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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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6-year-olds were picked up sunday night after someone called 911 concerned when they were seen walking around unsupervised. now allurer for the parents tells -- a lawyer for the parents tells wusa9 they're going to sue the county. bruce leshan is live in silver spring with the latest. what did you find out, bruce? >> reporter: the kids were walking here on fenton street alone on sunday night when a police officer stopped and held them for hours without telling their parents. a lawyer for those parents says that that was a clear violation of the constitution's 14th amendment and its guarantees of due process and equal protection. the children pinned posters on their gate turning away the hollereds hordes of reporters since -- hordes of reporters since police picked them a second time for walking home
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alone. >> the policeman said we'll give you a ride home when we were like 2 blocks away. >> reporter: but he didn't and late that night child protective services forced the parents to sign an order saying they would not let their children walk around without adult supervision. >> i'm not going to risk my kids being matched again like this by cp7. >> reporter: but now their lawyer says he will sue montgomery county within a week or so to force it to soften that order and to allow the parents to raise their children as they see fit. >> we want our children to grow up independently, feel safe and confident walking around the neighborhood and we can't. the meitevs can't accomplish that by hovering over them keeping them in their watchful eye 24/7. >> reporter: a police spokeman says the officer was simply responding to a 911 call about suspected child neglect. >> we are mandated as police officers in maryland to contact child protective services. >> this is not what we want our
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children to be, afraid of the police. >> reporter: now the lawyer for the parents says that he took the case for free because he has two children the same age as the children of the meitevs and he is always pushing those kids to get outside and play alone. he says that the supreme court has repeatedly held that parents have wide discretion on how they can raise their children as long as there's no substantial risk of harm. reporting live in silver spring bruce leshan, wusa9. >> i got to ask you at any time did the parents call police when their kids did not come back from the park or come back from their walk? >> reporter: as we understand it from the lawyer, the parents at first thought the kids were a little bit late. they were supposed to be home at 6:00. then they went out looking for them and then they realized what had happened and they called their attorneys. they suspected that they had been taken by the police and by
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child protective services, but no, you're right, they apparently never did call the police. >> thank you. now maryland does have a law that children under 8 cannot be left unsupervised. it only applies when the children are indoors or in a car, not when they're outdoors. the family of a d.c. boy gravely wounded by a stray bullet is filing a lawsuit against an apartment complex and security firm. it is a continuing story with apparent heroes and villains. bruce johnson is live at the apartments in d.c. how is that little guy doing? >> reporter: he's doing a lot better, one of the large e apartment complexes in all of d.c. and at 1 time this was a very dangerous place, but even back then there was the creed of the streets you didn't target. you didn't get involved with the youngsters, with the children. jayden stancil wasn't targeted in this case.
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he simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time. while most 9-year-old d.c. boils are going to class, run -- boys are going to class, running and tossing some sort of ball, jayden stancil is learning to walk again. >> he can talk again. he's able to see. for a few days he was consider blind. >> reporter: jayden was outside the may fair mansion apartments in northeast playing when a gunfight broke out among some young men. a bullet struck the oldest of four children in the head. how is mom doing? >> i'm trying to be as strong as i possibly can be for jayden. it's rough. it's a very difficult time for me and my family. >> reporter: the family and attorneys announced today they're filing a lawsuit against may fair mansion and others. >> this was advertised as a gated community which is one of the reason why the family moved there and the gates were never repaired and allowed to remain open so the criminals could come onto the property. >> reporter: jayden was shot
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in october last year and this is may fair mansion today, the very same playground. this apartment complex is still advertised as a gated community with a large private security force. we found a number of gates unlocked surrounding the complex today where there were security fads and cameras clearly visible. d.c. police have recovered two guns and bullets from those weapons at the scene of jayden's shooting last year. you might recall d.c. police officers shannon strange, thomas moore and steven giannini were honored for saving jayden's life rushing him to the hospital in a cruiser. >> this is not for any family. it's horrible. >> reporter: of course, we're all pulling for jayden and his family at this point. three pool were actually shot on that playground late last year, jay deny and two adult -- jayden and two adults, no arrests in either shooting. >> let's hope some new element
