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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 a multi- state manhunt is underway for the suspect in the northwest d.c. mansion murders and tonight police will only say this. it does not appear to be a random crime. good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. four people murdered in a multimillion dollar home blocks away from the vice president's house, a case that's made national news and now it's turned into a manhunt. >> from d.c. to new york and elsewhere police are searching for 34-year-old daron dylon wint charged with first degree felony murder while armed.
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our team coverage begins with ellison barber at the scene of the crime with the latest on how police figured out daron was their man. >> reporter: it was almost 24 e arrest warrant was released for daron wint, the big break in the from a pizza crust. last wednesday night someone in the savopoulos home ordered pizza from this domino's. people who work here tell us the delivery guy was told to leave the pizza outside of the house. they did. it was during the time police believe savvas savopoulos, his wife amy, their son and housekeeper were found captive in the home. there was daniel found on -- dna found on a piece of pizza crust. >> right now every law enforcement officer is aware of his open warrant and are looking for him. >> reporter: they thought he fled to new york, but so far daron dylon wint is still
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hiding from police. wint also went by the name stefan and now of savopoulos' company at american inworks. >> he did -- american ironworks. >> he did work at american ironworks in the past. >> reporter: the suspect tortured the son in order to get money from savvas savopoulos and it worked. his assistance dropped off a bag at the house sometime thursday morning with $40,000 inside. around 1:30 p.m. last thursday the savopoulos home went up in flames and the bodies of these four people were found on the second floor. three had injuries consistent with stab wounds and blunt force trauma. wint had a criminal history in maryland dating back to 2005, but one of his old attorneys told wusa9 he doesn't believe wint could do something like this. >> he is a very nice gentle
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person not predisposed to violence. they've got the wrong guy. >> reporter: police were at his father's house until 1:30 a.m. today collecting bags and bags of evidence. police searched multiple locations in prince george's county. that's where one of the savopoulos family vehicles were found set on fire in a parking lot. they, of course, did not find wint at any of those locations. i'm elson elson -- ellison barber, wusa9. >> for much of the day the search centered on brooklyn, new york, where our garrett haake continues the live team coverage. >> reporter: we've got media from around the east coast converging on this one police precinct in southern brooklyn where detectives tell me today they enter sprud a close female associate of darren -- interviewed a close female associate of daron wint, possibly his girl friend, but tonight it's unclear if the most wanted man on the east coast is even still in new york
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at all. wint traveled to new york wednesday night before police in d.c. released his name and photo. in addition to that girl friend, wint's facebook account indicates he has dozens of friends in new york city, most of them in brooklyn. if will not is hiding out in brook -- wint is hiding out in brooklyn, he'll have plenty of cover. chief lanier asked for all the help she could get. >> we have information that we believe mr. wint is currently in the brooklyn, new york area. the task force is continuing to search for mr. wint. i have been in contact with the commissioner from the nypd. they have offered and are providing all assistance that we need in trying to locate mr. wint. >> reporter: tonight there is no clear indication whether will not is still in new york or has traveled back to d.c. the search for him will continue across the 200-mile
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corridor that separates the two cities. tonight reporting live in brooklyn garrett haake, wusa9. >> stay with wusa9 for continuing coverage of the mansion murders. we'll have the latest on the search for daron wint tomorrow morning at 4:25 a.m. anne arundel county firefighters contained a fire that broke out of at the gingerville yachting center in edgewater near annapolis. crews arrived to find a 35-foot boat fully ablaze. they put the flames out before they could spread to any other vessels. no one was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out what caused that fire. new charges against the six baltimore police officers linked to the death of freddie gray. >> these past two weeks my team has been presenting evidence to a grand jury that just today return ed indictments against all six officers. >> those charges against the six officers range from second degree murder to second degree
