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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we'll tell you what the community is saying. >> reporter: i'm ellison barber. this is the fairfax hospital where the eight hour manhunt first began. i'll tell you more about how he got here. the prisoner who led police on a manhunt through the area is in custody tonight after a brazen escape attempt. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. the manhunt for wossen assaye began after he allegedly overpowered a guard at inova fairfax hospital this morning and ended with his capture in southeast d.c. our bruce leshan is live in alexandria federal court where assaye has gone before the judge. >> reporter: it was hard to believe the guy that i saw in federal court this afternoon was the same guy who locked down a hospital and sent a lot of people across northern virginia looking over their shoulders in fear this morning. wossen assaye looked just out
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of it. he really did. his head was tilted to the side. he seemingly moaned at the judge. he was barefoot, shackled in handcuffs with a white plastic jumpsuit on unzipped almost to his groin so that you could see his bare chest. marshals taking no chances this time. they had an extra tunnel car for his drive back to the alexandria jail. >> he was nutty crazy like who was he talking to? >> reporter: the massive manhunt ended here on a busy corner in southeast d.c. where wossen assaye hopped off a bus moments after a rider recognized him from the wanted postings and called police. >> then the next thing we know the police locked him up. >> reporter: it started at 3 a.m. at inova fairfax hospital where doctors were treating the alleged bank robber after a suicide attempt in jail.
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police say assaye overpowered two private security guards, wrestled away a gun, a shot fired and assaye escaped in a hospital gown. >> he was shackled. >> i heard a large crash and a lady screaming. >> reporter: he allegedly carjacked two different people in fairfax county, one just blocks from the hospital, the other in annandale. he burst out of a woman's trunk and into her back seat while she was driving. >> she was standing here you need to call police, 911! >> reporter: for nine hours hundreds of heavily armed fairfax county police, the state police, the fbi, the u.s. marshals hunted him, converging on every possible sighting. >> a little scary. you look out your window and see all these police cars with policemen and their big guns, a little frightening especially for my wife. >> reporter: how he ended up
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on a bus in d.c. still a mystery. police say that assaye ended up in the hospital after tying one end of a bed sheet around his neck and the other around a railing on a second floor landing at the jail and then he simply jumped. that was last friday. authorities do not believe that there was a lot of preplanning involved in this escape, but they are reviewing the policy of handing off federal prisoners to private security guards at the hospital. they want to prevent a repeat. reporting live at alexandria federal court, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> certainly seems like something they should review. social media and smartphones made all the difference in capturing wossen assaye. >> reporter: this is bruce johnson. we've got another example with so many cell phones out here and cameras on the streets, you can't get away with anything, including trying to escape the
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fairfax county police. >> destination fairfax village. >> reporter: the m6 bus pulls out pennsylvania and minnesota avenue on southeast this afternoon. the escaped prisoner from fairfax county gets off. but not before somebody on the bus recognizes him and calls police. >> we live in an age where everyone has a camera and phone and is very well connected. that really has helped us, metro transit police, helped us solve countless cases. >> reporter: d.c. police responded. they put the area on lockdown. >> we had to stay on the inside. we only could look out from the windows. there were helicopters, police everywhere. >> reporter: police spotted the suspect in the alley. he was taken into custody on the sidewalk, put into cuffs. we're talking less than a block from the bus stop. >> we just saw the guy walking down the street talking to himself. he was cussing and fussing, but he was talking to himself. >> reporter: people in the area say they're accustomed to
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heavy police presence in some instances and they're tired of this kind of attention. see something, say, something this is how it's supposed to work. bruce johnson in southeast washington, wusa9. >> now you've heard it. we've got so many details about how it all went down, but a lot of you have questions about what happened before assaye arrived at the hospital and overpowered that security guard. our ellison barber is live at inova fairfax medical center with the story on that end. >> reporter: this is the hospital where all the craziness of today really began. as bruce told you, it came after they brought assaye here after a suicide attempt. officials that spoke to wusa9 tell us everything that happened in between that suicide attempt and his arrival at this hospital was completely normal. sometime this past friday wossen assaye attempted to hang himself while at the alexandria jail. wrapping one end of a bed sheet around his neck he jumped over
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a metal railing. 911 was called. ems arrived, decided further medical attentios n waneeded and took him to inova fairfax. for the first 24 hours alexandria deputy sheriffs stayed with assaye. then u.s. march officials took over. >> contract guard services, allied protective services took over with a two-person detail. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says the switch occurred because it's a practice stipulated in the agreement with the marshal to house federal inmates like assayeful federal inmates have been housed -- assaye. federal inmates have been housed here for decades, but a question is why contract guards at all. a sheriff's deputy said those are questions for the u.s. marshal because of that 24 hour exchange they nor longer responsible for the -- no longer responsible for the prisoner. the contractor is based in los angeles. little is known about the individual guards, but u.s. marshals began using
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contractors years ago. >> i'm told perhaps as much as 10 years ago headquarters okayed national contract services for security personnel. >> reporter: and now they plan to review how they guard prisoners in medical facilities. >> once the full investigation is done we'll certainly make changes. >> reporter: local and federal agencies are, of course, investigating what happened in that hotel room. they tell us this is still a very active investigation. we spoke with the hospital and they did reiterate to us they aren't responsible for providing security in these types of investigation. everyone we talked to, the name that keeps coming up, is u.s. marshals. most people seem to keep telling us that they were responsible during the time that assaye escaped. i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> we are still working to figure out exactly how much the u.s. marshals were paying allied protective services to work as guards. u.s. marshals tell us they're also looking into it.
