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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now a quiet upscale northwest d.c. neighborhood is still reeling after what they thought was a house fire turns out to be a murder scene. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. police say someone killed savvas savopoulos, his wife amy, their son phillip and their housekeeper. >> reporter: police have largely identified the victims but some of the biggest questions remain unanswered like who did this and why? >> it sends your mind spinning and there are a lot of rumors that are unpleasant. >> reporter: today police confirmed that the four bodies found on the second floor of this home yesterday afternoon were the bodies of people they knew. >> the 46-year-old savvas
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savopoulos, the adult male, 47- year-old amy, his wife. >> reporter: police said they believe the other two victims are the couple's young son phillip and a housekeeper figueroa. another housekeeper showed us a photo of her last night. at least three had injuries that would not come from a fire. >> there were injuries discovered, appear to be blunt force or sharp object injuries. >> reporter: when police got to the scene, all four were unconscious. the incident report says all of the victims were suffering from various traumatic injuries, but only one person was taken to the hospital. >> right now we have nothing to suggest there was a random or forced entry into this home. we want a bit more time to sort through the evidence. >> reporter: police got a lot of video from homes that had surveillance cameras installed but haven't named a suspect and neighbors don't know a lot. >> people are a little nervous and particularly i get there's
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a lot of investigation that has to go on, but we don't know much. >> reporter: they still have a lot of questions about the murder of a family they knew well. >> it's a fairly friendly neighborhood. so you get to know your neighbors. >> reporter: the salve poe savopoulos home -- savopoulos home is still blocked off with crime tape. police found the 2008 blue porsche last night on fire in prince george's county, but here again there are still a lot of unanswered questions and this investigation is still very much ongoing. i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> speaking of the investigation, police are still hoping for more information from you, the public, and they've expanded their timeline. initially police were asking for people to report anything unusual they had seen thursday morning. now they want to hear about anything suspicious people may
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have seen from wednesday night until the time of the fire yesterday afternoon. a 63-year-old georgetown rabbi will spend the next 6 1/2 years in prison. dr. barry freundel was sentenced today on 52 antiquos of voyeurism after -- counts of voyeurism after admitting to secretly videotaping women in a jewish bath. our mola lenghi spoke with some of the victims today in court. what did they tell you? >> reporter: freundel was essentially sentenced to 45 days for each of the 52 victims who he admittedly spied on here at kesher israel. the judge called his actions "a classic abuse and of violation of trust." the victims' emotions were mixed. barry freundel walked into d.c. superior court today a free man. he'll walk back out a free man in about 6 1/2 years. freundel received a sentence after secretly video recording
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women while they were in the mikvah, a jewish ritual bath. >> i was fully expecting him to get little to no time. >> there's no time that you can really put on what he did to everybody. >> what he did can't be justified at all, but he had so much knowledge that to see that rot in jail would be a waste. >> there's some real sadness wangtchi his downfall. >> reporter: emma was a victim. >> i lost everything. >> reporter: and still is. >> to reevaluated my faith. -- i have to reevaluate my faith. i have to reevaluate everything i do. >> i lost my rabbi and that sucks. i lost him due to his own actions. >> reporter: freundel apologized blaming his actions on childhood degradation. >> i actually do believe his apology. >> i believe his sincere. >> i hadn't thought about forgiveness. i thought about getting through
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this. >> of course, i forgive him. >> i really believe he was a sociopath. >> it was good to say my piece. he didn't look at me, but whatever. we move on. >> reporter: for some moving on won't be so easy. >> there's a real human cost. he has adult children whose father is now in federal prison. that's tough. >> i feel so badly for his family. they're really wonderful people. >> my day to day life isn't affected, but theirs is forever. >> reporter: freundel's defense attorney says the judge was "dead wrong" in his sentencing and that freundel plans to appeal that sentencing. so as the defense attorney put it, stay tuned. live in georgetown i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> it could be a long process because that appeals process typically takes about nine to 12 months. a major revelation on that investigation into the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia, the ntsb has asked the fbi to get involved