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assault. today's indictment adds reckless endangerment and removed charges of false imprisonment. those officers are also charged with not providing medical assistance to gray who had pleaded for help before he lost consciousness in the back of that police van. he died a week later from a severe spinal injury. that led to more than a week. sometimes violent protests. the officers will be arraigned july 2nd. several fires were set during the protests and federal authorities now released photos of serve people who play have started them -- several people who may have started them. several photos show a suspect with what appears to be lighter fluid and a fire. the atf wants to hear from anybody who could identify the suspects. tips could lead $10,000 reward. all the pictures are on our website and on our wusa9 news app. the florida man who landed his gyrocopter near the capitol last month pleaded not guilty. doug hughes is charged with
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violating restricted airspace, operating his gyrocopter without a certificate or proper registration and using the postal service logo without permission. >> if my flight exposed flaws in the safety nets, the security, they were procedural and have already been plugged. >> after today's court hearing a small group of supporters gave hughes their version of a commemorative stamp featuring him and his gyrocopter. hughes faces up to 9 1/2 years in prison. he said he has not ruled out a plea deal. he's due back in court next week. murder suspect charles severance showed up at a pretrial hearing in fairfax county in a wheelchair. severance told the judge he'd been subjected to cruel and unusual punishment as alexandria deputies transferred him to fairfax county. he also told the judge he does not trust his defense attorney. at the hearing e denied a series of defense motions regarding evidence. severance is accused of killing
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three alexandria residents at their homes, ruthanne lodato last year, ronald kirby in 2013 and nancy dunning in 2003. sex education in schools has been a source of controversy for a long time, but a proposal in fairfax county to include information about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lifestyles is generating some sharp debate. >> despite everything we've learned about bullying and teen suicide i continue to hear rationalizations from supposedly educated adults that make my skin crawl. >> reporter: that is among the reasons why a change in the family life education program is being proposed. including information about gender orientation for 7th and 8th graders does not sit well with many parents. >> look at the scripts, the ones that tell your children in
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8th grade there are four types of sex. >> it's whether you get to rewrite the blue print for our children's sexuality for understanding right and wrong or multiple choice. >> reporter: the debate is loaded. the superintendent karen garza had to issue a statement reaffirming for parents their students can still program -- opt out of the program if they wanted to like they do now. the school has been criticized for moving too fast and too far just weeks after adopting new rules in its nondiscrimination regulations for the lgbt community. >> the class will teach lgbt people are normal in the spectrum of human development. >> reporter: opponents are promising to be there june 25th to protest. >> fairfax county would be among the first cool districts in virginia to include information -- school district in virginia to include information about the lgbt community in sex ed courses. at an annual meeting in
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atlanta, robert gates said allowing gay boy scout leaders was brought up. if the policy was revised soon, local organizations could decide on their own whether or not to allow gay leaders. today morrissey who is 57 released pictures of myrna pride who is 19 and their 9- week-old son chase. yesterday morrissey acknowledged publicly the child is his kid. he was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor concerning his relationship with pride and he served a 90 day sentence. some people may have thought the sky was falling in sterling today. crews were doing routine blasting at a dulles rock
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quarry near route 28 and old ox road when there was an explosion. rocks through about 1/2-mile into a busy intersection and industrial mall. 64-year-old rikard -- strip mall. 64-year-old ricardo brooks needed eight stitches after a rock went through his home and landed on his head while he slept. >> the quarry had an accident and we had flying debris coming 1/2-mile away. it had the big rock as you seen inside and this big rock outside that had gone through the windows. >> by the grace of god everybody is healthy. nobody seems hurt real bad. we did find out after the fact there was a gentleman that narrowly escaped very serious injury. >> and state investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. coming up of a somber prememorial day weekend tradition at arlington national cemetery. >> it is a chilly night. i'm on the weather terrace. temperatures in some spots are in the upper 40s now. quick look at your friday d.c.
