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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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this latest move by the mayor only adds to the mistrust and also the suspicion with police officers. >> the little girl on the front porch has a very distinct jersey on. >> reporter: this body camera shows a reenactment of a domestic dispute. >> i know i'm abusing those medicine meds. -- meds. >> reporter: she said having to redact and blur video can be too time consuming. >> it can take 17 hours to fully redact a four minute video. >> that is not an excuse to have this blanket prohibition against releasing these documents. >> reporter: that is the chairman not alone in his disappointment of the
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government wanting to deny all freedom of information act requests. >> then there needs to be some sort of legislation that allows the public to have access. >> video editing technology is so readily available at low cost or free that mpd will be marched pressed to assert it does not have access to the very same technology that we all do in some rudimentary way. >> reporter: some argue there needs to be a middle ground, respect for privacy while balancing the need for transparency. >> if there aren't very clear legislated guidelines to who has access in which situations, basically what we are doing is just giving police another tool to surveil communities. >> reporter: to date metropolitan police has denied all requests of the freedom of information act under this pilot program and it's been months and many people argue that this really defeats the purpose, especially under the climate to have these body
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cameras on police officers. >> if the public can't see it, is it public? thank you very much. mayor bowser proposed a budget of $5.1 million to outfit all metropolitan patrol officers with body cameras. traffic on i-95 south back to normal following a bizarre bus fire this afternoon. the driver of that greyhound bus noticed smoke from the baggage area. he pulls over and gets all the passengers out. then they open the luggage compartment and found a stow- away inside. he has suffered life threatening injuries. a vigil is underway tonight for d.c. fire lieutenant kevin mcrae at the same scene where he died. ellison barber joins us now live from northwest where people are gathering. >> reporter: the vigil started a little after 5:00. we got here and there were about four people. it's grown as you can see behind me. they just released balloons in the air about 15 minutes ago.
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it seems to be finishing up now. this was organized by the cadet class of 2016 and 2017. those are a lot of the people in navy blue shirts. lieutenant mcrae was an instructor at the fire department cadet program almost a year. this was the last group that he taught before he went back into full firefighter operation. the woman whose apartment burned here just spoke to the group. we saw lieutenant mcrae's son light a candle. if you look at a lot of the signs here, they say light bulb on it. one person said lieutenant mcrae was called light bulb because he was always happy and had a bright idea. >> as you just heard, family and friends of lieutenant mcrae do remember him as a hero, but so do a few other folks, some who met him minutes before he died. a woman said mcrae saved her family and she is forever
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grateful. >> reporter: most of us hope our final act on this earth would make a difference, that our last impression on others would be one of selflessness, but that is rarely the case except for lieutenant kevin mcrae. >> d.c. lost a hero today. >> reporter: mcrae was a firefighter with d.c.'s engine 6. wednesday he made it out of a fire in the shaw neighborhood high rise, he made it out but collapsed an hour later and he was dead. mcrae made a lasting impression on this woman who lived in that high rise with her son and sister jessica. as they were leaving her sister had an asthma attack. mcrae helped get them to safety and in an ambulance. >> my heart goes out to his family because i'm sure when they got up this morning and said bye, daddy, that was going to be the last good-bye to their father. >> reporter: she said her family is now safe thanks to
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mcrae. >> yeah. i'm very grateful to him because i wouldn't have my son and jessica. >> reporter: mckee and her family were displaced by the fire and lost everything. she said when she gets back on her feet, she plans to do something for the family. she has a message for them. >> keep strong because your father was a good man helping to save lives. >> reporter: mcrae leaves behind a wife, three children and his mother. feminist groups and students filed a title 9 federal complaint against the university of mary washington. the complaint alleges that the university condoned a sexually hostile campus environment by permitting ongoing gender based stalking and cyber assaults of feminists united. three weeks ago grace mann, a member of that organization, was killed in our off campus home. friends say she had been targeted with rape on the
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social media site yik yak. >> i know she had been mentioned by name on yik yak and was scared as i am and angrily as i am. most of all i know she was disappointed in her school for failing to protect her just as i am disappointed in umw for failing to protect me. >> the women say they asked the president of the university to block yik yak and he refused. he had no comment today. the united states is doing a terrible job countering the propaganda spewed on social media by islamic groups by isis, this according to experts who testified in the senate today. >> repi'm scott broom in washington where isis is now using its social media capabilities to make threats against virginia and maryland. the latest threats in a message to crusaders, claims that maryland and virginia are on a target list for an upcoming six month terror campaign claiming
