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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  May 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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here are five stories we've been working on through the night. federal investigators say an amtrak train was going nearly twice the speed limit before tuesday's deadly crash. we're live in philadelphia. a cool morning will give way to a perfect spring day but a warm-up is on the way. the number of homeless people living in d.c. is down but it's still a growing crisis. rescue crews continue to dig through the rubble after another strong earthquake hits nepal. and wal-mart is giving amazon a run for its money and it could end up benefiting you. the news starts right now. good morning. welcome to wusa9. it's 6:00 a.m. look at this beautiful sunrise on thursday, may 14. i'm andrea roane. my producer thinks it's cold and i think ipt' just a little chilly out-- i think it's just a little chilly outside.
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>> we have erica grow wearing her jacket. she's live outside dupont circle. larry miller, allyson rae in house. you drew a good assignment on what is a solid start to the day and a true spring day. >> it is a little cool out there but i think it's a welcome cool for loot of people because it's not going to be muggy today by any means. perfect. we are starting off cool but by the end of the day it's just great. i don't know of any other word, gorgeous, fantastic, perfect day. cool to start and warm to end the day. look at the sunrise, it's beautiful as well. just a few high thin clouds out there. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. 54 degrees but as you head outside of the beltway, we have dropped into the 40s. that's what dry air will allow you to do. the dew point 3 degrees. winds are still breezy for thousand but as we head through the rest of the afternoon, they will start to let up a little bit. 43 degrees for frederick and
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we're headed to the low to mid- 70s today. enjoy your thursday. no problems at all. larry, over to you. >> thank you. your time right now 6:02. for those of you trying to make the trek up north, want to give you an update on the situation considering the derailment on amtrak in philadelphia. again modified service between d.c. and philly. no service between philadelphia and new we're asking commuters to consider megabus, greyhound or car rental as a cheaper alternative. metro running on schedule today. no problems with the buses. probably the biggest headache on the virginia side northbound it exit 140 in garrisonville where we have the left lane blocked as a result of an accident. the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia is our top story again this morning. investigators focusing on speed trying to figure out why amtrak train 188 was traveling at 106 miles an hour, more than twice the speed limit as it headed toward a sharp curve. >> that high speed shined a spotlight on the train's
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engineer. brandon bostian and his actions immediately before the derailment. >> we're learning more about some of the people who died. >> reporter: i'm nikki burr dive live in fill film. we're at the scene of that deadly train crash that happened on tuesday night. just a few moments ago we saw several big rigs pulling up here and they'll be removing the train debris. right now the investigation is focusing on the engineer and just how fast he was going. this is what we know so far about that engineer. he is 32 years old and his name is brandon bostian. investigators will be interviewing him but they recognize he's been through a very traumatic experience as well and they want to give am day or so before they interview him. he has provided a blood sample to police. as we reported speed was a huge factor. the train was doing 106 miles per hour just before the engineer threw on the emergency brakes moments before all seven cars derailed.
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>> maximum authorized speed through this curve was 50 miles per hour. when the engineer induced brake application was applied, the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles per hour [ inaudible ] >> reporter: it's also important to note that that straight away right before the curve, the speed limit there is # 0 miles per hour. so -- 80 miles per hour so even before he got to the curve he was still going well over the speed limit. investigators will also be looking at black box and footage from a camera that's facing forward on that train. investigators had just looked at that section of the tracks. what they found? i'll tell you coming up in our next half-hour. for now back to mike hydeck in washington with a look at some of the victims. >> reporter: we are learning more about some of those
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victims on the amtrak derailment. abid gilani was a senior vice president for wells fargo. his wife tells us he was taking the train back to new york after attending his uncle's funeral here in maryland. >> just got in the car and started driving to philadelphia. >> reporter: before you knew his fate? >> correct. and found out as i got close to the city limits that i was needed for identification. >> reporter: diana gilani describes her husband and a kind and wonderful man who loved deeply. naval academy midshipman justin zemser was also killed. he was on leave and going home at the time. his mother, susan, describes him as loving. she says, quote, the tragedy has shocked us all in the worst way. he lived in the rockaways in new york and was the team captain of his high school
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football team. andrea? [ no audio ] some people are still missing after the amtrak derailment and investigators are still searching for them. passengers who haven't talked to police should call 1-800-523- 9101. family members can also call that number to check on relatives. there's a family assistance center set up at the marriott hotel at 12th and market streets in philadelphia. you can of course get the very latest on this situation on we'll have much more on the developing situation throughout the morning and of course you can keep us with you for any updates by using the wusa9 mobile app. >> reporter: i'm zeal deal live outside of mile an hour -- delia goncalves live outside mile an hour jam's kitchen in north -- outside miriam's kitchen in northwest. this is a soup kitchen and there is a line forming of people waiting to be served breakfast.
