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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 8, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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baltimore police officers call for change as the department of justice announces it is launching a probe into the department. prince george's county police no strangers to the department of justice oversight. coming up, results of reform in this county. and why baltimore should be interested. we are tracking tropical storm ana. we'll talking about where she goes and what that means to our weekend forecast and the all- important mother's day forecast. armada soars over the national mall in commemoration of victory in europe. tonight at 7:00, six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie
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gray want the charges dropped or the state's attorney to step aside from the case. >> lawmakers filed that motion tonight. either way the department of justice launched a federal investigation into the baltimore police department. loretta lynch will check to see if there is a pattern of violations in the department. >> we'll seek a court enforcement agreement to address the issues. >> federal authorities are conducting a separate civil rights investigation in gray's death. department of justice will review that. it is expected to take several months. today baltimore's fraternal order of police said it welcomed the investigation but suggested looking into baltimore city mayor blake. statement referenced the ferguson police department and
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the department of justice included a review of that city's government from the top down and they think the same is needed in baltimore. fed's spent nearly a decade helping county officers turn around their image and their crime stats. >> reporter: i'm prince george's county bureau chief. this is a county no stranger to department of justice oversite of the police department. like the kind that's coming to baltimore now. outcome here undeniable improvements. >> aggressive. >> reporter: prince george's county police between 1990 and '99 had among the highest police shooting rates in the nation. federal investigation and oversite lasted nine years. one turning point, a dog handler prosecuted by the fed's on a civil rights violation for setting her police dog on an unarmed homeless man not resisting. she got ten years. since then more officers caught and prosecuted. last week officer jerry thomas
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was convicted for punching a handcuffed teen. the case brought to prosecutors by the police department itself. >> it helped me pick the police chief i have today. >> reporter: since federal oversight was lifted in prince george's county in 2009 police fatal shooting rate has plummeted and so has crime. down 40% since 2010. in prince george's county scott broom wusa 9. >> county executive and montgomery county executive spent the day in baltimore urging d.c. residents to help the city recover by visiting the city's museums, the inner harbor and other attractions. subtropical storm ana is brewing off the southeast coast. >> i think we'll be okay. i think it will stay to our south until monday night. it could enhance our showers
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sunday. it will meander off the south carolina and north carolina coast. it is 170-miles east southeast of myrtle beach. it is subtropical. most heavy activity is offshore. it will move into the north and northwest making landfall saturday or sunday. winds are not a factor. 50 mile-per-hour winds saturday by 2:00. sunday 2:00 40 miles per hour winds. then it turns north and west. it is south of norfolk 4:00 on monday. nothing to worry about until monday night. it might throw a shower or way. it is a real mess along the carolina coast. we have tropical storm warnings in effect for south carolina and north carolina. it is crazy but we have tropical storm warnings, severe weather tomorrow and snow in the rockies all seasons combined. 8:00 tomorrow morning on future cast a couple showers possible. unrelated to ana. temperatures in the 60s. we'll take you through the weekend when we turn. >> thank you topper. threats from isis has all
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u.s. military bases on high alert. the change is not due to a specific threat. but the overall threat after the attack in garland, texas and social media chatter. it means heightened security at bases and insulations. guards may ask for two form of i.d. quanticowhich is the only town in america completely surrounded by a military base people are used to increased security. >> security issues arise or inclement weather disasters, the base has purview to limit or control the access. they do card and i.d. check on everyone coming to town. >> chairman of the house homeland security committee say there are extremists living in the u.s. only a small number are under active surveillance. prosecutors are asking a judge to give a disgraced
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georgetown rabbi a sentence of 17 years. he admitted he had secretly recorded dozens of women over the years as they undressed in the changing room of the jewish ritual synagogue in georgetown. the sentencing is next friday. dozens of his victims will be there. prince george's county public school system says as a result of a fight that took place yesterday several high school students have been charged with assault and disruption of school activities. some students have been suspended. investigation is still underway. extra security was on hand today at fairmont heights. we are told the school will have extra security in place next week. it is a weekend in jail for the teen charged with punching a man at the eastern market metro station. this morning a judge said eli smith could be released with an ankle bracelet and curfew. attack was caught on camera. smith was accused of knocking out a man three times his age.