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to examine damage to train 188's windshield to determine if it was hit by a bullet or some other projectile right before the crash. an assistant conductor who was in the cafe car told investigators that she heard something similar reported by a commuter train in that very same area a short time earlier. >> she recalled that the septa engineer had reported to train dispatcher that he had either been hit by a rock or shot at. she also believed that she heard her engineer say something about his train being struck by something. >> now the ntsb says the train's front facing camera doesn't reveal anything about a possible projectile. also today the ntsb says the train's engineer brandon bostian was very cooperative during a 90 minute interview. however, he could not recall anything that happened in the moments leading up to the crash, the crash that ill canned eight people and -- that killed eight people and injured
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200 others. convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev was sentenced to die by lethal injection for the attack that ill canned four and injured 2 -- killed four and injured 260 others 25 months ago. >> he wanted to go to hell and he's going to get there early. >> reporter: first survivors expressed satisfaction with the jury's death sentence for dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> i'm grateful that they came to that conclusion because for me i think it was the just conclusion. >> reporter: tsarnaev showed little emotion as he was sentenced to die for the april, 2013 bombings and the shootout with police days later. during the trial the defense admitted tsarnaev and his older brother tamerlan planted the bombs, but they said it was tamerlan, a radicalized muslim, who coerced his younger brother into committing jihad.
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federal prosecutors knew they had an uphill battle in massachusetts, a state that has outlawed the death penalty in its own cases. boston's police commissioner. >> we're not going to blow up our marathon or city or inflict terror in our country. that's the strong message we sent today. >> reporter: survivors and victims' family member aren't calling it a victory. they're using words like relief. >> i have to watch my two sons put a leg on every day, so i don't know closure, but it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. >> a judge will compose a sentence at a hearing -- impose a sentence at a hearing sometime in the next couple months. it will likely be years before he could face lethal injection. we are hearing about a reported rape at george mason university. one student was allegedly sexually assaulted by two other students in the university dorm on may 3rd. a notice and warning says the victim may have unknowingly
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ingested some unidentified drugs just prior to the assault and that she knew her attackers. campus police chief eric heath tells wusa9 a criminal investigation is underway. tonight a rabies alert has been issued for the haymarket area. a cat was found wednesday. this cat had gray fur with a tan or white spot over its left eye. if you know anyone that has come into contact with the cat, reach out to the prince william health district or man control. a -- animal control. a wusa9 investigation has discovered a risky trend. eight insulators in the roslyn tunnel hadn't been maintained since 2012 and the tunnel hadn't been cleaned since 1991. the filthy conditions can be a
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direct cause of fire experts say. >> reporter: our experts are saying the primary duty of these insulators is keep them clean and maintenance and you won't have these problems. do you think metro is failing. >> we will continue to clean them. >> the wusa9 investigators team found wmata replaced 900 insulators per month in 2012, but since then the pace has dropped to less than half of those replacements. russ found metro data indicating reports of smoking or burninginess laters have more than doubled -- burning insulators have more than doubled during that time period. maryland's regulators say it's okay for pepco to merge with exelon, a much larger utility based in chicago. critics call this nopoly. >> reporter: some conditions were placed on the huge deal that would bring rate pairs about a 50 a -- rate payers about a $50 refund and help
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some low income families, but that won't assuage critics who call it a bad deal. >> it's a well regulated monopoly or do we want competition? >> reporter: the merger would make exelon one of the biggest utilities in the country. >> there are two issues that will arise. one is they have market power. they're so big they can influence the price by withholding supply. >> reporter: that's a worry for the general public, concern about the cost of power. >> i tend to think that bigger is not better. as soon as big companies become bigger, they don't monopoliesing and you don't -- monopolizing and you don't have much choice. >> on the face of it it doesn't seem very appealing somehow. >> that to me seems to be monopoly, right? of course, it will affect pricing. >> reporter: exelon said the
