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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  May 16, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good saturday morning. happening right now, the fairfax county urban search and rescue team is back on home soil after a three-week mission in earthquake ravaged nepal. plus, breaking news as search crews recover eight bodies from where the u.s. military -- u.s. marine corp. helicopter crash -- corps helicopter crashed on a relief mission in nepal. it will feel like june this weekend. showers and thunderstorms possible on both saturday and sunday. we'll time them out for you on 9 futurecast coming up in a little bit. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. i'm mike hydeck. i'm meteorologist erica grow. it's feeling more like summer
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with. memorial -- with the unofficial start of summer with next weekend memorial day weekend. the humidity increasing and that potential for showers and thunderstorms that we typically get in the afternoon and evening this time of year, that's also in the forecast for today. so we'll time it out for you with the day planner and the michael & son weather cam. we're starting out with a shot of the southwest waterfront and near the georgetown waterfront on the left-hand part of your screen is the kennedy center. in the day planner by the time we get to the afternoon, there's the potential for some thunderstorms starting to make its way into the beltway, but the greatest potential will be between 3:00 and 7:00. check out those temperatures. 85 degrees at 4:00. that is also your high temperature for today. currently it's a little bit warmer out there than how we started the day yesterday. 61 in manassas. 68 right now in downtown washington. 63 in gaithersburg. not too many 50s on the map at 7:00 in the morning. we'll see those showers that are on satellite and radar.
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you see them on the left-hand part of your screen making their way toward us as we head through the afternoon. as i mentioned before, we'll time them out for you with 9 futurecast coming up in the first alert seven-day in about ten minutes. >> maybe, just maybe it will knock some of the pollen out of the air so we're not sneezing and rubbing our eyes like we've been doing. to our top story, the fairfax county urban search and rescue team are now on home soim. they spent weeks in earthquake raved nepal. >> team known as virginia task force one touched down at dulles a few moments ago. surae chinn is standing by. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they are now home. yes, they landed about an hour, hour and a half ago. they boarded the bus. they are on their way here to headquarters in chantilly. the urban search and rescue right here. and you can see families have gathered. we've got kids with signs welcome home dad. they are very excited to
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welcome home their loved ones. and nearly 60 members of virginia task force one had been in nepal for three weeks. they helped rescue a 14-year- old trapped in the rubble. in the second quake she rescued a woman buried in her amount. they've been partnering with l.a. fireworking around the clock. they're emotionally and physically drained. back out here live you can see some of the folks who are waiting to see their loved ones very soon. we'll have much more coming up later in the show. back to you. we're also following breaking news overnight. eight bodies have been recovered from the site where a u.s. marine corps helicopter had crashed while on a relief mission in nepal. the u.s. military says the bodies are unrecognizable. the wreckage was found in a rugged area. the helicopter was carrying six u.s. marines and two nepally service members when it went down. the pilot has been identified as 31-year-old captain chris
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nor gren of wichita, kansas. in prince george's county police are investigating a homicide in forest heights. just before midnight police were called to the 700 block of audrey lane. that is where they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to a nearby hospital and then pronounced dead. we're going to continue to follow developments in the case and bring you the latest both on air and online. the latest now on the ntsb investigation into the crash of amtrak 1 # 8 earlier -- 188 earlier this week. >> investigators spent 90 minutes talking with the train engineer brandon bostian and they called in the f.b.i. now to investigate some damage to the train's windshield to determine if it may have been hit by a rock or even possibly a bullet. this revelation comes after a philly commuter train driver in the same area as the amtrak train when it crashed said he had to make an emergency stop after his windshield was hit. the lead investigator said one fort conductors -- one of the
