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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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now at 11:00 shutting down the streets and scuffling with police, protesters in baltimore continue to vent their frustrations over the death of a man in police custody. good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. for a fifth night in a row protesters shut down the streets in baltimore. >> two people were arrested, but by nightfall calm had been restored and now the planned demonstrations are oh, at least until saturday. >> -- over, at least until saturday. >> garrett haake has been covering this story all week and joins us life from western baltimore's police station. what changed there tonight, garrett? >> reporter: one of the big changes was easy to see. last night i pointed out these concrete barriers police put out in front of the western district to separate police and protesters. tonight they moved them back and just to be able to have protesters out on their own streets seemed to make all the difference. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> reporter: in the afternoon they gathered at city hall for a fifth straight day of
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protests demanding answers to so many questions about how freddie gray was fatally wounded in police custody. >> i think that there's got to be a persistent traction so that the city hall and the police department know it's not an event. it's a movement and now it's much larger than freddie gray. >> reporter: the main group set off from city hall through downtown baltimore trailed by news helicopters and police who made two arrests briefly setting off a confrontation with the marchers. meanwhile across town the church which will host gray's funeral next week opened its doors to anyone who would listen to a singe -- vigil tonight. >> we did not come to incite anybody to any kind of violent acts. >> reporter: by sundown the remaining demonstrators had reached the western district where a calmer atmosphere prevailed than last night.
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children talked with police over the barricades and protesters greeted reporters as old friends. >> i was angry. >> reporter: this is scott's anger yesterday. today he explained where it came from. >> we felt caged in and let out and we wanted to be let in to express ourselves and that's what this does. >> reporter: baltimore police gave no meaningful update on the status of their investigation today. they said only that they would not allow the media to see what the inside of the transport vans look like and they still expect to be able to present some of their findings a week from tomorrow. garrett haake, wusa9. >> now maryland governor larry hogan did order 30 state troopers to help out with crowd control today. demonstrators are planning their largest rally yet saturday afternoon. closer to home tonight we are looking into whether a crime spree is being caught on camera around here in northeast d.c. police have put out several surveillance videos in the hopes of catching some
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crooks, so we put our debra alfarone on the case. >> reporter: it's the video that will make your heart skip a beat and it happened in this aisle. cops want you to see it and so does the owner of newton market. inside northeast's d.c.'s newton market two men walk in. within seconds one has a got. the other makes the worker open -- gun. the other makes the worker open the register. this violent robbery happen over a week ago. since then d.c. police have posted several new videos of robbery, burglaries and theft but say there's no uptick in crime in northeast. there's just more video, of this robbery with a knife, this burglary, this stolen package. >> you just have to be careful around here. >> it can happen anywhere. i'm not that worried. there's usually good police presence here. streetlights are on. it feels safe to me. >> reporter: surveillance cameras are everywhere including here in our wusa9 lobby. we don't know if those criminals knew they were caught on surveillance cameras, but we do know that that video can
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certainly help cops catch them that much more quickly. so take a look. we'll keep showing you people police are calling of interest. again they say there's no rise in crime, but college student liz says she's taking more precautions. two weeks ago she says some teens boxed her in and she tried to walk back to campus. now what do you do? >> i have someone drop me off and i thought it was okay since it was 2:00 on a friday, but no. changed everything. >> reporter: but others around changing where they walk including a walk to newton market. >> you got to be safe, got to go around with your friends. don't be walking around alone, i guess. >> reporter: if you have any information to help catch any of these guys, d.c. police would like you to call. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> that call just might pay off. d.c. police say you could be eligible for a reward as well. certainly feeling more like march than april out there and we have some freeze warnings in parts of our area.
