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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  May 9, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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well good morning 7 a.m. saturday morning you're looking live at thousands gather to race for a cure for breast cancer on the national mall. plus developing news overnight the latest on the shooting of an fbi agent and the man they say who did it they call him the long horn bandit. >> weekend weather getting off to a little bit of a dreary start but no worries. it's going to be nice today. a few showers possible on mother's day. >> good morning so glad you are with us it's saturday morning i am mike hydeck. >> i am meteorologist erica grow. a foggy start and misty right on the national mall. >> which is where we will see tens of thousands of people for
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the race for the secure cure and we have great things happening outside so not too bad. >> for the race for the cure it's going to be comfortably cool that's the good news for the race and we have a mostly dry weekend. that's another piece of good news for you. i am keeping a very close eye on what was subtropical storm ana overnight it got upgraded to a tropical storm. we will talk about that later on in the newscast. but right now, let's get started with a look at that day planner. low clouds hanging around right now. a little bit of reduced visibility. the clouds will dissipate as we head towards the noontime hour and temperatures very similar today to what we had yesterday. so the past three days have been in a very similar weather pattern. lunchp time nice and comfortable -- lunchtime nice and comfortable. 78 degrees. winds out of the southeast at 6 miles per hour. high temperatures today up into the low to mid-80s right. now it's 63 degrees in leesburg and frederick and 6 # in gaithersburg as well and 66 right now in both manassas and
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downtown washington. you can see the areas of reduced visibility. inside the beltway we are okay 8 mile visibility in downtown dc but two mile visibility in gaithersburg and down to half mile visibility in culpepper and orange. so that of course could affect you if you are heading out the door super yerl i but -- early but there's no rain on the radar. we will track ana-and if that could -- ana and if that could bring us rain for mother's day. right now thousands of people are gathering on the national mall for the susan g. komen race for the cure. it's a very fun convenient but a very serious -- event but a very serious message. we are more on today's event and how they are trying to fight the devastating disease. good morning surae. >> reporter: good morning a busy morning on the national mall. folks have gathered and you can see how busy it is. families and survivors sufferers are all here to race for a cure. a very important cause because one in 8 women will get breast
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cancer. most recently and angelina jolie shed light on it she had both breasts removed as a preventive measure. mer mother died of the disease and jolie had the mutation which sharply increases the chance to get breast cancer and ovarian cancer. and there is also reason to be worried. breast cancer is the most common among women. it affects 232,000 people annually and you should also do self-exams and contact a doctor if you find a lump and men we can't forget them. they also get breast cancer and a famous man will join me in about 20 minutes who put his muscle behind a great cause hulk hogan yes. wrestle mania will be here in about 20 minutes right now, we are seeing folks gathering here. things getting underway about 7:30. the race starts at 8:00 and we will be here every step of the way. back to you. >> looking forward to seeing
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hulk hogan. that's going to be fun. developing overnight, an fbi officer was shot and rushed to the hospital and the suspect authorities were trying to apprehend then shot himself. >> the fbi s.w.a.t. team memoirs shot in the leg during the incident in littleton colorado late friday night. the shooting happened while authorities were attempting to arrest a bank robberch suspect is -- robber. the suspect is known as the long horn bandit because he always wears a texas long horn hat during robberies. >> agents and task force officers cleared the hotel room and the subject was found deceased. >> long horn bandit was wanted in a series of bank robberies in the denver metro area. the fbi officer is said to be in good condition. security this morning at u.s. military bases continues to be on high alert because of growing concerns about islamicstate of iraq and syria. a pentagon spokesman says that he no specific threatch the increase in security is ordered
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in response to recent attacks in garland texas. and so media chat -- social media chatter. it's the first time bases have been on raised alert since september 11th. police in australia have arrested a 17-year-old accused plotting to detonate three homemade bombs. the teen was arrested friday afternoon in melbourne. the bomb squad rendered the devices safe. last month five awed trailian teens were arrested accused plotting an attack at a veterans day ceremony. parents in maryland will come out to show support for the family known as the free range parents who came to national attention in january as they faced a child protective services neglect investigation for letting their two children walk together home unsupervised from a park. today a maryland free range parenting group will be at the same park. they plan to leave their kids to play as they go about their day.
