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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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good arch. i'm andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. just within the last hour philadelphia mayor michael nutter got a president from
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president obama who offered the full support of the white house when it comes to the recovery and rescue efforts still under way this very minute at the site where amtrak train 188 derailed last night. >> we also learned the train's black box has been recovered and sent to delaware for analysis. here's what else we know. amtrak train 188 from washington, d.c. to new york city derailed at 9:28 last night. 238 passengers and five crew members were on board. six of those have been killed, including a midshipman from the naval academy. dozens more were sent to the hospital. taking a look now at the crash site, the train had just left the 30th street station when it crashed in the port richmond section of town coming around what appeared to be a very sharp curve. now investigators from the national transportation safety board have been at the site since 4:00 this morning trying to figure out what caused this derailment. we just learned they recovered the train's black box now being analyzed at amtrak's operation center in delaware. it should help shed some light in this case.
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an ntsb spokesperson did tell us speed along with a list of other factors are going to be investigated. >> whatever is comparable as we know it often referred to as the black box, that has been recovered. it is now in the amtrak operation center in delaware for analysis. we have no information from that particular device at all because it is currently being analyzed by the experts. >> we have team coverage of this event. scott broom has the latest on the ntsb investigation. delia goncalves is at the crash site and mike hydeck is at union station here in washington. let's go to delia goncalves in philadelphia. >> reporter: as you reported, six confirmed dead. among them midshipman from the naval academy in annapolis. we're told by the naval academy that midshipman was on leave and heading home when the crash happened. a very busy scene here at the crash site and right now some
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large pieces of equipment being towed inside, large cranes here as well as crews prepare to remove car number seven of train 188. but before that happens, a lot of work and difficult work to do as rescue responders, emergency responders search through the rubble for more victims. a crane pulls into the crash site as crews begin the slow and difficult process of removing car number seven, the last car of train 188 leaning over the tracks dangling dangerously by one power line. the fourth of last night's deadly derailment tearing down wires and pulling on poles. the ntsb investigators heading to the scene. >> i've been down on the tracks on the scene with my staff. it is an absolute disaster rouse mess -- disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life and most personnel will say that as well.
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>> reporter: the train bound to new york left d.c.'s union station around 7:00 last night. passengers were halfway through their trip when the train approached a curve, lumped forward and jumped -- lurched forward and jumped the tracks. five crew members and 238 passengers on board, survivors sclirambng to escape the wreck an, many who are lucky to be alive. >> just kind of tumbling. it felt like it was in slow mo because you're not sure if this is it. in that moment you're just not sure. when we finally stopped, i knew i was no longer being thrown around and i tasted dirt. it never tasted so lovely in my life, just to know that you're alive. >> i helped my mom get off, first priority. luckily i'm still here, still walking. i got really lucky so i picked i would do my best to help because i saw everyone -- i could see the blood on people's faces, they can't move. their knees were out.
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>> reporter: again a lot of people very thankful that they were able to walk out of this wreckage alive. however, we know that the mayor of philadelphia just confirmed that some passengers are unaccounted for. i talked to a police lieutenant on the scene earlier today. he told me he was here last night on the tracks and he saw some of the bodies that were recovered from the scene pulled from that last train so no doubt a lot of those rescue workers who are digging through the rubble braces themselves right now for the worst. for now we're live at the crash site, delia goncalves. now let's head over to scott broom, my colleague who is live at the hospital. >> reporter: yeah, i'm at temple university hospital, delia. thank you very much. want to remind you 238 people on the train, 140 of them were injured. here at temple university hospital, they're taking care of the most critically injured. there are 52 of them that have been admitted. about 25 still in the hospital now. we just spoke to a survivor who
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was just released from the hospital. he is from washington. he's a young web editor named caleb bottom. here are some of his reflections about what happened last night. >> everybody on that train was helping people there was some older people on that train that needed a lot of assistance and, you know, people stepped up. there's no doubt. there was a gentleman in jeans and a t-shirt and a flashlight that jumped on the train and said he was a police officer and started to direct people off. that was it. >> reporter: caleb bottom from washington, he's headed back home at this time. he was headed to new york last night. he's going back to his home in washington. he was checked out today for a possible head injury. his injuries appear to be minor. he feels okay so he is headed back home.
