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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 8, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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st seen in a black nissan altima headed south on i- 85 from petersburg. police want you to call 911 if you see them. tonight parents and students search for answers after mysterious illnesses in two different communities. >> the cases are not related, but the concerns sure are, tonight's top story at 7:00. first a marshall high school athlete he athlete is in a coma tonight. his outlook for recovery not certain. peggy fox with his story from fairfax tonight. >> reporter: 16-year-old justin lee has been in a coma here at inova fairfax hospital since february when he was suddenly stricken with a rare neurological virus. >> it seemed like he had normal flu symptoms. >> reporter: justin a 16-year- old from vienna was the picture of health. he's on the marshall football team and played basketball since grade school.
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>> here's a great picture of him cheering at one of the marshall games. >> justin's personality, he's holding up a large crock. >> he just makes everybody laugh. >> reporter: joe corish has been his long time basketball coach and was saving a spot on the team for him. >> we were just blown away. how has this happened so fast? he went from going to the sort of a virus checked out to suddenly he's in the hospital and he's in a coma. >> reporter: justin's mom tells the corishes her youngest son has been diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis that is affecting his brain stem and spinal cord. >> one day he's totally fine and the next day he's in the icu and nobody knows why, how he got it or how to treat it. >> reporter: yesterday his friends witnessed a good sign during their visit. >> he looked at me a little
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bit. i saw he opened his eyes a little bit and that just made my day. >> justin was transferred today to johns hopkins to begin rehab. the centers for disease control has begun investigating cases like this in the last six months. they've gotten reports of 115 children in 34 states with this very same virus. only two of those kids have fully recovered. now to loudoun county where the classmates and friends of a broad run high school student are remembering 18-year-old madison small. she got sick suddenly and died on tuesday. >> reporter: the sign says we love you, madison small. her closest friend couldn't bear to come to school to but they couldn't be alone either. >> we still think she'll be on the softball field tomorrow playing with us. >> reporter: madison's softball team spent the last 24 hours ago laughing, crying and
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sharing memories. >> she never failed to brighten your day. >> reporter: suzanne texted madison monday and all seemed fine. that night her friend didn't feel well, went to the hospital and by tuesday morning she passed away. the principal had to tell his school madison became fatally ill. >> one of the things i'll remember about her is i would stand in the hallway every morning before school. she was willing to stop and kind of make eye contact and sort of say i appreciate you. >> she touched of single one of our hearts. >> reporter: her teammates remember her fierce competitive spirit and that distinguishable pink bow she'd wear at softball games. these are the girls who know her well. those who didn't wrote heartfelt messages on a school banner. flowers were left at her desk in 1st period. in place of last night's game hundreds came to pay tribute at the softball field and even dad had a message to his daughter's community. >> life can be short. we found that out today. make the most of it.
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love each other. >> i know we all know she'll be on the field with us looking over us, watching over us. >> reporter: the school principal says he wants madison's friend back on the field as soon as possible. the team says they will play at next week's home game on monday wearing no. 24 on their jerseys. in ashburn surae chinn, wusa9. >> the northern virginia district of the chief medical examiner's office is conducting an autopsy. the public health officials and a loudoun county school district has already said install's illness poses no risk to other student -- small's illness poses no risk to other students or the community. we've got a yellow alert day, the first of four in a row. topper shutt is here with a look. >> now we have this line of showers from frederick to leesburg to warrenton. earlier these were heavy out in west virginia, but it's much warmer out there. it's moving into very stable
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air with temps in the 40s and 50s, taking all the punch out of it. that said still some rain in leesburg, warrenton and out 66 going westbound up 270 past the spur. on our storm tracker headed toward rockville at 7:09 moving east at 27 miles an hour. it will run into the ballpark shortly, d.c. by about 7:23. i don't think it will postpone the game. there could be a brief delay, but there's no lightning. it won't be that heavy and the duration will be probably less than an hour, hour and a half. in the meantime here's the 8:00 futurecast, still some rain d.c. north, a little heavier toward frederick and leesburg. we'll come back, talk about what this means for tomorrow morning and why we issued a yellow alert for friday. let's slide out of weather into politics. d.c. voters have a special election coming up, more on that in a second. >> but first we're headed to maryland where senate hopeful chris van hollen picked up another endorsement. this one raised some eyebrows.
