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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ryland, but on facebook he lists his home now as new york. >> we believe mr. wint is currently in the brooklyn area. >> reporter: he has a long history of crime but nothing remotely comparing with the accusations he faces now. investigators suspect he held his captives for hours, that he tortured, doused with gasoline and set fire to 10-year-old phillip savopoulos, that he murdered savvas and amy savopoulos and their housekeeper vera figueroa and then he stole $40,000 cash and the family porsche before burning their nearly $5 million mansion. police believe it was wint who ordered a domino's pizza while holding the family. on a piece of crust like this they say left behind his dna in a tiny bit of skin or drop of saliva and maryland collects dna from everyone arrested for a vie ledge crime or convicted -- a violent crime or convicted
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of even a burglary. >> we're thankful for the police work that's taken place. >> reporter: the chief thinks wint is the shadowy figure in the surveillance tape. >> we believe he was the person seeking the person of interest in the video last week. >> reporter: chief lanier says wint used to work at american ironworks in prince george's county where savvas savopoulos was ceo. wint there may have learned savopoulos handled, sometimes did business with large amounts of cash, but former fbi profiler mary ellen o'toole says this goes way beyond a beef at work. she is convinced that to torture this family here for hours and then to murder them, the killer must have gotten a thrill out of the crime. she thinks he is a psychopath. now to my colleague, ellison barber in prince george's county.
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>> reporter: daron wint is on the run, but last night police were at this house just over my shoulder. we're learning more about wint. one of many questions people have is they wonder how daron wint knew the savopoulos family. police say that connection is through work. >> it does not appear this was just a random crime, but there is a connection through the business of the suspect and the savopoulos family business. >> reporter: savvas savopoulos was president and ceo of american ironworks, a company that does metal fabrication for large scale projects. police say daron wint worked for him, but the company wouldn't tell us anything about what kind of work he did. wint has a criminal record in maryland dating back to 2005. the attorney who represented him in six cases told wusa9 daron wint could not carry out a crime like this.
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>> he is a very nice gentle person not predisposed to violence. they've got the wrong guy. >> reporter: most of his league troubles were for minor -- legal troubles were for minor things, petty theft and traffic violations. >> i've represented him in six different cases in 2005, 2006, minor, criminal traffic cases. >> reporter: prince george's county circuit court and the domestic violence unit has several orders filed against wint. this is the last known address for wint. neighbors say he doesn't live here, but his family does.. >> they raised him correctly. if he with the wrong, it was his choice. >> reporter: last night police swarmed the house and stayed until about 1:30 this morning. some were inside talking with people who lived there. other officers searched around the back of the house and later cared out three big bags -- carried out three big bags of evidence. today the family has stayed hidden from the press.
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the family is still inside their house. it doesn't seem like they plan to come out soon or make statements about the case. one thing we have heard is some of those restraining orders that we mentioned, we've heard from sources the suspect's father was possibly one of the people who filed a restraining order against his son, but because those are older restraining order cases, they are in storage, so it will be a process to get some of those actually out. >> question understand those restraining orders are tough to get to. it may take us several days to get a physical copy of those complaints. as this story continues to develop, we'll bring you the latest on air, online and on our wusa9 app. it sure looks and feels more like march than may today. the rain is kind of pulling away, though. howard bernstein is on the weather terrace tonight.