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conductors on board train 188 seems to support that story. >> she also said she heard her engineer say something about his train being struck by something. >> more than 200 people were injured and eight were killed when that train crashed late tuesday. crews are working around the clock to restore service on one of the busiest corridors amtrak has. they're hoping to do that by next week. today you're going to have to add a little extra time to your trip if you're using metro. all six metro lines are affected by track work this weekend. the redline trains operating every 24 minutes this weekend. yellow and green trains will operate every 20 minutes with yellow trains operating only between huntington and mount vernon square. trains on the orange, silver and blue lines run every 18 minutes. could a northeast d.c. family and their housekeeper have been held captive before being killed and then their home set on fire? 46-year-old savopoulos, his wife amy and their 10-year-old son philip as well as veralicia
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figueroa, their housekeeper were found dead. a second housekeeper said she received a text message from amy not to come to work on thursday because the whole family was sick. >> she wants to make sure not to come to the house today but i don't know why. thank god that it saved my life. >> police say they are aware of the text message but they can't comment on the contents of it. three of the four victims are said to have been beaten, cut or stabbed. if you live in prince william county, keep an eye out for stray cats because animal control has a cat with rabies. a young cat with gray fur and a tan or white spot over its left eye. anyone who may have come in contact with this cat which you see on your screen right now, please contact prince william health district or prince william animal control. taking a look at what's
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happening around the world this morning. breaking news out of egypt as ousted egyptian president mohammed morrissey has been sentenced to death for his role in a 2011 prison break. he's expected to be executed coming up on june 2. this was the harshest sentence that he could have expected to receive in this case. he will be able to appeal the sentence. morrissey who became egypt's first democratically elected president in june 2012 was deposed by a popularly-backed military coup in 2013. the u.s. is expediting weapons shipments to iraq right now in light of the isis advances in ramadi. respect departmentses of ramadi fled the city on friday as islamic state militants seized the government headquarters after a series of suicide car bombings there. dozens of families were seen leaving their homes in both cars and on foot. the advanced marked a significant setback for the iraqi government. its long fight to defend ramadi, the capital of western
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anbar providence. the sounds of beethoven echoed in ha van na. the music was -- havana last night. the miewchg was coming from -- the music was coming from an american orchestra. this is one of the signs since president obama's policy shift. over 2,000 people attended the performance. it's saturday. glad you're waking up with us. today on the potomac, you can check out thage dragon boat vest fall. 60 teams from all over itself east coast will compete in the thrilling races. the festival takes place near georgetown between the thompson boat center and the kennedy center. straight ahead, bill cosby is speaking out now about rape allegations or at least he was asked about them during a strange television interview. >> also ahead, a former presidential candidate heads into the boxing ring. why mitt romney decided to spar with evander hollyfield. >> we're going to dissect this
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massive burger coming up. >> oh, gosh, i'm not ready for that too early in the morning for a burger like that but we're going to have a really nice start to the day. the sunshine giving way to thunderstorms and that could affect the president clinton knees. it looks like thunderstorms are possible as the race is taking place. it's going to be very warm and summer like. 82 to 86 degrees this afternoon. i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. glad you're us with this morning. you cannot argue with the forecast the last couple of days unless you've been sneezing. the weather is absolutely stunning. we'll get a little break from the poll gln is your air conditioning fixed yet? >> not yet. we'll have to get a window unit
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till it's fixed. >> window unit for sure this weekend. not only to keep the pollen at bay in your house but also because the heat and humidity. that's the big deal. you can't cool your body off efficiently. the temperatures are going to rise into the 80s. not going to be in the 90s but the humidity especially tomorrow will start to be a factor again feeling very much like summer this weekend. let's start off with a look at michael & son weather cam. a little misty there on the weather shot right now and that will also translate into higher humidity levels this afternoon. we're still looking at a good amount of sunshine at 9:00, 72 degrees. 80 at noon already, though, with the chance for a shower developing and that shower chance will lead to the potential for thunderstorms. any thunderstorms that develop this afternoon are going to be spotty but where the rain does fall, it will fall pretty intensely. 58 degrees in college park. 57 in bowie. 64 right now at andrews and 57 degrees in germantown. 62 in fairfax. on satellite and radar again,
