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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 5, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is tuesday, may 5th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." isis claims responsibility for the attack on the prophet muhammad contest. accused of lying about being a marine. celebrities go big at fashion's big night. we'll take you insight manhattan's met gala. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> if he pleads guilty to life certainly he should be watched. >> isis takes credit for the
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attack in texas. >> they say they were wearing body armor. >> they had been investigating him since 2006. >> flash floods left cars under water eryestday. >> meanwhile north of new york city major forest fire is forcing residents to evacuate their homes. >> police arrested a man in the same area where freddie gray was taken into custody. >> among the protesters a gunshot was heard. no one was hurt. >> hillary clinton has agreed to testify before a congressional panel investigating acts against benghazi, libya. >> is this the first country -- >> first and last country i'm presidenting. unlike him, i'm term-limited. >> they'll nominate joseph dunphy jr. as the next chairman of the joints chief of staff.
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>> a new york city operator got the shock of his life. >> he was not seriously hurt. >> all that -- >> a soda truck losing control. >> steph curry won the mvp. >> and all that matters -- >> the biggest mashupn i the hollywood world. >> rihanna stuns the red carpet. i've never seen anything like it. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> hasta la vista, baby. >> no no, no. slower. >> death of a chopper. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this
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morning." isis is now claiming responsibility for the attack on a texas art exhibit and contest featuring drawings of the prophet muhammad. the terrorist group's official radio station made that claim this morning. >> one of the two gunmen killed by the police in garland, texas, had a longstanding tie to jihadi groups in phoenix. and this morning a mother tells cbs news she understands why they had to kill her son. omar villafranca is just outside garland, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. right beside me is where the occurred. there are pieces on the roadway after a car was detonated yesterday morning. we're learning more about the shooters and we talked to his mother. she told us she couldn't believe this is where her son's life would end. >> i can't imagine what went through his mind. >> sharon said her son was
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always deeply religious but she never thought he'd hurt anyone. >> he was a practicing muslim but not in an extreme sense. he tried to make people understand islam. >> reporter: authorities say the 34-year-old and 30-year-old elton simpson arrived on sunday at this dallas conference center armed with assault rifles. >> we will continue to investigate. this is not going to be a real fast investigation. >> she believes simpson orchestrated the attack. an american muslim he had been on their radar in 2006. he was convicted of lying federal agents in 2011. >> he's an intelligent kid. to be convinced to do something like this, is beyond -- it's just beyond me. >> federal agents spent hours
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monday combing through the phoenix apartment both men shared looking for answers. back in texas, authorities credited an unnamed police officer for thwarting their plan. >> he did a very good job and probably saved lives. >> sharon says she doesn't hold the officer responsible. >> he was just doing his job. when your child dies under these types of circumstances, you just -- it just leaves you numb and empty. >> the family of elton simpson is also struggling to understand why this happened. in a statement they said, we are sure many people in this country are curious if we had any idea of elton's plans. to that we say without question we did not. gayle? >> all right omar. thank you. jeff pegues is in washington with new information on the
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fbi's long running interest in elton simpson. jeff, good morning. >> good morning. the fbi first investigating elton simpson about nine years ago. that's when the phoenix office began an investigation because of his association with what the bureau believed was setting up a terrorist cell in arizona. there are recorded conversations between him and the informant discussing a holy war and gopher owe seas to wage a jihad. countless court documents document in 2009 in which simpson is quoted as saying it's time to go to somalia, brother. it even tile to go to the battlefield. it's time to roll. he was stopped on his way. investigators believe his goal was to go from south africa and then on to somalia. that was something simpson denied. but a year later he was found guilty of making materially
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false statements to the fbi and sentenced to three years' probation and a fine. law enforcement officials say they continued to be aware of simpson and followed his social posts. as for sufi they say he was not on their radar prior to that. charlie. new polls show negative views of clinton are on the rise. the trend started after she ended the presidential race. meanwhile the former secretary of state tells the house committee she will answer questions about her e-mails and the 2012 benghazi attacks but she only wants to be questioned once later this month. they want to question her twice. she wants to focus on her campaign while a controversial book could steal the headlines. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. she's trying to work around her
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campaign on immigration reform but her message has been muddled by a series of recent distractions including donations to the clinton foundation and this morning her campaign is once again trying to break through the noise. timed to the release of a new book, the clinton campaign is launching what they're calling the briefing a one-stop shop online and a social media that include this video and provides in their words the facts about hillary clinton's position and records. >> the bottom line is hillary clinton made based on her decision to protect national security and standing up for freedom and dignity around the world. >> her book will hit the book shelves. there have been questions raised about bill clinton's relationship with wealthy donors and whether they expected
