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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630pm  CBS  May 10, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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a murder mystery in montgomery county tonight as police investigate the death of the married couple in their 60s. hello i'm debra alfarone. >> i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. family members found them dead in their rockville, maryland home this afternoon. and at the family function today. >> live in rockville at the corner of ridge drive and sunset where neighbors are just reeling at the news. and do you know what's up right now? >> reporter: they arrived here a little after noon. as you can see me that they are still processing what is turning out to with a very large -- out to be a very large crime scene. another in the backyard behind
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it. they first became worried when they didn't show up for the family event this morning, finding their bodies with injuries as they are describing as trauma to their upper bodies, then called police. they lived here for decades, surrounded by police as they brought out neighbors that were horrified to find out what happened when they were known to have raised two children here. >> what was going through your mind when you heard about this? >> that it is hard to believe. really hard to believe. and very sad. >> reporter: and now police told us that the family member had spoken to the couple late last night, meaning whatever happened here had to have happened between the hours of late last night and early this morning. still a lot of investigative work has to be done here. reporting live wusa9. >> okay, thanks gary for that. we should have it tonight as they are not actively looking
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for any suspects in this case as they don't believe that there is any public safety concerns for that neighborhood. a 2-year-old girl suffered serious injuries after falling out of the two-story window at the townhouse. >> neighbors tell us that the family may have been living in the home illegally. we have more on brinkley station drive. >> that young girl is about 2 years old fell from the second story window of the white house just behind me here, and fell on to the pavement. the first person to come to her aide was a 10-year-old boy. >> she was crying. on the side of her foot right here was bleeding. >> what did you do? >> i went over there trying to help her out, knocked on her door to see if anyone was there. >> was -- did anyone answer you? >> no. >> reporter: then what did you do? >> called the police. >> reporter: they rushed the child to the hospital where we're told she's in serious condition. the family is living in the house that obviously needs repairs and they're not pay
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rent. >> they were not suppose to be there, they were squatting, definitely. the cops were trying to get people to stay out, keep the doors locked, but they keep going back in. we knocked on the door, though it appeared someone was inside, no one came to the door. and we are told that the family had only lived here for about three weeks and that the police have tried to get them out at least once. reporting live, hank silverburg wusa9. >> thank you, hank. no name has been released yet for that little girl. in mississippi two harrisburg police officers were shot overnight during a traffic stop. the recent police academy graduate as he was the canine officer who was once named police officer of the year. three suspects in custody tonight. the 29-year-old man and the 22- year-old woman each face two counts of capitol murder. another man has been charged with two counts of accessory after the fact. the police officers have been in the headlines for a lot
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lately. today the law enforcement officers from around the world, they gathered here at the nation's capital to kick off the police week. >> a chance to talk about the reality of their profession. and they report from that national law enforcement officer's memorial. >> and oh i wish that i could just reach out and just hug everybody out here. and that they will not reach that far. >> reporter: it seemed fitting on this mother's day that the woman known as the mother of all law enforcement officers welcomed the crowd. who rolled in to dc on motorcycles to honor the fallen. >> i loved their officers, all of them. >> reporter: shirley holme's son is a prince george's county police officer. >> reporter: the warren hole -- warren holmes was killed in the line of duty in 2005. it's been a tough year for law
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enforcement. in the recent turmoil in baltimore. >> what you see is what they would do wrong as this are some that they are human beings. that you don't very seldom see the good that's done. >> but behind the high-profile cases is the reality that they would like the public to know. the law enforcement officers in the united states have 44 million contacts with the public every year. or the threat of it used 2% of the time. >> get up, put on my uniform. , in hopes that i would never have to use it. sometimes where she one, but we have more that don't. >> last year alone they were gunned down in ambush attacks. triple the number of the previous year. andrea mccarren wusa9. >> and police point out that one law enforcement officer is killed every 60 hours in the
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united states. more than 100,000 are hurt every year in the line of duty. and in west baltimore a top artist prince will headline the concert tonight to help that city heal from recent unrest in the wake of the death of freddie gray while the 25-year- old was in police custody. the concert proceeds will benefit their youth charity. the concert goers are encouraged to wear the gray clothing as a tribute to freddie gray. tickets are all on sale for $22 and close to $500. they also released their new song baltimore this weekend. mostly nice for mother's day. and now the showers are possible. >> and meteorologist howard bernstein, what does the evening look like? >> they are few and far in between. and if you've got plans this evening. and you don't have to worry about it and the profession
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now. and in north carolina. and enough moisture. and to track a few showers up north. and that the areas in arlington, that they are falling apart with the loan shower here tracking the other guy, not fall from culpeper. but the heavier thing is weakening. so if they hold together places north and west of there. that you may see the shower come through. and that the temperatures will be very comfortable with the cool spots in the mid-70s like the bullpen. and 83 and 82 in bowie and laurel and just a little bit cooler on the bay. and our evening prayers, the spotty showers are here to clog up at 79. and a little more heat and humidity, and the big changes by wednesday and the forecast in a few minutes.
