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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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nine sheriff deputies in georgia fired in connection with a death of a 21-year-old student from maryland. hello i'm debra alfarone. >> i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us tonight. there's word tonight that in georgia they have been fired just after the hyattsville, maryland man died in custody. >> he died after shortly being placed in jail last new year's day. and hank silverburg joins us now to tell us why he was fired. >> reporter: he was brought to the jail for allegedly beating up his girlfriend. but what happened to him once he got there is still a bit unclear. the nine deputies were fired. he had bipolar disorder described as combative, injured when he was brought in to the jail. he never got medical treatment,
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handcuffed and placed in a restraining chair and later found dead. in releasing information about the fired deputies, the sheriff also indicates a review of the use of tasers by the deputies at the jail that has been underway and the regulations are being changed. he was 22 and was from hyattsville in savannah working at a bank while attending college. the case is similar to the death of the woman who died in the fairfax county jail after being tased in february with mental health issues, also described as uncooperative. that the cases are among many across the country, leading to the reevaluation of the use of the tasers by law enforcement. and while they have been fired, they have not been charged with anything. the district attorney says that will come possibly at a later date reviewing the case. we are live in the south center hank silverburg wusa9. >> thanks for that. the cause of death in their case has not been released tonight. wtoc in savannah, georgia would report that there is apparently
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something being held up until the da finishes its investigation. and prince released his new song titled baltimore today. in the wake of freddie gray's death in police custody. in a song the purple one sings peace is more than the absence of the war. his rally for peace comes to be set for tomorrow at the royal farm's arena in best baltimore. for those scoring some of their mostly expensive tickets, the audio of that concert will stream for free on the music service title that there will be links for listeners to make donations to the baltimore justice fund as they would match them. children died at the hands of police officers where today hundreds of mothers gathered downtown washington. today the million moms march was sponsored for the group. they were shot 14 times, killed
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by the milwaukee police officer. they marched to the u.s. justice department today to raise awareness about what they called police brutality. the local couple whose kids lost an international debate about parenting was back in the spotlight today. >> supporters gathered at the park with many of them, blasting child protective services for their action in this high-profile case as they bring us their story. >> the park where the children were playing before they started that one-mile walk to their home. a walk that ended when they were picked up by police. >> i think that child protective services in maryland have gone overboard. keep going. >> reporter: richard fox was among the small and determined group of families, believing that it should be parents not the state to decide on whether or not that they should be
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mature enough. walking without letting them walk to school are we now going to get our kids picked up by the cops knocking on our door? that is a very terrifying thought. i didn't think that could happen in the u.s. they were walking home from this park when someone called 911. >> two kids that will be unaccompanied, walking around for a part of the 20 minutes themselves. >> just three blocks from their home as they would take the children in to custody, bringing them here in rockville. and not notifying their parents for hours. >> but what happened to me that the children, it's outrageous. >> reporter: and the problem with them going after the unintended kids is that they would cross all of the siblings, which is expensive that we shouldn't be criminalizing that. >> and who should make that decision? the agency or parents? >> reporter: they didn't
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attend, but their lawyer did along with their own 10-year- old son. >> whenever i would walk around to the park or the library or to the market, i would do it with just thinking that yeah i could do it. >> reporter: they said that they are still recovering from their ordeal. >> put yourself in the shoes of the 10-year-old boy or 6-year- old girl in the back of the police car for three hours. knowing that they were just three blocks from home. that's an absolutely horrible situation. >> reporter: they are appealing the child protective services of the neglect and still working on the lawsuit against the county. one that may name both cps and montgomery county police. in silver spring, andrea mccarren wusa9. >> and they could last for several months. warm and humid tonight. but what about the big day? mother's day? >> let's go to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> these warm conditions will continue for a few more days.
