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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 4, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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as baltimore begins to get back to normal, tensions were exposed today. i'm scott broom in baltimore. coming up, the results of what happened. >> and it's a side of the boston marathon bomber we've never seen. what brought tears to his eyes in court today. >> yellow alert tuesday. we're tracking showers and thunderstorms. we'll tell you which commute will be affected. >> i'm kristen berset at the verizon center. the puck will drop soon for game 3 between the capitals and rangers. i'll have more on that excitement coming up. first at 7:00, heavy police presence in baltimore late this afternoon after a peaceful day and night without a curfew. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm derek mcginty. there was a lot of emotion and confusion today at the heart of where last week's protests took place. police say today's chaos
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began when a gun went off when an officer was trying to arrest a suspect. >> the incident that raised tensions began when a police officer monitoring a closed circuit security camera saw a man walking down north avenue here with a gun in his hand. here's how police explained what happened next. >> he's clearly armed with a handgun. police come in. a very short brief foot pursuit. he pulls the and gun or attempts to pull it out. there's a sound of a discharging, the sound of a weapon discharging the police never discharged any weapons. we checked him out finally stop him, get the weapon back, it's a revolver. that revolver, there are three cartridges. one of them are spent meaning it had been fired. he's checked out thoroughly by the paramedics. he has no injuries on his body whatsoever. no injuries whatsoever. he's not shot. he did not want to go with the ambo but we took him anyway. he's with our police officers right now. >> i'm concerned that we riled people up and we've gone through
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enough in baltimore currently trying to move forward so let's see what we can do to quell the violence. >> the aftermath of the incident grew a small but vocal crowd, people anxious that possibly police had been involved in the shooting. that turned out not to be the case. in baltimore scott broom, wusa 9. >> earlier today there were cheers at the site of what's left of the senior housing center that went up in flames one week ago. members of the southern baptist church vow today rebuild the development which was about halfway done when rioters set it on fire last week. officials say the building will open next year with 61 units of affordable senior housing space for counseling and job training. convicting police officers of crimes is notoriously difficult. legal experts say the freddie gray case will be particularly challenging. prosecutors will have to tie each of the six officers to specific criminal acts. they have video of the police dragging the 25-year-old out of
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the transport van but as far as we know no video after that that shows how his spine was nearly severed. >> police officer cases are never easy. there's going to be a dogfight. it's not going to be easy for her to get the convictions on the charges she brought. >> the medical testimony may also present problems for prosecutors because they wonder if a doctor will even be able to explain what exactly led to gray's fatal injuries. in prince george's county tonight a police officer was convicted of assaulting a student and the incident was caught on camera. charles pickard was a school officer. this video shows pickard arguing with the student and pulling his arm back and punching the teen right in the face. he then arrests the student. the police chief says this type of behavior will not be tolerated on the force and the state's attorney says she'll be sure the officer is held accountable. >> no matter who you are
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you're accountable and no one is above the law. >> we work for this community first. i think chief and i are on one accord about that. we're first accountable to the people who send us here. >> pickard was suspended in november of 2013. whether or not he's fired will be up to a hearing board. he's facing up to 15 years in prison and will be sentenced in july. outside today no jacket required however you might want that umbrella for tomorrow. tenacious topper shutt tracking showers and maybe thunderstorms? >> primarily in the afternoon. one of those days where you need your sunglasses in the morning umbrella in the evening. 6 a.m. in the morning, no problems. in fact more like june than may. upper 50s and low 60s to start under clear to partly cloudy skies. by 9:00 it's still beautiful in the immediate metro. you see a couple of green showers there up to the left in hagerstown and cumberland. that's it. everybody else still has sunshine. by lunchtime 1:00, still dry in the metro but now
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we're seeing showers in hagerstown and along i-81. they're going to move right through the metro area by 3:30. we'll stop it here. a solid line of showers and storms from baument all the way through montgomery county, fairfax culpeper. what's interesting despite the showers still 84 in dc. 84 in culpeper. 82 as far north as frederick. by 6:00 showers still to the east of town down toward southern maryland. charles county, st. mary county and second line of showers. that could be the heavier line as we get in to the 7:00 8:00 hour. once this front goes to our south it's not done affecting our weather on wednesday and thursday. tonight prince william county cops want your help in finding a man accused of assaulting a woman. take a good look. it's taylor, an 18-year-old woman who told police she and sycamine know each other and were fighting throughout the day on friday. she says he forced her in to a vehicle then assaulted her then did the same thing at her
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apartment. she had minor injuries. if you've seen him call police. new tonight a disturbing report on infant mortality rate from the group save the children. itu says dc has the highest infant mortality rate, among 25 of the world's wealthiest capital city. the report also shows in 2012 the infant mortality rate in dc's ward 8 was more than 10 times higher than the rate in ward 3. a health advisor to save the children says to help narrow the gap, quality healthcare must be made more accessible and affordable. virginia abortion clinics close to closing are celebrating a victory today. an opinion will let them stay open. the regulations require abortion clinics to have the same building requirements as hospitals. costly renovations would force many to close. now herring says the board of health cannot apply the new board and construction standards to existing facilities. the dc area mourning the
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member of an iconic local band who died in waldorf. bass player derek colquitt known as house lost control of his vehicle. not only was handout -- was house a long time band member, he helped to keep junkyard music alive. >> the way he handled business, the way people took to him was phenomenal. >> he never let a negative moment be negative. >> we got a band that started in the '80s that is still going hard today and it's a beautiful thing. and right now house was making sure they kept them on track in doing the right things because he's such a good guy. >> 95.5 dj flex says there will be a tribute at the birthday bash event for colquitt. jerry wharton also died in the crash. two names added to the
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republican race for the white house. later, what makes these new candidates stand out from the rest. >> the garage collapses but the woes don't stop there. >> and a first for the boston marathon bomber. what brought him to tears in the courtroom today.
