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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  May 2, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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. good morning. 7 a.m. saturday. thousands revoice on the streets of baltimore after six cops are charged in the death of freddie gray. will today's planned protests be peaceful? we have the latest developments. plus, what's next for those officers who were charged. they are free on bail this morning in a community divided over their actions. do we have a gorgeous weekend in store for you. beautiful sunshine returning and temperatures returning to the 70s this weekend as well. the weekend is here. good morning. thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm mike hydeck. it's may 2. i'm meteorologist erica grow. it's going to be wonderful today. maybe just a slight chance for a sprinkle but through the entire weekend, you'll see temperatures getting milder and
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milder. yesterday was a little on the cool side. our high temperature was only 64. today we'll begin about 10 degrees on that. let's start off with a look at the michael & son weather cam. our day planner, we have a good amount of sunshine peeking through the clouds right now. that tend will continue as we head through the day. just some high clouds from time to time. already 72 degrees at 1:00 and our high temperature of 74 will reach between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. also notice those winds are nice and light out of the northwest at only about 5 to 10 miles per hour throughout the entire day and sunday will be even milder than today. take a look at our current temperatures. we're in the 50s instead of the 40s north and west of town. it's 52 in hagerstown and frederick. 50 in manassas and fredricksburg. 46 at andrews closer to the water we're getting a little bit of that cooling influence. so an unusual situation here but satellite and radar shows the sprinkles and showers from yesterday have now dissipated so we're going to return to the sunshine throughout the day today. coming up we'll talk about when
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80s return to the forecast. that is in the first alert seven day. mike, back to you. >> thank you, erica. thousands of protesters are expected in the streets of baltimore once again today a day after the six city police officers were arrested for the death of freddie gray. 15 people were arrested overnight after they ignored the cure few. -- curfew. despite rowdy protesters, the round was much more jubilant tan the day before. the curfew ended at 5:00 a.m. and although the streets of baltimore are relative quiet right -- relatively quiet right now, they're not expected to stay that way. surae chinn has more on the massive rally. >> reporter: that's right. a mass jiff march is being plan -- mass jiff march is being planned -- massive march is being planed called a victory rally after the arrest of those officers in connection with the
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death of freddie gray. charges range from assault to murder. >> the findings of our comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation coupled with the medical examiner's determination that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> yes! >> reporter: cheers after state's attorney marilyn mosby announces charges against six officers. mosby says freddie gray died of spinal injuries when placed on the floor of the transport van. he was driven around handcuffed, shackled but unrestrained. his announcement triggered celebrations across west baltimore, the same streets where gray's funeral led to riots and loots days earlier. mosby is pleading that today's marches are peaceful. >> last but certainly not least, to the youth of this city, i will seek justice on your behalf. this is a moment, this is your
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moment. let's ensure that we have peaceful and productive rallies that will develop structural and systemic changes for generations to come. >> reporter: and coming up in the next half-hour, we will hear from the fraternal order of police and those representing those six officers. also of course this had been in the news and of course on social media. we'll check out what's going on on twitter and that will be coming up in a little bit. back to you, mike. >> thank you. people protesting the death of freddie gray actually spread across the country overnight. on the west coast a a mayday rally. property was damaged there and people were arrested. and a young state's attorney has been thrust into the spotlight. marilyn mosby is making headlines around the world as she prepares to prosecute her first murder trials. while some are praising her, others including the police union are criticizing her quick
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indictment. >> i can tell you that's simply not the case. as i stated from the moment of this investigation, i sent my own independent investigators to the scene to witness -- to interview witnesses. we've utilized and leveraged the police department's investigation to verify the facts. the information again that was turned over to me yesterday was not new to the state's attorney's office. >> surae chinn will have more on mosby and the charges against the six baltimore police officers. the man who cut a fire hose during the riots in baltimore on monday has now been arrested. 22-year-old greg bailey cut those hoses while crews were trying to put out a fire at a cvs that had been set on fire and then looted. the arrest comes just a day after the investigators circulated these photos of the suspect. we're tracking developments in a triple shooting in capitol heights, maryland. one man is in critical condition. two other victims have nonlife
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threatening injuries. it happened along the 1400 block of ritchie road. they're tracking leads in the case though a suspect has not yet been arrested. one man is dead after a shooting in northwest d.c. a man was shot on the 5800 block near walter reed. he was taken to an area hospital where he later died. breaking baby news from overnight. the royal family just got a bit bigger. the duchess of cambridge gave birth to a baby girl. booking makers were tipping toward a girl with odds of alice or cal lot as a new name -- charlotte as a new name. prince charles said he was hoping for a granddaughter. we will go live to london with the latest. the episcopal diocese in maryland has accepted the resignation of bishop heather cook resigning nearly four months after the diocese asked her to quit. she was charged in the death of bicyclist thomas polermo.
