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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 12, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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wusa9 sponsored by sodexo. first tonight at 7:00 something you will only see on wusa9, officers served two new search warrants in the disappearance of the lyon sisters. the girls have not been seen in 40 years. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. this new activity shows how investigators are still putting the heat on those suspected in this cold case. >> reporter: the duplex behind me, the focus on the basement, this house rented decade ago to a relative of men named persons of interest in the chilling 40- year-old mystery disappearance of two girls, the lyon sisters. we don't know what, if anything, was found here, but there's no indication human
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remains were found. this morning a second search warrant executed by montgomery county police at this home in hyattsville where an attorney tells us a box was taken that contained items like a happenner that could be considered weapons. this is where 70-year-old richard welch and his wife patricia lived. their 58 nephew lloyd who is doing time in philadelphia for a sex crime told investigators that he, his uncle and a third family member snatched the lyon sisters from wheaton mall in 1975, then 10 and 12ful investigators think the girls were -- 12. investigators think the girls were sexually saw and killed. they have not found their bodies so far. the execution of two search warrants today in hyattsville a clear indication investigators are trying to keep the pressure on the welch family, a family they say has not told everything that it knows about the disappearance of the lyon sisters. in hyattsville, scott broom, wusa9. >> so far prosecutors have only
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charged 65-year-old patricia welch for lying of her knowledge of the girls' disappearance to a grand jury in virginia. a couple will stand trial for what had to be one of the most bizarre home invasions. alicia and andrew schmuhl are accused of abducting, stabbing and torturing her former boss and his wife inside their own mclean home. the incident happened about a month after a leisure aves fired from a -- alicia was fired from a law firm. today tenacious topper says we've got some pleasant stuff on the way. >> it's only may. it can't stay hot that long, also can't be that humid yet. it was 90 degrees, our first 90- degree day. it's still pretty toasty. at 7:00 it's 87 downtown, pretty impressive. our average high is 75 this time of year. 81 in gaithersburg, 82 in
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leesburg, 84 in manassas. we'll get cooler tonight. if you want to go outside this evening, you can. it's not like cold air will rush in here the next few hour. it will take all night to happen. by 6 a.m. it will happen, mid-50s, 56 in manassas by 6 a.m. on the futurecast. if 7 in leesburg, 56 in gaithersburg, right around 60 downtown by 6 a.m. in fact, by 1:00 we're still in the 60s. so we're losing 20 degrees in about 24 hours, only 69 at 1:00, 65 in gaithersburg at 1:00. by 6:00 we still should be about 70 degrees, 24 hours from now. a sweater and shades probably a good idea tomorrow. we'll come back, talk about the 3-degree guarantee. virginia's former governor wants a federal appeals court to thrown out his conviction. peggy fox -- to throw out his conviction. peggy fox was in the courtroom today when mcdonnell's attorney made that case. >> there's nothing that's been
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done here that's violated the law. >> reporter: but the decision whether bob mcdonnell's bribery conviction stands lies with a three-judge panel. mcdonnell's attorney argued the trial judge made two big mistakes. >> the jury instructions were wrong. >> reporter: a jury found the former governor and his wife took $177,000 in gift and loans from businessman jonnie williams for promoting his business, but williams never received anything tangible. >> these things that were done are routine political courtesies. every federal, state official engages in it. >> reporter: however, the trial judge said anything the governor did for williams could be considered an official act and it did not matter what williams received. >> governor o'donnell never did anything for jonnie williams which is why jonnie williams got nothing. >> reporter: the attorney argued the trial judge was wrong to not permit them to question individual jurors about pretrial publicity but had them stand in a group
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setting. >> you cannot do that from across the street with a group of 150 people. >> reporter: the panel could throw out the conviction, send it back for retrial or let it stand. if it stands, mcdonnell could ask for a rehearing. lawyers say they need more time to prepare for jesse matthew trial in fairfax county. he is charged in the death of uva student hannah graham. this case stems from a 2005 incident where a woman says she was attacked outside her apartment. matthew is charged with attempted capital murder and sex crimes in the case. the trial is supposed to start in months, but his attorneys have filed a motion to delay. still no answers in the mother's day murder of a rockville couple. investigators were back at the home today where their children found dick and joanie vilardo
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cut and stabbed to death. detectives don't know if they were the victims of random burglary or killed specifically. police are telling neighbors secure your homes. tonight at least 42 people dead, another 1,200 injured in a powerful earthquake that hit nepal. today's quake measured 7.3 centered east of the 7.8 quake that hit back on april 25th. 8,000 people died. meanwhile six u.s. marines and two nepalese soldiers are missing. their helicopter disappeared while they were helping with disaster relief. the crew had reported fuel problems. we are happy to report members of the virginia task force one in nepal are safe and doing well. the team is based out of fairfax helping in the rescue and recovery efforts. engineers say the building they are staying in is safe. maryland has a new law on the books aimed at improving the relationship between cops and the people they serve. governor hogan signed the measures today.
