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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> the national guard is on its way out of baltimore and people are celebrating at the end of the curfew. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm debra alfarone. people will awake for the first time without the army and thousands of police patrolling their home. >> a curfew has finally been lifted. garrett is live. what are you seeing and hearing this evening? >> reporter: well debra, in the last few hours, the national guard and demonstrators have cleared out. you can see the police still have barricades set up. but they are separating police from an empty park. tonight, baltimore peaceful. at precisely 8:00 p.m., the last national guards man protecting city hall rolled
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out. the most visible sign yet that two weeks of unrest has ended. maryland'smaryland's tv forexplained. >> we think it is time to get the community back to normal again. it has been a very hard week, but we kept everybody safe. since monday night. we haven't had any serious problems. >> reporter: baltimore police arrested nearly 500 people involved in demonstrations since last thursday and more than 100 officers were injured. but today's demonstrations were entirely different. even joyous. a marching band parade and show outside city hall in the early evening. >> after a long stressful week and saturday night cut short by the curfew, baltimore was red by to party. >> reporter: but even the parade was part protest as activists look for ways to expand the movement. >> we want to be heard. a lot of people have gotten in trouble doing the rioting and
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looting. no. >> reporter: there was no sign of any protesters. only a few police standing watch over. and debra and bruce, tomorrow will be the first day in more than a week in which we know of no planned protests planned here. reporting live, garrett hake, wusa9. several thousand national guard troops out of baltimore could take several days. tonight, for the first time in nearly a week, some restaurants and bars in baltimore will stay open past 10:00 p.m. an important step for those trying to make up for lost revenue. we are live with blayne. >> reporter: national guard
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vehicles behind me. secondly, i see something that we haven't seen now for a number of days. people walking about freely and about five minutes after 11:00, certainly that is something important to pay attention to and so many people say that is the ability to move around freely is key in the city moving forward. it is what you would expect to see on a beautiful sunday night in may. people eating. strolling. enjoying life at baltimore's inner harbor. after a week that began like this, a mandatory curfew, many doubting their own safety in the city. people say they needed this slice of normalcy now more than every. >> it feels like a normal sunday in the harbor. >> reporter: at mns grill, the manager couldn't wait to set up the patio. it has been closed most of the week. >> we as managers don't look at it from our loss as a company.
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we look at the staffing. >> reporter: now many agree it is time to heal baltimore to help rebuild the businesses that were looted. >> it is safe, it is calm. >> reporter: to rebuild an image. people will tell you nothing changes overnight. a sunday stroll through the inner harbor is still met with a number of uniformed officers, though fewer than earlier this week, even with a different chemistry. people here say that is a step forward and it is only the beginning. >> i would like to be known as a beautiful city and hopefully, this can be a city that will be remembered where progress takes place. >> reporter: now, the mall opened for the first time since looters hit it monday, the
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businesses will be open but with reduced hours. install of closing at 9:00, they will close at 6:00. back to you. >> thank you. well, all across maryland today, houses of worship answered a call from governor larry hogan to host a day of peace and prayer. in west baltimore, the governor attended mass with the archbishop just days after the protests. >> this has brought to the service long standing issues. it goes beyond individual wrong doing. it is the sum of people's injustice. and indifference that ends up creating a society where it is difficult, almost impossible for so many people to flourish.
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>> he said freddie gray was not just a person, baa symbol of the challenges facing many young people in baltimore. a well known musician in the local go go music scene is dead tonight killed in a motorcycle crash. 47-year-old derek anthony, a drummer with the junk yard band was killed along with a passenger when his bike crashed in the back of a pick up truck and caught fire. he lived in the district. he was operator of the motorcycle. police say he died at the scene of the crash. his passenger, 34-year-old jerry warren later died at a hospital. a dallas texas suburb is on lock down tonight after a police officer and two suspects were shot. now this happened in garlin,
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texas. the gunman drove up outside of a building where a cartoon contest to draw the profit mohammed was underway. the swat team evacuated the area while the gunman's car was searched for possible explosives. the new york city police officer shot in the head is in critical but stable condition. the man charged in the shooting was in court today. 35-year-old demetrius blackwell is being held without bond. he shot officer bryan moore last night in queens after moore and his partner stopped blackwell because he appeared to be hiding a gun. dc police looking for four men they say trying to rob and sexually assault a woman in adams morgan overnight. it all happened before 3:00 this morning when the woman was walking in the 2200 block of 18th street northwest. if you have any information, dc police want to hear from you. well, the heat is onto
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start the week. >> absolutely. but showers are on the way tuesday. i know one person who knows. howard bernstein, what do you say? >> i think it will be killer. it will be great. tonight, nice and cool, a couple of clouds bubbling up. but for now, they have dissipated. clear out there. dry air, light winds, a comfortable night. low 50s . maybe upper 40s in the low parts. but in town, we will be close tore 60 degrees to the low of 59. so what do we look like monday? nice, sunny, very warm. we will start at about 59 at 6:00 a.m. if you are out early, leave the jacket at home. forecasting high of 86 would be the warmest temperature since last september around here. ly be back in a few minutes to let you know how long we can hold onto the warm temperatures. yes, i will talk more about the tuesday rain fret as well. dc's average to crack down
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on speeders continues to grow. >> and five more speed cameras schedule to go online tomorrow. hank checked them all out today and he checked out one site along reservoir road. >> reporter: here is something to think about. there are almost 200 speed cameras in the district of columbia includeing the one about to go online on reservoir road. the crack down continues to be met with mixed reviews. the five new cameras are supposed to start a 30 day warning period tomorrow. they are all along major commuter routes in pennsylvania avenue in southeast, but convincing the residents they are aimed at speeders remains elusive. >> we have a lot of commuters. delivery people. speed is not an issue when someone gets up to what, 30, 35, 40 miles an hour.
