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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  April 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning. welcome to wusa9. it is 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. it's going to feel a lot more like fall than spring around here for the next couple of days you will need a coat with a lining and maybe even a sweater before heading out this morning. >> that's just one thing we're covering today. moving at a pentagon clip, if you will, with allyson rae, erica grow and larry miller. we'll start with ink on i-95. >> we had an earlier accident early this morning when two tractor-trailers collided on 95. this is the northbound side of dale city. what we found out is it has now spilled ink on to the interstate. so the cleanups are in progress right now. we're seeing now a six-mile backup which is going to cause you to add at least, at the very least an hour to your drive time at this point because of that earlier situation. i want to take you there live right now and show you the situation itself. this is the northbound side of
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i-95. you can see folks, these delays are real. they've only been getting worse throughout the morning. so if you are normally -- you normally drive this area, we suggest that you get out of the house as quickly as you possibly can because it is clearly not getting any better. route 1 would normally be the alternate that we would normally give but that's not getting better either. that's at a standstill as well. we'll have much more information coming up in about ten minutes. as you can see right now, right now we will continue to follow the story and give you more information when we can. allyson? we are starting off chilly and a gorgeous start from our michael & son camera but it is cool, much cooler than we have been and much cooler than average. we're going to stay cool not only today and tomorrow but right through the weekend. and for most of your seven-day. temperatures 46 degrees. we are having a wind mainly out of the west. it will be out of the northwest late other this afternoon and breezy again. another breezy day but it will be dry.
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temperatures into the 30s. 34 for damascus. 37 for rockville. the winds are still a little too strong to get some frost but frost is possible tomorrow night and into friday night for our outlining suburbs. here's your planner if you're headed to the nats game. 58 degrees. hard to say that in april but 58 degrees and breezy. it will feel cooler than that and 56 by 7:00. guys, back to you. today after five months of delays, the u.s. senate is finally expected to hold a confirmation vote on loretta link. she is president owe bam -- lynch. she is president obama's choice to become the next attorney general. it was delayed by five months because of a debate about abortion funding and a human trafficking bill. if confirmed she would become the first black woman to hold the poa. congress wants to know why postal worker doug hughes was allowed to land his gyrocopter on the cap willing to lawn last week. secret service and capitol police tracked the aircraft but decided not to shoot it down out of concern for people on
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the ground. house oversight committee chair jason chaffetz had harsh words for hughes. >> he's lucky to be alive because he should have been blown out of the air. >> congress will hold hearings to determine why he wasn't stopped. he remains under house arrest in florida. if convicted he faces up to four years in prison and fines. right now police have a man in custody who could have the crucial answers that folks need and want. he could explain what happened to freddie gray the moment before he died in baltimore police custody. we are now learning that man was inside the police van with the 25-year-old. this new information comes out as tensions boil over on the streets. let's take a look. after some people protests for several days, protesters got a little ugly. spit on police, tried to tear down a barricade. a woman who was standing on the barricade had actually gotten arrested. tensions boiling over.
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several days after the death of freddie gray, still no ans though five of the six arresting police officers have now released statements to investigators. >> we have someone who before their interaction with the police was from all accounts walking down the street or, you know, even running and within it seems like an hour, he was unresponsive. >> you have to provide the details. i'm not talking about information that's going to jeopardize potential cases in the future. what i'm talking about is simple information. why was mr. gray originally pursued. why did they decide to arrest him. >> reporter: a number of investigations under way. federal and local but residents want answers now. hear from protesters coming up in the next half-hour. i'm live in the satellite center, delia goncalves, wusa9. i'm nikki burdine live outsider der ya circuit court. -- outside alexandria circuit court.
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charles severance will be here facing several murder charges. this morning is not his trial. this morning there will be 12 or 13 different motions set to be heard. among them, his defense will be asking for a change in venue. severance is facing three separate murder charges. most recently the february 2014 shooting death of alexandria music teacher ruthanne lodato and the murder of transportation planner ron kirby and then in 2003 the death of nancy dunning. there are several motions set for today. among them we expect to hear them asking for a change of venue. his team says the crime severance is charged with at the time sparked fear in the community and it would be difficult to find a jury that was not biased. his attorneys are comparing his case to the d.c. sniper trial saying although moving the sniper trial outside the city did not help that case because it was a nationwide case, it would help with this one because the alexandria case was local. back to you in the studio.
