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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now the streets of baltimore are calm again tonight, but that almost wasn't the case after word quickly spread erroneously it turns out that a police officer had shot a man in the back near the scene of last week's violence. good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. one week after demonstrations turned to riots in baltimore we're still seeing signs of simmering tensions between the community and police. >> garrett haake has been our man in baltimore and joins us live again tonight from the corner of pennsylvania and north which was the scene of today's tense moment. garrett? >> reporter: we're back to business as usual tonight on this baltimore street corner that has seen so much over the last few days, but we saw the damage that a single bullet can do to the fragile peace here even if it doesn't hit anyone. for a few serious minutes the fragile peace between community and police here shattered. it began with a gunshot first falsely reported to have been fired by a police officer at a
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fleeing suspect. from rumor came rage. riot police were deployed back on the street just a day after the city's curfew was lifted. police rushed to explain that during an arrest the suspect's gun went off, but no one was hit. >> he was checked out thoroughly by the paramedic. he has no injuries whatsoever on his body. he is not shot. >> reporter: here in west baltimore the episode laid bare how little trust remains between police and the people they serve. >> because the police still going to be the police at the end of the day. >> reporter: but in other parts of the city all was normal. outside city hall demonstrators were replaced by people walking their dog and the barriers erected to protect the building last week stood unmanned and ignored. in mondamon mall looted one week ago tonight was open again. >> the people are a lot calmer,
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happier. i think the police and national guard and all of the city forces have done a wonderful job. >> reporter: police say they took that man to a hospital despite the fact that he had no injuries out of an abundance of caution and tonight he is under arrest on a handgun charge. reporting live in baltimore garrett haake, wusa9. >> we should note fox news which initially reported that an officer had shot that man in the back later apologized for the mistake. we're following breaking news in prince george's county where police are investigating a shooting at a wendy's in capital heights. our ellison barber is live on the scene. what do we know now? >> reporter: police say this was a noncontact shooting. right now it's still an active investigation. when we got here a little after 8 p.m., we came around the side of this wendy's and we saw police, a few police cars and we saw police standing around a plan sitting on the ground. he somed injured -- man sitting on the ground.
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he seemed injured around his legs, but there was no ambulance and he was walking fine. police put him in the car and they drove off. just as they drove off we saw an ambulance speed by the other side of the wendy's and it turned into the hotel parking lot that is 2 blocks down, if that, from this wendy's. there we saw police sitting with a man who had handcuffs on the ground. he seemed to be maybe in his 20s or early 30s. we don't know a whole lot in terms of how or why this went down, but two officers that we spoke to on the scene told us the events at both here at this wendy's and at the hotel were related. it's a very busy area where we're standing on this wendy's right off the beltway, but everyone we spoke to, customers inside as well as people working tonight, didn't even realize the shooting happened. they told us they just saw the police -- [ audio difficulties ] >> we apologize for having technical difficulties there. moving on to the weather
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forecast -- new tonight a woman is behind bars after investigators say she rammed a deputy's cruiser not once but twice this afternoon along route 61 in calvert county, maryland. a woman driving a toyota truck rammed the patrol car forcing it off the road through a fence and then she rammed the patrol car again and pushed it down a small embankment. deputy richard wilson fired out of his windshield into the windshield of the truck to stop the driver. the driver was not hit. she was taken into custody. did i mention the weather forecast? >> i think you did. >> another warm day on tap tomorrow, but thunderstorms could be around as well. >> that's right. tenacious topper is up with more on our yellow alert. >> temps in the mid-80s in may and you end up with thunderstorms at some point. futurecast tomorrow at noon, okay in the morning, 82 already by lunchtime. that's with some full sun. you need your sunglasses to start the day. then to the west showers and storms beginning to develop in martinsburg and winchester
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along i-81 at 2 p.m. and then boom, by 4:00 we got pretty good showers and storms moving through much of the metro area in time for rush hour and for you to pick up the kids from school. 81 in leesburg. see all the orange and yellow? that's pretty heavy rainfall. at 6:00 showers and storms still move across 95 into prince george's county, bowie, mitchellville, back to la plata in charles county with some leftover showers behind. we'll come back, talk about this front. it won't go away tomorrow. we'll tell you what that means to our wednesday and thursday and we'll have the 3-degree guarantee. tonight three people in maryland have been indicted on charges of sex trafficking and prostitution involving a girl under the age of 18. they are 26-year-old michael devilla, 28-year-old elssy pazmino both of irwin heights and of 32-year-old john hammel of laurel. investigators say the men enticed the young girl into prostitution and then used internet ads to sell her to johns in and around the state