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he falls all the way down the escalator. the victim told us he is back to riding metro. a good update tonight on the missing howard university student. today police and rangers found lance buckley in maryland. they say he is doing fine. earlier today officials released pictures of buckley using an atm from howard university earlier in the week. 33-year-old is a father of two, including a newborn. has supposed to graduate from howard tomorrow. in d.c. we remembered victory in europe with a flyover bein world war ii aircraft. >> thousands of people turned out to cheer on the national mall. >> reporter: i'll bruce at the world war ii memorial. there are some days you realize it is fantastic to be a washingtonian.
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this was one of those days. planes rolled in the order they rolled in the war. first came the trainers. >> it is wonderful. >> reporter: then the fighters and the big bombers. >> spectacular! >> reporter: captain jerry yellen flew 19 bomber missions over japan. >> it is rather important for the younger generation to know what we did. that's why i'm here. >> reporter: seaman david was down below. >> it was nice to know you had help coming. >> reporter: when one plane pulled out of the missing man formation, it was a chance for the nation to remember all the good people lost to war. with enough maintenance seems like the old war birds can keep flying forever. old vets cannot. we are losing them at a rate of 13,000 a month. we have to listen while we still can. at the world war ii memorial
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wusa 9. >> scale of sacrifice during world war ii is hard to comprehend. 476,000 troops died. kur test diver had to make an emergency landing reagan international airport. the other two planes continued their flight. nobody was hurt. classics and new additions to the most popular baby names list. we have the top ten. plus, a baby stops breathing in a local parking lot. luckily there was a cop nearby. heroic efforts he took to save that child's life. secret service begins work
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it could be up to a year
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before we know what caused a plane to crash on an interstate. the pilot landed short he after taking off. all four people on board were killed. no one on the road was hurt. it caused major backups for several hours today. this could be a rough weekend for folks in the plain states. there is threat of more bad weather. it could bring more tornadoes, huge hail and damaging winds. this, as residents try to clean up as dozens of tornadoes hit the area earlier this week. a lawmaker is hoping to make change after a drone strike mistakingly killed a hostage. we are calling on a new position to help families of hostages abroad. >> we are not doing as good of a job as we can as a nation. our relationships with other count rip and intelligence
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assets and resource on the ground, we are not doing all the things we should do to find these people. i want one person dedicated to developing a strategy. >> that's a tiny part of our conversation. hear the rest of it sunday at 8:30 on wusa 9. can they do it again? which's what fans are wondering as the team close out a series against the new york rangers. they help the rangers to a goal or less in three games. a win tonight will advance capitals to an eastern conference finals for the first time in 17 years. if you are itching to get out of town. b.w.i. has an interesting destination. great evening. with the warm air, we have a pollen problem. high now again for trees.
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high for grasses. moderate for mold spores. speaking of flowers, we say don't plant flowers until mother's day. you are safe from frost now. coming up toni (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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a young boy somehow squeezed in a small piece of luggage in an airport. the 19-year-old woman was trying to smuggle him from morocco into a small spanish territory. his dad was arrested a couple days later trying to cross into the border. the 8-year-old was treated and social services has him now. b.w.i. airport has a new destination today. the first wow air flight from iceland landed at b.w.i. an hour ago. these planes are tough to miss. wow air is a low-fare airline based in iceland. it is offering four nonstop round trip flights to that country every week. looking at the white house tonight you may notice temperature rare changes around 1600 pennsylvania avenue all designed to keep the president and his family safe. >> reporter: i'm at the white
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house where the secret service is beefing up security after profile series of breeches. it happened again and again. brazen individuals who managed the scan the white house fence. starting in july the secret service will do more to keep fence jumpers outs. sharp metal points will be installed on top of the existing fence that surrounds the heavily guarded complex. crews started early today on e street northwest where changes will be made to vehicle check points and officers booths. >> secret service and the national park service are working with other federal agencies to come up with long term solutions. save the life of an infant.
