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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news on a big development in the murders of the savopoulos family and their housekeeper. >> police just released these photos of a suspect in the killings identify ad daron dylon wint, and there's an arrest warrant out for him. more on what we know about the suspect and the murders. >> reporter: this is a huge development. until about 20 minutes ago all we had was a grainy video of a person of interest. now we have a suspect, a name and three photos. police just issued an arrest warrant for daron wint, a black male weighing around 155 pounds, 25 years old being charged with murder one while armed. we want to walk you through the timeline because there are so many questions surrounding this case and multiple sources have told us police believe the killer or killers kept these
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four people in this house all through wednesday night. the housekeeper spoke with me the same day these four bodies were found on thursday and told us normally she would come work on thursday, but she received an odd text from the wife who lived there, amy savopoulos, telling her not to come in. >> i start calling her and say -- and left her a message that asking her that she was okay and she never answered. >> reporter: days later she said that wasn't the only message she got from the family. savvas savopoulos left her a voicemail wednesday night. >> but i never got that message the same night. i got it the next day. >> reporter: in that message he told her not to come in the next morning, that the other housekeeper, veralicia figueroa, was staying overnight to help out because amy was sick. that was not normal. >> they offer to stay overnight is not normal because she never
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stayed in that place overnight, but i never got that message the same night. >> reporter: veralicia's husband thought it was strange as well so, strange that he called savvas and drove to their house thursday morning, but he says no one answered the door. a nearby domino's says they delivered pizza to the house and a manager tells me police came by the store friday and asked for a record of all of the order and deliveries from wednesday night. now police documents obtained by our editorial partners at the washington post say one of savvas' assistants told police he dropped off a package at the house on thursday. law enforcement sources tell us that package had $40,000 in it, but the most horrific information coming from law enforcement sources is that during this time the couple's 10-year-old son may have been tortured. sources tell our bruce leshan that phillip is the only one without stab wounds and they believe he was burned and tortured in front of the family to get money from his father.
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so many clues point to the family being held in this house overnight. one rumor we are hearing is perhaps there was dna on one of those pizza crusts left behind by the killer and police may have been able to use that to at least identify this suspect. that detail hasn't been confirmed. in fact, most of these details are things police won't officially comment on. this is ongoing and they don't want to comment on investigations, but again there's a luge break tonight the police identifying a suspect, his name daron wint and he's 34 years old. ellison barber, wusa9. >> things are moving very quickly. the man's name is daron dylon wint. he's 34. a cold rain is on the way for tomorrow. >> the wet weather could affect not one but both of your commutes. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is here. it's yellow alert time.
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>> it is. monday we were in a time machine where it hit 90 degrees and tomorrow it will be in a time machine more like march. here's the rain moving across ohio into columbus along 70. it gets here by tomorrow morning as clouds thicken up overnight, but futurecast, 6:00, if you're at work early at 6 or 7 a.m., you won't have a wet commute. by 8:00 it will be raining in manassas, on 95 between d.c., fredericksburg and by continue clock rain essentially up and down the i--- 10:00 rain essentially up and down the i- 95 corridor, temps holding in the 50s, 58 at noon and rain and heavier rain in yellow down to the south. we'll come back. this will affect your exit plans on friday. breaking news in charles county, maryland, where deputies found and arrested a woman suspected of shooting a man and another woman in the parking lot of the mcdonald's on mall circle in waldorf. the man was taken to the
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hospital in critical condition. the injured woman was in serious condition. it's believed the shooter and victims all knew each other. the florida man who landed a gyrocopter on the capitol lawn last month is back in washington. doug hughes arrived shortly after his indictment by a grand jury for operating an aircraft without a license and flying it without registration. our mola lenghi is live on capital hull where -- capitol hill where we are hearing from hughes ahead of his court appearance tomorrow. >> reporter: it was about a month ago when the 61-year-old hughes landed his gyrocopter on the lawn of the u.s. capitol to raise awareness for an issue that he is passionate about. the stunt left him on house arrest. he's back in the district tonight for a court hearing he has tomorrow. doug hughes arrived at the nation's capital today like anyone else might, quietly in the back of a sedan, quite differently than the last time
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the 61-year-old u.s. postal worker visited d.c. like no one had before him in, a gyrocopter after flying through restricted airspace landing on the capitol lawn with a bag of mail. >> i delivered the mail. there was no property damage and no injuries. >> reporter: in the mailbag was a letter to each member of congress urging for campaign finance reform. >> doing this up the way i did brought the attention to capitol hill. >> reporter: although most of the attention ended up on the stunt itself, not to mention that weird gyrocopter thing. it also sparked debate about the u.s. secret service's decision to not shoot him down. >> i engineered the stunt so that washington would get warning that already vetted me through the secret service that they knew who i was and they knew i was not violent. >> reporter: now everyone knows him the gyrocopter guy and he's using that sudden celebrity to refocus the attention on the issue that brought him to d.c. to begin with, a political process he says that's more concerned about money than the american people.