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of maryland. if convicted, the suspects face up to life in prison. a maryland teacher charged with possessing and distributing pornography. 52-year-old dan scott currently teaches at patterson high in baltimore city, previously taught at central middle school in anne arundel county. police arrested scott after detectives found child porn on a computer taken during a search of his home. babies in the district's poorest ward are 10 times more likely to die than babies in the wealthiest ward according to an infant mortality rate report from an international advocacy group. mola lenghi spoke with some mothers in ward 8, d.c.'s poorest ward. >> the disparity between the richest and poorest in d.c. is striking. >> reporter: so striking it's hard to believe it's the same city. according to a report by save the children, the international advocacy group, the infant mortality rate in d.c.'s wealthiest ward 3 in northwest is 1.2 deaths per 1,000 live births. in its poorest ward it's 14.9 deaths for every 1,000 live births in ward 8 in southeast. >> the district in the last 15
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years has cut infant mortality in half which is commendable. what has persisted is the gap and it's been stubborn and stuck around. >> reporter: the gap is not just an indication of the health disparity but also the economic disparity in d.c. infant mortality rates are ultimately about poverty and its symptoms. >> inadequate access to healthcare services, nutrition, education for women and children, access to family planning. >> reporter: theresa strickland had a baby two years ago in southeast. she struggled to pay rent and get proper care. she didn't receive free natal care until she was four months pregnant. >> they have resources, but it really doesn't help. they only pay a certain portion, but there's no rent help, so housing is really, really bad. >> as far as medicaid and wic and such, it was a process to go through, but i eventually got it. >> reporter: this woman has a 3-year-old daughter. looking around her southeast neighborhood she considers herself lucky. >> i had a lot of help.
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>> reporter: from? >> my mom, my family. it was very important. they played a big role in the success. >> reporter: overall d.c.'s infant mortality rates have dropped the last 15 years thanks to public private programs from health departments, churches, nonprofits and other community- based organizations. progress that's still a lot way to go. >> when we look at the rates, we see a tale of two cities, but in reality we live in 1 city. >> in the report the district ranked last on a list of 25 wealthy capital cities around the world. see how the district's numbers compare to local counties in maryland and virginia. check out our wusa9 news app. tonight we're getting a look at disturbing surveillance video that helped convicts a prince george's county police officer of assaulting a student. -- convicts a prince george's county police officer of assaulting a student. this video shows the officer arguing with the student and
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pulling his arm back and punching him right in the face and then he arrests the student. this sort of behavior will not be tolerated says the state's attorney. >> no matter who you are you're accountable in -- no one is above the law. >> we work for this community first. i think we keep an eye on that. we are first accountable to the people who send us here. >> pickard scheduled to be sentenced in july and faces up to 15 years in prison. jesse matthew, the man accused of murdering uva student hannah graham is due in court tomorrow where a judge is expected to set a new trial date. trial was originally set for june 29th, but the defense requested more time to let a dna expert examine the evidence collected in the case. we're learning more about the two gunmen who stopped and killed after a opened fire outside a contest to draw the prophet muhammad. the two were roommates from
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phoenix, arizona. simpson was convicted in 2011 for lying to the fbi over his desire to join a jihadi group in somalia. the two men drove up to the contest venue in garland, texas, last night and began firing. they were stopped and killed by a police officer. >> don't know their intent other than we know that they were willing to pull up and start shooting on police. >> a security guard was shot, but survived. no one else was injured. police say those texas officers saved lives by stopping the two level armed gunmen before they made their way inside the contest. the attorney for the ohio man accused of plotting to attack the capitol building is asking a judge to let the defendant privately review video and audio files in the case against him. the attorney says having an attorney present while the defendant reviews so much material is not practical. 21-year-old christopher lee cornell has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder of u.s. officials and employees. tonight fans are remembering a local go go band member known as house who died in a motorcycle crash over the
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weekend. police say go go's junkyard band bass player derek colquitt lost control of his motorcycle and smashed into a pickup truck. house was a beloved long time manager and musician in d.c. and his friends say he helped to keep junkyard's music alive. >> the way he handled business was principally the way he -- people took to him and was phenomenal. >> 95.5dj flexx says there will be a tribute for colquitt at the birthday bash event. 34-year-old jeri whorton also died in that crash yesterday. coming up we've got a preview of president barack obama's final appearance tonight on the late show with david letterman. >> but first your phone is