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turning out to be a nice afternoon after the clouds and the fog and on saturday morning, that they will likely start on sunday with clouds and fog. while there are some showers well to the west that it will be a big blob down to the lower right. tropical storm anna making landfall for the next few hours along the coast there as they do have winds of 60 miles an hour and that you still don't see that clockwise situation. but unlike the hurricane it's not strong enough and it doesn't have that tight eye that you would expect. but the center out at about 80 miles. that is anna right now with a quiet night. the lower 70s in most spots with a upper 60. the humidity is back and i'm betting a lot of you would have that air conditioner on. in town we'll fall to the upper 60s north and west and the areas of the fog early tomorrow morning that we will have a mix of sun and clouds and that even midday we can't rule out a couple of passing showers. we will see them back in the
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low to mid-80s if you don't like this early humidity that we'll let you know when you may see the change in a few minutes with your seven-day forecast. >> thank you, howard. and our own virginia task force could start heading home for nepal on monday. the search and rescue teams from fairfax county has been in nepal to help with the res -- and the rescue and the task force for them. and as well as staff residents to make sure that they would be structurally sound. while on their mission they would rescue a 15-year-old boy that was trapped in a collapsed building. the team included some 50 paramedics, structural engineers, the rescue efforts, and the dog handlers. while five people including a 1- year-old baby are rescued from the apartment fire. which started around 8:30 tonight in the 2100 block of gilford road where the firefighters rescued trapped residents from their balconies
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after the heat and thick smoke would keep them from using that building to escape. and the fire was quickly contained and all five rescues were said to be okay that the cause is under investigation. metro faces a financial dilemma next month and they are now warning the local governments that they could have to bail the transit agency out of trouble in order to keep them running. next month they will be scheduled to repay the credit lines with the total more than $270 million. transit agencies, they spent some $400 million in federal grant money that has yet to receive because of the paper work problems. that we spoke to metro riders today who say that whatever the problem that they just want the trains to keep running. >> and it is hard enough as it is that people who have the jobs out here and those people who are trying to maintain the quality of life that everything is expensive. >> most of us kids depend on the metro for the transportation. and so if that government does that, it will be dragging away some money from our schools and
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it's not fair. >> wusa9 spoke to their councilman and metro board member about the transit agency today. he tells us that metro, they will not be raising the fares or cutting services to its passengers. >> that's good news. >> yeah. coming up tonight, running and walking for a good cause. highlights for the race for the cure when we come back. and parts of the great plains that will be
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traffic was backed up in the middle of the day following the accident in queen anne county where they were called up to clean up the fuel leak. the driver of the truck was hurt, but he's expected to be okay. well he should have been graduating today with a ph.d. from howard university here in washington. it's unclear as lance buckley made the trip from virginia and that it is also unclear what lead to his disappearance earlier this week. on wednesday that you might recall that the sheriff's office notified the law enforcement agencies and the
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media to be on the lookout for the 33-year-old husband and father who disappeared on tuesday morning after being dropped off to hitch a ride in to the district. lance buckley was finally located on friday in maryland and at a campground somewhere near harper's ferry, west virginia. the family has offered no explanation for his disappearance and they tell us today that the case is closed as the family matter, no penalty. and the national mall was the finish point for today's susan g. komen race for the cure. and the hemmingway champion hulk hogan served as this year's grand marshal for the 5k run and fundraiser. organizers say one in eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetime, the most common cancer among women affecting 230,000 people annually. participants in today's events included those living with breast cancer, survivors, and their families. >> i just had to fight and, you know, i wanted to be here for
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my family. i have a 10-year-old daughter. so you know all these people love me and so i knew i needed to be here from that time till now, operations, chemo therapy, surgery i've been good. so i'm good to go. >> my friends and family decided to participate in the race for the cure as a way to kind of stand behind me and support me during my fight. i'm happy that i am okay now, but we are continuing it walk this race for all of the people who are still fighting. >> doctors recommend men and women do regular self-exams and of course contact a doctor if you find a lump. severe weather could hit parts of the great plains again this weekend. >> large hail, flash floods, tornadoes all potential threats as the line of thunderstorms moves over the region. don champion reports tonight. >> a huge wedged tornado on the ground. >> reporter: a storm chaser shot video f a tornado touching down near cisco west of dallas.
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it ripped apart a tree as a tornado watch was issued for nearly 50 counties in texas as severe weather rolled through the region for the fourth straight day. >> the threat was high in northern oklahoma earlier in the day. but that it was a relief for those still recovering from the tornadoes that hit wednesday. >> i was at my store when that storm hit and that i have watched the whole thing that it was scary. because all of those poles were snapping down. >> reporter: the oklahoma city neighborhood is littered with the down trees and the branches that will need to be removed as they are still working to restore the power. in weld county, colorado near denver, nick is hoping that the water creeping ever closer to his home recedes soon. in 2013 he lost half a million dollar in property to floods. >> and my thought is why that again. and also a concern in other states including texas, where the sandbags could not stop the
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water from entering the home leaving behind a mess. don champion for cbs news, woodward, oklahoma. >> at least one person was killed in north texas and a second person was critically injured. the tropical storm anna is turning towards myrtle beach, south carolina tonight. as they show that storm that is expected to hit the land neither south and that the coast will happen tomorrow morning. the first atlantic tropical storm of the year and with sustained winds of about 60 miles per hour that beachgoers are being warned to use the extreme caution this weekend because of the possible rip current as that storm would head towards the carolinas. it's that time of the year with the hurricanes and the tornadoes. a lot of stuff is going on. a little early as they would start until june 1 and that we've got tornadoes and the hurricanes with a snowstorm that will be going too for parts of colorado and nebraska
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and wyoming and getting a foot of snow there and at the same time. let's talk about the guarantee because that the forecast for today was 84. they would hit 83. so they just missed it by one that's good as we will take that. as far as right now it is a pretty pleasant night that you can open up the windows, but it will be a little bit on the muggier side with the dew points in the 60s, leading up to the clear skies with the areas of the fog once again on sunday morning like what there was this morning and already down to the lower 60s in frederick. we want to point it out to the east where in delaware we've got the low to mid-60s with some fog coming off the atlantic now where the visibility is dropping to zero and half a mile as we would expect them to move this way. and that while we have no problems now that when you wake up there will be some areas of fog. over the headlines with more clouds and fog late returning.