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anything in return from then secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i asked hillary about this. usaid nobody's tried to influence me by helping you. >> reporter: during a tour of foundations in africa bill clinton came to his wife's defense. the former president said they have never done anything knowingly inappropriate with the ten os of millions of dollars they receive from foreign donors. he also said he would continue to give paid speeches which in the past averaged half a million dollar. >> i've got to pay the bill. >> reporter: they have revealed instances where its foundation and affiliates were not as transparent as promised and it maybe taking a toll of candidate clinton already. in a cent poll 61% say honest only describes her slightly well. >> when you vote for clinton, you get a lot of good things but
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in the package also comes something bad which is ethical transgressions. >> reporter: clinton will call for a full path to citizenship and will say anything less is second class status. norah, from here she heads to california for a series of fund-raisers. >> all right julianna. ing that you so much. former mike huckabee will announce his candidacy again. huckabee will become the sixth republican to formally enter the race. republican strategist frank luntz did not wait for the announcement. he talks about that and what it will take to beat hillary clinton. that is ahead. gayle? attorney general loretta lynch will meet with community leaders in baltimore today following the protests over freddie gray. a crowd gathered in the city yesterday during a tense
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situation with police. officers arrested a man with a handgun as he ran away. one officer used percher spray to try to clear the scene. police say a gun discharged at one point be now was was hurt. meanwhile a cbs news poll took a poll of race relations. 61% say it's bad. that's up sharply from february. police are more likely to use deadly force on a black person than a white person. boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev became emotional for the first time during his two-month trial. the 22-year-old cried in court yesterday. it happened at his family members took the witness stand in an effort to save his life. don dahler is live with more. >> good morning. relatives of dzhokhar tsarnaev sobbed while others described a
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sensitive boy who cried while watching disney's "the lion king." their testimony had such an impact on tsarnaev he was seen wiping tears for the first time since the trial began. >> as the trial began, relatives were escorted to the logan airport. they boarded a plane bound for amsterdam as they made their way pack to russia. they testified about the young man. one was said to be particularly fond of tsarnaev became so distraught he she was unable to speak. at that moment his normally stoic demeanor faltered. he was seen wiping away tears at the 64-year-old left the witness stand. when the court left for lunch he blew her a kiss. those who did testify described
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a shy boy before finally settling in the united states. i categorically reject what he did said a customer through an interpreter. think he was a very warm and kind child. i think it made even around him kind. they talked about his older brother tamerlan seen carrying him on his shoulder. dzhokhar loved his brother very much. as is the custom in our families, you would always listen to your older sim ling. >> monday was the first time you could see him reacting to any witness, something he has never done before. they'll trial to they'll try to convince the jury. david goldberg a tech ceo suffered a deadly head injury last friday.
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elaine quijano shows us why a mexican resort is raising questions about what happened. elaine, good morning. >> good morning. later today, a celebration of david goldberg's life will be held at stanford's. they'll be asked not to wear neck ties because of his hatred for ties. they say 47-year-old goldberg died a severe head trauma on a treadmill at a mexican resort but the general manager of the resort told cbs news last night, quote, the incident did not happen at the four seasons and that he was not a registered guest at our resort villages, or residences. cheryl samberg has not commented. they have two children today.
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overnight president obama posted a tribute to goldberg on the white house facebook page saying, quote, his skills as an entrepreneur created an opportunity for many. a love for his family was a joy to behold and his example as a husband and father was something we could all learn from. gayle? >> thank you. it's such a sad story. thank you, elaine. secretary john kerry is making a surprise visit to somalia. he met with officials at mogadishu airport. he's the highest ranking done employee mat ever to go there. the trip was arraigned while he was in nearby kenya. they're working on efforts to drive out terrorist groups. >> today president obama is nominated joseph dunford to be the next chief of staff. he currently sevens as a commandant of the marine corps.
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he earned the nickname of "fighting joe." he would succeed retiring general martin dempsey. president obama is praising david letterman's contributions to america. last night marked the president's final visit to the "late show" with letterman as the host. the topics ranged from race relations to retirement plans. vinita nair is here to show us both the serious and light-hearted moments. good morning. >> good morning. it was a night of laughs as david letterman ends his final broadcast. president obama entered the sullivan theater for his third and final time while in office. president obama addressed the relationship between law enforcement and community members. >> in which too many communities don't have all relationship of trust with police. if you just have a handful of police who are not doing the right thing, that makes the job tough for all the other police officers out there. >> you believe that race
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relations in this country are better stronger. >> i think that they are better. my kids and your kids are growing up in an era in america where it's hopeful. >> reporter: but the sit-down was. all that serious. >> i know you like michelle more than me. >> reporter: the pair talked about what they'd like do in their upcoming retirement. >> what will you do when you retire as president? >> i thought you and i could play dominos. >> dominos. and i plan to teach law at columbia. >> i'd be interested in sitting in on that class. └> reporter: the 44th president thanked the comedy legend for his 33-year career on late-night tv. >> knowing you've been there to give us a little bit of joy, a little bit of laughter it has meant so much.
