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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 4, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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oh, i love game night. ooh, it's a house and a car! so far, you're horrible at this, flo. yeah, no talent for drawing, flo. house! car! oh, raise the roof! no one? remember when we used to raise the roof, diane? oh, quiet, richard i'm trying to make sense of flo's terrible drawing. i'll draw the pants off that thing. oh, oh, hats on hamburgers! dancing! drive-in movie theater! home and auto. lamp! squares. stupid, dumb. lines. [ alarm rings ] no! home and auto bundle from progressive. saves you money. yay, game night, so much fun. hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. we begin with a guilty verdict today in the trillion of a prince george's police officer accused of assaulting a high school student. the verdict for charles piccard
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was announced this morning following a bench trial that ended wednesday. officer piccard was working as the school resource officer in 2013 when he reportedly assaulted the student and ultimately placed the student under arrest. this case was brought to light after an internal review. the curfew has been lifted and the national guard is going home. signs that life in baltimore is returning to normal. however the state of emergency is expected to remain in place for a couple more days. brooke is here with more from charm city. >> reporter: fewer police are on baltimore streets overnight after the city lifted a mandatory curfew. earlier in the day national guard troops in the area to enforce the curfew began pulling out as tensions over the death of freddie gray subside.
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>> we are going to continue to keep officers in areas where there is potential for concern. where we have had previous incidents of violence, authorities say nearly 500 people were arrested and more than 100 officers injured during riots and protests, 200 businesses were looted, resulting in millions of dollars of losses. >> small mom and pop stores and restaurants, they need your help. we want to encourage everybody to come back to the city. >> even as the mood on the streets returns it normal, many residents say what counts as normal in baltimore is the real problem. >> reporter: we had a formal policing with people suspected of minor offense subjected to overwhelmingly major uses of force. >> gray died after suffering a severe spinal injury while in police custody on april 12th. the six officers involved in gray's arrest face criminal charges and are expected in court at the end of the month.
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community leaders gather today to announce the next steps for the mary hartman center in east baltimore. the construction of the affordable housing units for seniors was 45% complete when it was burned down april 27th. scott broom will have more on this evening's newscast. we have just learned the name of one of the gunmen involved in the shooting in a controversial event in garland, texas. elton simpson from phoenix was killed when he and his roommate opened fire outside the show of the prophet mohammed. all depictions of the prophet, even respectful ones, are considered what is femme muscle to muslims. a security guard was also wounded in the melee. >> what has surrounded these typesch events in other parts of the world, additional security was added tonight. luckily it was.
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>> the event was hosted by the american freedom defense initiative, which is considered a hate group by the southern law center. the guard who was wounded was treated and released from the hospital. in what appears to be a random act of violence, four people were killed and another one wounded in a shooting in wisconsin. it happened on a bridge last night in a town southwest of green bay. the town's police chief told reporters there is no further damage to the community. at last check the lone survivor is in critical condition. the gunman is among the dead. a teenager is being treated for injuries he received in a bicycle accident. the teenager was struck by a car close to holy cross hospital. the driver of the vehicle remay it please the court on the scene in the 1500 block of forest glen road. the teenager was rushed to the hospital as a priority patient with traumatic injuries. well just when you thought you had all the locations of dc's speed cameras memorized, they add some more. and today five new cameras are
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active. nikki burdine scouted out the new locations and has more on what you need to know. >> reporter: smile for the camera or slow down. five new speed cameras are up and running in dc, but some are harder to spot than others. like this one on wisconsin avenue. the new cameras are hooked on to lighted poles. now they are just sending out warnings but in 30 days the tickets will be real. so this is the time to rimemoze their location. maryland avenue northeast, reservoir road northwest, 18th street northeast and pennsylvania avenue southeast. and that is on top of the ones already in existence. we talked to three people this morning that had received a ettick from a dc speed camera. >> i got a $200 speeding camera tick. >> i think it was messed up. i came to an intersection. right turn to red. when i made the right turn the
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camera flicked. >> reporter: they have all just about had it with speed cameras in the district. when i told them there are five more. >> my reaction is a need for money. >> itex is actly what it is, it is just to get money. >> reporter: revenue from cameras last year was about $37 million. for them it is not the ticket that is the problem, it is the price of the ticket. >> got to pay to play. but it is a little too much. >> reporter: w u is. a-9. to get another look at the list of the new camera locations check out dc police are looking for four men they say tried to rob and sexually assault a woman in adams morgan earlier yesterday. they say it happened just before 3:00 a.m. when the woman was walking in the 2200 block of 18th street. if you have any information about the incident, police would like to hear from you. a new trial is getting underway for dc police officer
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samson lawrence. he tried to kill his wife in november 2013. he is accused of spraying lysol in her place, beating her with a lamp and threatening her with knives. lawrence's first trial ended some a hung jury last summer. you can add two more names to the list of republican presidential candidates. dr. ben carson announced he is running for president today. the retired urnegeosuron has never held elective office. and former hewlett packard ceo carly fiorina also made it official today she is a candidate for the republican presidential nomination. she is a university of maryland grad and the only woman, so far, among republicans. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is expected to announce his gop candidacy tomorrow. coming up on wusa9 news, princess what's her name now has a name. what the prince and duchess have chosen for their new baby