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a dc man is starting a 28 year prison sentence this morning for the murder of a howard university student. omore sykes was shot and killed during a botched street robbery back in july of 2013. 28-year-old was arrested months later and pled guilty to second degree murder back in february. he said his gun went off by accident while he was pistol whipping him. deiondra samuals pled guilty to the september 2013 death of diaz who was a football player at woodbridge high school and he was killed during a drug sale. georgetown university police arrested a man wanted for a armed robbery on campus. this past wednesday night two people were robbed and robbed a student near the business school and on friday police say the robber was spotted near leavnty ceoner campus so they took him into custody. 7:06. happening today, american university starts graduating the class of 2015.
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the school of public affairs communication and college of arts and scientists will send their grad into the real world. congratulations and coming up here this morning, hulk amania on the national mall hulk hogan -- oh brother the fight against breast cancer and will join us live i can't wait to see him with surae and the big apple bites back. rangers are not done yet in the stanley cup playoffs. capitals have to come back to verizon center if they want to move on to the next round. clear. >> a lot going on this weekend au graduation and howard starts the commencement exercises and maybe you are heading to the nats game and how you will celebrate after commencement. low 8 0á today. we will see that sunshine returning don't let the low clouds in the morning deceive you. we will talk more about tropical storm ana, though, and her track coming up in the i love the taste.
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always watching always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. dc's most accurate. >> feel like i am tracking a box of tissues my family is sniffling because of the pollen outside. >> i am sorry. >> but it's so nice to see sunshine. big events on the national mall this morning. >> yeah as long as you have the tissues handy your allergy meds and it's great that stuff is available over the counter nowadays. when i was a kid i had to get prescriptions. now we can get outside and he joy as we head into tomorrow. the potential for showers increasing but i think we will stay completely dry in the dmv today. let's get started right now with the michael and son weather cam it looks misty at the jefferson memorial. your day planner shows temperatures once again rising into the 80s this afternoon. 69 degrees at 9 and still a little bit of cloud cover lingering but a partly sunny afternoon ahead. 76 at noon and 81 at 5. also
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the winds are going to remain light out of the southeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour just like yesterday. and today, we will be very similar to what we had yesterday. 63 in waldorf and 64 in reston so very consistent temperatures throughout the area. that's going to be the case as well as we head into this afternoon. temperatures not varying very much throughout the metro area. but we are keeping a very close eye on what became tropical storm ana overnight last night. stay tuned for the rest of our broadcast and i will talk about what the differences is between a subtropical system and a tropical system. but this is the forecast track. taking it inland, notice though as it heads inland, the winds diminish dramatically down to 35 miles per hour by early monday morning. which means that by the time this system is grazing us, to the east, we are not going to feel a big impact. in fact, any impact from it will be in the fume of rain many we won't really have to worey about the winds.
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9 newture cast a beautiful afternoon. temperatures into the 80s and a good amount sunshine returning. but clouds will push back in overnight tonight and a few sprinkles and showers possible early tomorrow morning and as we head into the afternoon the potential for few sprinkles and showers increases and notice it's spotty activity. don't cancel your outdoor plans because of this threat for showers. monday though that looks like a day where the threat for showers will be significant enough that make you might want to put -- maybe you might want to put the outdoor plans on hold. for the weekend days we are ingood shat. beautiful -- shape. beautiful today. on sunday a potential for a shower and that's not great news if you want a barbeque with mom but it will be good enough i don't think you should cancel the plan to have any outdoor cookouts. but monday a yellow alert thunderstorms are likely and scattered rain showers. look at temperatures, all the way up near 90 degrees on tuesday before the cold front sweeps through. and cooler and drier air is going to be refreshing as we head into the middle of the workweek. mike back to you.
