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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  May 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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cooler temps this morning. what you can expect for the holiday weekend. more than a million care first health insurance customers impacted by a huge data breach. the u.s. releases more than a hundred documents seized from the osama bin laden compound. david letterman says goodbye for late night. >> i was here for most of them. the news starts right now. an end of an era as we start a new day. taking a live look outside as we cross into the 6:00 a.m. hour. a cool start to the day. by day's end a good portion of the area will see some rain fall. thanks for starting the day with us. i'm nick giovanni. i'm debra alfarone in for andrea roane. larry miller is here with traffic but we'll begin with our weather team erica grow and allyson rae. you said rain. is it coming now? >> some areas are already
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seeing rain. when you go out to lunch, you want to have the rain gear with you. some areas already seeing the light rain. some areas are dry. we're dry right here on the beltway but not for too long. areas off to the north and off to the south have some rain. we're sandwiched in between there but we will see light stuff in just about an hour or two. it is pretty light. the heavier stuff will come after lunch time and really for areas off to the south through fredricksburg and through southern maryland, that's where the heaviest stuff will be. frederick seeing light rain and also farther south near fredricksburg headed south of la plata and mechanicsville. count on rain through the midday but we're not going to warm up much. we'll stay in the 50s to lower 60s. clearing out for your drive home. we're off to a great start. no issues on the trains or the buses this morning. so certainly some good news there for your commute this thursday. we do have an issue going on right now in prince george's county on the bw parkway southbound between 32 and 198 where we have an accident blocking the left lane.
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sky 9 is in place to show us the situation and growing delays we have going on on the bw parkway so we're asking drivers to consider adding 35 to 40 minutes to your drive time to account for that accident. we'll have an update this about ten minutes. our top story this morning, police believe they have identified the man they say killed the savopoulos family and their housekeeper in north west d.c. before torching that home. they say he lived here, his last known address in this quiet lanham neighborhood. i talked to a neighbor shocked to see all the police activity last night. first, let's take a look at their suspect. police need your help finding 34-year-old daron wint wanted for murder one. his criminal record shows an assault and theft charge but mainly traffic violations. detectives searched the home of westview lane and hope to find more evidence linking him to this horrific murder. police believe wint held savvas savopoulos and his wife and
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their young son for at least ten years, torturing the 10- year-old before he was able to get $40,000 from the dad. the housekeeper gutierrez received a message to not to come to work. when she tried to return to the call, there was no evidence. >> i almost had a heart attack. it's something like you never -- it's very hard to believe. >> reporter: hard to believe for a lot of folks trying to wrap their minds around this. again police have issued a warrant for daron wint and they need your help finding him. we'll have much more on the suspect coming up in the next half hour. live in lanham, delia goncalves, wusa9. we're following a developing story this morning with the fbi investigating yet another massive data breach. now the personal information of more than a million people in this area alone could be at
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risk. >> yesterday care first blue cross-blue shield announced it was the victim of a hack last june. the company insures people in d.c., maryland and northern virginia. mike is here with more on a troubling story. >> reporter: care first is the largest in the atlantic region. roughly one-third of care first members were affected by this. that's 1.1 million people in total. care first members will soon get letters notifying them their names, birth dates, e- mail and addresses and subscriber numbers were all taken. the company says the more sensitive data like passwords and social security numbers remain secure. they hired a cyberforensics firm to review its security after insurance giant anthem discovered a similar breach last spring. >> we were the subject of a cyberattack in which we think an unauthorized party gained access to some limited information about our members. >> the information on personal health records turns out it's
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very valuable to cybercriminals. it actually fetches more on the hacker markets than does credit cards. >> joe pescatore said most companies notice the breach quickly after it happens. care first went a year without knowing about the breach. the fbi isn't saying much about their investigation but pescot pescotore's -- [indiscernible] a florida man who flew a gyrocopter here to the capital lawn and landed it there will be in court later this afternoon. you probably remember doug hughes,s 61-year-old mailman from florida who says he wanted to bring attention to campaign finance reform so he through the gyrocopter through highly restricted air space before landing on the lawn. he was immediately arrested and ordered on house arrest in florida until today when he will be in court after being indicted on six federal charges, including two felonies
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n. is what he had to say yesterday before arriving in d.c. >> i engineered the opportunity so that washington would get warning they had already vetted me through the secret service so they knew who i was and knew i was nonviolent. >> reporter: hughes could still strike a plea deal but if convicted, he faces up to nine and a half years in prison. however, he says if this does go to trial, he doesn't believe a jury of his peers will convict him of any felonies. what did he have to say when we asked him if he's done fighting for a cause he's so passionate about? campaign finance reform? i'll tell you what he had to say coming up at 6:30. he's in court today at 1:45, wethere as well. live on capitol hill, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. the curtain has dropped on the david letterman ear rave the late show. i gave his final farewell surrounded by stars, fans and family. >> it featured a top ten list read by celebrities and farewell messages from president obama and four former
