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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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breaking news right now in baltimore where the city is back under curfew for a third straight night after another day of protests in the streets. good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. the investigation into freddie gray's death into police custody, here's the latest. >> media reports say gray suffered his deadly injury in the van and not during arrest and the medical examiner found gray's injuries happened when his head slammed into the back of that van. >> but that van made a previously unknown fourth stop. today police did submit their report to the state's attorney. >> we get things started with garrett haake live on the streets of baltimore. the scene tonight, garrett? >> reporter: well, derek, the scene tonight is calm. the street is open here at pennsylvania and north and most folks have gone home. just a few media and stragglers left. when the curfew went into effect at 10:00 tonight, we did
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see what happens when some people refused to follow officers' orders to step back and we saw one arrest happen here on the street. one man, i won't even call him a demonstrator, he mostly spent the evening shouting curses at reporters and police officers refused to step back and go home and as the line of police advanced, he moved towards them. the police line simply pulled him backwards through the line, placed him on the ground, put him if flex cuffs and as you could hear him say there he is going to jail, but this was not the scene most of the day in baltimore today. the day started with a peaceful march to city hall. demonstrators gathered again today in the shadow of baltimore city hall. their numbers were thinned by rain but not their enthusiasm. today's focus, accountability from the state's attorney now handling the freddie gray case. shoo regardless whatever the result is, we already know what the result is, so it's not even
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that important. it's just that we want to see it in black and white. >> reporter: today's rally while smaller than yet's by an order of magnitude brought star power. baltimore native and new york knicks forward carmelo anthony led the march to city hall. >> everybody saw what happened. everybody has opinions. we're going to get justice one way or the other, but we just got to do it in the right way. >> reporter: demonstrators said their rallies will continue until justice is delivered no matter how long that takes. >> it can't be after the cameras leave everybody go back to their regular lives. it's over then. we got to continue to keep pushing. we can't stop. >> no justice no peace. >> reporter: by nightfall the protesters had returned to the corner of north and pennsylvania to wait for curfew surrounded by police. i have been out here almost every night the last two weeks and tonight you're starting to see the character of the folks remaining out here change and it was most evident at curfew.
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most of the kids and people causing trouble earlier in the week have gone home. we are seeing a more committed group of activists who say they are going to stick this out for the long run. reporting live in baltimore garrett haake, wusa9. fire investigators in baltimore are asking for the public's help to identify and find a man wanted for puncturing a fire hose. you remember this scene. this is the man who used a knife to punch holes in that hose monday night as crews worked to put out the fire at the cvs that was looted just before. >> the autopsy on freddie gray is expected to show gray died from a spinal injury. his family will learn the cause and manner of his death tomorrow. mola lenghi continues our live team coverage with more on what we've learned about the investigation. >> reporter: what happened to freddie gray might change the course of this investigation, but those protesting on these baltimore streets say it will not change their movement. the more we've learned about
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the freddie gray investigation, the more questions we have. after wusa9 editorial partners at the washington post reported that a prisoner in the police transport van with gray said gray was deliberately trying to hurt himself in the van, though the two were separated by a metal wall. that prisoner dante allen denied making the claim. >> they're trying to make it seem that i told them that freddie gray did that to himself. why the [ bleep ] did he do that to himself? why i would say he did that to himself? >> reporter: it's a crick that protesters say matters to gray's family -- contradiction that protesters say matters to gray's family and the investigation but not so much to the movement. >> i don't think it matters because it's not so much the problem. i think before and after freddie gray it's very clear baltimore and black america in general has a crisis issue. >> for me everything has to change. i'm out here for the white man, black man, asian man, it doesn't matter. >> it's bigger than freddie gray. >> reporter: but gray's arrest was the spark. police say during that arrest the police van carrying gray made an additional stop.