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there are less people in d.c. that need this free meal because homelessness has dropped in the district of columbia. according to the count that was done in january, there are 11,623 people living in d.c. without shelter. that's a big number, yes, but it is a significant drop, about 2.5% and that is showing momentum here in d.c. there are programs here and that's being credited, programs that are placing homeless people in permanent shelters. there is still a lot of work to do to help our homeless neighbors of course. there are more than a thousand single adults sleeping outside. nine families with children were found to have no shelter. perhaps have worked in chronic homelessness in cities like phoenix and d.c.'s mayor bowser wants to end chronic homelessness in five years. i'll tell you how she plans to do that coming up in the next half-hour. for now we're live in northwest, delia goncalves, wusa9.
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rescuers are still searching for a u.s. military helicopter missing in nepal. >> and in the sentencing faitz of the boston marathon -- phase of the boston marathon bombing trial, jurors will have to decide the fate of dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> erica is live in dupont circle with a look at today's chilly weather. >> it is a chilly start. very my jacket on for now. i think i'll be able to get rid of it by lunch time and so can you. temperatures heading into the 70s just about for everyone. 75 for the high temperature. lots of sunshine, good morningous. the winds we had yesterday will settle down, too. we'll talk about how long
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welcome back. it's 6:10. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. today will be much calmer and it will make things feel comfortable in the afternoon as well. still chilly to start. temperatures in the 40s in the suburbs. we're all the way down to 42 in culpeper. 44 in hagerstown. now 45 in gaithersburg. as we head through the day, we'll see the sunshine helping to warm us into the 70s and even by lunch time it will be in the upper 60s. so very comfortable to spend outside. we'll talk more about this beautiful weather coming up in the first alert seven day. right now time for timesaver traffic and larry miller. we have a major situation going on at the inner loop of the beltway at braddock road where we have all lanes shut down as a result of a vehicle fire. waiting for sky 9 to give us a picture. looks like we lost that. twients go to the trafficland -- i want to to the trafficland camera. all lanes closed causing major
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delays. if we can go to sky 9 we can show you what's going o. we're asking drivers to stay off the section of the beltway at this point because we're see making major delays as a result of this bus fire. we'll have an update in about ten minutes. nearly five dozen lives of lost in a factory fire. >> one family is celebrating the birth of another boy this morning. how about lucky number 13. >> my goodness. allyson, what can we expect later today in weather? >> we're expecting a perfect pring day. lots of sunshine into the lower 70s -- spring da
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6:15. our near perfect day will be a memory, something you put and cherish -- something you cherish. >> tomorrow not bad either. still going to be dry but a little cloudier and warmer. some people like the warmer weather. >> looks like the roller coaster ride continues. >> we will see a warm front. as spring goes you get warm behind the front and then cool behind the front so you will see some swings. it's great out there. a few fair weather clouds today and that is about it.
