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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ore. by 10:00 most of the activity will be gone. this looks pretty hairy down toward harrisonburg and charlottesville, but this will stay south of us. we'll come back, talk about if we clear out in time for tomorrow, the start of passover, and talk about how cool it's going to get behind this cold front. in the wake of all we've learned yesterday about the donovan hotel murder, there are still so many unanswered questions. tonight we're trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together about the victim and the woman charged with killing him. debra alfarone is live at the donovan hotel with an inside look for us. what have you learned? >> reporter: there's so many questions as you said and one of the first we'll tackle is what would lead an accomplished attorney with so much going for him to put himself in such a risky situation? by all accounts 30-year-old david messerschmitt had it all, a wife who cared for him. >> and i have lost everything. >> reporter: a family who loved him, a job as an
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intellectual property attorney at a d.c. law firm, but police say he also placed an ad on craigslist looking for a sexual hookup with a plan the day he died. using the e-mail address dcguy456 police say he communicated with a person he thought was a guy who ended up being 21-year-old jamyra gallmon in southeast d.c. what happened between the two the night of february 9th sun clear, but this psycho -- is unclear, but this psychotherapist says it's not uncommon for risk taking behavior to escalate when a person is essentially living two lives. >> you take risks. it's easy to think that okay, i took this risk and nothing bad happened. i can take it a little further and to keep pushing the envelope and taking more and more risks and perhaps becoming more lax about the safeguards and precautions that we take. >> reporter: to be clear, dr.
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smith has not treated messerschmitt nor his wife nearly three years kim vuong. >> she seems to be very graceful and dignified about the situation. all we can do is face the reality and try to move on. >> reporter: after gallmon's arrest vuong issued a statement thanking police and asking for privacy. online comments do suggest that messerschmitt may have used craigslist as far back as 2013 to meet men online. at 6:00 we'll look inside the alleged criminal mine of the once promising basketball -- mind of the once promising basketball star who is now sitting in jail faced with felony murder. >> gallmon is expected back in court april 10th. the parents of little noah thomas were in court today where they were arraigned. ashley white and paul thomas were each charged with two counts of felony abuse and neglect of children held in jail without bond.
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their 5-year-old son noah was found dead in a septic tank after a five-day search they're their pulaski county, virginia home. if convicted, white faces a maximum of 15 years in prison. thomas faces 10 years. right now university of maryland president wallace loh is opening the door to the possibility of renaming byrd stadium. the issue is racism and the segregationist history of the iconic man behind the name. scott broom is at maryland tonight live to tips more. >> reporter: renaming the stadium is a big deal for a lot of alumni. this is part of the fallout in the wake of a racist e-mail controversy that has inflamed passions at the university. now those flames and controversy have spread to the name of the stadium. it's got the capital one logo, but everyone here calls it byrd stadium. >> the average college student is a pretty high class youngster. >> reporter: that is hari c. curly byrd, the segregationist university president who from
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1936 to 1954 resisted integration refusing to let a black syracuse player on the field in 1937 and fighting for a segregated university system in maryland his entire career. >> what would stop you from renaming the stadium that is currently named after someone who is in our -- >> reporter: students challenged president wallace loh on the issue and the president opened the door to a possible name change for byrd stadium in the future. >> i will set up a process if different groups will discuss this issue and make their recommendations to me just as they would on any other issue. >> many students feel out of place here. >> reporter: young journalist jesse curangu said now is the time for change as the university deals with turmoil on the fraternity and the outing of one e-mail spewing racist epithets and calling for
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rape at a frat party. loh calls this a changeable moment. >> changing culture is a long term process, but we are committed to changing it. >> reporter: now african american students are pressing on the stadium name change to see how far loh will go. >> as this university talks about we're committed to diversity and inclusion to have that symbol suggests otherwise. >> reporter: talk about a coincidence, that guy's name is byrd, too but no relations. students put loh on the spot by demanding his personal opinion on this name change. loh dodged the question. he also caused some anger when he tweeted back to some students questioning him on this saying that the washington monument, after all, was named for a slave holder. i think his point was that names remind us of the downsides of history, sometimes downsides that should not be forgotten. reporting live in college park scott broom, wusa9. >> by the way, the family of