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you might be tempted to use a public kiosk or station. >> but lesli foster says be careful where you plug in or you might just get juice jacked. >> reporter: if you've got a phone and a cord, here's what you need to do to avoid getting jacked. our smartphones keep us informed, in touch and moving until they need a recharge. have you ever heard of juice jacking? >> no, i have not. >> reporter: juice jacking can happen at the point where you plug your usb charger into a public docking station. you play have seen or used them at airports, hotels or coffee shops. you think you're giving the battery a boost, but cyber criminals get something even information they can use against you. >> they're stealing information from your phone, but there isn't necessarily a way that you as the phone owner would know that it's happening. >> reporter: wine williams runs -- ryan williams runs and is working on a mobile app for his site. he said on an android phone this screen gives users three options to charge the device,
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send data or do both. this device is the best chance for juice jacking to occur because the cord you use to charge your phone also transmits data and when you use a public charging station, it can flow into the wrong hands. >> given the sensitivity of data these days and how much important stuff's on here, i want to know if someone is reaching into my private data or stealing my identity. >> people who travel internationally where the airports may or may not be as secure as they are in the u.s., they may be more exposed to juice jacking. >> reporter: tech experts recommend you keep your smartphone fully charged at all times and avoid third-party charging stations altogether, but if you do have to top off your battery, use a wall outlet or portable charging device or even something called a juice jack defender to protect your information. >> the smartphone is pretty smart, but it is a computer. it's a moving target. >> reporter: the reason our cyber expert said international travelers are more at risk is
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airports abroad are less likely to be as secure as the ones in the u.s. and people may be more exposed and vulnerable to juice jacking in those overseas facilities. i'm lesli foster, wusa9. >> here's another step to avoid being juice jacked. use a power only usb cord. these cables do not have the wires needed for data transmission and will just charge your smartphone, which is what you want. tonight president barack obama makes his final appearance on the late show with david letterman and with the last show may 20th the two talked retirement. >> what will you do when you're not president? >> well, i was thinking you and me, we could play some domino's together. >> dominoes, all right. >> we can go to the local starbucks. swap stories. >> i want to say something that the president said to me during the commercial break, that i
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was very impressed by. he said to me so when you retire, what are you planning? he says like me, he says when i leave the office, i plan on taking a month off. >> here's what else happened during the commercial break. that's the white house photographer scrambling down the aisle of the ed sullivan theater to get a shot of the president and letterman together on the late show for the last time. will ferrell is also dave's guest on the tonight show airing at 11:35 immediately following our newscast. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> you like dominoes. >> no, i do not. maybe if it was the poor man's curling. >> exactly. will ferrell, by the way, can make me laugh by just reading the phone book. ready for the 3-degree?
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we were sweating this out earlier. we went for a high today of 86 and it was in the 80s today, high 84, so we get it correct. a little wiggle room. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, very nice evening, almost like june, still 70 up with. we technically don't have a full -- 71. we technically don't have a full noon, but if you look at -- moon, but if you look at it, it's called a full flower moon. it will be a dry morning commute, warm, need your sunglasses. bus stop temperatures 58 to 72, nice and dry, different story in the afternoon, yellow alert afternoon showers and thunderstorms and i would prepare for a wet commute home for most of us. looks like we'll have a line of showers and storms between about 3:00 and 7:00. here's futurecast. 6 a.m. really gorgeous sunshine, upper 50s, low 60s and then by 9:00 we're essentially to 70 just about everywhere and low 70s in
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town. by lunchtime low 80s with fading sunshine, now showers showing up toward cumberland and romney and winchester and arounding atown, but in the immediate metro area you can walk to lunch tomorrow and no jacket or umbrella required, but by 3:00, 5:00, 6:00 on futurecast we have a line of showers essentially over most of the metro area. briefly you saw yellows and oranges in there at the 5:00 hour heavier rain. while we don't think we'll see anything severe tomorrow, no gusty winds or hail, but i think we'll see some heavy down 4s with these storms and -- downpours with these storms and by 10:00 some storms in howard county, mitchellville and out in anne arundel route 50 towards annapolis and taper off as showers overnight tonight. tonight overnight great, partly cloudy, milder, 58 to 66. day planner it's dry through lunchtime and warm, too. 66 at 9:00, 80 at 11:00, 83 at
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1:00. okay. wednesday, showers, maybe some thunderstorms, too 80. then we're looking at showers also on thursday but not a washout. next seven days friday looks great, low 80s, got the nats in town and also on 9 if you can't make it to the ballpark this weekend. some showers and storms possible, not a huge problem, low 80s saturday, sunday and monday. >> loving those temps, though. it may be summer outside, but it's cold where the caps are playing. >> it was cold in there tonight. i forget how cold it is. it's a nice reprieve from a little warmth today. it was rocking tonight. verizon center gets so loud and it was like a latter palpitating kind of game, but they got it. it was another big night in d.c. sports. the nats and the caps come away with big victories. coming up we have reaction from a very excited capitals locker room. sports is next.