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merger would lower costs for the company which would be passed on to the rate payers. there are still many critics of this including brian frost, maryland's attorney general, who said he's looking at other options to block it which implies a lawsuit. >> the $6.9 billion merger has to be approved by d.c. regulators before it becomes final. coming up a funeral fit for a hero. >> also ahead charges are filed in the latest confrontation involving george zimmerman. >> i know it's saturday tomorrow, might want to set your alarm. morning will be better. mid-70s in some spots by 9:00 and everybody is in the 70s by 11 a.m. we'll come back, talk about when the showers and storms roll in, what that meals to your outdoor plans -- means to your outdoor plans and the preakness. >> but first
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caught on camera surveillance video we seem to
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be showing you more often than ever these days, cars slamming into buildings. researchers say these accidents result in more than 3,600 injuries a year. tonight personal stories of storefront crashes in our area. out of control cars driving right into stores and slamming into customers and employees. >> the car just crashed into front of the dunkin' donuts. >> in september an suv rams into this ellicott city store pinning two men between the car and the building. medics rush them to the hospital. >> it happened so fast the two people walking on the sidewalk weren't able to get out of the way quick enough. >> in 2008 mark wright was inside this montgomery county 7- eleven when a car comes hurtling through hitting his leg. >> it's a military grade injury in the sense if you stepped on an ied and still had a leg attached, it would do this kind of damage. >> during eight months of rehab mark wonders if anything can be done to stop this from happening. he starts the store front
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safety council after discovering that no government agency even tracks these crashes and his research shows an estimated 60 times a day a car strikes a building somewhere in these united states. >> there have been a number of fatalities from these kinds of accidents. >> the solution says wright? barriers like these and store owners who have them for themselves very quickly. we think it's important to have them there. >> if you've got parking spaces where vehicles pull right up to your building, it's like aiming a loaded gun at a building or a bunch of people. >> i know what you're asking. who is crashing into these store fronts? well, research shows drunken drivers, young drivers or elderly folks who mistake the gas pedal for the brake. 3,000 firefighters, friends and family came to say a last farewell to d.c. firefighter
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lieutenant kevin mcrae. he collapsed and died last week after fighting a fire. the crowd that filled the d.c. armory remembered lieutenant mcrae as being truly the best of the best of the fire and ems. as mayor muriel bowser there are residents in d.c. who credit mcrae with literally saving their lives. always the service ended today lieutenant mcrae took one final ride with his beloved engine company 6. the fairfax county urban search and rescue is on its way home from nepal. virginia task force one was in the country to assist in the aftermath of last month's first massive earthquake. they were part of a crew that rescued a teen trapped in the rubble nearly five days. the team is expected to return home to dulles tomorrow at 6:30 in the morning. a man in florida is under arrest for taking a shot at george zimmerman. police in lake mary have charged math awe appearerson with -- apperson with assault,
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battery and fired into a car. apperson's attorney said he saw zimmerman holding the gun, feared for his life and fired in self-defense. zimmerman's attorney said zimmerman did not handle a gunny time during the incident. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> how did you do with that 3- degree guarantee? >> pretty well. we're actually feeling that we're seeing the ball pretty big as it were since it's baseball season. we went for a high today of 78 and the high was 78. how about that? in fact, hope the forecasting gods are not listening. we're 14 for 15 this month. we're going for a high of 85 tomorrow. the preakness, 140th running. post time is 6:18. there could be a shower or thunderstorm. there certainly will be a passing shower if you're there