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making some national headlines this morning, cowboys defendive end greg hardy has been suspended ten games for conduct debt detrimental to the league. they ruled there was credible evidence he beat up his ex- girlfriend when he was a member of the carolina panthers. he plans to appeal. his assault case was dismissed since his accuser refused to cooperate. the n.f.l. is praising a settlement in concussion lawsuits filed by more than 5,000 former players. >> a federal judge signed off on the agreement yesterday. according to don champion, it could cost the league $1 billion. >> the approved settlement means the n.f.l. will offer payouts over 65 years. >> they did the right thing. >> reporter: under the deal, players like mitch white could be given on average individual awards of $190,000. white took a big hit on the practice teeld eight years ago and has battled pain, confusion and depression ever since. other awards could reach $1 million to $5 million for players diagnosed with concussion-related diseases or
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for those who die from chronic brain trauma. >> there's just no denying that there's a lot of guys out there like me that are dealing with the strange injury of brain injuries. >> reporter: lawsuits claim the n.f.l. failed to protect players from the risk of concussions. now the league may never have to disclose what it knew about the effects or when. in a statement the league called the settlement fair saying, quote, retirees and their families will be eligible for prompt and substaption benefits -- substantial benefits and will avoid years of costly litigation. players like bobby say the lawsuits have brought about awareness. >> when i look back in 1989 when i got knocked out of the game in tampa, got my front teeth knocked out, i played the next sunday. i would sit out today. i believe they're doing the right thing going forward. >> reporter: the payout process could start this summer but any court appeals would delay it indefinitely. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> about 200 n.f.l. retirees or their families have
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rejected this settlement. they plan to sue the league individually, including the family of the hall of famer who killed himself at his san diego home in 2012 after several years of increasingly erratic behavior. it's 6:08. police serve to search warrants as they look for answers in the murder of an arlington mother of two. >> drivers beware. the warning period is officially over. speed camera tickets are about to make their way into some mailboxes. we'll explain coming up. >> grab the heavy jacket. you're going to need it, especially if you live in suburbs authority and west of town where temperatures have dropped into the 30s. take a look at your day planner. we're going to see temperatures topping out right around 60 degrees this afternoon. more clouds move in but no rain today. we'll talk about your rain chances and these cool temperatures, how long they're going to last coming up in people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's
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welcome back. 6:11. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. it's chilly out there. i was rub anything hands when i was out on the the weather terrace. down in the 30s in much of the metro area. 36 this winchester. 37 in frederick and westminster and it's 46 in downtown washington. but that's the outliar. most of us are down in the 30s to around 40 degrees. here's another look at that day planner. in the afternoon we'll see an increase in cloud comp once again but we're not going to see any rain today. temperatures remaining in the 50s. 58 degrees at 3:00. 58 degrees at 5:00 and that's dropping down from a high temperature of 60 degrees which we'll reach at 4:00. also going to be gusty. the winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. so make sure you're ready for these chilly march-like testimonies and here's another -- temperatures and here's another look at a messy traffic situation with larry miller. >> i want to give my friends
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out in brandywine a quick update. route 5, 301 free and clear of any issues. 210 as well. for those of you in prince george's county, 50 is free and clear as you travel westbound toward the beltway. no problems on the bw parkway. the 95 side in maryland free and clear as well. a live look right now at connecticut avenue shows you traffic is moving on both the inner and outer loop so you'll have no issues getting to your destination on time. want to take you back to 95 and the virginia side of dale city where we're keeping a close eye on that ink spill, what we have now. sky 9 is in place. you can see that is the spill on your screen. traffic is crawling at this point. a six-mile backup we're asking people to add at least an hour, hour and a half to your drive time to get you to your destination on time. annual dray ya, over to you. -- andrea, over to you. it's been almost a week since a mother of two was found dead in her arlington home. bonnie black was stabbed to death. yesterday police told neighbors there have been no arhees or charges in the -- no arrests or charges in the case.