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presidents. the foo fighters also performed. letterman says their music helped him when he was recovering from his heart surgery. >> the top ten list pretty epic as well. >> i'm tweeting out little by little. cleanup crews have fanned out along a stretch of scenic california coastline to rescue animals now caught in an oil spill. >> your child's school is actually getting safer. >> more of that coming up but first here's erica with a look at your forecast. >> just cloudy out here on the weather terrace but as you can see, i've got the umbrella handy for later. probably going to need it by mid-morning. take a look at your forecast. lots of clouds right now on the michael & son weather cam but the showers beginning to fall by mid-morning in the beltway. intensifying as we head toward the lunch time hour. definitely not a good idea to have lunch outdoors but we'll talk about clearing and
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welcome back. we have showers surrounding the beltway and anne arundel counties but not falling actually in the immediate metro area. right now just very light rain out there but that rain is enough to keep temperatures down. it's 52 degrees in frederick and gaithersburg. 53 in culpeper and it's 57 degrees in manassas. 56 at andrews. the cloud deck is going to saturday to manifest in showers by the tail end of the morning commute in the immediate metro area and temperatures will remain pretty steady, only the upper 50s early this afternoon. larry, traffic? what's going on? no issues in southern maryland. route 4, route 5, also 301 free and clear of any problems.
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no issues on 210 so you're good to go. the biggest headache will be up in prince george's county where we have some issues going on on the bw parkway again near i believe the bw parkway, this would be the southbound side at 32 between 32 and 198. again where we have one lane blocked. looks like things are starting to pick up again but we're asking drivers to be cautious in that area. we'll have an update for you in about ten minutes. the phrase "farm to table" is taking on a new meaning. how the drought out west could impact the food you eat. >> farmers are being ordered to cut back. first, allyson, what about the rain? >> here is a look at the rain. it is traveling off to the east. i'm going to time it out for you on your first alert forecast
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what do you think of when you think of the united states postal service? exactly. that's what pushes us to deliver smarter simpler faster sleeker earlier fresher harder farther quicker and yeah even on sundays. what's next? we'll show you.
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when we get to lunch time, we're talking potentially light jacket and poncho? >> breaking out the poncho. >> you have to always have one. >> going to be a pretty light rain for the most part. maybe if you don't like to carry the up bell low, the upon
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-- umbrella, the upon chose will -- the poncho will suffice. >> you probably have a colorful one. >> i don't own a poncho actually. i own a lot of umbrellas. let's take a look at our doppler 9000. i put the storm track on it for you to see when it's going to start raining in d.c. because it's cloudy right now. most of the stuff is very light. once you get to the darker colors of green, you do see heavier rainfall but right through the district about 6:58. the heavier stuff will come about lunch time. so areas south of d.c. will see even more rain around lunch time. i'm show you on the futurecast. off to frederick and hagerstown getting light rain for your morning rush as well. here is the futurecast with the clouds and the rain coming right in the middle of the day. it's not going to warm up much. we're talking 50s and 60s. that is really cool for this time of year. it's going to feel like march but this is the only day. we get right back to some good weather by as early as sunset and tomorrow we're back to the upper 70s so this is a short
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lived inconvenient day. here at 8:30 showers arriving, light showers and here comes the heavier stuff. by lunch time showers along 95 through la plata, waldorf, over to southern maryland. by 5:00 we're already starting to dry out west of 95 and showers will linger until the sun sets for the eastern shore and southern maryland and then we'll be cloudy and cool tonight. by first thing tomorrow morning we'll see some sunshine. it will be a good looking friday. a little bit cooler on saturday. here's a look at your forecast. 62. cool with showers today. 76. maybe a sprinkle tomorrow evening as a cool front comes on through and drops our temperature to the lower 70s by saturday. near 90 memorial day with a few showers. we have an accident right now blocking two lanes on rhode island avenue. this is in the northbound side at florida avenue northwest. so we're asking drivers to add anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to your drive time to account for this accident there. another accident also going on in prince george's county. a live look from sky 9 shows us
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how things are shaping up on the bw parkway where we had a lane blocked on the southbound side of the bw parkway between 32 and 198. looks like it's cleared up for the most part but we still have residual delays going on in that area. so drivers beware. at least the accident on the shoulder is blocked but you'll have to suffer through this for a while so you want to add additional time to your drive time. no issues right now around the beltway here at river road. pretty light for the most part and along 95 just the usual volume as you make your way up toward the beltway going through areas like newington. mike, over to you. 6:17. this is mike hydeck in the newsroom. some of the stories we're working on now, we start out west where crews are doing their best to contain that oil spill out there off the coast of santa barbara county, california. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency in that area now. brittany hopper has a look at the cleanup. >> reporter: by wednesday night the ocean improved a bit. then this sight.
