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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  April 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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y years of mistreatment at the hands of baltimore police led to an outpouring of anger across the state. others say it's a small group of thugs too many peep have spent generations -- people have spent generations building up. good morning. i'm nick giovanni. we'll take you back to baltimore in a moment. delia goncalves is there. she'll have live reports throughout the hour. >> let's bring in larry miller and allyson rae tracking conditions outside for your morning commute. allyson, let's start with weather. >> weather looking warmer than it was yesterday. we're going to see sunshine by the amp start wofg a few clouds, though -- starting off with a few clouds, though. we'll see clouds out there but not for long. 49 degrees. when you factor in a little bit of wind out of the north, not west at 10 miles per hour -- northwest at 10 miles per hour, it's going to be breezy again. 451 the trend. 45230 -- 45 is the trend.
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45 leesburg. waldorf at 44. manassas you're 46. then you factor in the wind. it feels upper 30s for some spots especially as you head off to the west through leesburg and martinsburg feeling about 43. a few clouds here or there but we will see increasing sunshine after the morning clouds go away. temperatures by lunch time in the mid-60s. near 70 this afternoon. good morning, larry. good morning,alson. good morning to you at home. no major issues to report this morning. we'll let you know that the metrorail running on schedule. we do have three bus alerts. # 6, -- 86, 83 and b-2. west braddock road we had a cargo into a building. unfortunately the driver lost his or her life. you want to stay away from that area. north howard street will be your best alternative this morning. i want to take you right now to the beltway and show you how shingz are shaping up -- things are shaping up at new hampshire avenue. traffic running at top speeds. traveling westbound on 50, no issues as you make your way toward the beltway. a live look at 50, this is
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eastbound just east of the beltway this morning. the sun is rising here in 0@d baltimore city and many people are asking what will today bring. this is what the night brings. continued violence. this fire that is now out was sparked some time ago here on west pratt street. eyewitnesses tell us it was set last night, rekindled in the very early morning hours and now police, fire crews are here trying to bring calm to the area. this scene in west baltimore is repeated throughout the city. there are just small pockets of violence. the whole city has not erupted in violence, but there certainly are pockets of absolute destruction and a lot of people are heart broken this morning as the sung now sheds light -- sun now sheds light and shines the light on a lot of this destruction. there is a wig shop, a hair shop here that was looted
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overnight, destroyed inside. everything down on the floor. we're told by eyewitnesses that people were coming down the street with cars and trucks loading in all the items and looting the material and here you have the fire department, baltimore fire department that have now called in, anne arundel county fire crews as well, reinforcement from other areas in order to bring calm to the city. we have talked to a lot of folks in west baltimore and around the city who say what do we tell our children at this point? the city is crying out for help. they do not condone this violence but they are hoping that when the sun rises and when the next day comes, that perhaps there will be change in the city. we have heard from city leaders and faith leaders saying it is up to the adults of baltimore
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to stand up and put a stop to this violence. there are no schools that will be operating today. schools have been shut down so we know children will be home. there are some churches and rec centers that are opening their doors to a lot of kids who will be out here. let's be clear that some of the young people themselves were the ones that started a lot of this violence first erupting at 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday, several hours after a peaceful day of rest and mourning for the family of freddie gray as they laid their 25-year-old to rest. the family in fact asking the people of baltimore to not protest, to pause in their demonstrations in order to bring respect and lay freddie gray to rest. unfortunately there were a group of young people who just took advantage of the situation. a lot of city officials are saying. the mayor here in baltimore
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stephanie rawlings-blake calling on the national guard to come, bring calm to the city. larry hogan, the governor of the state now issuing a state of emergency to baltimore. as we mentioned, schools are closed today and today begins a week-long curfew for the residents. no one allowed on the streets of the city past 10:00'until 5:00 p.m. the mayor saying you can only be on the streets if you are heading to work or if it's a medical emergency. this is the very latest of a string of unrest and violence we've seen in the city and many folks are hoping this will be the end. delia goncalves, wusa9. >> that violence delia mentioned has led prince george's county and anne arundel county public schools to cancel all student trips to the city until further notice. after postponing last night's game at camden yards, still no word from the orioles whether tonight and tomorrow night's