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they're still collecting evidence in black's home and at the house of her estranged husband. >> he is just one person of interest that we look at. is he cooperating with us so we're very appreciative of that. >> police say they had responded to domestic violence calls at the black's home. bonnie black had a protective order against her estranged husband. police are not calling him a suspect. slow down or smile for the camera. six new speed cameras are in place now across the district. they went into effect yesterday so now ticketing or tickets are going to be issued rather than warnings. some drivers as you may expect aren't exactly fans of the changes. >> i think they stink. >> 25 becomes 45 going to the next light. >> keep in mind we have all the locations of the new cameras. just go to our website or the wusa9 mobile app. a 14-year-old girl is back with her family in mexico after
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she was forcibly sent her to the united states. >> and in just a matter of hours, a wrongful death lawsuit is expected to be filed by the family of michael brown. allyson? >> we are starting off absolutely beautiful. take a look at our michael & son camera. a nice sup rise and clouds work -- sunrise and clouds working their way in. it is going to abbreezy afternoon. -- to be a breezy afterno
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6:17. allyson rae back with us. did i hear this correctly yesterday? there was snow sighted? not in the beltway. >> we're talking way up in the mountains. >> is that crazy? >> not too crazy for that area but it's hard to see. it's hard to kind of think about when we're trying to get to late april. >> as someone who is a new mommy this time of the year, when i brought both babies home at the beginning of may, it was chilly. >> it's chilly and we're going to stay chilly. this is not just a cold snap. this is kind of a chilly long stretch. the next seven days will be below average. you can leave the windows open and turn off the heat and ac. it's not going to be anything drastic but definitely below
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average. look at this start. gorgeous. lots of sunshine out there for our michael & son camera. we'll see the clouds increase today. becoming mostly cloudy. it will be cool, breezy and temperatures not making it out of the 50s for a lot of spots. 46 degrees. the winds are really going to pick up through the afternoon. some patchy frost. we're talking frost, not for everybody. really through the coldest suburbs for thursday night into friday night especially as we head through first thing saturday morning. temperatures, we're talking 30s. 37 for frederick, 36 for culpeper. once you head east of 95, we see temperatures moderate just a bit into the 40s. 42 as you head to andrews and 43 for annapolis. your planner for today by lunch time 55 degrees. the clouds increase. if you're headed to the nats game, grab the sweat shirt. even the jacket if you will. it's going to be breezy and cool. 58 degrees by 5:00. a couple of sprinkles possible through the maryland panhandle but we stay dry today. 61 for tomorrow. saturday 63. a couple of showers possible late saturday night after the
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sun sets. and only into the mid-60s by next week. larry, over to you. >> thank you. i want to give people along 66 an update in your area letting you know we're just seeing volume delays which are typical for this time of hour as you head from manassas toward the beltway. again no accidents to report there. for those of you traveling along the beltway, everything free and clear. 395, 295, anacostia freeway. no problems in your area. so you should have no problems getting to your destination on time. i-270, i haven't had a chance to get to you guys. you're in the clear as well, just volume building up as you get closer to rockville. a live look shows you how things are shaping up on the 14th street bridge. traffic is flowing for the most part. just volume closer to the bridge and no problems in town. i want to take you back to the situation we've been talking about this morning. this si-95 northbound at -- this is i-95 northbound at dale city. that is the ink right there. traffic crawling making its way north of the beltway causing a six-mile delay. we're asking you to add anywhere from an hour to hour and a half to your drive time.