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>> thanks. the capitals could clinch the spot in the eastern conference finals they will do it on home ice sunday. they tame gabbing 5 in overtime with an electrifying goal. final score, 2-1 the capitals are up 3-2 in the series. game 6 at verizon center sunday, the puck drops at 7. new england patriots quarterback tom brady will be suspended because of the fallout of the deflategate according to the new york daily news. an announcement will be made next week. a report olease-- released wednesday implicated him in the deflation of the footballs in the pay the rots rots victory over the colts. -- patriots victory over the colts. va nurses will valley-- rally to have more hands on care and why are cycles teaking to the streets. we have details in the saturday morning alert. >> reporter: national nurse united will hold rallies this tuesday hoping to urge passage of mandatory minimum nurse to patient ratio legislation and they plan to call for full
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collective barge ining rights for the nurses at federal veterans aid administration of the traveling down 14th street later today you may see a team of cyclisting pedaling for a great cause. the ride dc cycle for a cure is happening today from one to 5 to at 2217, 14th street northwest proceeds for the charity event goes to the leukemia and lymphoma society you can take part in the ride for 30 dollar donation and stick around for snacks and drinks aftrderwas. i am andrea roane. wusa9. such an intriguing story about ebola. for the first time it's discovered in the eyes of a patient months after the virus was gone from his blood. the case concerns the doctor an american physician who caught ebola while in west avenga. he was treated -- africa. he was treated and released and no longer contagious. two months later he developed an inflammation and very high blood pressure in one eye.
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and tests showed that it was ebola in his eye. so do you've runny nose? are you sneezing itching? for a specific reason this year allergy season is called a pollen tsunami. late arrival of spring is being blamed on high pollen count and you can run your finger across the dining room table or look at your car. everything is covered in that green dust. >> grass and pollen levels are at the highest so he far this year and could -- so far this year and could get worse. >> we are seeing both patients who had allergies previously but never have had such severe allergy symptoms as they are spoarnsing now. and we are -- experiencing now and we are seeing patient who is are developing allergies for the very first time. >> now aside from the over-the- counter meds or allergy shots one tip if you are suffering from pollen allergies when you get home take a shower and back your hair because that gets rid of the residual pollen. and as far as the word tsunami there's reason right. >> a because we are getting a
7:16 am
confluence of the tree pollen and grass pollen at the same time. not necessarily here in the immediate metro area, but as you head further to the north it's especially becoming common up there and it's because of that late end to the winter season. so tree pollen is the first thing to happen and then grass pollen that just starts to erup when the sun angle is at the right spot for the grass to start to grow. so what we have this year is a delayed start to the tree pollen season and the typical start of the grass pollen season. so they are coming together at sam time. tree pollen is high right now. but it's way, way down from its peak which was on may 1st so right now actually we have about a 10th of the amount of tree pollen grains in our air that we did at the very peak of the season. just in general the season has been typically bad for us here in dc. we live in a very pollinated area and the worst seasons in recent memory and we are
7:17 am
talking last 20 years in 2009 and 2010 where it was madness. >> so get your over the counter stuff ready. >> get it ready. still ahead, we will take mental illness out of shadows and on to the stage. we want to introduce you to someone taking the effort in front of people and telling her story as well. and later, nick will serve up some safery sweet dishes. don't want to miss this. >> looks like heaven. >> and a good saturday morning to you. i am larry miller. want to let you know for those heading down for the susan g. komen race for the cure metro is open in fact it opened at 5 this morning. the red silver and green lines will be operating on regular intervals but the orange blue and yellow lines will be operating every 18 minutes. we suggest you take public transportation because driving down there is going to be busy. we will so you back here monday morning
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welcome back. it's 7:20 on a saturday morning. i first alert meet joiferlt erica grow. it's 57 -- meteorologist erica grow. it's 57 in winchester. 64 in hagerstown and same at andrews. it's 64 degrees. that early fog is going to burst through for sunshine as we head into the afternoon. high temperatures he very warm once again up to -- temperatures very warm once again up to 84. 84 in martinsburg and 84 in downtown d.c. and 80 at andrews and cooler close to the water. 74 in annapolis but 81 for your
