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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 5, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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the death penalty now on the table. what happened in court today for the man suspected of killing hannah graham. >> the brand-new u.s. attorney general in baltimore today. coming up, paul's here to have the u.s. department of justice force the city police department here to reform. >> why was a teenager suspected in an attack in montgomery county out of jail and able to allegedly attack another man on a metro escalator. we'll have some answers coming up. but first at 7, it is looking dark and spooky out there. don't be scared. it's just some thunderstorms rolling through the metro. >> some spots could see heavy
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downpours. >> we have some good news. the heavy activity has just about passed. this heavy activity is on the east side of 95. heavy activity down into charles county. nothing severe but plenty of heavy downpours. the red and yellow and oranges are heavier rainfall. this is pretty good rainfall. almost an inch an hour. good news is it won't stay over an hour. it's moving off to the south and the east. queen ann is getting heavy rain. we're going to zoom in here. there's green but that's light rain. all the heavy rain is off to the east. if all things go according to plan, we'll be in pretty good shape.
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i think the heavy activity is now passed. i we'll talk about how these could affect your morning commute. today the commonwealth filed capital murder charges against defendant jesse matthew and announced they are seeking the death penalty. what led to the change? >> reporter: denise lunsford says they have new forensic evidence that allows them to bring a capital murder charge which will allow them to seek the death penalty in the abduction and murder of hannah graham. graham was a second-year uva student from fairfax county. he is charged with first degree murder and abduction, but today he was charged with capital murder and could receive the death penalty. >> the commonwealth received additional forensic information in late february that led to
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this increase in charge. >> reporter: hannah graham's parents were in the courtroom today sitting with jill harrigton. her daughter was also abducted and killed in 2009. matthews is a suspect in that case but has not been charged. >> whatever the court decides, i'm in full accord and agreement. >> reporter: matthew will be in fairfax next month to face trial june 8th on charges of attempted murder and sexual assault in an unrelated 2005 case. dna from that case connected him to the harrington. the judge dismissed him and appointed him two death penalty certified public defenders. >> matthews' next hearing will be in june to decide whether the judge should step down. she is the mother of a second- year student at uva. she said her daughter did not
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know or have any contact with hannah graham. new charges for a police officer and youth minister. accused of sexual assault and now he faces child porn charges. prosecutors say theyhave several explicit photos he took of a 16-year-old girl. he snapped the pictures inside the southeast church where he was her pastor. a girl says he sexually assaulted her at the church as well. no bond. a d.c. judge today ordered the suspect in a metro attack last week held in jail. why was he out in the first place? police arrested 19-year-old smith nearly a year ago in an assault on a local actor. >> reporter: prosecutors in montgomery county say they simply did not have enough evidence tieing elijah smith to that earlier attack. he pleaded guilty to a theft charge and was out on
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probation. less than a year on the attack on frank britain, smith argued with a 69-year-old man on the eastern ma rketmetro station escalator. they say smith spit on the man and then punched him e, and then a third time knocking him out and nearly sending him tumbling down the escalator. the teen appeared calm, smiling, almost cocky in court in handcuffs and leg irons. his girlfriend was in the d.c. courtroom with her child to support him. >> he's accused of this. they suggested he beat up somebody else too in montgomery county. >> reporter: prosecutors say that smith has admitted to at least some of the attack at the metro escalator. >> the actor says four men
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attacked him a year ago. no one but smith has faced charges in the case. baltimore residents aren't marching in the streets anymore, but new attorney general visited with the mayor and lawmakers and community leaders to hear what everyone had to say and what the justice department can do for the city now. >> baltimore has come to symbolize a lot of the issues involving police and community mistrust that plague so many of our cities. what i have heard here today is how all the people of baltimore, every group i have mentioned and certainly everyone who i was privileged to meet is committed to making that better. and by that, i mean both community and police alike. >> so far, lynch has not said exactly what the doj will do in baltimore, but there are lawmakers calling for big changes. >> reporter: there were calls today with the u.s. attorney general's visit to have the
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department of justice force the city police to reform. >> they see it as a national issue. >> reporter: congressman cummings calling on the department of justice to investigate the baltimore city police, uncover civil rights abuses in their patterns and practices, same as the doj did in ferguson. >> the relationship between police and community is a civil rights issue of this generation. >> reporter: the doj has opened an investigation into freddie gray's death. charges against officers are possible but senator mckulskey says it should go further. >> the broken window policy of policing has resulted in broken trust. >> she has the ability to create accountability all across the country. starting in baltimore, using her power to prosecute and hold
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officers accountable goes across the nation. they know the federal government is watching and is federal government isn't going to standby while this stuff happens. >> and the obama administration is dispatching the secretaries of education and labor to baltimore in the coming days. it was 24 years ago today that this riot broke out in d.c.s predominantly latino community of mt. pleasant. an officer shot and wounded a drunk man who said he thought he had a knife. cultural diversity transparency and putting people back to work are important. >> we work every day to make sure that we're transparent and that we investigate, that people know if there are any
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instances of wrong doing that they're fully investigated. >> the mayor says 23,000 young people have signed up for summer jobs and for the first time ever, it includes a thousand young adults up to the age of 24. a woman in her early 30s facing assault charges. police say she used her truck to ram a police cruiser and run him off the road. according to the cops, witnesses saw her speed in front of another vehicle to ram that cruiser and then stayed ton vehicle, kept pushing it as it spun off the road. the officer fired some shots but didn't hit the woman or anyone else. police say witnesses did help the officer arrest the suspect. she's now facing first and second degree assault on a law enforcement officer. a former fbi agent accused of assaulting a police officer failed to appear in federal court this afternoon. charging documents reveal davis made violent threats at the
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agency last thursday and claimed she wanted to die of police brutality. davis was so combative she was in no condition to be brought to the court hearing. she's posted disturbing rants on facebook against police, the president, and the fbi whom she says determined she was bi- polar. >> i'm a former special agent with the fbi. this is what my mug shot looked like when they arrested me a few years ago. i'm going to run for the president of the united states. >> she was an fbi agent from 2004-2010. the judge ordered her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and treatment for at least 30 days. her next court date is set for june 16th. lawmakers have written a letter calling on the congress to keep the flight traffic the same at reagan national. the previous bills passed by congress have allowed flight traffic to grow so much that
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the operations have become overburdened and threaten to attack the balance. powerful testimony from a woman who survived the colorado theater shooting. hear what she remembers most from that terrifying day. plus, we have never seen a bank robber with one of these. next, the object this man had while he stole cash from a local bank. you're watching wusa 9 and your only local news at 7.