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you can see the arc of showers and storms. we have an area of low pressure to the south. -- high pressure to the south. everything is rotating around that high pressure but it will slide toward us as we head into the the afternoon. you can see that on 9 futurecast. here comes the leading edge of showers, 3:00. it's raining in places like winchester and warrenton but some of those intense downpours starting to develop right around dinner time. also right around the preakness but it looks like on 9 futurecasted rain won't be in baltimore yet by the time that race is kicking off. it's going to be humid, though, as we head through the overnight hours and into sunday. you can see the rain stays with us all day on sunday. off and on showers and rumbles of thunder and that humidity does not go away on monday either. so you're going to have those thunderstorms in the forecast for the next three days. today the chance is spotty enough that we can keep a green alert but it's yellow alert day tomorrow and again on monday and high temperatures rising from the mid-80s saturday and sunday into the upper 70s on monday. and in the first alert seven-
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day forecast, finally cooler and drier weather arrives after tuesday's cold front moves through but until then, we have to look for that chance for showers and thunderstorms. back to you, mike. >> thanks, erica. in this alert, we're talking about chronic fatigue syndrome. it's a condition many experts didn't think existed for many years. here's andrea roane with more. >> reporter: ryan pryor was a busy student. he was council president, captain of the cross-country team and played soccer. but during his junior year, everything slowed down. >> just walking a couple hundred yards would be hugely draining. >> reporter: after months of low energy, muscle pain and mental fogginess, doctors still couldn't nail down a cause. >> i had to see an infectious disease specialist, a couple of rheumatologists, neurologists, a psychiatrist. >> reporter: he was eventually diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or cfs. the doctor of the comprehensive sleep care center in arlington says to diagnose cfs, the fatigue must have been around
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for over six months. it can't be explained by another medical or psychiatric disorder. the fatigue has to be interfering with day-to-day activities, and the patient will have four out of eight physical symptoms. >> swollen, tender lymph nodes, recurring headaches, if they have pain in their muscles, in their joints, if they have problems with short-term memory or something what we call post- exertion rl malaise. >> he the malaise occurs when someone feels extremely tired for 24 hours after physical activity. for the patient accepting the diagnosis is the first major step in dealing with the conditioning. many -- with the condition. many have to deal with it for the rest of their lives. only 10% of patients will be completely healed. >> the good news is about 65% of them will improve significantly, enough to have at least a normal lifestyle. >> a new cdc report tracking
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foodborne illness shows there is a drop in the number of people getting sick from e. coli and salmonella in their food. better safety screenings of beef products may be helping that number. blue bell has agreed to give health officials two weeks notice before ice cream production starts once again. the move comes following the massive listeria outbreak at the dairy producer. texas state officials will be running their own independent tests. every production line has to test negative for listeria before any ice cream can be sold by them. a new survey finds older men are not taking the steps to prevent or screen for osteoporosis. and you can imagine why. researchers say there is that perception that it's only a woman's problem. they point out the consequences of osteoporosis can actually be more deadly in men. when a man fractures his hip, his risk of dying is twice as high as a woman's. who knew. check this one out, erica. you hungry this morning? your favorite summer cookout? >> i'm not hungry for that.
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>> crammed on to this burger. everything is on this burger, the brainchild of hardee's cars's jr. it has a hot dog, laced with cheese, lettuce, tomato. it has 1,030 calories, 64 grams of fat. >> i don't like what they're trying to say about america. the most american burger is the fattiest and the most caloric thing you could possibly eat. >> you could probably share that with five people. >> that's true. coming up, you know what else today is? preakness time. the preakness stakes are on. can american pharaoh get the triple -- get the second le
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. welcome back. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow getting off to a fairly mild start this morning. we don't have any fog out there but we do have just a little bit of mist if you look off in the distance. it's 68 degrees already in winchester and downtown washington. 64 in annapolis and 62 in culpeper. it's 66 right now in hagerstown. and we're going to rise all the way up to 85 degrees in hagerstown today. 86 in martinsburg. the chance for thunderstorms for most of us arriving between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. in the western zone. that will start to move towards the eastern zone toward the beltway, toward southern maryland and eventually toward the eastern shore of maryland by about dinner time.