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he described what he thought was sort of a surreal scene. it was obviously the train was going over. this moment of darkness, this moment we realized he had survived and things were okay and then the immediate instinct he said without panic those who were able began to help others on the train immediately. that's the situation here at the temple university hospital where many of the survivors are still being treated, scott broom, wusa9. back to you in washington. >> scott, thank you. as you can imagine the third party of this story, the derailment could impact train travel up and down the northeast corridor for several days. >> a huge impact when you consider it's known as one of the busiest passenger rail routes in the country. if you already have a ticket to travel on amtrak, mike hydeck has information you need to know before making your way to the station. he joins us live from union station. mike? >> reporter: travelers here at union station had to be very flexible when they started coming at 6:00 and the following hours they saw train after train to new york or
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boston canceled or delayed. some of them had to get on planes. they chose alternate trains. they used cars. as they learned about the circumstances of the crash in philly, they kept their from us traces in perspective. >> i have to call my -- basically my boss to see what he's going to want me to do. >> reporter: try to book ow a flight maybe or car -- book you on a flight maybe or car? >> probably that's what i'm going to do. >> reporter: you were in winter haven, florida and now you're trying to get to? >> new york, penn station. >> reporter: when did you find out and when did you find out you had to get off here? >> we found out like probably like 20 minutes before. >> this is an inconvenience, nothing compared to what people are going to right now so my heart goes out to everybody who are dealing with this. >> reporter: and we heard that sentiment a lot, even as the lines got longer. many people in line talked about the six lives lost and the scores in the hospital. definitely commuters took some pause this morning. back here live, union station is bustling like it normally
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is. lots of people coming through here. the challenge is not over yet for people coming back to d.c. or commuters tomorrow. for more on that let's toss to larry miller. larry? >> that's certainly one of the things we're going to keep a close eye on tomorrow is what the impact that crash in philadelphia will have for commuters for tomorrow. but today still one of the cants rations we've been -- cancellations we've been talking about, 181 and 151 canceled. what might be an alternative for folks tomorrow might be to take the penn line train 517 or 5:23. again, no service today between new york and philly. we expect that to continue tomorrow. many commuters decided to hop on planes and other routes but we want you to be really cognizant of this. trying to catch a flight right now, a round trip flight from washington, d.c. to new york can cost you as much as $900. i've seen prices upwards of $1200. consider this. a megabus, the bulk bus, greyhound or even car rental is just a fraction of the amount that you would pay for a round
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trip ticket. we've seen commuters being able to travel from washington, d.c. to new york city for as little as $60 by using megabus or bulk bus. -- boltbus. car rental might cost you a couple hundred dollars. we'll keep a close eye on this for you starting at 4:25 tomorrow morning. >> thank you. countless, gripping photos have emerged from the crash scene in philadelphia. >> they paint a clear picture of haw traumatic this was for the passengers on board train 1 # 8. -- 188. >> reporter: first person accounts are always so powerful and minutes after the crash. amtrak derailment started trending. some pictures came from people on board. let's take a look. up first this picture which was taken by the associated press. pretty heartbreaking to see that there. first responders, police officers taking that man from the scene. up next we have more first
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responders and police officers escorting some victims there from that train crash. and then here from our cbs station in philadelphia, we've got search continues for potential victims. it's hard to even tell what we're looking at right there, just a mangled mess of a train. up next is a video. this was taken from a man actually on board and looks like the video is not working. i apologize there. but this was a pretty powerful video. we'll be sure to post this on our wusa9 website. oh, there it goes. pretty powerful stuff. this was taken as this man was being rescued from that train and he's saying help me and they're directing him exactly where to go. some of the most powerful images came from former congressman patrick murphy who was on the train when it crashed. he first tweeted out he was okay and helping those on board. here's what he had to say afterwards. >> it just happened so fast. obviously a lot of debris, lights went out. a lot of screaming.
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99.9% of the time you're going to fine. when it's your day to go, it's your day to go. i've been blessed obviously today is thought my day and hopefully tomorrow will be neither. >> murphy thanked the first responders who were there within minutes. some powerful images giving us a look into the terror on board. another popular trend is "pray for philly." while investigators deal with the grim aftermath of the amtrak derailment, on capitol hill this is happening right now. the house appropriations committee is meeting to debate a transportation bill which could clash slash funding from the rail -- which could slash funding for the rail service. budget hawks want to cut spending. will today's impact -- accident have an impact on the talk? we'll have to wait and see. again for the latest breaking news, check out our app. we'll also have continuing coverage of the amtrak train derailment right here on air and at
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changing gears now, the heat and humidity have made way for some more seasonal, refreshing temperatures. >> how long will it stay that way, though? that is a question we ask howard bernstein who has a look at forecast. >> i think we're going for the next two to three days and back by the weekend. a lot of clouds arch, especially d.c. and north. -- clouds around, especially d.c. and north. temperatures are struggling. we're talking 20 to 25 degrees colder in most locations. only in the 40s right now in pittsburgh. cumberland is 55. we're 66 with the 70s in richmond and novembering for be. some of the suburban areas are still in the 50s now. you won't get out of the 60s. in washington i think we'll see a little more sun than what we're see now. with luck we'll get to the low 70s. a northwest wind is gusting 20, even 30 miles an hour. chilly couple of nights coming our way but the heat and humidity return by the weekend. full seven-day in a few minutes. >> thanks, howward. who shot them and why -- thanks, howard. who shot them and why.