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it's already here. this is probably the most fun i've had all summer.
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a public viewing will be held from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. the funeral service is again opened to the public that will begin at 11:00. firefighters from across the country will be in attendance for the lieutenant's memorial service. well today is mother's day and we all know that moms are priceless. >> no amount too big or too small. but if we are keeping tabs at the retail federation. the average amount is $173 on mother's day. but the job has gotten bigger too. surae chinn is here for that. >> and i'm thankful for my amazing mother who helps me that i wouldn't be able to do anything without her. i'm thankful for my son and for my amazing husband. and just family overall. >> i think that it is just nice to get everyone together. and celebrate the person who brought you in to the world. >> reporter: and more responsible for brightening and giving mothers more cheer on this day that some would say
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floorists. >> what's your favorite flower on mother's day? >> peonies. >> reporter: they have been making hundreds of deliveries this weekend. >> this is the busiest week all year round for the florists and the second busiest day after valentine's day. >> the most exciting thing is that you get to make all these moms, grandmothers, mothers-in-law so happy on such an important day for them. >> reporter: we're spending more on mom this holiday. nearly everyone who celebrates buys a card. roughly two-thirds of them will buy flowers and a third will splurge on jewelry. but what moms cherish most are not things, but the time with family. >> i couldn't ask for anything more. just wonderful to be together. >> she is really loving and plays games with us. >> i'm thankful for my mom. she takes care of me like when i'm sick. she makes us meals every night. >> i'm thankful for having the best wife and mother to my
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children that you could ever imagine and hope for. >> for the love of my family and my daughters and my parents and my husband. >> reporter: in vienna, surae chinn wusa9. >> the restaurants also like mother's day, their busiest day of the year. you couldn't get there. >> my mom is sitting in the studios right now. >> and your dad. >> and my dad and we're going to go out to dinner and spend some money on mother's day. >> and bring your credit card. >> this is true. a possibility of thunderstorms in the area. the latest when we
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of raleigh in eastern north carolina. that's giving us enough moisture with the daytime heating to have bubbled up a couple of showers, even isolated showers. we had a few push through the area here and they are really isolated. you see the one east of easton going in to delaware shortly with a couple in to fairfax county, died in montgomery county. now south and southwest. this is all that's left this evening. this one is falling apart as moves away from culpeper. then a couple of heavier showers still isolated south of fredericksburg towards the so yeah we may see some of these in towards stafford. this stuff towards port royal. it's going to cross 301 as it might make it to stafford with an outside chance get up towards quantico. this is really all that's going out there. once we lose the daytime heating from the sun, we'll see a lot of this stuff just fall apart. nice and sunny now, 83 at reagan national and the high --
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the high is 85 degrees with the south wind at 5 miles per hour. but a nice evening nonetheless for moms, getting ready to watch them tonight and hopefully take it in game six. 81 degrees in andrews. they got up to 84 right now with fed ricksburg and the mid- 70s at the naval air station. and the warm weather will continue for two more days tomorrow. and in fact that tuesday is going to be hot, pushing 90 on tuesday with spotty showers and storms tomorrow and tuesday and that it might be a little more active on tuesday. then after that much cooler on wednesday through friday with 70s returning. kind of where we should be. nighttime lows in the 40s for the suburbs, look unsettled by saturday. next weekend might be a little unsettled. very unsettled in the middle of the country with a snowstorm over parts of colorado. i mean look at the snow still here with a bunch of severe weather happening in the middle
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of the country as they need to get a break as some started tomorrow. the forecast for tonight isolated evening showers. the mid to upper 60s near the 70s downtown for the low. the 60s and 70s for spotty showers. tomorrow afternoon with the spottier shower and thethunderstorms and the temps in the 80s. the mid-80s for most of us as tuesday will be hot with an isolated shower or storm and there it is on wednesday, breezy, but open up the windows. just soak it in where it will be nice and hold on to the 70s on through friday. it could be a few more showers and storms return here. unseasonably warm with a long stretch of the unseasonably warm may. >> absolutely. a big game with the caps are coming up. >> yes, they are dropping the puck. many calling it the game of the series. i don't believe that, but a lot of people are. caps look to end the rangers, coming back big. we're going down to
