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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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charge against six officers include second degree murder and manslaughter and a warrant has been issued for their arrests. >> scott broom joining us live in the charm city. he is near city hall. scott? [ no audio ] all right, that's -- that's scott broom here we're trying to work on audio issues. >> we can hear him ever so faintly. he was outside city hall where state's attorney made the announcement earlier this
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morning. >> right and you can hear he was about to say as soon as the announcement was made by the state's attorney, you could hear shrieks and you could here shouts -- hear shouts, and horns were honking and people were holding their fists up. a very emotional reaction for the city. >> i think people expected some charges we heard them tell our reporters in the field but i think they were surprised at the number of homicide charges, manslaughter charges. that were brought against the six officers. so we're working to get scott broom back to you again. but if you're just joining us, he is ready for us now outside city hall. scott? >> reporter: my apologies. technology a something else. it's very exciting when you can bring something live while you're walking around and then it's not so exciting when the audio doesn't work. all that straightened out. i'm now monitoring a gathering here of activists you know this is a big camera position. it's where the networks all across the world are and so people are gravitating here to share some of their thoughts of this group monitoring right now have been listening to their
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reaction. number one thing i heard from them. shouts went up go home, go home. what they were talking about is the national guard. and the heavy presence that's on street here. lot of folks objecting to -- to that and sort of heavy security presence and there's a significant movement in baltimore today. also about lifting the curfew and i must tell you the mood has shifted. i think it's fair to say dramatically in the wake of this announcement today. there have been no sort of angry aggressive-types of outburst, there have been loud and celebratory outbursts here in baltimore. beginning with the millisecond that it was apparent on the steps of war memorial here when state's attorney it became apparent she was about to say the word i'm charging and people shouted. fists went up and car horns began to honk even in the background. as that press conference was
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unfolding. let me try to get gentleman here to share some reactions and -- this is dr. david anderson, some of you may recognize his name from broadcasting down in washington. a passer, a broadcaster and a talk show host. you're from d.c. area, you're up here witnessing this. you used to work history with me. would you share some of your reactions? >> definitely. today's decision is a historical moment because the state's attorney actually is trying to prosecute police without hiding behind a blue line. all police aren't corrupt when you do see criminality, you've got to charge them just like you would charge citizens. so she's showing leadership in doing that and as a result, i think you can see from the reaction of the crowd, that people just want to know that justice is coming and that justice will roll down. for all people. >> reporter: you're plugged into the faith community.
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that's what you're about. the faith community has played a role here as things have unfolded in baltimore and mostly that role has been to try to stop violence, but keep the voices loud. what are you think is the next step here? what do you feel happening in the hours as we go into yet another night of curfew for instance here in baltimore? >> well you know as pass forof the bridgeway -- pastor of the bridgeway multicultural church, our first act is to pray. so we've been praying and we've been calling churches and leaders to pray. that's what people in the faith community must do first. and then, you pray for peace. and i think we're seeing peace which is an answer to our prayers but most of all you have to see prospects specific that's what we're getting today, a broader perspective. not of being stone walled because you don't have answers. >> reporter: all right c. arnolderson, thank you for joining us -- dr. david anderson thank you for joining us. let me make a couple of observations next this afternoon. the national guard presence here in baltimore we've been told by the governor several days ago is going to continue
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through the end of the weekend. the police commissioner yesterday afternoon told us that the curfew will continue through the end of the weekend. so that's the situation as it stands now. they gave no indication that they were going to change their minds. although the situation now has dramatically changed. a couple of other observations. i noted a short while ago, and that is something is really resonating here in baltimore. people here in baltimore particularly in the impacted communities on the west side and the east side. and that is not as much the charges but the statement by the state's attorney before -- as she was annoyanced the charge -- announcing the charges that freddie gray was arrested illegally. the knife he was carrying was not a switchblade. therefore everything that happened after that was illegal and that's been a big complaint from people on the street that they get pulled up and they get charged sometimes charges manufactured after thin air. that's what people believe