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now wusa9 game on sports
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with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> two years ago today the capitals and their net minder braden holtby survived a 1-0 overtime shutout victory over the new york rangers at the verizon center. tonight as they look to take the lead in their semifinal series the capitals didn't need the extra minute. braden holtby proving why he has the nickname holt beast. great performance. we'll get to that. first check out his pinballlike goal from beagle. he had a little assist from the skate of henrik lundqvist. caps up 1 -0. that was all they needed. holtby swinging himself all over at the end just making some incredible saves tonight, 30 saves in all. he picks up his second career post season shutout. caps win and take a 2-1 lead in the series. >> better for sure than the first two games.
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a lot of guys were committed. everybody was committed. >> i just tried to come back around and put it on net because i knew guys were crashing there and tried to wrap it around and got a little lucky and it went in. >> at times i felt good. other times felt just like a normal game. some days they go well. some days they don't. i just tried to do my part and the guys played a really good game. washington nationals back home after the series in new york tonight hosting the marlins, bottom of the 8th nats down two, but the rally cams on. ian desmond -- caps on. ian desmond deep to have to tie the game up 2-2. a single to right brings in two runs. the nationals rally to beat the marlins 6-4, their sixth win in their last seven games. they're heating up. nationals manager matt williams said anthony rendon has a strained left oblique muscle, so the nats are shutting him
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down for the time being while he heals. now the redskins are getting high grades for their work in the draft this year. new general manager scot mccloughan and his staff agreed they wanted big physical players. they followed through with that. first round pick brandon scherff is 6' 5, over 300 pounds. the second rounder press ton smith is 6' 5 -- preston smith is 6' 5, 271 pounds, but aside from picking those big in stature, mccloughan likes to pick from big schools. the 10th pick played in the sec. here's mccloughan on why. >> you'll see as i go through each year more and more you'll see i do a lot of big school guys and sec guys. they've been in the big games and been around 80,000 fans and be en playing alabamas and lsus. it's not too big for them to come out here. here's your friendly reminder to vote in our high school game of the week poll. here are your choices.
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text the code of your game to 25543 and we'll highlight the winner friday night. just when you think you've seen it all, catch this. a fan at a dodgers game this weekend not only caught the home run ball but while he was videotaping about. >> whoa. >> no way. >> get real. >> that's real. he practices this. it's bobby crosby. here comes the long ball. videotaping it and it goes right into his glove. he said he practices it at batting practice and it's never happened in a game. >> he practices catching the ball? >> let me get this straight. he turns on his phone. a home run has been hit. he gets his phone out and turns it on. >> he's filming the game. he's already filming the game. >> that makes a little more sense. >> but he's filming it while the ball is coming and he catches it. >> what's he filming it on? >> his phone. >> at the game, film it. >> he called it the selfie of
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all selfies. >> pretty selfiish.
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look, sir? >> essentially 80s. we have a little dip here. 85 tomorrow, showers and storms, yellow alert for the afternoon primarily and 80 wednesday, a little cooler. >> i really like that friday forecast. >> that's our broadcast. >> thanks for staying up with
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>> alan: from the wood wind section of the new york philharmonic, it's the "late show" with david letterman! tonight, the president plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and center fielder david letterman!


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