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>> overall congress is in it for the money. they're in it for themselves. they are doing what special interests tell them to do and we've been cut out of the political process. >> reporter: it's a cause this father of three has been on house arrest for and is now willing to go to prison for. he faces up to 9 1/2 years if convicted. >> as an act of civil disobedience i knew there would be consequences. i'm in that right now. >> reporter: hughes could still strike a plea deal with federal prosecutors, though he tells our partners at usa today that he is well aware this thing could go to trial where he could be convicted. interestingly he says he's not convinced a jury of his peers would convict him, especially of the felonies when as he told usa today, "my intention was not to do anything except to get congress to work for the people." >> he got a lot of attention. hughes also faces three misdemeanor counts of violating
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national defense airspace and one count of improperly putting the u.s. postal service logo on his copter. 20-year-old isaiah bogan is in custody tonight wanted in the sexual assault of a 12-year- old girl in forestville. police spotted him this morning 2 blocks from the crime scene. investigators say just a week ago bogan followed the girl onto an elevator at her apartment building on brooks drive. when she got out, he assaulted her in the hallway. a local umpire for a little league caught in an undercover sting now faces charges of distributing child prince george's county. the parents and coaches are shocked and angry. in custody, 67-year-old donald essex. most recently he umpired for the fort hunt little league in alexandria. essex went online according to court documents thinking he was chatting with aer about arranging to meet his 9 -- with
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a father about arranging to meet his 9-year-old daughter. it was an undercover officer instead. essex sent more than a dozen images of child pornography including pictures of girls between 5 and 10 years old. >> as a mom and parent, we trust churches, schools and sports groups with our children all the time. so, of course, it shocked and surprised us. >> the fort hunt little league says it conducts criminal background checks and sex offender checks of year on all its volunteers and says essex came back clean every time. tonight the fbi is investigating a massive data before he that gave hackers personal info for over 1 -- thatgraphy data breach that gave hackers personal info for over 1 million people in the
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d.c. area. >> garrett haake is live with more. >> reporter: with millions of customers and offices in d.c. and all across maryland, care first is the largest health insurance provider in the mid- atlantic. tonight they've become just the latest company to announce your data has been stolen by hackers. >> we were the subject of a cyber attack in which we think an unauthorized party gained access to some limited information about our members. >> reporter: care first said roughly 1/3 of its members were affected, 1.1 million people. they'll soon get letters notifying them that their names, birth dates, e-mail addresses and subscriber numbers were taken. more sensitive data like passwords and social security numbers remain secure the company says. care first hired a security firm to monitor them after a
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similar breach last spring. >> while many companies do get breached, many companies find out quickly and limit the damage. this is a case of a company not noticing for a year. >> reporter: the sands institute trains cyber security professionals. sands warned last spring that healthcare companies would soon become a major hacker target. >> the information on personal health records is very valuable to the cyber criminal and actually fetches more on the hacker market than does credit card data. >> reporter: now the finn is investigating this crime and saying -- fbi is investigating this crime and saying little. these hackers could have been domestic cyber criminals or a foreign government. >> recently we've seen china and other nation states doing espionage against the u.s. and looking for information on u.s. officials. >> reporter: regardless who committed this hack or, why the thefts affected customer -- the steps affected customers need to take themselves will be the same.