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over to you. >> this is mike hydeck in the newsroom with some of the stories we're following for you at 6:20 this morning. the parents of michael brown say they will file a civil lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri today. this comes after the grand jury and the u.s. justice department declined to prosecute the officer that shot and killed their son 18-year-old michael brown. tears of joy were flowing in mexico when a mom and dad got their daughter back. the 14-year-old was sent screaming and crying to live with a woman in houston after that woman claimed she was the girl's real mother. under a court order the family had to give her away, even after showing birth certificates. but the d.n.a. tests confirmed the woman was not related to the girl and she was sent back to her family in mexico. some scary moments on a sky west airlines flight from chicago to connecticut. the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in buffalo after dozens of passengers started feeling lightheaded. three eventually passed out. the passengers are all okay. the airline says there may have
6:21 am
been a problem with pressure on board. talk about a hot streak. listen to this story about a woman in santa ana, california. she thought she was luckily when she won a $100 scratch ticket a couple of weeks ago. the week after that she won a $5,000 scratch off. the week after that she won a third time. she hit the jackpot for $1 million. now that's luck. >> wow, third time definitely the charm. >> take a trip to cally. >> makes you want to buy out. barry bonds vindicated by the american judicial system. erica has a quick forecast in a coat i believe. >> yes, definitely a coat out here. it's crisp and cool and also a little bit breezy. take a look at the michael & son weather cam and your day planner for today. the cloud cover will start to fill in again as we head into the afternoon. and temperatures will stay in
6:22 am
the 50s for much of the met toe area. cool weather -- metro area. cool weather remains with us in
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cole welcome back. it's first alert meteorologist erica grow. it's awfully chilly out there. let's take a look at your day planner with the michael & son
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weather cam. a beautiful sunrietz but the cloud cover is going to fill in again. there are a few sprinkles and showers in the mountains to our north and west and you might see another little shower if you live west of i-81. we'll stay dry in the immediate metro area. it's just going to be breezy and become more cloudy as the day goes o. 56 degrees at 1:00. 58 degrees at 3:00. dropping from a high of 60 degrees. right now it's only 37 in leesburg and gaithersburg. grab the heavy jacket. it's 36 degrees in winchester and more chilly temperatures lie ahead in the coming days. at 6:25, here are some things you may have missed. layer this morning, day three of testimony in the sentencing phase of the boston marathon bombing will again focus on victims and survivors. >> the same 12-member jury that convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev on all 30 counts just two weeks ago have to decide if he deserves life in prison or the death penalty.
6:26 am
kris van cleave reports from boston. >> reporter: never before seen jail cell video shows a still band alleged dzhokhar tsarnaev three months after the bombings and hours before his arunment. he a-- he adjusts his hair and make as crude gesture to the camera. a still image was shown during opening arguments of the penalty phase but it was the testimony of an emotional adrian davis that moved some jurors to tears. the ballroom dancer remembered calling out for her husband adam aft second blast. i thought that because i couldn't hear myself scream that i was dead. survivor eric wally told jurors about the ball bearing that tore through his eye and remains lodged in his brain. he struggled with describing being separated from his wife. i thought i was dead and she was dead. >> reporter: the defense will try to convince the jury to spare the bomber's life. >> i hope he gets the death penalty. >> reporter: two of liz's son lost legs in the bombings.
6:27 am
>> i watched my kids, my two boys almost die. >> reporter: the parents of slain mit police officer sean collier are stale haunted -- still haunted by his murder. it took the officer's months just to get out of bed. she spent the two-year anniversary of her son's death crying. kris van cleave, cbs news, boston. >> again, all 12 jurors have to agree in order to send tsarnaev to death row. meanwhile former san francisco giant barry bonds is innocent. his only conviction in the baseball steroid scandal was overturned yesterday. that was an obstruction of justice charge related to an answer he gave to the grand jury. grossly excessive, that's what bank of america has to say about its fine. the company is appealing a $1.27 billion fine stemming from its actions in the 2008 financial crisis. bank of america argues the case that never have gone to trial in the first place and if it is
6:28 am
reheard, the trial judge should be removed because of alleged bias comments. president obama's trade agenda passes an early test in the senate. late yesterday the senate finance committee endorsed the president's fast-track request. it allows congress to endorse or reject white house trade deals but not amendments. however, some progressive democrats in the house are expected to oppose the move. good morning. welcome back to wusa9 at 6:00. just about 6:49 this morning. i'm nick giovanni. sorry to tell you it may be a cold or at least cool day. >> but the gang is all here today. larry miller, he's got traffic including almost a five and a half-mile backup due to ink cartridges. he'll explain later on and we have erica and allyson to tell us about the slightly cold start this morning.