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her blood alcohol limit was nearly three times the legal limit and was texting right before the crash. the kentucky derby and boxing dominated busy sports weekend. tonight floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao will head into the ring. first the 141st kentucky derby will leave the starting gate this evening. american pharaoh is the horse to watch. soon you'll see the sucker suits and big hats surrounding the big party. american pharaoh won the arkansas derby and is trying to become the third straight horse to also win the kentucky derby right afterwards. california chrome did it last year 2014. and tonight millions of people from around the world will have their eyes on las vegas for what is being called the fight of the century. floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao will enter the ring at the mgm grand in vegas. tickets were going for $6,000 a seat to well over $100,000.
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pay per view $100 a piece. you can catch it on tv with hbo, show time or esp this. let's take a look at what's happening today. a volunteer fair at the hill center, the old naval station. the ininnovation family festival runs from 10:00 a.m. making sure a scammer doesn't dip into your bank account. we have advice in this weekend's consumer alert. >> coffee. starbucks is trying a new quick stop shop for shows who need the caffeine without waiting for the 17-ingredient frappacino in front of you. >> a lot going on weather wise this weekend. one of the things is in winchester. the 88th annual shenandoah apple blossom festival and the weather looks great. just a slight chance for a sprinkle. temperatures in the low 70s for
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that apple blossom festival. we'll take a look at last night's parade and give you a preview of what else will be
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good saturday morning. 7:11. a beautiful day headed our way. little leaguers on the way. the big wine fest at national harbor. not a bad time to get outside. >> not a bad time whatsoever. the weather will be looking much better than yesterday. high temperatures returning to the 70s throughout the metro area. let's get it started right now with a look outside and a look at our day planner as well. the jefferson memorial, i love all the green. so nice, isn't it, to see that green returning to the trees and the grass and everything like that. 60 degrees at 9:00 a.m. 70 at noon. that's pretty much our average high temperature for this time of year. so we're going to get a little
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milder than we would expect thistime of year. northwesterly as we head through the day at 5 to 10 miles per hour so a light breeze. temperatures are in the 50s as you head from the beltway and points north and west. kind of unusual. we normally see the milder temperatures closer to the water but right now that water is still very cool so if you are going to be close to the chesapeake, close to the ocean at all today, you will see a little bit of that cooler influence. however, winds will be out of the northwest so there won't be a sea breeze today. a satellite and radar, nothing is heading our way. that area of low pressure to the south of us remains to the south of us all day long. on 9 futurecast, just a few clouds. we're not seeing much after potential for a sprinkle or shower. maybe a light stray shower positiving through pretty much any part of the metro area. 9 futurecast trying to pinpoint for us it will be in southern maryland but i believe there's a potential for a very quick shower or sprinkle pretty much anywhere in the metro. so as we head into sunday morning, we're back to clear skies and it will be nice and comfortable. we're going to see high
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temperatures near 80 degrees on sunday. a better potential for seeing a sprinkle in the mountains on sunday. i think the immediate metro area stays completely dry during the day on sunday. so over the next three days, no surprise here. green weather alerts. look at these temperatures, though. up to 80 degrees on sunday and 82 on monday after today's high of 72 degrees. and in the first alert seven- day forecast, all good things must come to an end so we're looking at the potential for a thunderstorm on tuesday. those high temperatures remaining right around 80 degrees throughout the entire workweek. so after all that chilly weather we endured for what felt like an eternity we're now going to see a nice long stretch of warm weather in our forecast. fake i.r.s. agents are so yesterday. now scammers are putting a new twist on their efforts so they can steal your money. lesli foster tells us how. yeah, mike, fraudsters have a new trick up their sleeves.