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>> temps low to mid-50s now. we'll be back in the 90s next week. i'm going to show you live doppler 9000 this evening. we're saying good-bye to the rain showers. in the mountains you may see an isolated sprinkle in the next few hours, might sneak into the shenandoah valley. the majority of rain is pulling out of maryland in toward delaware. we're pretty much drying out, but it's still chilly. jackets tonight for sure, 55 in town, waldorf 52 along with andrews. out to the west haymarket at 55, one of the warmer spots. the evening looks cloudy, but temperatures aren't going to move much, mid-50s in town. good news about the weekend that, forecast in a few minutes. a man accused of killing three alexandria residents over 10 years says he does not want separate murder trials. >> charles severance is charged
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with fatally shooting the people in their homes in separate incidents. his trial has been moved to fairfax where he made the unexpected statement earlier today. peggy fox is live with more. >> reporter: to separate the murder trials could likely weaken the commonwealth's case, but severance spoke out today saying he did not want the burden of having to win two trials. the judge has not ruled whether to separate the cases, but she made a lot of other important decisions today. charles severance rolled into the courtroom in a wheelchair. he told the judge he'd been subjected to cruel and unusual punishment because alexandria deputies had been cruel those ankle when they transferred him to fairfax. the trial was moved from alexandria to avoid a jury pool possibly tainted by fear. ruthanne lodato, ron kirby and nancy dunning killed in 2003
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are the deaths he is charged with. severance's father brought in a bag of clothes, apparently for him to wear for his court appearance, but for some reason he did not. the judge denied a motion to exclude evidence of his parents' home. ruthanne lodato's dying declaration, she told police she saw who shot her but did not know him. >> it's not about keeping score and there are going to be "wins and losses" on both sides, but i think it's encouraging that they are going through so many steps to make sure in the end it's a just conclusion. >> reporter: judge roush also denied a motion by the defense to exclude surveillance video
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taken at a target store back in 2003 is that shows a man similar to charles severance following nancy dunning. today charles severance requested judge roush recues herself because of that -- reaccuse herself because of that -- recuse herself because of that ankle injury. she said she would take turned advisement. >> trial is expected to begin october 5th and last up to six weeks. police say an ongoing child custody battle is behind a deadly shooting at a waldorf mcdonald's. according to the charles county sheriff's office, caroline conway shot her daughter-in-law and her new husband. 25-year-old robert mange died. her daughter is in serious condition but expected to survive. a not guilty plea from the
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florida mailman who landed that gyrocopter on the grounds of the federal capitol. doug hughes could be charged with two felonies. >> reporter: he could face up to 9 1/2 years in prison. >> nobody else could do what i did and get away without at best being forced down, at worst shot down and i highly recommend nobody try it. >> reporter: who could forget the florida mailman's unusual flight last month? doug hughes soared through restricted airspace landing on the capitol lawn. he carried letters for each member of congress to push for campaign finance reform. >> if my flight exposed flaws in the safety nets, the security, they were procedure recall and they've already been plugged. >> reporter: hughes faces felony charges of operating the gyrocopter without certificate or proper registration.
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he's charged with violating airspace and using the postal service logo without authorization. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> moves was released until his next -- hughes was released until his next court appearance may 27th. he has been confined to home detention, but the judge granted him permission to travel within his home county in florida. he's ordered to stay away from d.c. unless he's in court or meeting with his lawyer. workers race to clean up the california coast oil spill as criminal charges are considered in the case. >> next at 6:00 a warning as china tells the u.s. to stay clear of new military
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with a comprehensive second opinion. and because time is of the essence, we do it a single one day. explore your options with a one-day second opinion. learn motre a china orders a u.s. plane to go away. >> aircraft, this is china. you are approaching our alert zone. leave immediately. >> visible from the windows of that surveillance plane china's island building project, beijing has been reclaiming land and building reef to build islands far off its coast. the united states said these manmade islands ultimately will host airstrips and military bases. the flight was meant to send a message, the united states does
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not recognize these artificial islands. just a day before the memorial day holiday weekend gets underway, a stretch of beach in california looks more like a hazmat site. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency after 21,000 gallons of oil spilled in southern california. as crews work to clean the water and rescue wildlife, officials are considering criminal charges against pipeline owner plains all american. up next a stafford teacher who pled guilty to having sex with her students learns how long she'll have to
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a married stafford county math teacher learns her fate for having sex with at least two students. >> surae chinn was in the courtroom and reports from stafford, virginia. >> reporter: the 28-year-old former math teacher of colonial forge high school told the judge she was sorry about the bad decisions and bad choices. she faced 22 years in jail, but the judge gave her much less. the judge told her no sentence would unring the bell of damage. parents and students of colonial forge high school are ready to put this final chapter of the teacher scandal behind
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them. >> i'm ready for it to be done, too much drama. i think she probably got the right thing happened. >> reporter: mesa's mother and defense attorney wouldn't talk on camera, but garner said he's shocked and disappointed hoping erica mesa would get probation and time served. the high school teacher admitted to having sex with as many as four students. rather than teach math, the prosecutor said the educator taught teen-agers to have sex with married people, sneak around and lie about it. mesa's husband has to face those teenagers in school because he's a teach are there, too. -- teacher there, too. >> i thought it was ridiculous they didn't know about this for so long. >> reporter: the prosecutor said one tryst was a birthday gift and in one case the teenage boys lined up and waited their turn to have sex with mesa. knowing that she got three years? >> i'm kind of surprised. i thought she'd get more. >> reporter: mesa pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.