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games will carry on as scheduled. stay with us for any broking developments from -- breaking developments from baltimore. you can also take us with you by downloading the wusa9 app. i'm nikki burdine live outside the supreme court. arguments will begin inside the high court over gay marriage but right now take a look. there is a long line of people who have been out here all morning long. if fact, they've been out here for several days. i was out here talking to them earlier and yesterday. there are people on both sides of the aisle, people who want marriage equality and then there are those who oppose it... >> looks like we're having technical issues. we'll be checking back with her throughout the hour over at the supreme court. the prime minister of nepal says he fears the death toll
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from this weekend's earthquake could more than double to 10,000. >> 7.8 magnitude quake trigd gerean avalanche at the mount everest base camp. international aid is beginning to trickle in but the destruction and weather we understand is making it hard to reach some of those who need it most. after shocks could continue as well to hit the city for weeks. a teacher is credited with ending a school shooting in washington state just moments after it began. >> we're back live in baltimore with the latest on the ongoing violence as the national guard now works to bring calm back to charm city. first here's allyson with a look at today's forecast. >> i'm out here on the weather terrace. it's cool, breezy at times and cloudy for now. we'll see sunshine later on. take a look at your current conditions as we head out the door. probably a light jacket needed. we're looking for a nice day near 70. i'm tracking some rain. i'll tell you when to expect it. stay right here for
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. ten minutes after 6:00. cool and breezy to start your tuesday. we'll see a thighs afternoon. take a look -- a nice afternoon. take a look at your planner. temperatures in the mid-60s. the clouds out there right now should go away. areas south of d.c. seeing mostly sunny skies. take will be the trend for most of the day. near 70 degrees for your afternoon high and we will stay dry and breezy. here's a sneak peek at the seven-day. we'll have the full seven-day coming up in a few minutes. tracking a little rain come thursday. larry, over to you. thank you so much. in brandywine, upper marlboro, no issues in your part of town. route 4, route 5, 301 free and
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clear of any issues. 210 looking nice as well. a live look at 301 at route 0 shows traffic in -- route 5 shows traffic moving in both directions. for those of you leaving the house in the next 10 to 15 minutes no problems. for those of you traveling on the virginia side coming up from fredricksburg, going through stafford, lorton, newington toward the beltway, you are looking at a smooth commute as well as you make your way up toward i-395. the world's oldest commission warship closes for repairs. >> we're just hours away from learning the list of this year's tony award nominations. we're back after this. >> here's a look at temperatures. we're headed to near 07 degrees this i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be."
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. 6:14 on this tuesday morning. we were talking yesterday. it felt more like late october than late april. today we're getting back to where we should be. >> we are looking at an okay day weather wise. temperatures near 70. it is going to be a little breezy. sometimes it makes it feel cooler. a couple of days we're quiet, a little bit of sunshine. go have kind of a not so pretty end to the week. it's not a washout so that's
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good. let's take a look how we're starting off on our michael & son's camera. just a few clouds out there. once you head farther in the district, not a lot of clouds. most are hanging out north of the beltway. 49 degrees. winds out of the north, northwest 10 miles per hour. it is another breezy afternoon. we just can't get rid of the winds but they are going to die off late other tonight and into tomorrow. the feels like temperature about 40 degrees cooler than the actual temperature. that's the case across the board. 36 for gaithersburg is what it feels like. these are the numbers you want to dress, for not the actual temperature that you're reading maybe on your wusa9 app. 43 for westminster. 45 for baltimore and feels about 50 over in annapolis. high today much warmer than yesterday. yesterday we topped out in the lower 60s. upper 50s for a good chunk of the area. heading to the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. tomorrow we'll keep on adding. tomorrow we head to the lower 70s but the winds die down so when the sun shines, especially the morning hours tomorrow, it will feel warmer. a good looking spring day to
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start to end the month of april. we do track some rain late in the week thursday into friday. it doesn't look to be a washout. most of the rain looks to head farther south of our area. so we'll just track a few scattered showers. 66 by thursday. and we stay into the mid-60s for friday but hey, look at the weekend. then the nats return on monday for a nice warm day, highs near 78. larry, over to you. we have a serious accident right now on the outer loop of the beltway. this is going to be in the potomac area near river road where we have three lanes of traffic closed. i want to show you our camera at the scene. that is the accident right there. you can see that we have the delays. this is again the outer loop of the beltway at river road. we understand we have two cars involved in an accident right there. we are working on information whether or not this may have been a driver that was driving the wrong way on the interstate. we have not yet been able to confirm that as you can see from this picture here, we're starting to see some delays. this is really early on in the accident right now so we expect