7:21 am
so the greatest threat for thunderstorms in the immediate metro area, the beltway and the surrounding counties will be between about 4:00 and 6:00 but you could see a thunderstorm as early as about 2:00. so just keep in mind that there could be a few pop-up downpours, maybe even some lightning and a few gusty winds. 85 degrees for your high at andrews and baltimore. a little cooler close to the water. 72347 annapolis today. -- 77 in annapolis today. we'll talk about the threat for thunderstorms coming up in the first alert seven-day. he can throw punches in the political arena. we've seen that. what about the boxing ring. what is former republican presidential nominee mitt romney doing in the ring with evander hollyfield. on friday night they did a charity bout. a shirtless romney, plenty of guts to do that. lasted two rounds before throwing in the towel. they got in a few gentle jabs. things got a little heated
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last night at the reds game. they faced off against the san francisco giants. one of the smoke stacks at the great american ballpark in cincinnati caught fire friday night. the game continued as fans were moved to other seats just to make sure they were able to stay safe. pet lovers head for prince george's hoe place arena today. thage capital pet expo is going o. demonstrations and learning opportunities will be there as well as a megaadoption event if you're looking for a pet. we're just getting started on wusa9 this saturday morning. we'll head back to dulles airport where members of the fairfax county urban search and rescue team are returning from nepal. plus, the boston bomber is sentenced to death. we get reactions from the victims' families about that verdict and ask if dzhokhar tsarnaev will ever pay that ultimate price. >> but next a would-be thief caught on camera. find out why this guy should
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find a new
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welcome back. if for some odd reason you did not get in touch with the internet this week at any point, we've got you covered. >> yeah. or you might have miss add couple of these stories -- missed a couple of these stories. we have a look at some of the most click-worthy stories. >> reporter: in case you missed it, these were some of the top trending stories on facebook this week. a professor at the university of california san diego asked students to take their visual arts final exams naked in a dark candle lit room. if they didn't want to strip down, students could be emotionally naked whatever that means. i love this next one. it's a random act of kindness caught on camera. a man took video of an employee helping a customer with a disability eat her lunch. finally, thanks to the flash of a camera, an illinois mom was able to spot her little boy's rare eye canser. the boy's eye had to be removed but mom says he's now a cancer
7:26 am
survivor. you can keep up with these stories and more throughout the week by liking wusa9 on facebook. >> those were amazing stories. >> they were. >> wow. that was great. bumbling would-be thief caught on tape as his plan to steal an atm at an australian gas station goes horribly wrong. >> the thief was forced to abandon his plan not once but twice. he attached a chain from his van to the machine. however, the chain broke as he was dragging it into the service station. he quickly left the scene and returned moments later, attempted to reattach the chain. you can see how this is not going well. he realized that he parked too far away. he had to abandon the whole plan and made his get away but with that surveillance video, he might not be getting away for good. [ creaming ] -- >> [ screaming ] >> have you seen this one before? >> yeah. >> danielle, a california mom
7:27 am
went viral after she lip synced her daughter's tantrum which apparently some think it's funny and others critical. some criticized it saying she cybershamed her daughter but you don't see her daughter, at least not in this portion. >> that's correct. perhaps this is the most dramatic video of the week. a man walked away uninjured from this crash. look at him upside down. the vehicle became air bonn and flipped and landed upright again and he amazingly is fine. and they had it all on camera mounted to the car. >> yeah. i missed all of that so i'm glad we've got that now. we'll head back to chantilly as the fairfax urban search and rescue team returns from nepal. >> and the latest on that helicopter crash in the next half-hour. >> if you're headed to the chesapeake bay blues festival, it's in annapolis. we'll see the potential for
7:28 am
thunderstorms unfortunately. therier concerts have a much better likelihood of staying completely dry but the headliner which is greg allman later this evening might get wet so bring the umbrella and keep an eye to the sky. if you hear thunder, it's time
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a happy homecoming this morning as the members of task force one return from nepal. we are live this morning with the homecoming and their families. plus, the families of those killed in the boston marathon bombing react to news that one of the men responsible could be paying with his life. weather wise, it's going to feel like summer all weekend long. warmer temperatures, more humidity and of course the potential for showers and thunderstorms. very summer like pattern. you made it to the weekend. saturday morning is here. so glad you're waking up with us here at wusa9. i'm mike hydeck. i'm meteorologist erica grow. it is may 16 and we're getting things off to a warmer start than we did -- remember how refreshingly cool, nice and pleasant it was. >> which could have been perfect for the preakness which is later today. if you're going to do tailgating, make sure to bring the rain gear. >> yes, it's very important to remember if you hear thunder, it's time to head indoors, a sturdy shelter because if you can hear thunder, that means