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54 degrees. we'll hold steady on that temperature. out to areas in the suburbs or outside the beltway, it is just cool but i think it's a refreshing cool for most folks. it's been so warm as humid as of late and feeling like summer. definitely spring weather has arrived for today. winds out of the north 12 miles per hour. still a little breezy. not for long, though. they're going to turn out of the south a little later on. that's going to help warm us up for tonight and into tomorrow. 41 for germantown. damascus 46 degrees. it is a little cool out here through centreville and fairfax into the mid-40s. manassas you're at 46 degrees once you head to southern maryland you're into the 40s as well. 50 for north beach and andrews 46. waldorf you're at 45. lots of sunshine today. any clouds that do pass on by are going to be nice. pretty thin clouds. as we head to tomorrow, the clouds will increase and then our rain chances will steadily increase as well. not a washout over the weekend but we will be dodging a few showers on saturday and sunday.
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today 73 degrees. nice low humidity. tomorrow 77. the clouds start to move on in. showers for tomorrow will arrive around 81. most areas stay dry, though. for saturday and sunday a couple of showers and storms. the best chance for rain looks to be monday. there's the cooldown right in time for the nats to return home. larry, over to you. >> thank you. we have a bus fire on the inner loop of the beltway at braddock road right now blocking all of the lanes. sky 9 is in place to show us the situation there. we understand that that bus fire which is right here at this point might have something to do with the engine. you can see all the lanes blocked. traffic is not getting by. this will be sticking around for a while. we did just talk with state police. they are going to open up two lanes but you can see significant backups on the inner loop of the beltway. we're seeing backups past the interchange as well. the best advice we can give drivers and i'll step out of the way so you can get a better look the at situation is to take backlick road up to
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gallows road and from gallows road hop on to the beltway. that's going to help you bypass the situation and continue on with the rest of your route. again we have a bus fire blocking all lanes of the inner loop of the beltway. so we're asking drivers to stay away from this area because it seems like they're going to be there for some time. i want to take you to i-66 and show you how things are shaping up there. again this is at lee highway. no issues on both the eastbound or westbound lanes so a smooth commute overall. so drivers traveling on that stretch. road should have no problems getting to your destination on time. we'll have another update for you in ten minutes. 6:18. this is mike hydeck. some of the stories we're working on for you right now. it's been almost two days since a helicopter carrying six marines and two nepalese soldiers disappeared. still no signs of it. the crew was delivering aid to earthquake victims in nepal's hardest hit areas. we have the latest on the search. >> reporter: as daylight breaks
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on earthquake-torn nepal, the search resumes. there has been no sign and no word from the missing crew since pilot lieutenant chris norgren reported fuel problems tuesday night. friends. the 31-year-old kansas native still have hope. >> first of all, i would say a prayer really quick that things are okay. it's hard. >> reporter: these photos from just last week show the crew returning from a relief mission. norgren has been in nepal since the first devastating quake in april. he was delivering food to victims of the quake when his chopper disappeared 60 miles north of kathmandu. thousands of people were injured in tuesday's quake. rescuers are still breaking through fallen walls and there is good reason to hope for life on the other side. this baby boy was born after his mother dug herself out of her toppled home. the british red cross says both baby and mom are okay.
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>> this week's quake killed at least 96 people. the disapser last month -- disaster last month killed over 8,000. the death toll now 72 from a factory fire in the philippines. the fire consumed a plant that makes rubber slippers. it's located outside the capital of manila. about a dozen people are still missing and relatives are now criticizing the safety of the building. they say there were not enough emergency exits in it. his life lies in their hands now. the jury of boston marathon bombing starts deliberating the fate of dzhokhar tsarnaev. the prosecutors had their closing statements yesterday and they are pushing for the death penalty. now the jury must make a unanimous decision in order for tsarnaev to face execution. he says he's on top of the world literally and figuratively. 14-year-old kanal mendon of new jersey is the winner of this year's national geography bee.