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it has 16 operatives in 15 states. 23 of whom are like a par of men -- pair of men who carried out an attack in garland, texas, so-called homegrown lone wolves without any actual face to face contact with isis organizers. that's the power of social media experts warned about today on capitol hill. >> we're getting creamed on social media, not just by isis, but also by russia, iran and syria. >> the amount of people who have been drawn to the syria iraq theater is greater already than it was during the afghan soviet war in term of the numbers of foreign fighters that have come. social media plays a big part in that. >> reporter: there are as many as 46,000 twitter accounts linked to isis. the u.s. is countering with barely a handful of sites that are not widely followed. in washington scott broom, wusa9. >> there have been 40 terrorism-
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related arrests in this country in just the last eight months. coming up, laughing through childbirth? how this gas is making labor almost a breeze for some moms. >> but first molotov cocktails and bullets line 1 neighborhood and right now police on the hunt trying to find out who did it and why. >> a c evening, doppler radar quiet. let me show you futurecast, a little snapshot in time. about 10:30 tonight, 69 in gaithersburg, 70 in leesburg, 71 downtown, mid-60s in manassas and generally clea
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frightening video out of miami, home surveillance cameras are rolling as somebody climbs from a car and tosses a molotov cocktail at a woman's home. seconds later we see flashes of gunfire. then that video shows three cars driving away from the scene. the very same day gunfire and ed of another molotov cocktail -- evidence of another molotov cocktail, a second home 4 miles away. fortunately no one was hurt. tonight a man in virginia beach is locked up on charges of robbing a bank, but this was no ordinary bank robber. >> he must have been proud of the crime because he posted the whole thing on social media. dominic alvin secca was
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arrested monday minutes after the holdup. he admits he used instagram to post the holdup note he later gave to the teller. it says to the bank listen, just give me a minute so i can get away before you call police. then he possed two videos -- posted two videos, one of them handing the note to the teller and the other of the tell are handing him the -- teller handing him the money. alvin says since the teller gave him the money, he didn't actually rob the bank. >> if i robbed the bank, basically she helped me, then. we both should go together. she could have said no and i could have left. >> reporter: would you have left? >> of course. what was i going to do? >> i didn't have a gun. i didn't have anything. i even waited my turn. they called me up and i handed them the note. >> he's got a point. he didn't have a gun. >> right. alvin secca has a date with a judge next month. we'll see if that person buys
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that whole caper. it will be one of those nights that's great to sleep with the windows open if you don't
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a special treat for some of
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the children in a hospital in south carolina, window washers were dressed up as ironman, batman, spider-man. patients watched as the heroes walked out onto the roof and waved to kids below. pregnancy is no laughing matter and in most situations labor hurts. >> yes, but as andrea roane shows us, a staple in the dentist's office could take the edge off labor and delivery. >> reporter: margaret, who is this in your arms? >> this is rose elizabeth. >> reporter: 2-month-old rose elizabeth is margaret's fourth child and third baby delivered at a birthing center. her first child was safely born in a hospital, but she felt the environment just too intrusive. >> finding a lot of pressure to have intervention. >> reporter: having a really natural birth experience brought her to special beginnings birth and women's center in arnold, one of two birthing facilities in maryland and the only one to offer nitrous oxide, laughing gas, to help women power through contractions. >> labor can be long and
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difficult, but this gives them an opportunity to get through the rest of their labor without having to be transferred to the hospital. they feel more relaxed and they're disassociated from the pain. they're like okay, yeah, i'm there, but okay. >> reporter: a birthing team including a registered nurse and certified coach are standing by with the mom who is in full control of her own pain management. about six hours into her eight hours of labor margaret self- administered laughing gas. >> you take a deep breath, get kind of drowsy. your eyes flutter as your mask falls off, so you smell the gas. the woman is not getting unconscious or having negative effects. >> reporter: laughing gas poses no danger to the baby. >> i still had pain, but it helped me manage it more and took the edge off. >> reporter: nitrous oxide is widely used in the rest of the world, but fell from favor in the u.s. in the when epidural c sections became more popular. it's making a comeback now
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because of the approval to administer laughing gas. >> good for those women who want to tough it outful laughing gas is not for every woman. those on certain made indications and those who don't have good lung capacity are not the best candidates for this method of natural birth. >> i was thinking laughing gas for news anchors. >> you might start something there. a little helium tube. >> you don't need laughing gas. all we need to do is tell the day's news, provide the knowledge. >> she's killing the fun. >> there's a shock. shall we do the 3-degree? >> why not? >> we have a southeast wind. the ocean is kind of cool and the bay is cool. we went for a high of 80 today and had dense fog this morning that burned off quickly. we'll give you the high tonight at 11:00 and let you know how we did. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, gorgeous, 79,
