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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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these are pretty heavy thunderstorms right around town, right around the beltway. we'll zoom in on a couple of these storms. this is a pretty heavy storm too. the storm has now moved off the spur but still kind of hovering on the beltway on the northeast side of town and also around to route 50. the red indicates very heavy rainfall. i just checked for sheer. i didn't see any. no hail. a little bit of lightning. this is just a heavy rain maker around 193 out college park, down route 50 and out toward buoy. rainfall, i think this is a little bit light. we've seen rainfall anywhere from .6 of an inch to the west of town to .5 of an inch on the east side of i-70. this storm is going to produce more rain as it rolls eastward toward buoy. storm tracker headed there by 6:21. the main threat will be heavy rainfall. we're not looking at anything severe at this point. looking ahead, hot again tomorrow. more storms with a cold front but good news. it's going to be a nice and cooler finish to the
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week behind the front. memorial day weekend looks good, looks okay. saturday will be the best day. thunderstorms possible on sunday with a few more thunderstorms possible on memorial day but not a washout. president obama is banning local police departments including those in our area from acquiring surplus military weapons and equipment. he says it is part of his effort to ease bad community and police relations and local law enforcement leaders are reacting. bruce johnson is standing by live at mpd station with the story. what's this going to do to policing in the city? >> we're going to have to find out a bit later on that. we're outside the second district police headquarters. chief lanier texted us by cell phone and said she's withholding her opinion until after she studies exactly what the president's order is. she also wants to consult with other big city police chiefs. she said she likes the use of those weapons. she said the special operations
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division has been trained and they know how and when to use those surplus military weapons. >> reporter: it's scenes like these in ferguson, missouri that prompted the president to act. >> we're going to prohibit equipment made for the battlefield that's not appropriate for local police departments. >> reporter: the question police training with such equipment. >> there's other equipment that may be needed in certain cases but only by proper training. >> reporter: by executive order the president is stopping local police departments from using federal funds to acquire items that include tracked armored vehicles the highest fired ammunition. >> if you take a look at baltimore, there's a good example of how it's used and used properly. people like to evoke ferguson. none of that equipment came out before the rioting began. >> reporter: he agrees with
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police chief cathy lanier that when properly used, that military equipment can actually save lives. >> there is a place for that surplus military equipment and it's that some instances it's the only piece of equipment that can allow you to safely get officers in, get them safely out, safely extract civilians from very dangerous situations. >> we've seen how militarized gear can sometimes give people a feeling like there's an occupying force as opposed to a force that's part of the community that's protecting them and serving them. >> maryland congressman van holland issued a statement today. he totally supports the president. he's come up with a bill on capitol hill to that effect. doesn't have much chance in the republican majority in the house. a radio commenter said today the american public doesn't have a lot of appetite for it. a police bloodhound in
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prince george's county trying to pick up the trail of whoever murdered four people last week set fire to a northwest dc mansion and took off in the family luxury sports car. bruce leshan is live at the charred multimillion-dollar mansion where the family and housekeeper may have been held captive before they were killed. >> that's right. it is really just an absolutely terrifying story. the killer or killers may have held this family here at the house captive starting on wednesday before murdering them and setting fire to the mansion on thursday here in one of dc's wealthiest neighborhoods just a few blocks from the vice president's house. >> reporter: new video just out of what could be a crucial lead or a dead end as police hunt a killer. vicious video shot by firefighters of the savopoulos family's porsche torched near a
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church on annapolis road in prince george's. over the weekend dc police released this very grainy video of someone running and police are urging anyone who might know who this is to call and claim a potential $25,000 reward. investigators are also still combing the burned out mansion on woodland drive in northwest dc, searching for any clue that might lead them to the killer or killers of wealthy socialites savvas and amy savopoulos, their 10-year-old phillip and housekeeper figueroa. two more savopoulos daughters may be alive today only because they were away at boarding school. neighbor tom hester said he noticed some suspicious construction workers. >> people were reporting a vacuum cleaner salesman and someone pounding on a door. mine was along those lines. it was just unusual activity in this area that i noticed on that
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day, on a thursday. >> st. sofia greek orthodox cathedral will hold the funeral for all three members of the savopoulos family a week from today starting at noon. >> the family sent text and voice messages to their second housekeeper on wednesday and thursday morning telling him not to come to the house. one of the big questions now is whether the family sent those messages under duress. amtrak trains are running again on the busy northeast corridor. those trains started rolling between dc and new york for the first time since last week's derailment in philadelphia which killed eight people. a safety system called automatic train control is now in place where that derailment happened. the system can automatically slow down a train that is going too fast through the curve. >> got an e-mail from the ceo of amtrak saying they were doing
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everything they could to make sure that passengers from new york and the philadelphia area would be safe going to washington today. >> investigators are still trying to determine why the train was speeding when it jumped the tracks. they are down playing the significance of damage to the train's windshield which they first thought might have been caused by an object thrown at the train. new fallout tonight following mass arrest during protests in dc way back in 2002. the partnership for civil justice $2002. the partnership for civil justice fund announce ad2.2 million settlement with the justice department and department of the interior. during those protests, police arrested 400 people and turns out anyone who was in that park including tourists and bystanders were taken in to custody and held for 24 hours. they agreed other several new policies including a general prohibition against the use of