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new tonight at 7, d.c. police and the fbi want your help to find this bank robber. this fellow walked into the wells fargo on connecticut avenue around noon today. he was carrying a gun and an oxygen tank. he's got that oxygen tube right under his nose there.
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he also has a mustache and a goatee. recognize him? maybe even the oxygen hose? call your local police. there's a $5000 reward. a newlywed woman today says a scene inside a colorado theater sounded like a war movie. she took the stand to testify in the trial against james holmes. she told her husband she loved him because she didn't think they'd survive. this is what she remembers most from that horrific trip to the movies. >> i remember looking at my hand, and it was completely covered in blood. we got to the bottom of the stairs and had to step over a man. i don't know if he was dead, but we had to step over him. we turned to go back down the hallway, stepped over a magazine and shells, ammunition. the walls were smeared with so much blood.
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>> holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. his lawyers say he committed the crime but has schizophrenia and did not know right from wrong. 12 people were killed. an islamic state group claims it was behind the attack in texas. take a listen to the audio statement played on isis radio station today. >> and we say to america the defender of the cross what's coming will be even worse. >> this is the first time the terror group's claimed responsibility for an attack on american soil. the fbi is investigating the claim. police say the two gunmen drove from phoenix and they heard a security guard before police shot and killed both of them. isis hailed them as heros. it's not clear if they had any clear connection with the group or if they were merely inspired
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by it. led by a course of bag pipes, catholics honor those who serve and protect us in a special mass today. it included pipe and drum core units. all walking under that huge american flag, which was held by a couple of ladder trucks. today's so called blue mass was an opportunity to pray for and remember those who serve. a massive fire on a busy turnpike. next, what fueled this huge plume of smoke. showers and storms beginning to move out of parts of the metro area. we'll show you the radar and everything is essentially east of i-95. tracking showers. we'll come back and talk about that and also talk about how many
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a truck driver is in critical condition tonight after a massive fire in new jersey. take a look at that big plume of thick, black smoke rising above the new jersey turnpike. a tanker truck carrying gas overturned and burst into flames. firefighters have put out all the flames by now. the other guy from hope, arkansas is now in the presidential race. this will be the republican's second shot for the white
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house. >> we were promised hope, but it was just talk. and now we need the kind of change that really could get america from hope to higher ground. >> immigration's also a big part of the huckabee pitch calling on the united states to take control of our borders. he is the third republican in just two days to add his name to the list of gop hopefuls. this is a yellow alert day. >> the storms are starting to wind down for tonight. now you're tracking some more? >> i think we'll see a pattern. afternoon storms the next few days. you can plan some stuff during the daytime. the good news is nothing severe tonight. some of the storms do have heavy downpours, most of which now are east of i-95.
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it's down to 71. we went 85 today for a high. we'll let you know how we did on our three-degree guarantee at 11. winds picked up at about 13. light showers reported. heavy activity east. you see the reds and yellows and oranges. second little band of showers we talked about just before the break to the west of warrentown, those are going to move southeastward. the main threat here will be some heavy downpours. the east, heavy rains from upper marlboro south, some heavy rain out 50 east. heavy rain as you go into annapolis and point south. this is heavy rain coming down
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301. again, nothing severe. just heavy downpours. we're looking at the heaviest rain just to if north west of waldorff. all the activity moving off to the south and the east. this whole area will move through calvert county at about 7:44. yellow alert continues tonight for thunderstorms. i think everything will wind down in terms of heavy activity. bus top temperatures, 59-72. a little bit of fog possible. mainly afternoon showers again tomorrow and just a few showers possible on thursday. not enough to make you change your plans and not worthy of a yellow alert. futurecast has a couple of showers. breaks in the clouds and very mild. temperatures mid-60s to around
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70. for the most part, dry in the morning, a little bit of fog to start. by 8:30 we're still dry. not the widespread activity we had today. 72 by 9:00 o'clock. 77 by 11:00. some showers on thursday. 84, dry. next seven days, some showers and storms on saturday and sunday for mom. not a wash out, but you may be dodging some storms if you're trying to do a cook out. some storms on monday and tuesday. 85 on monday and 88 on "the boys are back in town" by thin lizzy southwest is having a sale
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that's all for our news at 7:00. we'll be back at 11. >> have a great evening, everybody.
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beyonce, j-lo and kim's met gala fashions was it too much skin? >> we have documented so much from the moment bruce explained what was going on. you do that yourself? >> yes. >>. >> is girl time with bruce just for ratings. # >> this is way past fashionably late. >> the beyonce's tardy met gala arrival. >> i'm riding your coat tails. and our fashion best and worse. >> tell me now. >> then -- >> i go in my closet and just cry. >> melissa rivers painful decision to say goodbye to her mom joan. >> once they removed the ventilator, i got into the bed with her and held her. >> so hope open, so honest, and so candid.


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