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develops soon. jayden's family was pretty critical of the city's forensic cry lab saying that lab has yet to process evidence from the crime scene including ballistic tests. in a statement the lab says evidence has been uploaded into a national data business, but since this is an ongoing investigation it cannot comment further. we've got new information on the case of that pennsylvania mother accused of leaving her quadriplegic son in the woods. philadelphia police announced today 41-year-old nyia parler is facing an attempted murder charge in addition to a host of other charges. police say parler left her 21- year-old son in the woods so she could spend the weekend with her boyfriend in maryland. her son was found in a pile of wet leaves next to his wheelchair and a bible. parler is currently in a maryland hospital for undisclosed reasons. a frederick mom has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for her role in the death of
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her 21-month-old daughter. a judge sentenced stephanie williams for preventing her husband from killing little anayah. frankie williams acknowledged beating the girl and is purr fewing an insanity defense. governor hogan said he'll sign a bill call ad nye ya's law aimed at -- anayah's law aimed at preventing similar cases. an explosion at the wayne mansion towers this morning caused residents to be quickly evacuated out into the rain. >> it was really loud. it was not only the explosion. it was a rocking building movement. it wasn't just the explosion. it was really, really strong. >> investigators have not yet determined what caused. this a fire department spokes person says it appears there was gas in the unit and it may have been a factor in that explosion. there is a big story in
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prince george's county politics and it has a lot of observers asking whether the county executive there is about to commit the ultimate political no-no, but that executive rushern baker tells us today, he is all in for a dramatic increase in local property taxes to fund the schools. our prince george's county bureau chief scott broom went one on one with him today to find out what he's thinking. >> reporter: he's anything he wants to -- thinking he wants to raise taxes and it's not just 2 or 3% which would cause a revolt in some sections, this county executive is talking about a potential 15% increase in property taxes here in prince george's county to help pay for improvements in school. i went one on one with him this afternoon as he prepares tonight to take his sales pitch on the road in front of some very skeptical taxpayers. the county executive in it for the long haul.
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that's rushern baker today with a partner training for the boston marathon which might be easy compared to pushing through the dramatic tax increase baker has proposed to fund schools here. >> i do believe in miracles. >> reporter: you could argue that prince george's county has produced some miracles. after the previous county executive and his wife went to prison for corruption and made the county a laughing stock. there has been $6 billion produced in economic development and a stunning 40% drop in crime, but missing in the equation is schools and it's breaking baker's all right. >> the reason we haven't seen a rebound in the market in prince george's county is because of one thing. it's our schools. if you compare us with every other jurisdiction, think about it. crime is down. economic development is on its way. the one area that you can't resell your home is because you can't point to a great public school system next-door. >> reporter: baker's solution,
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the big risk asking homeowners to believe like he does that a 15% tax increase dedicated to pumping at least 133 million more a year into the school system for more early education, pay to keep young teachers from jumping ship and a focus on making families part of the equation will bring the school system from the bottom to the top in just five years. >> by adding another bathroom, your home goes up in value. by adding a great school system right next to your home, guess what? your home goes up in value. when i ask prince georgians to believe in themselves, we've come up winners. we've done it with economic development, healthcare, public safety and crime. all those things are coming and once again i'm asking them to believe in themselves. >> reporter: by the way, training for the boston marathon, that is the pitch
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from the marathon man. county executive rushern baker here in prince george's county prince george's county, he has performed amazing turnarounds with both crime and economic development. he thinks schools should be next. he rolls this out in front of some skeptical taxpayers tonight for the first time at capitol heights elementary school. that is where my colleague stephanie ramirez tonight picks up the story. >> reporter: the county executive rushern baker says education is one of the top priorities with his new proposed budget. i'm stephanie ramirez at capitol heights elementary school. this is where the county executive plans to kick off his budget tour. inside usually only three students get to use the computer and ipads at the same time. >> we're using partners to use the computers. it's all very -- it's a difficult strategy to work with. >> reporter: 2nd grade t.a.g.