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these delays to grow as we get toward the height of rush hour but again you want to stay away from this area. again this is river road out in potomac on the outer loop of the beltway. once i get more information, i'll pass that along you to. for those of you getting ready to head out of the house, we're not looking too much in the way of delays. i want to take fru arlington boulevard -- you from arlington boulevard to new hampshire avenue. this is going to be on the inner loop of the beltway. for those of you traveling eastbound on on 66 on james madison highway, a 52-minute commute. traveling from joplin road to backlick road, a 23-minute commute. for those of you traveling westbound on 50 from collington road to penn street northeast, you're looking at a 17-minute commute. >> reporter: residents are hoping this is the last day of the baltimore riots. take a look here in west baltimore and west pratt
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street. this hair shop destroyed, looted overnight. you can see it is a mess to say the very least and frustration is not even the worst of what people are feeling. they say it is beyond frustrating what is happening in their town, in their community. i talked to a lot of business owners who say they have come down just to take a look and to survey the damage hoping that their business is not the next business to fall victim to a lot of this destruction people saying that folks are taking advantage of the situation. when that happened, a fire broke out. we talked to an eyewitness who said this fire broke out around the same time as the store was looted. however, it rekindled early this morning. we first showed you pictures in the 4:00 hour with flames, bright orange flames shooting out of the roof and firefighters working foofer r
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feverishly to -- working feverishly to try to bring those flames under control and try to douse water on to the flames. the fire has now been out for i would say for about a good half- hour or so. but business owners are telling me there is no electricity on this particular block so even if they wanted to reopen shop today, they cannot. on this block there is no electricity to any of the businesses. however, a lot of folks are saying that there were fire crews on the roof of this building as well. at one point we saw them chopping through the ceiling of that building and trying to get through the roof to create some kind of ventilation so they can get some water into the fire to try to bring this area under control. as you can see this is a
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rowhouse connected to a number of buildings. so we've been seeing throughout the morning smoke continuing to spread throughout the building so a lot of business owners even if they're not directly affected still closely watching their nearby business and hoping that does not suffer damage as well. but this pawnshop here that suffered the brunt of the fire looks like a total loss and business owners tell me there is a large immigrant community that has come here to try to live the american dream, they say, frustrated and disheartened but what they are seeing. a lot of witnesses say we are hoping this is the end. the city, the mayor, city leaders and the governor calling for peace, calling for an end to this violence and they are hoping today will be that day where all this violence comes to an end. we're live in west baltimore, delia goncalves, wusa9.
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this man says he did what any other teacher would have done. i'm not so certain about that but a popular teacher in washington state this morning is being called a hero. >> it's because the guy tackled a gunman who started shooting inside a school just outside seattle. don champion reports. >> reporter: classes were just about to get under ware at north thurston high school when the gunman opened fire. it happened inside a crowded commons area of the school in lacey, washington. >> we ran down the holloway to the the >> they're like, he's shooting, shooting. he has a gun. >> reporter: while students ran monday morning, a teacher put his life on the line and tackled the gunman who tired two -- fired two shots into the ground and creoling. >> we looked out the window and we saw mr. olson tackle him. >> reporter: the teacher brady olson has taught government and civics at the school for nearly a decade. three other staff members helped olson hold the gunman down until police got to the t want to do
6:22 am
an interview, he released a statement saying, quote, no one including myself can prepare for a situation like this so i'm very thankful that we're all okay. >> i think it's absolutely very heroic of him, very brave of him, and i'm definitely glad he was working today. >> reporter: investigators say the 16-year-old gunman told them he never intended to hurt any students. the boy had recently transferred to the school about a month ago and will appear in court today. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> investigators still don't have a clear motive for the shooting but a teen acquaintance said she recently got troubling text messages from that boy. the world's oldest commissioned warship is closing its doors for a little bit after facelift. the u.s.s. constitution is docking in boston while it undergoes repairs. the ship was launched in 1797 and is a major tourist draw for the city. part of the ship will reopen in june but it won't go back in the water until 2017.