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day planner. chilly in the morning, low 50s in town with 40s north and west, breezy and warmer, sunny, a spotty afternoon shower and temps in the 70s. i'll be back with the full holiday weekend forecast in just a few minutes. >> but first an american sharpshooter seriously wounded fighting for the israeli army returns home to maryland to recover. now his father is struggling with his decision to go back. their story coming up next.
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tonight we are hearing from a maryland man who almost died in combat, but jordan lowe is not a member of the u.s. military. he's a sharpshooter in the israeli army. >> lowe joined the israeli army after graduating high school in baltimore county and came back home to heal from his wounds.
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denise koch spoke them about his passion to -- with him about his passion to protect his homeland. >> reporter: war in the middle east hits very close to home. last july a deadly battle between israelis and palestinians over the gaza strip turns into a nightmare for a baltimore county father. >> i got a call 5:00 in the morning and i got on a plane the next day. >> reporter: jeffrey lowe from pikesville learns his 19-year- old son jordan who is an israeli soldier is critically injured fighting a war half a world away. a rocket lit a building with jordan's -- hit a building with jordan's unit inside, the explosion so close jordan is overcome by smoke. >> he had stopped, dropped his weapon and threw up pure black. >> reporter: jordan is rushed to the hospital suffering from severe smoke inhalation. he tells wusa9 while wusa9 -- he tells wjz in baltimore county he feared for his life. >> reporter: what's that feel
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like to inhale smoke? >> i couldn't breathe and i didn't feel like i was going to make it. >> reporter: like jordan about 1,000 americans born and raised here are serving now in israeli's army. another baltimore native lisa kellermer served in a combat similar to jordan. >> if this country needs it, i'll give everything i have, but i'm hoping i'll be able to go home and hug my family the end of the day. >> reporter: for many jewish americans the pull to serve in the israeli army begins with faith and a desire to defend their homeland. >> this is my home, but israeli is also my home. >> reporter: when you went to israeli, did you feel like this is where i belong? >> yes. i wanted to do something more with my life, not take the normal track because i wanted to help people and have some meaning. >> reporter: jordan made a full recovery, but with nearly a year left to serve in the israeli army he will have to go back to the very place he almost died. what if you're wounded again?
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>> putting yourself in harm's way for a good cause, it's worth it. >> reporter: now jordan is preparing to say good-bye to his family again. for his father jeffrey it's not easy. as a father how are you going to put him on the plane in june? >> like i usually do. i cry. >> jordan lowe is set to go back to israel next month where he will work in military intelligence. at arlington national cemetery today troops carried out an important mission called flags in. of year just before memorial day the third -- every year just before memorial day the third u.s. infant friday reg pledge known as the old -- regimen known as the old flag places an american flag at each and every gravestone in arlington. it takes more than 1,000 soldiers about four hours to put in those flags. you might expect heavy traffic tomorrow if you're heading to the delmarva beaches to mark the unofficial start of summer. maryland transportation officials predict more than 360,000 vehicles will cross the
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bay bridge both directions this memorial day weekend. it all starts tomorrow morning. in all aaa says 900,000 people from the d.c. region plan to lift the road over this long holiday weekend. -- hit the road over this long holiday weekend. d.c.'s oldest social service organization spent 133 years of lifting up the most vulnerable and i had the honor of emceeing the greater washington gala tonight. the event helps to fund programs that help children, families and senior. this year a big portion of donations will help send children to camp, many for the first time. there were awards and auctions, a band, a great time. the mayor showed up. that's the head of the organization, tonya jackson smallwood, and they raised about 200,000-dollar tonight. >> nice. -- $200,000 tonight. >> nice. lots of support. >> you looked great. >> thank you. i clean up okay every now and then. >> real fine.