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teacher says this is an issue she faces trying to complete with other school districts for preparing their kids for the 21st century. one of the reasons why the school staff supports the proposed budgets. >> when you support the system whether or not your child attends prince george's county schools or not, you are impacting the future. >> reporter: they can't buy certain language books and canceled educational class trips and can't bring people in with assemblies this year. >> one in particular we would really like is for international day and they cannot get the chinese acrobats because i don't have any money. >> my children did go right up on the hill there. >> reporter: mary junior lives down the street and said this is very important, but she liz in part of the county that have
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already voiced tax hike concerns. she says the property values just aren't there. >> i think it's too much. i don't think we should have the tax increase really. my husband has his gi bill and he got it done a reasonable amount, you know, and i'm still paying it. >> reporter: this meeting will be the first of six. the others will be held in other locations to really include all of the county. capitol heights elementary, stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> it's worth repeating. tonight's meeting starts at 7:00 at capitol heights elementary school. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. those fancy new metro cars are in service now. so how do they compare with the old ones? nikki burdine takes a ride at 5:30. >> topper is back after the break with more on tonight's yellow alert forecast. >> plus the new developments in the case of the white deputy who killed a suspect after
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mistaking his gun for a taser. >> we'll hear what maryland governor larry logan has to
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two flood prone neighborhoods in d.c. may finally get some relief. today we were introduced to a giant underground boring machine to eliminate street flooding. this is lucy named after the first dean of howard women's university. she will soon bore a tunnel 100 feet underground to help keep the neighborhoods from being overrun with water during storms. president obama is moving forward with a plan to remove cuba from a list of state sponsors of terrorism. the white house says the president has submitted the paperwork to congress. the u.s. stopped accusing cuba
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of supporting terrorism. the oklahoma reserve deputy accused of accidentally using his gun instead of a taser has turned himself in. 73-year-old robert bates faces second degree manslaughter charges for the shooting death of a man earlier this month. his lawyer says that shooting was an accident. the deadly shooting of a community college employee in north carolina will be investigated as a late crime. cops arrested kenneth stancil in florida early this morning. they say he shot ron lane with a pistol grip shotgun yesterday. lane's relatives claim people knew he was gay, but he was very professional they say at work. according to wbtv, stancil's mom said her son was upset over lane's numerous sexual advances. always watching always tracking wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate.
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>> the rain and showers continue across the metro area. this is miserable. how would you be on the water rowing? temperatures in the 50s and raining about everywhere. 55 now is the low so far today. winds have gone north, northeast at 10 which is not a warm wind for us. the radar over the past hour, you can still see showers and rain from frederick back actually to i-81 and points east and south. just prepare for a wet commute home. we'll zoom in. heaviest activity appears east of town into southern maryland, parts of calvert county and out route 50 toward bowie and annapolis and around the immediate beltway still some moderate rain here and there. you get out toward bowie and see darker green. that's heavier rain, little flecks of yellow, moderate rain and pretty good rain near dunkirk on route 2. it's going to end tonight north to south. in hagerstown could end as early as 6:00 or 7:00.