7:18 am
you know you're part of all of us. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> you've given up great gift and we love you. >> letterman's final broadcast will be on may 20th. >> that's extraordinary. >> yes. the two of them together. that would be fun to see david letterman and president obama playing dominos. >> or david teaching law at columbia even more. >> you're right. stephen curry's most important basketball player. he teared up. he was most thankful in thanking his dad, a 16-year member of the nba. >> pops, you're a true professional on and off the court, and to be able to follow in your footsteps, it means a lot to me. this is special. i'm really proud of what you were able to do in your career.
7:19 am
i don't take that for granted at all. >> wow. >> when stephen curry graduated from clomg, you could see that. >> i like it when fathers and sons show emotion like that. 27-year-old curry beat out lebron james for the mvp honors so that's a big, big deal. congratulations to the curry family. a gym owner who runs military stile boot camps has lied about his service. ahead how that's adding
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places. the ntsb said too many planes are landing at the wrong airport. >> ahead, air traffic control mistakes threatening lives in
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in hawaii a spectacular explosion. it caused a fiery blast of smoke and lava. it overflowed several times over the weekend. it's been active since march 2008. spectacular picture. >> indeed. welcome back to "cbs this morning." veterans are calling a gym owner a fraud. he counts his military past as part of his business. they say he lied about his service. a new focus group targets what voters want in the crowded field of presidential hopefuls. frank luntz shares the results and whether they view hillary clinton as a threat.
7:31 am
the jury in the movie theater movie trial saw an interview with james holmes. the admitted gunman with. a 6-year-old was the youngest victim to die. holmes has pleaded not guilty by reasons of insanity. the 2012 attack killed 12 people and wounded 70. new york's "daily news" remembers a new york city police officer who was killed in the line of duty. 25-year-old brian mooar died after being shot in the head by a gunman with a long criminal record. hundreds paired their respects as he was carried from the hospital. the suspect will be charged with murder. the ntsb is taking steps to prevent planes from landing at the wrong airport.
7:32 am
it happened in areas where airports were miles within each other. in 2013 a cargo plane landed at the wrong airport in kansas and temporarily got stuck. >> that's a strange story. >> how does that happen. they need to work that out. that's scary stuff. >> talk with somebody before you land. >> i'm coming down. and "the new york times" -- >> is this den very or not? >> is this denver or aspen? "the new york times" says panera bread is dropping add tevs from its foods. this is by the end of next year. this is in a move toward simplicity and transparency. among the ingredients being moved, artificial smoke flavor and caramel color. this morning in california a man who built his life and career around the professional service in marines is under
7:33 am
fire. gregory allen is accused of fabricating his record. why some veterans find the allegations so painful. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. the marines call themselves the few and the proud it's obviously an elite group. that's why some are calling his alleged actions unforgivable. this is gregory allen. for decades he's run a boot camp-style gym. he also says he's a retired marine corps lieutenant honored with a purple star. the watchdog community revealed something else. he never served in the marines. >> i felt away straight up guy. >> reporter: military veteran john sammons knew allen for
7:34 am
nearly a decade. >> i did my own due diligence. i found, in fact he was a fraud. i suppose you could say it was a shock. >> new documents show allen enlisted in the navy in 1968 but was discharged after eight months because of a knee injury. there's no evidence he ever served in the marines. allen told cbs affiliate kpix that he's sorry if he hurt anything but did not admit any guilt. still he has many supporters in this affluent marin county neighborhood. >> he's stellar, gets kids really for boot camp. >> one man who didn't want to be disclosed said he helped people day and night, ran an elderly program and ran troops to send supplies overseas. but his good actions do not
7:35 am
outweigh his alleged lies. >> one of the medals he wears is the bronze czar with a combat "v." i wear one that i earned. to me that is offensive. it stole my valor. >> the stolen valor act was passed in 2013 to prosecute fraudulent claims. the site's ceo says allen is a prime candidate. >> he took money based on false claims hfrmts he disrespected a lost people when he accepted the title of machines. >> he has not been charged but if he's prosecutinged and convicted he could face fines and prison. but, again, he's not yet
7:36 am
convicted. >> it's painful to see veterans to say, look it's offensive to me. especially if they were in combat on the field. len battle. what they want what they really, really want in 2016. >> a candidate who you agree with on the issues. who says issues? who says defeated hillary clinton? so we're essentially tied. >> why is it? >> those voters answer the question next on "cbs this morning." if you're leaving us heading the work errands to run, you can set your dvr so you don't have to watch "cbs this morning." >> you don't want to miss it. >> why did i say that. so you don't have to miss it. thank you, norah. there is a difference. so you don't have to miss "cbs this morning." you can watch us any time you feel like it. we'll be right back. i wanted to put the odds in my favor.
