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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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all over the scene with flashlights in the port richmond section of philadelphia, the train headed to new york expected to arrive 9:07 earlier this evening. we do know from cnn there are at least 10 people injured at the hospital and other area hospitals are receiving passengers from the train as well. mayor michael nutter of philadelphia is expected to hold a joint news conference with the police chief. the ntsb tweeted they are gathering information on this crash and i'm going to continue to keep you updated from here. >> you can see right now on the ground lots of flashlights here, obviously it's very dark. there is a massive rescue efforts effort going -- effort going on down there and, in fact, philadelphia police tweeted out that people who live near the area not to come down so that the first responders could do what they
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need to do tonight. i understand this port richmond is in the northeast section of philadelphia and that there are tons of cops and ambulances and emts there. it's a part of town with a lot of mom and pop businesses in that area. again we are all still waiting for information, a lot of particulars, be in the and amtrak -- ntsb and amtrak, a lot of them still gathering information as well. >> a lot of information coming our way via social media. former congressman patrick murphy said on twitter he was on board the train when it crashed helping others. pray for those injured. he also said, "we also see there are reports of people with broken bones, cuts, bruises." so far no reports of fatalities. we're waiting for more details. chief charles ramsey formerly of washington d.c., now the philadelphia police chief
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didn't talk earlier. i saw on social media the mayor nutter of philadelphia would be prepared to speak very soon, but again no information from them just yet. this train crashed around 9:30 tonight a couple hour out of union station in washington d.c. i think we can safely assume, lesli, there are probably some washington area folks on that train. >> especially because we know the northeast corridor is a very heavily traveled area and that train from d.c. to new york does a lot of miles every day back and forth early morning till late night. when you scour social media, you see all kinds of accounts from people. i'm looking at one where someone said we were rolling along nice and smooth and then all of a sudden we were on our side. so what started out as an ordinary ride for so many people leaving this area headed to new york and points along the way has headed into something far different
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tonight. what you're looking at right now is the aftermath of what happened when train 188 derailed in the port richmond area of philadelphia. it is very dark. you see lots of flashlights on the ground. there are apparently even police copters above trying to shine a light in that area so that the rescuers out there trying to do the work of finding all these people in that wreckage can get to that area and help find as many people as possible. >> when you're talking about numbers of people, news week is reporting 240 people were on board that train tonight as it sped toward new york city and obviously did not get there intact. they also report that to rescue passengers from that train emergency responders have been telling folks to crawl out of the cracks in the train. in other word, you have to make your own way out of the train because they haven't been able to get inside to get everyone. >> apparently there is some instagram video that we've had a chance to see throughout the
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evening, though it may not be cued up, where you can literally hear people saying crawl out, keep going, go forward, obviously a very chaotic scene as at least eight to 10 cars are on their side. >> we had a photo from someone who tweeted that out basically showing there's blood, injuries, folks lying on their side as the train had been tipped over and they are all trying to get out and perhaps most of them are making their way out as we speak. again that is the scene far above the train crash in philadelphia. it left around 7:30 out of union station in washington. about two hours later the train went off the tracks. >> for some reason and we do not know what we have heard or what we have seen on social media is the front of the train was going into some sort of turn when it shook. there were reports of people literally flying into the air. people banged up in the eight to 10 cars at least that have now toppled and are on their
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sides. the ntsb and amtrak and philadelphia police and the fire department there, everybody still in the preliminary stages of rounding up information about what happened. what we can tell you right now is the most active thing going on is a massive rescue search where search and rescues are out there trying to get to all those 200 plus people on board the train. there are at least a dozen or so buses transporting wounded people from that scene in the port richmond section of philadelphia, which is in the northeast section of the city to get them to various hospitals. we are seeing all kinds of photos on social media that show a vast a reof injuries. nearlier -- array of injuries. >> we had video earlier that showed several ambulances sirens flashing on the scene obviously waiting for those