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we will keep you updated. we are learning some new things tonight about assaye's criminal history. andrea mccarren is live at alexandria police headquarters where the suspect was held before his court appearance this afternoon. >> reporter: we've looked at a lot of court record and they reveal assaye has been in trouble with the law dating back to 1989. his facebook page shows a relaxed and smiling wossen assaye, indicates he's self- employed and attended george mason university, a fact the school disputes. assaye's criminal record paints a bleak picture. >> since october, 2013 the fbi washington field office through the violent crimes task force has been conducting an investigation into 12 bank robberies in northern virginia. >> reporter: a crime spree that appeared to end on march 20th, when an armed robbery at this apple federal credit union
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in alexandria. when assaye was arrested later that day he had $1,600 in cash in his coat pocket. assaye's criminal record is littered with felonies, breaking and entering, statutory burglary, purse snatching and a collection of lesser crimes, too, disorderly conduct, speeding, reckless driving. after multiple burglary and robbery convictions assaye was incarcerated from 2000 to 2013. assaye's method of operation in all these alleged robberies is strikingly similar. he enters a bank usually with a cell phone to his ear, displays a handgun, sends a demand note to a teller and then says something along the lines of give me all your money and nobody gets hurt and in all cases but two he allegedly fled the scene on a bicycle. >> they call him the bicycle
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bandit. we posed all of wossen assaye's criminal records and court documents on our website and on our wusa9 news app. let's move on to the weather tonight. topper has the live doppler 9000 fired up. he's tracking showers. what about the rest of the night and when do those showers get out of here? >> i'd say probably about 8:00. another batch is crossing i-95 and another batch north and west, a little heavy activity around warrenton and hagerstown. heaviest activity around the metro area is on the east side toward prince george's county, around bowie, upper marlboro and clinton down into southern maryland. so roads will be wet heading home. on futurecast by 8:00 maybe a few straggling showers, not much. temperatures in the 50s, so it's going to get cooler behind the cold front. by 10:00 40s in the suburbs, 49 manassas, 45 in frederick, 50
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downtown. by 11:00 40s across the board. wind gust tracker, gusts from 20 to 30 miles per hour. i don't know i can believe this, but 54 mile-per-hour wind gusts apparently recorded in manassas. they expanded the wind advisory. we'll come back and talk about that. we'll have gusty winds till 9:00, talk about that and look ahead to easter weekend. time is up, the deadline for a deal
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welcome back. iraq's prime minister said the fight for tikrit is not over. a u.s. coalition fighting isis has been planning airstrikes since last week. a victory would pave the way for another key battle further north for the city of mosul. muriel bowser's first state of the district address is scheduled to happen at 6:30, part of a week long effort to
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highlight the way this administration is creating a pathway to the middle class for all residents d.c.. so we'll be dealing with
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march came in like a lion. today was lamblike. >> we're going into april which, of course, is known for the showers leading to may flowers. let's talk about april 1st. we'll go through the whole month. the average high is pretty nice, in the low 60s and low 40s for tomorrow. then look what happens by the end of the month. it gets to the low 70s to low 50s, so it gets much warmer and we do average a trace of snow. precipitation a little under 3 inches. the highest temperature recorded in april, '95, the lowest 15, so it can be a little volatile. right now let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, a couple sprinkles at the airport, down to 66, relative humidity 37%, winds turning westerly at 17. the front is about through most of the metro area. here's batch no. 1 of showers that has rolled through getting more intense
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off to the east around dunkirk, calvert county and a second batch of showers developing in the mountains getting intense, too. you see flecks of yellow and orange, a pretty heavy storm toward lewistown, maybe a couple rumbles of thunder and just southeast of pittsburgh. that will produce some pretty good downpours. to the west this is a pretty good shower north of cross junction. everything is moving essentially eastward. get ready in charlestown and brunswick. down south and east shadyside to dunkirk, upper marlboro moderate to occasionally heavy rain over the next hour. i still can't confirm this 54 mile-per-hour wind gust in manassas, but a 42 mile-per- hour wind gust at national. so winds are an issue until about 9:00. they've expanded the wind advisory until 9:00, winds could gust 40 to 50 miles per