6:18 am
24 hours ago the water was black. after a plains all american pipeline ruptured on shore sending thousands of gallons of crude oil into the ocean north of santa barbara. this is a picture of a pelican covered in oil. all day fish and wildlife were trying to save as many birds and marine life as possible. the company apologized wednesday evening. >> you should know we deeply regret that this accident has occurred at all. we apologize for the damage it's done to the wildlife and to the environment. >> reporter: plains all american says at around 10:45 a.m. tuesday morning, they experienced mechanical issues which caused the pipeline to shut down. they restarted the pump just before 11:00 a.m. and around noon a person walking by the beach smelled crude oil and called authorities. >> we estimate a worst-case scenario of up to 2500 barrels
6:19 am
or 105,000 gallons of crude. >> reporter: this a map of where the oil is now traveling. nine and a half miles down south. refugio beach, a popular campsite has been evacuated and shut down. same with elcapitan, another popular area. >> brittany hopper reporting there. that's not the only environmental crisis in california. even more water cuts are being ordered by the governor and this time the reductions are impacting farmers. delta farmers are being ordered to stop pumping water from the san joaquin river and this comes after they had already volunteered to reduce their water usage by 25% with hopes of avoiding these cuts. things are starting to get back to normal in waco, texas after the deadly biker gang shootout from the weekend. don carlos sits next to twin peaks where nine bikers were killed. the restaurant reopened after being cold for three days.
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the owner was not there that day but his employees and customers lived through the chaos. >> very dramatic to hear gunshots, especially something so close. we're happy to get back into our routine and back to normal. >> meanwhile inside twin peaks restaurant, it is still a crime scene. waco police have confiscated more than 300 weapons that were found in toilets and foods just in inside the one restaurant. a new survey out today gives positive numbers when it comes to school safety. the national center for education statistics found there's been an increase in security members at -- security measures at u.s. public schools in the last four years. it found 88% of public schools had a written plan on how to respond to an active shooter and seven out of ten actually had drills to practice that plan. detroit is undergoing a demographic swing now. new census figures show the city is seeing an influx of white families moving in. the city had 88,000 white residents in 2013 compared to
6:21 am
just 76,000 three years earlier. some say the cheaper housing and company incentives are contributing to that shift and the same trend seems to be happening in cities across the country. working to reduce poverty in rural communities, that's the goal of a conference this week in memphis. leaders from around the world are attending, including secretary of agriculture thomas milsap. he says the south is important because of a vibrant rural economy there. >> the sadz reality is we've made progress in reducing poverty almost children and senior citizens but the sad reality is poverty still exists. >> he says his department has invested $24 billion in rural communities and the money had gone toward food, loans and grants. west coast dock workers are one step closer to finalizing their contracts. the companies which employ them are giving the okay to that contract which restored labor peace earlier this year. the dispute between the companies and the workers
6:22 am
disrupted international trade at 29 west coast ports and we still feel it today. d.c. is going green when it comes to sewage overflow. >> and affordable housing returning to one of the district's most popular neighborhoods. wusa9 is back after this. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow still not raining on the terrace. i can see the cloud deck is starting to get a little bit lower and getting thicker so the rain is on the approach. take a look at your day planner. we'll see the rain arriving by the tail end of the rush hour and it's going to be a wet lunch hour as well. those temperatures remaining right around 60 degrees for your highs. way below average for this ti
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[ stand by for captions ] we're getting a first look at some of the books and files found in osama bin laden's library in the pakistan hideout where he was killed. among them a copy of the 9/11 commission report. other book titles include
6:26 am
"america's strategic blunders ." there were also several magazine article abouts al qaeda -- articles about al qaeda. it was as if he was trying to track al qaeda's influence in western countries. an advocate for rape victims testified before congress about her own rape story. debbie smith says she waited six years for the person who sexually soughted her to be caught. she says stories like hers are the norm thanks to thousands of untested rape kits sitting in evidence rooms while victims wait. >> it was basket number six that stored my rape evidence kit that would deliver peace to my heart and allow me to truly live again. >> new data from the nonprofit joyful heart foundation shows more than 9,000 untested rape kits are sitting on shelves just collecting dust at this point. that number only accounts for kits in five u.s. cities. the national center for victims of crime says that number is just the tip of the iceberg. a series of settlements