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they passed before freddie gray's death. one measure calls for a commission to develop a policy for police body cameras, another requiring authorities to report information about in custody deaths to the governor's office. something else the governor signed today honored this man from frederick. we've been reporting about ethan saylor more than two years and now the law will give a voice for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. >> reporter: i'm debra alfarone at the maryland statehouse where the fight for justice for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities took a huge step forward. >> the pain is never gone. >> reporter: for two plus years patty saylor of frederick, maryland, has been channeling her pain into fueling change. today a big change, a bill signed that turns up the volume on the voices of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. >> this will be the saylor alliance for self-advocates as educators and its essence is to
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recognize people with developmental and intellectual disabilities should be at the table with anything we scutches. >> reporter: petition's son decide in -- discuss. >> reporter: patty's son died in a movie theater when he was removed by three off-duty sheriff's deputies moonlighting as security for not having a $12 movie ticket. patty's fight for justice has included a civil lawsuit, the appointment of a first ever commission. >> self-advocates have a voice and we need to listen to them. it's their life. >> reporter: this bill will take effect july 1st. >> patty saylor hopes to get self-advocates involving in law enforcement training in the state as soon as possible. the secret service pays tribute to its agents who died in the line of duty.
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i'm andrea mccarren at the white house. we'll take you inside secret service headquarters coming up. >> plus some good news among all this destruction in the state of texas, the help residents will be able to get following a deadly tornado. you're watching wusa9 and your only local news
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police in van, texas, say the neighbors who had been reported missing are now all accounted for following an awful tornado sunday. it killed two people and 1/3 of the town was wiped out. crews are working to restore power while residents are clearing away the rubble. the governor issued a disaster declaration for van zandt county and the surrounding areas. that means there's more government help for those poor folks. some witnesses called him a hero, but tonight a dog owner says a georgia man is a
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criminal. michael hammonds noticed this small pomeranian mix panting locked up in a hot car. he used his wife's wheelchair leg to smash open the window and free the dog. >> i got ptsd and i have seen enough death and destruction and i didn't want anything else to happen if i could prevent it. >> witnesses say the owner was furious when she came out of the store and demanded deputies arrest the man. he's charged with criminal trespassing and the dog owner was cited for leaving her dog in a hot car. several community leaders in the d.c. area came together today to call on mayor muriel bowser to oppose a proposed merger between pepco and an energy company based in chicago known as exelon. some council members and anc leaders say the merger would lead to lost job and bigger electric bills. the d.c. public service commission is expected to announce later this summer whether or not it will approve
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the merger. maryland's public service commission is expected to announce its decision on the merger friday. right now a maryland teenager is making history by becoming the state's youngest elected mayor. >> the swearing in ceremony for brandon paulin just got started a few minutes ago. voters in indian led turned out tuesday to give the -- indian head turned out tuesday to give the 19-year-old a landslide win for mayor. >> some people were like a 19- year-old mayor really? but most of the community, the locals here, actually stand by him. >> he's got four years to make a change. if not, we'll have somebody else. >> paulin says he's studying political science at college of southern maryland and will take mostly online courses. we'll have more of that historical ceremony coming up tonight at 11:00. a very hot day, breezy day that leads to big time pollen.
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it's high for tree and grass pollen and we're transitioning now away from trees into grasses, mold spores in the moderate range. you can find that on our website at 'll come back and talk about big changes on the way. >> reporter: i'm kristen berset in college park. this year is
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new information tonight stemming from that now debunked rolling stone article. a defamation lawsuit has been filed against the magazine. nicole eramo is the top administrator who deals with sex assaults at the school and she says she wants to set the record straight and hold rolling stone accountable for this now retracted article about a gang rape on campus. it's part of national police week thousands of police officers from across the country are here in d.c. hundreds have been arriving via bicycle. it's called the police amount tour and riders -- unity tour and riders are coming in from pennsylvania, new jersey, virginia and they've raised nearly $2 million for the national law enforcement officers memorial fund. we take you only on 9 inside the u.s. secret service after a series of high profile security breaches and damaged morale. it prompted the agency to refocus on its mission.