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officer dave reed was directing traffic outside of a busy shopping center when somebody told him there was a woman who seeped like she needed help. he pulled in the parking lot at sears and seen the woman in her car crying. she wasn't alone. she was holding a small baby and the baby did not seem to be moving. >> i did a sternum rub on the chest. i stroked the baby between the shoulder blades and the baby took a deep breathe and the mouth opened. the eyed opened. there was a startled look on the baby faced and it began to cry. you knew we were good. >> police are trying to investigate what went wrong for the young baby. over the next two years you'll probably notice more noahs and little emma's running
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around. >> those were the top two names of babies born last year according to the social security administration. here's a top look at the boys names. james made a return list for the first time in a long time. it was the top name in the 40s and 50s. emma reigned supreme after three years of sofia's role. charlotte made the top ten and that was before the dutchess of cambridge gave that name to her little girl. >> speaking of babies, a friend of men came to me and said yesterday, is jan pregnant? i said jan is so pregnant she is about to not be pregnant. today is jan's last day. for a couple of months. she is coming back. >> lovie will be here. >> you have been a trooper. >> we have to give it to you. you have been going hard. >> thanks to you guys and the viewers for the well wishes.
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we are ready for a safe, happy, little baby. >> do you have a name picked out? >> i do. kenzie. >> i want to be here at 11:00. i don't want to become the news. that's for sure. we are are looking at a great weekend. showers and thunderstorms but not a washout. don't freak out. let's talk about the three- degree guarantee. it will be like june in terms of temperature. today we picked out a high of 83. how did we do? we'll find out tonight at 11:00. live look outside at the weather cam. still 79. relative humidity 47%. here's a satellite and radar combined. tomorrow we have heavy snow, severe weather and tropical weather in the lower 48.
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that doesn't happen too often. these red boxes are tornado watches. we will probably see more of the same tomorrow in oklahoma and kanneh. this is a monster line of showers and thunderstorms pushing through the of oklahoma. off to the carolina coast we go. we have tropical storm warnings along north carolina and south carolina. this is ana subtropical. it will move northwest ward and make landfall over the weekend. it will stay south of us until tuesday morning. a few clouds pushing through the metro area. a very nice evening. a warm and dry friday night. we'll have some morning and afternoon showers tomorrow. they are not going to be confined to the afternoon. nothing heavy. better chance of thunderstorms on sunday for mom. ana will pass south next week, probably early tuesday morning. tonight at 10:00, upper 60s, low 70s with clear to partly cloudy skies. clouds roll back in late tonight. we'll have a couple of showers here and there.
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don't get too hung up on the exact location. the shower might be silver spring or fairfax. temperatures will be mild. a couple light showers in the morning. by 11:30 to 12:00 a couple showers possible. we are in the 70s. 5:00 we'll make low 80s tomorrow despite partly cloudy skies and a wave of showers. 10:00 great shape. upper 60s and low 70s. a repeat performance overnight tomorrow. showers could arrive into sunday morning. temperatures around 70. 66 to start. maybe a sprinkle. 69 at 9:00. 74 at 11:00. 77 and a shower at 1:00. better chance for storms for mom. 85 but not a washout. 87 on monday. probably our best chance for showers and thunderstorms. next seven days warm on tuesday. upper 80s. we are in the 70s. much cooler. this
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that is going to do it for our news at 7:00. >> we'll leave you with the video of the world war ii planes flying over the national
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is kris jenner the secret mastermind behind the e news special. >> this promo's got kris's fingerprints all over it. >> it was kind of love at first sight. >> some are asking if she picked sweet and emotional scenes to promo the special. >> inside kris' playbook and how the kids are coping. ariana grande and lea michele in a neck brace, i'm first on the screen queen set. this is like crazy. also before mother's day and this is so sweet. gloria estefan's lessons from my mom. i say >> they're bonded in good times and bad. >> i heard gloria estefan is dead. and you have been called the biggest lady's man. >> that guy. >> lady killer.


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