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>> first alert chief meteorologist to were shift is here to tell us where those -- topper shutt is here to tell us where those warnings are and how they've been expanded. >> now it covers upper portions of montgomery county and western portions of loudoun county west of route 15 and frost advisories as far south as culpeper and charlotte. i think it's going to be even colder tomorrow night. this is the freeze warning along i-81 and montgomery county and northward frederick. current temperatures, pretty cold. the clouds are doing us a favor now, 43 in gaithersburg. at 6:00 37 in leesburg, manassas, 36 in gaithersburg we'll take you through the day and let you know how cool it will be tomorrow morning and we'll look ahead to the weekend. we're in the 30s now and you might be thinking what in
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the world is going on? what happened to spring. we get a cold blast of the past reminding us of late winter. >> our mola lenghi is bundled up down at dupont circle where he talked to some bitter people tonight. >> reporter: the hat, gloves, this might be a little much, not a whole lot much, but it might be a little over the top, but don't fooled. it might officially be spring, but it doesn't feel like it. >> it's supposed to be springtime, not relapse to wintertime. >> reporter: where are we? >> it's horrible. >> reporter: aren't the cold temperatures supposed to be behind us. >> like this weather is so discombobulated. it's supposed to be warm. >> reporter: we've been betrayed. >> it was 80 a week ago. >> reporter: step outside and it doesn't just feel cold. it looks cold, people in winter coats, gloves, hands in pockets, heads in hoodies, bundled up in shawls, wrapped up in scarfs and blankets.
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you got the gloves on. >> it's pretty cold. >> i got my jeans rolled up at the bottom with this winter jacket on with a winter sweater on. >> reporter: in april. >> it's ridiculous, but washington is marvelous. the weather, complete ridiculous. >> reporter: amen. well, at least it's warmer than where this couple is from. >> we came all the way from canada expecting warn weather. >> reporter: the spring get- away. >> exactly. we returned from a nationals game and we're freezing in coats. >> reporter: four or five days ago it was in the 70s. >> we missed it. >> reporter: don't worry. it will be back one day. are you cold? >> no. >> reporter: if we could all only be so strong and so warm. we've got about 46 degrees here in dupont circle. 50s, 40s, maybe 30s. might have to get used to it at least for a couple more days. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> i'm a little worried about short leave man out there. hopefully he'll be okay.
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you can loan him your hat. the big question, when will the warm weather come back? topper has a look at the seven- day. stick around for a few minutes. tonight a rockville family is asking questions devastated with the news their loved one was accidentally killed in a drone attack in pakistan. the strik in january, but it was not until recently the cia realized an american aide worker warren weinstein and another italian hostage were killed. weinstein was kidnapped by al- qaeda in 2011. >> based on the intelligence we had at the time includes hundreds of hours of surveillance, we -- including hundreds of hours of surveillance, we believed it was an al-qaeda compound, there were no hostages present. >> there's a yellow ribbon on every tree at weinstein's home. in a statement the weinsteins
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said his captors bear ultimate responsibility but also fault the pakistani government for not finding weinstein, treating his captivity as more of an annoyance than priority. the family also questions why some help from the u.s. government was in consistent and disappointing. last year weinstein's wife elaine publicly complained when her husband was not part of the deal in exchanging army sergeant bowe bergdahl for five taliban captives. two leaders were killed in the drone attack. the cia has been ordered to investigate what we want wrong. tomorrow students at the university of mary washington will celebrate a beloved classmate whose life was cut far too short, grace rebecca mann. the gathering is set for noon on the campus between nation and randolph reallies. you're asked to wear bright joy -- halls. you're asked to wear bright joyous colors. a man name steven vander briel was charged with the murder. a man in custody charged
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with murdering his girl friend's toddler. 29-year-old joshua riley was taking care of his girl friend's 23-month-old son at an apartment they shared on good luck road. the mother returned home from work and found the child unresponsive. anthony was taken to a hospital and died a week later. anthony was severely beaten in the head. prince george's county state's attorney said she will ask for jail time for a county officer. >> that officer has been found guilty of misconduct in office for punching a teenager in handcuffs inside a juvenile detention center. the surveillance video captured the incident in 2012. from all accounts, that teenager had been shouting nonstop profanities, but prosecutors say that is no excuse for officer jerry thomas striking the teenager and amming him into that metal bench. state's attorney angela alsobrooks says there's no protecting bad cops in prince george's county anyway. >> one of the critical differences between this case and the cases we've seen across the country that is this conduct was discovered and