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here. that's the situation in city hall. and the war memorial building here in baltimore. how about back to you in the studio? >> all right thank you scott and now that the state's attorney's office is pursuing these charges, in the gray case, elation, ever since we heard horns honking. people congratulating them. >> nikki burdine is staging reaction. she is in pennsylvania avenue near that cvs that was burned other the weekend. nikki? >> reporter: we are in west baltimore right now. and we have been here all morning. i'll tell you the scene is very different right now than what it was when we first got here, we first got here right before the curfew was lifted. after the curfew was lifted at 5:00 a few people milling ability. after the announcement was node a different store -- made a different scene. i have three gentlemen lifelong residents of baltimore all very passionate about the community. i'm going to start down here with you sir. name? >> kevin eaton. >> reporter: tell me what is
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going through your mind and your heard right now what is going on in the city. >> i'm really glad we have reached a point with the officers being brought to justice hike this but in my mind i know we haven't had the chance yet and still may be found not guilty. you know, so -- i know it's not time too celebrate but i'm glad to see the fellow baltimoreans absorbing in the moment. so this is a point in history that we're changing history in baltimore. >> strange to see the city almost divided like this? you have the police and the gear. national guard and then you've got regular citizens like yourself and other people rolling through the streets raising their fists. >> well to me it's not strange because i was in los angeles during the los angeles riotings, lived out there during the '90s. but i didn't want to see that in my city. you know what i'm saying? i've lived through this already. i know what's happening with this but i never expected to see nit my city and i didn't want to see it. i know we have fires and looting and you know it's not a pretty scene. but as you see, we get results.
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good results. >> reporter: and doctor we are substantial doubting in front of one of the buildings that was set on fire and looted. seeing this and knowing where we are right now. what's next for your city? >> well, i believe that what's next is for us to come together. have a conversation about how we can effect policy change. imkeep going back to policy change because we can't keep doing business as usual. we have to do something different so that the actions are taken differently. not that you can kill individuals or things can happen without some type of repercussions behind it. >> reporter: and i'm going to come to you. you've been here your whole life as well. you had a rough upbringing and you turned your life around. you told me something earlier. he has a mentor program and he goes and talks to kids and you you yourself in some of the children riding and doing these things, what's next and what needs to happen so this doesn't happen again? >> i mean one thing is we need sensitivity training with the officers. the officers that are in the communities they need to look more like what the communities
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look like. you know, we should -- because i've never believed in us always outsourcing because we have people that's coming in that don't know nothing about our culture. our history. when i go around the country, when boy in different places, in the world, i always do my homework. i try to be sensitive to the people who are living there. but when you have people who have us against them attitude and i'm not saying all of them do but for the ones who are come from somewhere else it's have any other attitude. we need to have some sensitivity training and some mentors for our youth and we need to open up some of the most recently closed rec centers and we need to try to make change. >> reporter: thank you so much. all very good sentiments here from community activists and people here in west baltimore. but again it has been a celebratory scene out here. people driving through the city honking their horns. just on the edges as police and armored vehicles in full gear are protecting the streets as well. just on standby but i'll tell you they've been very calm
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throughout this entire process. waving and smiling and talking to people as they walk by. that's the latest here in west baltimore, back to you in the studio. >> nikki has been talking to people who are delighted that these charges have been filed but you can imagine the police union feels just the opposite. >> that's right the fraternal order of police and police union don't believe the six officers are responsible for freddie gray's death. and at some point this afternoon they're expected to have a news conference. bruce leshan is live outside ethel p. headquarters, bruce? >> reporter: yeah, cheers in the neighborhood in west baltimore absolute silence here in northwest baltimore outside the fraternal order of police. they are expected to have a news conference at some point this afternoon. and respond to these charges being filed against the six officers. but we haven't heard from them yet today. we did hear from them prior to this. they sent a letter to the state's attorney.
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questioning whether she could be dispassionate and follow the law in this case. they questioned her ties to billy murphy. he is the attorney for the gray family. billy murphy was the largest contributor to marilyn mosby the state attorney's campaign. he served on her transition she is also married to nick mosby who is a city council member here in the city of baltimore and they suggested that the results of this investigation of what happened with that would directly affect nick mosby's political future. so againer they are sucking -- again, they are suggesting there's no way she can be dispassionate but they haven't said that to us on tv at this point. in this letter they said there's no way that any of the officers expected that they would go home that night and that freddie gray would not go home. they insist the fraternal order of police, that the officers did not kill him.