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that black syracuse player who was forced to sit on the sidelines in 1937 was honored in a ceremony at byrd stadium in 2013. an arrest in the murder of an aspiring rapper in seat pleasant, maryland. this morning police arrested 21- year-old lafonzo iracks at his northeast washington home. he's awaiting extradition to prince george's county. police say iracks shot and killed keaway ivy friday night. they were reportedly filming a music video in seat pleasant at the time. a woman is safe tonight after an attempted abduction yesterday at a bus stop they're lawyers road and glenbrook. woods drive in the oak hill area of fairfax county. the 20-year-old victim was waiting at a bus stop when a man tried to pull her into his pickup truck. she freed herself. the man got away. police are looking for a hispanic man between 40 and 50 years old with straight black
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hair wearing a green sweatshirt and tan pants driving an older pickup truck with a ladder rack and tan interior. call police if you have any information. tonight thing are back to normal outrages red line after reports of smoke shut down two -- normal on the red line after reports of smoke shut down two trains. no fire was found in the tunnel. >> i think they definitely responded better here. they closed it. they got people off the metro before the smoke was in the tunnels at forest glen. >> the haze cleared and the stations reopened a short time later. no one was hurt. pope francis today condemned the attack by islamic terrorists on christian students at a kenyan university as an act of senseless brutality. the pope sent a telegram of
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condolence urging kenyan authorities to end such attacks. meantime security was increased outside that university today. survivors of the massacre which left 147 dead said the gunmen planned extensively for the attack. the framework for an agreement over iran's nuclear program is now complete. craig boswell has more details from the white house. >> reporter: iranians celebrated in the streets over news of the nuclear agreement. iran's president says the framework is just the first step and he promised to stick to the agreement when the final details are ironed out. at friday prayers news of the deal was greeted with chants of death to america and death to israel. in a televise the speech israeli purchase benjamin netanyahu said iran -- israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said iran is a threat
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to israel's existence. israel is demanding iran acknowledge israel's right to quest as part of any final agreement. the white house -- to exist as part of any final agreement. the white house said the president will not sign any agreement that poses a threat to israel. urge the agreement iran would more than cut in half its uranium produces centrifuges to 6,000, open nuclear facilities to un inspectors. then economic sanctions would be suspended. u.s. officials say if iran violates the deal, then the sanctions can be reinstated immediately. >> negotiators have until june 30th to hammer out the finer details of the agreement. a philadelphia woman appeared in court today accused of trying to join isis in syria. a judge ordered the 30-year-old degrees ana thomas held until a -- deana thomas held until a
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detention hearing next week. she was prevented from leaving the country on a flight she planned to take two days later. she was planning to become a martyr and had even exchanged e- mails with a known jihadi fighter. disturbing details about the co-pilot of that downed germanwings passenger plane, french investigators say andreas lubitz accelerated the plane as he used the automatic pilot function to plunge that plane into the alps. recordings from the black box indicate lubitz locked the pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally crashed that plane killing all 150 on board. the pace of hiring for jobs appears to be slowing down according to the march jobs report released today. employers added just 126,000 jobs last month, the lowest number since december of 2013. the unemployment rate remains at 5.5%. economists say that may be due to an unseasonably cold march or because employers appear to
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be cautious about the economy. arlington county firefighters pull two people from a car this ran through a railing of a parking garage along four mile run. the car came to a stop sticking about halfway over the edge. the two people in the car were not hurt. no charges will be filed. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. heroin continues to be a menacing problem in our area. at 5:30 how local police are trying to combat the issue and a father share his pain after his child lost the battle of addiction. >> plus warehouse inferno, what nearby residents had to do after this ge plant went up in flames. >> topper is back with more on tonight's showers and storms and what we can expect this holiday weekend. >> reporter: i'm diane roberts in tampa at emily arena where the maryland terrapin women
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incredible video out of louisville, kentucky, where general electric appliance park went up in flames this morning. look at that. dark smoke and flames, this just consumed one of the buildings. it was a total loss. residents within 2 miles of the area were told to shelter in place. more than 200 firefighters were brought in to put out that fire. fortunately, though, no one was hurt and we still don't know at this point what caused that fire. ddot crews are wrapping up repairs to a water main break in northeast washington that happened last night on an 8- inch main in the 2200 block of randolph street. 50 to 60 homes were affected by that break. maryland women are in tampa getting ready for the final
