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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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just the thought that there could be a shooting brought scores of people to the scene. scott broom is live in baltimore with the details including the rebuilding efforts going on there. >> first that shooting, it turned out police monitoring closed circuit television cameras, police monitoring cameras saw a man with a gun in his hand. officers responded. there was a foot chase that lasted about a half a block and a gunshot went off. it turned out the suspect had dropped the gun on the ground. nobody was hit. and the suspect was taken away by medics and the suspect is just fine. there was no police gunfire here. meanwhile across town on the east side, the very first major announcement of rebuilding here in baltimore. this is the harvin center. it was a 61-unit senior complex being build by a church and some private developers that was burned and
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turned to cinders last monday. today the developer announced a $16 million project will go ahead. the mayor was there. the neighbors were there and the developer was there to lay down a challenge for the future. >> if you saw with the eagerness in which all the eyes of the country and of the world were on us to see us burn, it is up to us to light that same fire of rebuilding with prayers of the same people that were so eager to see our introduction will be a witness to our rebuilding. [ applause ] >> trying to figure out where was god when this was going on. >> trying to build up the naiblds. -- the neighborhoods. >> the deferrable -- the developer has manage today put together a $16 million deal to keep this going. he challenged other business owners all around the city to come back and build.
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he says there's a huge amount of opportunity here in baltimore and he challenged cvs to announce as soon as possible that it will be back to build that iconic burned out cvs here at the corner of pennsylvania and north end. show the world that baltimore can bounce back. it certainly is today despite the bobble and the incident here at pennsylvania and north avenue things are very much getting back to normal here. reporting live in baltimore scott broom wusa 9. could the police and their relations with the community in this town lead to the same sort of crise we saw last week in baltimore? cathy lanier weighs in for the first time as she acknowledges to our own bruce johnson that morale among the officers on the streets has suffered a bit in light of the freddie gray coverage. >> and maybe more than a bit. people in the streets here in washington have been watching
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events unfold in baltimore. >> could baltimore happen here? >> it could but i don't think it will happen. >> reporter: parts of southeast washington in west baltimore have the same issues. most of the people we talked to today were adamant this is not baltimore. >> i'm not going to say the police are doing a bad job out here because they got to come to work and do what they got to do too. >> reporter: dc policing is different in the nation's capitol. >> i think the relationship is good in the community. i hear complaints from both sides. >> reporter: cathy lanier seems to have a mixed opinion as to what's happened to the six police officers charged in freddie gray's death. >> we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> reporter: the baltimore police union said the officers did nothing wrong and politics went in to the decision to bring charges against them. >> the initial arrest for the possession of the knife the knife wasn't illegal. i think there are points in this that police officers acknowledged but i think what's caught everyone off guard was the
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rapidness that the police announced charges. >> reporter: getting those cops off the streets for good is not always easy. >> the hard part is once you fire an employee is keeping him fired. if it goes to arbitration process, many of the fired employees are ordered back. >> reporter: lanier says the bigger problem right now might be the morale of the cops still on the streets. >> the worst of the worst are the ones that get shown over and over again. so i think morale for my troops is the really big thing for me right now. they know they come to work every day wanting to help people and wanting to preserve life and do the right things and it's tough. >> also in baltimore they practice no tolerance when it comes to policing. cathy lanier says it doesn't work. she doesn't believe in it. the head of the fop says it's a real concern that cops won't be going beyond what is required out there in the streets and of course that's bad news for all
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of us. i was able to speak to chief lanier about the body cameras, she's asking for $5 million to put a body camera on every cop. she sticks to what she said all along. she doesn't believe that video should be available to all of us. she said simply too many privacy issues. >> that stance is drawing a lot of criticism from a lot of folks. work crews were back at the watergate complex today after friday's garage collapse and a structural engineer is now trying to determine what brought it down. >> i'm andrea roane outside -- i'm andrea mccarren outside the watergate where some residents tell us they're angry frustrated and inconvenienced by the water collapse. >> i feel a little bit like i'm living in a tepee right now. >> reporter: after a weekend without air conditioning, the watergate is now without hot water. >> haven't washed my hair yet but i'll get around to doing that in cold water. >> very upsetting. >> reporter: many
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residents still can't retrieve their cars from the severely damaged garage. >> the main setback for me is the parking. my automobile is in the graumg and -- in the garage and i can't get it out. >> reporter: the garage shut down roughly eight businesses and left others struggling. >> we have to tell the people who deliver us gas to not deliver the gas because we're not selling enough to get another load in. we hope you liked the weather today. showers and storms are coming our way for tomorrow. topper has got more on the wind and exactly where. >> we are in fine shape this evening with temps in the 80s. primarily we're concerned about showers and storms tomorrow afternoon. i think it will be dry for the morning commute. let's start with the futurecast. yellow alert for tomorrow. focusing on the afternoon. at 6:00 in the morning we don't really have any showers and really barely any clouds and very mild. upper 50s to mid 60s downtown at 6 a.m.