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consumer reports says they're looking up your personal info on the internet so when they call you about a debt, it seems more believable but you can out wit them with personal questions. ask them for their license number, the name, address
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and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. welcome back. we're getting the day off to a mild start. it's 54 in leesburg. 50 in manassas. 50 degrees in fredricksburg as well. 53 in downtown washington and 52 in hagerstown. temperatures rising into the 70s throughout the entire area today. we'll get up to 74 in martinsburg. 73 in leesburg and manassas. cooler closer to the water. 68 for your temperature in pax river. 47 in downtown washington. it's going to be a beautiful day with a good amount of sunshine and light winds out of the northwest. however, just the slightest potential for a shower. don't cancel any outdoor plans for that potential for a shower, though. things will remain mostly dry throughout the entire day.
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we're scanning the satellites now for the best caught on camera video of the week. a man walking down a sidewalk in rio de janeiro was unhurt but hundreds of soda bottles came flying off the truck. the truck driver lost control. that loosened the cargo. can you believe it? that man is fine. the soda spilled everywhere. >> i would not be fine. that looks very scary. a only -- this is also very scary. a woman potentially set a gas pump on fire while a man was fueling up and it was all caught on surveillance video. officials say the woman started the fire the at an israeli gas station after the man refused to give her a cigarette. at first she walked away but then she comes back. she sparks the flame. it looks clearly like she sparked the flame igniting that gasoline. there's a furry bandit on the loose in michigan. the panda bandit. see the guy with the headgear.
7:20 am
he is on the run in three rivers after police say he robbed the gas station. he has the panda hat on. however, he's only snatching goods. so far he's not gotten his panda paws on any money. >> panda paws, i like that. coming up in our 7:30 half- hour, we'll head to winchester for their 88th annual apple blossostm feival. >> plus, using your cell phone to report cases of police brutality. we'll have more on the apps that are now acting as a line of defense. >> we have a gorgeous day ahead. lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures as well. just how nice it's going to be coming up. >> good morning. everybody. i'm larry miller. want to give you a quick update on some issues with metro this weekend. red line will be running every # to 15 minutes. orange line every 18 minutes and the green line trains will be running every 15 minutes. the baby walk takes place this morning at 9:00.
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welcome back. a lot of the freddie gray tragedy has played out on social media in this new digital age, everything from cell phone video to tweets are now part of the conversation. >> surae chinn is standing by in the newsroom and is going to tell us about some of the social media trends we've been seeing. >> reporter: that's right. twitter has been lighting up about baltimore since this happened and certainly it's no different as charges were leveled against the six officers. i want to show you some examples if we have them. a lot of them have been celebrating this next level of information that has been coming out from the state's attorney's office. people have been positive but not all of it has been
7:24 am
positive. by the way, the baltimore chapter of the fraternal order of police released a statement regarding itself charges against these -- the charges against these six officers. in an open letter, gene ryan wrote in part each of the officers involved is sincerely saddened by mr. gray's passing. they're all committed police officers who have dedicated their career to baltimore city police. and hear are some of those tweets i was talking about. continual denial of justice would have brought mayhem. and here's the letter saying they are disappointed and it has been a -- [indiscernible] on twirt the -- on twitter the fop says their gofundme account was suspended. it was to raise legal funds for those officers. they have no explanation why that gofund me was suspended. we are working to find a new site for donations the fop says
7:25 am
and they thank everyone for participating and donating. by the way, those officers, those six officers that we're talking about turned themselves in last night and they also posted bond. that is the very latest in the newsroom. we also want to go right to jonie. while it's legal to film police officers while on the job and now developers are partnering with advocacy groups to make smartphone apps to help people document police abuse and let them know they're right. the net footage goes straight to u tiewb. its -- youtube. here's an android app called 5.0 and it lets users review their interaction with police. they can get positive or negative ratings which then become searchable. then there's stop and frisk. it lets you film interactions with police by pressing a trigger button on the home
7:26 am
screen. here's another app that's gaining in popularity. >> reporter: they e arimages of police brutality that have become all too familiar, captured on video that went viral but now there's a new weapon in the figh police brutality called the mobile justice app. you hit record and with the tap of a finger your video is for longer just yours. once you stop recording not only does the app save a copy of your video for you, it always sends a second copy to your nearist aclu office. >> i think that really democratizes police encounters in ways that will be helpful. >> reporter: zachary norris, executive director of the center for human rights helped develop an app along with the aclu of southern california. he calls it the people's body camera. >> that really helps to raise the visibility of these police encounters and reduces the blue wall of silence that we see too