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>> yes. it's going to be chilly not only today but for a while. so find your jackets and hang on to them because we are going to be seeing kind of a below average week and weekend. but a gorgeous start. our camera looking beautiful this morning. we are going to see the clouds continue to increase today. 46 out there. that's one of the warm spots of course right here at reagan national. once you get out into the suburbs, we're talking 30s. 36 for frederick. 41 for cumberland. manassas and culpeper you're heading to the 40s. we are going to see a chilly day. temperatures stay into the 50s for the suburbs but near 60 right in the district. clouds increase. it is breezy. we stay dry except for a couple of sprinkles through the mountains. we'll be tracking some frost possible late tonight working into friday night. that's on your seven-day coming up in just a bit. let's go to larry first, though. allyson, thank you. first let's talk to my friends out in frederick letting you know that everything is free and clear in your area. we are starting to see volume
6:30 am
buildup mainly as you head south from frederick down toward the beltway going to clarksburg but no accidents. certainly good news there. around the beltway fee and clear. 395, 295 also free and clear as well. no issues to report. for those of you in prince george's county traveling into town, you'll have no problems getting to your destination on time when you get ready to leave the house. 50 free and clear. bw parkway looks great. 95 on the maryland side picture perfect. it is certainly a mess, however, as we med down in virginia -- as we head down in virginia. i believe this is our camera here in -- all right. there we go. this is the situation out in virginia right now. we've been telling you about an inch spill as a result of an earlier accident. this is on the northbound side of 95 in dale city causing a six-mile backup. we're going to continue to have much more on this story. looks like three lanes of traffic now open but definitely causing a backup. if you have yet to leave the house, you should do so and add about an hour to your drive time. they have a plan and today pentagon officials will release
6:31 am
a 33-page report detailing the defense department's new cybersecurity strategy. >> it lays out for the first time publicly that the u.s. military plans to use cyberwarfare as an option in conflicts with enemies. a previous strategy releed in 2011 made -- released in 2011 made little reference to the capabilities. they say the world needs to know that the u.s. will protect and defend itself against any cyberthreat. this afternoon former c.i.a. director david petraeus is scheduled to be sentenced for sharing military secrets with his biographer. this comes two months after he agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor in the case. he faces up to a year in prison, probation and possible fines. there are new details this morning on how postal worker doug hughes was able to land his gyrocopter at the capitol building last week. lawmakers say he was being tracked by the nation's top security agencies as he flew into restricted air space. they had him in their sights but they chose not to shoot him
6:32 am
down. >> he is lucky to be alive because he should have been blowrnl out of the air. >> reporter: house oversight committee chair jason chaffetz had harsh words wednesday for postal carrier doug hughes who flew a gyrocopter through restricted air says last week landing it on the capitol lawn. but he was even tougher on norad and the faa. both agencies are responsible for monitoring the air space over washington, d.c. >> they chose not to brief us today and that's the heart of the question we will be scwg next -- be asking next wednesday. >> reporter: officials from the secret service and capitol police revealed multiple agencies tracked the aircraft but made a judgment call not to shoot it down out of the concern for the people on the ground. the committee top democrat elijah cummings expressed frustration that members of congress were never made aware of this potential threat. >> this is a wake-up call for all of us and for all of the agencies. >> reporter: hughes had flown from gettysburg, pennsylvania to d.c. intending to deliver letters to members of congress
6:33 am
about campaign finance reform. >> i delivered the mail without anybody getting hurt, without any property damage. i succeeded. >> reporter: the 61-year-old has since been charged with operating an unregistered aircraft and he remains under house arrest in florida. next week congress will hold hearings to determine why hughes wasn't stopped. if convicted he fays up to four years -- he faces up to four years in prison and fines. >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine live in alexandria. this morning charles severance will be here at alexandria circuit court facing three charges of murder. today is not his trial. his trial is not set until october, but today we expect several motions to be filed. among those is a request to have his trial moved out of alexandria. now, serve reasons is facing three -- severance is facing three separate murder charges. the death-of-ruthanne lodato in 2013, the death of ron kirby and the death of nancy dunning
6:34 am
in 2003. we expect his defense to ask to move the trial out of this city because they say it's going to be difficult to find an impartial jury because when these crimes initially happened, it set fear off in the city of alexandria. it would be difficult for -- to find a jury that is not impartial or at least aware of what happened here allegedly with charles severance. his hearing is set to begin at 10:00. i'm nikki burdine. back you to in the studio. >> reporter: i'm delia goncalves live in the satellite center with more on the unrest in baltimore city following the death of freddie gray in police custody. five out of the six arresting police officers have now released statements to investigators and for the first time we are hearing there was a second man inside that police van. take at this video first. after several days of peaceful demonstrations, protesters got a little ugly yesterday for a moment spitting on officers, hurling bottles at them after a woman was arrested for standing on the police barricade.
