out here, place we've probably never been as a team, spending time with them on and off the court and just enjoying getting ready for this game.
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you never know when it's your last time to prepare for a game in college. >> last year before the terps went to nashville for the final four they had to beat tennessee in the sweet 16. now it's reversed, a one versus a two and they have to get through tennessee again. tennessee rallied back from 17 points down to beat gonzaga. >> this team is fun to watch because of the coach. >> i'm glad you mentioned family. we remembered the twins being born. >> we've been with them throughout their whole journey. she's been so open to all of us. i love the reaction when the kids run out at the end. >> i love how the whole family travels together. >> they play tonight. we'll have highlights at 11:00. a nice start to the week, but it's about to get rocky. topper has the details after the break on a couple rounds of rain. >> up next new clues on the co- pilot of that doomed germanwings flight,
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if you're just getting home, here's a quick check of the day's top headlines. investigators looking into the crash of a germanwings flight say the co-pilot had been treated for suicidal tendencies receiving psychotherapy several years before becoming a pilot. lubitz crashed the airliner into the french alps last week killing all 150 people on board
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including a mom and daughter from northern virginia. as the deadline looms on negotiations with iran over its nuclear program, secretary of state john kerry canceled his trips home in hopes of reaching a deal. the two sides have until tomorrow to come up with an agreement. however, sanctions remain a sticking point. prosecutors rested their case in the boston marathon bombing trial with testimony from medical examiners who describe the injuries of two people who died in the attack including an 8-year-old boy. dzhokhar tsarnaev's attorneys will present their case now. the defense made it clear its strategy during the two-phase trial is not an acquittal but save him from the death penalty. new analysis of breast cancer types affects one in eight women. researchers for the first time used national data to determine the occurrence of the four major types of breast cancer based on age, race, poverty level and other factors.
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it's hoped findings will help with treatment plans. president barack obama was in boston today with the vp and members of the kennedy family to dedicate the edward m. kennedy institute which includes a full size replica of the senate chamber where kennedy served for 47 years. the late senator visited the facility before he was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2008. he died the following year. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> i thought it was not so bad today, especially considering how cold it was over the weekend. >> it was great. 66 was nice, above average. >> tracking some showers now. >> some pretty big winds gusting over 30 miles per hour tomorrow. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still a very nice evening, looking at temperatures downtown still low 60s, most of the burbs in the 50s. i've pointed this out all evening, relative humidity 22%. it's very dry, very windy. there's a fire weather watch to
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the south of town, prince william county south and charles county south through tomorrow. some of the showers may not get to those areas that are so dry. tonight breezy, chilly, one cold front gone through dry. bus stop temperatures 36 to 50. it will be dry in the morning, not so much in the afternoon. tuesday the evening commute is wet for most except south of town, don't see problems there except for the dry conditions. nice wednesday, cooler as the second front goes through tomorrow and really warm on thursday. that's the day to plan. 10:00 tonight clear skies, 40s about everywhere, 46 in gaithersburg, bowie, 47 down toward la plata, 50 in fredericksburg. stay clear tomorrow morning, so we start with sunshine on tuesday with temperatures in the mid-30s in the burbs, low 40s downtown. clouds move in quickly but still dry, 40s. by 1:00 we're dry close to town, but now showers showing up in frederick, hagerstown and
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martinsburg and winchester. temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s is the good news and low 60s downtown. by 5:30 when the front goes through, most of the energy and moisture stays north of baltimore, but showers are possible in the metro and good news, temperatures still upper 50s to mid-60s, 64 in manassas by 5:00, 67 in culpeper. farther south the showers are fewer and farther between. that fire watch continues through the afternoon tomorrow. by 9:30 we clear out. we're still 46 in gaithersburg at 9:30 and 48 in frederick, low to mid-50s downtown. let's talk about the wind gust tracker. noon tomorrow we could see hour in culpeper and orange. that's one reason they had the fire weather watch to the south. by 3 p.m. maybe a 34 mile-per-hour gust in leesburg. by 5:00 still gusting over 30 in manassas, 38 mile-per-hour
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gust in culpeper and by 8:00 northwest winds, cold front through, winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. day planner, 48, sunshine at 9:00, 57 at 11:00 with clouds, 61 by 1:00 with a few showers early afternoon. behind the front we're okay on wednesday, upper 50s, a little cool. great on thursday, sunshine, clouds come in late, temperatures about 70. next seven days good friday is wet, 65, rain and showers, maybe a morning shower saturday. easter sunday looks great, sunshine, low 60s and great for the nats homeowner, partly cloudy, 66. you can wa
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guy from seattle got invited to a bachelor party in philadelphia by mistake. >> he decided to join the party anyway. he met a bunch of friends and miss spelled a bunch of their names. weeks later when it came time for final headcount he said he'd be glad to make it and raised more than $800,000 online to make the trip from seattle to philly.
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he might have to do it again since he's invited again to the wedding in may. >> that's all for our news at 7:00. we'll be back at 11:00. >> have a great night, everybody! we'll see you back here.
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bieber, beyonce, angelina jolie. a weekend full of star surprises. >> it was, we've got the story behind their unexpected appearances. >> different is good. >> angie's joy with her kids after surgery. her heartfelt message. >> hold your head up high and be proud. >> plus, inside destiny child reunion. michelle williams is right here. she's going to share how they kept it all secret. >> then, are casper and j. lo back together? we have new video. and we are talking to casper. >> and what's mariah doing with director brett ratner? their new interview. >> justin remembers to crash ariana's concert but her lyrics. >> the words. >> will bieber have better luck channeling ozzy? >> all right, before hot in cleveland's emotional good bye. >> i laughed a little bit. >> the ladies on their finale
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and betty's off set antics. >> what did you guys say to betty when she came back? >> now, "e.t.," e lasy,adies, she's a legend. >> the lady of destiny's child got back together over the weekend. michelle williams will be here on our set to tell us how they pulled off this secret eunion. >> nancy o'dell is off. brooke anderson is here. >> it really was the weekend of star surprises. justin bieber with grande in miami. jon stewart's replacement named. then angelina jolie. flawless, on point with what she said on stage. >> a lot of people were surprised she showed up at the kid's choice awards. she made the scene with two of her children and delivered some very powerful words. >> i want to say when i was little like mally of


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