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four. >> with all the march madness they can forget they are students first. diane roberts is with the team. i bet the weather is a little distracting, too. >> just a little. >> reporter: it can be. the weather is beautiful here, no complaints for me covering the maryland tear pun women, but it might be a distraction, especially if you're trying to concentrate on schoolwork. we keep forgetting sometimes these are student athletes and they still have their schoolwork to do even during the final four. this is what you're accustomed to seeing during the tournament, players practicing for their goal to survive and advance. this also happens, but you don't see it, study hall. >> it's pretty intense because no one knows the amount of schoolwork we miss when we're out. >> reporter: between the big 10 tournament and now the ncaa tourney they've missed significant school. so every day for a man of two hours these student atmosphere -- a minimum of two hours these
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student athletes hit the books instead of the court. >> health are does a great job making sure we have the notes we need from our professors and the wi-fi connections we need. respect know. >> reporter: heather aryana has provided academic support for the maryland athletes for 19 years. she said the average gpa for this team is about 3.0. >> for me it's kind of relaxing. >> reporter: the beautiful bay area beaches are 20 minutes away providing even more distraction, but the team has one thing on their mind. >> here we are blessed to season the opportunity to go further and potentially get a national championship ring. >> reporter: to get the ring they have to work hard on and off the court and have some understanding teacher like our own dave owens. >> dave, i have a message for you. hopefully i won'ting back in class monday, but if i could have an extension on my script,
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that would be great. can't wait to see you. >> reporter: of course, looking for that extension. she's referring to sunday when they play uconn. if they win, they wouldn't be back to school mound. heather likes to point out some of these students have very tough majors, american studies for alexis and brinnae. diane roberts. >> working hard on and off the court. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> it's a gray friday, but it's still good friday. >> that is true. right now radar has showers, but nothing severe just yet. that said we'll keep a close eye the next three hours. that's critical in term of potential for showers and thunderstorms. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam and we're looking at temperatures still
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pretty warm actually. it's 71 right now, pretty good. the winds are southwest at 11. winds are an issue tonight and tomorrow as we get into the northwest flow when the cold front goes through. prepare for windy conditions till about noon tomorrow. radar over the past couple hours we'll see again just light activity. it's all shades of green, which is a good thing, but it's still going to slow you down between d.c. and baltimore in terms of the commute. we'll zoom in. you see a little yellow here, heavier rainfall just northwest of frederick. everything is pushing north and east. this is headed across 70 into thurmont. down to the south of d.c. south oldtown into southern maryland, there's some rain but nothing heavy. it will slow you down as you go down toward la plata and mechanicsville. heavier strong storms are possible till about 10:00, but in the wake of everything windy
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and cool tomorrow but sunny and thankfully not as cold as last saturday. we're kind of on this pattern of every week pretty strong cold front goes through. behind this cold front it will be cool but not bone chilling like last saturday. sunny for east are sunday and monday -- easter sunday and monday a few late clouds. i think we get through the game dry. 8:00 tonight yellow and orange leave activity north of d.c. that could just as easily be here in fairfax county as montgomery county, but suffice it to say 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 is when we're concerned for the potential of big storms, the main threat damaging winds and heavy downpours. 9:30 lighter showers east of town, prince george's county and back towards manassas. by 1:30 everything slides to the south and we clear out quickly by 7:00. your eyes do not deceive you. that is snow on the other side
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of the divide in oakland and garrett county down toward davis, west virginia. by 11:00 strong northwest winds, chilly, upper 40s gaithersburg, mid-50s downtown. if you have any soccer games tomorrow, it will be cool. by 4:00 we're approaching 60 downtown and low to mid-50s elsewhere. on the day planner temps don't go up much, 53 at 7:00, clear. 52 at 7:00, 53 at 9:00, only 54 at 11:00 and only 55 at 1:00. we are struggling to get to 60 tomorrow. easter sunday 65 and nats home open are, clouds coming in late, perhaps a shower, but highs they're 70. next seven days low 70s on tuesday, warmer, better chance of showers and storms, nats in town a bit unsettled, keep it in the 60s for now.