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injured people from this train wreck to take them to the area hospitals to provide help. again we're still waiting to get more word on exactly what sorts of injuries are involved, although again on social media we have seen terms like broken bones, bruises and abrasion. >> right now we're seeing between 40 and 60 people injured on this amtrak train. we'll continue to follow this throughout the show and bring you more updates as we get them in. we are learning more about a student who died after collapsing on a shuttle bus yesterday. >> he was only 20 years old and ellison barber is at university of maryland with more on this tragic story, just a mysterious death. >> reporter: yeah. lowell was at school yesterday, just like you would expect of a college student on a monday, but what happened wasn't anything anyone expected. still the people who know him best say this is a young man
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they think the world should know about. >> he had a double major in politics and government and film studies. >> reporter: lowell ensole was in his second year at university of maryland and had the world at his feet. >> he had a lot to contribute and did a lot in a short time, but we're going to miss out. >> reporter: friday he'd finished an internship in the house of representatives. >> it was two weeks ago, a week ago when we left here. >> reporter: even the congressman couldn't help but be impressed with lowell. >> he always worked hard and was more pleasant than you could possibly imagine. >> reporter: lowell loved politics, but he also loved movies, particularly the godfather. >> he seemed to think that was the best movie ever. >> reporter: he made many films of his own. >> the last film he did before he died was part of his keystone project for the honors program at maryland. >> reporter: he made this
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short film about leaving for college. that's his voice narrating. >> my room is eerily empty. has everything changed when i'm not around? are they thinking about me? do they miss me? >> reporter: his parents say the answer to that was always yes and it's even truer now. >> the world has lost more than we have. that's what i'd say. >> reporter: the cause of death has not been released yet, but at only 20 years old this is a guy who left behind pretty bigfoot steps. reporting live from the university of maryland i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> lowell grew up in the area. he went to takoma park middle school and then to blair high. his parents say his old baseball team is planning a tribute during their game tomorrow. new developments on the investigation into the mother's
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day murder of two montgomery county grandparents. our garrett haake is live outside the couple's rockville home where police have been all day and apparently are still there. >> reporter: police have been calling there around the clock investigation since sunday and tonight we're seeing that in action. around 9:00 tonight four evidence collection vans like the 1 behind me showed up on scene with crime scene technicians inside. they immediately went to work and asked us to turn our lights down to the minimal necessary level so they could work in complete darkness around the back of the house, all this while an anxious neighborhood waits for answers. in the vilardos' neighborhood today growing concern over the lack of suspects or arrests in the double murder down the block. >> i am locking twice and checking twice and it definitely makes you think. it makes you think about putting an alarm in. >> reporter: police tried to tamp down those fears tonight.
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>> this area has been and is adequately staffed with police. >> reporter: 79% of murders are committed by someone who knows the victim according to fbi statistics. starks said that number is probably even higher in montgomery county. >> this is a very unusual and unique crime, certainly in this area. investigators haven't stopped working since sunday afternoon and they are going to continue to use all their energy and all our resources towards solving this double homicide. >> reporter: investigators released some new information about the murders of dick and joanie vilardo today. >> this was a burglary and they're still assessing what, if anything, was taken. >> reporter: a source close to the investigation said that's in part because detectives were faced with a large messy crime scene indicative of a violent struggle between the vilardos and their killer or killers. police won't release the initial 911 call made by a family member. captain starks called it too