6:35 am
25-year-old freddie gray died of a spinal injury seven days after his arrest but residents say he is just the latest victim of what they describe as police brutality. >> there's an issue of bad policing. we have black police. we have white police. we have lat teen foe police and -- latino police and women police killing black men. the racial component is they know they can kill a black man and be exonerated. >> this is a childhood friend. it's not what we feel. it's what we want to know. >> if they don't charge those officers with anything, they -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: lots of anger on the streets of west baltimore. according to "the baltimore sun," the city has paid out more than $5.7 million to the victims of, quote, undue force by police officers. live in the satellite center, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> on that note, back on capitol hill, the senate planning to hold hearings on the use of police body cameras. south carolina senator tim scott called for the hearings
6:36 am
saying these cameras would provide, quote, increased protection for both law enforcement officers and those they serve. this comes as more and more police officers are being accused of excessive force. 6:36. we congratulate brad engborg. he says he should be the fan of the day -- [ inaudible ] >> you win two tickets to see the dave matthews band. if you want to follow his lead, head to our facebook page and fill out the form. >> it's chilly out here. i have the jacket on but maybe i wish i had agent bit after heavier coat on -- had a little bit of a heavier coat o. we're down to 36 degrees in frederick and win chest. 46 in downtown washington. -- winchester. 46 in downtown washington and 42 at andrews. temperatures are not going to warm up rapidly. we'll talk about more chilly temperatures and the potential for frost
6:37 am
6:38 am
6:39 am
welcome back. it's coming up on 6:40. we have a good amount of sunshine to start the day. we're going to take a look at day planner heading into the
6:40 am
afternoon and evening hours. cloud cover will build back in. there's a little bit of snow falling in the mountains to our west. that's not going to abfactor for us in the immediate metro but temperatures will remain well cooler than average. a r only 58 at -- only 58 at 3:00 and 5:00. time again for timesaver traffic. if you live if brandywine, accokeek, oxon hill, upper marlboro, there's no issues in your area. route 4, route 5, 301 free and clear. 210 no problems there. if you live in frederick traveling southbound toward the beltway, a live look at i-270 at falls road shows you everything is free and clear so no issues getting to your destination on time. for those of you living along the i-66 corridor, those of you traveling from front royal all the way toward the beltway, no issues either. just volume as you get closer into town. andrea and nick, over to you. a perennial powerhouse
6:41 am
continues to sit at the tom of the auto -- top of the auto making world. >> and comcast and time warnser merger -- warner merger just got the kiss of death. >> reporter: toyota still number one in global vehicle sales. the first quarter toyota sold 2.5 million worldwide. the japanese automaker has been the world's top selling for the past three years. rounding out the top three, investigation wagon and general motors -- volkswagen and general motors. the controversial comcast- time warner merger could be in trouble. the federal communications commission has recommended the proposed deal go to an administrative hearing. that is such a drawn out process that the regulatory experts believe this could effectively kill the deal. if it does combine, though, the merged company would control 40% of the u.s. broadband internet market. home depot says it's remo76ving toxic deluge from its
6:42 am
flooring. it's been banned in children's products in 2009 but still used in many other products to make them flexible. if you are not sure where to recycle your old computer, best buy has qthe ant. the electronics -- the answer. the electronics giant is accepting e-waste. it claims americans don't recycle their old electronics because they don't know where to take them. very about ten things related to electronics, mobile or otherwise sitting in my garage. >> thanks, mike. it is 6:42. you won't need to worry about the rain gear for the rest of the work week. >> just a jacket. allyson has the cold, cold reality after the break. the nationals wrap up their series against the cardinals today and it seems as though
6:43 am