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police previously reported only three stops after arresting gray. also officers violated policy by handcuffing gray but not safely securing him in the van. >> he should have been secured point blank. he's in their custody. >> reporter: protesters still ask why he was in custody to begin with. >> what's so bad about a black man walking down the street not committing any crime admittedly by the police but just because he looks like he might have been suspicious? >> reporter: we have asked the baltimore police department to clarify the washington post report versus prisoner allen's denials. they deferred all comments to the state's attorney's office who has yet to clarify. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> the state's attorney has not given the timeline for when she will decide whether or not to charge the six officers who have been suspended during the investigation. now tonight hundreds of protesters did march through the streets of philadelphia in support of the demonstrations in baltimore. you could see we saw a few
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fights and a lot of pushing and shoving between protesters and police. there were a number of arrests and a few police officers did suffer minor injuries. guess what? we've still got a yellow alert going tonight. the question is how long will the wet weather last? >> first alert chief meteorologist is here with what you can expect for tomorrow morning's commute. how about it, top? >> not going to be a beautiful start to may, but not a complete washout either. right now we'll keep it not a yellow alert. we'll monitor the situation. here's why. at 6 a.m. here's futurecast. i agree with this. most of the showers south of town and they're kind of spotty, a lot of clouds, yes, and some fog to start with low 50s to mid-50s. by 8:00, 9:00, most of the showers slide off to the west. yes, thing are moving east to -- things are moving east to west and 57 downtown, clouds and spotty showers. by 10:00 breaks in the clouds with temperatures around 60. we will come back, talk about the weekend and have the 3- degree guarantee. in tonight's nfl draft the
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redskins' first round selection came down to a choice of offensive line versus defensive line. >> yeah, it did. when that pick was in, washington went with much needed help on the o line. kristen bersmore on the redskins newest player who some say was not the best on the board. >> some say he was a bit of a surprise pick, of course, the team sticking with the fact that he was the best player. gruden said they got a few calls possibly about trades but nothing really worth trading down for. redskins said they would pick that best player available but still filled a need strengthening the offensive line. they made moves for the defensive line this offseason. so tonight they decided to go with one of the nation's top offensive linemen. with the fifth pick the redskins selected brandon scherff out of iowa. coach jay gruden said it was his versatility and toughness that impressed redskins at the combine and with trent william entrenched in left tackle position, scherff will play right side at least to start and see how he does. scherff knew he would go high in the draft but was a bit surprised that it was the
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redskins calling his name. >> i'm just happy. i really didn't talk to the redskins after the combine, but, you know, i'm happy to be here and i'm happy to be a redskin. >> when it came to our pick, we thought that he was the best person for what we wanted, the best player available. you're talking about offensive lineman, talking about a big physical guy and we want to bring that mentality back to this football team and it starts up front. >> maybe an added plus for him, he was a member of the leadership group for four years on iowa's team and he was a team captain. so he kind of brings in that leadership. he was a very smart player and big player and won the award for the best offensive player in the country. >> and he can start right away. >> i was checking his twitter account after he was selected. he started getting the fans. >> he's a very sharp smart guy. he loves hunting and fishing, very much a midwesterner. police are on the hunt for a teenager they saw was caught &fhon camera attacking an elderly
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man at a metro station last friday. it is a gut wrenching video and now we've learned this says not the first time the suspect has faced assault charges. >> reporter: his name is elijah jeremiah smith, 19 years old and this is not his first brush with the law. he's on probation now in montgomery county because of charges related to an assault in silver spring last year. last spring police in montgomery county arrested and charged an 18-year-old named elijah j. smith in connection with the assault of a well known actor named frank briton. briton was heading home after starring in a play at this silver spring theater when he was attacked and robbed by four men. the assault left briton with a shattered cheekbone. smith pled guilty to the theft and was sentenced to one year supervised probation, probation that according to a spokesperson with montgomery police was set to end october
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this year. that elijah smith has the same address of the elijah smith transit police believe was seen in this video and tonight a spokesperson for transit police confirmed to wusa9 that the smith they're looking for is the same one that attacked briton just last year. for now they haven't found him. smith's last address was in northeast d.c. neighbors say he and his family lived at this house on 12th street for about three years but moved a couple months ago. >> they seemed to be nice people, you know. they go and come, school, work, whatever. >> reporter: transit police have charged smith with felony assault in this case. if convicted, he could face a longer sentence because of the age of that victim. reporting from eastern market i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> police were able to identify smith because of multiple anonymous tips they received after releasing that surveillance video. a d.c. man under arrest tonight for rape in prince george's county and a source familiar with the investigation says the victim is a nun.