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there's no businesslike show business. this morning broadway's best will find out the list of nominees for the 2015 tony awards. mary luis parker and bruce willis will announce the nominations at the paramount hotel in new york at 8:30 this morning. the tonies air on cbs on -- tonys air on cbs in june. the japanese prime minister is in town. still ahead, a preview of tonight's state dinner honoring the prime minister. allyson? >> i'm here on the weather terrace. the skies have cleared out. we're going to see a good bit of sunshine this morning. it's cool when the wind blows. take a look how we're going to plan out the rest of your day by 4:00. we'll top out near 70. just a few fair weather clouds. we stay dry and breezy. i'll have the rest of your first al
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[ stand by for captions ] >> reporter: proton mail cofounder jason stockman says the edward snowden nsa leaks inspired the idea. >> existing service, you kind of trust them to keep your data secure and private. but they hold the lock and key. with proton mail, you hold the lock and key. >> reporter: the company is based in switzerland where strict privacy laws protect user data because the e-mails are encrypted from sender to recipient, not even proton mail can read what's stored on its server. >> even if we're compelled to -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: there are other secure features like self-
6:28 am
destructing e-mail similar to snapchat, it lets users set a time for the message to expire. do you feel like your e-mail is truly secure with this system? >> yes, i feel it's absolutely, truly secure, as secure as can be with the technology that we have today. >> reporter: she is one of about 400,000 users around the world testing proton mail. it could be available to everyone this calm. daniel nottingham, cbs news, pasadena, california. >> the company plans to make its revenue from paid subscriptions from premium e- mail features. we're told users can sign up on the company's website for an invitation to test the service. coming up on 6:29. good morning. welcome back to wusa9. you can can see from these pictures a state of emergency still exists in baltimore.
6:29 am
overnight thousands of armed national guard members have taken up positions across the city. what began as peaceful protests over the death of freddie gray escalated into a night of violence and riots. >> some protesters have said years of mistreatment and abuse at the hands of baltimore police have led to outpouring of violent emotion across the city. others say this is just a small group of thugs threatening to destroy a city too many have spent generations building up. a number of residents have even come together to patrol their own streets in an attempt to stop the violence and rioting. welcome back. i'm nick giovanni. our coverage continues in baltimore. in just a bit delia goncalves live on the scene calling it a tale of two cities this morning. >> i'm andrea roane. we want to bring in first larry miller and allyson rae. they're tracking conditions outside for your morning commute. al john, how is the -- allison, how is the forecast looking this. >> much warmer than yesterday, by about 8 to 10 degrees in some spots. we'll see a good bit of sunshine as well. let's take a look how we're
6:30 am
starting off on our michael & son's camera. we do see a few clouds, emily north. not for long. well -- especially north. not for long. we'll see increasing sunshine, another breezy one. winds just won't let up out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour and gusting near 20. mostly cloudy skies being reported but i was just on the weather terrace. there's a good bit of sunshine out there. feels like the upper 30s for some spots. just grab the light jacket but temperatures are headed to near 70. larry, over to you. >> allyson, thank you. our time right now 6:30. we have a delay on the blue line to the largo metro station. so you want to plan accordingly. we also have seven bus to be sure to check in with metro. a serious accident affecting the beltway at cabin john parkway. three lanes blocked as a result of a two-vehicle accident. this is at river road. that is the accident right there affecting both sides of traffic as you can see or i
6:31 am
should say the outer loop causing a slowdown. actually all the way up to the spur. so we're asking drivers to really stay away from this area because it looks like the delays are growing, particularly for those drivers coming from rockville making their way on to this area in potomac that looks like the delays are growing. now anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes minutes. we're live in west baltimore as the city is trying to come to grips with what is happening hoping that as the sun has now risen that this will be the end of violence and destruction we've seen. denise ward is a long-time resident of baltimore, over a dozen years. your daughter trying to get her to her private school in the county. the look on your face kind of says it all. are you saddened? what's going through your mind? >> very sad and disturbed
6:32 am
because this changes -- [indiscernible] my daughter, she's usually standing at this bus stop every morning at 6:00 waiting to get her transportation. [ no audio ] >> looks like we have lost delia goncalves. we'll try to check back in with her here within the next few minutes. again, the violence in baltimore really has carried over and has led to prince george's county and anne arundel county public schools to cancel all student trips to the city till further notice and after last night's canceled game at camden yards, still no word whether tonight and tomorrow night's games will go on as scheduled. stay with wusa for more. a virginia girl scout leader charged with child pornography is due in court this morning. 47-year-old chad lee roy miller is charged with taking indecent