7:27 am
many officers hide behind. >> reporter: it lays out your reports when recording and alerts other users if you're having an encounter with an officer. most of the people we spoke to said they'd use it. >> i would feel more protect fundamental i could get video and somebody will be behind me to support me with that video. >> if it makes everybody more honest, then that's okay because everybody needs to be checked. >> you can find these apps by going to the app store on your smartphone. for wusa9 news, i'm jonie v. still ahead this morning, breaking baby news from the royal family. >> a judge's ruling could open the door for thousands of drivers. the challenge to fines and fees. >> a great afternoon. we're also going to speak with the event organizer for d.c. moms taking the catwalk. one of our very own is participating. you want to stay tuned and find out about that. >> weather wise, there we go, a beautiful shot of the white
7:28 am
house. it is going to be a really nice day. just a slight chance for a shower. 70 to 75 degrees this afternoon. a little bit warmer than
7:29 am
7:30 am
as protesters wake up in jail, another day of rallies for freddie gray are planned in baltimore. we have the latest on the community's quest for justice
7:31 am
this morning. plus, we're following developing news out of england. a royal baby is here. a live report is coming up. our weather looks phenomenal today. it's going to be even a little bit warmer on sunday so take your pick. either day this weekend is looking great. we'll have all the details coming up in a few minutes. glad you're with us. it's 7307 this saturday morning. i'm mike hydeck. it's may 2. >> i'm meteorologist erica grow. it's getting milder. temperatures rising into the 70s. yesterday was a little lick cup. we only -- hiccup. we only got into the 60s. but today back to the 70s and we're pretty much done with the rain. just a slight chance of rain as we head through the day today. we'll pinpoint that for you with 9 futs cast. right now -- 9 futurecast. right now time to look outside and take a look at the day planner. just ath bit of filtered sunshine from time to time but overall the trend is going to be a partly sunny afternoon. it's not even worth putting one of those raindrops on the
7:32 am
forecast here because we have such a low chance but i did want to let you know that if you feel a few raindrops today, it's not going to be a long lived event. that rain will be over in about 15 minutes if it happens for you at all. look at these temperatures. 72 at 1:00. 74 at 4:00. winds nice and light out of the north and northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour throughout the entire day. we're getting off to a fairly mild start as well. 50 in winchester and martinsburg. that's nice. 50 in manassas and gaithersburg. 46 at andrews but 53 in downtown washington. you can see on satellite and radar that there's still some cloud cover lingering but that is going to break up. the showers are done so we have a nice afternoon on tap. temperatures getting even milder as we head into sunday and monday you'll want to stay tuned for the details of the first alert seven-day forecast coming up. mike? >> thank you, erica. the family of freddie gray has been calling for peace after the charges were handed down yesterday against six police officers who stand accused of being part of the can iing of a bat -- killing of
7:33 am
a baltimore man. as the protesters get ready to take to the streets today, surae chinn has more on the gray family. >> reporter: you know, mike, the family was pleased after those charges were placed against those officers. the massive march is planned today now being billed as a victory rally on the heels of baltimore's top prosecutor filing criminal carnlgs against six -- charges against six officers in connection with the arrest and death of freddie gray. felony charges arrange from assault to murder. here's freddie gray's father speaking to the officers being charged. >> these charges are an important step in getting justice for freddie. and we ask that whoever comes to our city, a city that we love, a city that we live in come in peace. we were in shock and it was a
7:34 am
good shock. >> reporter: they've been charged with felony counts anywhere from misconduct to murder charges and they also posted bond yesterday. back to you. the watching and waiting is over. kensington palace announced this morning that the duke and duchess of cambridge william and kate welcomed a baby girl into the world. >> we're live in london with the latest. people compingout side the hospital -- camping outside the hospital. good morning, susan. >> reporter: good morning. it's been called the great kate wait. people have been camping out here for weeks now and the need came here has been waiting, more media accredited for this birth than even for prince george two years ago. now britain and london all celebrating the new princess. police are standing outside the
7:35 am
exclusive private lindo wing of cambridge hospital where the duchess was admitted early this morning. the so-called press pen filled with media and fans gathered to await the baby's arrival. some who had camped out here for weeks. >> having been camped out here for so long and find out the duchess is in the early stages of labor, it happened so quick. >> reporter: they don't know if they're having a girl or boy but it hasn't stopped brits from guessing. >> i hope it's a girl. >> reporter: the duke and duchess already have a little boy. they had him at the same hospital almost two years ago. >> everything is coming through on the kensington palace. >> reporter: doctors say this baby will likely come much more quickly than last time when kate was in labor here at st. mary's for ten and a half hours. then a royal bulletin will announce the baby's birth and gender on a golden easel in front of kensington palace.
