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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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to waldorf. everything is pushing off to the south and east. heavy rain in quantico and stafford. heavy rain also on the east side of 95 and east side of u.s. one pushing to fair view beach. and this storm headed to hill top. we'll move further north and heavy rain around tyson and fairfax andburg and old town and good rains in tyson. up to 70 moderate rain to gettersburg. we have moderate to heavy rain and also just to the east of rockville north of silver spring. we'll track these all night. the good news is they won't be here until midnight. they may leave something in the wake to affect your morning
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commute tomorrow. and we'll talk about that. and we are following breaking news out of charlottesville where jesse matthew could pay the ultimate price if convicted of killing hannah graham. what went down peggy? >> reporter: i can tell you this. the attorney says they have new forensic evidence that lets them charge jesse matthew with capital murder. matthew is accused of killing hannah graham the 18-year-old university student from fairfax county. he is still charged with first- degree murder and attempt to dee file. and he's also charged with capital murder and abduction. hannah graham's parents were in the courtroom today. their daughter disappeared in september after a night out with friends. her remains were found two weeks later in albemarle
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county. >> someone pointed out earlier these are never easy decisions. if i didn't believe that the case were worthy of a capital charge if i didn't believe that mr. matthew were someone that would be appropriate for this ultimate penalty we wouldn't be standing here having this conversation. >> i'll be satisfied if this particular predator never is able to hurt anyone again. that was always my intent was to save the next girl. unfortunately, we couldn't save hannah graham. >> reporter: you were just listening to jill harrington, the mother of morgan harrington. this is video of jesse matthew's family who do not want to talk about the capital murder charge placed against their son and they were not happy with being photographed by news cameras outside of court. going back to jill harrington,
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she is the mother of morgan harrington, a virginia tech student up here in charlottesville in 2009 attending a concert. jesse matthew is a suspect in the morgan harrington case but has not been charged. jill harrington sitting in the same seat with the graham's today. and she spoke out. the grahams do not want to talk to the media. they were escorted out. and cameras could not follow them. jesse matthew is charged in a rape case in fairfax and he'll go to trial in fairfax on that case next month. i'm peggy fox reporting live in charlottesville. >> d.c. doesn't have to look to baltimore for how to stop a riot. it was 24 years ago to the day after a cinco de mayo celebration that d.c. police and latinos clashed in the
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mount pleasant riots. we have a report -- and bruce, what does the mayor tell you? >> reporter: the mayor has a lot to say. she says there are lessons to be learned from baltimore and we have our own lessons from mount pleasant. right now it's one of the most colorful diverse neighborhoods and it wasn't always this way. the riots started after a female african-american cop shoots a drunken salvadoran man. he pulled a knife and friends say he was trying to pull a belt off. two days of rioting followed. fast ford. >> are these your boys and girls. >> reporter: d.c. police learned valuable lessons from the disturbances. >> we believe that we've worked over decades to build trust between the community and our
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police department. >> reporter: the mayor supports moves made by baltimore's mayor. and she agrees with bringing charges. >> she has access to all of the information and she was elected by the people of baltimore. and i understand she ran on a platform of holding people accountable. >> warm weather puts people on the streets. d.c. police chief -- zero policing damages relations in poor communities. >> we don't measure our success on arrests like a lot of police departments do. we measure our success on less crime and less arrests. >> reporter: it's important to keep young people busy at the temperatures rise. the mayor wants to put them to work. 23,000 have signed up for summer jobs. the program is named after marion barry. she wants to include 24-year-
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olds. >> we have a thousand young people 22 to 24 years old signed up for their first job opportunities. we want to get them in the pipeline and touch them and put them on the pathway to opportunity in the city. >> reporter: mary -- introduced a number of pieces of legislation. right now as you hold your arms stiff as a police officer is trying to arrest you, you could be charged with assault on a police officer. same if you hold a door. you could be charged with a misdemeanor. that could land you six months in jail. she wants more transparency in community police relations. >> and more jobs because we can see what happens when opportunities and jobs seem to pass certain segments of the community. and the mayor is getting some