they've broken out of their early april funk winning five of seven games. in addition, it looks like there's more good news on the way. anthony rendon's kneey has improved enough that he will again his minor league rehab assignment on friday. he could be back with the big club next week. that's a big boost because rendon smashed 21 home runs last year and is regarded by many in the organization as the team's best hitter while providing stellar defense. that's your that thes' inside
6:44 am
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6:46. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> charlie rose is live in new york with preview. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, nick and andrea. ahead the new concerns over secret service security. bill plant on the new revelation including that the alarm system was down at president george h. wrchts bush's home for more than a year. and a frying pan that teaches you to cook.
6:47 am
we share the list of the ten greatest inventions of the year. that and more. the news is back in the morning and we'll see you at 7:00. >> we'll be watching, charlie. have a good morning. >> i certainly hope so. thank you. as far as -- it's not a new invention but certainly not something you would be seeing this time of year. the old jacket, dust collector. >> i was wondering where you were going. >> you never know where i'm going. >> the heater, turn it back on. >> i left my windows open last night and i think it's going to be one of those weeks where you can leave the windows open a good bit unless you're in the colder suburbs. frost is possible. looking at some sunshine. clouds will quickly increase this afternoon so we are expecting a mostly cloudy day. a nice start to the day. very chilly, though. only going to get chillier in the mornings to come. 46 degrees. we're starting off into the 30s for a lot of spots.
6:48 am
yeah, 30s. 37 degrees for leesburg, winchester, manassas and culpeper only at 36 degrees. once you head down to southern maryland, through annapolis, through brandywine, we are into the lower 40s. we're only headed to the 50s and near 60 today. take a look. near 60 through the district. 60 for manassas and 350s elsewhere. -- 50s elsewhere. if you are going to be going to the nats game, it's breezy. it's cool. but we will stay dry. a couple of sprinkles are possible for areas off to the west, especially through the maryland panhandle, the mountains through 81. the rest of us stay dry. the clouds increase. it's breezy. it's cool. our temperatures are not going to warm up much in the next coming days. we're not looking at a big swing, not a cold snap. this is a chilly stretch the next seven days. take a look. we're at 60 today. 61 for tomorrow. nothing too drastic. tomorrow night and friday night, we are -- excuse me, tonight and friday night -- i'm getting my days mixed up. tonight and friday night the winds will calm down enough
6:49 am
that i think the patchy frost will be more likely for some of the colder suburbs. the beltway no problems. 63 degrees by saturday. we do see a couple of showers possible late saturday night and into sunday. 62 by sunday. we get a little bit better by next week into the mid-60s. that's still well below our average by about 5 degrees. so grab your jackets and hang on to them. larry, good morning. >> good morning, allyson. of course good morning again to you at home. looks like we have a situation brewing on metro this morning. the redline seeing delays in both directions because of a signal issue outside of the dupont circle metro station. i want to let you know the buses are running on schedule. for those of you in southern maryland, that would include brandywine, accokeek, oxon hill, everything free and clear in your area. no issues to report. we had an earlier car fire on the outer loop of the beltway at branch avenue. it's not causing any delays. it shouldn't impede the commute this morning. it's actually on the shoulder. again not causing any problems for you. for those of you traveling along the beltway, everything
6:50 am
is free and clear on the inner and outer loop. 290, 395, the bw parkway free and clear as well. for those of you along the 270 corridor, you'll see volume delays which are typical this time of the morning. nothing to be concerned about. traveling along of 66, the same goes for you as you make your way into town toward the beltway. we're keeping a close eye on the situation right now in virginia. we've been talking about it all morning long. again an ink spill as a result of an earlier tractor-trailer accident caused a six-mile backup. this is at dale city going all the way up to i believe dumfries, even past dumfries in some cases where we've seen traffic just crawling to get up there. route 1 is a typical alternate we would normally give when we see delays on i-95 northbound side. but we're told even that is at a standstill this morning. traffic is starting to get by. we have three lanes open. looks like the transitional lane is closed. crews are working and making progress getting the ink cleaned up but still a mess for