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we reported earlier that former arkansas governor mike huckabee will launch a second bid for the white house this morning. frank luntz gathered a group of new hampshire voters and independents. he talked about the expanding republican field and what it will take to beat hillary clinton. >> a gentleman who doesn't get much attention in new hampshire and yet he won the 2008 iowa caucuses, mike huckabee. back phrases, how do you describe him. >> don't know him. >> graceful. >> radio personality. >> quiet. >> too quiet. >> you talk about him as pattern. what about as a candidate? >> i think he's the anti-thesis of chris christie. chris christie is bombastic and argumentative and he'll get in your face where mike huckabee is way the other way. i'm not sure we need an extreme
7:42 am
in either direction for the next president. >> i think his time has come and gone. >> he reminds me of a vegetables. they're good for you but you don't want to eat them. >> you've been holding that. >> i believe the democrats did a great job of winning over the youth and the inspiration that was barack obama at the beginning is something that i think the republican party need goes was on. >> we have the perfect opportunity for it. if hillary is going to be the candidate, they have the -- what they used to complain about us they have it now. we need to get the other one and maybe we can win. >> there are two fundamental competing differences, a candidate who can defeat hillary clinton who's a likely democratic nominee or a candidate who agrees on the issue. who says issues. who says defeat hillary clinton. so essentially we're tied. why do you want to defeat
7:43 am
hillary clinton. why is that enough for you? >> to me i look at obama or version three. i think we've had enough of this for eight years. we need new ideas. >> i think it's important to vote for candidate you agree with on the issues so you can vote for someone rather than voting against somebody. >> supreme court. >> why? >> well they're getting older. they're going need to be replaced. do i really want a democratic candidate, a president like hillary clinton to be appointing the next two or three supreme court justices? >> they're getting older? they've always been older. >> for the ideals i vote in the primaries. for the general election i'm going to vote for the one. >> i think i'm on the side who votes for the other person, i vote for the person nobody knows. this time i feel it's detrimental if we don't win this one more sore.
7:44 am
>> frank luntz is with us from london. good morning. >> good morning. >> the question is do they want someone they agree with or someone that can win? >> the thing is they actually want both but i believe when push comes to shove, in new hampshire they're going to choose the person who can defeat hillary clinton. in iowa, i think they're going to choose the person they agree with the most. that's the untold story that the very first story is very electric. i was more conservative more socially aware, more focused on those types of issues. so what you heard there with new hampshire voters is the desire to make a change the desire to ensure that a republican is the next president. >> if they wanted to defeat hillary clinton, who would they choose? >> i wish i could tell. six week ago, eight weeks ago i talked about scott walker being a very effective candidate. i'm going to launch a new name for you now.
7:45 am
that's marco rubio. since his announcements he's been doing better. and charlie, one of the things you have to know is these national polls are not indicative of what's happening in the first few states. the national numbers are telling you about name i.d. i only care about new hampshire and south carolina and over the last few weeks it's been marco rubio who's been gaining. >> if you look they say marco rubio is the most widely acceptable republican candidate among likely republican primary voters. >> and what we have found -- i'm going to give you two points to look at. who's everybody's second choice. you can't become a first up till you're a second. the second is ratio of positive to negative and both have the highest ratio. some are 6:1 and 7:1. no one has that kind of popularity which means that kind over the next couple of weeks or
7:46 am
months. >> today is mike huckabee's day. what are his chances? >> he double do as welg in new hampshire because thai they're economic conservatives rather than social conservatives. you can't count him out. he did an incredible job in 2008 surprising people but he's not a front-runner at this point because he tends to do so much better among the conservative aspect. >> frank luntz from london. thank you. >> thank you. >> bold-faced names on parade. inside the stylish gala or ball la as you prefer. it's become a hot ticket for celebrities. plus a wedding crasher lifts spirit. the airborne interruption that
7:47 am
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a dramatic rescue interrupted a couple's oceanside wedding in california. they were about to exchange vows saturday on malibu beach when helicopters swept in. family and friends cheered as los angeles county firefighters saved a climber who was stuck on a cliff. after the rescue the ceremony did continue and later the climber returned the apologize to the couple but they just laughed it off saying you didn't need to bring a gift because he's already made their day so unforgettable. very nice. >> all is safe. the newest british princess has a name. why order is everything for charlotte elizabeth diana. >> pretty name. >> isn't nightce name? >> she covered all the bases.