6:27 am
have been reached five years after the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. lawyers representing people and businesses left damaged by the spill have announced a $211 million settlement with trans ocean, the owner of the deep water horizon rig. the new settlement resolves years of litigation with transocean and halliburton. the district is going to be more environmentally friendly in how it reduces sewer overflow in heavy rain. they have announced a plan to integrate what's called green infrastructure into the system. they will use vegetation, soil which mimic nature to soak up and store run fall where it flows so it doesn't flow into and overwhelm the city's sewer lines. living in the district will soon be affordable for some. a new apartment building in the shaw neighborhood will have rent far below market rates. phillips homes are the work of
6:28 am
two united church of thais congregations. 56 apartments will be located along the shaw hon howard -- shaw-howard university metro stop. the units will be rented to families well below the average area income and they're going to pay roughly half the rent to the shaw area. >> we're committed to this neighborhood. we've been here since 1970 and we think mixed income communities are healthy communities. so we want to make sure there's a place for low income folks in this community that is changing. >> applications will be accepted in january of next year. channeling e. philips housing is named after the late learnyman and civic activist in d.c. >> > --clergyman and civic activist in d.c. let's take another live look outside shall we, coming up at 6:29. rain about to fall on this yellow alert day. we appreciate you starting it with us. i'm nick giovanni. i'm debra alfarone. larry miller is here with
6:29 am
traffic but we'll begin with our weather team erica grow and allyson rae. what have you got? >> i've got some rain for you. i've got some umbrellas. if you ever catch me on the street and you need an umbrella, i probably have one for you. >> do you coordinate the umbrellas? >> they're allly yellow. there's a story behind it. >> they're actually singing right now. >> let's take a look at doppler 9000. we have showers on the way for the beltway. it's moving in fast. some sprinkles and light rain through frederick and clarksburg and germantown and westminster and also farther south through la plata and fredricksburg seeing some of the light rain. as you head off to the east, we're looking at some drier weather but not for long. we're expecting a rainy day. it's not going to be very heavy rain but some showers and then some more heavy stuff later on thank for areas south. into the 50s and lower 60s. that's all we're heading to today. it's cool and rainy but we have much better weather for you tomorrow. drier by your drive home as
6:30 am
well. here's larry miller. metro riders, we're off to a great start for your thursday morning. no issues on the rails or the trains so we're definitely -- so definitely no problems there. want to take you to rhode island avenue, the northbound side at florida avenue northwest where we have two lanes blocked as a result of an accident. we're asking drivers to add additional drive time to your commute to account for the two lanes being blocked that we have this morning. want to take our maryland camera if we can and show you how things are shaping up. no issue there is. free and clear for the most part so certainly no problems getting to your destination on time around the bementsway. from our virginia camera, same deal. volume delays as you make your way northbound going from areas like newington, lorton toward the beltway. your next update in about ten minutes. our top story this morning, police have identified the man they say killed the savopoulos family and their house keep near northwest -- housekeeper in north west d.c. and this is his last known address in the
6:31 am
3500 block of westview lane in a quiet lanham neighborhood. let's take a look at a picture of the suspect. police offering a $25,000 cash reward this morning. if you can help find and arrest 34-year-old daron wint charged with murder one while armed. wint killed savvas and amy savopoulos, their 10-year-old son and housekeeper torturing the young boy overnight while extorting $40,000 from the dad. that cash delivered to the house just hours before all four people were killed and that home torched. police sources describe the suspect or suspects as, quote, sloppy leaving a lot of evidence at the scene including leftover domino's pizza that was delivered to the house. in fact our news partners over at "the washington post" report detectives found the suspect's d.n.a. on leftover pizza crust. housekeeper a lease ya
6:32 am
gutierrez -- alecia gutierrez was supposed to be there but was told not to come to work. >> for me it's like a second life, second chance. >> reporter: the fact that you weren't there? >> and sometimes you never understand, you know, all these things happens in life but i'm lucky that i'm still here. >> reporter: again 34-year-old daron wint wanted for that quadruple murder charged with murder one. we looked at his record. he only has assault theft and a number of traffic violations. police need your help finding him. check out his picture on our wusa9 mobile app. in lanham, delia goncalves, wusa9. continuing our coverage of a bizarre story on capitol hill. i'm nikki burdine. remember doug hughes, the man who flew a gyrocopter here to the capitol lawn and landed it there? he's back in d.c. for a court appearance this afternoon. doug hughes is a 61-yard