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reginald brown iii was killed and four other men injured after a late night shooting in capitol heights. it happened just after 11:00 p.m. police say five men were taken to the hospital but one of the victims died there. sources tell our new york city cbs station that police shot the suspect in the hammer attack this morning. two officers on patrol recognized the suspect. when they approached the man, he pulled a hammer out of a bag and swung it numerous times. he was shot by officers. he died as a result of that shooting. the man is believed to be the hammer-wielding attacker who assaulted four people in manhattan earlier in the week. still to come this noon, should the boston bomber live or die? lawyers get set to present their closing arguments. >> search continues for a mission u.s. helicopter in nepal involved in the earthquake recovery efforts. >> you are looking live. this is from the scene of the wreckage of amtrak 188. we'll have the latest from
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philadelphia ahead on wusa9 news at
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as rescuers try to reach survivors of tuesday's deadly earthquake in nepal, troops are searching for a u.s. marine helicopter with six americans on board. >> pentagon officials say the chopper reported a fuel problem while delivering aid to one of the hardest hit regions. we have the latest from london. >> reporter: the air search began at dawn in kathmandu with troops aboard military helicopters looking for their own. a chopper with six u.s. marines disappeared tuesday night after the pilot reported fuel problems. the crew was ferrying supplies to earthquake victims in remote villages 60 miles northeast of the capital. on the ground a larger search continues for people buried in the rubble.
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tuesday's 7.3 magnitude earthquake toppled buildings and panicked people who survived last month's quake. mya said she just started rebuilding when the second quake destroyed what was left her home. in one small town, officials evacuated people warning them that more buildings could fall. most spent the night on the streets waiting for supplies. the latest quake triggered massive landslides which have blocked roads. choppers are one of the only ways crews can get relief to those who need it. closing arguments in the boston bombing trial are expected to get under way this afternoon. lawyers for both sides are expected to take about an hour each to present final arguments on what they believe the punishment should be for convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. jurors are expected to be handed the case to dlik rate whether he -- to deliberate whether he will be facing the
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death penalty or life without patrol. still to come, we'll be heading back to philadelphia. >> delia goncalves will have the latest developments in the amtrak train derailment. >> a refreshingly cool midday but the allergens trifecta has been hit. this is one you don't want to win. we're talking high with the tree pollen, grass pollen and mold spores. back with a look at the weekend. i'll have the seven-day forecast in
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at this hour some passengers who were on board amtrak train 188 are still unaccounted for in philadelphia. >> rescue and recovery efforts are still under way while the ntsb is investigating what caused the derailment. we want to go back now live to delia goncalves who's near the
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crash site. delia? >> reporter: a very active scene here, nick, andrea, as crews continue to bring in cranes, large pieces of equipment. they're preparing to remove the last car in train 188, car number 7. but before they do that, still a lot of work to do as rescue workers continue to search through the rubble for more victims. we've been hearing from the mayor. the mayor confirming that there are still some passengers unaccounted for. 238 passengers, five crew members were on that train that left d.c. at 7:00 last night heading to new york, including a navy midshipmen on his way home. back to you in the studio. >> all right, delia, thank you. changing gears, we have a break from the heat and humidity. >> we'll take it. howard bernstein has your forecast. >> much more comfortable. much more like may. the last 11 days we were above average. today we're going to stay below average. 71 degrees with luck at 4:00. some of you will stay in the 60s today. i do think we'll see a little more sun in the afternoon than
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what we're seeing right now. tonight clear and chilly. 61 by midnight with low 50s overnight in town and 40s north and west. our weather headlines chilly the next couple of nights. even if you open the windows you may have to leave them a crack. wide open might be too much. lows in the 40s and 50s. 80s and humidity return this weekend and we'll have a shower and storm threat also returning this weekend here but west of the metro, west of the blue ridge friday afternoon some showers and storms. lots of clouds to our north and west. some of those have come toward the district here. and under the cloud cover temperatures are struggling. in fact, they're a lot colder. some cases even 20 degrees colder than at this time yesterday with readings right now ranging from the upper 50s in martinsburg and gaithersburg to the mid-60s in d.c. but nice. pretty nice. tappahannock, reedville, pax river upper 60s and even a couple spots at 70. big picture, we're watching texas again. been a very active pattern the last couple of weeks. once again the atmosphere is reloading. you see another tornado watch in south central texas with all
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the rain back toward the panhandle and into oklahoma. this storm system is going to throw some moisture our way so that as we get in toward late friday, west of the blue ridge, showers and storms i believe. and we're going to see the heat, humidity and storm threat build as we head into the weekend. for the next three, today not bad. 7 3w. that would be ray -- 73. that would be reagan national. maybe that would be optimistic. possibly close 70, 71. a 52 tonight. low to mid-40s in the cold spots. the winds will die down. still gusts this afternoon 25 to 30 miles an hour. gorgeous tomorrow, 74. friday upper 70s with that shower threat west of the blue ridge. as we head toward the weekend, back in the mid to even upper #s on with the threat for the -- upper 80s with the threat for the afternoon shower or storm. 80s
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that's it for us at noon. >> we'll see you again at 5:00. >> but we're
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>> jack: victor... >> adam: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. hold on a sec. what the hell are you doing? jack, are you all right? what is this? >> victor: come with me. >> adam: no, i'm not going anywhere until i find out that jack's okay. are you okay? what -- >> victor: whoa, whoa. wait, wait, wait. he's awake. he's very disoriented. he is groggy. come with me. come on. he's very sensitive. do you understand? you're upsetting him. >> adam: upsetting him? you're trying to kill him. >> victor: [ sputters ] what? >> summer: i, uh, brought some things that can maybe help jog jack's memory from special events.


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