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high in easton. so a nice day today but we might have showers on mother he's day. we will talk about it in the -- mother's day. we will talk about it in the first alert 7-day forecast. talking openly about mental illness and treatment for it is not something that is easy to do for families suffering. our guest found a very creative way to do it and is actually taking the conversation to the stage this is jennifer marshall a cofounder and executive director for this is my brave. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> that's a lig leap. >> it is a very big leap. >> what is this is my brave and whaty did you decide to do it -- why did you decide to do it. >> it's a monolog based theater production for people to tell their story through poetry and music and essay. >> where did the idea come from. >> i decided to do it because i myself live with bipolar disorder and wanted to get people talking openly about mental illness because it's a thank-- its affects everyone in the community and we just need
7:22 am
to make people more aware. >> a lot of people think it's long overdue. if they want to see the production where is it. >> artists. ist fierce spectrum. >> do you tell your story or is it the people you are working with they are telling their tories -- stories. >> we cast 14 people and i told my story last year but this year we wanted to open it up to everyone in the community. the people have auditioned to be a part of the show and incredible musician and poetry and beautiful stories of hope and inspiration. >> you are helping people cannot only find hope andence preying but other -- and inspiration but is there suggestions for treatment or sharing in the moment. >> it's sharing of stories but we have professional mental health organizations on hand for resources so they are partner organizations. >> jennifer marshall this is my brave it's what it's called and where. >> artist fear spectrum theater in rosiland. >> still ahead we have the hulk
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with surae chian hear why he is supporting the race for
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welcome back we are minutes away from the start of the 2015 race for the secure on the -- cure on the national mall. >> we have got wwe hall of famer hulk hogan throwing the muscle behind the cause. our surae chian is standing by live with the hulk. >> reporter: we have the hulkster and we have got the guns hello. >> hello, you know i've been around powerful forces my life but the fact i am around susan g. komen and energy and surae mania getting the word out across the country, i think this is the perfect storm today, we are fighting breast capser and i predict a cure is right around the corner brother i mean sister. >> reporter: everywhere you goes, look at all the people
7:26 am
following. how can you not listen to his message? you are also the grand marshal today's convenient are you running? >> you know i am -- event. are you running? >> i am going to be walking because if i are copy want to beat everybody. i am walking and staying in the middle of the pack but you know what, i was in the survivor tent and those are the real heroes you knowp we talk about heroes -- you know. we talk about heroes andwrestlers being heroes but the real heroes are breast cancer survivors and i am telling you, the end goal the final outcome is to wipe this disease out. >> reporter: tell me why did you put your muscle behind this incredible cause. >> i am on team wwe and the wwe universal trippal a stephanie mcmahon started with susan 4 years ago and i had the opportunity to jump on board and last october i put on the pink brother because i am the spokesperson today for the wwe and that's what this is all about. reaching out serving and helping people. >> reporter: i think we are
7:27 am
showing some arch rival video of you wrestling in the ring. >> we are. you know i got a magic trick. >> reporter: what is that. >> now you see her, now you don't. how about that? >> reporter: i love it. look at these guns. can we have this? >> go ahead tear your shirt off i am ready. 3, 2, 1. oh i am sorry. >> reporter: not going to happen. >> just kidding. >> reporter: we are so glad to have you proud of the event and inspirational cause and we are here on the national mall with. >> had you being hogan and i love you so much for getting the word out. thank you so much for being here to help and what's you going to do when susan g. komen and the wwe wipes out breast cancer just for you brothers. >> beautiful. >> ohings my gosh. >> -- oh, my gosh. >> nice guns. >> brother. >> okay terrific.
7:28 am
thanks. 7:27 now. >> still to come,ed fromy gray's baltimore neighborhood and the problems that those who live there face face day to day. >> and on alearn in the plain states bracing for more wild weather. we will look at the severe storms. >> speaking of storms we could have some storms in our forecast. but not today. thankfully, don't let the cloud cover that's out there right now deceive you. it's low hot hanging cloud cover and fog that's going to break up quickly. if you are heading out to the walk for the animals at bluemont park that supports the arlington animal rescue league, 76 by 11 a.m. and the event wraps up around 80 degrees. a perfect afternoon to be outside.