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tomorrow, isolated showers or thunderstorms. not a washout, but we'll see some of that on mother's day. with a few more showers and the potential storm where they will depend on the exact trek of what's left headed through southeastern virginia that will be around here. on tuesday it could be hot depending on how much you do or do not see with the hotter temperatures that will finally cool off by wednesday. talking about the snow that you can see the blue in colorado here and up in to areas of wyoming. this is the heavy wet snow. meanwhile all these clusters of severe weather still going on in texas and eastern colorado would also have the tornadoes. you get west in to the mountains they have the snow. of course tropical storm anna is just spitting here. but around here, anna will give the on shore flow.
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winds are 60, this will be the 11:00 advisory. it's going to come on shore here by tomorrow morning near the south carolina border. over the land it will weaken some with that heat source as it will weaken more friction over the land and to head north here by monday afternoon. trying to get a little moisture with a sprinkle or a little drizzle in a few spots for tomorrow morning with more sun and also a view showers here or there. i wouldn't cancel any plans, but tomorrow there was hardly anything today. there's anna on monday morning, that we could see a couple of showers here and there and also not enough to warrant that yellow alert where on tuesday
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that they will need to track that front back here. tuesday could be hot if we don't get much activity behind the front. that's when the weather will really start to take a turn for the better. tonight in the upper 60s. 60s and the 70s. in the afternoon it will be low to mid-80s. the average high with get the shower and storm threat and by the mild of the week it will be nice as temperature wills cool off. and that we could be back in the 40s overnight much more than what we have been dealing with. >> they don't like that. >> you'll just need to do that. >> what a baa if you're a dc
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sports fan you were biting your fingernails, covering your use, then you were doing a happy dance. paul pierce the truth at the elbow with the clock running down. what do you expect
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all right, so here is what the dc sports teams did to the atlanta teams today as they would serve up the double dose of talk to the hand just compliments of two number 34. paul pierce and bryce harper both wore number 44 with the final say against their atlanta opponent and that both of them and then they dropped the mic. that's how you do it. john wall, how about that? he couldn't go as we know that. and here is the nene sighting as he was like an extinct dinosaur. he hadn't scored a field goal the entire series that he had 17 today. boy, how about the pesky play by the wizards and their defense?
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he had 80 points. the audiocassette are showing you the hard slap that it could have been a one or two and look at this passing here to porter. he is on fire as he had 1794 and that's what you would like to see from your leader right there all pumped up as they would be up 21. here comes atlanta. lost shot at the elbow. beals? no. leaving some of the best that you will ever hear. >> did you call it? >> i call game. >> that's what you do, he's a -- we need to do a better job of holding our lead. we can't give up a 20-point
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lead as we would take that shot. >> you know, you have to get that part. this game was important for us. >> i called game. i think and that it, with another seismic sports blast. five home runs in two days at 22 the youngest player to accomplish that as he was not done. a great day. frank robinson of course speaking of the story. the was it this as they would be that they would have scored
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five in that inning. and it will be six in three days. 12 rbis in three days. they were all there describing the electric scene. >> well, it started out as frank robinson day here at nationals park as they honor their first ever manage, ending up be the -- ending up in their victory. >> i mean that's the type of player that i need to be. i mean you know that's what i need to be like and that is how i need to play. i expect it in and of myself. >> and to -- that they are going to continue to get better. >> reporter: the nats walk-off winner, 8-6 as bryce does it again tomorrow.
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tomorrow they are looking for the first weekend on atlantaicing and -- the first weekend on the reports. and yale is trying to pull off the upset today. look at conrad with the whip as they say yeah, yeah as matt randall is not the fest, expecting over yield 7-4. boy, you know, i'm pooped. it's been a tough day for me >> a big one tomorrow as we'll be reich at the verizon center. when we come back with a
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got to have a good day to take mom out. >> there will be low clouds and fog with a couple of showers, not a washout by any imagination with more 7:00 in the afternoon and 84 with the nats game right here tomorrow. >> this is true. >> okay. now, warm on tuesday and a nice day on wednesday. >> all right, thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow. okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better.
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