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rain and showers will continue through the commute. bus stop temperatures tomorrow 44 to 56, a little cool. wednesday is nice, grab a light jacket. thursday clouds return and we could see showers return also by thursday afternoon. here's a look at futurecast. by 10:00 tonight most everybody is pretty much rain free, a couple showers south of fredericksburg. clouds are still lingering, temperatures mid- to upper 50s. in the morning we clear out, still lingering clouds, 9:00 temps in the 50s, a few more cloud south and west, but in the immediate immediate partly cloudy skies, pre -- immediate metro area partly cloudy skies, pretty nice, 60s to near 70. by 5:00 it's still near 70 downtown despite the clouds and by 7:00 we're looking at mid-
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60s north and west. tonight rain and showers ending, partial clear late and cool, wind northeast at 10. by morning partly cloudy and cool, 44 to 66, not bad and by afternoon we'll keep it partly cloudy and pleasant, a few more clouds south, high temperatures near 70. on the day planner low 60s by 11:00 and 66 by 1:00. the next three days keep everything green now. clouds return on thursday with some showers possible, 65. some showers on friday, a little warmer, highs near 70, nats back in town thursday through sunday. some showers and storms possible saturday, a washout, 75. nice on sunday, low 70s, keep it dry for now, more showers and storms monday, dry and a little cooler next tuesday. the maryland general assembly passed a budget that fulfills a campaign promise from governor larry logan.
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as the 90 day legislative session came to a close last night, lawmakers approved a $20 billion spending plan for 2016. that does not raise taxes. >> we had the low lowest -- lowest rate of growth in 40 years. that's great for the taxpayers. >> in the budgets governor hogan wants -- budget governor hogan wants tax relief for people on pensions over age 65 and fulfilled a promise to end the state mandated stormwater fees. mountain lion on the prowl, the latest on a cougar that got cozy under a home in l.a. >> plus why americans are spending even more money on prescription drugs and cyber crime on the rise,
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tonight animal workers are trying to find a celebrity mountain lion that spent much of yesterday hanging out underneath a home in los angeles. after wildlife crews spent yesterday trying to get that big cat out he finally left on his own sometime this morning. the animal does wear an electronic tracking tag and normally lives in a park. national geographic famously
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photographed the cougar in 2013 with the hollywood sign in the background. in tonight's consumer alert it was a mixed day of trading on wall street. the dow was up 59 points at the closing bell. the nasdaq slipped by 10 points. it's costing us a lot more to fill those prescriptions these days. a recent report from a healthcare research firm finds we're spending more on medicines, like 13% more. the data points to more people being insured under the affordable care act and big break-throughs in medicine as the reason for that jump. hackers cracked a record 317 million new pieces of malware in 2014. a new report by symantec shows sign are crime is way up. criminals are getting better at creating bogus e-mail schemes that look safe but really aren't. a compensation expert for
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general motors has approved 84 death claims related to faulty ignition switches. that number could climb because more accidents are under review. gm detected the problem in 1999 but waited over a decade to issue a recall. it was a gunshot that changed the u.s. forever. coming up local actors tell us why they felt compelled to recreate the shooting of abraham lincoln. >> right after the break are the new metro cars
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♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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it was a big day for metro riders who got to take the brand-new 7000 series cars for the first time. they're clean and shiny and much safer. nikki burdine was one of the first riders this morning. >> reporter: there she is, the brand-new 7000 series metro car. she arrived this morning at the franconia springfield station to a line of fans. >> i pulled my phone out and had to stay pictures for instagram. >> reporter: so did i #newtrain. the eight car train has wider seats and more space on board. >> if your knees touch the feet on the space in front of you, chances are in the 7000 series
5:30 pm
that won't be the case. >> there is a lot more leg room. >> reporter: a brighter more airy feel, colors picked out by riders themselves. >> yes. i think it's totally lived up to my expectations. >> reporter: no more dingy carpet. digital screens tell you exactly where you are. >> it's a nice train. this feature up here showing you where the stops is good. >> reporter: another thing passengers will notice, the announcements are automated and much easier to understand, especially when you compare them to the old one. >> when boarding, please move to the center of the car. >> reporter: wait. was that it? i have no idea what but the biggest and most important improvement, the trains are safer. >> these are the safest railcars that we could possibly build. >> reporter: yes, it is shiny and pretty, too, just like -- >> riding in a limo.