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girl. plus a survivor story. a man who lived
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in honor of prince william and duchess kate's baby the new baby has a name. it is charlotte elizabeth diana. the baby will be known as her royal highness princess charlotte of cambridge. >> it is a nice. very nice choice. >> i think that carries on the line, nicely. >> it means prince george has a sister. >> yes it does. and in the near future the royal family of four will live in a secluded mansion two hours's drive from london. an amazing story from nepal
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a week after a deadly quake, rescue teams pulled a 101-year- old man from the rubble. u.s. marines in nepal are helping the country's army reach victims in the roughestter rape. the death toll has risen to more than 7200 people. still ahead on wusa9 news, as temperatures rise people shed more clothes and that can lead to more skin cancer. we'll talk to an expert about what's being called melanoma monday. allison? even warmer than it was when i stepped out of here 20 minutes ago and breezy. but we have showers headed our way for tomorrow. you can see them back off to the west. i'll track them for you. stay here
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today in family health it's melanoma monday. melanoma accounts for less than 5% of skin caps but causes the most skin cancer deaths. here to talk about that is dr. vein that from the medical group. thank you for joining us. less than 5% of all skin cancer, but the deadliest. why is that? who should be worried about melanoma? >> there are a couple of factors. one is most melanomas lack obvious symptoms so there is a delay in diagnosis. by the time they are captured, at times they can have invaded deeper into the skin layers. the deeper the higher the risk melanoma cells could break off and end up in an organ. that is why it is distinct from other types of skin cancer. >> who should worry about
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melanoma? just people with fair skin or should everyone worry? >> everyone, actually is at risk for melanoma but certain subgroups are at higher risk for developing this type of skin caps. those include lighter skinned people, those over the age of 50, those who have additional risk factors like a family history of melanoma. and also the number of moles a person has puts them at a risk for melanoma. the average person might have 20 moles but the risk goes up as the number of moles goes up. >> and you can be taught to do a self skin exam. how often? >> we recommend patients do self skin exams at least on a monthly basis. often times they'll have to get a spouse or significant other to help monitor their back. the back is a very common area to actually develop it. so if you have no one looking there it will be hard to detect. >> stay out of the sun and if you go in, use an spf of 30 or higher. that should help a lot?
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>> correct. >> thank you very much for being with us. let's go to allison for more on just how many rays are going to be caught out there in the sun today. >> reporter: you need the sunscreen today. we are going to be finding ourselves outside a good bit for this afternoon. look at this. blue skies, sunny, warm. it just feels so nice. all because of the winds out of the south. they are fueling in nice, warm air. already 77 degrees, we are going to hit the mid-80s easily this afternoon. these are current temperatures, 82 for frederick, 81 for gaithersburg but. 67 always a little cooler through annapolis by the water there. 79 we are going to add 5 to 8 degrees for that. we are headed to the mid-80s. this is well above average but very similar to yesterday. in fact our entire 7-day forecast is above ours. good weather the next couple of days. we are dry and sunny today. we are tracking our next rain system tomorrow. this is going to bring showers and storms going to impact the
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second half of the day. the first half of the day. 12:00 today we are looking dry and sunny and how we are right now. the best chance for any clouds maybe a stray shower will be through the shanendoah valley. should be try, you can enjoy the nats game. enjoy the game, go nats and go caps tonight as well. as we head through tomorrow, things are going to change though. by 7:00 tomorrow morning a few clouds, winds are still out of the southwest. even though we will be cloudier. by lunch time we are starting to see showers approach near frederick and hagerstown. by 2:30 scattered showers develop south of dc it will be pretty hit or miss. by 5:00 your drive home we'll see isolated showers sprinkled along the area. it will be scattered, we will be tracking them. we'll have to watch it for the game time tomorrow for the nats
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game. by 6:30 everything kicks out of here. a lot of it is going south and west of dc. temperatures with the wind direction changing on wednesday, will be near 80 degrees, which is cooler than it has been, still above average for your wednesday and into thursday. 82 to 86 today. very warm, dry, lots of sunshine. can't go wrong for today. as we head through tomorrow we are going to be near 856789 then the showers will arrive. a few thunderstorms even that will stick around wednesday as well. wednesday down to 80 degrees we are monitoring the yellow alert for tuesday. i think it will impact your drive home. not everybody's drive home. it will be pretty scattered across the area. thursday and friday we are looking dry. temperatures near 80 degrees. we head to this weekend as far as rain chances this weekend our concerns still pretty far out. a few showers saturday
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afternoon. temperatures warm right back up to the mid-80s, for both saturday and sunday. than compared to sunday. andrea, back to you. thank you allison. it is the most unlikely rags to riches story. it is jason fight's story. looking at your story, you were in real estate doing well and then the economy goes bust. how does landing on hard times like that get you accused of murder and land you in jail? >> i had started an online mag seen. and in the process of starting that one of the things we were doing was interviews. i had gone down to baltimore to do a small, first time interview. in that interview that night with those people they had gotten in a small scuffle outside of a bar. i pulled my cell phone out to record the scuffle. what ended up happening from there, i believe is one side of the small scuffle had family members that were police.