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>> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren at the white house where the secret service is working to restore public confidence in the agency and as police week continues, agents are remembering their fallen colleagues. ♪ oh say can you see ♪ ♪ >> reporter: in the 150 year history of the united states secret service 36 agents have died in the line of duty. >> we lost our first employee up 113 years ago. his name was william craig. he died in 1902. >> reporter: other secret service agents lost their lives in the oklahoma city bombings, 9/11 attacks and in the course of investigation. >> each reported for duty with a common goal, to serve their country and this agency with honor. >> reporter: secret service director joseph clancy is leading the effort to restore that honor to an agency
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tarnished by scandal. >> every day is important to us. eventually we'll look back and see we've got a good long string of good days, but every day is a challenge. >> andrea will bring us an exclusive wide ranging interview with the secret service director thursday night at 11:00. the two had a candid discussion about those security lapses, the emerging threats and a whole lot more. for a photo gallery of the event today, check out our wusa9 news app. president obama will leave his mark in chicago where his political career began. he's decided to build his presidential library on the south side of the windy city at the university of chicago. the obamas worked at the school and have a home not far away. it is a night to remember for the student athletes at university of maryland honored for their achievements on and off the field. our kristen berset is in college park to preview the terp awards. >> reporter: it's been a great year for athletics for the university maryland, their
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first in the big 10 conference, so much to celebrate. it's the annual terp awards. a lot of these little guys will be handed out. these golden terps or terpys, a big event to celebrate success of the student athletes. we've got head coach randy edsall with his award winning kicker brad craddock, the best in the league. they're heading into their second season, so much success last year really divide expectations. we're not -- defied expectations. we're not used to seeing these athletes all dressed up. we'll settle in for a night of celebration and fun celebrating academics, leadership and athletics. the annual terp awards, a big night here on campus. i'm kristen berset for wusa9. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate.
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>> i know we keep saying how hot it was today, but it wasn't that bad. >> it really wasn't. you know why? the humidity was low like 37%. when it gets this way in july, that's not the case. it's going to change. cooler air is moving in tonight. let's start with our 3-degree guarantee. we went for a high today of 90. the question is was that the high? we'll talk about that tonight at 11:00. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, looking at temperatures still in the upper 80s, kind of hard to believe really. our average high is only 75, humidity 37%, very comfortable. notice the winds now west, northwest, so switching a bit. they've been southwest and then west, southwest. the front is almost through us. for tonight it will stay breezy, turn cool, not all of a sudden. you're fine through the evening hours. bus stop temperatures kind of cool, 54 to 64.
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so you're walking the kids to the bus stop, might want a sweater. chilly nights, mild days the rest of the week which is average for us this time of year which is perfect really. weekend a little warmer. we'll probably go back into the 80s with a few thunderstorms. we don't see any widespread or organized activity. futurecast 10:00 tonight still walk are still in the low 70s, upper 60s north and west and still 76 downtown. by 6 a.m. a big change. now we're in the 50s, 57 in leesburg, 56 in manassas and looking at 59 in la plata and 58 also in bowie and mitchellville. it will drop tonight. then it won't warm up that fast tomorrow. by 9:00 we're in the low to mid- 60s. by 1:00 69 downtown, mid- to upper 60s in the northern and western suburbs. while i think most of us will get north of 70, so to speak, if you're in frederick north,
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hagerstown, martinsburg, up toward winchester, you'll probably hold in the upper 60s. by 8:00 tomorrow back in the 60s and low 60s north of town. tonight clear to partly cloudy, breezy, much cooler, lows 54 to 60, winds turning north westerly 10 to 20 driving in cooler air. mostly sunny in the morning. i think a sweater is a good idea, 50s and 60s. by afternoon partly cloudy, breezy, much cooler but gorgeous, highs between 70 and 75. day plan earn, downtown temps -- planner, downtown temps, 60s to start, mid-60s by 9:00, near 70 by 1:00. thursday and wednesday will be about the same temps, 73. friday is very nice, 77. we made it dry. next seven days isolated storms saturday, a few storms sunday, low 80s, better chance for storms on monday, nats back in town next tuesday, temperatures in the mid-80s
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that's a hard question. (laughing) we are the fay family from chesapeake, virginia. williamsburg is just beautiful. because we have thrill seekers and not such thrill seekers, i try to find something that everybody likes.
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this is a very good spot to do that. the most exhilarating part about this vacation was being with the whole family. it was amazing.
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warm today, better days in store. >> just spectacular, cooper, but we're in the 70s -- cooler, but we're in the 70s, which is nice. we don't want to stay around
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90. >> pump the allergy medicine. go outside. >> there it is. that's it for us. we'll be back at 11:00. >> center a great night, everybody. we'll see you then. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun!
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dancing's live marriage proposal. i had a couple caught kissing days before the mirror ball. >> are the contestants now packing on a little sexy pda for extra votes? >> will you y marrme? this is a perfect place to do it. >> romance is ramping up. see who was on a date and who just got handsy and locked lips. >> that's the man of her dream. she will not be here today. >> hear why lindsay didn't show up to community service again. >> plus did kris jenner ban bruce's son from his special? and could someone be killed off on tonight's "ncis?" >> someone needs to die. and we reveal hollywood's bod squad getting ripped. >> they helped kim


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