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>> reporter: the brand-new train will continue to run through the evening rush hour and a second new train is expected to go into service next month. nikki burdine, wusa9. >> metro officials say they'll get a new train each month, a total of 528. anne arundel police tweeted a picture of the officer shot at a 7-eleven last week. this is corporal larry adams recovering in the hospital with his wife and the owner of the 7- eleven. investigators say adams was shot by a man acting suspiciously in the store. police have charged two people, colvin white and daniel blake, with attempted murder. in the presidential race democrat hillary clinton is on the road in iowa. she talked with voters at a coffee shop in leclaire and held a roundtable discussion with young people at kirkwood community college. >> i'm going to work hard to meet as many people. i'll be rolling out ideas and policies about what i think will work, but i want it to be
5:32 pm
informed by what's actually working. >> this is clinton's second white house bid. her campaign says this time around it's trying a low key approach that involves more time listening to voters. clinton is trying to raise $100 million for the democrat primary campaign and much of that in the form of small donations hoping to build broad grassroots support. d.c. emancipation day is thursday, a day where district residents celebrate the abolition of slavery in d.c., but today on the house floor district delegate eleanor holmes norton claims her constituency is not as people as the rest of the country. norton explained about how the contributions of servicemen and women in d.c. who fought in foreign wars are going unrewarded. >> thousands of have died all without a vote and yet they had secured the vote everywhere they went. to this day 2015 almost 125 years after lincoln freed the
5:33 pm
first slave in the district of columbia the residents of the district of columbia are still not free. >> norton has long been a proponent of d.c. statehood and is calling for congress to stop meddling in the affairs of local budgets. today marks the 1 year anniversary of the historic kidnapping by boco haram. the islamic militants abducted nearly 300 nigerian school girls. some of the kidnapped girls managed to escape. the fate of the others, though, still not known. 20 people are recovering from minor injuries after an asiana airlines plane skidded off the runway in western japan. officials say the skid caused sparks, no flames and the plane may have touched a structure at the airport before landing. all 74 passengers were evacuated through escape chutes. passengers on a flight from
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seattle to l.a. have a story they'll probably never forget. after just 14 minutes in the air their plane turned around because a baggage handler fell asleep, so he says, in the cargo hold, apparently not a sound sleeper. he began yelling and banging on the aircraft floor after waking up. >> all of a sudden we heard all this pounding underneath the plane and we thought there was something wrong with the landing gear. >> there were a lot of children on the plane. i thought maybe someone was kicking or doing something on the plane. >> odd as it may seem, this has happened before in recent years. there have been at least two other similar incidents involving baggage handlers falling asleep inside planes. really? i'd be curious if they get to keep their jobs after this. >> how do you not know that you fell asleep in the cargo section of a plane? >> it would seem it might not be the first time for something like this, right?
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>> seems like he physical asleep naturally. he belted out one of the most powerful soul ballads in history and tonight the music world remembers percy sledge. ♪ ♪ when a man loves a woman can't keep his mind on nothing else ♪ ♪ >> sledge died of cancer this morning in louisiana at age 74. he was tireless turning out an average of 100 performances a year. sledge was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2005. >> 100 performances a year? >> that's a lot. he's trying to take that hardest working man in show business title. it was 150 years ago today that president abraham ling only was shot inside ford's theater. today photojournalist james hash introduces us to the actors retelling the tragic events of that infamous night. >> there's a weight, a
5:36 pm
heaviness when you imagine what that evening must have been like. >> reporter: for james whalen the echo and smoke of booth's pistol may have faded long ago, but for the reenactors like him helping to commemorate the 150th anniversary of president lincoln's assassination it's an opportunity to share history firsthand. >> the importance of it, its historical significance, should never be lost. you have to do something to make history come alive. >> reporter: the ren actors working for ford's theater play roles drawn from the personal recollections and memoirs of washingtonians of 1865 and the memories of that rainy april night still burn brightly today. >> it's kind of like wow, i'm sitting in the theater where lincoln was assassinated. >> reporter: and long after tragic newspaper headlines gave way to souvenir t-shirts and tourist trinkets the history is not lost to these actors. >> we need to remember it and
5:37 pm
embrace it and most importantly learn from it to move forward and make life better for all of those who live in these united states and call this place our home. >> reporter: james hash, wusa9. >> tonight at 10:15 there will be a candlelight vigil at the lincoln memorial. at 6:00 he's responsible for freeing several girls kidnapped by boco haram, but he was also instrumental helping them get a fresh start here in the u.s. >> why gwyneth paltrow is only spending $29 on food this week. >> and how about some free ice cream on a rainy day? >> we're looking attiring at -- at rain and showers through the evening commute, moderate activity up 270 west of frederick, yellow, option and heavier activity prince george's county down toward -- orange and
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taking a look at stories trending tonight, actress gwyneth paltrow is living off $29 of food for the week, a lot of criticism about this. >> apparently that's what families on the program formerly known as food stamps are allowed to spend.
