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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now this is a spontaneous eruption, appears to be a lot of folks from a custom car club. they are going past city hall here and the war memorial plaza beeping their horns, a large crowd gathering on the sideline to watch this spontaneous parade, people with cell phones out. this is another example of the mood in baltimore right now. it is a celebration that is on, but as we have been cautioned throughout the day, it is going to be a long way ahead to get through both the charges of these officers and the trials. this is occurring after the state's attorney here marilyn mosby filed charges today against six police officers. >> the findings of our comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation coupled with the medical examiner's determination that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> i'm going to caution everybody that this is the beginning of a process. >> there's a lot of mixed emotions. >> reporter: baltimore's mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. >> i was sickened and heartbroken by the statement of charges that we heard today. >> reporter: blake called for reform in the police department. >> the manner of death deemed a homicide by the maryland state medical examiner is believed to be the result of a fatal injury that occurred while mr. gray was unrestrained by a seatbelt in the custody of the baltimore police department wagon. >> reporter: charges filed by mosby against six baltimore police officers involved in the arrest of freddie gray april 12th were sweeping from 2nd degree murder and manslaughter to misconduct in office. mosby described how gray cried out for medics but was repeatedly refused treatment at every step of his 40 minute journey in a police transport wagon. she described how in handcuffs and shackles gray was loaded head first on his stomach into the wagon not belted in in
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violation of policy so that his body could slide uncontrolled on the floor head first into the steel walls of the vehicle. >> nor did they render or request medical assistance. >> reporter: medics weren't called until a final stop at a police station. >> to the people of baltimore and demonstrators across america, i heard your call for no justice no peace. your peace is sincerely needed as i work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man. >> reporter: right now the protests and demonstrations we are witnessing in baltimore are entirely peaceful. five of the six officers are already in custody and being processed. the demonstrations are expected to continue both tonight into tomorrow and sunday, large demonstrations, this as baltimore despite the lifting of the mood remains under a state of emergency. there are still national guard troops deployed and there will be a curfew tonight imposed again at 10:00.
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reporting live at the war memorial plaza in baltimore scott broom, wusa9. >> news of those charges was a big surprise in west baltimore on the streets where freddie gray grew up. within minutes people were gathering, honking, some cheering. bruce leshan is live at north and penn where there is celebration and also a lot of sadness there, bruce. >> reporter: that is right. there is celebration here at penn and north. people have been dancing, longing, chanting, just generally having a blast down here, but there is also sadness in some of the neighborhoods around here. the looting over the past week has taken a toll, so there really is a complicated mix here of both hope and despair. >> everything is gone. everything is destroyed and we're not coming back any time soon. >> reporter: myesha mccoy's voice catches as she talks about her broken dream. she came become to west
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baltimore, built a pharmacy in a neighborhood desperate for jobs where one of every three homes is abandoned and boarded up only to see her pharmacy looted twice in the last week. >> what am i supposed to do for my medication? >> if you could hear the messages i'm getting from my customers saying please don't give up on us. we still need you. it brings tears to my eyes. >> we want justice! >> reporter: but there is celebration up the street at north and penn. after all the controversial deaths of young african american men at the hands of police officers around the country, there is a feeling that this time there may be justice coming. >> i feel like in america it's great and we'll see change. >> reporter: the death of freddie gray has made for strange allies. crips and bloods and black guerrilla family gang members all walking arm in arm. >> you have to fall under.
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>> when i see these men, i was freddie gray. i was one of the young men involved when they talked about the wire. people could look at me and who was crazy ted, but now i'm dr. ted. this brother is my brother. he's not a thug. >> reporter: of course, the filing of these charges is just the first step and there is already concern here about what happens if at the end of a trial a jury finds these officers not guilty. reporting live in baltimore bruce leshan, wusa9. >> that curfew does remain in effect in baltimore. there are plenty of officers and national guard on hand there. we will keep an eye on what happens when 10:00 rolls around tonight, but at this point, the mood has eased considerably there in the city. as you can see, of course, protesters and everybody back in the streets this evening. the march from the state's attorney's office to city hall was peaceful and most showed support for the decision to
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charge the officers. >> we believe what the state's attorney did was very important to our community to bring justice to the situation that we are facing right now. so i believe that it's very important that we continue in this path. >> we've been reporting there are more protests planned for saturday and sunday and organizers say they are expected to be peaceful. >> the family of freddie gray says they are satisfied with the charges brought against those six baltimore police officers this morning. the family did hold a press conference at the reginald lewis museum in baltimore about an hour ago. the family's attorney billy murphy said the family was shocked when it learned about the charges and it wants to make sure the case is reviewed thoroughly and there is no rush to justice. freddie gray's stepfather added he believed the charges were an important step towards getting justice for his son. >> these charges are an important step in getting justice for freddie.