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police lines providing at least three warnings to disperse before people getting arrested and identifying ways for people who don't want to get arrested to get out of the crowd. five years ago the district reached an agreement to pay those people in the park $8 million. an annual tradition at the u.s. navy academy. it's the monument climb. the goal is to get to the top of the lard covered monument and replace a first year student's dixie cup hat with an upperclassman's hat. they formed a human pyramid allowing a 19-year-old from florida to reach the top after 1 hour 38 minutes, and 36 seconds. coming up, more proof it's never too late to pursue your dreams even if you're 94. >> but first find out why it could be while before those bikers involved in a deadly brawl get sprung from
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one worker was killed and another rushed to the hospital after a huge fire at a metal recycling plant south of greenville, south carolina. authorities are not sure how this fire started but they are monitoring the air quality near the fire scene to make sure that the public is not in danger. today a judge set bail at $1 million for each of the 170 bikers involved in a shootout in
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texas that killed nine bikers and wounded 17 others. >> sunday's violence erupted as members of five rival gangs gathered for a meeting at the twin peaks restaurant. authorities say the bikers began shooting at the police s.w.a.t. team when officers tried to break up the brawl. many of the restaurant patrons ducked and ran for cover when the shooting got started. >> i crawled back toward the freezers with a lot of the waitresses and some other people. it was really, really scary. >> authorities say the gangs have issued death threats against the waco police department for breaking up the fight. topper is tracking a wave of storms moving in. up next, how tonight's yellow alert could affect your plans
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people who don't work normal business hours are more likely to have health problems. researchers in wisconsin looked at 1500 workers and found nearly half of them, shift workers are overweight, have sleep problems and are more likely to develop issues like diabetes. according to the centers for disease control and prevention about 15 million americans work in a regular shift schedule. a new study in pediatrics finds most 3 to 5-year-olds are not given enough time for active
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play in childcare centers. researchers in seattle looked at nearly 100 children and found they were kind of sitting around nearly 70% of the time. experts recommend increasing the outdoor time. you are never too old to finish what you started. anthony enrolled at west virginia university way back in 1939 but it took him till last night at age 94 to actually get his degree. when tony first started at wvu tuition was about $50. >> i started out in engineering a little bit too tough i switched over to physical education and industrial arts. >> so you gotta know the fact he didn't finish was not his fault. in 1942 anthony was close to getting out of there but he was drafted in to world war ii. he worked in florida on aircraft. after the war was
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over he enrolled again but had to drop out to take care of his sick wife. then came the kids, the jobs. before you know it, he was retired. it was his daughter who persuaded anthony to get back in the classroom and finally get that diploma. >> never too late to learn. >> where does the time go though? we're looking at big storms. nothing severe now. got to tell you some heavy rain i'm a little worried about this storm over toward colleget's have a live look outside at our live michael and son weather cam. we're looking at sun here and there. not storming everywhere but whereu hower. you see the dew points in the 70s that's miserable. just keep that in mind. miserable for us in terms of comfort. also miserable hair day. 74% humidity. here's a look at the radar over the past couple of hours. you can see a lot of red. that's pretty heavy rainfall right around dc, right around the beltway back to the
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west winchester and i-81. down to the south around fredericksburg east side 95. we'll take a look at winchester. pretty heavy storm to charlestown. not moving very fast. generally pushing off to the east or southeast at 10 miles per hour. this has weakened a little bit as it's pushed further to the east. it will drift in the next half hour. this is the main activity. notice all the lightning. it's been there for about two hours now. pretty strong storm. extends up across bw parkway across 29. slow going if you're headed out of town toward baltimore or annapolis. we'll zoom in to this storm too. very heavy storm out route 7. once you get past great falls this is a pretty heavy storm as well. this is drifting off to the south and east as well. about to cross over to the river to
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the potomac. that's one reason we have a yellow alert. it's going to slow you downheading home. we'll track this to the american legion bridge. by about 6:14 so in a few minutes. then mohican hills about 6:23. we don't see any lightning in that storm. we do see lightning in this storm toward college station. don't drive through a flooded street. it's simply not worth it. this is producing rainfall over an inch per hour. see the lightning in college park. that's an indication of a strong storm. heavy heavy rain drift ing off to the east around brooklyn. we're going to track showers and thunderstorms pretty much through tonight probably till about midnight. yellow alert continues. bus stop temperatures very warm tomorrow. muggy. 66 to 78. in those areas that see showers and thunderstorms today this evening, more likely to have fog tomorrow morning. more thunderstorms tuesday over the
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cold front but they'll end early and should not be too heavy. good line of showers and storms from gaithersburg and much of loudoun county, fairfax county in to manassas. that rolls through the evening hours by 10:00 walking the dog you might need an umbrella. don't get too hung up on the exact location of these storms. be advised showers and storms are going to continue through the midnight hour then tomorrow morning very warm. upper 60s low 70s with some fog to start. got 73 at 7:00. 79 at 11:00 and 83 at 1:00 with a shower or thunderstorm possible. after tomorrow we're in good shape. breezy and pleasant. wednesday, 76. nats in town tomorrow and wednesday too. a little cool on thursday with clouds. still a pretty good day. 74. our next seven days beautiful on friday. beauti very nice on saturday. we've been cooler, low 70s. nice start to the weekend. nats on 9 sunday.