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much of the day, warm, 82 to 86. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 68, a few clouds, winds south at 7. outdoor plans are much safer. maybe set the alarm earlier and get some stuff done, most storms between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. a higher chance of thunderstorms on sunday and still more with more showers on monday. 8 a.m. partly cloudy skies, upper 60s, low 70s. noon low 80s. we're fine in the immediate metro area. by pour clock we see showers developing. some of this is red and orange indicating heavy rain. some of these storms will have heavy downpours both saturday and sunday. it's 85 downtown, 80 yo in leesburg with the storm. it goes right through i-95 at 530 clock and we 8:00 most of the -- at 8:00 most of the
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storms beginning to wane. upper 70s by 11:00 and low 80s by 1 p.m. we have the same day three days in a row, 85, 86, 86, each day with an increasing chance of showers and thunderstorms. we reserve the right to make one of those days a yellow alert. next week we're still looking at showers and storms into tuesday, gorgeous wednesday and thursday, maybe a sprinkle friday but not a big deal. and the nats in town. >> speaking of guarantee. >> someone guaranteed us a game seven tonight. >> i'm going to sit back and allow that to -- >> there will be a game seven. i brought some kleenex. there's no kleenex left because we were crying. at least it was close. >> if you're a d.c. sports fan, you probably need a good holy
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ghost wash joe right now or a stiff drink, one-10th of a second, the difference between moving on and going home. we'll show it to you next. join us this weekend. we're going to for the amtrak investigation and plus preakness is this
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> wizards/hawks, this is like the time you ask the girl to prom. she said yes. you bought a tux. you started celebrating and then she changed her mind on prom night. >> this happened to me once. >> memories. for sports fans you got to wonder does d.c. stand for disappointed and crushed? it would appear so much let's get to it. let's head out to the -- so. let's get to it. let's head out to the verizon center. john wall. this is about bradley beal tonight, sets up otto boarder early. washington fell behind by eight in the 1st quarter -- porter early. washington fell behind by eight
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in the 1st quarter. 4th quarter watch jeff teague, side, outside. the hidden ball trick, i love that. hawks up eight. later on, though, beal to the corner. like rick james, cold blooded. he had 29. wizards on an 8-0 run to take the lead. back to teague, what a pass to demarre carroll. two seconds to go, three-point game. give the ball to paul pierce, right? the truth shall set you free, yes? no. looks like a three or was it? bedlam in the house, but the refs look at it and check it out. he got it off right after the zero, so the refs say no. wizards lose, gut punch, season over. >> we didn't come out particularly sharp today in the 1st half. we got down 15. we just kept playing, so proud
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of their heart to stay in it and fight and give themselves another opportunity to win. we got to keep knocking on that door. >> it's definitely heartbreaking because it's two years in a row. you always want to continue to get better. you never want to be worse than last year or level. we can't fault our heart that we displayed because we all laid it out there on the line tonight. >> it's just tough to see if we co uld have had one more second. tip the hat to the hawks, a great team and made it a competitive series. >> i chased him and by the time i turned around i see paul pierce shooting the ball. i was about to cry. i said not again and it went through, but the basketball gods was on our side and they let us get through this. >> an incredible shot by paul
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pierce. on to baseball, not good for the nats. doug fister placed on the disabled list with tightness in his forearm. he's never been a flame thrower, but the velocity is down, so is the command, best of luck there. nats up 7-0 in late baseball in san diego. time for our game on varsity game of the week, broad run, briar woods, softball. you guys got to like this stuff. good stuff here. ladies getting ready to go. broad run already up 1-0. good golly, miss molly, you sure like the ball. the base knock, the score. two runs would be enough. broad run wins 2-1. fun friday ending with. this nats in a rain delay in san diego last night which hasn't happened in four years, doesn't rain in southern california. so the tarp guy never gets any publicity and he's taking advantage of it last night. every dance move that's been in play the last four years, he did it, dropped it like it was
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hot. he did the old wave there. then he did the run and then whoosh. there you go. the dive. >> he loves it when i dug it. he was doing it all. >> that does not look like the dance you were doing earlier. >> paul pierce is back next year, right? >>
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the arctic tree line, it's "the late show with david letterman." tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now the hairdresser of seville, david letterman! and now, david letterman!


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