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brought to us by our police department. >> officer thomas' sentencing is set for june. a silver spring man now facing up to 30 years in prison for a crash that killed a pedestrian. 33-year-old james chandler, jr. was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and driving under the influence of pcp. prosecutors say chandler was speeding on h street and northwest, his suv hit the curb, smashed into a retaining wall and rolled onto the sidewalk. in his path, 27-year-old phillip snodgrass. chandler will be sentenced in july. charles severance, the man charged with killing three alexandria residents will not face trial in that city. the judge moved the case to fairfax county. she was concerned about seating an impartial jury in alexandria. severance is accused of killing nancy dunning in 2003, ronald kirby in 2013 and ruthanne lodato last year. both prosecutors and defense attorneys are requesting no cameras in the courtroom at
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trial. wusa9 has joined other media arguing to allow cameras, but there's still no word when the judge will rule on the matter. coming up the marriage between comcast and time warner cable appears over before it started. >> also ahead prince george's county schools name the teacher of the year. >> cameras are supposed to be protected under the first amendment as freedom of expression. so why are police officers hassling some people taking pictures in front of d.c.'s
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washington d.c. is a magnet for people who like to take pictures, but we've been getting complaints of people who have been told to stop taking pictures of very publickings while standing in very public -- public buildings while standing in very public places. >> so we sent out investigative reporter russ ptacek to see if he would be stopped doing the very same thing and how. >> reporter: we understand this is a very touchy issue, balancing national security and the constitution. the question is how can we make america safe are without violating the very constitution that the government is
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entrusted to protect? >> did they tell you you can't film us? >> reporter: that from a state department officer and this from a montgomery county court officer. >> not on this side of the street. >> doesn't necessarily make it a lawful order. >> reporter: this first amendment expert is the attorney for the national press photographers association and he points his finger at the constitution's first amendment protecting everyone. corporates have ruled that in america that means cameras in public spaces are legal. >> i definitely was intimidated. >> reporter: citizen journalist travis shoff tweets his own experiences and posts them on youtube, this one at department of homeland security. >> i ask you to turn that off one time. >> reporter: we met shoff at homeland security last week as the agency called in a bomb dog. we did not identify ourselves as press and we received the same treatment as shoff. >> you cannot take pictures. >> reporter: we declined to provide our last names or why we were shooting. under the constitution you're not required to provide your
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full name or why you're taking pictures if you haven't committed a crime. >> i love the first amendment. it's the best thing ever. >> reporter: at the white house the secret service never asked us to stop filming, although they did check me out with a bomb dog. the fbi didn't stop us either, but -- >> take your video camera out of my face right now. >> reporter: this navy officer was in a residential neighborhood near the walter read nih campus. >> stop video. >> reporter: that was just after navy police ordered me to stop filming at their controlled entrance. >> you can't take a picture of the building, sir. >> reporter: she didn't want us taking pictures either at this department of defense facility, but check out every angle of the building. it can be seen online and look what's on google maps. now look what happened across the street from that building. >> if you're telling me to stop, we'll stop and go away. >> i actually already told you to do that. >> reporter: police ordered wusa9 photographer jeff keen to stop filming me. he was in an arlington county public garage where there are no rules against cameras.
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>> he frisked me. >> reporter: americans treasure the men and women who keep our sensitive buildings safe. it's not easy work and some agencies are already looking for ways to do that without taking away citizens' rights. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> wow. the navy apologized and acknowledged there is no law against taking pictures there. they are retraining their officers now. meanwhile three agencies, arlington police, department of homeland security and department of defense facility are launching internal investigations. montgomery county courts and the state department never answered our questions. there are reports tonight comcast plans to drop its $45 million bid for time warner cable. both companies learned this week the deal would likely be blocked by the government because merged company would be too big. official word could come as early as tomorrow. prince george's county named its teacher of the year tonight. she is renee ross. she teaches sipes to 3rd grader at through -- science to 3rd
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graders at tulip grove elementary and has taught more than 30 years. she credits chief executive officer dr. kevin maxwell for turning the school system around. >> dr. maxwell is definitely heading us in the right direction. we need funding to keep going and getting the graduation rate up. it's a wonderful county. >> renee ross will compete for the maryland state title of teacher of the year against 23 other county teachers. you go, lady! always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> but now it's time for the 3- degree guarantee. >> it's time for reckoning as they say. okay. i was freezing today cutting the grass. we went for a high today of 60 and thought that was pretty aggressive, but it was 60, ding, ding, ding. >> look at you go, hello. >> renee ross would approve.