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good saturday morning 7:30 on alert as the great plain states bration for more severe weather residents are still. [ no audio ] >> thank you so much for joining us saturday morning 7:30. i am mike hydeck. >> i am erica grow. and we will go back out to
7:32 am
surae. not just the susan g komen race for the cure but that's one the bigger one. it's going to be a great day to get outside similar to yesterday and thursday and then the pattern breaks tomorrow. >> when we first started to show the weather cameras we saw haze over the city and you say. >> it's going to burn off by 10 a.m. and we are done with that and we will see the sunshine really returning this afternoon. let's start off with a look outside like mike said it does look misty out there. and when mike and i were on the weather terrace about 10 minutes ago, we felt a couple of the toonie drops of mist. but that's because of a lot of low level moisture in the atmosphere. that's the kind of stuff that once the temperature starts to warm up, it quickly evaporates. so that's what we are going see happening as we head into the afternoon. 10:00 clouds lingering. 71 degrees but mostly sunny afternoon. and it will be 78 degrees by one. and 82 degrees at 4 and notice the winds out of the south and southeast at 10 miles per hour. we have no weather issues this
7:33 am
afternoon. the only weather issue we have today is that fog. it's 66 degrees right now in the manassas and done town washington. 64 at waldorf and andrews. 57 that's the cool spot right now in martinsburg where visibility is a little reduced. down to 4 miles but the heavier reduction andn visibility is far southwest of the beltway. we are down to a quarter mile visibility right now in orange. and 7 mile visibility in hagerstown but a little rough along portions of 270. so keep that in mind. we have that fog but notice no rain on the radar within hundreds of miles but we are tracking what is now tropical storm ana not subtropical anymore. we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike back to you. >> all right thanks erica. happening now thousands of people are packing into the national mall as the 2015 race for the cure kicks off. we take a live look at the susan g komen breast cancer fund racer gets underway. hulk hogan is the grand marshal and he talked to surae
7:34 am
amomental ago. this is the 26th year in moment she will be joined by the ceo of the organization. we are tracking wild weather this morning from the plain states stretching all the way to the east coast. meteorologist erica grow is standing by with more on that. subtropical storm ana is changing now isn't it. >> that's right it has developed into a tropical storm. so the reason for that transition which happened early this morning as of the 5 a.m. advisory, it means the more broad circulation of a subtropical storm has become more concentrated around the low pressure center. ana's winds are sustained at 60 miles an hour and it's expected to drift onshore this weekend along the coast of the carolinas. meanwhile it was another restless night for people in the southern plains as many areas in oklahoma and techas were under tornado -- texas were under tornado warnings and watches. more wild weather possibly dangerous weather could come their way this weekend. don champion reports from
7:35 am
norman oklahoma. >> reporter: hail the size golf and tenes balls fell on southwestern oklahoma as another round of severe weather pounded the southern plains. several tornadoes reported as the storms crossed from texas into observing a lahomea. wind -- observing lahome allot winds gusts up to -- oklahoma. wind gusts up to 06 miles per hour knocked down lines and caused power outages. it's not just the wind causing problem here. the storms are dumping several inches of rain in just a couple hours on land saturate ed by tomorrows stormser earlier in the week -- storms earlier in the week. some cars found themselves stuck and more storms are possible this weekend. >> on mother's day the slight risk and slightly lower threat for severe weather but a higher flooding threat across the area>> reporter: forecasters warn people to err on side of caution. >> even though we get much of
7:36 am
the forecast right there's storms here and there that produce more severe weather than we expect and some cases less. >> reporter: so far well over 60 tornadoes have been reported this week. don champion for cbs news norman oklahoma. it's dry weather in new jersey that's causing problems. the wild fire risk there is high. can you believe it? a large fire in the southern part of the state the area called the pine barrens of new jersey 700 acres have burned so far. it took crews more than 24 hours to douse the flames. mothers who lost children during violent encouldn'ters here in washing -- encounters in washington, d.c. are getting together. the million moms march is getting underway at 10 a.m. at john marshall place. since freddie gray's death while in baltimore police custody a number of shootings and homicides in the city has surged. police statistics in baltimore show homicides are up 20% nonfatal shootings surged 47%.