5:41 pm
so paltrow accepted this challenge from her friend and the celebrity chef who works with the food bank new york. the actress tweeted out this picture of what $29 buys, but she was quickly criticized on twitter, also online, on so many different magazine sites saying people said all food is not easily available to people in the food program. others said she should donate money and not create a poverty experience. >> for so many people poverty is a reality. this has been one of the most popular pictures shared on facebook today. sylvester stallone hosted the first photo from the upcoming rocky spinoff called creed. it shows sly training with michael b. jordan's character. in the movie johnson is the son of apollo creed who died before johnson was born. big time singer pink hit back after some rather ugly comments about her weight. >> she attended a cancer
5:42 pm
benefit over the weekend wearing this dress. some posted she looked overweight. pink wrote i feel good. please don't worry about me. i'm not worried about me and i'm not worried about you either. pink also writes her husband says it's just more of you to love. >> i tweeted about this on facebook. she loves the skin she's in. today is free cone day at ben and jerry's ice cream shop. you can't leave yet, though, jan. the company is celebrating another year of business. ben and jerry's says this is a way of saying thank you to customers. you can get that free cone until 8:00 tonight. >> i bet there are some long lines right now. the national were all the talk of the preseason, but they're not playing up to hype. we talk to fans to find out if they are still all in for this season. >> plus kids and cash, experts explain the importance of teaching young people about money. >> right after the break topper brings us the latest on today's
5:43 pm
rainy weather and what's in store the rest
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which car company is the first and only to offer built-in 4g lte wi-fi in cars, trucks and crossovers? ranking from top to bottom.a say mercedes is the innovator. bmw just because they're pricey. the final answer... wow... (cheers) chevy. this model has the wi-fi in it? -yep. that's the dream to have wi-fi in the car. get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 models. that's over thirty-one hundred dollars on this chevy cruze. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. this is a yellow alert day.
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now here's wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> we just better get ready for bad hair days. >> yes. the humidity will not be such it will help your layer. >> and the rain. -- hair. >> and the rain. >> tomorrow will be okay, but then the moisture returns late in the week. it's kind of dismal out, look at this. good news, nothing crazy heavy. bad news, temps fell all day. it's 55 now. relative humidity 77%. winds are north, northeast at 10. i coop harping on this. that is -- keen harping on this. -- keep harping on this. that's a cool chilly wind in the spring and sometimes a cold snowy wind in the winter. here's radar the past hour, no shortage of rain shower, generally green which is light to occasionally moderate activity. that's good. we'll zoom in. you'll see a little heavier activity toward prince frederick and mechanicsville. notice yellow, a little orange here and there, pockets of
5:47 pm
heavy rain, nothing severe. it's slow going down 301 in southern maryland and out route 50 toward annapolis. we'll zoom in toward the beltway and it's lighter activity, light to moderate rain anywhere around the beltway with temperatures in the 50s and the rain lingering through the commute. our yellow alert continues, but the rain and showers are through the commute. bus stop temperatures nothing crazy cold behind the front, 44 to about 56 and dry in the morning. wednesday nice, grab a little light jacket. thursday clouds return. in fact, we may see rain and showers return thursday afternoon but not quite as dismal or steady as this rain. 10:00 tonight temps in the 50s, probably walk the dog. a couple showers here and there, but most of the activity is now across into the delmarva. then by morning clear skies with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. clouds will try to linger to the south in fredericksburg dovetailing back into orange
5:48 pm