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the customers will have to change their passwords. the company is giving up to two years credit monitoring for affected customers. >> you got to be checking your personal information very closely with situations like this. care first has created a website with a lot of additional information about the breach including resources for people impacted. we put a link to their site on our website, and on our wusa9 news app. new information on how an amtrak engineer spent the hours before that deadly crash in philadelphia. union officials say brandon bostian's rest break on an already grueling shift was shortened by equipment-related delays on his earlier train down to d.c. that train arrived 26 minutes late leaving bostian about an hour to rest and eat before the ill fated trip back up to new york. during his interview with investigators bostian did not report feeling tired or sick
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prior to the derailment. a man designificance from the alexandria city -- a unanimous decision from the alexandria city council decided to put the new metro station near the potomac city area expected to create thousands of new jobs and hopefully easing traffic on route 1. caught on camera police at los angeles international airport used a stun gun on an unarmed man they say refused to cooperate with tsa officers at a security checkpoint. the spokesperson says the man also pushed past an airport police officer. that officer followed the man and detained him and tased him as he was arrested. the man is at a hospital and faces charges of trespassing and obstructing police. the suspect in the murder of three alexandria residents will make his first appearance in a fairfax county courtroom tomorrow. last month a judge moved
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charles severance's trial from alexandria because of concerns about seating an impartial jury. tomorrow a judge will hear motions on suppressing warrants and expert witnesses. severance is charged with killing nancy dunning in 2003, ron kirby in 2013 and ruthanne lodato in 2014. we've been reporting on vdot's plan to build toll alleges on i-66 outside -- lanes on i-66 outside the beltway. some think it sounds great and others think it sounds like a nightmare. today pool had a chance to sound off with transit officials. some in the dunn loring neighborhood could lose their homes because of the mass transit expansion. they said vdot ought not to be focusing on building more concrete lanes, but expanding metro or rapid bus service. >> i think anybody that's been to l.a. could probably understand where the future of virginia could head if the right decisions
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aren't made now. >> the transportation secretary aubrey lane will only support a project with some type of mass transit option. ♪ skyrockets in flight afternoon delight ♪ ♪ remember in song? in the summer of 1976 afternoon delight soared to no. 1 on the pop charts. d.c.'s very own starlin vocal band was the star of this song. >> peggy fox reports a fellow nobody had ever heard of before by the name of david letterman was also on that program. >> reporter: the show gave david letterman his first national exposure only running six weeks during the summer of 1977 and a lot of it was filmed here in d.c. >> we're on our way to the home base for the starland vocal
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band. >> reporter: royals the voice? it's a 30-year-old -- recognize the voice? it's a 30-year-old david letterman. >> it's sunday night. what do you got to do anyway? >> reporter: long before he became a household name letterman was the host of the starland vocal band show and taped comedy routines around the area. john carroll grew up in d.c. and was a member of starland and was just 20 when the show aired. we interviewed him from massachusetts. >> when somebody offers you a six week summer replacement series in primetime, that's not something you say no to. >> reporter: but carroll wishes they had. >> it wasn't all bad. it was mostly bad. >> reporter: while carroll says the band knew the show was a flop from the beginning, it was obvious letterman was onto something. >> he was going for the whole enchilada and he got it. he was actually thrilled to see. >> reporter: when you watch
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the late show cbs mailbag, you can't help but think of this skit decades earlier. >> time for the starland vocal band mailbag. >> reporter: it was shot in georgetown in. this bit letterman played a farmer at turkey run park opposite john carroll's then wife and fellow band member margo chapman. he did a regular shtick as a news anchor. >> are you board, dull, half goofy? if you mumbled yes to any of those questions, you need your very own federal grant. >> reporter: and this sketch between letterman and carroll. >> i hope you finally have our t shirts ready. starving vocal band. >> that's not right. >> every shirt was messed up. that was the joke. >> you guys are going right to the top. >> you are you. >> the starland vocal band broke up in 1981, each member pursuing their own successful musical careers.