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she's been convicted of sending nude photos to at least one student and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. both prosecution and defense agree mesa was not a pedophile but still had to register as a sex offender and be on probation at least 15 years and she would have to stay away from schools and any school functions. >> it may not surprise you to know mesa and her husband are no longer together. of those three years she will get an eight month credit for time served. >> always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> going to be a little interesting around here the next few days. >> going to be real nice to start the weekend and you like summertime, heat and humidity? it will be here next week, probably not until tuesday, although i think monday will be toasty. it will be tuesday, wednesday,
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thursday where we really feel it. let's get you going on this kind of cloudy, cool, crummy day compared to where we've been. some folks are loving it. 55 now, clouds, north, northeast wind. we are starting to dry out. temperatures are nowhere near where they should be. the high today was 63. we hit it just after midnight. 57 in luray, 55 now here, 52 in easton, 54 in hagerstown, a little cooler on the eastern shore. they're just getting rid of the rain. they've been kind of damp and just stopped raining in the last 30, 40 minutes in place like easton and camden and the rain is moving to the east. otherwise we're in decent shape. if you have to go out, obviously you'll want a jacket. a much nicer friday is easier
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impaired to today, not a lot -- friday is compared to today, not a lot of moisture. a good looking weekend, sunday low to mid-80s and hot by memorial day, near 90. i think we'll hold off the better chance of thunderstorms until next week when we'll have the heat, humidity and afternoon threat tuesday through thursday. futurecast, we'll take this storm system and scoot it out of here, still may see a couple showers in the mountains as we go through the evening hours, slight chance over toward the shenandoah valley or ridge. a slight chance of a shower in the late afternoon, 70s, 70s again saturday and then temperatures start going up.
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our forecast tonight, late clearing, isolated shower mainly in the mountains, 46 to 53. tomorrow morning 40s and 50s to start, breezy, brisk. you'll need the jacket and sunglasses and slim shower chance in the afternoon, fid to upper 70s. this is -- mid- to upper 70s. this is where we should be this time of year. start looks great. if you're going to the beach, saturday and sunday both look good. 84 on sunday, near 90 on monday. the rain chance stays in the mountains. there's your summer-like tuesday, wednesday and thursday with the threat of an afternoon storm. stick around. k.b. has the
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the debate rages on, did bryce harper deserve to be ejected or did he get eject. because he is bryce harper? this unfolded yesterday in the nationals series in new york and it was his second ejection. matt williams was arguing with the umpire about what he believed was a bad called strike. harper stepped out. the ump tells him to step back in the batters box. he argues and gets tossed. matt williams gets mad and follows him there. >> this is where i was.
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he wrung me. he tossed me. so i don't think 40,000 people came to watch him ump tonight, plain and simple. orioles wrapping up their series with seattle. steve pearce with the grand slam to left field. i think my producer tom is in there have, but the skies opened and they had to wait two hours on rain delay. once they resumed mariners found life, rallied to tie things up but just moments ago j.j. hardy gets a piece of one. pierce coming home fast. birds take the lead 5-4 in the 9th right now. maryland terrapin, another chance for them to advance this weekend for the lacrosse national title. this program hasn't captured one in 40 years. it's fitting the terps have to go through one of their biggest foes, johns hopkins, the longest rivalry in college lacrosse. the coach said they knew
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whoever they played in the final four would be tough. >> you'll play typically a pretty traditionally strong program and that's what we have. if it wasn't hopkins, it was syracuse. i think our guys know that hey, you win this game and you're playing in the very last game and we don't even need to talk about it. a big congratulations tonight to robert griffin, iii and his wife rebecca who welcome their first child, a daughter they named reef ann griffin, rg3 off the social media since february but figured this was big enough to come back and share the news. >> nobody can criticize him for that. >> the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back at 7:00 for your only local news
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>> pelley: after murder in the mansion, a surprise break in the case. >> n.p.d. es that identified a suspect. 34-year-old daron dylon wint. >> pelley: also tonight justice for an american soldier killed in iraq. a police officer is killed in the line of duty. survivors include her newborn baby. and jon jon sutherland's incredible feet. >> it's not human. >> pelley: tonight, there is a manhunt on in the murders of a family and their housekeeper four victims, some beaten and stabbed, discovered in a burned out mansion in washington, d.c. the po


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