and luray into the shenandoah valley. 9:00 partly cloudy skies, 50s, clouds lingering south and west. by 1:00 the models are trying to bring clouds back in. i think we'll still be okay with partly cloudy skies. despite the clouds will be near 70 tomorrow which is a bit above average. if you look to the west, you see green. that's more showers. they'll stay west of us tomorrow. we'll roll in here as we get into thursday as the clouds thicken up by thursday afternoon. tonight rain, showers ending, partial clearing late, just cool, 44 to 52, wind northeast at 10. by morning partly cloudy skies and cool, temperatures 44 to about 66. break it down. 55 to start, upper 50s by 9:00, low 60s by 11:00 and mid-60s with partly cloudy skies by 1:00. right now we'll keep everything green thursday and friday, but some showers possible thursday, 65. then we're looking at 70 friday with some showers.
5:49 pm
nats come back into town thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. you can watch the nats here on 9 saturday. some showers possible, 75, not a washout. we'll keep sunday dry, low 70s, more showers and storms monday, about 70 and then a little cooler next tuesday but nice with highs in the mid-60s. three former educators will serve seven years in prison for their roles in the atlanta cheating scandal. one of the people sentenced was a regional director at the school system. the scheme to cheat on state tests is one of the biggest cheating scandals in u.s. history. actress rita wilson is taking a leave of absence from the broadway play she's currently working on after revealing she has breast cancer. wilson who is married to tom hanks told people magazine she underwent a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction for breast cancer. she is expected to make a full recovery. we certainly hope so. the white house should be
5:50 pm
rocking tonight with some legendary performers, aretha franklin, emmy lou harris and many others singing in the gospel tradition and performance tonight at the white house. it will be broadcast june 26th on pbs. kids don't have to worry about bills, but financial experts say it is important to give them some basic tips so they can learn about the value of money. lauren lister reports. >> when the day is almost oh, we'll head to the tub -- oh, we'll head to the tub -- over, we'll head to the tub. >> reporter: bethany fisherren joys reading to her children, but -- fisher enjoys reading to her children, but when it comes to money, she enjoys showing them. >> they should learn what it should be used towards and how it should be saved. >> reporter: fisher tells her kids how much she makes every month. >> right here is $3,000. >> reporter: and what she spends it on. >> 10, 11. >> that's $1,100.
5:51 pm
>> very good. you are very right. >> that's a lot of money. >> but all this money only goes to pay one bill, rent. you want to set your values as a physical and make sure you're sharing those with your kids. >> reporter: this financial adviser believes kids should know the difference between wants and needs. she says problems happen when parents think they're protecting their kids and don't want them to worry about money. >> if you're not having the conversation about money with your children, they get into a lot of credit card debt or make really poor decisions. >> reporter: experts say parents shouldn't stress kids out about money, but passing on some simple lessons can help secure their financial future. >> money experts say one good lesson is to teach kids how to budget their allowance. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> it's been a rough start to the 2015 season for the
5:52 pm
washington nationals. they have just two wins and quite the dismal display yesterday surrendering eight runs in three innings thanks to a few misplayed pop-ups and other defensive errors. so not everything going as planned for the nats. they were the preseason favorite to win the world series. now they're struggling to pick up a win. in today's inside pitch holden kur shnetook to the streets to find out if the fan base is still backing the team. >> reporter: the nationals are the odds on favorites to win the world series. three of the seven usa today insiders at the sports department are saying the nationals are going to win the world series, but we know better. this is d.c. where hope and sadness kind of go together. i decided to ask the fans at nats park their expectations for the 2015 season. >> we seem a little snake bitten sometimes. i think that's why we're cautiously optimistic, but yeah, we're hoping for the best
5:53 pm