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were not responsible for his death. and that they acted diligently to try and effect an arrest. that's what we have from the fraternal order of police at this point. reporting live in baltimore, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> bruce thank you. we want to let you hear some of the charges that are being brought against these officers from state's attorney mosby. >> officers goodson is being charged with second degree depraved murder. involuntary manslaughter. second degree negligent assault. manslaughter by vehicle by means of gross negligence. manslaughter by vehicle by means of criminal negligence. misconduct in office. for failure to secure a prisoner. failure to render aid. officer william porter is being charged with involuntary manslaughter, assault in the
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second degree. misconduct in office. lieutenant brian wright is being charged with involuntary manslaughter, assault in the second degree, assault in the second degree, misconduct in office, false imprisonment. officer edward miriam is being charged with assault in the second degree, intentional. assault in the second degree negligence. misconduct in office. false imprisonment. officer garrett miller is being charged with intentional ail salt in the -- assault in the second degree. assault in the second degree negligence. misconduct in office and false imprisonment. white is being charged with manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault, misconduct in office. >> those were the charges being read against the six officers in the freddie gray case. again, that is state's attorney
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marilyn mosby. our -- coverage of this in baltimore is going to continue. >> going to continue after there. so stay with us -- after this. so stay with us, we'll be right back.
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welcome back. to the news at noon, we have some breaking news now from northwest washington. a parking lot has collapsed at the water gate complex in foggy bottom. allyson barber is there live on the scene. what do we know so far? >> reporter: still learning a lot of information. what we know right now is that two floors of a parking deck collapsed inside the water gate hotel. we got here an hour ago. tons of fire trucks and police cars behind me and over on the left side of the street. there were a couple of hundred construction workers on the side of the road. they were either inside that hotel working or getting ready
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to go inside and work when the parking garage collapsed. some construction workers that we spoke with said it was two floors it seemed to be the ground floor that fell into the base. . they say that they didn't smell anything that was smoky it seemed like there was all caused by some type of pressure explosion. they believe that it was caused by some type of pipe explosion. d.c. fire tells us they're still investigating that right now. we saw some photos from one construction worker and it really looked just kind of like a big sinkhole. what we know right now is that everyone that was on the construction site has been accounted for. one woman was injured. she was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. but police say they are still looking in there to make sure that everyone is accounted for. that includes water gate employees and anyone who may have just been in the parking deck. until they can get further inside they won't confirm for sure there's no one unaccounted for but right now we do know every construction worker made it out. one injury and really sort of what we know right now. fire and police you can still
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see behind me are working to get us more information. but so far, one injury. every construction worker that was inside that building has been accounted for. back to you guys. >> allison barber live at life begins with a howl, we scream, shout shriek with joy. until, inhibition creeps in, our world gets smaller quieter, but life should be loud. sing loud, play loud, love loud. dentures shouldn't keep you quiet
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got that? but i was trying to tell you is that even though we are done with early morning rain the clouds are going to remain with us. cooler temperatures as we. our high temperature only in the mid 60s today. notice these winds out of the northeast at about 10 miles per hour. that's one of the reasons that
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it's going to stay cooler throughout the day today. and we're still in the 50s. it's 59 in frederick and martinsburg. 57 in manassas. 58 in fredericksburg. only 55 in annapolis and at andrews. on satellite and radar, you can see that early morning rain has suppressed to the south. and we will see a few breaks in the cloud cover before the day is done. but the pro predominant theme today is going to be cooler and kind of breezy conditions from time to time that ocean influence helping to keep the clouds in place. and it will fire up another round of showers in the mountains possibly even sneaking to the -- east of i-81 as we head into the evening hours. just a little sprinkle or quick shower moving through and that activity looks to be west of the beltway. not in the beltway itself. so again, in places like loudoun and fauquier county you have the better potential of seeing some rain but into saturday, dry and mild. maybe just a sprinkle. not a big deal. temperatures returning to the 70s though. then on sunday, we'll have another dry day and even milder. so here's a look at that three
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day forecast just another isolated sprinkle maybe and the better potential for that will be to the west of the beltway today. a high of 66 degrees. on saturday, another green alert despite this chance for a shower. we'll get up to 72 in the afternoon. the showers more likely to develop in the mountains but we could see an isolated sprinkle or shower in the beltway itself. on sunday, what a gorgeous day we have for you. a high of 77 degrees. partly cloudy to mostly sunny. in the afternoon. in the first alert seven day forecast, can you believe it? temperatures heading to the 80s as we head back to work and back to school. also as the nats are heading back into town. the boys of summer are going to have summer-like temperatures greeting them. 82 degrees on both monday and tuesday. tuesday a weak conference from the north, that -- cold front from the north. that could trigger a thunderstorm and maybe a lingering shower on wednesday. but notice the temperatures remain well above our seasonal average. which is about 70 degrees. so today is by far the coolest day in the first alert seven day. mike? back to you. okay thank you erica.