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many catholics in our area took part in the weigh of the cross procession osgood -- way of the cross processions on good wednesday across the national mall. the procession started on capitol hill at st. peter's church and ended at the washington monument. jews around the world marked the start of passover tonight with a sadr. the traditional meal commemorates the jews exodus. the jews ate unleavened bread. chrysler pays $150 million to the family of a georgia boy who died in a jeep grand
5:25 pm
cherokee. the 4-year-old was killed when the suv he was riding in exploded after being rear- ended. our consumer team first told you about certain jeeps and the placement of their gas tanks with very little protection in the event of a crash. chrysler maintains its vehicles are safe and says it is considering an appeal of the verdict. tonight we give you a through look at what the co- -branded sprint radioshack stores may look like. the pictures were part of the documents included in federal bankruptcy court in delaware. the company plans to unveil those stores later this month. sometimes you're concerned about buying a new electronic gadget because you think you might not like it later. there's a new startup company that lets you test drive the gadgets before you buy them called lumoid. you pay a few dollars a day to rent them before you make a purchase. >> catering to a whole
5:26 pm
generation of people that want access rather than purchasing. >> lumoid has expanded to photography gear, wearable devices, even drones and thousands are on the wait list to try out the apple watch when it's released later this month. new guidelines on the way d.c. treats young people in court. >> plus stranded at sea more than two months, we'll hear from the lucky survivor that's now back on dry land. >> reporter: police say heroin use is on the rise, but one virginia county has a plan
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this is a yellow alert. now here's wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> good news, bad news. good news, no big storms right now, bad news a wet commute home for many, showers up toward frederick and on the east side of 95 into prince george's coaround bowie, mitchellville and southern maryland. you can see a little fleck of yellow there, heavier rain north of myersville. fortunately nothing big has developed just yet. atmosphere is fairly unstable. you still have a wet commute past clarkbsurg into frederick up towards myersville, showers toward walker hill and down 305 toward brandy wayne and southern maryland. by -- brandywine and southern maryland. by 8:00 we could see some
5:30 pm
heavier activity. the threat is there until 10:00. we'll keep you posted. heroin use has been on the rise across america. in loudoun county lawmakers and law enforcement are trying to address the issue in a more comprehensive way to preventive measures like education and mental health work. ellison barber has more on what they announced today. >> this is really an effort that is spearheaded by the loudoun county sheriff's office and representative barbara comstock. it's an effort to pool together resources that for the most part already exist to be more efficient with dealing with drug abuse and hopefully preventing it altogether. >> i have four kids, my oldest in high school, and i see these young kids getting into it. >> six months ago erica potter probably would not have come to hear an announcement about the regional heroin initiative. >> virtually everybody i know has someone in either their immediate or extended family who has suffered something like this. >> and we wouldn't be speaking
5:31 pm
with jack briggs, but both lost a loved one to heroin only six months ago. erica lost her brother jason. >> if you could have -- it's hard to sum him up in words. >> he was a father, well loved. >> everybody thinks that it's a junky with a needle hanging out of their arm and it's not. >> jack lost his son kevin. >> he was a good young man, a good child, a good kid. >> he played sports, was a cub scout and only 21 when he died. >> to go into an apartment and find your kid lying face down. >> stories like theirs have become more common. heroin overdoses have increased across the country. virginia hasn't been an exception. in 2009 the county had two heroin overdoses the entire year. last year they had 31 heroin overdoses. now the sheriff's office and representative barbara comstock have created a task force made up of local and federal law enforcement to tackle the problem in a bigger way. >> community involvement from mental health to substance abuse professionals and from school officials to the public
5:32 pm
at large. >> public involvement they say is key. >> we wanted to bring all of the people who are involved in battling this heroin problem together and do it in a very public way so we can have people know about the problems. >> both erica and jack tell us efforts like these are a good thing and hope it helps. >> you hear a lot about overdose and different initiatives, but i'm eager to see the results and how it's having a positive impact. >> we heard a lot of compelling stories today and jack briggs who lost his son kevin told us he wanted to speak with us simply because he loved his son and wanted to tell his story. he said it's something the public needs to know about because this is a big problem. i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> thank you. this task force is placing an emphasis on working with you, the public, and making sure that you're aware of the signs of heroin use so that you can help others get help, maybe get help yourself and hopefully learn enough to recognize those who may be more susceptible and