this year. it's a great team and hopefully they can pull it out this year. >> reporter: youngster, do you feel confident the nationals are going to win the world series? >> i think it's going to be a great year. getting scherzer on board i think will be great. you can't complain about the rotation. i just hope the bats with come alive and if we can put both ends together, we'll be golden. >> there you have it, cautious optimism and a baby not much to say. >> there's still a lot of ball to play. >> no need to hit the panic button but maybe some reason for concern. this isn't a bunch of new players. they just need to find that chemistry again and start to focus more. >> recalibrate quickly. >> they do have a chance to bounce back tonight playing the red sox, steve strasburg on the mound going for his first win this season as well. coming up we'll stick with the
5:54 pm
nats. matt williams was quite perturbed after that performance. at 6:00 meet the man responsible for saving several nigerian school kids kidnapped by the terrorist group boco haram and thanks to him some of the grills have restarted their live right here in the u.s. >> also ahead. >> reporter: more than 200 passengers get sick on two cruise ships that docked here
5:55 pm
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more than would hundred people are sick -- 200 people are sick after an outbreak on two separate cruise ships. >> both ships docked in san diego within 24 hours of each other. >> reporter: passengers on the legend of the seas cruise ship arrived in san diego after 160 people on board became sick. at first this woman thought it was food poisoning. >> i was in and out of the bathroom quite a while the entire day and did feel very lethargic, very sick, very run down, couldn't really get out of bed, ended up throwing up. >> reporter: passengers say people got sick halfway into their two week trip after a stop in guatemala. >> they pinpointed potentially that it was at the port in guatemala that people got sick. >> reporter: the cdc and health officials are working to determine the cause. the legend of the seas is the 2nd cruise slip to dock here at the port -- ship to dock here
5:58 pm
at the port of san diego within 24 hours after an outbreak on board. on monday workers scrambled to disinfect the celebrity infinity which was traveling through ft. lauderdale and passed through the panama canal. 112 passengers and crew members reportedly contracted norovirus. contaminated food and water triggers the highly contagious virus whose main symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. passengers say crew members on legend of the sea passed out pamphlets and took extra precautions. >> everywhere you went they had gel to wash your hands. >> reporter: this is the sixth outbreak of sickness on cruise ships this year. >> royal caribbean cruises owns both ships that had the outbreaks. their subsidiary celebrity cruises previously issued a statement saying workers used special cleaning products and disinfectants. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts
5:59 pm
right now. >> yellow alert continues through this evening, let you know when rain and showers finally exit and if we salvage a nice wednesday. >> reporter: if you thought the battle over those free range kids was over, think again. a lawsuit is coming. >> reporter: imagine. [ audio difficulties ] today that changed for tens of thousands of children in virginia. i'll explain coming up. but first our yellow alert goes on. we are in for a wet commute home tonight. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. topper is keeping an eye on live doppler 9000. so where are the showers now? just about everywhere. it's a very busy doppler but mainly green, but it also means a wet commute for about everybody on the way home. rain to frederick, leesburg, winchester, up to cupland, down to romney and -- cumberland, down to romney and activity south and east.
6:00 pm
we'll zoom in, around the beltway just light to moderate rain, but everybody has rain, up 270, rockville, you have rain and heavier activity by annapolis. the heaviest activity is in calvert county into charles county. see the yellows? on futurecast by 8:00 most of the rain is gone from about gaithersburg north and leesburg north, a couple leftover showers on i-66 into fairfax. by 9:00 everybody is pretty much rid of the showers. clouds, however, different story. clouds linger a while. by 10:00 temps in the low to mid-50s in the burbs, upper 50s downtown and showers about gone. we'll come back you, talk about when the clouds -- back, talk about when the clouds go away and how many nice days before this pattern returns?


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