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restance to adding funds to hire the 24-year-olds for temporary summer jobs. the new u.s. attorney general, loretta lynch, traveled to baltimore today. and after a meeting with freddie gray's family, there was call for enforcement. >> reporter: lynch did not say exactly what she intends to do. she kept the comments reserved and that didn't stop people from projecting a lot of their desires and attaching thoughts to the reason for her visit. a lot of people think the d.o.j. should be engaged with forcing reform in baltimore's police department and across the country. >> that's moments after meeting the family of freddie gray. students at the university of baltimore are setting the bar high for the u.s. department of
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justice. >> the first important statement as attorney general has to be to address baltimore. >> she has the ability to create accountability across the country. >> reporter: hopes are high that the d.o.j. will ultimately launch an investigation into the patterns and practices of the department just as it did in ferguson. elijah cummings is predicting police reform will save money. >> you wouldn't be spending $6 million to settle suits. >> reporter: the d.o -- the gray family attorney, billy murphy. >> we must change the culture of policing not only in baltimore, in the state, but across the country. that is as much a problem as any other. >> when it comes to reform in a
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police department, senator barbara mikulski says at the end of the door it's money that talks. she called for manipulating the purse strings and making the d.o.j. insist that police departments train officers in civil rights and dealing with people with mental health before the d.o.j. gives any of the grants for things like body armor and armored vehicles and police overtime. if the d.o.j. does that they'll get results. reporting live in baltimore, scott broom, wusa 9. >> lynch was sworn in the day that rioting erupted in baltimore last monday. coming up turmoil on the turnpike, what led up to a tanker crash and what happened
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>> medics rushed the driver of this burning gasoline tanker to the hot with severe burns. the crash happened around 2:00 on the new jersey turnpike 30 miles south of new york city. it's believed the truck flipped on its side as the driver hit a curve on an exit ramp. no one else was hurt but there were widespread delays. isis claims responsibility for the attack at the cartoon contest. and it warns of more attacks to come on u.s. soil.
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>> and we're hearing from the mother of one of the two men shot and killed. nadir soofi and elton simpson were killed. >> he's an intelligent kid. but to be convinced to do something like this is beyond me. >> she's thankful that her son didn't kill anyone. she does not fault the officer who shot and killed him. that officer was just doing his job. a new report paints a grim picture of life in syria. civilians are trapped in ferocious fighting. amnesty international says there are deaths everywhere and forces on both sides are responsible for human rights abuses and war crimes. >> muslim women have been banned from wearing a full face
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vail in public in one country. it's to prevent acts of terror i feel. they can only wear it at home and in places of worship but not in public. it's home to 800,000 muslims in a population of 6 million people. . you are looking at 800 pounds of cocaine discovered at an aldi market in germany. authorities say the cocaine is 80% pure with a street value of $21 million. police have not made any arrests at this point. storms are moving in and topper is up next
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all right. how much longer are we going to have to deal with the storms? >> probably until 10:00 or 11:00. and after the storms go away we may see fog in the wake of the storms after midnight and before dawn tomorrow. if you pick up a shower tonight you'll likely have fog tomorrow
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morning. we're looking at the river right now. a boat on the river. and it's been showering in town. showering at nashville. 75 so they dropped 7 degrees because of the shower. winds gusty at 21. and humidity keeps rising. here is the radar. last hour, pretty impressive area of showers and thunderstorms. essentially from montgomery county through the town and back 95 and i-66. not quite -- all the way to manassas. a shower is pushing off to the east. silver spring has heavy activity. and old town has heavy activity. and everything is pushing off to the east, southeast. we have a lot of heavy rain surrounding the district. heading out 50 you'll get heavy downpours towards buoy and well before annapolis.