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i keep hearing people say that the caps must win tonight. they must win. and aren't they a 3-2 though? >> yeah. >> and that is a result of the playoff failure past. who thinks that washington can extinguish the rangers in a gotham game seven? i do, but i don't think that it will come down to that tonight. and here is a look at game five. another thriller that wasn't decided until late as they went to overtime. building it out by ryan mcdunna with a big lift from the crowd. they hope to do the same tonight. home cooking is the theme, gang. kristen berset providing the pre-game coverage from the verizon center. >> and it will be another game and another chance for the washington capitals to eliminate the new york rangers from the playoffs. game six tonight as you can see the guys behind me doing their
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traditional warm up. and of course getting rid of the nervous energy. and what better way for them to go and be on the brink of something that they have not done since 1998 than to do it at home. the caps this post-season, they are 4-0 coming off the loss, winning five straight here at the phone booth. so they're going to feed off that momentum and of course the momentum and the noise from the crowd. >> we'll need to bounce it back with that effort to show that we do have some killer instinct. and some composure in these situations. and use our home ice to our advantage as we have played well. we need to keep building. >> i have a lot of trust in this group, learning a lot. and also in the first series, i think that we understand what we need to do. >> he is very pleased with what he has seen despite from their loss on friday night to new york and much to take them from
6:55 pm
that performance and that maybe they just want to celebrate this in front of their home crowd. we'll find out if they get to do that. we'll have a full recap for game on overtime. at the verizon center, i'm kristen berset, dave back to you in the studios. >> thank you very much. three-degree guarantee that they're going to win tonight. air traffic controllers are adjusting flight patterns around southeast dc unless they get nailed by a bryce harper- launched baseball. yes. how about this symmetry. only frank robinson, yeah that frank robinson has more walk- off home runs before the age of 23 than harper. wow. harper's 11 home runs tops the national leg -- national league. his first at bat again. are you kidding me? again? no. to the wall and cameron was so surprised that he dropped it. all right his 13th rbi in four days for harper. later wilson ramos, boy the hot
6:56 pm
hitting is contagious going the other way having a great year. ryan zimmerman, and zim raving about his catcher ramos after the game. >> ramos is great, you know for a couple of years now i always said i want to see what that guy could do at 120 to 130 games because he's obviously a great catcher, but offensively he's very talented. if he can stay healthy and play all year it's another guy that can put up 20 home runs. >> all right. family day at yankees stadium with a lot of moms in the crowds today. j.j. hardy says this is for mom. >> this is going out of the yard, but that's about it for the orioles as they ran in to a hot pitcher and their pitching, yikes. they win 6-2 and orioles were last in a competitive al east. finally maryland in the lacrosse quarter finals. who is going to join them? john hopkins in virginia.
6:57 pm
and look at them right in front of them with that net there and somehow he's able to swing it in and using that 11-0 run for the first two quarters with the hidden ball trick too as that never fails. that is looking confident now. >> 17 and 15 and they are on the upswing. >> yeah, they are healthy. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you back here at 11:00. bye. just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> kroft: you had to tell a lot of lies. >> absolutely. i was living a lie. >> kroft: were you a good liar? >> the best. >> kroft: tonight, we're going to tell you a story you probably never heard before because only a few people outside the fbi know anything about it. it's a spy story unlike any other, about a kgb agent who operated in the united states during the last decade of the cold war. what's remarkable is that he's never spent a night in jail, the russians declared him dead a long time ago, and he's living a quiet life in upstate new york free to tell his story as honestly as a former spy ever can. did you think you were going to get away with it? >> yes. otherwise, i wouldn't have done it.


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