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his prize? a $50,000 college scholarship. germantown sixth grader abhinav karthikeyan made the top ten but unfortunately didn't get into the final three. a michigan couple has not 11, not 12, but 13 little boys, all boys. her 13th son was born yesterday. they say they always wait to find out the sex of their children before they're born. they don't peek but they were not surprised that they had yet another boy. a baker's dozen. >> think the probability was going up each time. they could probably field a football team. >> think of the food budget. >> a lot of kids. >> a lot of kids. >> run their own full court basketball. 6:21. the secret service agent under fire for misconduct choosing to retire. >> what animal is being used to help prerent wildfires --
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prevent wildfires in california? >> here's erica with a look at weather. >> starting to see sunshine out here in dupont circle that will help warm us up very quickly as we head into the afternoon. high temperature 70 to 75 degrees. lots of sunshine but you'll need the jacket as you're stepping out the do i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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at 6:25, here are some things you may have missed in the news. a scathing report is out this morning about what some call gross mismanagement at the v.a. "the washington post" reports an internal memo shows the department of veterans affairs has been spending at least $6 billion a year to pay for medical care and supplies. the post says that's in violation of federal contracting rules that require competitive bidding. a deputy assistant secretary describes a culture of, quote, flawlessness and chaos at the v.a. a showdown is looming this morning on the hill over the nsa's bulk collection of phone records of millions of americans. just yesterday the house overwhelmingly approved a measure curbing the agency's authority. that sets up showdown with senate republican leaders. they oppose any such limb tapings. also -- limitations. also this morning the house has approved a late-term abortion ban on a near party line vote t. took months to pass the -- vote.
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it took months to pass the bill. the fate of the measure is uncertain in the senate. president obama is vowing to veto the measure if it does reach his desk. some controversy brewing on capitol hill dealing with trips overseas. secretly funded by foreign governments. that's according to a confidential ethics report obtained by the "the washington post." in one case the paper says the state-owned oil company hooked up an all expense paid trip to a conference. lawmakers and their staff received hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of travel expenses along with silk scarves and crystal tea sets. a top secret service agency facing ethic questions is expected to retire before the release of a report from the inspector general's office. mark connolly was one of two agents being investigated for allegedly driving a car into a security barrier at the white house and active crime scene.
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the investigation concluded the two agents were probably drunk at the time. the historic drought in california has created dangerous fire conditions throughout the state. firefighters have already responded to nearly double the number of wildfires compared to last year. >> throw in the kitchen sink essentially. they're using animals to try and prevent fires. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: firefighters are in a battle against california's drought and record breaking temperatures. ventura county officials showed off their arsenal, including helicopters for water drops and fire suppressing gels. >> this year is probably the worst i've seen in my 24 years as a firefighter. it's really -- [indiscernible] -- that we're going to have a significant busy fire season. >> reporter: they are also putting boats on the front lines to prevent fires. they're being brought in to clear dry brush and for terrain that's difficult to reach.
6:28 am
they can eat about ten pounds of brush a day. they're a common and cheap fire prevention method used throughout the state. but fire and forest officials are also counting on residents to help since people start most of california's fires. >> one small spark can start a fire that burns thousands or hundreds of thousands of acres. >> reporter: fire activity is nearly double what it normally is this time of year in california. crews have already responded to about 1300 wildfires that have blackened 5100 acres around the state. danielle nottingham, cbs news, simi valley, california. >> california's governor allocated an addition a gldz 150 million to help -- an additional $150 million to help fight the fires issued an emergency drought situation last year. it is 6:29. hello and welcome back to wusa9 on this thursday, may 14. i'm andrea roane.