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so i think the city is putting cameras there for us. >> reporter: revenue has dropped for the city from 75 million. but traffic slowing down is an issue. >> rush hour, in the morning, the evening coming in the city and coming out, it is easy to go 40 miles an hour. >> some of the new cameras are high off the ground. this one across the street from the russian embassy. most of them don't flash unless you go ten miles over the posted speed limit. but if you get caught, the fines can be over $300. dc publishes a list of where all the cameras are. and again, those five new cameras going online tomorrow for the first 30 days, you will get a warning to check them out. find out where they are. we have a list on our website.
11:11 pm in the district, hank silver beenburg, wusa9. >> and like he said, we have a list of those locations. >> there is also a $300 fine. >> i saw you perk up. up next, hundreds
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>> sad news to report tonight. the family of paul vance tells us the long time educator has died. he was with montgomery county schools 20 years. he retired and game the superintendent of dc schools from 2003 until 2006. we hope to have more details as they become available. a mother throws her baby off a bridge before jumps off herself in pennsylvania. they saw the 19-year-old mother
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toss her one-year-old son in the river. they rescued the baby after spotting him in the water 700 yards downstream. both mar and child are expected to survive. off the coast of libya, a dramatic scene as italian coast guard ships rescue 3700 migrants in just one day. the migrants were pulled to safety from smugglers boats on the mediterranean sea. 17 different rescue operations were actually carry out saturday. coast guard officials say the bodies of at least ten migrants were recovered from the sea. always watching. always tracking. wusa9's first alertwet ere. dc's most accurate. >> what a day and everyone was out when you went out. >> absolutely. >> everyone walking around, having fun. >> took a nice walk here at dinner time. up the wisconsin after. yeah. >> i saw you. >> we talked together. that's why. >> was there a big crowd around him? >> no one knew who we were.
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[ laughter ] >> weather wise, a beautiful day today. bruce and debra, i forecast 81. >> bam. >> national airport just seems to warm up. >> feels like vegas in here when we do this. >> unbelievable. >> it is. >> vegas? which vegas are you going to? let's talk about temperatures right now. still 65 degrees at reagan national. south wind at 7. what an evening it has been. going to be a nice cool night tonight. going down into the 50s . might see a few in the upper 40s . frederick, 57. 66hagerstown. you see the real comfortable. looks like it will be a warm start to the week coming up. today, we were 84. tomorrow, 86. i think we will be back in the
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mid 80s tuesday as well. by tuesday afternoon, thunderstorms will threaten. wednesday, as a front gets closer to us. wednesday might have a better chance of showers and storms. a little cooler. but that is the way above average. average temperature high right now is in the low 70s . and next weekend? we will have more 80s . we could be back in the mid 80s saturday and mother's day. i showed you a moment ago, pretty quiet around here. had showers an storms in chicago. they are weakening. but you see awe the stuff coming from iowa and wisconsin, that is aheld of a cold front, that front as it gets closer will increase our rain chances but that won't happen until tuesday. so tomorrow looks fantastic, a quiet night tonight. we will wake up to generally clear skies, temperatures in the 50s . looks like a good start to monday. kids want to wear shorts tomorrow. no problem at all. we will be 80s by lunchtime. very warm for the reset.