6:33 am
liberties with a child. detectives say they started investigating when miller sent a pornographic link to an underage family friend. i'm nikki burdine live outside the supreme court where in just a few hours arguments are set to begin inside over gay marriage, but it is a busy morning out here right now and has been really all morning. in the past few days we're shoulder to shoulder with a lot of other media. photographers and reporters are here right now. i can't pan around and show you all the people that are lined up out here but i do have video i want you to look at. there are hundreds of people lined up around the block outside the supreme court. in fact, they've been here for several days. some have been here since last week. now, they are out here because they say they want to see history made. the high court will hear arguments for likely two and a half hours. it will start at 10:00 and they will hear these two questions. one, are states required to license same machine sex
6:34 am
marriage and two, do states have to recognize same-sex marriages from other state. >> it's just something that we have to see for ourselves but more importantly we want to be able to tell our daughter that after all this fight we had for her, she was there also to see it. >> reporter: again it's been a very busy morning out here and there are hundreds of people out here right now on one side we've got a group called faith to action. they do not want same-sex marriage to be legalized here or the state -- they do want states, however to have a stay in that. on the other side we have people who are here for marriage equality and they have been out here since last week. they tell me they want to witness history and they're all standing in line so they can get a ticket to go inside. just a little bit of information for you. some of those people are just
6:35 am
place holders. they have been given, some of them $5,000 to stand in line so other people can get there and get inside for this historic decision. the decision will not be made, however, until june. live outside the supreme court, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. our time right now 16:35. president -- is 6:35. president obama and first lady michele obama plan to hold a state dinner honoring the japanese prime minister. his visit marks the eighth official state visit during the obama administration. food for tonight's dinner was designed by white house chef chris cupperford along with -- cummerford along with a guest chef. the menu will feature caesar salad. that comes with smoked salmon and grilled chicken. today voters -- today a vote is expected on whether to ban fire foam products -- styrofoam products in prince george's county.
6:36 am
if approved, the ban would take effect in january. michelle evans from germantown, maryland is our facebook fan of the day. michelle says when i bought my home 12 years ago, wusa9 instantly became my go-to station for news, weather and traffic and i've been a loyal fan ever since. i love josh groban. it would headache my whole year to see him in concert. >> let's make it happen, michelle. you're going to see josh groban at constitution hall. if you would like to follow her lead, go to our facebook page and fill out the form. >> the longer i stand out here, the chillier it is especially when the wind blows. today is a perfect day. cool to start, warm to end. take a look how we're starting off. we're into the 40s headed to near 70 degrees. we'll see sunshine today. it's still breezy throughout the afternoon but we do remain dry. i will let
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen.
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the sportier utility vehicle. welcome back. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. our tuesday is looking warmer. take a look at your feels like temperatures because of this relentless light wind. it feels into the 30s for some spots. if we could take a look at that. there we go. 36 for gaithersburg. once you head to baltimore, about 45 degrees. 45 is what it feels like right here in the district. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. temperatures much warmer than yesterday, near 70 which is
6:40 am
average. i'm tracking rain, though, for your seven-day forecast. i'll have that in a few minutes. let's go to larry miller. some progress out in the potomac this morning. remember, we told but that two- vehicle accident that was blocking three lanes of the outer loop of the beltway at river road. looks like we have some progress. if we take a look at camera at river road shows you that traffic is moving. an accident now moved to the showldzer so you will be able -- shoulder so you will be able to get by. add anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to your drive time to help you get past this issue. a live look right now at i-66 just east of compton road shows you traffic is moving. for those of you traveling from gainesville making your way into town going through manassas, fairfax, no issues in your area. coming up in about nine minutes, we'll have an update on the situation in potomac and show you delays in your part of town. an interesting guarantee. a popular fast food chain promisessity customers it will only serve real food. >> kind of comforting, right?