5:33 pm
stop it before it starts. there will be a couple forum in the next couple weeks. an arrest in the murder of a man whose bold was found thursday in annandale. fairfax county police veha charged 31-year-old ubaldo juanez with murder. they were both homeless living off wadsworth court where police found the victim. his identity is not confirmed. d.c. plans to stop the routine practice of putting shackles on children in court. beginning monday individual judges will decide whether that should happen. defense attorneys have fought to have the shackles removed saying they are unnecessary and demeaning. d.c.'s ward 5 council member kenyan mcduffie agrees. >> he one from research that shackling can be psychologically harmful to children and does nothing, does nothing to contribute to their rehabilitation and when you consider the fact that 41% of
5:34 pm
the cases petitioned were for nonviolent defenses the thought of indiscriminate shackling is even more jarring. >> other local courts decide whether to use shackles on a case by case basis and at least 12 states banned the practice. a man lost at sea is back on land in virginia for the first time in 66 days. he traveled by helicopter back to shore where he will be reunited with his family. nick nikki nikki burdine has his -- nikki burdine has the story. >> reporter: his story of survival sinkable. >> i was praying to god please protect me. >> reporter: lewis jordan is a master of survival. the 36-year-old was rescued thursday after spending 66 days stranded in the atlantic ocean. his story of survival started in late january. >> it was very bad weather and
5:35 pm
the waves were huge. >> reporter: jordan who had been living on a docked sailboat left south carolina to go fishing. when somewhere at sea the weather turned bad crippling his boat. >> the whole boat had turned around and i was flying through the air somersaulting and the ceiling was the floor, the floor was the ceiling. >> reporter: a german tanker finally spotted him thursday and called the coastguard. jordan walked off a helicopter after being flown to a virginia hospital. he remembers how he managed to survive for so long. >> i rationed my food and water and i rationed my energy because every little thing i did, every cleaning chore, every sailing chore, every repair took energy. prepare after being treated for a broken shoulder jordan will be released from the hospital today. jordan says now all he's looking forward to is spending easter with his family. >> that is quite a blessing.
5:36 pm
jordan's parents reported him missing january 29th. they are on their way to the hospital in virginia to meet him now. the new york auto show starts today and some of the new cars on display seem as connected to the web as they are on the road. this smart watch from hyundai lets you start your car, lock the door, find the map and shut off the lights. this is called teen driver. parents access and control the settings with a pin code. a safety engineer with chevy explains how it works. >> the apparent can choose to set the maximum audio volume limit for the vehicle. the apparent can also choose to set a speed warning. if either the driver or passenger in front are unbuckled, the teen driver will lose the radio. >> the new version of you connect smartphone app talks directly to the car and the latest nissan maxima sends drivers an alert if it thinks
5:37 pm
you're drowsy. some of the nation's former presidents were on the national mall today. the washington nationals racing presidents, teddy roosevelt, bill taft and abe lincoln posed for photos with fans as part of their 10 days of thank you campaign. a tow truck driver nearly snatches up a car with two kids inside, you'll hear what their father wants that driver to know at 6:00. >> trending now one of d.c.'s most famous perhapsers plans a show for his son. >> and a
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taking a look at some trending stories tonight, d.c. hip-hop superstar wall-e is planning a secret show tomorrow. we don't know where or when. if you want the details, you'll have to follow wedc on twitter and somebody will find out because nobody keeps a secret. >> is this a free show? >> we don't know where or when or how. mayor muriel bowser is welcoming the funk festival to
5:41 pm
u street, the parade now in its second year. it will include a music festival and 25,000 people came out last year. what do you call social media parenting? >> deion sanders gives his son a reality check. dijon sanders jr. tweeted got to get -- deion sanders gives tweeted got to get the donuts. he called him out on something that's fairly benign. that wasn't so bad. >> very tempered bad. have you seen this yet? the price is right model makes a $20,000 mistake leaving a contestant with a very big prize.