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and the afternoon, south, southwesterly winds push our temperatures into the mid 80s . tomorrow night. partly cloudy. you may have the a cs running late tomorrow, tomorrow night. as we get into tuesday, future cast trying to bring the front close tore us. we will have to track this carefully tomorrow. may have a yellow alert tuesday. a couple of rumbles of thunder. with enough activity, that could impact the commute. maybe you have an afterwork supports activity. yeah, that could be a little bit messy there for tuesday afternoon. but for tomorrow, really, no problems, open the windows, enjoy it. clear, comfortable, lows in the 50s to near 60. tomorrow morning, 50s and 60s early, but we will warm up quickly pushing the 80-degree mark by lunchtime. high ins the low to mid 80s
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with sunny skies. winds a little breezy, south, southwest at 10 to 15. here is the three day forecast. on tuesday, 86. the afternoon thunderstorm. look at the low tuesday night in the mid 60s . that will set us up to be back above 80 on wednesday, but with a front nearby, scattered showers and storms, so both tuesday and wednesday we will monitor for potential upgrades to yellow alert days. around 80 average. and then this coming weekend. got temperatures in the mid 80s and the nats both days on wusa9. so take mom out to the ballpark or watch it with her here as well. >> i think i want to go to the nats game. >> they are back in town after finishing strongly. >> you off tomorrow? >> yes. some of us get a day off once in a while. well, a sea of pink made its way through washington area this weekend. i saw them out there. and all for a worthy pause. thousands of people clad in
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pink tutus walk to end breast cancer. 38-mile walk took places in washington and other city to raise money for breast cancer research. money raised from the walk stays close to home. this year's beneficiaries include georgetown university, washington hospital center, and food and friends. >> that is good stuff. >> yeah, absolutely. coming up tonight, the baby princess meeting more of her royal family
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mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. >> several people were on hand as a bronze statue of richard pryor was unveiled in illinois. george lopez an the african- american hall of fame provided the funding for the statue. he says he is thrilled with it. >> it is a thrill to me. i was speaking on friday. how that, you go all over the world and you see statues erected of people. and thousands of years,
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hundreds of years, 50 years. >> i hope they see hope and somebody that has come out of peoria and succeeded in life. maybe we can enlighten someone else to do something better in their life. >> richard pryor died in december of 2005 of a heart attack at the age of 65. he had an emmy, five grammies and the first ever kenny center for american humor. >> one of the funniest men ever. prince william and kate spent the day introducing the new baby to family members. we still don't have a name which is not to say a name has not been chosen. susan mcguinness is in london with that story tonight. >> reporter: a convoy of royal relatives arrived at kensington palace to meet the new princess. kate's mother and sister were among the first to dote over
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the baby daughter. prince charles waves to fans during his visit while well wishers shared in the excitement. >> it is incredible to think a new princess. she doesn't know it yet, but we all do. >> we could all babysit. >> you are available? >> we are available for babysitting. >> reporter: celebrations to honor britain's new princess throughout the week. the queen's soldiers will fire a royal gun salute. a day after the royal birth, will and kate have not revealed their daughter's name. perhaps wait until she meets her great grandmother queen elizabeth. elizabeth, charlotte, and alice are the top bets. >> i think alice is a good choice. yeah. it is. >> reporter: the princess is a baby sister to 21 month old prince george. while he will have to learn to share his toys, his little sister is unlikely to ever take the thrown. susan mcguinness, cbs news,
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london. prince harry is in australia. he called his new niece absolutely beautiful. he cant wait to meet her. the new princess is fourth in line to the british thrown pushing uncle harry down to fifth. we have game on overtime preview when we come back
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[brad whispers] polygons. let's say that you own a condo and you wanted to rent out. you can list it for free. [guy] come on. [brad] isn't that good? [guy] i'll never go back to the old internet again. [brad]the new apartments-dot-com. change your apartment...change the world. >> now, wusa9 game on sports with dave owens. >> not to overstate one win, but going to atlanta and claiming game one to me about as big as it gets to a young wizards team trying to go places they haven't been in a listening time. gang. didn't they show you something today? they took a good punch. the wizards were down 11 and rallied behind the usual
11:29 pm
suspects. bradley beal, former georgetown star, otto porter with a double double. there is grew gooden there. coming up on game time overtime, you will hear from a mature wizards team that says we have a lot of work to do. >> this one was pretty simple. doug fister took a shut-out into the seventh. coming up, i will tell you why today was a historic day for the expos franchise as well. that is not all. on game on overtime, the draft came and went and not a lot of drama wouldn't you say? the skins going with the beast. they quickly brought them to fedex field to show off the new rookies off to the fans. there they are right there. coming up, you will hear why
11:30 pm
brandon might be an option at another position and it may surprise you. yeah, you need to stick around just for that. >> yeah. i think i will. >> yeah. yeah. we are also previewing game three, caps an rangers hark will be a good one. the first two ones have been down to the wire. washington back to work and they are going the tell you what they expect tomorrow night from the rangers. that game three at the verizon center is huge. we have great stuff going on around here with the nats, the caps, the wizards. game three will be really good. >> just a thought on otto porter. this guy is hitting a three. >> he is playing confident basketball. this is the guy that we, you know, he was really struggling for a while. he is really starting to get confident. hitting some big shots. that is something we haven't seen from him in the past. it took him a while. he was banged up but he is coming back. it is a matchup nightmare at
11:31 pm
that position. >> all right. okay. >> and if i go to the nats game, what will it be like tomorrow? >> wet her be great. mid 80s calling back into the 70s . tuesday, wednesday, could be a few showers and storms and look at the temperatures, 80 or better all week. i'm a big hockey fan so i'm looking for the fans to unleash the flurry. >> huge, huge game. >> maybe we have to go there. >> thanks for watching everybody. see you back here tomorrow.
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>> character wins gritty win. >> we play team defense, we are a pretty good team. >> who needs offense? doug fister mows them down and offers a history making performance. here comes a new crop of rookies. scott wanted ten picks and he got them and the top pick comes with a message from fans. >> getting back to old-style football. bringing back the hawks. >> caps return home with eye set on a game three show down. >> comparative that we come on


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