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our holiday weekend, sir? >> that's going to clean up real fine, too after today's raw nasty weather. kind of nippy tonight. you got the damp cold and it cuts right through you. good news on the 3-degree guarantee, we forecast 62, midnight high of 63, so that is correct. we've hit 18 out of 20 this month, about 90% for may on the 3-degree guarantee. right now 54 degrees and the winds pick up overnight. 52 in front royal, 50 in gaithersburg and also in waldorf, kind of a chilly night. our weather headlines, a much nicer day tomorrow, just an isolated afternoon shower. a good looking weekend, 70 saturday, 80s, low 80s for the most of us on sunday. hot by memorial day, around 90 or so, mainly dry. a real summer-like pattern is setting up next week tuesday through thursday, maybe even
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into friday and saturday hot, humid weather and afternoon evening storms. lots of activity going on out west, but what i'm watching for tomorrow, right up here, see this line of showers coming through michigan and ontario back through wisconsin? this little front will come through tomorrow afternoon, give us a slight chance of a shower. after that it looks real nice here for saturday, sunday and monday. going to the beach looks nice there, too. a little cool on saturday, mid- 60s, sunday mid-70s and monday memorial day sunny and low 80s. our forecast for tonight, clearing, chilly, mid-40s in the cold spots, low 50s in town, north, northwesterly winds 5 10. day planner tomorrow, sunny, 64 at 1:00, mid-70s in the afternoon with a spotty shower. next three days, going to be great on saturday, 74. sunday looks good, warm and dry 84 and next week here comes the heat, near 90 memorial day. we got the nats on 9 on sunday
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and should be good weather for that and there's your summer- like weather tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> running it up, up, up. this time of year we're talking baseball usually, but you got some basketball stuff. >> maryland is trying to make some moves and try to build that team. everybody is expecting a lot from them this year. the university of maryland is preparing for a big weekend in lacrosse. mark turgeon is closing in on another edition. >> plus what is the origin of this messy but very tasty tradition? sports is next. this morning we brought you breaking develops in the quadruple murder mystery. >> this weekend looks great. i'll tell
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought brut. beer -- brought to you by xfinity. >> in the sport of college lacrosse memorial day weekend means championship weekend. the university of maryland men's program made it five years but hasn't been able to hoist that trophy on memorial day and claim themselves as national champs.
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the last time that program celebrated a national title was 40 years ago. i talked with jake reed, a member of the 1975 team, tonight. he said an average of 30,000 fans show up for the final four. this year it's in philly. considering the terps face johns hopkins on saturday, a rivalry from 1924, coach john tillman says this is the greatest weekend in the sport. >> we feel like in lacrosse this is as good as it gets. our state sport. we have want our fans to take part in that weekend and when they walk in the stadium, wear their colors and be excited that my state's here. >> the maryland men's basketball team has something to get excited about. they've added some key pieces this offseason and are closing in on yet another transfer, terry larryer, a freshman from vcu, 6' 8 small forward recruited by maryland for the class of 2014. today felt more like the
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weather for hockey. chicago blackhawks hosting the anaheim ducks, final seconds of the 1st period anaheim loses the puck. patrick kane takes advantage with the back handed goal to tie up the game. the final seconds of the 2nd period simon dupre with a slapshot. orioles wrapping up their series with seattle despite the nasty weather. birds get started early. 1st inning steve pearce with a grand slam to left field, the first of his career. then a two hour rain delay. once it resumed the mariners rallied and tied things up. bottom 8j.j. hardy singles to center. baltimore wins 5-4. it used to be a cooler full of iced cold water or gatorade, but now the nationals have turned to something a little more sweet and delicious to
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celebrate a big win. hershey's chocolate syrup. ryan zimmerman was doused in the chocolate sauce after his 10th inning walkoff homer tuesday night against the yankeeisms. the guy response -- yankees. the guy responsible for this tradition? max scherzer. real good after a win at atlanta. >> what happened to the shaving cream? >> he said you top off ice cream with chocolate syrup, why not? a lot more
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late. big break tonight, chief
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lanier confirms suspect daron wint has been arrested in northwest d.c. >> the suspect in the quadruple murder in northwest washington d.c. of the
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