5:42 pm
>> 19,849. >> go ahead. no. oh. >> i won it! >> congratulations. let's give you a car! >> wow. she got wrapped up in the moment there. >> that's a bummer because they thought she got it. >> did they give it to her? they had to. >> even when you win these things, you still have to pay the taxes on them. that's the thing. >> that's okay. i'll take my chances. one more great trending video we'll talk about another time. in the meantime look at this. >> one local school home to two champions. we'll tell you which school is excelling in the classroom and the field. >> plus spring is here and so is allergy season. we have a doctor with some advice what to do now to get relief later. >> topper is back right
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♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather. >> we'll have some showers
5:46 pm
across the metro area, but nothing heavy right now, let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 71 despite the clouds, relative humidity 68%. that's fairly humid, wind southwest at 11. the winds will continue out of the southwest until the front goes through after midnight. here's doppler radar the last hour, a couple showers off to the north, frederick, east of hagerstown, these showers pushing into anne arundel county into southern maryland. we're watching these showers south and west, still southwest of culpeper. those could develop in the next couple hours. meantime just light rain, frederick up toward thurmont, nothing crazy heavy, all shades of green which is generally light on our legend. we'll move back to the south. this is light activity again across much of calvert county and back into st. mary's county. again nothing crazy heavy at all and we see this activity shenandoah and orange out 29, this is going to head toward culpeper. that's what i'm going to watch the next couple hours to see if
5:47 pm
that becomes more intense. we'll keep the chance of a heavier strong thunderstorm in till about 10:00 tonight. that means heavy rains and possibly strong gusty winds. windy and cool tomorrow, sunny saturday, sunny and milder easter sunday, still breezy and milder for the nats home opener on monday, looks okay. clouds come in late. i think a shower is possible after the game ends. we're looking at temperatures at least they're 70. 8:00 tonight see futurecast, trying to develop a line of showers and storms across the northern half of the metro area with temperatures still in the mid-60s. we'll keep an eye on it. by noon 30 a couple showers in the immediate metro area south of town and east of town in prince george's county, nothing crazy heavy. overnight most of the heavy activity slide south of us, we clear out quickly. we wake up in the 40s, but the winds will be howling. dress for the 30s tomorrow morning and 40s in the afternoon and yes, that is snow up in garrett county early
5:48 pm
saturday morning. 11:00 sunshine, upper 40s to mid-50s. by 4:00 trying to get to 60 downtown, upper 50s in the suburbs. day planner 52 at 7:00 with sunshine, only 53 at 9:00, 54 at 11:00 and struggling to 55 at 1:00 but with full sun, winds gusting 25, 30 miles an hour. sunday seasonable, 65, monday they're 7, couple late showers possible after the game. a better chance of showers and storms on tuesday, low 70s, nat still in town, 73 with sunshine next friday. metro is making it easier to check out the cherry blossoms this weekend. track work is suspended this weekend and next. the national park service expects peak bloom to be april 11th through the 14th. those skinny catwalk models could be history in france. lawmakers want to make it a
5:49 pm
crime to use an or rexic models -- on anorexic models. are you sniffling, coughing, have watery eyes? it could be seasonal allergies. the chief of the allergy section at inova fairfax hospital joins us now. welcome. how prevelant is this in our area? >> it is prevelant because our area is surrounded by suburban areas, urban, rural areas, all generating lots of tree and grass and weed pollen. that's carried on the wind to our nostrils in the metro area. >> is there anything a doctor can do to help you with tree pollen? >> the doctor wants to make the diagnosis. that could be history, physical, lab tests, skin tests, make the diagnosis is it
5:50 pm
really tree pollen? how important is the cat? is it infection? you need to make the diagnosis and then dial in the right treatment. >> the grass pollen count will rise soon. we hear there's this medication you can take six weeks prior to help prevent side effects from that. >> you can take it three or four months prior a pill that you take every day under the tongue. it's really for the grass pollen. if you have tree pollen allergy, that's not really it. also they have another one for weed pollen which is going to be in the fall. that's the latest thing available for people that have tree pollen allergy. >> a lot of people move to the d.c. area and never have allergies until they come here. why is that? >> we've got a very long allergy season and we have weeds that aren't elsewhere. for example, there isn't any ragweed west of the mississippi. they're coming here for pay a
5:51 pm
long season -- a long season, january through november. >> always great to see you. >> thanks for having me. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. [ sneeze ] >> bless you. >> i needed that. i did. seriously now this week's high school profile takes us to a place we don't always go, the track and the pool at the same time sort of. a dynamic duo at bethesda chevy chase high school. running, diving, might as well call the combination land versus water because on the surface the sports couldn't be more different. >> i like how anyone can be a runner like you don't need all this much, shoes and clothes and you can run. >> diving, you only have about
