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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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it's a scathing journalistic review of the sensational rolling stone gang rape article that some say may make actual rape survivors less willing to report it. warm breezes to start the week. the national zoo already has their new security plans in place for tomorrow. community leaders are stepping up to the plate for family day. hello, i'm debra alfarone. bruce johnson is off tonight. it was the read.
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columbia journalism's review into the journalistic failure behind the show stopping rolling stone article, a rape on cam pus. columbia called the whole debacle a story of journalistic failure that was avoidable. the review went on to point out specific times where they say rolling stone should have pushed further in verifying and substantiating information including trying to in dependently find jackie's alleged rapist and the three friends she said she was with right after that alleged attack. jackie, whose jaw dropping tale took center stage, declined to be involved in the review. the writer called reading the review a, quote, brutal and humbling experience. rolling stone says they wanted to highlights the problem -- highlight the problem of rape on campus but admits tonight,
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quote, it saddens us to think their willingness to do so might be diminished by our failings, end quote. >> rolling stone apologized and officially retracted that article. the "new york times" reports the author will continue to write for the magazine. tonight the uva president said the article did nothing to combat sexual violence. switching gears, baseball fans around here have been waiting for this day since october. the nats are back in action tomorrow hosting the mets. we're live outside the stadium. garrett, what makes this opening day so much different? >> reporter: expectations have never been higher for a deep playoff run, expectations that fans will help revitalize this part of the city, and now expectations about a big announcement reportedly coming
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tomorrow. down the block from nationals park the countdown to opening day is nearly over. few people have waited for tomorrow afternoon with as much anticipation as joe gonzales who opened the big stick bar and restaurant in december. a relay throw away from the stadium. he has built it. tomorrow fans will come. >> it's all of our excitement built up into one day. >> reporter: the baseball wise men expect that to be true. the nationals return one of the best rosters in baseball and have added ace max scherzer who will take the field tomorrow for the first time as a nat. fans will notice metal detectors at every entrance. plan to arrive an hour before the first pitch. >> we realize people in washington, d.c. are probably familiar with motel detection, but still until you get used to the process, please, come
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early, take your time. >> reporter: tomorrow's biggest hit could also come off the field. tonight there are multiple reports that mlb's commissioner will announce the 2018 all-star game will be held in washington, something gonzalez says the whole city should cheer. >> i think that people really take a lot more interest in the neighborhood and, you know, we really try to debut this city via that game. >> reporter: for folks coming out tomorrow, if you notice what seems like more kids than usual on a weekday afternoon game, here's why. d.c. public schools have monday off for easter monday, so it will be only the adults out here in the middle of the day playing hooky. >> thank you garrett. and of course you can watch the nats versus the mets tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. right here on wusa 9. let's switch gears to basketball now. we've been following maryland's journey to the final four.
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dave owens joins us now. how did they do in tampa? >> we knew it would be tough. you're a sports fan. uconn, one of the best in women's basketball. a tough one tonight for maryland. they went in with a simple mantra, the lady terps. they say we don't fear nobody, and that comes from coach brenda frese who can motivate any team, but could she will the troops to a monumental upset some by now you know the answer is no but you have to tip the cap to brenda's ballers. a great effort tonight. to tampa we go. started well. check out this move here by lauren. i call this the spinorama supreme, and then the dish to briana jones. she had 12 points early for maryland, but uconn really just taking over.
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right now, they are speaking to the media. this is lauren at the podium. >> i can't wait to see what is ahead for them. >> question on the side. >> "new york times." >> can you give him the other mic? >> john, "new york times." coach was talking about lauren's legacy. to you, what is that legacy? what does that mean? >> i see her as a player who is extremely resilient. she had a lot of adversity during her career here. a lot of people could have rolled over and been like, you know what, my knees, i'm not going to be the player i used to be, but, she worked extremely hard to get back this season. to see her back to who she was before her knee injuries and to see how hard she worked, i think that's the legacy she is going to leave with us. >> right here, gene. >> looking back on your career
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what are you going to remember most? what are you going to be most proud of? >> just the family that i've made here. these are my accounts sisters. whenever they need anything, they can call me. just a family atmosphere. all the support from the coaches i've had over the years. >> question on the left side here. >> late in the second half you guys started driving the lane and drawing some fouls, but in the early part of the game you seemed a little hesitant to attack connecticut that way. what was going on that was different late in the game, or was it just your mind-set? >> i think our mind-set just changed. i think we just wanted to be able to attack. they were playing the three- point line pretty well. bree was doing well. that's basically our man travel. >> time for one last one. >> the ladies talking about