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gut wrenching to listen to. just within the last few minutes we have seen more officers continuing to arrive on scene. we can hear them working around the back of the house, but they are still out there working just by flashlight. it could be a very long night, but a lot of people are hoping for some kind of break-through. garrett haake, wusa9. >> it's a break-through everyone is waiting for. the family scheduled a viewing for the couple thursday. the funeral will be on friday. the springfield, virginia couple accused of plotting revenge by abducting and torturing a mclean couple will go to trial. they're alleged victims gave emotional and graphic testimony at today's preliminary hearing. mola lenghi was in the courtroom for the judge's decision. we learned a lot of new information today. >> reporter: that's right, lesli. alecia schmuhl and her husband andrew are each charged with two counts of abduction and malicious wounding in what prosecutors describe as a
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torture session. judge at fairfax county courthouse ruled today there is sufficient evidence to go forward with the trial, although he admitted in alecia schmuhl's case needed a little more convincing than in her husband's case. attorney leo fisher said he once saw promise in alecia schmuhl but had to fire her late last year for poor week. seeking revenge prosecutors say a month later her husband andrew showed up at fisher's mclean house disguised as a police officer and immediately tased the 41-year-old that alecia is seen buying. he bound fisher and his wife sue and held them hostage in their bedroom for three hours, pressing them about the law firm, who there was unsatisfied with his wife's work while continuing to pretend he was an officer the fisher would often leave the room to use his cell
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phone. the hours long ordeal cull minimum natured with andrew schmuhl stabbing him and slitting his throat before firing a shot at sue grazing the top of her head. leo thought at the time schmuhl killed her, but shop he missed. fisher -- somehow he missed her. he immediately told officers it was andrew schmuhl who abducted and tortured him. 30 minutes later schmuhl was arrested. the court wasn't quite sure what to rule with regard to alecia schmuhl until late in the hearing when the prosecution convinced him she was a principal player in the alleged crime, buying the taser and allegedly making several phone calls to her husband while he was at the alleged crime scene. mola lenghi, wusa9. >> a trial date is expected to be set for a may 21st hearing. later on a freak accident at her bachelorette party confined her to a wheelchair
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for life, but now she is married, has a baby and is
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your looking at what's left of train 188. it left union station bound for new york but did not make it there. around 9:30 in philadelphia that train derailed. we do not know why. eight to 10 cars are now on their side. 240 people on board, estimates of 40 to 60 people hurt at this hour. >> we have reports from one local hospital that says at least 15 passengers are being treated there for injuries and more are on the way. 1 man complained of neck pain, others wobbling walking away. 1 elderly woman was given oxygen. according to many folks, there were signs of perhaps an accident as the train was going around a curb, but the ntsb is already beginning its investigation. we expect to hear from mayor michael nutter of philadelphia and charles ramsey, the police chief. we'll get to them if they get to us before the show is over. she's been called the paralyzed bride, but today rachelle friedman chapman calls
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herself mom. >> rachelle made news five years ago while celebrating her upcoming wedding at a bachelorette party at virginia beach. during the party she was pushed into the shallow end of the swimming pool believing -- leaving her with no feeling from the chest down. rachelle said the accident made her want to have children even more and two week ago her daughter was born. this gift of life was possible thanks to the help of a surrogate. it's the quiet moments. these are the moments rachelle worried might never happen. >> my first question was am i going to be able to be a mom? >> rachel was paralyzed when a friend playfully pushed her into a pool at her bachelorette party. she and her husband used a college friend, a surrogate, to have baby caylee. doctors told her the blood pressure medicine she's on
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could make pregnancy dangerous. >> obviously i wish i could be feeding her naturally and going through the labor, but it didn't work out that way for us. >> reporter: she worried over the last months about bonding with caylee. >> some people say she looks like me or chris, but i don't really see it yet. >> it's just overwhelming to see rachel with her. she's so happy. they've bonded and connected and to see some of those motherly instincts kick in. >> reporter: rachel has limited use of her hands, so some things took a little figuring out. >> just have to stay positive knowing the first time i probably put on a diaper is probably not going to work out. the first time i put her on a table to change her it's probably not going to work out, but eventually it will. >> reporter: she went the last nine months upping her workout getting ready. >> i'm 100% positive we'll be amazing parents. caylee will be raised in an amazing home and be an awesome kid. hopefully i can show the world exactly what i'm capable of.