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we have heavy rain on the west side and the east side. and this is going to be heavy rain for the next hour to hour and a half. it's going to move southeast right through the ballpark in the next few minutes in terms of the heavy rain. headed to good hope as we get into 6:27 and we're not done with the heavy rain inside the metro. if you're north of town towards hagerstown and frederick, you're probably okay to fire up the grill. bus stop temperature 59 to 72. could be fog though in the morning. mainly afternoon showers and storms tomorrow. so the bulk of the day you can plan outdoor activities and a few showers, less of a chance. and neither day is warranted of a yellow alert just yet. we get in the morning hours and all the activity pushes south. and there'll be showers at 10:00 or 11:00 straddling i-95. by 6:00 temperatures in the 60s
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with breaks in the clouds. 69 in frederick and 70 in leesburg. almost a june night, feels more like june in terms of the numbers. by 1:00 tomorrow, a couple of showers and temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. and by and large, the heaviest activities will be confined to the mountains and i-85. and some of them will drift eastward tomorrow. showers are possible in manassas and leesburg and fairfax. notice more green than yellows and red. and by 11:00 tomorrow night showers and storms possible towards hagerstown and to the west of manassas with temperatures mild in the 60s. tonight showers and storms ending around midnight. areas of fog and low temperatures 58 to 66. and southwest winds become northeast winds at 10:00 after midnight. on the day planner, it's dry.
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66 to start and 77 by 11:00. 72 is the average high and we pass that at 9 a.m. 82 despite the clouds and showers. leftover showers on thursday, 78. warm finish on friday. and 84 on friday. next seven days, nats in town friday, saturday and sunday. you can watch it here on nine if you can't get to the ballpark. not a washout. we'll be dancing around a couple. a couple of showers on monday and tuesday. mid-80s on monday and upper 80s by tuesday. >> what is that word i hear? d.c. rising? >> the capitals got the victory and tonight the wizards turn. coming up we talk about the contributions of the veteran paul p
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>> now wusa 9 news game on sports. wrought to you by xfinity. after taking game one in atlanta, the washington wizards became the first team in washington history to win four straight on the road. it's giving them an early advantage and tonight they look to build on that more. john wall will play tonight despite suffering injuries in game one. wall has a swollen left wrist. the contributions will be key as will that of paul pierce. pierce earning his keep and money averaging 16 points, shooting 54% in the five post season games. >> we'll continue to be
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aggressive when the opportunity presents itself. that's what my team needs. that third link besides john and bradley. >> the thing about it. we have so many guys who can score. our office is just easy. it makes us -- we don't have to think a lot. it's-- coach gives us freed to just play basketball. >> history is on the wizards' side when they win the first game of the series. the hawks on the other hand are trailing -- 6-12 in game two. tip-off is 8:00 tonight and we'll have a complete recap at 11:00. the rangers game was the edge of your seat excitement we've come to expect and want from playoff hockey. feeding off the crowd. they beat new york and took a 2- 1 series lead. there was plenty that went
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right and all the players gave credit to the young net minder. 30 saves in all in the shutout victory. players say it's his play on the ice that boosts the confidence of the team. >> just a fantastic goaltender, very calm and composed. just a big leader on the back end for us. great teammate and a lot of fun. >> it's a lot easier to do that when we're playing so well. not too many chances were there. i can just focus on my job and we're doing that and it's easier for everyone and we're more successful that way. >> and game four tomorrow night at the verizon center. here's the reminder to vote in the game of the week. text the game you want and we'll highlight the winner friday night. this is the mascot for the austrian soccer team.
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and it was apparently super leo's birthday and he went out to celebrate beforehand. and stumbled onto the pitch and tried to take a nap there. first off, who knew there were mascots in soccer. hello? >> i love the outfit but he's super drunk. >> super drunk. >> that's probably not a birthday he wants to remember. >> he won't. [ laughter ] >> sadly, no one else will forget it. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> and i'll be back with you only local news at 7:00. see you then.
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>> pelley: tonight investigators tell us the texas terror two of thousands they are now tracking in the united states, and in phoenix, we've learned more about the men behind the assault. a cbs news investigation has found that taxpayers are spending billions of dollars on dubious drugs for wounded warriors. as a silicon valley legend is remembered, his tragic death exposes a danger in the gym. and don't trust your eyes-- one of these works of art is actually a cbs news correspondent. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we've learned that both gunmen in sunday's texas terror assault were being


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