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the producer insists it's cold outside but we think it's refreshing and comfortable at 54 degrees. i'm andrea roane. >> a beautiful day for a boat ride. larry miller here with traffic. that's one way of commuting. we'll see how it's working out on the roadways along with our weather team. erica grow in du point circle -- dupont circle this morning and allyson rae here in the studio on a solid spring day. >> our producer came from one ever the chillier spots, his drive in started off in the 40s. so we're in the 50s. >> we've warmed up. >> no, we're just warmer in the district so it is a little chilly, especially when you head out in the suburbs. we're talking 40s but inside the beltway 50. so you get a little bit of a temperature swing there. it is cool. probably grab the light jacket. let's take a look. we're starting off very nice this morning. it's just going to abgreat spring day. -- to be a great spring day. cool to start. comfortable by this afternoon. we'll add 20 degrees tots
6:30 am
temperature. areas in the suburbs are going to hang out near 07 degrees. 44 -- 70 degrees. 44 for hagerstown. 45 as you head down to waldorf. we're headed to the 70s through the afternoon, but lunch hour we're at 67 degrees. the winds lighten up a little bit as well. larry, what have you got? good morning. time 6:30. want to let travelers commuting north we have modified amtrak service between d.c. and philly. no service between philadelphia and new york. we're asking commuters to consider megabus, greyhound and car rental as a chief alternative at this point. i want to take you right now to the inner loop of the beltway at braddock road where all the lanes are closed because of a bus fire. that's where we find sky 9 over the scene right now. all of the lanes are closed that is the bus fire right there. you can see looks like individuals from this bus are now over to the shoulder with their bags. looks like we have an engine fire causing significant delays on the inner loop of the beltway. looks like traffic being able to get by two lanes so that's an update from the last time we
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saw you. we're asking drivers to stay away from this area, to consider taking backlick road to gallows road and hopping back on the interstate. we'll have an update for you in about ten minutes. the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia is our top story this morning and the focus is on speed which the philadelphia mayor nutter calls reckless. investigators trying to figure out why amtrak train 188 was traveling at 106 hirs. >> it's more than twice the speed limit posted toward a sharp curve around it's shined a spott lighon the train's engineer brandon bostian and his actions immediately before the derailment. for the latest in the investigation, let's go out live to philadelphia to nikki burdine burdine. >> reporter: the cleanup process is still well under way for the second day here at the site of the deadliest train crash in nearly seven years. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see just beyond that bus are several big rigs that pulled up a few moments ago and they're going to be lifting up those wrecked train cars and pulling them away from
6:32 am
the scene to be analyzed. associators will willing be looking at the black box -- investigators will also be looking at the black box and video from the train's front facing camera. as far as we know the train was going 106 miles per hour and the engineer put on those brakes and slowed down to 102 which is still 50 over what it should have been doing. that's when the train took the curve and all seven cars were derailed and seven people killed. about 200 injured. why was the train going so fast? investigators say they plan to talk to the train's engineer brandon bostian who is 32 years old. they say he has been through a traumatic experience and they plan to give:a day or so before they go through that interview. he did give police a glad sample but he left without giving them a statement. that section of the track where the train crashed was just analyzed not to long ago and investigators tell us they did not find anything wrong with that particular section of the train track. it's going to be another long day of investigations here at the crash site as well as cleanup. we expect another update from
6:33 am
the ntsb later on this morning. live in philadelphia, i'm nikki burdine. back to you in washington. >> thank you, nikki. just two days after the derayment in philadelphia the house okayed a bill to fund amtrak. congress pushed to raise the funding but republicans argued the spending would need to be offset elsewhere in the budget. the money could have been used on much needed upgrades. amtrak uses equipment which would be considered antique in other parts of the world. for instance, a signal system installed before world war ii, electrical wires that date back to the 1930's. amtrak's ceo discussed the problems. >> what amtrak has is among the poorest i've ever seen given the level of use that they get. the accumulated deferred maintenance and lack of attention really makes it almost a thirmd word operation- - >> third world operation. >> amtrak says maintaining and upgrading the busy northeast
6:34 am
