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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 15, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: just it wassmall ultralight aircraft flying maybe 30 to 40 feet off the ground. it was very low. >> reporter: he saw the plane land with one bounce. >> he landed and sat there. two cops came forward and started yelling don't move, don't move and he complied. >> reporter: seconds later police and fire flooded the area holding rifles. witnesses say the man didn't resist arrest. he stood up and calmly put his hands behind his back. >> he was taken away. then a bomb dog was brought, circled around the craft. that's when we were told to
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run, get our heads down and leave the property. >> reporter: a florida man named doug hughes claims to be the pilot. he sent a letter to different news stations including ours outlining a plan to fly a small plane to the west lawn and deliver letters to each member of congress. capitol police have only one man in custody and said they cleared the scene. from the capitol, wusa 9. >> we are learning more about doug hughes piloting that gyrocopter. he lives in this unassumed home near tampa, florida. he said he spent a year planning this event. his goal? to deliver 535 letters, one for each member of congress. the message involves campaign finance reform. here's what his neighbors had to say about him. >> always he have comments about and complaining about, we never imagined that he do something like that. >> i don't really know much
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about him. he pretty much keeps to himself. i've seen him maybe twice. that's about it. >> well, according to the tampa bay times, he's 61 years old, has a family, a steady job and apparently never been in trouble with the law. if you use the green line make sure you build a little more time into your commute tomorrow morning because of a pedestrian bridge collapse this afternoon in college park. all green line service has been suspended between college park and greenbelt stations. we are told it will not be restored in time for the morning commute. trains were only disrupted a few hours and it was caused by a piece of construction equipment that hit the bridge. fortunately no one was on the bridge at the time it fell. not at all a bad day out there today, but it could be better. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us now with a look at improving night and then into tomorrow. top? >> we're in pretty good shape. we can't really complain. a lot of clouds, yes, but
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temperatures average. 65 right now downtown. 65 also in chevy chase. the good news, temps are going to be cooler tonight but the really good news, no showers in the forecast until tomorrow. we'll talk about that. also talk about whether or not thursday or friday is a yellow alert day. new information out of fairfax county tonight. a public information officer who appeared on the station many times is behind bars, charged with two counts of child pornography. peggy fox broke this story last week when the investigation began. she's got more from police headquarters. >> reporter: officer bud walker was arrested here at fairfax county police headquarters at 3:30 today. he is a public information officer, and reporters, including myself, had interviewed him many times. tonight he is being held without bond here at the fairfax county jail. a statement released by police say the arrest was made today because private first class walker held a visible position of public trust and chief ed
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rosser felt it was imperative to place the safety of the public at the forefront. walker a resident of fairfax where his next-door neighbor was shocked at the news. >> it's an absolute shock to me that he would being doing anything at all remotely like that. he's always been a wonderful neighbor, always friendly. never done anything wrong that i knew of, that my family knew of. he's been a wonderful neighbor. and so nice, him and his wife have been amazing. and i could not believe the news. >> police say detectives continued to gather evidence in this case and additional charges are possible as the investigation progresses. detectives want to speak with anyone with information about this case. in fairfax, peggy fox, wusa 9. in light of the recent police shootings in several states some police forces are arming their officers with body cameras. but who should have access to that video? >> it's an important question.
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now d.c. and a number of states are moving to restrict who can get that video. the mayor wants a law that exempts the video from the freedom of information act. that has a lot of citizens crying foul and our bruce johnson found some of them. >> reporter: one of the main reasons they want to limit the access to the police body camera video is simply cost. think about it. 2800 cops on the streets, all with body cameras, producing video that has to be stored, that has to be duplicated, that has to be made available to just about anybody who has a reason for wanting it. >> it's should definitely be released. >> what's the appoint of having it if it can't be released? >> the citizens we talked to in downtown washington were iunanimous. >> i think it should be made available. >> they want d.c. police wearing body cameras and they want to see the videotape. >> because it shows what actually is taking place, what they are doing, and it makes a lot of the public feel safe to know that they are doing their
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job correctly. >> at 14th and k northwest, today the random people we stopped had little empathy with mayor bowser's position that video cam video can be treated differently than other government records sought through the public through the freedom of information act. >> think about what happened in south carolina. that wasn't a police video cam, but it was a videotape and without that we wouldn't have known that that police shot that man. >> it's important to the police union and now 3600 members so that the public gets an accurate record, a verbatim record of what our encounters with people are like. so that they don't continue to be fed negative stuff from around the country that has no bearing on -- is not related to us at all. >> it might surprise some to hear the d.c. police union is not supporting a waiver for police body cam video. >> if there's special things we need to do in order for them to produce the video, fuzz out