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hour the next few hours. bus stop temperatures 36 to north 8, dry, chilly -- 48, dry, chilly. wednesday a little cool, windy and warmer thursday. we should hit 70. 8:00 tonight maybe a couple straggler showers, upper 40s to upper 50s. by 10:00 you can walk the dog, temperatures in the upper 40s, clear skies. we get into the morning hours. it will be cold to start, 34 in gaithersburg, 36 in leesburg and manassas, 40 inside the beltway. by 9:00 still chilly, low to mid-40s. by lunchtime a nice day, lots of sunshine, but 54 is a wee bit cool especially after 73 today. a light jacket probably a good idea. day planner, chilly start, 49 by 11:00, 54 with sunshine by 1:00. next three days windy and warmer on thursday, 70, friday
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showers, good friday. showers and storms hold off till late, 74 the high on friday. saturday first day of passover, morning showers, 58, cooler, easter on sunday, low 60s, not bad. the home opener maybe a shower, temperatures 60, tuesday more showers and storms, highs near 70. maryland women are on fire. >> back in town as regional champions with their hats and trophy. now their attention turned to the final four. we caught up with the team as they returned to college park. >> when you look at the numbers, there's no doubt alex ovechkin is the gr
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the regional clamps are back in town. the maryland -- champs are back in town. the maryland women basketball team returned home this morning after a very successful trip to the west coast. our dioner roberts caught up with the team in college park. >> reporter: the maryland women returned from spokane, washington, and the defeat of university of tennessee and the first order of business for these guys headed to the final four? >> go to sleep, take a shower, relax, you know, kind of celebrate the win and get my mind locked in back for sunday. >> reporter: lauren is the lone senior starter. >> we're going to enjoy this moment, but they'll we'll have to lock back in for uconn. they're a good team, but
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they're not invincible. most people didn't see how hard we've been working this summer and preseason. >> reporter: the women get today and tomorrow off and back to work thursday. >> go terps! >> reporter: the maryland women head to the final four the second time in take row, the first -- a row, the first time they've had back to back final four appearances in school history. they'll meet uconn sunday night. the georgetown hoyas are losing their top scorer. coach thompson announced jr. rivera will enter the nba draft leading with 16.3 points and ranked 18th in hoyas history. alex ovechkin has a chance to join some exclusive company tonight. one goal scored and he has 50 for the sixth time in his career. that would make him the sixth player to ever do so joining the hall of fame names like wayne gretzky and mario
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lemieux. ovie has scored the most goals since the 2001/2002 season despite the fact he didn't enter the league until 2005. ovie score goals 48, 49, a big road win sunday in new york but still had his teammates talking at this morning's skate around. >> the first goal was unbelievable. he pulled it with one hand and snapped it, typical ovie goal. >> it's impressive to watch. it's pretty tough to stop as a goalie. i'm sure holt can tell you that in practices. it was a laser. >> this is alex ovechkin's 10th season. he has a total 471 career goals, one shy of the capitals franchise record. ovie led the nhl in goals scored four times. they host carolina tonight at 7:00. the polls close at 3 p.m.
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wednesday, earlier than normal this week because of good friday. text the code of the game you want to 25543. this is 9-year-old carly nolet and she has some skills from center ice. look, she's so calm. she won an iphone 6. she's done something no one has ever done at this arena. >> she's like i got two iphone 6's at home already. is there a 7? >> sneakers on ice and just right in, banked it off right in the goal. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> jan and i will be back for your only local news at 7:00.
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>> pelley: reversing course-- lufthansa now admits it knew the copilot had severe depression years before he crashed that jetliner into the alps. also tonight indiana's governor responds to the national outcry over the so-called religious freedom law. >> we will fix this, and we will moorward. >> pelley: a look at what's driving more and more colleges out of business. >> there's nothing anyone could have done. >> pelley: and the race against time to save baby sea lions. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: after a week of denials, lufthansa said today it did know that andreas lubitz suffered from severe depression long before he


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