5:52 pm
20 seconds to show how good you are, show the judges what you can do. >> reporter: this senior holds four titles. >> finally when you get the recognition, it's so satisfying to finally reach that goal. >> reporter: jack crow, her fellow, holds back to back state titles in diving, combined that's six individual state titles. >> there's less forgiving in the sport, so you kind of have to make sure everything is good, not just one or two things. >> reporter: for these maryland state champs, they're both team sports fueled by individual effort. >> when you get up on the board, our entire team lines up on the side of the pool and cheers no matter what and says it's really nice to see it's kind of family. >> reporter: the same goes for track events. >> the team that pushes you to keep going because you do it
5:53 pm
for them. you're running for a bunch of people really. so that helps motivate me. >> reporter: the focus and discipline jack and nora have to succeed in the individual zone propel them to the collegiate level. >> much more from tampa at 6:20. during lent folks give up a lot of different things, food, cigarettes. you'll want to hear what the maryland terrapin women are giving up for this tournament. you'll hear from head coach brenda frese coming up. why having a smarter older sibling can really pay off for you. >> up next peeps
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tonight there's new data about the richest counties and cities in virginia. >> we'll tell you all about it. we have peeps on the brain now, but first let's get to these numbers that have been curated from the irs tax return data back in 2013. falls church comes in no. 1 with an average salary of nearly 92,000-dollar. that is followed by loudoun county -- $92,000. that is followed by loudoun county, arlington county, guclland county no. 4 -- guchland county no. 4. peeps, of course, the colorful bunnies that can be turned into art evidently as well. >> that's what mark albert will
5:57 pm
show you with the entries from the washington post peep competition. >> reporter: this is a masterpiece made of marshmallows and it's among the finalists in the washington post's annual peeps diarama contest. >> it's so fun to see what people come up wind chill. >> reporter: the paper received over -- come up with. >> reporter: the paper received over 400 entries this year like this tribute to kim kardashian's break the internet cover. i'm sorry, did i hear you correctly? five people submitted a kim kardashian themed diora mr. a? >> yes. >> reporter: this entry -- diorama? >> yes. >> reporter: this entry shows the drone crashing on the north lawn of the white house, but the assassination of peepraham lincoln diaram approved too much for some readers.
5:58 pm
becky heaton and susan marr have entered the contest six times and were thrilled when they finally won. the winning creation features 12 peeps hiding in plain sight. they spent three weekends creating their master peep which has many readers stumped. >> we get a kick out of it. >> but we know where they are. >> reporter: success is sweet and if this whet your appetite, there's always -- whets your appetite, there's always next year. >> the winning entries will be on display this weekend at national harbor and on washington >> that's all for wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> we begin with the threat of strong winds and heavy rains all around town. good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster.
5:59 pm
let's get right to chief meteorologist topper shutt as he tracks this a couple areas of showers. everything is light for the time being, light activity toward frederick and moving out of southern maryland, but we turn our attention to this activity south of winchester back toward culpeper. still a wet commute once you get past frederick up 270 and up 355 and a little leftover rain into southern maryland, but notice it's all light green which is light on the legend, but back to the west culpeper and back just to the southwest of fredericksburg all this is moving to the north and east. this is what we could actually see develop into a little heavier activity. now it's still light. you don't see yellows or oranges. we're concerned about that developing between now and 10:00. by 8:00 futurecast has a pretty good shower and thunderstorm north of d.c. in between d.c. and baltimore, oranges and yellows. earlier they had a big massive storm over the district.
6:00 pm
don't get too hung up on the exact location, but until about 10:00 we're looking at the chance for some big showers and thunderstorms. we'll come back, talk about how cool it will be behind this and look ahead to the nats home opener forecast. we've got breaking news. sarah brady died at age 73. family members say she'd been battling pneumonia. brady was the wife of former white house press secretary jim brady who suffered a debilitating injury after gunshot wounds during an assassination attempt on president reagan. brady died last year. in 1985 sarah brady and her husband formed the brady campaign to call for gun violence prevention. sarah brady is survived by her son james scott bread, -- brady, jr. and a stepdaughter. protesters are outside a loudoun county church. >> s


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