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rushern baker political lines and some geographic ones, too, to support the congressman. >> when we talk about washington doesn't work and people can't get along that, hasn't been chris van hollen. he understands how to work across the aisle, but he also understands how to fight hard for the things he believes in. >> this means baker will not support donna edwards, the congresswoman representing his district. she and van hollen are both running to replace barbara mikulski who is retiring the end of her term. now to washington d.c. where the campaign 2015 special election is in the homestretch. the voters in wards 4 and 8 will cast their ballots to fill the seats once held by muriel bowser in 4 and the late marion barry in 8. the folks running for his seat took part in a forum sponsored by aarp. the candidates were asked to be ready to talk affordable housing, prescription drugs, long term and home healthcare. transportation solutions for
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ward 8 were on the table. special election day is april 28th. the early voting kicks in april 13th. to learn where and when to cast your ballots, you can go to our website check out the voter guide. there's new information related to the murder of a lawyer at the donovan house hotel in northwest d.c. d.c. police arrested 19-year-old domonique johnson in connection with the case charging her with conspiracy. this is their second arrest. last week they charged 21-year- old jamyra gallmon. she's seen on this surveillance footage. she told police she went to the hotel to rob 30-year-old david messerschmitt and ended up stabbing him after he grabbed her arm. coming up a pair of followup reports to stories we've been following closely, first more on a big story that broke last night at 7:00. the white south carolina police officer charged with murder after shooting a black man over the weekend is out of a job officially. of, this after video from a bystander showed that officer -- officially, this after video
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from a bystander showed that officer firing eight shots into the back of 50-year-old walter scott running away. slager claims he killed scott in self-defense. the chief from north charleston where it happened faced reporters this morning. >> i have watched the video. i was sickened by what i saw. >> protesters interrupted that press conference a few times. the fbi and the civil rights division at the justice department are investigating the shooting. north charlton's mayor says he has ordered enough body cameras to put one on every officer in the force. police in gaithersburg are on the hunt for two vandals who targeted a synagogue, but it didn't quite pan out. debra alfarone explains why from the shaare torah synagogue in montgomery county. >> reporter: police say even though this camera captured two vandals spray painting swastikas and the letter kkk on
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this synagogue and the video's good quality, there's still two things standing in the way. >> one of the individuals had a skull looking describe and the other had one from the scream movie that came out in the '90s on their face. >> reporter: when two people were caught vandalizing on this surveillance video at 3 a.m. tuesday, they were wearing facemasks. >> we're looking at video footages from other businesses, residents who may have camera footage. >> reporter: the vandals left the temple covered in 11 swastikas painted in white, hours after it was announced next week is holocaust remembrance week, something police are looking into. >> i think it's just mischievous kids that want to play and make some bad jokes for the neighborhood. >> reporter: a day later community members repainted and offered signs of support. to some it's still amazing this kind of hate happens here in 2015. >> it's pretty sad something
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like this is happening in our neighborhood. i think unfortunately any type of racism, especially antisemitism or what not, it's hard to hear growing up here in america. >> reporter: if you know anything that could help police solve the crimes, maybe you know someone with those masks or has bought spray paint recently, give them a call. more economic development on the way to southwest d.c., officials breaking ground on a new 450,000 square foot mixed use property they're nats park. like a -- near nats park. like a lot of new buildings in that area, it will be mostly residential. next how d.c.'s parking police are changing the games on the days the nats step up to the plate. >> also ahead a new role will tell you what secret service agents have added to their portfolio in addition to protecting the president. >> you are watching your your only local news at 7:00 at wusa9 and we're
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heads up, sports fans. when the nats take the field, parking officers will be hitting the streets. >> d.c.'s department of transportation plans to crack down on parking around the ballpark during two certain times. >> reporter: as if parking isn't hard enough in d.c., now ddot is cracking down near nats stadium. if you're headed to a game, forget these. it's the white temporary parking signs to look out for, ddot announcing a line this season, metered parking around the stadium will be enforced during nationals game days on sundays and holidays, both previously free days to park at the meeters for those traveling to d.c. and -- meters for those traveling to d.c. and who live in the area. if you think parking in the
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residential zone 6 is a way to avoid meter trouble, ddot is cracking down there, too. >> this is terrible. on game day i cannot leave this property because if i leave, when i come back, there is no place to park. >> with two children in the public school system, i really do appreciate the revenue generation that will come along with it. >> it's not fair for people who come to visit their families out here or just come catch a game. >> reporter: the first home game is set for thursday, april 16th, on the first holiday. expect parking enforcement to be in full force then. at nats stadium stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> keep in mind there are at least 16 games on holidays and sundays this coming nats season. your vehicle is towed, ddot said call us, 311. who taught you to drive, a parent, older sibling, maybe yourself, derek? today we learned first daughter