corridor would cost $2.5 billion, nearly double the buyer annual operating budget congress approved for amtrak this year. >> you can read more on each of the confirmed amtrak crash victims on our website we'll have more on the doving investigation throughout the morning and you can keep up with thy of the updates by using our wusa9 app. an early morning fire is something we just got new information about this morning which put five montgomery firefighters in the hospital. investigators now believe it began in a chimney in a house on leekes lot way in gaithersburg. the fire spread through the wood shingles on the house. fortunately none of the firefighters were seriously hurt. i'm delia goncalves. live in northwest outside of miriam's kitchen. the doors just opened moments ago. we had a line of two dozen or so homeless people. they're now inside getting breakfast. it would be their only meal of the day and no doubt of course
6:35 am
their first meal but less people will need this free meal because homelessness has dropped in the district of columbia. according to the national points in time count that was conducted in d.c. in january, there are 11,623 people living with no shelter. still a big number but it's about a 2.5% decrease. the mayor wants to end chronic homelessness in five years. she wants to replace the shelter at the old d.c. general with dozens of smaller shelledders and she's contacting -- shelters and she's contacting landlords across the city to give up some of their homes for the homeless in the city. she also wants to increase sales tax bifer a quarter percent to 6 -- tax by a quarter percent to 6% to help fund these wrap around services and she is also putting more money, $2.4 million for rental assistance. but get this. there is a flip side. even though the numbers have dropped in d.c., they have unfortunately gone up in alexandria, fairfax, frederick,
6:36 am
and montgomery counties. live in north west, i'm delia goncalves, wusa9. our time right now 16:36. we want -- is 6:36. we want to congratulate dave evers from haymarket, virginia. he is our facebook fan of the day. dave says he should be our winner because i watch wusa9 news. i like dave matthews band and jiffy lube live is less than three miles from my house. >> it just makes sense then. if you want to join dave as this week's winner, you get to tickets to see dave matthews band at jiffy lube live. just go to our facebook page and fill out the form. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow out here live at dupont circle. the breeze has settled down. that will be the trend today along with that sunshine and that will lead to just a perfect afternoon. high temperatures 70 to 75 today. tons of sunshine. look at those winds only out of the south by the end of the day at 5 to 10 miles per hour. how long will this last? allyson will be have the answer coming up in
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welcome back. still chilly out here. it's 50 degrees on dupont circle. temperatures in the 40s, even upper 30s in a couple of the
6:40 am
outlying suburbs. 39 right now in frederick. it's 45 degrees in gaitersburg. those -- gaithersburg. those temperatures will continue to fall until we see that sun really start to warm us up within the next two howrps. we're going -- two hours. we're going to get up into the 70s. a big rebound temperature wise and it's partly because ever the light breeze becoming southeasterly as we head into the afternoon. so a great day to spend outside. another nice one tomorrow but then things take a turn for the worse as rain rivers in the first alert sef -- arrives in the first alert seven-day forecast. larry, take it away. looks like we have an update on that situation on the inner loop of the beltway at braddock road. looks like traffic now able to get by two lanes at this point but crews are still on the scene trying to clean up the bus fire that it appears to be an engine fire on the bus. as we've told you before, looks like the people that were on the bus have their luggage and they're on the side of the road and they have gotten off the bus obviously because of the fire. no reports of any injuries. certainly good news there but again we have significant
6:41 am
delays going on on the inner loop of the belt ware so we're asking drivers -- beltway so we're asking drivers to take backlick road to gallows road if you don't want to wait in that mess. no problems on the inner or outer loop, a smooth commute traveling in that direction. we'll have an update for you coming up in about ten is trying to take over some of amazon prime's territory which it comes to online shopping. >> plus, a mistake made by airlines they no longer have (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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companies take advantage of students who do not understand finances. they're asking you to comment on your experience with your student loan good or bad. they're due by july 13. wal-mart wants to give amazon a run for its money. the retailer is going to test a new unlimited subscription shipping service. online customers pay $50 to sign up. popular amazon prime costs $99. wal-mart says it will deliver the products within three days. the subscription shipping service begins some summer. initially it only be available to those invited. airlines no long vary to honor mistakes when it comes to airfares. the department of transportation recently announced it's ending a 2011 regulation that prevented carriers from increasing the price of the ticket if it was initially sold at a lower incorrect fare. the airlines still have to prove the fare was a mistake. jet blue tops the list again in a customer survey of the nation's best airlines. the new york-based airline is joined by as la came air --