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lauren mincy, one of the only seniors. 81-58. you heard the young ladies talking about their teammate lauren, the only senior on the team. maryland finishing up 34-3. nothing to be ashamed of. >> but it hurts a little. >> it always hurts to get that loss. switching gears to baseball, what can fans expect? in fact, let's go to meteorologist howard bernstein. >> a nice day. we've got a couple spots in the 40s. all we're looking at is high clouds coming our way. this moisture stays to our south so i'm very optimistic that you are going to need sunscreen tomorrow. for the home opener temperatures will be at 74 for game time, dropping into the
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lower 70s. a very nice way to start the season. we do have some unsettled weather returning as early as tuesday. i'll be back later with the seven-day forecast. deborah. new tonight, what started as a fight between two passengers on a metro bus ends with one man stabbed. that fight broke out on a bus at east-west highway. metro tells aus 23-year-old man and a younger female began arguing. metro says the man assaulted that female passenger, and she stabbed him. the man was taken to the whose a stab wound. the female was treated for a minor hand injury. we're told that the two passengers knew each other, and both are in police custody tonight. it's been the scene of violence in the past. this year's family day at the national zoo tomorrow is going to see stepped up security. stephanie ramirez introduces us to one group who is working to make it even safer. >> rtrepoer: they're fighting for change, one t-shirt and hat
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at a time. >> he started this yesterday, and he's going to finish. >> reporter: you are going to be in uniform. why? >> so people who can identify who we are. >> reporter: around 75 people signed up to wear these shirts as a way to help police combat violence. ron is a community activist who was there last year when this happened. shots rang out injuring two teens. and there were reports of a teen stabbing four years ago, and five people were shot more than a decade ago. and this year, forcing the zoo to amp up security. >> a lot of times we put all the weight on the law enforcement and the zoo but it's part of our village, these are our children. we need to be a part of the solution. >> reporter: monday he and volunteers plan to be around, chat, keep an eye out, and if they ask, educate teens on the cultural history of african-
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american family day. >> everybody should be enjoying the day, enjoying the families and enjoying everybody's culture and everything. i think the kids today, oh, man. >> a young child is like a product of how they're raised. >> reporter: martin says and the volunteers will create that environment. >> all hands on deck, all eyes on deck, all ears on desk. we believe we can give the children our love and support and have a great day. >> reporter: family day begins tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9 news. >> the national zoo isn't the on place with increased security. tomorrow all those going to the nats home opener will also be going through metal detectors. the cherry blossom festival is here but there's one thing missing. the blossoms.
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the national park service says the tree usually blooms a week before the rest of them, and this year's blossom peak is predicted for the 11th through the 14th, the latest since 1993. we caught up with several people today who said they were enjoying the scenery even without those cherry blossoms. >> i think it's great. i'm just sorry they're not blossoming at this point but it's still beautiful. >> it's a beautiful day to be out here and celebrate the friendship between our friends in japan and the u.s. and the cherry bloc sops. so we love to come out for the festival and be a part of this beautiful day. i see them peeking out so we're getting excited. there's a couple of trees that have blossomed around our house so i think it's going to be a beautiful week for the feasted value. >> our daughter talked us into coming down to see if the cherry blossoms are out. and they're coming, aren't they. >> they sure are. hundreds of people attended
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today's lantern lighting festival at the tidal basin. the stone lantern was carved in japan four centuries ago. it was presented to washington as a gift in 1954. coming up tonight, easter services across the city and the world today. we'll take from you d.c. to the vatican. and here's a riddle. what's almost 2 feet high and 19 feet round? yeah, stick around there to find out. and it's a little
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in central chile residents near a volcano are preparing to move closer to safety. the volcano spewed a thick plume of ash into the sky prompting authorities to warn of possible eruption. last month thousands were forced to evacuate when lava began flowing. i'm looking forward to tomorrow. are you? >> oh yeah. i love opening day. i played baseball as a kid, softball when i was older. there's something special about being at the park in the springtime with a warm breeze. >> and a hot dog.
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>> cracker jacks. the weather is going to cooperating. games two and three, wednesday and thursday, won't be nearly as pretty. let me show you what's happening. we've got a really nice night going on. clear skies on the michael & son weather cam. a temperature of 57 degrees. and the winds, they're south- southwest at 10. look how dry the air is. the humidity is only 29%. that dry air, if we can get some breaks we could have a few spots in the 30s. but right now we're in the 50s. 49 in martin luther king, cumberland 46. on the bay in annapolis 56. the high today was 69 degrees. and tomorrow morning we are going to be down in the upper 30s to upper 40s. you know it's not out of the question somebody gets down to 35 or 36 but not a bad start to the day. tomorrow fairly comfortable, temperatures by the midd@le of the day will be 50 here by 10:00 so we'll warm up quickly.