7:32 am
you're close enough to be struck by lightning. there is the potential for lightning strikes along with the thunderstorms that could develop late other this afternoon and early evening. let's get things start wdz the weather cam -- started with the weather cam. it doesn't look very bright but we will see filtered sunshine through about noon and then as we head into the afternoon hours, those pop-up showers will start to develop. and there is the potential all afternoon long for any of those showers to have a few rumbles of thunder, a brief heavy downpore is possible this afternoon as we. but that potential is west of the beltway unabout 4:00 -- until about 4:00. inside the beltway is when we have the best potential for thunderstorms. temperatures in the mid-80s. we'll reach 85 degrees at 4:00 in downtown d.c. that is also our high temperature for today. currently it's 63 in leesburg. 58 in winchester. it's 59 in cup better ltd. 63 -- cumberland. 63 degrees right now in annapolis. on satellite and radar, you can see those showers right now arcing both north and west of
7:33 am
the beltway but that will descend toward us as we head into the afternoon. how long will the pattern last? i'll tell you coming up in the first alert seven day. new this morning, our top story, a very happy homecoming after families of the fairfax urban search and rescue team welcome their loved ones home. they spent three weeks in nepal. >> we've been telling you about them for a few weeks. they touched down in dulles this morning and surae chinn is live at the headquarters in chantilly standing by with a fresh live report for us. good morning, surae. >> reporter: that's right. they are home right now. they arrived at the search and urban rescue about 20 minutes ago to the hugs and kisses and some tears. family now are waiting for their loved ones. they just went into a briefing. and one family, we have roger and bonnie thurston. your son was there for three weeks in nepal helping to rescue and save lives.
7:34 am
your thoughts today to be able to hug and see him again. >> we're glad he's home. glad the team is home safe and sound. we're extremely proud, proud of our son. he did good and we're proud of the team. >> reporter: how much did you miss your son and how worried were you being over there? >> well, i was worried as moms are and i missed him a lot. his wife and kids, we were with them and can was okay. >> reporter: how proud are you of the work that he does? i'm sure you've been through this before because we go through -- because they go to these heart wrenching places in natural disasters. >> he's been to japan and haiti. he was helping there. we're extremely proud. extremely proud of him. he's done good. he works hard and he really puts his life into it. >> reporter: thank you so much. we hope the briefing is short and you get to go out to dinner. i'm sure you'll have a nice celebration and homecoming. >> he wants breakfast. >> reporter: he wants breakfast, yes. a lot of happy families, good
7:35 am
reunions and they're so glad their loved ones are back. we'll continue to talk to the families and all of the happy faces and all the kids have missed their mommies and daddies and today is a good day. back to you. >> surae chinn live at headquarters. on the other side of the country, members of the l.a. county elite search and rescue team are hope as well. the group worked alongside fairfax county rescuers in nepal. firefighters saved several people from under the rubble and say the experience was pretty incredible as you can imagine. breaking overnight, eight bodies have now been recovered from the site where a u.s. marine corps helicopter crashed while it was on a relief mission in nepal. the nepalese military says the bodies are not recognizable. the wreckage was found in a rugged area. the helicopter was carrying six u.s. marines and two nepali service members when it went down. the pilot has been identified as 31-year-old captain chris norgren of wichita, kansas. developing news this morning out of prince george's county as well, police there are investigating a homicide in
7:36 am
forest heights. just before midnight police were called to the 700 block of audrey lane. that is where they found a man suching from a gunshot -- suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to a nearby hospital and then pronounced dead. we'll continue to follow this case and bring yous latest on air and online. convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is now headed to death row. >> a jury sentenced the 21-year- old to die for the attack and its aftermath which killed four people and injured 260 exactly 25 months ago. tsarnaev showed little emotion as the seen ten was handed down -- sentence was handed down for the april 2013 attack. family members expressed dissatisfaction. >> i don't know if closure but i can tell you it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. >> despite the death penalty decision, it will likely be years before he could face lethal injection. tsarnaev will be given automatic appeal and very few people fonederal death row have been put to death.