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police say 27-year-old juan randolph broke into the nun's home last night on 16th avenue and chillum and sexually assaulted her. randolph was later arrested at his house and he's confessed detectives say. he's awaiting extradition where he faces multiple charges including rape, assault, theft and home invasion. u.s. marshalls arrested a -- marshals arrested a fugitive wanted for raping and abducting a woman from manassas, alberto coreros found in new york. he broke into a manassas' home home april 11, abduct heard at knifepoint and sexually -- abducted her at knifepoint and sexually assaulted her. a maryland 6th grader got to share the stage with president obama today. >> see him do something not many people have the nerve to do to the commander in chief. >> but first did puberty
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there are medical studies
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underway right now trying to figure out if adolescents with all those raging hormones can trigger melanoma in children which is the deadliest form of skin cancer. >> one maryland family believes their teenage daughter's coming of age played a role in how she died. here's debra alfarone with clair's fight. >> reporter: she wasn't a sun worshiper, always wore sunscreen, had annual skin exams and never touched a tanning bed, but 17-year-old clair wagonhurst of lutherville still developed melanoma, a skin cancer that some doctors think only adults get. there are two life lessons in this story. >> nobody told us that when you turn 13 or 14, it's a risk possibly. >> reporter: when clair wagonhurst turned 14 in 2011, a mole on her angle she'd had her whole life started to change. a doctor suggested it be removed, the next appointment in three months. the phone call to her mom marianne with a diagnosis a
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month after that. >> malignant melanoma, how can marianne, a former television anchor, was used to digging for answers, but this was the story of her life. >> my ankle, look how well it's healing. >> nobody told us that congenital moles, the moles that they're born with, are greater risk. nobody told us that adolescent melanoma looks differently than the adult population. >> reporter: marianne believes hormonal changes from hitting pew better and the delay -- pew better and the delay in -- puberty and the delay in removing the mole led to the fight for her life. you won't see pictures of clair sick. she wouldn't want to be remembered that way. clair's dad rocky shows us her room, in it pictures ripped from fashion magazines, a pictures of her older sister hillary. the bright colors he said matched her personality and that brings us to lesson no. 2, live life like clair. >> just how every day is so, so
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-- you just can't let a moment ago. >> she never cried about it ever. >> reporter: never dwelled, never emplaned. after chemo she picked a -- complained. after chemo she picked a dress that would cover her scars and went out new year's eve. after surgery left her on crutches she went to a party. >> she taught me to really be positive in every situation. >> even the reminder of her just makes you want to do better and live life like clair. >> reporter: most of clair's classmates never knew she was sick. clair drew, painted, applied to colleges, got accepted and lived life to the fullest. see the title of her journal? >> i wish i could just be on an island by myself where time stood still so i could feel bad for myself for a few days and waste no time while i do that. >> reporter: clair knew how precious time is even though she never thought she'd have so little. >> clair teaches us all that there is beauty in every single day, that no matter your
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circumstances, you can have something wonderful, something to laugh about and something to be joyful for. >> marianne says people thank her for bringing teen melanoma to light and because of her their children have been diagnosed early. when i told marianne that she saved them, she corrected me and said clair did it. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> the executive director of the melanoma research foundation tells us making any definitive connection between hormones and adolescent melanoma is a long way off, but there are suspicions in the medical community. he also says if your child is born with a mole or develops one at a young age, you need to be very diligent. shifting gears now to a 6th grader from salisbury, maryland, who did the hesitate to cut off the president of the united states when he got a big long winded while answering a question. take a look. >> even the best writers usually it's not that good the
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first time they write it. >> yeah. and i think you've sort of covered everything about that question. >> you think i -- this man thinks i've been talking too long. >> no. i think you just -- >> no. let's move it along. i got you. >> you're going on too long, dude. quiet it down. he was moderating a conversation about books at the library in anacostia. president obama was taking questions from students in early education and what he likes to read. this is a yellow alert day. now here's always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> the 3-degree guarantee. >> first i was worried it was going to be too cool, then too warm, the stress. hair's turning gray. here's what we forecasted for today, 72. it was 74. we did it. that's a correct one, only two off. forecasting a high tomorrow 66. been sweating that one already. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam 58, winds