7:36 am
when prince george was born, they kept the name choice quiet for several days first letting the queen know. the top connedders for names is alice at number one and elizabeth, charlotte, victoria and the sentimental favorite is diana. back to you. >> it will likely be announced on social media just like everything else they do these days. the new royal baby will be fourth in line to the british throne moving ahead to prince harry and making it unlikely the child will ever become queen. crews will return to watergate as they continue to search through the rubble. a cadaver dog made a possible hit on a victim. however, the search is on hold while crews try to stabilize the structure. it's unclear what caused the
7:37 am
three-story to collapse but there was construction going on. three construction workers were hurt in the collapse. a man who got a thrill out of throwing bottle bomb into crowded theaters in maryland and virginia last spring has been sentenced to 18 years in prison. he was seen tended to 60 years but will -- sentenced to 60 years but will spend only 18 under lock and key. he placed bottle bombs in packed movie theaters. he was caught on surveillance video doing this. district police looking for clues to the murder of a man in columbia heights. 21-year-old greg mcbride was found shot to death on harvard street. his mother came home to a sea of red lights last night to discover that it was her son who had been shot just steps from their front door. mcbride had been out of jail on an armed robbery charge for about a year. his aunt says the nephew was really turning his life around. >> he was a great guy. he trusted everyone. he trusted all the people here
7:38 am
in the neighborhood and they all knew the family. i really don't know exactly what happened. >> mcbride was rushed to the hospital. of course his doctors were unable to save him. no word on a motive or a suspect in the case. it has been a week since the 7.8 magnitude quake hit nepal and now the death toll is well over 6,000. residents who are alive are pleading for help right now. seth done talks to one man who lost everything. >> reporter: this is your daughter's shoe? >> yes. >> reporter: you have no pictures? just this? >> reporter: it took five days before his 3-year-old's body was recovered in the rubble by a turkish crew. my daughter died like an aunt, like a dog he told us. i had this small daughter and now i have nothing. he saved for six years to build this house. he hadn't even moved in when the earthquake destroyed it. >> reporter: are you getting
7:39 am
any help? i haven't gotten anything he told us. who will give us help. every single home in this village has been reduced to rubble like the ones around me here and across this district alone, the red cross figures around 40,000 homes have been destroyed. >> this is my room. >> this is your room right here? >> yes. >> reporter: they are now sleeping in a makeshift shelter. moments later, word went out that rice was being delivered for the first time. he was already in line. >> what have you been eat something. >> reporter: what to eat he gestured. everything came crumbling down. there's nothing to eat. the rice came from a private donor overseas. he told us relief from nepal's government has yet to arrive. they might be called the government, he said, but they don't do anything for the people. in these remote villages, we found people who a lost so much
7:40 am
now also feel forgotten. cbs news, nepal. back here at home bernie sanders' presidential campaign has raised some big bucks. they raised $1.5 million in the first 24 hours. it's a number that far outpaces what republican presidential hopefuls posted in their first day. sanders, the independent senator from vermont who caucuses with democrats kicked off his dark horse campaign for the democratic campaign on thursday. the afternoon donation was $43.54. if you think you were hit with excessive fees recently for trips on the virginia express lanes, you might be able to challenge them soon. lisa marie commerce of alexandria had $14 in unpaid tolls and transurban who runs those roads hit her with a fine in excess of $10,000 but there was a loophole. when the judge found out transurban did not use its legal corporate name in filing
7:41 am
the lawsuits, he overturned the ruling. that legal misstep may open the door for other motorists to have their fines dismissed as well. not everyone is happy about the floyd mayweather-manny pacquiao fight tonight in vegas. lines of fans try to catch a glimpse of the superstars, dozens protested mayweather's violent past. he's been convicted of domestic violence five times in the last ten year. the weigh-in will air live at 6:00 p.m. you can watch it on tv with hbo, show time or espn. >> unfortunately boxing runs a huge portion of our economy with these huge payouts, but i'm hoping that all of us here and our presence today sends the message that domestic violence is not okay. >> those people gathered there were chanting "don't beat women. keep it in the ring." the fight held tonight in vegas. the 88th annual apple blossom festival is in full
7:42 am