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by 9:00, we're immediately in the low 70s. still dry in the metro now. we do have showers beginning to reappear back toward cumberland and romney. downtown we're fine. the next few hours by 1:00 you could walk to lunch. 84 downtown. now we see showers developing along i-81. so you cannot walk to lunch without the umbrella in places like hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester. watch the showers and storms develop and move to the east. by 3:30 we kind of have a solid line of showers and storms from baltimore, montgomery county, district of fairfax culpeper. look at the temps. 83 in manassas and 84 downtown. this is why we issue a yellow alert. this is going to be an inconvenient line of showers and storms just in time for your ride home. by 6:00, leftover showers to the northwest of leesburg. heaviest activity to the north and east and temps in the upper 70s to around 80. we'll come back and talk about this cold front. once this cold
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front gets through us tomorrow it's going to play cat and mouse with us and that will affect our wednesday and thursday forecast and we'll explain. coming up, how a mother's terrible tragedy turned in to gifts of life for dozens of people. >> first, why one of the suspects in sunday's deadly shooting at a prophet muhammad cartoon contest was already on the radar of
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police say the officer who fatally shot two gunmen outside a contest for prophet muhammad cartoons likely saved lives. >> simpson and a second unidentified gunman were killed yesterday but the fbi says it was already investigating simpson for possible ties to terror. a controversial group known as the american freedom defense initiative sponsored the contest and the group's president pamela gellar said she planned the event to make a stand for free speech. >> this incident proves how violent the war is on freedom and it's here. it's not just paris and copenhagen. it's here. the war is here. >> a spokesman for the council for american islamic relations. john kerry laid a wreath at a memorial in nairobi to the victims of the 1998 u.s. embassy
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bombing and said that al qaeda attack failed to cause division between the united states and kenya and he offered support in the fight against current terror threats. it sets the stage for president barack obama's visit there this summer. prince william and kate the duchess of cambridge have named their newborn princess. she is charlotte elizabeth diana. what a pretty girl. but her title is her royal highness princess charlotte of cambridge. here's how the couple came up with the name. charlotte is the feminine version of charles. elizabeth is for her great grandmother the queen and diana after princess diana. certainly today's weather was magnificent out there albeit a little breezy. topper says things are a
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when a mother in pennsylvania lost her son to an accidental drug overdose, she and her family found peace of mind through organ donation. >> he was 18 years old when he overdosed on prescription pills. he spent five days on life support. when there was no hope
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of recovery, his family honored his choice to be an organ donor. >> if there's a person that gets even another day with their child or their dad because of cody's organ it was well worth it to us because we would do anything to get another day with him. >> actually more than 50 people benefited from cody's donations. his heart liver both kidneys, and dozens of tissue parts corneas to restore sight skin for burn victims bones tendons, valves, and veins. infant mortality down in the united states, then again so are birth rates. the number of births in this country dipped 1% between 2012 and 2013, this according to the national center for health statistics. the rate of teenagers giving birth dropped by 10%. the number of infants who died before their first birthday declined 13%. the american academy of dermatology dubbed today melanoma monday. as the weather gets warmer and folks start
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wearing fewer layers and showing a lot of skin, the dermatology group is trying to watch your back so to speak. they're recommending you find a partner to help apply sunscreen on your back and look for suspicious spots since the back is the most common area for melanoma. more truth you're never too old to pursue your dreams. 82-year-old rosa selgato earned her associate in arts degree. she came to the united states 20 years ago. while she raised her children she also enrolled in english classes. salgato had to take five buses just to get to school and work. her grandson said she inspired him to go to college. >> i feel proud of my grandma. she's always pursued education. it's been in her blood forever.