7:52 am
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it is tuesday, may 5th 2015 otherwise known as cinco day myayo. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we'll take you inside last night's met gala. first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the fbi investigators have been investigating him since abeiout ght years ago. >> one of the shooters we talked to his mother. she told us she couldn't believe this is where her son'sif le would end. >> a baltimore crowd appeared yesterday during a tense situatwiion poth lice. >> the relatives' testimony had such an impact on tsarnaev he was seen wiping away tears for the first time since the trial began. >> president obama visited the
8:01 am
sullivan theater for the third and final time while he's in office. >> the main reason i came by is to say bye to vince and paul. >> former governor mike huckabee has declared he is running for president again. >> he reminds me of vegetables. theygo're orod f you but you don't want to eat them. >> i look at him as obama, term three. i think we've had enough of this for eight years. >> isn't it true you're retiring, ed? >> yes. half of that is right, harry. >> that's a good call. i can tell you're losing a little mustard off the heater. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by walgreens. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. isis this morning is claiminging responsibility for the attack on the dallas area that targeted an art exhibition showing pictures
8:02 am
of the prophet mao hamds. the police killed the gunmen. they share and apartment in phoenix. >> they started tracking one of them, elton simpson, in 2006. the mother of the other told cbs news she just cannot believe this attack happened. >> i tried to warn him, please be very careful who you get involved with at the mosque. he wasn't a violent person. he's not a violent person. i'm thankful he did not kill anybody. and i don't blame the policeman that shot and killed him. he was just doing his job. >> that poor mother to say. the isis statement issued the morning threatens more attacks in the future. manny pacquiao faces a fine or suspension this morning for failing to disclose a shoulder injury. the champion lost to floyd mayweather on saturday. the day before he checked no asking if he had a shoulder injury. he'll have surgery later this
8:03 am
week to repair a tattered rotator cuff. they're investigating. >> many are celebrating the name of the new british royal. charlotte elizabeth diana is the name of the newborn. they chos her name carefully with a nod to family history. mark phillips is at buckingham palace. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well royals don't just give their baby a name. they give them lists of names. what's in charlotte elizabeth diana? lots apparently. there is a preability of a baby. the lions screech, and the band n this case they play stevie wonder. and then for the royal lovely t last part of the ritual. the name game. the speculation starts even before the kid is born.
8:04 am
robert hartman, royal writer. >> we haven't heard of a front line of princess for 65 years. who knows. i tried to stick my neck out and say elizabeth will be in the mix somewhere. >> reporter: good call. charlotte elizabeth diana. there's no mystery where elizabeth comes from. there hasn't been a charlotte since george iii, queen charlotte, the american heiress aristocrat who married in 1861. the name had gone out of fab and now it's back with connection to the baby's grandfather, prince charles, charlotte being the female version of the name and to the baby's aunt pippa middleton, it's her middle name. so there's a connectio tno both families. and there's no mystery. william's mother remain as popular figure almost 18 years
8:05 am
after her death but her legacy is still controversial and means it was never going to be the first name says royal watcher roya nikkhah. >> i think the feeling is it would have been too much had she been princess diana. i think they felt it would have loomed to much. >> but still a resurgence of the popular family owes great deal to diana's memory and diana's children and to now what would have been her grandchild. >> in some ways the fairy tale ended with diana's life and now it's like this has resurrected a new beautiful happy ending. >> amazingly or maybe not charlotte was among the favorites who say the bookies had to pay out the millions. another happy ending. >> you know what mark? we love a happy ending. i think they picked the perfect
8:06 am
name because it touches all of the bases. >> we always celebrate a healthy baby. >> beyonce and jay z show what it's like to be fashionably late. they made it worth the wait. they display
8:07 am
the crowd funds kickstarter helped r aise$1.5 billion in six years. not everyone has a success story. ahead what happens when projects fail. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:08 am
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8:12 am
perfect song for that story. the red carpet for the metropolitan museum of arts annual fund-raiser attracted the hottest celebrities and the trendiestns. vladimir duty nay of our digital network cbsn is here with what made it a coveted ticket. good morning. >> good morning. they raised money for the art institute. dig below the surface you find movie stars, busy titans and the fashions of all things chic. the met ball has become synonymous with springtime in new york. movie stars, musicians, power couples, and business titans all took their turn on the red carpet. the dresses were elegant and elaborate. so elaborate it took a team of people to help pop singer rihanna and her zroort train navigate the red carpet. sarah jessica parker, a symbol
8:13 am
of bold fashion choices topped her look with a headdress fit for royalty. >> what are you wearing? you're looking fabulous. >> jade. my jade is my -- >> this is the best people-watching night of the year. new york last. anywhere. this is a lot of fun. >> reporter: at the center of it all is voeg entore in chief anna wintour who also co-chairs the event. it presents some pairs and unlikely duos. >> she's an inspiration, a talent, just a voice and a vision and someone i've respected and loved. >> for 100 years. >> it's cher. >> with groups of celebrities gathering on the red carpet at once it took some planning and coordination to really make an entrance. and around 10:30 p.m. 2 1/2 hours after the red carpet
8:14 am