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north, northwest at 8, humidity kind of up there at 81%. a couple breaks in the clouds, could have some fog develop. we'll be here early in the morning to carry that through for you. here's radar, everything moving east to west, a little counterintuitive, nothing crazy heavy, everything pretty much shades of green and most of the vity leesburg, warrenton west along i-81. i'm zooming in toward southern maryland and the delmarva. i think this will rotate overnight and stay primarily south of town. a few of you will have a wet commute but primarily south tomorrow, more concerned about the fog north of town, gaithersburg, leesburg and up toward frederick. bus stop temperatures 48 to 58, 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., not too bad. showers will be ending tomorrow afternoon or evening. it will stay cooler. we'll hold in the 60s tomorrow and then the weekend looks warmer and mainly dry and i say mainly dry, a couple showers are possible, but you can keep
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your tee times and outdoor plans. looks pretty good. 6:00 tomorrow there's the activity we just showed you on radar pivoting westward into fredericksburg and down south 95. by 9:00 there's nothing really north of manassas, a couple showers fredericksburg toward culpeper, 50s, breaks in the clouds 1:00 with showers confined to the i-81 corridor and the shenandoah. by 5:30, 6:00 a few showers may reappear with temperatures in the low to mid-60s but not quite yellow alert worthy as it were. here's the day planner, 50s to start, 58 at 9:00, 60 by 11:00, 63 with a little sun by 1 p.m. the weekend still looks great, low 70s saturday, a slight chance of an isolated shower, upper 70s sunday, slight chance of a shower. azalea festival friday, saturday and sunday benefits the scholarship fund. check it out. good stuff for the kids as well. next seven days it gets warm,
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80 monday. nats come back to town, low 80s tuesday and wednesday and maybe a couple thunderstorms wednesday and thursday, but not a washout at this point. >> we're starting to get a little warmer now. >> it's about time. >> it's baseball weather. big night for the caps? >> big night for the caps, big night for the redskins, overall a win/win for both teams. the redskins let first pick the first time in three years and used it to shore up the offensive line. >> plus the caps were involved in a buzzer beater as they open
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> despite having a high first round pick for the first time in three years the redskins had thought about trading down picking up a few more picks in later rounds, but when it came their turn to actually make a pick, they hadn't received any enticing offers, so they decided to fill a much needed void on their roster. it wasn't a flashy pick. some were baffled by the selection, but the redskins felt they got the best player
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available in brandon scherff, an offensive lineman from iowa. consider this. the redskins gave up the second most sacks in the league last year, so they decide to add protection for rg3 and with trent williams always left guard, the skins look to use scherff on the other side of the line. >> that's the exciting thing about brandon. he's very versatile. heck, he could probably play center, but i think day one we start him out right tackle. >> i figure tackle or guard. wherever they want me to best and jump right in and try to get that spot. >> meanwhile skins fans gathered throughout the city for draft parties, this one at barcode in northwest. skins fans were on pins and needles as commissioner goodell strolled to the podium. how did they feel about brandon scherff? >> i was shocked initially, a little angered, but i guess the most important thing is protect our quarterback. >> i'll be excited if he lays people out like did he in college. if he lays people out like that in the nfl, i'll be excited. >> they haven't addressed the offensive line for a long time. we've got trent williams, but
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other than that there's no standout players. someone has to defend whoever is back there. >> several current players voiced their excitement about their new teammate on social media. running back alfred morris tweeted i'm a happy camper. silas redd tweeted let's get it and receiver pierre gore cone garcon tweeted welcome -- garcon tweeted welcome to the burgundy and gold. tonight the saying play fill the final whistle held true for this team, alex ovechkin and the caps taking to the rangers in game 1. ovie with a blistering wrist shot, caps 1 -0. there wasn't much scoring in this game, under five in regulation. the rangers kevin hayes with the wrist shot and the deflection and just like that we are tied up 1-1. late regulation the caps never gave up, ovie to joel ward who puts
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it past henrik lundqvist with 1.3 seconds left. capitals steal game one, 2-1 the final. >> we fought hard. we battled again tonight and i thought the boys worked hard. holt was unbelievable and we stuck together and pulled out a victory. >> it just shows you we get a 1- 0 lead and they score, tie it up and ward with a huge one at the end and you're kind. jumping through the roof. it's tough hockey. >> so many times we've seen that not go the caps way. >> yeah, man. >> so that's a big one to get for them. >> you start thinking maybe this could be the year. >> now they have the momentum. they silenced the crowd. it was a little silent there. now they'll see if they can do that game two on saturday. >> we're back after this.
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wusa9 news is sponsored in parted by your local toyota dealers. >> you know, it was a long, cold winter in many were and april. >> we're going to a -- in march and april. >> we're going to a new month. only in the 60s, showers possible ending in the metro before evening and the weekend make your plans. i got a drop but no worries, in the 70s. >> thank you, top. that's our broadcast. thanks for
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