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john appeared on the late show with david letterman three time. peggy fox, wusa9 wusa9. >> wow. go to our app, go to our website. we've posted all of the recollections of the starland vocal band and recollections after that show. the final late show with david letterman airs immediately following our newscast. we are going to have a live report coming up from ed sullivan theater. always the famous blue angels soared over annapolis today, they were dedicating their performance to midshipman justin zemser. he was killed in last week's amtrak derailment in philly. four naval academy graduates are part of the current blue angels team. the pilots have been in town always part of the u.s. naval
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academy commissioning activities. they perform a flyover friday during graduation ceremonies at the naval academy. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> it's a good thing they're flying on friday and not tomorrow. >> tomorrow is not going to be a good day, but let's talk about the 3-degree guarantee. >> yes, let us. >> remember midnight to midnight is the high criteria. we went 78 for today and it was 75, so we were in there. >> all right. >> let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 65, relative humidity 45%, winds turning north, northeast at 10. yellow alert thursday for a cold rain. bus stop temperatures in the 50s and if you're there by 8:00 or 9:00, might want an umbrella with the jacket. holiday weekend looks great. this is a quick hitter. cool saturday, warm sunday and almost hot on monday and only a
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slight chance of an isolated storm monday and that's it. 6 a.m. temps in the 50s. we're dry, showers now even south of fredericksburg. they move up 95 quickly. by 9:00 they're inside the beltway up to bethesda, silver spring, fairfax, tyson, leesburg, hagerstown and cumberland. around lunchtime is the worst time of the day. 54 in leesburg, 56 in manassas, 57 downtown. that's why you need a coat with your umbrella. a quick litter, moves out -- hitter, moves out by 5:30. we clear out quickly tomorrow night. day planner 60 to 66, but temps fall into the upper 50s as it begins to rain at 11:00 and 57 at 1 p.m. the cold front goes through on
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friday. sunday gorgeous, 87 on monday. isolated shower on memorial day, 90 tuesday and wednesday but only isolated storms. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> bryce harper has been all the talk lately for a stellar play, his red hot bat, but tonight he's the center of attention for another reason. nats dugout chirping at the ump. the upper goes to yell back. bryce harper steps out of the batter's box. the umpire tells him to get back in the box. bryce shows where he was in the box earlier, look i was right here, umpire having none of it. bryce ejected. williams comes out livid and gets tossed as well, second time in eight days both those guys were ejected. to the game denard span singles to break the tie in the sheafment. wilson ramos -- 7th.
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wilson ramos comes in. nats win tonight to complete the two-game sweep of the yankees. we showed you earlier the incredibly cute story of riley curry, the 2-year-old daughter of golden state warrior's steph curry who stole the show at her dad's press conference. this is even cuter. curry's wife posted this video of little riley just dancing, enjoying the music. >> this is not the shiest kid we've seen. >> so cute. we just had to share that. coming up next we'll go live to the ed sullivan theater. >> stay with us. >> reporter: tonight is david letterman's final show. i'm suzanne marquez in new york. coming up fans tell us what happened inside the taping. >> 90 degrees one day, cool and breezy the next. what's in store memorial day weekend? >> we have some rain, but i think you'll like your memorial
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day forecast. we'll tell narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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they are making television history tonight as david lettersman says good-bye to late night viewers -- letterman
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says good-bye to late night viewers after 33 years on the air. >> fans and stars showed up to say farewell at the ed sullivan theater. suv dan marquez joins us -- suzanne marquez joins us live with reaction from the audience. don't tell us everything, but do tell us something. >> reporter: yes, i will tell you i'm not going to ruin everything, but i will tell you the vibe of people leaving the show, which will probably be the same feeling most feel will after watching tonight's show, is that there were touching moments, but overall everybody left with a smile on their face. at the end they said they felt uplifted by his good-bye. david letterman took the stage at the ed sullivan theater for the last time to a standing ovation. the late show host ended his 33 year late night tv career wednesday. those lucky enough to score a ticket say it was an unforgettable experience. >> it felt like you were losing a family member. >> you really felt the significance of the end of an
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era. it was very touching. i was kind of moved. >> reporter: the show featured a star studded top 10 list including jerry seinfeld, julia louise dreyfus, steve martin and chris rock. the topics, the final things i would like to say to david letterman. spoiler alert, the last band to play on stage was the foo fighters. letterman has said listening to their music helped him recover from heart surgery. the show featured highlights of dave's career as a television trailblazer and entertainer and he thanked his staff and family. >> it left me not with a sad family, but a feeling that was uplifting, all the memories that this show evoked over all the years. >> reporter: another audience member said it was the best way he could go out. derek and lesli, he even brought out his son at one point, one of the reasons he says he's retiring. >> we'll be watching in a few
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minutes. >> tonight's show will be letterman's 6,028th late night show just minutes away here on
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cold rain tomorrow will affect both commutes, but it's a quick hitter, turns nice on friday. >> great. >> that's our broadcast. thanks for stick around. >> the last late show with da
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>> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. letterman is retiring. >> dave: you're just kidding right? >> it's the late show with david letterman.


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