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isolated storm possible and for memorial day not bad. 81 degrees with a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. not a complete washout. wizards calling their travel agents, looking for vacation spots. >> looking for some vacations today. would have been game 7 tonight. >> it might have been. >> they have a lot to be proud of this season. >> they really do. it's one of their best seasons in over 30 years. but it has been a few days since their season came to an end. still fresh in their minds i'm sure. coming up, we head out to verizon center. players cleaning out
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not to pour salt in the wound, but tonight the wizards would have been playing game 7 in atlanta. instead they spent the morning cleaning out their lockers reflecting on what was really an incredible season. dianne roberts has more from the verizon center. >> crews here are ripping up the court at verizon center, much like wizards players ripped out fans' hearts by not making it to the eastern conference finals. during exit interviews we asked players if there was one key to why they couldn't advance out of the second round e kept hearing time and time again john wall missing three games with that injured hand. >> a big key to this team. this team still does great things. i feel like if i was there, we'd have a better
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opportunity at winning the series and probably could have won two on the road like the toronto series and came home with momentum. >> i think if he played all the game i think we'd still be in the season today. that's my opinion. >> it's hard to replace a guy like john. he's a franchise player. one of the best guards if not the best point guard playing right now. >> coach whitman says he's been in a fog the last couple of days not knowing what to do because there's no basketball. the players are enjoying a little bit of rest and relaxation for the summer. dianne roberts wusa 9 sports. >> wall is going to go see a hand specialist during the offseason. it was media day at vurss. the team has been to the playoffs two years straight and hoping to make a championship run this year. >> we have everything you could want in a team. shooting big players, fast guards, defensive players, offensive players anything you would need in our championship game i feel that we have. >> enough of them have played
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together for a while that they now have the opportunity to take a big leap forward and they should walk in the door every day with the idea of competing for a championship on their mind. >> once again the university of maryland is dominating college lacrosse. within hours of each other yesterday both the men's and women's teams punched their tickets to championship weekend. the men rolled over north carolina are headed to the final four for the first time in five years. they facens joh hopkins on saturday. the women are on their way to defending their title. the reigning champs won easily beating northwestern. they're headed to the final four for the seventh straight year. we asked coach cathy reese if getting to the championship weekend ever gets old. >> never never. this is such a great game today. outstanding effort for the second half. i couldn't be more crowd. >> their coaches are great. we're proud of them. we think the world of them and their players work so incredibly hard. we're thrilled for them and
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we're excited to be able to work together for another week but they've been doing a great job so we hope they can bring home another title too. >> the women play friday against syracuse which is a rematch of last year's championship game. this team has only lost one game all season. >> they're setting a heck of a standard. what about when they only get to the final four. >> the men of course haven't won a championship in a while so they're hungry. >> we're wishing them all well. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> we're back in 30 for your only local news at 7:00. see you then.
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>> pelley: 170 are arrested after a deadly shoot-out in wakeo. some could be charged with capital murder. also tonight the f.b.i. determines whether the derailed amtrak train was hit by gunfire. and what could be the most dangerous sport in the world and two sisters make a startling discovery that has changed their lives. >> the lightbulb went off and i had this big ah-ha moment. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this evening nearly 200 people are being held on murder-related charges. police provided the transportation for motorcycle gang members rounded up after yester


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