7:37 am
a silver spring man is charged with sexually abusing a 5-yard at a day care -- 5-year- old at a day care his relatives operate. now they're trying to find out if any other children may have been abused. if you have children at arianna's learning & play family child care center, plies give police a call. a rabbi who has adds mitted to see -- admitted to secretly videotaping dozens of women in a changing room at a jewish ritual bath has been sentenced to six years in prison. 16 of his victims spoke against him during the three-hour sentencing. he pleaded with his victims for forgiveness. tampa police are investigating a sexual assault that may have occurred in a dorm. an e-mail warning went out to students saying the victim may have unknowingly ingested drugs prior to this assault. police say the incident took place may 3. the woman may also have known her attackers.
7:38 am
a criminal investigation is under way according to campus police chief eric keith right now. bill cosby is responding to allegations of sexual assault for the first time, sort of. the 77-year-old cosby spoke with abc news from alabama where he was to speak friday about his campaign to improve education. cosby who at times rambled evaded rape questions for the most part. >> i have been in this business 52 years and i will -- i've never seen anything like this. >> cosby has been accused of sexual assault by more than 25 women. he has never been charged but he is facing two pending lawsuits right now. it is time for the preakness in baltimore. if american pharaoh wins the second leg of the triple crown after winning the kentucky derby, the chance to compete for the rare trifecta would take police at the belmont stakes in three weeks and give the trainer an unprecedented
7:39 am
fourth try at getting the triple crown. a field of eight will line up this afternoon for the $1.5 million preakness stakes at pimlico race course in baltimore. the gates will spring open at 6:18 p.m. sharp. it will be a bittersweet commencement today for sweet briar college in virginia. the 114-year-old college sends off what is likely to be its final class of graduates. president james f. jones jr. will not be in attendance because of fears that his appearance could spark disruptions by faculty and alumni angered by the decision to shut the school down in august. leaders of the 530-student college cited insurmountable financial challenges as a reason for the closure. happening today in washington, d.c., the annual transpride celebration. workshops, presentations, one on one opportunities to network and learn from various vendors and agencies who provide services to support the transgender community.
7:40 am
national asian heritage festival taking place today on pennsylvania avenue. it's called the asian fiesta being held between 3rd and 6 lgt streets featuring music, food and a lot more. still ahead, we'll find out more about this morning's d.c. kidney walk as well. >> plus, if you get an e-mail related to that target data breach, it might look suspicious. but it really could get you up to $10,000. lesli foster is going to explain why in our saturday consumer alert in about three minutes. erica? >> the nice, pleasant weather that we had on thursday and friday is going by the wayside as heat and humidity increase. if you like that summer kind of weather, then you're going to love today. highs right around # 5 degrees -- 85 degrees. the potential for scattered showers and thunderstorms arriving mid afternoon and lasting through the early evening. the summer-like pattern will last through the weekend. we'll detail it for you coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast.
7:41 am
good morning. don't do any yoord work. just -- yard work. just watching sports. american pharaoh looks to keep triple crown hopes alive. washington football begins rookie mini camp and don't forget the nats. giesmg to have a full update -- i'm going to have
7:42 am
7:43 am
good morning. thanks for waking up with us. 7:43 this saturday morning. you'll need some sort of rain gear. light in some areas, heavier in others. >> the potential for showers and thunderstorms will increase as we head into the afternoon at heat and humidity builds. the more sunshine you see today, the more unstable things will get this afternoon.