6:33 am
mailman from florida who -- 61- year-old mailman from florida who said all he wanted to do was bring attention to campaign finance reform, an issue he's very passionate about. he flew the gyrocopter through highly restricted air space and landed on the lawn here at the u.s. capitol. he was immediately arrested and put on house arrest back in florida till today. he will be in court this afternoon after being indicted on six federal charges, including two felonies. this is what he had to say yesterday before arriving back here in d.c. >> congress is in it for the money. they're in it for themselves. they are doing what special interests tell them to do and we've been cut out of the political process. >> reporter: hughes could still strike a plea deal with prosecutors but if that doesn't happen and this goes to trial, he says that he doesn't think he'll be convicted by a jury of his peers on any felony counts. if he is convicted the maximum sentence is nine and a half years. by the way, he says no matter what happens, he's not done
6:34 am
fighting for campaign finance reform. live on capitol hill, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. >> thank you, nikki. charles severance is due in court this morning for a pretrial hearing. the former local political candidate now charged with three murders has been ordered to appear in a fairfax county courtroom for the first time. today's docket includes hearing motions on suppressing warrants and expert witnesses. the man accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl in forestville is locked up this morning. 20-year-old isiah bogan is accused of following the girl into an elevator at her apartment complex on brooks avenue and then attacking her. police spotted him in a car near the complex and arrested a little league umpire in our area is also in jail. 67-year-old donald essex faces charges of distributing child porn. he was the head of umpiring for the fort hunt little league in alexandria. police say essex went online and chatted with a man he thought was a father willing to arrange a meeting with his 9-
6:35 am
year-old daughter. turned out to be an undercover officer. a former northern virginia teacher convicted of having sex with students set at the be sentenced today. erica mesa taught math at colonial forge high at stafford county. she could get up to 22 years in prison. prosecutors say mesa also sent the students nude photos of herself. new details are out this morning about the amtrak engineer involved in last week's deadly derailment in philadelphia. the railroad workers union says brandon bostian's shift before the derailment had been griewlg. they say he had -- grueling. they say he had a shorter rest break than usual because of equipment delays on his earlier train to boston. he only had an hour to rest between trips. engineers usually have 90 minutes to rest but that practice ended back in march. pack your bags, fill your tank or book that flight. we're one day away from the memorial day weekend. about 900,000 people from the d.c. region will head out of town this holiday weekend.
6:36 am
by far most are going to get in their car. nationwide the travel numbers are just enormous. >> nationwide aaa is projecting that we're going to have over 37 million travelers this holiday weekend, the highest volume we've seen in ten years. >> aaa says lower fuel prices are a big reason for the big number. the travel club also points out gas prices have been inching up little by little over the past month. the average for a gallon of gas is now $2.71. whatever you do, to pack a hat like that. >> absolutely. or poncho. >> also be prepared. our text to win campaign, winners get two tickets to kings dominion. >> just text that key word "kings dominion" to 25543 for a chance to win. >> it's cool and cloudy on the weather terrace. showers are on the approach. i'll need the umbrella if i'm
6:37 am
heading out for lunch. i'm feel the chill as well. high temperature today only between 57 and 65 degrees. so better weather arrives just in time for narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are
6:38 am
us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it c's arisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
6:39 am
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welcome back. coming up 06:40. -- on 6:40. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. still approaching the rain on the beltway but no rain actually falling in the immediate metro area at the moment. the heaviest rain is in exsteam southern maryland, frederick county in northern maryland. current temperature is only 52 in frederick. 56 at andrews. 60 right now in annapolis. 54 right now in waldorf. as we head through the day, that rain will continue to approach from the south. it's never going to be too heavy. we will see the light sustained showers, especially through the midday tapering off as we head into the evening commute. better weather though as i mentioned before for the memorial day weekend. allyson will have that in the first alert seven-day. right now time again for timesaver traffic and larry miller. no issues on southern maryland. route 4, route 5, 301 free and clear of any problems. no issues on 210 either. no problems getting to your destination on time for those of new southern maryland.