6:41 am
>> a new push to make sure kids don't mistake laundry packets for candy. we're back after this.
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welcome back. our time is 6:44. another auto related recall and an announcement from a popular fast food chain. first laundry packets. by now we've all seen them. they're colorful. some say they look like candy. hundreds of kids have wound up in the hospital with serious injuries after ingesting them. consumer groups are pushing hard for child resistant packaging as a result and clearer warning labels. if you have these in your home, don't leave them out. you're warned to store them out of sight in reach of children and be sure the outer package is closed. meanwhile ford is recalling about 400,000 vehicles for a faulty door latch problem. these defective latch cz cause the doors on certain fiestas
6:45 am
and fiewshions to fly open -- fiewshions to fly open when the car is still moving. ford dealerships will replace all four-door latches at no cost [ inaudible ] will not be available on jz's title service. the front man took a shot at title's business model saying, quote, i think smaller bands should get paid more for it, too. bigger bands have other ways of making money so you don't think you can complain. a band of our size shouldn't be complaining and when its it says artist own, it's owned by a wealthy artist. titled paid 75% royalty rates to all writers and producers, not just the founding members on stage. artists who want to work directly with us keep 100% of their hiewsk. it took two -- music. it took two years but the menu at chipotle is 100% gmo free. it's the first major chain to
6:46 am
forego genetically modified ingredients as customers look for more natural options. chipotle's founder says just because it's fast food doesn't mean it has to be made with cheaper highly processed ingredients. >> that's what i like to hear. i'm liking what you're talking about here today, the forecast. >> we have some good weather for today and tomorrow. getting a little bit warmer than it has been. we're finally making your way into the 70s. we do remain rain free today but it's so breezy. you step outside it's cool but it's a typical spring day. cool to start and a warm afternoon. let's take a look how we're starting off. the sun is shining on the white house. a beautiful start to the day from our michael & son's camera. we're at 49 degrees. a few clouds arranging around, especially -- hanging around, especially areas to the north. feels like 45 degrees when you factor in the wind. feels a couple degrees cooler this morning and the light wind is going to continue. remaining breezy but just today. the winds will relax later on
6:47 am
tonight and into tomorrow. dry for tuesday and wednesday. areas way off to the southwest could see an isolated shower wednesday evening but we're going to be pretty dry. we'll see some showers for thursday and friday. it's not a washout and a better chance for showers. some of those scattered showers on thursday more so than friday. shaping up for a great weekend, though. we'll start off may on a good note. we'll see warm temperatures and dry conditions. highs today back to near 70 degrees. upper 60s for the suburbs. yesterday we were into the upper 50s through the suburbs so about a 10 degree jump. 70 for d.c. and 67 if you head to gaithersburg. tomorrow adding a couple of degrees but remember, the winds are going to die off for tomorrow so it will probably feel a little bit warmer for the afternoon hours. we're tracking our next rain chance for thursday into friday. still has a way to go and we'll see how the rain chances fair. i think a lot of the rain will stay farther south. 72 for tomorrow. mid-60s to end the week. looking good. upper 70s by monday. good morning, larry. good morning, allyson. 6:47 is your time.
6:48 am
marc train riders, you are running on schedule this morning. same goes for vre. no changes because of the riots in baltimore. for those of you that may be heading north toward baltimore on the marc trains, if things change, i'll be sure to let you know. mean type we are keeping a close eye on a serious accident that took place on van dorn street between seminary road and west braddock road where we had a car run into a building. unfortunately the driver in this case lost his or her life. still waiting to get more information. you want to stay away from this area. north highway will be your best alternate so you don't get caught up in the mess out there. for those of you traveling on the beltway going to be headed on the outer loop up to new hampshire avenue, you're looking at a 19-minute commute this morning. west eastbound on 66 from prince william parkway into town from north lee highway, you're looking at a 57-minute commute. for those of you traveling northbound on 95 a 19-minute commute this morning. if you're going to be traveling westbound on 50 from collington road to montana avenue nor east, you're looking at a 15-
6:49 am
minute commute. over to you good thank you, larry. this is one. the most frustrating and challenging games of all time. anyone who is matched with the rubric cube know it's a battle. tommie mcfly in the 94.7 fresh fm studios with a new world record. >> reporter: good morning, guys. i've been trying to do this one all morning long and it didn't work out for me but colin burns of pennsylvania set a new world record over the weekend for rubiks cubing. check this out. >> what? what? world record. world record. >> can you believe that? so now the current time was five and a quarter seconds which beats the current world record by .3 seconds.