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>> rachel and chris want more children and who knows says rachel? maybe in a couple of years my blood pressure issues will be solved and i'll be healthy enough to do it myself, i can only hope. andrea roane, wusa9. >> baby caylee's middle name is ray. also rachel and her husband chris are documenting their experience as new parents for a new cable television serial rees slated to air this winter. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> how did we do with our 3- degree guarantee? >> pretty well. we forecasted a high of 90 degrees and that's exactly what it was, so we get it correct. we're seeing the ball almost as big as bryce harper, not quite. observed highs, 88 in leesburg, manassas. our average high is 75, so this
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is way above average, no records set today. it was 90 up in frederick. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 79, our current temperature will end up being the high today. very dry air mass, winds northwest at 18. grab a sweater and shades for tomorrow morning. bus stop temperatures 54 to 64, a bit chilly wednesday night, 40s and 50s and very nice the rest of the week. we're in a great pattern. we actually need some rainfall. we've only had .16 so far at national for the month. 6 a.m. it's going to be cool. we'll fall quickly. 56 in gaithersburg, leesburg, 9:00 low to mid-60s, sunshine. the arrows there, northwest winds all day tomorrow 10 to 20. that will make it feel cooler
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than it is. by 1:00 68 downtown, 65 in gaithersburg. we should make it into the low 70s downtown. some areas north and west will struggle to get out of the 60s. 62 to start, 64 at 9:00, 66 at 11:00, 68 with sunshine at 1:00. thursday temperature-wise will be the same day but gorgeous, no wind, 77 friday, very nice. we kept friday dry. next seven days isolated storms saturday, warmer, low 80s, a few storms sunday, low 80s, better chance for storms monday,
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we take you live once again to tower breaking news tonight, a train out of union station here in washington has crashed, derailed just outside of north philadelphia. at least 238 people on board, five crew members and dozens injured. they're telling us more than two of the cars derailed, perhaps as many as 20 cars went off the tracks. you're looking live at the first ground level video we've seen tonight of exactly what the scene looks like. as you can see, it's still very active as dozens of first responders are still trying to assess the damage and perhaps
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still rescue people from that train. >> obviously the service from philadelphia to new york has stopped for the night because there is a lot of activity on the ground trying to keep this massive rescue effort going. there's also a hotline to call if you need information about a family member. it's on the screen, but we'll say it out loud, too. it's 1-800-523-9101. we heard at least two cars, potentially up to 20 cars on their side in just a vast dark pile of metal that we showed you earlier from those aerial shots. you see all these first responders down here. they have been pleading with people who live in the port richmond area not to come down there so they can do the tasks ahead of them, which is try to get to all those people on the train when it crashed. >> we'll have the latest coming your way on wusa9 news in the morning at 4:25. in the meantime.
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>> now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the washington nationals didn't let the time change get to them. they began their west coast road trip last night with a bang, 15 hits, 11 runs, but they couldn't keep the momentum up for game two, at least right now. airarizona wasted no time getting on the board with a two- run -- arizona waisted no time getting on the board with a two- run single. it was a bad day for steven strasburg. he left in the 4th inning after giving up eight hits, eight earned runs. the orioles got a big win on reopening day yesterday, but tonight not much to celebrate. in the 3rd a base hit up the middle, machado ran home, but falter later. edward encarnacion was hot
11:27 pm
tonight. his second homer of the game capping off a four-run 7th inning. blue jays win 10-2. encouraging news for the wizards. john wall hasn't played because of fractures in his left hand. we saw him on the court with a padded beige. he dribbled the ball with that -- padded bandage. he dribbled the ball with that hand for the first time in about a week and will have it reexamined by doctors today or tomorrow. >> what he's doing now is fine according to them to get a little feel for it to see how it feels from a pain standpoint and that's it. it's very light down there today. >> the wizards play game five tomorrow in atlanta while the capitals head to the big apple for game seven, their third game seven meeting against the rangers. this team has been in this spot already this post season.
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so that experience is giving them confidence. >> we've been in this situation. last series we were in a game seven. we played it in before. we've been in game seven's in playoffs before, so it's just another day.
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that is our broadcast for tonight. thank you for sticking around with us. >> we'll have the latest on the
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