officially closed music royalty, jay z and beyonce gave new meaning to the phrase "fashionably late." the tardy entrance was forgiven by those following online. this year's theme celebrates china's influence on western fashion. it was evident in the head pieces, shiling, and xinhua za reworn be those at the gala. the curator. >> china, our imagination, china is mythical and fantastical. >> reporter: over 1,000 pieces of clothing are on display inside the museum. the film director is the artistic director. >> this show is about the culture of play between the east and west in cinema, fashion, and art. >> reporter: as the world of fashion and hollywood keep
8:15 am
getting close eric boldfaced names will continue to pay homage to the met ball. >> it's great. it's fun. >> reporter: since anna wintour began hosting the gala the event has raised more than $145 million for the mets costume institute with attendees shelling out $25,000 for an individual ticket. >> i love watching a pretty dress. did you have a favorite? >> i thought rihanna was outstanding. it sort of reminded me of keeping in theme with a dragon dance, a lion dance with the long train. >> i thought hers was the most fun but i thought amal clooney's was very dramatic and gorgeous. >> and george clooney. he is as dashing as he appears on screen. he's fantastic. >> there's a lot in the papers this morning how the mayor and his wife did not attend backlash over that since this is supporting the met museum which
8:16 am
is a cultural sort of iconic place. >> and the former mayor did. >> that's right. apparently they're not into the society thing as much. >> helen mirren looked great too. >> i was talking to holy potts. she was so beautiful. she loves "cbs this morning." she was so gorgeous and i count keep my train of thought. carly carly karlie kloss. i couldn't keep my focus. >> anything goes. >> thank you, vlad. all right, from that to this your guacamole may be in danger on this cinco de mayo. how the drones are helping to save the country's industry from a threat. you're watching "cbs this morning." if your bladder is calling the shots ... you may have a medical condition called overactive bladder ... ...or oab
8:17 am
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8:20 am
. in six years the crowd funds platform kickstarter has helped raise $1.5 billion for new ideas. on the pebbletime smart watch. michelle miller takes us inside the kickstarter process including how some ideas get kicked to the curb. michelle, good morning. >> good morning. that's right. it's the internet dream somebody has come know and love. someone invepts a product,
8:21 am
launches a kickstarter campaign and goes on to raise millions of dollars. sometimes those dreams never materialize even after the money rolls in. >> you get money and the validation that the idea is something people want. >> when jamie simmon pulled the plug on the pop charger in 2012. those who helped raise $120 million were outraged. >> we were shocked how mad they were even though they gave their money back. they didn't want their money back. they wanted the product. >> reporter: this high-speed camera trigger raised over $425,000 but admitted failure following 17 months of manufacturing complications. the developers behind the video game dissolved their partnership with backers after a two-year
8:22 am
struggle to deliver. kickstarter co-founder and ceo yancy strickler. >> i think the creator has a responsibility for what they said they wanted to do. >> kickstarter bears no responsibility in ensuring that that happens? >> i assure our responsibility of putting all the steps in up front. >> reporter: those steps include a clear opprosition, a delivery date. in a six-year history kickstarter has successfully funded some 884,000 products and raised more than $46 billion. fashion, fragrant rancefragrance, and 36. >> i pretty much grew up homeless. >> it's a small piece of what it does for people. >> reporter: he teaches entrepreneurship at the university of pennsylvania and has publicing studies on crowd
8:23 am
funding. were the studies surprising to you? >> yeah. when you look at it, you expect maybe three out of four or ten survive but i'm finding 90% survive. >> reporter: as for the other 10%, many of those projects stumble with production. when the smartphone control fix light bulb hit the marketplace in 2013 backers blasted for not representing the pitch. still it became a top seller on amazon. >> you're creating something new. the overwhelm majority of the time it will be a great and you'll have a lot of fun. sometimes that won't be the case. know that going in. >> something else be patient. >> the more money you make, the more money you ask for, the less likely you're going to deliver on time and the more delays. >> over 75% of it don't meet the shipping date goal. ryan grepper brought a prototype
8:24 am
of the coolest cooler to "cbs this morning." >> when can you get one? >> february is when we're looking at. >> february has come and gone so we asked grepper for an update. >> we're scheduled in july that as for jamie, he's found success with a new product. >> introducing ring the world's most advanced doorbell. >> that's what it's supposed to be funding someone's dream, but dreams don't always work out. the second time he launched his doorbell from funds raised on his own website. >> i invested in that cooler while it was on the program. i think i meade neat my patience. thank you, michelle. a former
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour the mysterious disease threatening florida's avocado industry. for the first time farmers are fighting back thanks to training dogs and new technology. plus the spotlight on revenge porn. a why more states are cracking down and why these cases can raise freedom of speech issues. that is ahead. right now time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the new york times" says food righter joshua ozersky died yesterday. he had a love for meat. he wrote several books including "the hamburger." he was on our show in november
8:31 am
to talk about the united states of drenking. no details were raised about his cause of death. the "los angeles times" says it went. he mistakenly received $75 for $75,000 winning ticket in an effort to do the right thing the store manager reached out to find the man. lottery officials were forced to reveal the sting operation yesterday. men and women are surprisingly very similar. just 3% both share their number of sexual partners after the first date. some fear that the figures may be too high or too low. there's one major difference between the sexes. men average about 14 average partners during their lifetime and women average around.