6:50 am
some guys in the netherlands had it but he is, according to the cube association which is a real thing, the new world record holder. still working on mine. in the 94.7 fresh fm studios, i'm tommy mcfly, wusa9. >> wow. >> had to be some wd40. that thing was moving. >> you remember in the pursuit of happiness, tommy smith learned how to do the rubik cube. they taught him how to do it. still learning. >> so is tommy. d.c. voters head to the polls to fill two vacant county seats. >> we're back after this. good morning, everybody. i'm kristen berset. pinch hitting for holden kushner's inside pitch. matt scherzer will not be on the mound. he's still referring from a sprained thumb on his throwing
6:51 am
hand. he was full go with his fastball but says he only wants to pitch when he's a hundred percent ready. he's expected to be ready for his next start which would be sunday
6:52 am
6:53 am
it is a new day in
6:54 am
baltimore. residents are hoping it is the end ever the violence. the night brought more destruction. pockets of the city erupting in violence. this fire now out. broke out late night and then rekindled early this morning. we arrived here at the scene just after 4:00 a.m. in west baltimore on west pratt street and there was bright orange flames shooting out of the roof. just across the street from this destroyed building, a shop was looted. neighbors in this area are saying this is not the answer. the city is in a state of emergency. schools are shut down. a curfew begins tonight starting at 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. nikki? >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine live outside the supreme court. in just a few hours, justices will hear arguments over same- sex age. specifically two questions. one, do same-sex couples have the right to marry and two, do
6:55 am
states have to recognize same- sex marriages performed in different states. these arguments are set to start at 10:00 but a decision will not be made until june. back to you in the studio. later today a police officer accused of abusing a student is set to go on trial. prince george's county officer charles picard is charged with assault. prosecutors say pick card was working at suit ltd high school in november -- suitland high school in november 2013 when a student he arrested was injured. the trial is expected to last through the rest of the week. d.c. voters heads to the polls to select new councilmembers in wards 4 and 8. those are the seats once held by mayor muriel bowser and the late marion barry. 11 candidates are vying for the council seats in each of these elections. you can learn pore about the candidates and their positions by going to our website and to our app. once there, check out the special elections voter guide. back in baltimore, the orioles fans who attended saturday night's game were strongly encouraged to stay inside the ballpark while
6:56 am
protests continued outside the gate. many fans didn't make it into camden yards. the team announced they're offering complimentary tickets for fans at the game to use late other this season. it is chilly out there. temperatures are into the 40s but feel near 40 if not into the upper 30s due to a little bit of a breeze. it will be breezy today but dry. some sunshine and highs near 70. even warmer tomorrow remaining dry. thursday and friday, 60s, cooler and this rain. more so on thursday but lingering till friday. the weekend is shaping up to be great. 71 by saturday and making its way into the upper 70s by next monday. larry? for those of you out in north laurel making your way toward the beltway in college park, no issues on 95 this morning. bw parkway free and clear of any problems as well. just volume starting to build up as you get closer to the beldway. for those of -- beltway. for those of new prince george's county, bowie, mitchellville no problems heading into town heading westbound on 50. this has my attention. fitness 2.0 gym classes without the gym ahead on cbs.
6:57 am
a high-tech solution that could get you in shape. >> roger goodell addresses the league's concussion settlement and the upcoming draft. >> i'll be back in 25 minutes with the one and only larry miller with your traffic and weather updates. >> get your news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day from our wusa9 hoe bill app. >> stay there because -- mobile app. >> stay there because you'll get all the information on what what's happening in baltimore i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee. ♪
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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, april 28th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a state of emergency in baltimore. fires flare overnight. and the national guard rolls in after hours of chaos. questions this morning about why the police lost control. a humanitarian crisis grows after the earthquake in nepal. holly williams is there. and we'll talk with an american climber still trapped on mt. everest. and charlie questions nfl commissioner roger goodell with whether the league is doing enough to silence critics. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world


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