7:44 am
that actually increases the potential for heavy downpours and lightning to develop as we head closer to that dinner time hour. let's take a look right now at satellite and radar. a wide view. and you can see where there is plenty of rain all across the country. and that big storm system in the midwest is the one that is heading our way. we're going to track that for you over the next couple of days. we're going to be dealing with that same storm system all the way into the workweek. today's day planner starts out with sunshine at 9:00. 72 degrees. that's a pretty mild temperature. noontime we're already at 80 with the potential for a sprinkle or shower developing. as i mentioned before, more sunshine, more instability. 5:00 the potential for thunderstorms in the beltway and a temperature of 84. that's dropping down from a high of 85 which will reach -- we'll reach at 4:00. 63 degrees in chevy chase. 61 in lovettsville and manassas. 56 in alexandria and waldorf. a closer view of satellite and radar and this is the pocket of
7:45 am
energy we're really concentrating on for today. the widespread rain that is approaching from the west, that will affect us on sunday. 9 futurecast, we're still dry through the noontime hour and lunch time but then the rain starts to pop up. notice the reds and oranges, an indication of the potential for heavy downpours. this is at 6:30 in the afternoon early evening. the rain is making its way across 66. more rain arriving during the evening hours. if you did want to have a grill or barbecue today, you're better off trying to do it earlier rather than later but then sunday i'm not sure if you're going to have the potential to really sneak in any dry time. it's raining in the morning. spotty showers right around lunch time. and then more showers and thunderstorms developing again on sunday in the afternoon and early evening hours. that pattern repeats on monday. so it's a yellow alert day on both sunday and monday. today a green alert because the rain is not very widespread. you can still sneak in some outdoor plans but sunday and monday we'll have to deal with that potential for showers and thunderstorms throughout basically the entire day.
7:46 am
but the pattern finally starts to clear in the first alert seven-day forecast on tuesday. and we return to the 70s on wednesday. did you know our area has among the highest rates of kidney disease in the whole country? our next guest jordan gray is asking you to take some steps to fight the disease. jordan's mother is a survivor so he has a personal stake in this. thanks a lot for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. >> first and foremost, people can do something to help their chances of not getting the disease? >> yes. a lot of people can take steps, whether or not they might be genetically or-- >> predisposed. >> predisposed to have -- hypertension, heart disease or diabetes. a lot of those things can kind of lead to failing kidneys or kidney disease. so they can take steps whether or not treating these other illnesses or a healthier lifestyle. >> so talk to your daughter about that. there's something happening this weekend that you want --
7:47 am
talk to your doctor about that. there's something happening this weekend that you want to talk about? >> this weekend will the national capital area kidney walk here in d.c. at freedom plaza. registration will start at 8:00 a.m. and the walk will start at 9:00. >> can you register online? >> you can register at you can start your own team or join other teams. a lot of local companies, local families, extended families, your friends might want to get together a team and come down to the kidney walk. >> why are you so compelled? what's the reason you decided to do this? >> 13 years ago coinciding with the first d.c. area kidney walk my mom was diagnosed and actually needed a transplant. she was lucky enough to get that transplant and 13 years later she's still here because ever the transplant. >> the funds of this walk go to? >> awareness, education, helping with the prevention aspect as well. the national kidney foundation does a lot in educating and awareness for kidney disease. >> good luck with the walk. >> we actually have a shirt for
7:48 am
you. >> very nice. >> hopefully you can make your way to freedom plaza this weekend. >> it's again this saturday morning. thanks, jordan. >> thank you. >> starts in a little over an hour. if you have shopped at target recently you may end up with an e-mail in your in box about a settlement t. may look suspicious but our lesli foster tracked down some answers that it's really not. >> reporter: the e-mail says if you shopped at target back in 2013, you might be eligible for some money from a data breach settlement. our wusa9 call for action team found that e-mail is legit. it was sent by a consulting company hired by target and you could receive money back for losses up to $10,000. there are some criteria and you've got to file a claim by july 31 of this year. to do that call the number or visit the website on your screen. $10 million in total is up for grabs. lesli foster, wusa9. in is sort of sad. the toy store that gained
7:49 am
global fame after featured in the 1988 tom hanks movie "big" is closing. remember the scene with tom hanks when he danced on the giant piano at fao swartz? it's going to close because the rent is going up too high. the store is owned by toys 'r' us. the store is seeking another manhattan location. it will possibly be near times square. the fast food chain known for the calorie-packed blizzards is getting more health conscious. dairy queen has announced it will remove soda from its kids menu. mcdonald's removed soft drinks from the happy meals last summer if you may remember. locked in a room doing math and solving puzzles for fun. friends and coworkers are discovering a new outing that something like a live action verse of the board game clue. they're calling it escape rooms and there's one right here in d.c. susan mcginnis tells us it turns players into secret agents. >> reporter: the mission
7:50 am
necessary scape room live d.c. is to get out -- mission in escape room live d.c. is to get out before the clock runs out. teens who sign up for this adventure in washington, d.c. are given a back story. >> we put our guests into an agent room. they're given a mission. >> reporter: they are locked in a room and must correctly solve math problems, puzzles and codes to find the escape key in 45 minutes. game master olivia chang uses a camera to keep an eye on the players and offers hints if they get stuck. >> they just need to start talking to each other now. it's where the teamwork comes into play. >> reporter: goingling answers on a smartphone is not allowed and red herrings keep teams guessing. >> we only have 15 minutes left. >> reporter: the game is so challenging, players must work together. >> are they all letters? >> it just goes across all barriers, all audience members. it's something that brings back the fun in communication.