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faces, blur license tags, that type of stuff. >> like you do with documents now. >> that's what we need to do. >> a police department statement to wusa 9 today adds another reason for wanting to limit access to this video is to protect individuals privacy rights from other people who are just simply curious. this is bruce johnson reporting from northwest washington for wusa 9. a montgomery county man convicted of sexual assaultingmen that he met at beer pong tournaments will spend 150 years behind bars. joey poxtindeer was sentenced today. in two trials earlier this year juries found him guilty of 12 counts of second and third degree sex offense. prosecutors call him a sexual predator unlike anything the county has ever seen. >> 150 years is a huge number. it's a sentence that will probably mean that mr. poindexter will die in jail. >> poindexter was convicted of sexual assaulting five men but
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prosecutors believe there are at least 25 more unknown victims. that is based on the videos and photos they say poindexter himself took of these assaults. police have arrested a man who tagged a local synagogue with swastikas and other hateful messages. 18-year-old sebastian espinoza- carranza was arrested after vandalism at the synagogue. vandalism cost the shaare torah synagogue nearly $1,300. police released the name of a woman hit as she crossed an intersection in fort washington tuesday. 62-year-old maxine thompson was her name and she perished from her injuries. the preliminary investigation reveals it was a van heading west on bach that hit her. the driver is assisting with that investigation. about a dozen people are out of their home tonight after a fire broke out at their gaithersburg apartment building. that fire reported late this morning at the three-story building on north summit avenue. the good news is everybody got
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out safe. the red cross will be helping out the residents who are, as we said forced from their homes. meantime investigators are working to determine what caused a fire to break out in southeast washington. two people were pulled from a burning row house on 16th street this morning. one of them was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. >> i walked outside, they were putting the ladder up a few doors down from our place where i was staying, and they calledin an ambulance, i think, and they brought out two people and i know they were doing cpr in one. >> another person pulled from the house has serious injuries that are not considered life- threatening. well, metro has settled a lawsuit over how transit police interact with juveniles. the new guidelines come after an officer allegedly used excessive force against a girl. the settlement calls for an independent review of the case and recommends whether changes should be made and how officers interact with juveniles. metro will also pay $34,000
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into a trust for the plaintiffs health needs. the american civil liberties union brought the case after a 14-year-old girl claimed an officer struck her and caused a head injury while arresting her. they say she assaulted the police officer. coming up the race is on as hillary clinton goes one-on-one in the buckeye state. we'll head out on the campaign trail next on wusa 9 news at 7:00. plus, thousands of restaurant workers take to the streets calling on their employers to serve up a living wage.
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fast food workers took to the streets today as they called for higher wages. >> take a look at new york city where the workers were out there protesting late this afternoon. they want a $15 an hour living wage. now, organizers say these demonstrations were out in 200 different u.s. cities and college campuses. and about 100 people held their own restaurant protest right here in d.c. today. they gathered outside freedom plaza calling out restaurant
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corporations and the national restaurant association. they say the association is one of the most powerful business lobbies in congress, but half of all restaurant workers are living close to the poverty line. president barack obamheading out to the beltway this morning. he spent the day in charlotte, north carolina, rallying support for his economic proposals and held a town hall meeting about working family issues. turning to the financial campaign trail, hillary clinton spent a second day in iowa as part of her low key approach, she toured a family-owned fruit company and took place in a small business round table. so far clinton is the only democrat in the race. he is not in the race just yet, but new jersey's governor chris christie is looking a lot like a financial candidate. he's in new hampshire for a policy speech, a big network interview and several days of lunches and meet and greets. marco rubio, rand paul and test cruz are the candidates that have announced as republicans. still to come on wusa 9 news at 7:00, counting the dead
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after a tin building collapses in the middle of the night in bangladesh. he once had a promising nfl career. now he'l
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if you were just getting home, here's a look at headlines we're following for you tonight. former nfl star aaron hernandez has been convicted of first degree murder. it took a jury 36 hours over 7
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days to find hernandez guilty in the shooting death of odom lloyd. lloyd, a 27-year-old landscaper and amateur weekend football player was dating the sister of fernandez's fiancee. after the verdict, a prayer is said for lloyd's family. >> odin lloyd's family, these ladies here who you saw sitting in the front row every day, they were committed to seeing this thing through and for trusting in the process and trusting that the jury would deliver a fair verdict. i think they're very satisfied with that. >> hernandez will spend the rest of his life behind bars without parole. well, a day of reflection in boston on the second anniversary of the marathon bombing, a moment of silence held at 2:49 p.m., when the first of the two bombs exploded near the finish line. today was declared one boston today. that's a new tradition in which boston is encouraged to show kindness and generosity to each