7:37 am
according to the baltimore sun during the same period last year, police logged 1 homicide and 5 shootings. lawyers for the 6 officers charged in the death of freddie gray have filed a motion to dismiss the charges or take prosecutor marilyn mosby off the case they are accusing her of using inflam fory rhetoric after gray's neck was broke. and justice department investigation is getting underway into the police department in baltimore. loretta lynch announced they will look for discriminatory policing practice and deadly force or improper police stops or searches. freddie gray's family attorney welcome the investigation. and cbs news reporter chip reed spent sometime in sandtown the neighborhood where freddie gray lived. it's a place with many challenges. >> reporter: in sandstown the poverty stricken baltimore neighborhood where freddie gray lived members of the charitable
7:38 am
group center for urban families walked the streets trying to help people find work. >> the job training program. >> reporter: despite monumental challenges joe jones the center's founder and ceo is determined to turn this neighborhood around. 50% of ac around american males between 20 and 30 are unemployed you can't have that number of people out of the labor market and expect that a community is going to thrive. >> reporter: over the years, there have been many efforts to save the town in the early 1990s, former president jimmy carter and presidential candidate bill clinton came when developers and the city were pouring 130 million dollars into urban renewal. the project largely failed because jobs didn't materialize. about 50% of the households earn less than 25,000 dollars a year. only 6% of that has college degrees half of 8th graders can read proficiently. one of the biggest problems here is that with so few jobs
7:39 am
available, selling drugs on the street has become a rite of passage for many young men. >> can i ask how many you have a criminal record. >> all of us. >> all of us. >> if you keep living in sandtown you are going to hustle. >> reporter: meaning sell drugs. >> yeah. >> absolutely night not you are looking at what they are doing as illegal it's what you see as okay this person is making money. they are feeding their families. >> reporter: every member of this group is employed. they overcome their pasts. now the mission is to convince others they can pull themselves up even in ndsatown. chip reed cbs news baltimore. and coming up tomorrow, prince is going to perform at the royal farms arena. he he wants to show his support for the people of baltimore. tickets are available for the show and proceeds go to support youth charities. a south carolina man is in serious condition this morning after being shot by a sheriff deputy responding to his report of someone breaking into his
7:40 am
house. the victim brian hayward who is black called 911 around 11 a.m. thursday to report that armed men were trying to enter his mother's home. two deputies arrived and told shots were fired and two black suspects were seen fleeing the scene. the shooting occurred in the same county as the shooting of walter scott. also an unarmed black man. 32 people are hurt and of vehicles destroyed after semitroubling and tour bus crashed in iowa. police say that the 27 person coach bus and semitruck crashed after being stopped in traffic from earlier accidents. the driver of the semi was airlifted to a local hospital and the conditions of the patients have not been released. but there are no reports of any fatalities. to alabama war tractor trailer plunged off an overpass killing one person. this was late friday night near downtown montgomery. the truck burst into flames and no word at this point on whether or not the fatality is the driver of that truck. today washington, d.c. police chief is one of 90 people who will be awarded the
7:41 am
2015 ellis island medal of honor. the chief is in new york to accept the award in new york. it's given by the national ethnic coalition of organizations. a group created to celebrate the diversity of american people. also receiving the honor new york yankees legend rivera and tv host meredith viera. >> i am drooling if you are still looking for a police to take mom nick giovanni says this one may be it. >> reporter: it's marriage made in fried food heaven. now being battered, and bladesed in downtown -- blazed in downtown dc. >> donuts and it's great combination. >> reporter: doesn't sound healthy astro donuts and fried chicken serving up both and sandwiching the two together. >> it's play on chicken and waffles. >> reporter: he is one of the former captain of the capitals
7:42 am
and set up shop in the shadows of the verizon center and is take his tallen from the rink to the restaurant with a help of a childhood friend he will sot -- elliot. bottle both grew up around hockey and donuts. >> it was not we had pictures on the walls of donuts but after games whether you won or loss it was getting a chocolate doughnut. >> reporter: it has a lengthy list of donuts from cream brulee vanilla and poultry and the two long time american staples are being served by two long time friends just putting the stamp on the dc food scene. >> customers are knowledgeable and very -- they have good palets and know what they want and it's cool. >> reporter: they raised. >> they raised experimentation 10 years ago it was not very much experimenting. >> reporter: this is where sweet meets savory in downtown dc. are you kidding me? look at this.