7:51 am
and teamwork. >> reporter: using teamwork to unlock the door and have a good time. [ applause ] >> reporter: susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> if that looks like fun, it's $28 a person. you can book a spot on escaperoomlivedc. it's time to take a look at weather headlines across the country. we'll start with welcome rain in drought stricken california. from san francisco to san diego, streets flooded in just 30 minutes as heavy rain pounded the arid ground. even hollywood's walk of fame flooded. wow, look at that, coming through the storm drain. looks like a lot of rain here but it's really just a drop in the bucket compared to what california needs. it's been so dry there, they need a lot more storms like this to make up for the deficit. and a burst of violent weather in missouri caused trailers to overturn leaving their contents strewn on the ground. you can see that there. people who were at the scene say that the winds only blew for a minute but that was enough. the winds were strong enough to
7:52 am
pick up some campers and overturn them. only two people suffered minor injuries thankfully. and we'll finish with a light show in colorado late friday. this intense lightning storm dumped hail and it prompted tornado warnings for a bunch of counties in the area. got news, though, is that no tornadoes were reported overnight. so they'll have to go out and do a m storsurvey and see if anything did touch down. mike? happening today, petco stores howeing the popular -- hosting the popular hamster ball tourney. you're invited to bring your pet hamster to the local store where they can watch a small competition of the animals' race to the finish. race is at 1:30 at your local petco. up next here on wusa9 news. after 33 years in late night, david letterman has just three shows left. we'll have details on his final guests. >> but first, we want to show you some of your pet pictures this morning. thanks for sending those into us. this first one is nascar
7:53 am
gamecock. maggie says good morning from myrtle beach, south carolina. >> this comes to us from cameron, a picture of the dog being leisurely. i think his name is vegas there. what better name for a leisurely dog. >> ruby, hi, ruby, good morning. hashtag dog from elizabeth. >> good morning to tracy. thank you for sending in this picture of maximum prime. he's a la
7:54 am
i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted
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just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. welcome back. david letterman will go out with a star studded bang for his final three late show episodes. >> tom hanks will get one more visit to the ed sullivan theater on monday, his 60th appearance on the show. eddie vetter will perform with the cbs orchestra and bill murray was his very first guest when he started his show. he will be on tuesday. the final show on wednesday, however, is still a surprise. ♪hey now, hey now ♪ ♪ the dream is over ♪ >> have you heard this one yet? that's miley cyrus and arianna. the video has been blowing up on the internet.
7:57 am
they're dressed in onceys as you can -- onesies. this is in miley's backyard on an inflatable couch. they recorded this to support miley's charity. super girl unveiled a new fall show. it stars -- [indiscernible] she's been hiding her powers but now she's going to share them at age 24 to embrace her superhuman abilities. >> all right. one last look at your forecast for today. it is going to be warmer, more humid than it was yesterday. a high of 85 degrees. pretty much the same story tomorrow but tomorrow there's a better chance for showers and thunderstorms throughout the area. today you migh
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome to "cbs this morning" saturday. shattering developments. new video is released as the fbi looks into what may have hit the windshield moments before the crash. sentenced to death, a jury says the boston marathon bomber deserves to die for what he did. why it may take decades before he is executed. why one reporter says the lottery is a numbers game that states should not play. it's time for late changes


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