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other. three people were killed and more than 260 others wounded in those attacks. authorities have increased the reward to $115,000 for anyone with information leading to the arrest in the 2008 times square bombing at a hilt recruiting station. the fbi said wednesday investigators have identified several persons of interest during that investigation, and they believe that times square attack may be connected to two other unsolved bombings at consulates in new york city. at least 11 people have died, including two children, after a tin two-story building sank into a body of water in daka. it had been erected on bamboo pillars and they caved in. firefighters worked into the night. they pulled at least one dead body out after the sunset. as millions of americans race to file their taxes pressure is building on the irs and justice department to stop a growing tax scam. >> lawmakers say con artists
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have contacted more than 400,000 people and defrauded 3,000 of them, taking $15.5 million. the scam begins with one of those threatening phone calls. senator susan collin heads up the special committee on aging. >> they are pretending to be government officials working for the irs, a federal agency, that frankly makes most americans apprehnsive. >> indeed it does. but let's be real. the irs doesn't make those kinds of calls, so the best way to avoid getting scammed, if you hear something like that, hang up the phone. always watching, always tracking, wusa 9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> all right, the three degree guarantee. you're going to make it i think. >> i think we're going to make it i think. we went 69. we give the official high at 11:00, i think we're on
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schedule. let's go to the graphics. we have to be within 3 degree. that's our 3 degree guarantee. we forecast at 69 and i think we're going to be okay today. maybe starting a new winning streak as it were. i wish the nats could start a winning streak. a live look outside at our michael & son live weather cam. the tidal basin is not as vibrant as it was, but still worth checking out the blooms. right now it's still 65. relative humidity only 32%. so a lot of clouds, yes, but a very, very dry air mass. really a pretty comfortable evening, quite frankly. partial clearing tonight and just chilly. bus stop temperatures 40 to 52. that is about 6:00 a.m. to about 9:00 a.m. sor you and the kids, a pretty good idea. thursday will be cooler with fading sunshine. friday a lot of clouds, a couple of showers possible. we really feel you can keep your outdoor plans both thursday and friday. so tonight, 10:00, on the futurecast, 59 downtown. low 50s in the burbs and a fair
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amount of clouds. we get into the morning hours by 6:00, some sun in leesburg north. temperatures there low to mid- 40s. still 50 inside the beltway. by 8:30, clouds will hang tough pretty much all day down towards culpeper and orange. by 8:30, mid-50s already downtown. some breaks in the clouds that allows temps to go to the upper 60s, maybe 67 downtown. a lot of clouds south and west but sunshine. a pretty good day tomorrow. upper 60s dew point. even 66 or 67 as far north as leesburg, frederick and up into hagerstown. by 8:30 we're seeing showers begin to appear down to the south and west and a couple of those showers possible tomorrow night. the day on thursday and friday, keep your outdoor plans. 50 by 7:00. 58 by 9:00. 64 by 11:00.
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partly sunny skies and 67 also by 1:00 p.m. some showers on friday. keep your plans. 71. gorgeous on saturday. sunshine and 75. that is now the better of the two weekend days. next seven days on sunday, the nats have a day game. i think they're going to get the game in before the showers and storms roll in. much better chance for showers and storms on monday. then the nats are back tuesday and wednesday. nice on tuesday. maybe a shower on wednesday. >> all right, thank you, top. up next, are you in line for a pay raise? we're going to tell you about one company that just gave their employees bottom line a
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love.
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♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. and finally tonight at 7:00, a seattle credit card processing center, staff were left speechless this week after their boss gave them one big pay raise. >> the ceo stunned his staff when he announced the salaries would immediately jump to $50,000 and then within three years, $70,000. his 120 employees sat in silence as the news sunk in. then they burst into applause and gave their boss a standing o. jose garcia is 29 years old. he's got $54,000 in student debt and just saw his salary
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jump by almost $20,000. >> i think it's life changing for everybody, in various ways. >> and we should know that the boss himself took a pay cut to help pay for those salaries. as you might
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is sofia vergara in an explosive new war with her ex fiance? >> we have a lawsuit which reportedly claims sofia is trying to block him from using their frozen embryos. >> he's you know, younger than me and he's never had a kid so it's a lot of planning. >> now that sofia may want kids with joe, who will get custody of her fertilized eggs with nick? >> already froze some eggs. then hear bruce jenner's first words from diane sawyer's exclusive. >> my life hasen be getting me ready for this. as kendall goes top.less i anme, come on. forget about breaking the internet. is she about to break your tv? >> should her photo shoot one-up kim's selfie oobk? we have kim's new images. >> i've captured pictures for a decade. plus see who is really behind dennis quaid's meltdown. >> i was being blamed for it.
7:30 pm
also bradley cooper's new interview. and "90210's" jason preestly ly priestly is here for a flashback he might like to forget. >> where are my sespians? >> now "e.t." brandon's back. sofia vergara wants her ex-fiance to keep away from her two frozen embryos. he's saying, hold on, those are mine, too. hi, everyone, kevin frazier is off tonight. cameron is with me tonight. this should be a happy time in her life. >> she and joe manganiello are supposed to be tieing the knot reportedly and she told us she'd like to start a family with him. >> first, she wants to stop her ex from starting a family with her fertilized eggs. what a mess. tonight's top story, sofia's embryo war. >> babies in the future? >> maybe, maybe, maybe. in the future, maybe. >> she needs to replicate. >> absolutely. >> we


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