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back to our breaking news out of baltimore now. where officers have been charged with murder in connection to the freddie gray case. scott broom is live outside city hall talking to people who are gathering there since the state's attorney's announcement. scott? >> reporter: want to show you an important picture, it's a measure of how the mood is changed here in the last hour. my partner mike behind the camera, he's going to zoom in on the assault rifle that the national guardsman is carrying and it no longer, no longer has a clip of ammunition in it. it was notable as guardsmen took the streets during this event that they had clips in suggesting their weapons were loaded. that is no longer the case. and the line of guardsmen here in front of city hall has -- hasn't relaxed but there are less guardsmen in the line. so it appears things are calming significantly here at city hall and baltimore. lot of activist arnold, just a couple of moments ago here, i
12:25 pm
spoke with congressman elijah cummings who has been sort of an iconic figure in the -- on the street in baltimore at night. going up to the moments of the curfew. cummings told me and a crowd of media and onlookers that he believes that today was in fact an historic moment. because he said so many times in cases like this, quote -- nothing happens. and today something is happened. he cautioned however this is the first step in the process and it a judicial process. officers are innocent until proven guilty and there's a long road ahead going up to a trial and of course perhaps the next big tension moment in baltimore will be when that trial happens. that's the situation here at city hall. let's go to my colleague nikki burdine elsewhere. >> reporter: thank you scott.
12:26 pm
we are live in west baltimore and as you can see, it has been a very celebratory scene out here. look at this crowd right here. they have been like this for the past couple of hours, since this announcement has been made. blocking traffic, people just celebrating raising their fists in the air. longing their -- honking their horns. people are very excited and they're very happy. when i first got here in baltimore this morning, i'll tell you that it was very quiet. there were not a lot of people in the streets and then it was almost instantaneous right after the announcement was made. that charges were going to be brought against these officers people were driving through these streets and screaming. and cheering. morning their horns. and to get some reaction from people who have lived in baltimore their entire lives, two people right here, kevin and danielle and i want to start with danielle. part of the organization who's out here giving out water and cookies to people. danielle, first tell me how you're feeling. >> oh i'm feeling amazing, today is a vast difference of who we saw on -- what we saw on monday. today they're celebrating the news they heard. they came down from marilyn
12:27 pm
mosby and we're really proud of her to take a courageous stand and taking the law and possibly making it apply to everybody. that's -- >> reporter: what's the name of your organization? >> we're change health systems and also southern baptist church we are partnering with change health systems to highlight the importance of change begins with me. and change often times has to begin with how we think and hour modality of thinking from the mental healthcare. >> reporter: thank you so much. before we say good-bye talk to kevin who's a marine veteran and he is out here celebrating as well. how are you feeling? >> i'm not celebrating, i'm here. i'm -- okay. i think it's a sad day that we have to see the military be -- the national guard, the police. marshals. and full uniform. >> reporter: thank you so much kevin. that's the latest here from west baltimore. back to you in the studio. >> again tate's attorney mosby announcing murder charges against the officers in the freddie gray case in baltimore, we're going to continue to follow the story throughout the
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day on of course also on our wusa9 app. reporting live here from the studios in washington, d.c., this , this is mike hydeck. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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