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so an ajohn f. kennedy da sort of came into play. somehow next thing i know, i'm facing first degree attempted murder for being 30 feet away from a fight. i wasn't each a participant in it. they had said somehow i must have set the whole thing up in order to profit from my magazine, which is only two months old. >> we just heard about someone talking about the circumstances who were arrested from minor offenses. what were conditions like for you in a baltimore jail? >> conditions in baltimore city detention center are beyond horrendous. some of the things i actually moved into one tier just prior the day before, they had something like 14 pounds of marijuana taken out you know in a raid. there were knives found. i could get a cell phone. i know with a green dot, i could go in and actually have sex with one of the correctional officers. this was actually happening. it is unlike most other cities.
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it definitely has its own. i saw fights over shoes. you know, i was a witness to a stabbing, all because of one gang to another gang. just some of the things that were going on, were things that could be avoided if they just took the time to police it better. >> you were in jail how long? >> 50 days. >> 50 days, you come out and then you work and you start to turn your life around. how did you go from being in prison for that length of time to come out making hundreds of thousands of dollars using facebook as the vehicle? >> believe it or not, jail and the attorney's fees and so forth it ran me all the way into a full on chapter 7 bankruptcy. i we want broke. and i fought back for my family. i just couldn't give up. >> what did you do on facebook that made you money. >> here's the interesting thing. i needed an audience for the book i was going to write. i we want into facebook and the next thing i knew with facebook is i had massive numbers and a
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approached companies and said are you interested in endorsing me. now facebook has changed a bit. >> he is still a millionaire and he says the best advice he can give anyone from starting over from any
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cinco de mayo celebrations kicked off in the district on the national mall but obviously tomorrow is the 5th of may. el centro restaurant is planning to open early for an expected large crowd. here with us now is executive chef terry nautilus. he is starting his meal with
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one of my favorite good items, garlic. you are opening early. how early are we talking about? >> we are opening at noon and the celebration will go all the way through to midnight or 1:00 a.m. >> what are you preparing for it? >> just the peppers and the garlic for our salsa, which is charred tomatoes, charred really well on the grill, got a really district attorney, dark color, which goes really well with these chiles, which are just red jalapenos that are dried and smoked. >> so you are. >> rehydrating them. >> and adding them to the charred tomatoes i had over here. >> okay. >> and then i suggest to puree these, if you are making a salsa at home, take your charred tomatoes with the rehydrated chiles and the fried garlic and put them in the
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bleepedder, add yunesky, cilantro salt and -- blender, add cilantro salt. >> this is pork roasted overnight pork shoulder, little orange, little condensed mill, seasonings, delicious. >> very good and lie probation? >> of course. tequila. what else is there on cinco de mayo. >> i remember one cinco de mayo there was a shortage of limes. >> not this year. all the lime you could want. >> again you are open? >> from noon until midnight, 1:00 a.m. >> very good. for those of you a little history lesson, what does cinco dehigh oh represent? >> it is the -- de mayo represent? >> it is the victory over france. >> was it the battle of pueblo? >> yes. >> there is your history lesson. again you have the recipes for this, it smells wonderful in
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the studio, we wish you the best today and have a great celebration tomorrow. the next news is at 5:00 p.m. but we are always on at have a great
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dunkin's new vanilla coffee creamer really tastes like it has more vanilla flavor. how is that even possible? boom! [ laughter ] oh, it's possible. introducing dunkin's new coffee creamer. extra vanilla flavor you can really taste.
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>> victor: you know, jack and i just decided to put down our arms. and now with victoria on board the outlook for the company has never been better. >> nick: oh, i can feel it coming. there is where you pitch me on coming back to work for you at newman enterprises, and this is where i tell you that my club is reopening tonight and the underground is the only place i want to be. >> victor: all right. don't think there hasn't been many a time when i wish my only son were with me at the helm of my company. but that is not what i came here to discuss. i wanted to talk about something else. >> nick: well, i didn't know there was anything else for you except newman. >> victor: what do you know about gabriel bingham?


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