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alaska air. the survey finds passengers' overall happiness with the airlines continues to be on the rise. it's greater satisfaction with the in flight flight crews and service. charlie rose is in new york with a preview of what's on cbs this morning. >> good morning. ahead we'll talk with the head ntsb investigator about the philadelphia amtrak derailment. plus, we'll take you inside a train simulator to show you the technology some say could have prevented the crash and more airline passengers are flying with pets claiming they're emotional support animals. our travel editor tested out the law by trying to get a pig to fly. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> we'll definitely be watching that one. when pigs fly. >> we're about to find out if they can. i think it's about time we play that game we like to call raise rankings because it sounds like today is number
6:47 am
one. >> i think we're -- rae's rankings because it sounds like today is number one. >> we'll go with a ten. the winds will let up. it's a good hair a. >> the frizz factor? >>it's cool to start but that's spring weather. comfortable by the afternoon. i think the lunch hour everyone will be enjoying the nice weather. here's your michael & son camera. it's cool and comfortable out there. a little breezy to start the day but as we head through the afternoon, the winds are not going to be as strong as they are right now. 12 miles per hour, a nice light breeze. as we head through the afternoon, the winds are also going to turn a little more southerly so that will make it feel pretty good. 54 degrees. nice dry air in place. no rain chances for today. 45 for white oak. laurel you're at 47. you need the light jacket this morning. it is going to be kind of cool out there but you'll be able to shed that jacket late other this afternoon and we're going to head to the 60s for most of
6:48 am
the day and top out in the lower 70s. we do have clouds headed our way for tomorrow. today just a few fair weather clouds. clouds will increase tomorrow and even a few showers near the shenandoah valley but most areas will be dry till the weekend. the weekend doesn't look like a washout but there are going to be showers and storms during the afternoon and we return to the summer pattern by saturday. keep that in mind as you make your plans. you might have to have a plan b but i think your outdoor plans for the most part are going to be okay. 37 today. nice and comfortable, perfect spring day. we're getting a little bit warmer and the humidity, you'll feel it saturday and sunday with overnight lows only into the upper 60s. by monday our best chance for rain and then we see the temperatures fall right back off for tuesday and more so into wednesday for that nats home game. larry, good morning. >> good morning. your time right now 6:48. it certainly has been a busy day in the traffic center. metro riders, you are in good shape. no problems on the trains or buses this morning. i want to take you out right
6:49 am
now to sky 9 where we are over that incident again on braddock road. the inner loop here braddock road where we have a bus fire. looks like traffic able to get by two lanes. two lanes still blocked but crews are on the scene. it looks like based on the tow truck we have there, that this bus will be removed shortly. but we still have delays going on at about -- on. add about 20 to 30 minutes to your drive time if you're still committed to taking the inner loop of the beltway in this section of town. want to take you to virginia and show you how things are shaping up on 66. for those of you traveling from areas like manassas going into town, no major issues. just itself typical volume we -- just the typical volume we would normally see on a thursday morning but no major accidents or problems. westbound free and clear of issues as women. for those of you who live a-- as well. for those of you who live along accokeek, forth washington, this is route 301 at route 5. traffic is moving at top speeds so you should have no problem getting to your destination on
6:50 am
time. if you're going to be leaving within the next 10 to 15 minutes. i want to take you right now to the beltway here. this is at river road. this section of the beltway free and clear of any issues for drivers on both the inner or outer loop. again no problems in that neck of the woods. andrea and nick, over to you. a car made famous in a movie 30 years ago drives on to the national mall today. >> should we get a test drive? the deadline is approaching for tom brady to appeal his punishment for his role in deflategate. stephen strasburg is expected to make his next start in his hometown of san diego, california on sunday. the first six weeks have not been kind to strasburg. as a matter of fact, his average is the eighth worst of all of major league baseball n. is stephen strasburg we're talking about. he's also battled ankle and back discomfort but can things get any worse?