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>> and she finally did it. she graduated with a grade point average of 3.8. granny was not playing. >> pretty good. >> that's very good. i really really like this weather. >> it was spectacular. back to melanoma monday, may sun is equal to august sun. it's not quite this hot and you can't feel yourself getting cooked but you can get cooked. we're looking at temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above average. here's a look at our 3-degree guarantee. we went for a high of 86. pretty aggressive for may. we'll tell you how we did tonight at 11:00. live outside gorgeous. still pretty toasty. still 82 at national. winds out of the south at 10:00. humidity a little bit higher than yesterday but still in check. only 37%. that's pretty comfortable actually. so warmer tonight. more like a june night. downtown area is holding the 60s tonight. bus stop
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temperatures 58 to 72. and we think it will be dry in the morning. yellow alert is primarily for the afternoon and evening commute. yellow alert for tuesday then showers and storms for the evening commute. don't think we'll see anything severe but we'll see heavy downpours in the individual thunderstorms. by 10:00 tonight, generally clear to partly cloudy. nice. what a night for baseball. nats perfect baseball weather. by 10:00, upper 60s low 70s. by 6 a.m. we're still clear. temperatures in the 60s. by 9:00 we see showers beginning to appear back toward cumberland and along i-81 but in the metro we're still fine. lots of you'll probably need your shades to start the day and umbrella to finish it. by 1:00, showers in hagerstown and i-81 to winchester. showers around 80. by 5:30 showers and thunderstorms push through thus the wet commute. been kind of emphatic over the last couple runs with the futurecast developing a heavier storm or
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line of storms after the first line rolled through. this is at 5:30 to the west of leesburg. may take until 8:00 or 9:00 to get the showers out of here. for tonight no worries at all. clear to partly cloudy. milder. 58 to 66 . winds southwest to 10. by morning lots of sunshine. warm. a late shower possible primarily west. 58 to 79. then by afternoon here come the showers and storms and some could be heavy in terms of heavy downpours. high temperatures near 85. winds more west southwest at about 10 and we're looking at showers potentially from the mountains to the coast. 74 in oakland tomorrow. your showers in oakland cumberland around lunchtime. winchester martinsburg, hagerstown, low 80s. leesburg warrenton culpeper your showers will be in the late to midafternoon. you'll be okay at lunchtime. 85 in gaithersburg despite the clouds and showers. 84 in frederick. your showers get in there around 3:00, 5:00.
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day planner dry through the morning. 73 at 9:00. 80 a 1:00. a few clouds coming in the late morning and afternoon. 77 on wednesday. couple showers. 78 on thursday. couple showers. front sags to the south and kind of stalls out. we'll be in between air masses. okay on friday, 80. nats still in town. nats on 9 saturday and sunday. mothers day, maybe an isolated shower late and monday low 80s with an isolated shower. it's the caps versus the rangers in game 3 of the seven-game match-up. >> kristen berset joins us live from the verizon center where there's a little more activity. >> it's quiet right now but the doors will open soon. fans are already rocking outside ready for game 3. coming up in sports which is next, we'll hear from the players as they prep
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welcome back. i'm kristen berset live at the verizon center. game 3 for the caps and rangers tonight. doors just opened. fans are starting to come in. no doubt it's going to be loud and they're going to be waving these red flags here tonight or towels i should say. it's going to be rocking here tonight. things started off great in the big apple for the caps with them stealing game 1 on the last second goal by joel ward but they let one slip this weekend. heading home tied e spitthe de feat at the hands
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of the rangers, capitals left new york with plenty of optimism and momentum and they hope to ride that here at the phone booth. >> i think there's a lot of energy in the room. especially after the last series, talking to the guys, physical series. go back in to new york and play a good rangers team and fast paced series. >> we learned a lot about what our game has to be and what it can be. it was good. a lot of positive things and things that we're really working on. >> another team that many say got a big win this weekend was the washington redskins. it was the nfl draft first draft for new general manager. he's getting high praise for that. he came in to the nfl draft with seven picks. said he wanted 10. once the weekend was done and all the wheeling and dealing was done he got his 10 picks. the first round pick in three years offensive lineman brandon sher
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from iowa. he was introduced to redskins nation this weekend. today he addressed the media. he mentioned he's looking for high quality guys on the field and off it as well. >> the whole package. that's what i'm looking for. i've been lucky to be around this league a long time and see players succeed. see the competitiveness, toughness he has, i wanted my first pick to be here no matter what, somebody that's not just an impressive player but impressive person. >> and washington wizards kept their win streak going taking game 1 against atlanta despite a few injury scares. john wall went down hard on the court but finished the game and has been icing his left wrist. bradley beal sprained his right ankle but is expected to play game 2 tomorrow. wizards looking to come out of atlanta with a big advantage. >> we've got the opportunity to get another one and go home up 2-0. we know it's going to be
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totally tougher than what it was. those guys probably not going to miss many shots like they did in the 4th quarter but i feel we can play better. >> overall pretty successful for all of the teams. wizards get to rest today but the caps going to hit the ice at 7:30. coming up at 7:00, we'll hear from owner and what he thinks about all the craze the caps and wizards in the postseason. it's been exciting. that will do it here for us at the verizon center. i'm kristen berset. >> i -- it's been exciting with more to come. >> the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan jeffcoat for your only local news at 7:00. we'll see you then.
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>> pelley: islamic extremists open fire in a terror attack near dallas. we now know who the suspects were. also tonight as baltimore recovers, a new cbs news poll out tonight shows a big change in how americans feel about race. and he's half of silicon valley's ultimate power couple. we now know how david goldberg lost his life. and the princess gets a name that covers every face. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> had it not been for one unknown cop, the nation would very likely be counting the dead and wounded tonight after


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