8:32 am
women are more likely. >> do those number seem to be about right for guys? >> i'm thinking. charlie? charlie? charlie says look i only have ten fingers and ten toes. >> no. charlie says i'm not going there. >> everybody knows i've been married for a very long time. >> do share, norah, do share. >> all right. no surrender this morning for sofia vergara. she broke her silence monday in her fight with ex-fiance nick lobe. he argued why he wanted them brought out. she told howard stern she didn't read the articles and she won't give in. >> i'm not going through anything. i wouldn't imagine anyone saying it's sane to bring to the world, you know kids that are all right set up everything wrong for them you know.
8:33 am
it would be so selfish. there's law. you signed papers legal papers. if it were so serious for him, which i totally respect it for someone, then you should have taken it more serious at the time like i did. >> vergara is now engaged to actor joe manganiello. did i say that? >> it works. >> nice looking man. >> so is she and so does nick. everybody looks good. >> so is howard. >> and robin too. nfl's germane conditioningham has been charged with violating the law. cunningham is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman joins us to break down the case. what does it mean for the national effort to punish revenge important offenders. hi, rikki. i've never even heard of this
8:34 am
phrase "revenge porn." >> well revenge porn has really become a new phrase and it's really important. new jersey where cunningham is being prosecuted has one of the oldest laws. it dates back to 2003. there are now 17 states that have laws ten more that are looking at it and there's good reason for it. as i often say law needs to catch up with technology. what we have by virtue of cell phones and computers and tablets is the ability to take or receive a nude foelt that is sexually explicit. it gets posted without the victim's consent and them it is done with malice. what happens is you have a domestic dispute, jilted lover. men are the victims but also women. what they don't think about these cases is she had that photo in her phone, she shouldn't have taken that photo.
8:35 am
the truth is it's what we used to say about sexual assault. it's this whole thick about blaming the victim. this could ruin someone's life. >> what kind of punishments might he receive? >> invasion of privacy and by the way there was also a gun that was confiscated in his car. for the invasion of privacy or revenge upon law it could be a punishment up to three to five years. this is not an insignificant offense. he's the most well known in the celebrity status of revenge porn to date. i think it's important. i think we need to look at this. i think we cannot condone this kind of conduct because you might not be able to get a job later on. your children might see such a photo.- once it goes, it goes to family or friends and the government says how do we know what the
8:36 am
family and friends do with it. how do you ever get it back. >> this is the thing. if i took a picture of charlie, say, as long as i got permission, it would be okay. >> yes, as long as you got permission. not to take the photo but to post the photo. >> you would never do anything vengeful. how common is it? >> it's starting to get more common. i know this has done you in for the morning, charlie. the reality is -- >> it is serious. >> when you get to convictions, what we're seeing now when the feds have gone forward in these pigeonholes is that more and more people who share or post also go to those websites shut those websites down. >> an important morning. rikky klieman, change you so
8:37 am
much. on cinco de mayo you can expect diamondback a moly to flow in res straumtss but a disease threatens nearly half a billion industry. that's causing researchers to use extreme measures. drones and dogs. vicente arenas is in an avocado row outside of ma'am fending off tl air. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. this avocado grower said one day his trees mysteriously started dying and then he discovered they had a disease that had to be kun down like this one. there was no way to tell they were sick until it was too late. the hunt for the deadly fungus begins in the air. a drone scans a seemingly healthy ash kago grove and in just minutes the camera spots trees in trouble. trees indicated in yellow or red may be infected by a fungus
8:38 am
carried by the ambrosia beetle that carries the laura wilt. >> what they're going to do is cover more area for us and pinpoint the area that might have the disease. >> once the drone has narrowed the search area the dogs get to work. the fungus spreads to a tree's interior and is invisibility to the human eye. but the smell is inescape tobl the sensitive noses of these trains dogs. they check every tree and sit when the disease is detected. >> what went through your mind when you saw that the dogs were so effective? >> amazing. this was such a difficult thing for them to do is sniff out fungus inside of a tree. it's not like drugs inside smn's pocket. >> reporter: laura wilt has killed an estimated 6,000 trees
8:39 am
in florida in the last seven years. the state is the second large ef producer in the station a $64 million injury now at risk. >> what's one of your biggest concerns with this fungus? >> it hits the tree amtd's quick. it doesn't take long. once it shows the symptoms it's over. >> the fungus moves fast. in just a couple of weeks a farmer's lush green ave kago growth can turn into a field of devastation like this. the dogs and droins enable growers to'd fie infected trees before they start showing symptoms. farmers can treat them and surrounding trees with an i.v. fun ga side so they don't infect the rest of the grove. it was his idea to use dogs to ferret out the fungus. >> by early detection with the dogs, we think we can do an