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and we ask that whoever comes to our city, a city that we love, a city that we live in, come in peace. >> we were in shock. and it was a good shock. >> murphy also said at this point the family has confidence in the case's prosecutors. baltimore fraternal order of police says the six officers charged in the case did nothing wrong and it is calling a decision by prosecutors to charge those officers a rush to judgment. >> we're disappointed in the apparent rush to judgment given the fact the investigation into this matter has not been concluded. our officers like every other american citizen are entitled to due process. >> these officers did nothing wrong. as all of the facts surrounding this case come out in the appropriate forum, the officers' lack of wrongdoing will be made abundantly clear.
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>> the fraternal order of police says it has and we're quoting here grave concerns about the fairness and integrity of the prosecution of those six officers. >> here's a recap of today's events. earlier today baltimore's top prosecutor declared freddie gray's death a homicide and his arrest illegal. all six officers have been charges. the fraternal order of police calls the charges an egregious rush to judgment and a short while ago his father said the family was satisfied with the charges in gray's death and at 6:00 we'll have a special report profiling the baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby. >> plus we'll separate fact from fiction regarding organ donation. >> pretty quiet, just some clouds and comfortable evening. the pollen is hammering everybody, high for tree pollen, low for grass and weed and mold spores.
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you can find that on our website we'll come back, talk about the weekend and a new streak we'll start over the weekend. >> here's another live look at the crowd gathering and marching in the streets of baltimore following the news that the six officers involved in the death of freddie gray have
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the august 2013 shooting
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death of john geer is perhaps the most prominent case involving deadly force by fairfax county police. in the past nine years three unarmed residents have been shot and killed by officers patrolling the streets there. >> as peggy fox reports, none of the officers involved have faced charges yet. >> reporter: you've probably heard the name john geer. in life he had no connection to sal kalosi or david masters, but in death the three middle aged fairfax county men are linked by how they died, each fatally shot by a fairfax county police officer. 52-year-old david masters, an army veteran, shot and killed by a fairfax county police officer november 13th , 2009. he was in his own truck with four puppies stopped at a traffic light on route 1. his father says his son never got justice. >> he was apparently on his way to leave flowers at a cemetery veterans day. he was shot in the back by a police officer.
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>> reporter: in 2006 sal palosi also unarmed was shot by a fairfax county police officer and john geer stood in his doorway unarmed with his hands up when police officer adam torres fired the fatal shot. a grand jury will convene this summer to decide whether to indict torres, but in the other two cases neither officer was charged. mike curtis, an advocate for police accountability, says a citizen's review board is needed. >> who is watching them as they investigate themselves. so when they come to a criminal charge, officer misconduct, that needs to be looked at a different set of eyes than those that work with them. >> reporter: there is police dashcam video of the masters shooting. we're told it doesn't show the shooting, but we'd like to know what you can hear. on monday fairfax commonwealth attorney ray murrow said he had no problems with that video
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being released, but fairfax county police have yet to do so. peggy fox, wusa9. >> peggy is one of two media members on the ad hoc police practices commission set up to look into policies after mistakes were made handling that geer case. topper says this is the weekend to do something fun, his
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ensure. take life in. check out this crowd gathering in baltimore and marching through the streets following the news that six officers have been charged in the death of freddie gray. quite a scene there and it's been a very peaceful day in baltimore so far. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> more protests planned for this weekend, lots of outdoor activities closer to home. this is the weekend for it. >> if you can't find something to do this weekend, you have no friends, okay? you can do anything. the weather will cooperate. we'll probably start a new streak of 80s. let's talk about streaks and the 3-degree guarantee. we went for the high today, a tough forecast because of the northeasterly flow, we had a
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high of 66. we'll tell you tonight at 11:00 if we made our 3-degree guarantee. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, it wasn't a bad day. you could get stuff done in the yard, play golf, some clouds and sprinkles, a little cool, 62 downtown, wind easterly at 6. we had that easterly wind and get low clouds and cool temperatures. that will change over the weekend. here's radar the past hour. i'm watching these showers, a couple thunderstorms around hagerstown moving essentially due south. so while most of us will not see a shower tonight, we do have an isolated shower in the forecast. you can see yellows and reds, heaviest activity crossing over 68 headed down toward i-81 headed toward greensburg at 6:19 and again i think they'll fall apart a little bit, but until they get to shepherdstown it could have some brief heavy