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70 by 1:00, high 74 to 75, but the winds gusting 20 to 25 so another breezy day. that's one of the things about spring. we get a lot of wind. so a warm, dry start, but showers return by tuesday. in fact, i think tuesday morning there could be a couple of showers around, depending on how many we think we're going to get, we may have to upgrade to a yellow alert. you can join allison, or maybe i'll do that at noon tomorrow. cooler showers wednesday and thursday. in fact, i think thursday will be the ugliest day of the week with temperatures in the 50s, but next weekend looks dry. i'm tracking a storm in california. this is going to bring some much needed moisture once it comes from the pacific northwest into california with some rain and some higher elevation snow. terrible drought conditions. then this other guy in the south along i-10 is going to be moving more east and southeast. so it is throwing a few clouds our way. you see showers near kentucky,
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tennessee. tonight looks fairly quiet except for those high clouds. and tomorrow starts out good. so if you are going to the ballpark tomorrow wear the sunscreen. you are going to need it. you've got the high sun angle. low to mid-70s. tomorrow night we start to track a few showers. monday night into tuesday morning, here we are at 7:30. during the day on tuesday, not so bad. that's why i have not issued the yellow alert. but certainly more clouds. mid-70s, but the afternoon and evening has a threat for heavier showers, maybe a thunderstorm or two. even wednesday, the difference wednesday is our winds will start to turn more northeasterly. water temperatures in the atlantic are in the 40s. if we get any sort of breeze that will really cool us down. that's what looks like will be the case for wednesday and thursday. when you look at wednesday's temperatures, that may be too hot. 74 tomorrow, a nice day. upper 50s tomorrow night with the clouds. a few showers, even by tuesday
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morning. again in the afternoon a possible yellow alert day. but look at those temperatures. in the mid-70s. 65 wednesday. could be too warm. it certainly will bely keeler with a few showers. thursday, i think we stay in the 50s. by friday 77, back to showers and storms. and we've got the cherry blossom icon on saturday for the parade. for the most part i think we'll be okay. andrea roane and mike hydeck will be hosting that parade. watch that saturday noon to 2:00. sunday looks good with temperatures in the 60s. so a good start. >> i will take that, howard. let me ask you a question. you like sweets? >> do i like sweets? that's a dumb question. of course. >> there you go. stick around, i have something for you. it is no secret that fancy doughnuts have become a big food trend, howard bernstein, but move over, krispy kreme, a new doughnut shop in british columbia is making a doughnut that may be worth its weight in gold. that's because this doughnut
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contains god. make that 24k edible gold along with edible diamonds. and aged chocolate balsamic vinegar. but this doesn't come cheap. how much do you think it costs? $100. >> i thought it would be more. >> i don't understand this. going on with the sweets thing, if you didn't get enough chocolate, look at this. some 50,000 people gathered for a taste of the world's largest hand made easter egg. you are looking at 17,637 pounds of chocolate. that big egg stood almost 28 feet high and was almost 19 feet wide. more than 70 culinary students helped create the egg before they broke it down into pieces and gave it to the whole crowd. >> what else are you going to do with it. >> exactly. well, when we come back -- >> reporter: in his easter
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message pope a new form of innovation is taking shape, bringing media and technology together for more people. together is more wi-fi access in more places. it's a home you control with the touch of a finger.
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it's reimaging tv to give more people more choices. it's bringing technology and people together in ways you never thought possible. comcast and time warner cable. together is better for more people.
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christians around the world and here at hope celebrated easter sunday. the holy day commemorates jesus
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christ's resurrection. hundreds attended services at the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle. >> i've heard this is the most beautiful church, and it's so important on this day to be at a special place to celebrate jesus christ. >> my main thought really is that i'm so grateful to be with family since they have come such a long way to visit me. i feel really grateful to be celebrating such a beautiful holliday with the people that i love and care about. >> the archbishop of washington, cardinal donald wuerl celebrated mass. despite the rain, tens of thousands were there to see the pope. >> reporter: pilgrims from around the world huddled in the rain to celebrate easter mass with pope francis. this american family traveled
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from germany. >> amazing. this is a truly great religious experience for me. >> reporter: after the service, the pope delivered a somber easter message from the central balcony of st. peter's basil could. he appealed for peace throughout the world, in africa and the middle east, and especially in syria and iraq. he said, may the international community not stand by before the immense humanitarian tragedy unfolding in these countries. >> one man can change the minds of many others. that's very important. >> reporter: he praised the recent agreement on curbing iran's nuclear program. during these easter celebrations the pope spoke out strongly against violence towards christians saying they were being persecuted and crucified before our very eyes. he criticized the international
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community for what he called its complicit silence. he remembered the 148 students massacred at a university in kenya. many were killed on the spot simply for beg christian. cbs news, the vatican. >> and this is the third easter for pope francis. we'll have the "game on overtime"
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maryland is sporting the kind of resume you need to offer an upset. 2 straight victories, but beating uconn takes a special effort. brenda frese all fired up. you know she can certainly motivate the troops. check out this move by lauren mincy. up and under. i like it. hiding the basketball. terps keeping it close in the first half, but breanna stewart keeping it going in the second half. she had help, too. morgan tuck is another fabulous freshman for gino. >> really disappointed. obviously we wanted to come in here and shock the world but i'm proud of how my team competed, and i can't wait to see what is ahead for them. >> i thought the runs in the
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second half obviously hurt us and were really tough, but couldn't be more proud obviously of lauren mincy and the legacy that she has left. >> the men will crown the champion tomorrow night in indianapolis. wisconsin led by player of the year frank kaminsky. duke 80-70. >> sorry, i was just perks rirkzscoping b
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>> maryland wins the big ten tournament. >> welcome inside a very special "game on" overtime. we've got a hoop de jure. >> i like that. >> dave owens with frank hanrahan. >> the huskies 76-1. >> you've got to understand, you want this


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