8:40 am
early treatment sim la to cancer. if you can do an early detection of cancer we can save the patient and we believe we can do the same thing with trees. >> reporter: scientists are now working on a plan to train other dogs to detect laura wilt around the world. what would it mean to lose awe of your groves? >> we've got a lot of memories here. i can remember mowing and harvesting with my dad and my grandkids. it would be a personal loss. >> reporter: scientists are hoping to stop the disease here in florida. their concern is that it will spread to california. this country is the largest groer. they hope to make it through the season. gayle? >> i don't want a world without
8:41 am
avocados. >> i love avocados. absolutely love avocados. >> make sure they stay. thank you very much. going out
8:42 am
8:43 am
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can i have a table for dinner? >> how many? >> i'm alone. >> alone? [ silence ] how funny is that? some of us might feel like steve martin when we go out by ourselves. anxiety might affect more than you think. why many are afraid to go out alone. the fear of judgment by strangers plays a big part but the report also says those who go solo enjoy their time out just as much as they would with a friend. rebecca rattner, co-author of the study. rebecca, good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> the first thing gayle said to me is would you go to the movies by yourself. >> norah said yes. i wouldn't. i feel like steve martin. i feel like people are looking at me like oh poor thing, she
8:46 am
doesn't have any friends. bother you. you feel comfortable going out alone. >> i think it helps if you're reasonably well known. >> rebecca, charlie is very modest. that's the first thing you should know about him. >> i did go out to a restaurant one by myself. i took a book. i pretended to read something and the waiter sate your book is upsidedown. >> that's right. >> fear is what keeps people from going out alone. >> yes. we've talked to people in the u.s. had responses from inya and china, this seems to be a pretty universal thing, which is amazing to me that people are afraid of going to do an activity alone, a fun activity, and other people thinking they don't have any friends. >> and the truth is? >> the truth is research on the
8:47 am
spotlight effect shows that people pay less attention to us than we think. >> i have a very good friend of mine who has a chef and rather than -- he'll sometimes go to a dinner alone and take a book because he enjoys his own company and he likes to read and he likes to eat early. >> right. >> did you find there are some activities people are oklahoma doing okay doing thing ace loan versus doing together? >> going to the grocery store, the cleaners no one cares if they're going by themselves. if you do an activity that's fun, go to theater, a movie, a parade coming three the town if you're by yourself people are afraid other people are going to be thing that they're basically a loser. >> let me correct the record because this is not about ego. when people come over to you, they say hello. they feel that you're accessible.
8:48 am
>> actually research shows that even for lay people who are not well known, people enjoy interacting with strangers more than their friends. so there's a lot of reason to think if you out to do an activity even if you don't bring a friend with you, you may make -- >> you feel it's a stigma to be alone. >> yes. >> you can start the evening alone but you don't have to end up alone. >> exactly. you're definitely not going to meet people a staying home. >> is it more common with men than women or win than men? >> we don't find any overwhelming difference. not surprising men are more comfortable going to the bar alone. >> wouldn't go to the ball alone. >> right. >> quickly you're a business professor. what can businesses learn from this. >> yeah. i this i where part of this inhicks comes from, that solo
8:49 am
consumer that the companies are not going be very welcoming. we've probably had a point where you say table for one and they give you a fresh fallen look like they're so sorry for us. if companies could be more welcoming, this is a hard thing that people go along. recognizing this is a gutsy think. >> thank you so much. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." let's say this is your tv. and these are the channels you pay for with cable.
8:50 am
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that was a fun show. that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the cbs evening news with scott pelley tonight. log in and watch our digital news network by visiting
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>> she tried to cut off her husband's penis with a pair of scissors. >> the scissors that were used were bigger than this! [ audience oohs ] >> after pleading guilty she got no jail time. >> should virginia be in jail? >> hundreds of tumorce cover her body. every doctor said: nothing can be done about it. until now. what did the biopsy show. >> bruce jenner's wrongful death laught, details -- lawsuit, details. >> and how the avengers are helping to fight welcome to the doctors. we with have quite a day today. one of the bigger shows we have ever done. let's get into it with the first news story. that may make


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