6:51 am
drivers. we're asking drivers at this point to add anywhere from an hour to hour and a half to your commute time because there's no really telling when this is all going to let up. our camera there showing you the delays. extensive stuff so we'll continue to update this situation for you on our twitter feed. you can tweet me. use the twitter handle at wusa9traffic. he should have been blown out of the air. that's what a congressman has to say about last week's gyrocopter pilot. >> president obama's choice for attorney general gets an up-
6:52 am
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for $16.99. your coffee, your dunkin'. >> reporter: i'm delia goncalves. happening today police and protesters getting ready for another day of demonstrations in baltimore city aft death and arrest of freddie gray. they are hoping that these rallies will be peaceful because yesterday things got a little ugly and violent. five of the six officers involved in the arrest of freddie gray have talked to investigators and we're learning for the first time there was a second man inside that police van. back to you. today attorneys representing the parents of michael brown are expected to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of ferguson. brown was fatally shot by officer darren wilson last august in the st. louis suburb. today the u.s. senate is finally expected to hold a confirmation vote on loretta limp. she is president owe bam --
6:55 am
lynch. she is president obama's pick for next attorney generally. the vote was delayed five months because of the debate of abortion funding woven into a human trafficking . bill if confirmed she would be the first black woman to ever hold the post. leaders after house oversight panel are demanding answers after last week's security breach where a florida man flew his jury row comenter through re-- gyrocopter through owe stricted air space. the committee chair jason chaffetz said postal carrier doug hughes is, quote, lucky to be alive and should have been blown out of the air for that stunt. the house panel plans to hold a public hearing into the incident next week. representatives from the faa and norad are expected to testify. this afternoon president obama will host the super bowl champs new england patriots at the white house. he ha rubbed how old -- he has rubbed shoulders with many top athletes the past few weeks.
6:56 am
one last little dig there. all right. we are off to a good start. we are looking at a chilly day. temperatures near 60 degrees but a lot of places will stay into the 50s. a nice breeze that is northwest could bring a couple of sprinkles far north and west but we should stay dry. the nats are in town. bundle up. the rest of the seven-day forecast, we don't approach our average high for this time of year. so a cool weekend but you can keep the windows open. larry? no issues around the inner or outer loop of the beltway this morning. again 66 free and clear of any problems. just volume starting to build up as you make your way into town. want to take you back to the ink spill we've been talking about on i-95. looks like we now have an accident just south of that ink spill. i believe that's route 619 that we've had on the shoulder there. actually causing some problems. looks like sky 9 is going to show us the delays but the delays on 95 northbound are
6:57 am
extending for at least seven mile at this point. so we expect it to ease up shortly once crews are able to get that ink cleaned up. cbs this morning is next. thieves are hacking into cars with keyless entries. how your freezer may help stop the bad guys. >> researchers at the university of washington scanned the brains of crows. why i don't know but hear what they have found. they can identify individual people. >> all right. >> i'll be back with larry in 25 minutes. >> we'll see you at noon. >> we will
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is thursday april 23rd 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a secret service failure at the home of former president george h.w. bush. the new report revealing extensive security breakdown. the nfl commits hundreds of millions of dollars to settling concussion lawsuits, but former players tell us it's not enough. a new threat for car owners. thieves use mysterious technology to open your door without a key. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. a broken alarm at president george h.w. bush's home took


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