7:43 am
what a chicken dinner. nick gee vane. >> he is young with a flat stomach and can can make it. that looks awesome. when it comes to the fight against breast cancer susan g cancer one of the most widely-- komen is one of the most widely known and successful. let's go live to surae chian beyond by the c emmett o. >> reporter: good morning. -- joined by a ceo a. >> reporter: good morning we are joined by lisa gray a cancer survivor. talk about your story. you are the breast cancer survivor of the year. >> yes. i was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2000. i am a 15 year survivor and i've been active in the race during the race every year. >> reporter: tell me what kind of inspiration do you get when thousands of people here are racing for such a cause. >> seeing the people out here
7:44 am
to help raise money and raise awareness for breast cancer is the most inspirational thing. >> reporter: what is your message today? >> so, to end breast cancer. i hate cancer and to keep fighting, to keep raise money and support the local community and breast cancer. >> reporter: this event is so huge. how can we not find a cure one day? do you have that hope. >> i have a hope that the money that goes to research is every year they are getting closer and closer more important kinds of therapies and hopefully a cure will be soon. >> reporter: this is a legion that has one of the most -- the highest mortality rate in the country. why are people not getting the message in terms of screaming. >> for komen they are providing
7:45 am
this year 1.6 million dollars for free screenings and access to treatment and care for the dc area. >> reporter: thank you lisa gray cancer survivor of the year. for the susan g komen race for the secure the -- cure the 26th annual event and it's so loud but people are getting pumped up for the huge event. back to you. >> a great event thanks. she is live on the national mall. also happening today military moms will get a brunch at marriott marquee part nerd with the association of the united states army to honor military moms and their families. frying up eggs? how the bird flu outbreak may lead to a shortage at your supermarketch the sun will be out eric -- supermarket. the sun will be out erica. >> yes the sun will burst through the clouds and we have light mist out here and it's not going to last long. by 10 a.m., it's gone. so you see it on the michael and son weather cam but by the
7:46 am
time we get to the afternoon partly sunny. high temperatures today 80 to 85 degrees. good morning big sports day coming your way nats on the at 4 and afterwards we have a game on baseball special and don't forget wizards game 3 looks like it's going to be be without john wall. full reports coming up throughout the day and we will wrap it up at 11:00 that's it. i will
7:47 am
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always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather d crea. most accurate. >> well -- dc's most accurate. >> 66 degrees a little balmy right now. but it's going to change heading through the day. >> that mist that we have out there right now at the low cloud cover and fog that is going to dissipate by 10 a.m. and that's going to leave us with a very pleasant afternoon if you liked yesterday and
7:49 am
actually feel like -- did if you liked thursday you will love today. we will get things started we have the tropical satellitepulled up and this is a look at what is now tropical storm ana. with the wind at 60 miles an hour. you can see how the circulation has really tightened with that system. and that will continue to be a feature we will watch over the next couple days. your day planner with the michael and son weather cam the cloud lingering and 69 degrees at 9 and by the time we get to noon, we are done with most of the cloud cover and we will see a partly sunny afternoon. 76 degrees and notice the winds staying nice and light as well. another day with the southeast breeze at 5 to 10 miles per hour. by 5, we are at 81 degrees and that's dropping down from a high in the low to mid-80s throughout the metro area. we will get up between 80 and 85. right now it's 64 in germantown and rockville. 62 in loveitsville and 46 in leesburg and 65 in springfield. so temperatures pretty
7:50 am
consistent throughout the area. son satellite and radar there's nothing going on either as far as any precipitation. so that little bit of mist don't think that's an indication that it's going to rain later today. it's not going to rain today. it's on sunday that we have a little chance of some rain in the forecast. it is because of ana so as it makes its way closer to us, a dry day today but then that cloud cover starts to overspread as we head into sunday morning. by sunday afternoon, the chance for showers increases but ana is well to the south. and as we head into the overnight hours sunday night into monday morning, ana will start to get closer but it also is going to be interacting with the land mass and so what tropical systems need is warm water and lots of it. when it starts to make its way inland it's going to lose that source of energy and that means the wind speeds are going to go down. so this won't be a big concern for the shoreline as far asbeach erosion but it will be close enough to give us showers and possibly even a rumble of thunder and at the same time a cold front is heading our way from the west. so you can see all the spotty