6:51 am
of course they but his talent and track record suggest that they'll only get better. that's narrator: rural communities across the country are coming back thanks to bipartisan support for the renewable fuel standard. expanded renewable fuel production has created over 850,000 jobs. and the american biofuels industry produces the world's cleanest fuel from agricultural waste. but the oil industry wants the epa to protect their profits and foreign oil. the epa now faces a choice: cave to the oil industry? or keep their commitment to america's
6:52 am
rural communities. paid for by fuels america.
6:53 am
brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters. ♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk. all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. squeeze. stir. share. i'm nikki burdine live in philadelphia at the scene of the fatal train crash where seven people are confirmed dead and 200 injured. investigators are back out here today trying to determine the cause. they're focused on the engineer
6:54 am
and how fast he was going but 106 miles per hour, well over the speed limit. investigators will also be removing debris here and be taking it off to a secure location to be investigated. that is the latest from philadelphia. now to delia in northwest d.c. >> reporter: that's right, nikki, i'm live outside of miriam's kitchen. homeless advocates here are encouraged by some positive news in regard to the homeless situation here in the district of columbia. d.c. homelessness has dropped about 2.5%, still a pretty significant number, though. more than 11,000 people are living on the street and without shelter. so there's still a lot of work to do. the mayor wants to end chronic homelessness in five years. she has a plan to do so by getting landlords on board and she also wants to increase the sales tax by a quarter percent. back to you in the studio. the search continues for a u.s. military helicopter missing in nepal. the aircraft similar to this one you see on your screen was
6:55 am
carrying six marines and two nepalese soldiers when it disappeared tuesday while delivering aid to earthquake victims there. the development came on the same day nepal suffered its second major earthquake in less than three weeks. thousands of people in the country are demanding relief from their government. new england patriots quarterback tom brady has till this afternoon to appeal his four-game suspension. the n.f.l. penalized him and fined the team $1 million for his role in deflating footballs during the afc championship game. the n.f.l. will decide whether to hear his appeal within ten days. two newly elected d.c. councilmembers are being sworn in today. brandon todd represents ward 4 and laruby may in the ward 8. visitors to the national mall will be able to relife the iconic movie "back to the
6:56 am
future." that's where the delorean car will be parked. the festival runs through sunday. today's event include as screening of the film "back to the future." great weather today, 73 degrees. perfect spring afternoon. it is cool out there as you head out the door so grab the light jacket. we see the temperatures rise over the weekend into the mid- 80s and a couple of showers over the weekend as well. >> folks out in brandywine want to be careful of an accident blocking two lanes on branch avenue northbound side at accokeek road. so we're asking drivers to use caution in that area. trafficland also right now shows you looks like we have an issue going on on the 14th street bridge. this is 395 the northbound side. so we're asking drivers to add additional time there. looks like we're starting to see progress on the inner loop of the beltway at braddock road where we have that bus fire. no reports of injuries. traffic starting to pick up but again add 20 to 30 minutes to your drive time if this is a route you normally take to get to your destination this morning. cbs this morning is next.
6:57 am
taking a look at speed limits science. could it have made a difference in the amtrak train traveling more than 100 miles an hour. >> could technology have prevented the accident? cbs this morning will take you inside a train simulator to test that out. >> we'll have traffic and weather updates in 15 minutes. >> you want to get your news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day from our wusa9 app. >> because the app is where it's at. have a gr i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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good morning. it is thursday may 14th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." investigators focus on the engineer who was going twice the speed limit before the amtrak disaster. his lawyer says he does not remember the crash. plus we'll take you inside a simulator to show you the fe liin-savg technology that could have prevented the tragedy. and more passengers are bringing pets on planes for comfort. we investigate why even pigs can fly. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. maximum authorized speed through this curve was 50 miles


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