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for the first time during his penalty trial the boston marathon bomber showed some emotion. dzhokhar tsarnaev cried today when his aunt took the stand. he was seen repeatedly wiping his eyes with a tissue. she cried so much before testifying, the judge suggested another witness come forward so she could get herself together. jurors are trying to decide whether to charge tsarnaev with the death penalty or life in prison. two men killed while trying to attack an art contest near dallas. one of them no stranger
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to the fbi. the agency says the garland, texas police officer killed simpson and simpson was convicted in 2011 for lying to fbi agents over his joining of a jihadist group in somalia. last night's controversial show includes a contest for the best drawing of the prophet muhammad. the death toll in nepal has climbed to 7,000 people but tonight another amazing story of survival. rescuers pulled this man from the rubble yesterday more than a week after devastating earthquake. officials say he's 101 years old, as if that's not a feat alone. that's an amazing feat. however officials in nepal say they don't expect to find anymore miracles in the debris. aircraft arrived yesterday to help give food and supplies to hard to reach areas. >> 101. if it's not your time it's not your time. a structural engineer is still investigating the cause of
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the parking garage collapse at the watergate complex on friday now that work crews have shored up the facility. >> residents tell us that their patients is -- their patience is running thin. some places don't have hot water. other residents are frustrated they can't access their cars from the damaged parking garage. >> i feel kind of like i'm living in a tepee right now. i'm heating water for the bath. >> the main setback for me is the parking. my automobile is in the garage and i can't get it out. >> and several small businesses inside the watergate complex were set back as well. they had to shut down. employees at the gas station right next door said they can open but there's not much reason to. their business is way off and motorists still can't get off to the virginia avenue off rock creek parkway. another rollout of speed cameras in dc but these ones are a bit different. how to spot the new ticket giving machines after the break. >> a beautiful day.
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a beautiful evening but comes at a price. pollen is way high. trees are very high. mold spores are low and grasses are moderate. tomorrow we're going to knock that pollen down. we have a yellow alert.
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new information tonight on a new york city police officer shot in the head while on duty
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this weekend. brian moore has died from his injuries. the suspect shot the 25-year-old while he was sitting in an unmarked car. he was trying to stop a man from carrying a handgun saturday. officers arrested 35-year-old demetrius blackwell and he'll face a first degree murder charge. the race if the white house just got a bit more crowded today especially on the gop side. both carly fiorina and ben carson announced their presidential bids today. carson is the former head of pediatric neurosurgery at johns hopkins. fiorina is a former hewlett packer executive. both plan to use their outsider status to set themselves apart in what's becoming a very crowded gop field. >> if you believe it's time for citizens to stand up and say enough then join us. >> i'm not a politician. i don't want to be a politician. >> one drawback from not being a career politician, all that
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money from the spaupercks. three senators are pulling in millions of dollars and they're already running for the nomination. several former governors also expected to join the race. there are five new intersections in dc you'll want to watch your speed. five speed cameras, and some of them are tougher to spot than others like this one on wisconsin avenue. the new cameras are hooked on to light poles making them a little less obvious. you're going to want to pay attention at maryland avenue northeast reservoir road northwest 18th street northeast and pennsylvania avenue southeast. for now you'll just get a warning, but in 30 days you'll get the real big money deal. some of these tickets can go up to $300. you can check out the exact camera locations on the wusa 9 app. some bad news for all drivers today. according to aaa we're now paying the highest prices of the year at the gas pump. a gallon costs about 60 cents more than it did in january. the national average
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right now is $2.61. still not bad though. prices this summer predict today be the lowest. royal canon salutes today for charlotte elizabeth diana. charlotte, the female version of charles. a likely nod to her grand dad. elizabeth and diana are in honor of her great grandmother and grandmother. she's fourth in line to the throne bumping uncle harry down to number 5. surf's up, way up in southern california today. huge waves in newport beach. you can see pro surfers tested their limits on those monster waves. the highest surf is expected to reach up to 12 feet in some spots. the waves stem from a storm hitting the new zealand
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coast. very breakpoint. >> don't want any part of that. first of all it's cold. second of all it will kill you. not any fun . >> we love this weather. >> it was fantastic. like june. temps were more like early june in terms of averages and we had no complaints that it was too hot. let's start with a live look outside to our michael and son weather cam. still beautiful, down to 79. that's pretty comfortable. humidity still comfortable. 44%. and winds have been a little breezy today. not really a huge factor but out of the south at 11. just comfortable. enough to stir the air around. warmer tonight. will not fall quite as far or quite as fast. more like june. bus stop temperatures, 58 to 72. dry in the morning at the bus stop. different story when you're picking the kids up. in fact, yellow alert tuesday primarily in the afternoon. that's going to be the main event in terms of showers and storms. that's going to affect the evening commute.