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>> confetti. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, clouds doing us a favor keeping temperatures at night, 50 now. winds are out of the north at 15. i still think they'll die down before dawn. weather headlines, cold start, grab slade and a jacket tomorrow. we'll have more sun tomorrow than we today. bus stop temperatures 302 to 50, chill -- 32 to 50, chilly enough in my book. in fact, coldert. i think frost will be more widespread tomorrow night north and west of town probably just outside the beltway. the weekend will be cool, but we've changed the forecast a little bit. most of the showers will fall saturday night. 6:00, 5:30 a.m. temperatures in the 30s. i think you could take a couple degrees off these, 35 maybe in leesburg and manassas to start and then by 9:00 we should be in the low 40s in the suburbs and mid-40s downtown.
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by 1:00 we're crawling back into the 50s, again more sunshine. we will not have those showers and sprinkles we had today or the clouds. by 6:00 we're flirting with 60 degrees downtown in manassas, maybe 61 in culpeper, maybe 62 toward fredericksburg. tomorrow night temps will tank. we're back in the 40s in the suburbs and i think tomorrow night will be colder. the only thing that might save us tomorrow night are high level clouds coming in by saturday. if that happens, that will save us. overnight partial clearing, cold, freeze or frost possible northwest and lows 32 to 42, wind northwest at 10. on the day planner and remember these are downtown temps, 42 at 7:00, mid-40s by 9:00, low 50s by 11:00, mid-50s with mostly sunny skies at 1:00. saturday the day will still be dry on saturday. most of the saturdays will be saturday night, 60 and chilly with showers sunday, back in the upper 50s, but we might salvage the back end of sunday which i hope we do because i'm headed to middleburg for the
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point to point. monday leftover showers. we are near 60, mid-60s tuesday, near 70 wednesday and looking at more showers thursday with temperatures back in the mid-60s. >> derek has just one question. i have a question for dave actually. he's not rocking the red. he's slamming the salmon. >> i'm a good catch. >> oh. >> but i'm here all week, no, i'm not. the red lamp operator had to break out newberrys tonight. that puppy was burning all night long at the verizon center. the caps put it the islanders on a deserted island with a defensive onslaught, details coming up next. >> i'm andrea roane, our team is working through the night with reaction to the accidental death of a local american hostage
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> all right. through four games caps/islanders have been sort of like those two arm wrestlers
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in a stalemate both moaning, groaning, grunting, trying to get the edge, but i want to know who is going to show a little biceps this series? didn't score tonight but the fisticuffs came out. you start fighting with the caps tom wilson, you get tweety birds around your head. he will knock you out. 1st period evgeny kuznetsov, he literally bats it in out of the air to tie it, his first goal of the tieoffs. this is troy brouwer, cool setup to karl alzner. alzner also had an assist. 3rd period this is evgeny kuznetsov turning islander defenders into puddle water. caps win it 5-1 and take a 3-2 lead in the series. our frank hanrahan has more. >> reporter: it wasn't supposed to be this easy, but it was for the capitals, a 5-1
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victory over the islanders puts the caps up 3-2 in the best of seven series, but they know this thing is far from over. >> we know next game we'll have to work even harder if we want to stay in it. it's just a well executed game tonight. >> we're focused. we're not worrying about the other team, the fans, the refs. we're focused on us. that's going to be our goal. >> i think the leadership we have in there and what we've done culturally as a group and what we've learned, i think hopefully we're in a real good place. it's in their hands. >> reporter: even though the caps look good tonight, they've got to get better to close out the islanders on saturday. at verizon center frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports. time to announce our game of the week. game on varsity game of the week, congrats to south county, lake braddock, boys lacrosse. they win our high school game of the week poll, highlights tomorrow at 11:00. who saw this coming? wizards been eating good at the expense of toronto winning both
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road games. barbecued raptor tastes good. listen to john wall, the wall star ever cautious and recalls last season when the wiz went up 2-0 on chicago to let one slip. >> we know what type of condition we're in. you can never get comfortable. it's the same as going back to the series last year. we had the opportunity to go up 3-0 coming up and we let them outplay us and they was more physical and they won that game. finally tonight this poor game max scherzer, he gets less support than president obama's immigration policy. i mean this guy has got a 1.26 e.r.a. and eyes still 1-2. nats lose today 4-1, another day without run support. >> they need some lessons from the caps in terms of getting that scoring up. >> yeah. they need to rock the salmon. >> slamming the salmon.
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tweet me. any time you like night or day @janjeffcoat and @mcgintyman we would love it. >> it's a good thing they can't hear us during commercials. >> actually they would probably like it. some frost and freeze possible well north and west of town, but more frost tomorrow night. >> letterman
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