bloom. it's a ten-day event that wraps up this sunday. there are celebrations to honor the emergence of the apple blossoms but it's so much more than fruit. >> reporter: from a kids' fun run to a concert to fireworks, winchester was blooming in celebration and people came from all over to celebrate. >> i'm from maryland. >> i'm from baker fire department. >> reporter: but the highlight for those who turned out wasn't the fireworks. it was the firefighters. >> i had a pretty big fire in my house. the fire department came out to put it out for me. >> reporter: each year the shenandoah apple blossom festival includes not one but
7:43 am
two parades. >> if you'd like to experience an apple blossom parade, there's still time this year. winchester will hold the grant feature parade today at 1:30 p.m. we'll ride along as well and tomorrow i'll give you a behind- the-scenes look at what it's like to actually ride in a par rad. find out why -- parade. find out why our own lesli foster will trade in the can core desk for the cat pawk -- catwalk. >> the apple blossom fest is not the only thing going on in the metro area. the food and wine festival down on the national harbor also taking place this weekend. and it's going to be great weather to stroll along the national harbor, maybe check out the shops and also to go down to the mall. 69 degrees at noon as the festival is kicking off. 72 at 3:00 with just a light breeze and a very slight risk for a shower. we'll talk more about this wonderful weekend coming up in the first
7:44 am
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a gorgeous weekend ahead. >> a gorgeous weekend ahead. we return to the 70s and it's going to be drier than it was yesterday. just a slight chance for a shower. i'll show that to you in 9 futurecast in just a minute. right now we'll take a look outside once again and the day plan we are a good amount of sunshine. 60 degrees at 9:00 but already 70 by noon. our high temperature today 74 degrees. we'll reach that it 3:00 and 4:00 and we'll still be in the low 70s at 5:00. we're still going to be looking at a light breeze out of the northwest so that drying influence that we get from the winds coming down off of the mountains though it is a light breeze. 54 right now in orange. 52 in martinsburg and frederick. it's 46, closer to the water, in baltimore. on satellite and radar, you can
7:47 am
see we're clearing out that little bit of remaining cloud cover and as we head through the day, the clouds will slightly develop again here on 9 futurecast. you can see the potential for maybe just a sprinkle, not a big deal. i think that 9 futurecast is trying to pinpoint this to be in southern maryland. however, anywhere in the immediate metro area we could see a quick sprinkle or shower. on sunday it gets even milder and that will of course lead to a better potential of a few showers in the mountains but not in the immediate belt way or metro area. we'll keep it mostly warm and dry throughout the entire weekend monday as we add more heat to the atmosphere, we'll fire up that potential for showers again in the mountains i think we keep it dry here in the immediate metro until tuesday. so just that slight chance for a sprinkle today with a high of 72 degrees. up to 80 on sunday. then take a look at monday's high temperature. 82 degrees with lots of sunshine. in the first alert seven-day forecast, tuesday is the day that we have the greatest
7:48 am
potential to see a thunderstorm. a cold front to our north kind of triggering a shower or storm with a high of 82 degrees. it's really going to start to feel like summer as we head into this workweek. check out this high temperature on wednesday. 80 degrees. a chance for a lingering shower. even after that cold front moves through we'll see temperatures remaining in the 80s. so i guess that we're getting a little bit of a break from that chilly weather that we had for most of the month of april. in our saturday health alert, new aids research center is opening here in the district. andrea roane has the details on that and the annual food bank fund raiser by d.c. lawyers. >> reporter: good morning. there are two new cases of h.i.v. every day in the district. to fight this spread the d.c. center for aids research is being established at george washington university. it will include over 200 researchers and clinicians from three gw schools and five major
7:49 am
d.c. research institutions. this is made possible through a $7.5 million grant from n.i.h. hundreds of local families and lawyers are volunteering with the capital area food bank. 50 lawyers will compete to raise the most money to fight local hunger. this campaign lasts all through may and the kickoff is today from 10:00 until noon at the food bank community marketplace on l street. i'm andrea roane, wusa9. we have some fun for a good cause for you right now. d.c. moms are going to trade in their day jobs to take to the catwalk all for a good cause. >> it's called runway mops for the cause. here to tell us more is event organizer lara. welcome to the studio. >> thank you. thank you very much for inviting me. i'm very happy to be here. >> tell us about the big fashion show. do you actually make some of the things that are going to be involved in the fashion show? >> yes. it's a clacktive event --
7:50 am