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perfect for a jog, bike ride, walk. pretty soon we'll be saying it's too hot, winds south at 9. headlines, quiet tonight, most of the showers well west. they're in the mountains and very light, no boomers tonight. bus stop temperatures 56 to 68, dry, a wee bit cool in morning. the weekend will be warm. there will be a few afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms, a bit higher chance of thunderstorms on mother's day. you can plan things outside, be prepared to duck in for about 45 minutes. if you're worried about norms over the weekend, download our app that has futurecast on it in case you're trying to grill out dinner. 10:00 take a walk, no worries, upper 60s, low 70s. by morning 50s, 57 in la plata,
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59 in fredericksburg, 60s elsewhere. by 9:00 right around 70 with sunshine. by 12:30, 1:00, perfect day to eat lunch outside, upper 70s and a few clouds mixing with sunshine, low 80s tomorrow at 5:30 maybe 82, partly cloudy skies. tomorrow night 9:00 nice, low to mid-70s, a few clouds, a slight chance of a shower late tomorrow night. you will have taken care of your outdoor activities by then. satellite picture, tropical satellite. normally we look at the area down here, but it's still early in the season. we'll zoom into this area off the southeast coach. right now it's subtropical. european model had it staying out to sea, but now it's moving back to the west, which the american models have had all week. that could give us a little better chance of showers and storms over the weekend. we'll watch this system off the southeast coach, probably stays
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subtropical. it will still give us an enhanced chance for showers and thunderstorms going into sunday. this is 3:00 sunday, plume of moisture. not a washout, but a few showers and storms possible for mom. 64 on the day planner to start, 7 at 9:00, 76 at 7:00, 80 at 1:00 with sunshine. very nice on saturday, 83, slight chance of an isolated shower or storm, better chance on sunday, also 83. next seven days the best chance is monday with showers and storms in the mid-80s, upper 80s tuesday, sunshine, mid- to upper 70s wednesday and thursday. the weather is nice, but i'm depressed, man. >> just when things are getting better. >> i'm usually the one that says hold onto hope. >> wizards keeping their eye on the prize right now. they'll have to do it without the assist of their all-star
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point guard, no. not possible. we're the settles! when we go on vacation, it's hard to find, like, those little activities that are kind of fun and educational. i think with williamsburg, you have all of that educational part rolled into the fun. it's already here.
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this is probably the most fun i've had all summer.
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪
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helping protect that world takes state farm. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> just when things are looking up for the washington wizards they received a big blow today. john wall's future in the postseason is in question. x-rays revealed five nondisplaced fractures in his left hand and wrist. wall hurt his left hand and wrist in this fall in game one against the atlanta hawks. he finished the game but sat
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out game two when the swelling and pain was too much for him. a nondisplaced fracture refers to the way that a bone breaks. typically it is a clean break and requires an x-ray to diagnose. wall and the team are meeting with doctors to determine the best course of action and his status for the rest of the series is in doubt. ed reed was disruptive for sing offenses in the nfl. when quarterbacks lined up at the line of scrimmage, they had to be on the lookout for no. 20. now one of the best defensive players in nfl history decided to call it a career. after 12 seasons ed reed officially retired. the former ravens safety announced his retirement today at owings mills. general manager ozzie newsome signed reed to a one day contract. reed played 12 seasons, 11 with the ravens and finished ranked sixth in the nfl in interceptions and memorable plays and he was just as good in the community as he was on the field. i caught up with no.
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20 after hi to see how he came to this final decision. >> i felt it in my spirit and not knowing what was going on, you know, just like it's time for you to go home. it's time for you to be in baltimore more, you know, than what you've been in the past year because of free agency and all that being gone, you know. i just felt like it was time. the washington capitals put themselves in a good position heading into tomorrow's game in the big apple up 3-1 over new york. they have the chance to end the series with a victory. diane roberts has more from kettler iceplex. >> reporter: the last time the capitals were in the playoffs they lost a seven-game series to rangers. they would love to close it out in five friday night at the garden. >> it's our goal. i think everybody knows that and we know it's going to be a tough task. we know what we're up against, who we're playing, what type of
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team they are. we're going to stick to what got us here so far. >> for us we just want to keep moving forward. we believe in our game. we believe in our team. we just want to go in and all you want toes do players is have your best effort. >> reporter: washington hasn't seen its way out of the 2nd round in 20 plus years. they are poised to do just that friday in new york. >> puck drops tomorrow at 7:00. they can close it out. >> rocking the red. that's our broadcast. >> that's right. the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan jeffcoat for your only local news at 7:00. have a great evening, folks! listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out
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>> pelley: one dead, many injures after at least 50 tornadoes, and there is more rough weather on the way. also tonight, tom brady fires back at claims of cheating in championship. lumber liquidators dumps chinese imports after "60 minutes" finds flooring with chemicals that can cause cancer. and american orphans of war on a journey to find their long-lost families. >> pelley: the twisters twisters came one after another, dozens strafed tornado alley in the southern plains last night. texas, oklahoma, kansas, and nebraska were in the crosshairs. some


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