7:51 am
showers isolated thunderstorms developing on monday. but not this weekend. nice and warm 84 degrees today. and a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. then on sunday, we will increase the cloud cover and there is a potential for a shower but don't cancel your outdoor plans we will be dry enough you can spend plenty of time outside and you can check the wusa9 radar app before heading out and make sure there isn't a shower heading are way. but monday probably have to cancel outdoor plans if you had them because there's good chance for thunderstorms and a high of 86 degrees. and the first alert 7-day forecast warmest day is tuesday and we will get all the way up to 88 before the cold front swings on through and that's going to bring us cooler and drier air this time of year that's good news. and i think that you will like this forecast for wednesday. cool and breezy with high of 76. and we will stay in the 70s for the rest of the workweek. mike back to you. >> thanks. walmart is coming under fire for where it is sourcing the bottled water that it sells. according to own labeling atwalmart water comes from
7:52 am
sacramento's water supply. the problem is california is currently experiencing a historic drought. >> certainly we have bad taste in everybody's mouth when you can't fill up a swimming pool of you're bidding -- building a new home in west sacramento and can't water your lawn if you are living in the region. and to find out that they are making a huge profit off this it's just not right. >> now walmart released a statement saying they will continue to work with suppliers who act responsibly and all while meeting the customers needs. no word if the company is going to chang where they get the bottled watter. as we hit the 08 degree mark more and more -- 80 degree mark maybe you are thinking of a place to cool off. in today's consumer alert lesli foster shows us how to save cash. >> reporter: you can cut your summer travel costs with a few simple steps. airfare says avoid peak travel times. airfare and hotel rates typically go down after august
7:53 am
18th. look into low season destinations. seek out the less popular spots with good activities in weather and after you book the trip check to see if the airfare or hotel price drops. sites like tango will give the money back if the rate goes down and yeta traction -- yapta tracks airline prices. leli foster. a outbreak of bird flu is causing a egg shortage for stores. so far an outbreak at temple farms in minnesota killed 5.6 million turkeys and chickens and another 1.7 million chickens have been destroyed due to the virus. although there have been no new reports of bird flu for two days in a row, poultry farmers are still weary of the virus that hit more than 82 farms across the statech the shortage so far -- statech the shortage so far is -- state. the shortage so far is onlyaffectth midwest. a firefighter works through smoke to save a family's best friend. and before we head to break
7:54 am
let's do pet picks 9 thanks forsending in your pictures. >> let's look at some of the pet pix. >> we will try to do that again after the break. >> okay. stay with us please. we will be i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. finally this saturday a fire fighter battling the flames and smoke to rescue a four legged friend. >> daysity dog was caught in a fiery blaze in louisiana and fire fight u.s.ers fought their way through and when they --
7:57 am
firefighters fought their way through when they got her outside she was not breathing and used oxygen to bring hebe her back to live. >>---- to bring her back to life. >> one of the things we don't practice for is animals but we will grab them and bring them out. >> daisy is living in a animal shelter until the owner rebuilds the home they lost in the fire and is recovering. >> oh my goodness. >> thanks for waking up with us. we are out of time this saturday morning. >> the next news is at 6. tune in for that. >> and join us tomorrow morning from 7 to 8:30 a.m. >> take care everybody.
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good morning. it's may 9th 20156789 welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." severe storms tear through the country's midsection while the year's first tropical storm takes aim at the south. plus, a terror plot from a teenager. australian police say they stopped an attack similar to the boston marathon bombing. >> the president does something only three presidents have done before. and in a texas hold 'em tournament who would win? the world's best or a super computer? 80,000 poker hands reveal the answer. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye


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