collaborative event. i started making the items that the models wear? >> the accessories and everything? >> i started making it all. i invited a jewelry designer and this year for the first time i'm collaborating with another fashion designer who is going to be on the runway with me as well. >> this is all going for a good cause. where is the money raised going? >> this year the beneficial year is tiger lily foundation. i chose them because they provide a lot of hands on support for young women between the ages of 15 and 40 that are going through breast cancer either before, during or after breast cancer. >> so they don't get forgotten or lost. >> so they don't get forgotten. it's a population most think don't get breast cancer. >> look at those girls. >> you invited some leaders in the washington area to participate in the fashion show. one of them is our very own
7:51 am
lesli foster. why did you want her to be part of this fashion show? >> well, i think lesli, she's very soft spoken and she's -- she appeals to a lot of different people. she does a lot of things for the community. you know, just like everybody else, we asked and she said yes. that's the first step. she's been advocating for the foundation. part of the process of designing is also knowing about the foundation and talking to social media. it's a group effort to put something like this together. and she's been great in that process, available. she's wearing one of my designs, it's an original piece. you'll get to see it next friday. >> last question. if people want to contribute, how can they do that and where is the event being held? >> the event is being held at westin crystal city. to contribute there are several ways. everybody is contributing by either attending or you can volunteer to walk because when you volunteer to walk, you
7:52 am
pretty much are advocating for some issue. and you can donate directly to the foundation or volunteer just to help. you can be a photographer, a jewelry designer. again, it's a collaborative effort and tqfqi'm really hoping that we get more volunteers to sign up just to help us to put it together. >> we have the information up on our screen. and if you want to write if down, if you missed it just a moment ago, here it is again. it's at westin crystal city in arlington next friday. >> may 8. >> from 7:00 to 10:00. and if you want more information, thank you so much for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. still ahead we have the latest on the protests that are planned for baltimore.
7:53 am
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. welcome back. 7:55. before we go we want to take one more check of what's going on in baltimore. there are protests planned throughout the day. hope:fully they're going to be peaceful. let's check in with surae chinn. >> reporter: we are monitoring what's happening in baltimore. the massive march is being billed and called a victory rally. a day after state's attorney marilyn mosby filed criminal charges against six officers in connection with the arrest and
7:56 am
death of freddie gray. charges range from assault to murder. the massive march plan is today and of course we are monitoring and mosby and the family has called for people to make sure that the streets are peaceful today. so of course we are looking very closely. we have a lot of crews up in baltimore making sure we capture what happens there. back to you. >> we'll follow the story and bring you breaking news as it happens. before we leave, though, let's check on the the weather want a great weekend we have -- weather what a great weekend we have coming up. >> it is a great weekend. high temperature 72 degrees. you see the raindrop icon, just a tiny chance for a sprinkle or shower today and then on sunday really the only chance for showers is in the mountains. so in the immediate metro, we're going to see lots of sunshine and a high of 80 degrees. can you believe it the 80s are going to stay with us as we head back to work and back to school, as the nats come into town. going to feel more like summer. >> i love the #s on.
7:57 am
parachute -- love the 80s. parachute pants. if you want to play hooky, monday is the day. we thank you for joining us on our saturday edition. we're back tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. we'll bring you breaking news as it happens on air and online. you can follow us on twitter. and of course the wusa9 app is where it's at. >> you can check out news at any time by going to that app and by going to have a great morning, everybody. take care.
7:58 am
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good morning. it's may 2nd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." relief in baltimore after six officers are charged in the death of freddie gray. plus breaking news from london. duchess kate gives birth to her second child. we're live outside the hospital. also it is expected to shatter records and score knockout ratings. we will preview tonight's fight of the century with the fighters themselves. and speaking of sports it is the big leagues of bubble gum. we'll take you inside the factory churning out one of the most beloved brands. but we begin this morning wi


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