6:41 am
on the beltway again no issues here at river road. both the inner and outer loop free and clear of any problems. route 50 no issues as you make your way westbound torldz the beltway. your drive times around the metro coming up after the seven- day forecast. you know what's in right now? the salt and pepper look. save the pepper. >> all right. coming up we'll take a look at the style trend and why it seems to be so hot. at
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
time to try something new. some may try to hide the gray hairs but more and more people are going gray on purpose. >> it's known as granny hair. started on the runways. everyday people are dieing to go gray. marley hall visited one salon where young women are getting a new old look. >> we're ready for you. >> reporter: suzi can't wait to go gray. in fact, she's dyeing to. >> there's no turning back now. >> reporter: the 29-year-old is
6:45 am
one of a growing number of young women and men who are asking professionals like marie robinson to cover their locks various shades of gray. how often are you doing this in your salon? >> i would say we're averaging possibly three to four client as week which i think is a lot for something so unusual and a unique look. >> reporter: the friend known as gray hair has taken social media by storm. >> you're on the internet, you're definitely seeing it right now. >> reporter: the beauty editor at buzz feed calls granny hair the biggest trend of the year so far. >> started with high fashion and it went up to celebrities have it and now people are picking up on it. >> reporter: 24-year-old jean salvador has been gray the past four months. >> i come back about once a month. >> reporter: they stmuac bleh the hair to a pale yellow and apply the tint. >> the process is about an
6:46 am
eight to nine hour drive. >> reporter: the average cost is about $700 but that can vary depending on your hair and the salon. some people would say this is drastic. >> i think if you're able to rock it, why not. >> reporter: after an entire day in the chair, suzi loves her new look. >> i feel like a super sheik older lady in a young lady's body. >> reporter: marley hall, cbs news, new york. >> or you could just wait a few years and let nature take its course. >> yeah. there are also gray hair extensions. what are you laughing about back there? >> not you personally. >> you're getting in trouble over here. let's move right along. 6:46. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> norah o'donnell is in new york with a preview. good morning. sorry about this guy. >> good morning to you, nick and deb bra. ahead we're at the ed sullivan theater with surprises from
6:47 am
david letterman's star studded goodbye. we'll look into the tell evangelist who is asking his followers to buy him a $65 million private jet. yup, that's right. also a top sleep specialist will join us with how sleep affects your weight and peter greenburg goes inside a secret lab to find out how hotels are going high-tech. the news is back in the morning so we'll see you right at 7:00. >> looking forward to it. thank you. you want to get in on this gray hair trend thing? >> i was tracking. >> it's what she does. also known as the cisco. might as well go with that. what were you tracking? a little bit of rain? >> we have some rain. it's pretty light for the most part. just grab the umbrella and the jacket. it's going to be kind of cool today for sure. let's look at doppler 9000. some showers are going to push on through the district as we timed it out just a bit ago. here we are with a couple of sprinkles surrounding the beltway. light showers as you head to frederick and over to the west.