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morning commute dry. then umbrella, windshield wipers coming home. here's the futurecast. 10:00 tonight, mild. warm 74 downtown. great night for baseball. nats are underway. 68 in manassas and 69 in culpeper. generally clear. by 6 a.m. upper 50s to mid 60s. showers west of the divide. by 9:00 some of the showers creep over toward cumberland and romney. but in the metro area we're still fine, still mostly sunny with temps in the 70s. by lunchtime, 84, 85 tomorrow before the showers and thunderstorms roll through. we'll stop this and by 4:00, pretty much a solid line of showers and again the yellow and the orange, a little heavier rainfall. don't think we'll see anything severe tomorrow but heavy downpours possible in some of the individual storms. this goes back to fairfax across the 66 down toward culpeper and west of fredericksburg. that moves through at 5:30 tomorrow evening. then we have a second line trying to develop that
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could become heavier through the 6:00 7:00 hour. it's going to be a little slow tomorrow coming home. tonight no worries. clear to partly cloudy . milder. low temperature 58 to 66 and winds out of the southwest at about 10. day planner it stays dry. 73 at 9:00. these are downtown temps. next three days we're okay, some showers, 77. i think wednesday will be a little more troublesome than thursday. some showers on thursday 78. possibly see a little more sun on thursday. right now neither warrant a yellow alert at this time. nice on friday. 80. few showers saturday sunday in to monday. not enough to plan around at this point. watching nats on 9 both saturday and sunday. the capitals are hoping tonight's game 3 performance is better than the effort they put toward in their game 2 loss to the rangers. >> how both the caps and
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wizards can keep the good times rolling. >> here now with ted leonsis exciting time for you. caps wizards, what has this been like for you the last few weeks? >> it's been a blur and every night there's been a game. we worked really, really hard with both organizations to qualify get in the playoffs and win the first round. so there's a relentlessness to it but there's a lot of joy. it's a lot of fun. i feed off the energy of the fans and it's rocking outside already. so i'm feeling good right now. >> both teams wizards and the caps what has that been like for you to see the excitement and the red rocking all the time? >> with the wizards it's been remarkable that the wizards have the best record ever in nba history and going and winning the first game on a road trip in four series, in four different cities over two years is just remarkable but they want to come home too.
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the crowd here and sleeping in your own bed being familiar with your surroundings, it really helps. i'm hoping tonight we take the lead back in the series and we stole home ice advantage away from the rangers by winning that first game in new york in dramatic fashion and i'm hoping our fans carry us over the top. >> ted leonsis thank you so much. we appreciate it. saluting a late night fixture who's getting closer to signing off for the final time. a preview of tonight's divd letterman special is next.
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as old dave letterman himself would say wake the neighbors and phone the kids. tonight cbs is saluting him in a primetime special. >> it's a look back at his long career as host of the late show which he'll leave later this month. catch the special here on wusa 9 at 9:30. it's going to be hosted by actor and comedian ray romano. you can catch a new late show with david
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letterman with special guest president obama. >> where do you go from there? you've got a few more weeks to go. >> going to be a good one. >> that's all for our broadcast at 7:00. we're back at 11:00. okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better.
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presenting princess charlotte. we have to the story behind how kate and william honored his mother lady di. >> and getting the duchess all done up just hours after giving birth. >> baby girl. >> what's the name? because i have money bet on it. >> kate's 4,000 dress in bedside blowout, how she got full hair makeup and wardrobe inside the hospital. >> and did prince chs arlesteal the show? >> what did you think? >> my night with hollywood heavyweight and jimmy the jinx? >> i might be a curse. plus how's britney playing ball after that injury that cancelled shows. >> and more of the rivers conversation with lettermans right hand man. >>


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