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malia obama got her behind the wheel lessons from the secret service. check her out in the black baseball cap. she went to that princeton baseball game recently and first lady michelle obama said today the agents who protect their family would not let her in the car to teach her daughter, so they gave the 16- year-old some driving lessons. next at 7:00 updates on top stories from armed the world. >> including details on a high dollar jewelry heist in london that played out like a hollywood thriller. >> the nats game is delayed already, hasn't even started raining. they delayed it for the time being. the storms and the rain is falling apart, don't see anything
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just getting home? here's an update on tonight's headlines worldwide. a boston jury found dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty on all 30 counts related to the 2013 bombing of the boston marathon that killed three people and wounded hundreds. now jurors have to decide whether the 21-year-old should be sentenced to death or spend the rest of his life in prison. an american soldier is dead after an afghan soldier opened fire in eastern afghanistan today. at least two other forces were injured before the attacker was shot and killed. police in london hunting
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down suspects after a high stakes robbery. heavy equipment was used to cut into a vault and deposit boxes in london's jewelry district. the thieves got away with more than $300 million worth of stolen goods. >> like a caper movie. >> wow. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s finest. >> we've got the 3-degree guarantee. >> we were 73 yesterday. today i went 65. let's go to the graphics. remember it's midnight to midnight. will tab the warmest temperature -- that be the warmest temperature of the day? we'll see tonight at 11:00. remember i said don't dress for the 60s. >> you did say that. >> why you looking at me
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befuddled? it's midnight to midnight. the daytime high temperature doesn't always occur in the afternoon. i wished it were that neat, but it's not sometimes, especially with this air mass. this easterly wind is just tilling us, 49 downtown, relative humidity 80%. the nats delayed until 8:00. i think they just covered the tarp and expect the showers to pass quickly. they're trying to keep the infield dry. it's falling apart like crazy, nothing crazy heavy in montgomery county and fairfax and loudoun moving east. you can zoom in. there's no yellows. it's moved into this stable air mass and that's taken the punch out of what was a pretty good line of showers and storms at one time. germantown to fairfax, manassas, light rain and showers, should not last long, everything pushing east at 27 miles an hour. it will be to annapolis by 8:12 and through the ballpark probably by 8:00 as well. yellow alert tomorrow once
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again for showers and drizzle. bus stop temperatures 40s. take your umbrella and try to get the kids to wear a jacket. the morning and afternoon commute will be wet for most, nothing heavy, but on friday we pop in the warm sector of air. big thunderstorms are possible friday. futurecast 9:00 tonight just green, light activity, 50 downtown, 45 in gaithersburg. by 10:00 might be able to walk the dog west of town without an umbrella. over toward bowie and mitchellville i'd keep the umbrella with temps in the 40s and by morning do it all over again. 6:00 on the futurecast, showers rolling in, temps in the 40s and by 9:00 in the morning still some very light showers with temps around 50. by 1:00 might be able to walk to lunch without the umbrella. you might want a coat, temperatures low to mid-50s. by 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow night in the upper 50s downtown with maybe 64 down toward culpeper. you folks in the west get the warm air before we will.
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40s to start, 49 by 9:00 with light showers, 51 by 11:00, clouds and 53 by 1:00. yellow alert friday for thunderstorms, some heavy, some severe, upper 70s, breezy and cooler saturday, upper 60s. sunshine, hope to see you at the parade safford morning, sunday upper 60s and -- saturday morning, sunday upper 60s and mid-70s on tuesday and highs back in the low 80s later in the week. >> is it just me or is it cooling down as we go along? >> i think we've dropped it, but by the within it's sunny. >> then it will be a snow day. next at 7:00 who the heck is this? take a look. celebrating a star you know well, but she's a ttlile prettier than this. >> this is horrible. what in
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that crazy looking statue we slowed you before the break, believe it or not it's supposed to be lucille ball. >> it's not a good look. the statue of the tv star is in her hometown in western new
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york and it was donated, but once folks there got a look at her they started screaming for change. >> the mayor is ready to launch an online campaign for a facelift. >> the lady
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♪♪ ♪♪ will bruce jenner present himself as a woman on national tv? >> what we just learned about his diane sawyer tell-all as the kardashians leave the country. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> very happy to be here. >> kim's family besieged overseas today, and we have new details on what bruce could reveal. >> are you worried about bruce's sex change? >> empire's new criticism. >> it advances crime and drug dealing. >> inside the debate and we're talking to cookie. >> i'm a legend. look at the floor when you talk to me. >> plus couples news, mrs. clooney's fashionable outing at george talks tomorrow lavnd. >> and j. lo and casper reuniting and did they break up for press? >> sofia on why heshe didn't want to date joe. >> the american crime star about how he went from a life behind bars to acting with bruno mars.
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>> and you just have to hear, comedian amy schumer played our who would you rather. >> both of them because channing and i will be busy [ bleep ]. now "e.t." breaking out the bleeps today. >> what will bruce jenner reveal to diane sawyer about his reported transition to a woman? and what will he prefer to keep private? >> hi, everybody. kevin frazier is off tonight. michelle turner is with me. >> the special airs on the 24th and it's two hours long and a source tells us the interview is being kept under lock and key, but information's starting to leak out. >> oh, yeah. meanwhile, bruce's family is making news half a world away where kim is being treated like some kind of princess in armenia. >> are you happy to be here? >> very happy to be here. >> this is how the kardashians have become, when kim, kanye and khloe arrived in armenia, local television took it live like it was a presidential visit. >> it was an incredible scene. hundreds of cameras and per armenian custom the


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