6:48 am
it's going to come in and out throughout the rest of the afternoon as well. areas south of d.c., you'll see heavier stuff later on about lunge time. right through the beltway a -- lunch time. right through the betway a couple of showers. rockville, silver spring, just south of arlington headed over to alexandria and upper marlboro. you've been dry for a while but you won't northbound a few hours or so. 7:30 this morning fast forwarding about 45 minutes or so light showers continue to push on in. watch what happens as we go through lunch time. we get some heavier stuff south of d.c. and just some light showers through frederick and baltimore into leesburg. it's not a downpour of a day but it's just not the best looking day. with the clouds and the rain around, we're not going to warm up much. upper 50s, lower 60s. that's it. this is 5:00 drying out for areas off to the west. good thing the nats are off today because by tomorrow much better weather n. pushes out of here for your evening commute and sunset we're looking at dry weather and tomorrow looking at sunshine and back to the upper
6:49 am
70s. here's the forecast. 62 degrees today. 76, much better looking for your friday. saturday a little cooler, 72 but sunshine. 08 by sunday and by memorial day 87 degrees. a few storms in the afternoon. pretty isolated, though. larry, over to you. >> thanks, allyson. i'm tongue tied today and cannot stop laughing. good morning, folks. 6:49. marc train running on schedule and vre on schedule as well so off to a good start in that respect. from georgetown pike to baltimore avenue, you're looking at an 18-minute commute. volume starting to build east on 66. lee highway to 27th street a 49- minute commute. be northbound on 95 from courthouse road to i-395 a 33- minute commute. westbound on 50 from crain highway to n street northeast you're looking at a 19-minute commute for the folks out in prince george's county. speaking of prince george's county, that's where we find sky 9 right now right over looks like the beltway at 95.
6:50 am
we can just see volume building out there on the 95 side in maryland. we're asking driefertion to add anywhere between 15 to 20 -- drivers to add anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes to your drive time. special honors for the grand damme of d.c.'s eatery. >> and a meeting to see if the purple track stays online. this week the washington nationals returned to the place where many players and pundits predicted they'd end the season, in first place. three and a half weeks ago the nats were in the cellar of the nl east and eight games behind in the division. since bryce arounder put the offense -- harper put the offense on its back, the team has transformed into a powerhouse winning 13 of the first 17 games in may. nats resume play friday night at home against the phillys. that's your nats inside
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
police have identified the man they say killed a the savopoulos family and their housekeeper and he lived here 3500 block of westview lane in lanham n. is his picture. 34-year-old daron wint now charged with murder one while armed. police are offering a $25,000 cash reward if you can help find him. nikki? >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine live at the u.s. capitol. doug hughes, the 61-year-old mailman from florida who flew a screw row comenter -- gyrocopter through highly restricted air space and landed it on the lawn of the capitol is back in d.c. he's faces six federal charges, including two felony charges. he will be in court today at 1:45 and so will we. back to you in the studio. monday is memorial day. this afternoon arlington national cemetery will prepare for memorial day with its flags in drill. troops will place the american
6:55 am
flag in front of each gravestone as well as the tomb of the unknowns. [indiscernible] lifetime achievement award. she and her late husband ben founded and helped run the ben's chili bowl. we love it here. she'll be recognized for more than 56 years of dedicated service to d.c. heads up if you drive route 50 in maryland. starting today you're required to have your headlights on whenever you drive between route 13 and route 90. the goal is to decrease the number of crashes in that area. today could be the last chance for local leaders to convince maryland governor larry hogan we need a purple line on metro. the governor has scheduled a meeting with this morning -- meeting this morning with rushern baker and ike leggett. the 16-mile line if approved will run from the western end of the red line to the orange line in new carrollton. hogan has expressed doubt abouts it in the past because of the $2 billion price tag. today is the tenth annual drive for charity sponsored by
6:56 am
the group which owns the dulles greenway. every toll collect dad will go toward groups like the march of dimes and the loudoun free clinic. drivers will also receive a coupon for a discounted oil change. organizers are hoping to raise more than $310,000. bring the umbrella and the jacket today. cool and a little rainy at times, especially for areas off to the south. just kind of light rain throughout the day. tomorrow what a difference. 76. the sun is back and a little cooler but still really nice on saturday and we get hot by memorial day but it looks like a great weekend weather wise. no problems on metro both on the rail and buses but we do see volume from sky 9 on 95 at the beltway. this is on the maryland side just starting to build up. for those of you traveling southbound just be mindful of that. around i-270 no major issues. just volume as you head into rockville and toward the beltway. cbs this morning is next following threats of flooding and tornadoes again for much of the south. if you're trying to drop a few pounds for bathing suit
6:57 am
season, you might want to try catching more doess. a sleep specialist reveals the science behind sleep and weight. >> good luck, everybody. larry and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> you want to get your news, weather and traffic from our wusa9 mobile app because... >> the app is where it's i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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good morning. it is may 21st 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." david letterman says good-bye in a late show filled with stars, memories, and laughs. leftover pizza crust helps police identify a suspect in the mysterious murder of a wealthy family and their housekeeper. plus why a popular televangelist tells why he needs $65 million to buy his plane. what? >> of course


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