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downpours. isolated showers early tonight. fire up the grill if you're cooking out. flower mart at the national cathedral and the azalea festival through sunday. temperatures by 10:00 in the 50s, almost 60 downtown at 10:00 with clouds. we still have a couple sprinkles roll through, then cloud thickening up by morning. we are going to have clouds to start the day tomorrow and a couple sprinkles possible after midnight. it gives way to sunshine. by 10 a.m. low to mid-60s and 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow afternoon mid-70s downtown, low 70s in gaithersburg, 74 in frederick with sunshine. by 9:00 holding in the 60s and headed for lows in the 50s in the downtown area tomorrow night. really a nice weekend. tonight partial clearing and cool. i got to keep the isolated shower in, 46 to 54 for lows, light winds. by morning returning partly cloudy, may take a while, isolated shower possible early,
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46 to 68 and by afternoon partly cloudy, pleasant, just a slight chance of an isolated shower. 72 to 76 for highs. even in the mountains we're looking at 64 in oakland, 72 in cumberland, 76 in culpeper, mid- 70s in manassas, fairfax and mclean, 75 downtown, 74 in gaithersburg and rockville. cooler by the bay, water still cool, temps in 60s. 54 to start, early shower, 60 by 9:00, sunshine returning by 11:00 and 71 with sunshine by 1:00. sunday 80, that could be the new streak, low 80s on monday. next seven days low 80s tuesday, 80 wednesday, low 80s thursday and friday. yes, with the arrival of the 80s a couple shower and storms are possible particularly late thursday and friday.
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[ music ding ding ding ] >> that's the music the signal it's a good forecast. we got a draft story today but from a different angle. by the end of this sportscast you'll have a new catch phrase. a local athlete with hopes of hearing his name called and a mom a very unique way of describing her baby. that's coming up
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity.
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>> so in the first round of the draft the skins opting for the minivan versus the ferrari figuring the mini, in this case brandon scherff will eventually outlast other players. you can argue the skins should have traded down, but you can't argue the importance of getting scherff. the skins o line has been like swiss cheese. the 6' 5 300-pound behemoth can fill some of those swiss cheese holes. >> i like to consider myself to be an active football player. i want to earn the respect of the teammates first and learn the plays and go out and improve with all the guys. >> he can barely fit in that suit. washington with a pick in the second and third rounds tonight. this next story about a local player who hopes to be drafted. he's had to prove people wrong along the way. if you ask his mom, there's one
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particular reason her son is so special on the field. former dmv defenders know these moves all too well. cruso gongba is on the cusp of realizing a dream that's in the making. youth football it quickly became apparent that he had something the other kids didn't. >> he just goes zoom zoom zoom to the end of the room. nobody can catch him. >> reporter: a precursor of things to come. as a rockville high senior he led area rushers with over 2,100 yards. recruiters thought nice, but too small. >> when i was first starting off, it was like okay, crasu is doing all -- cruso is doing all this, but it's against 2a
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talent. >> reporter: the lobos head coach at the time, he flourished averaging nearly 6 yards per carry. >> i was like away from home but not away from home. >> do you have any questions? >> reporter: gongba is not an elite level nfl prospect, but multiple teams like him in the later rounds. according to his agent, the montgomery county kid who has seemingly always battled against the odds is ready to do it again. >> he's humble. he knows he has fought every step to this point and now he's at the door. >> all right. zoom, zoom, zoom. finally did you hear that silence? that's how quiet it was at madison square garden. the caps win setting off a mardi gras type celebration by players and announcers, the caps john walton with the radio call that registered on the richter scale.
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>> written off the puck by mcdonagh, out of this critical situation. a puck and they score! oh, my goodness joel ward on a puck at the horn! does it count? it looks like it counted! it does! oh, my goodness! >> i love that. i don't know who was more excited. >> love that. he does a fantastic job. he was on fire last night. >> he was. that is it for us for now. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> join me and derek mcginty who is live in baltimore tonight. he's going to be following all of the new developments there in the freddie gray death investigation. thanks for watching.
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>> pelley: six baltimore cops are arrested in the death of freddie gray. >> officer caesar goodson is being charged with second-degree depraved heart murder. >> pelley: we'll have reaction on the street of baltimore reaction from the police union and we'll talk to the prosecutor who brought the charges. the earthquake toll rises as the search moves beyond nepal's capital. and steve hartman with a man who set out to rid the world of a playing. >> reporter: you got the last one? >> there aren't any left. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, the baltimore prosecutor said arrest of freddie gray was illegal and what happened to him in police custody was murder. six officers are und


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